✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 211 - 215 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 211 The Other Half of the Pendant 2


’What is this? Why am I feeling that something is pressing my body hard?’ I thought.

My body succumb to the gravity and I slumped down nearly falling to the ground. But before my knees met the floor, my aunt held my arms and instantly the heavy feeling went away.

I looked at my aunt confused but she just smiled to me not saying anything.

"Come my niece. I will show you my own treasure, the other half of the pendant." My aunt led me by hand towards the table where the jewelry box was placed.

I was able to walk towards the table at the center of the room with my aunt still holding my hand. I saw the jewelry box. Contrary to its contents, the jewelry box is simply made out of dark brown wood with carvings of leaves and flowers.

My aunt slowly let go of my hand and my instincts kicked in. My body reacted as if anticipating the shock I felt when I entered the room. But after a few seconds, I didn’t feel anything. I looked around the room confused. The force that was pressing my body just a while ago only went away when my aunt had physical contact with me, but now that she has let go of my hand I wasn’t feeling anything.

"Do not worry Alicia, it is safe here." Aunt Patricia assured me.

Looking at her dumbfounded, I just nodded my head.

My aunt looked at the jewelry box and carefully opened the lid. The interior of the box has a red velvet lining and inside was the exact replica of my mother’s necklace and pendant, with this one having an inverted angle as to the other. If I remember my mother’s necklace and compare it to this one in front of me, if you put them beside each other at the center they will complete a whole circle.

"This is my other half of the pendant and it contains the other half of the map." Aunt Patricia took the necklace out and carefully placed in on my palms.

I can feel the warmth the pendant was emitting. This pendant was made of magic stones but much more powerful than the ones I have found in the library. The power it has inside was immense.

’Come to think of it, my mother’s pendant has the similar warmth like this.’ I thought. I might not have noticed it earlier because I don’t have any knowledge in magic stones back then but my mother’s necklace that I gave to Regaleon must also store immense magic powers.

"I think I have seen a similar necklace that my mother wore before." I looked at the necklace intently. "If I am not mistaken, it looked like this one but inverted." I turned the pendant one-eighty degrees clock wise.

"That’s it!" My aunt gasped. "That is the other half of the pendant. If you joined the two halves then the map will show itself." Aunt Patricia looked ecstatic.

"So you can’t use only half of this to see the half of the map it contained?" I asked in curiosity.

Aunt Patricia shook her head. "I am afraid not. I have tried everything I could for even half of the map to appear but all ended in failures."

That was at least good news to us. My aunt wasn’t able to pinpoint the locations of the parts of the key yet.

"Tell me Alicia, where did you last saw the necklace?" Aunt Patricia asked earnestly. She took my hands that was holding the pendant and clasped it in between hers. "Please Alicia, remember carefully. This weapon will bring us ultimate success in this war."

I was taken aback by my aunt’s pleading gaze. ’I have to think of something to say.’ I thought to myself.

"W-Well, I was still young back then so I am not so sure." I said while forming a story inside of my head along the way. "I only remembered that mama was always wearing this necklace around her neck. This confused me when I was still little because we were poor and having jewelry is a luxury for us. When she died and I was taken by my father, I thought that the necklace must be given to her by my father the king before she was banished from the palace."

"But your mother wasn’t wearing the necklace when we arrived to save her." Aunt Patricia said. "Alicia, remember carefully. Maybe she put it somewhere else, a place to keep it safe."

I was deep in thought and I acted that I remembered something. "Um I am not sure about this but I remember when I got sick with a high fever one day when I was young. Mama tried to take her salary in advance in the tavern she was working but the owner refused her. But when night came mama arrived with medicine for me. I wondered where the money she bought the medicine came from. That was when I realized days after that she wasn’t wearing the necklace anymore."

I looked at my aunt hoping she would buy this story of mine.

"Do you mean she pawned the necklace to buy some medicine?!" Aunt Patricia looked enraged.

"I-I am not so sure." I replied. I can feel her grip on my hand tightening. "Aunt Patricia. It... it hurts." I was trying to pull my hand away. The pendant was grazing my palms.

"Are you telling me that Leticia pawned such a valuable artifact of Atlantia to buy a mere medicine?" Aunt Patricia was furious.

"But she bought it for me because I was sick." I reasoned out. I looked at her in shock. Was she that angry because of the story I created?

"That is inexcusable! How could she?!" Aunt Patricia pushed me hard and I fell on the ground. "That necklace is the treasure of our country. She should have kept it safe at all costs!"

Being pushed a few feet from the center of the room, I felt the pressing force once more.


My heart was beating heavily in my chest, my body was aching just trying to sit up on the ground. The invisible force was pushing me to the ground that I can’t lift up my body without using much strength.

’This force is so strong.’ My consciousness was starting to fade with the immense pressure I was feeling. I do not know what to do. This is the first time I felt this kind of magic and I don’t have any knowledge of it.

My eyes were starting to close and my consciousness was fading. The last thing I saw was my aunt walking towards me. I looked at her with the last ounce of my strength and saw her face with worry in her eyes.

"Alicia...Alicia..." My aunt’s voice was fading away and felt my consciousness fade away.


Chapter 212 The Queen’s Worries


The head priest Hector was in the queen’s office waiting for her arrival. He was sitting elegantly in the lounge chair sipping a cup of tea while reading one of many stacked reports on the queen’s desk. High priest Hector was Queen Patricia’s most trusted advisor thus he was also tasked to review the reports sent to the queen.

’Bang’ The office door opened abruptly and the queen quickly went in with her ladies in waiting following behind.

"Your majesty, the doctor said that Princess Alicia is doing fine now. The princess will regain consciousness maybe later in the afternoon or in the evening, so there is no need to worry." One lady in waiting reported.

"I understand. You may go." Queen Patricia waved her hand and dismissed her ladies in waiting.

With the queen’s signal, the ladies in waiting curtsied and exited the office. After they have closed the door, the queen let out a long sigh and slumped on her chair. She was visibly exhausted with her finger massaging her temples.

High priest Hector poured a cup of tea and stood up. He walked towards the queen and offered her the cup.

"Thank you priest Hector." Queen Patricia said. She lifted the cup and took a sip of the tea.

"I thought you would take a while with your niece." High priest Hector said questioningly. "What happened?"

Queen Patricia put down her cup and looked serious. "I was planning on extracting some information regarding Leticia’s other half of the pendant. Like I thought, Alicia had seen it before." She replied.

"You showed the princess your half of the pendant?" High priest Hector looked shocked. "Is that okay? I mean we are not yet sure if she is our ally or enemy."

"I have my reasons why I showed it to her." Queen Patricia looked sharply at priest Hector. "By the way, what are the results of your investigation regarding the fire in the library?"

High priest Hector picked up the paper and resumed reading the report. "Like I thought the fire was not an accident, it was intentional."

"Are you saying we are looking at arson?" Queen Patricia’s voice became cold. It is visible that she is furious. "How did the enemy enter our territory? What have our soldiers been doing lately?!" She slapped the desk in front of her. The objects on the desk rattled with the vibration. High priest Hector held the tea cup so that the contents won’t splash out.

"I am afraid we have a rat inside our territory your majesty." High priest Hector let out a smile. His smile was rather a chilling one.

"Then find that rat and dispose of it immediately!" Queen Patricia yelled with anger.

"Of course your majesty. I am on it." High priest Hector bowed politely. "By the way, what happened to Princess Alicia? Why did she become unconscious?" He asked calmly.

The queen sighed. "You know that I have embedded powerful gravitation magic in that room using the half of my pendant as catalyst. Only I can cross that room unscathed." Queen Patricia said. "When we entered of course I held her hand to protect her from the powerful gravity."

"Oh, then what happened? Why is the princess unwell now?" High priest Hector asked nonchalantly.

"When Alicia told me that Leticia pawned her half of the pendant in exchange for some medicine, I became furious." Queen Patricia explained. "I lost my temper and pushed her out of the safe zone."

"Ah, you lost your temper once again." High priest Hector said. "But I thought your niece has high aptitude in magic after you have observed her. Wasn’t she able to defend herself?"

"Yes, I can see her high magic aptitude. That is why I selected her to be my son’s wife. The offsprings in their union will surely be powerful." Queen Patricia said. "But she just had a backlash on her magic the other day and her body is still recovering. She wasn’t able to withstand my gravity magic."

High priest Hector nodded in understanding. "Your magic power is really something after being amplified with the pendant. Similar to what you have done with the weather almost twenty years ago." He said. "This forever winter here in Jennovia was of your doing, correct?"

Queen’s Patricia’s face crumpled in the memory of what happened almost twenty years ago. That was the time that the former king of Jennovia took her as a hostage and made her his play thing. After the first time the former king raped her, she held the pendant hard and her grief and despair was overflowing. And that time she cursed him and all the land he governs.

"Yes, I was the one that cursed this land. It was because of that filthy man!" Queen Patricia roared in anger. "I never thought that my magic will be amplified by the pendant tenfold. The magic imbued inside the pendant for sure was from the almighty one. He heard my prayers and cursed this land that filthy man governs. Do you hate me for doing so? You are a priest of this country after all." She looked at high priest Hector with a mocking smile.

"I do not care of your own personal vendetta my queen. I am helping you because I have my own reasons. Please do not forget our deal." High priest Hector maintained his calm smile.

"Hahaha, for a high priest you also have a dark heart. Knowing that the people of Jennovia are suffering because of the weather made by me, but you turn a blind eye because of your own personal agenda." Queen Patricia sneered. "Do not worry, I won’t forget our deal. Once we win this war, you will get your just compensation. That is a youthful body having similar to immortality. It can be accomplished with the use of the forbidden magic in the hands of the chosen one."

High priest Hector smiled. "Thank you your majesty."

"Anyways, what are the reports in the front lines?" Queen Patricia asked. "Is our plan for a surprise attack in the Duess River on schedule?"

"Yes your majesty, all is in schedule. When the crown prince comes back with the army from Alvannia, we can commence the surprise attack and go in the offensive." High priest Hector replied.

"We still don’t have the forbidden magic within our grasp, but if we can kill that b*astard young king of Grandcrest we will have lesser problems to think about." Queen Patricia said. "He is currently a huge thorn in my plans."

"Then what are your plans about the search for the other half of the pendant?" High priest Hector asked.

"I will leave the investigation of the pendant to you. See if it was really pawned in the village where my sister and niece were residing." Queen Patricia said. "I have a feeling that Alicia is hiding something from me."

"Then what will you do if you find that your niece is a traitor?" High priest Hector asked.

"No matter, she is still useful to me and so I won’t throw her away. And Gladiolus is infatuated with her. I don’t want to incur my son’s wrath." Queen Patricia smiled while lifting her cupping. She took a sip of her tea.

Chapter 213 Start Planning on our Escape 1


I open my eyes a little disoriented. The light in the room was a little dim but there was still some light from the sun outside.

"Is it afternoon already?" I asked myself. "What happened?"

I sat up from my bed but my body felt heavy and I was feeling a dull pain. Then I remember what just happened this morning. My aunt brought me where the other half of the pendant was hidden in the west wing of the palace. The room I went for sure has a magic trap that activates when my aunt is not in physical contatct with a person that is inside.

’I need to have a plan and get in that room to take the pendant.’ I thought. And there was no one other than Jack that can help me about those magic traps.

"Martha." I called out.

Not long the door opened and Martha came inside the room.

"Your highness, you are awake. Thanks the heavens." I saw Martha sigh in relief. "All of us have been worried when you came out of the room unconcsious. The doctor that checked up on you said that your body is still too weak and need to recover. Moving for a long time is not advisable for now princess."

"Is that so?" I replied nonchalantly. ’Of course my aunt won’t tell them that I tripped on a magic trip inside a hidden room.’ I thought.

"How are you feeling your highness?" Martha looked worried.

"I feel a little weak. Maybe the doctor is right, I need to rest to recuperate my body." I smiled at her. "Well I am a little hungry. Can you go to the kitchen and tell them to cook something light for me to eat?" I asked.

"Of course your highness." Martha beamed. "I will be right back."

Martha hurriedly exited my room and closed the door.

’Jack, are you there?’ I tried to communicate to him telepathically. I have never tried this with Jack without in my range of sight so I am not yet sure if he heard me.

’Princess, you’re awake!’ I hears Jack’s joyful voice in my head. ’I’m so happy that you are okay.’

’Thanks Jack.’I giggled lighty with hearing his voice. He was always refreshing to hear. ’Can you come in with William? Martha will take a while before coming back. I need to talk to you two.’

’Sure, no prob.’ Jack replied. And after a few seconds the door opened.

I see Jack and William walk inside silently. Jack closed the door behind me. William swiftly walked towards me and kneeled beside my bed side.

"Alicis, how are you feeling?" William’s eyes are full of worry. I am sure he was so worried seeing me coming out of the treasure room unconscious.

"Don’t worry Will, I am doing fine." I patted his hand that was resting just beside me to reassure him.

"Tell us princess, what happened inside that room?" Jack was now standing besides William. "We were shocked when we saw you come out unconscious."

I looked at both of them seriously. "That room was the treasure room of this palace. It was filled with reasures the former king had. But the most important is that the other half of the pendant I was talking to you about is found there. Well more accurately the entrance is found in that room."

"You mean the half of the pendant that also contains the other half of the map?" Jack asked. "And what do you mean about and entrance?"

"The queen led me to a hidden door inside the treasure room. That door led to a winding staircase down and when we reached the bottom, we walked for a while in a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a round room where the half of the pendant is located." I described what happened the best I can. "But the room, I think there is a magic trap there."

"Didn’t you see any magic circles? You should have been fine with the queen with you." Jack said in confusion.

"The hallway towards the round room was filled with the magic circles but inside the room I didn’t seem to see any. And by the time I stepped inside, my body felt heavy that I couldn’t keep myself standing." I explained.

Jack was holding his chin deep in thought. "I am not so sure but I guess that magic must be different from a magic trap. Then how did you overcome that feeling?" He asked.

"When the queen held my hand I felt my body become light once more." I said.

Jack was deep in thought once more. "I can only conclude that the magic inside that round room was the queen’s own doing. It must be some gravity controling magic?"

"Gravity magic? They can do that?" William was shocked.

"For us normal Atlantians that is an impossible feat. But for those of the royal blood, they can. They are special compared to us." Jack said while smiling my way.

I told Jack and William what happened inside the round room. How I have fabricated a story with my mother’s half of the pendant and how my aunt became furious and pushed me.

"Then that means a small area around the table in the center is a safe zone." Jack concluded.

"I never thought of that." I looked at Jack surprised. "Jack, I need to get that pendant before we escape from this place." I said with conviction.

"I understand. I will get a paper and pen so draw the outlinenof the staircase and the hallway leading to the round room. We will make a plan to steal that pendant." Jack went out to get it.

I saw William with his head bowed down. "What’s the matter Will?" I asked.

I heard him sigh. "I am sorry if I am of no help Alicia." William said.

I can feel his sadness. He was feeling that he was of no help to me.

"Your wrong Will." I patted his hair. William slowly lifted his head to look at me. "With you near me is a big help. I cannot do anything by myself and with you here I feel much more stronger than being alone by myself in this unfamiliar place. So don’t demean yourself."

William smiled lightly and nodded. I smiled to hin in reply.

Chapter 214 Start Planning on our Escape 2


Jack came back with a palace map, paper and pen in hand. I described him the passage way the best I can and he drew it on the paper.

"It looks like the round room is located underground, maybe somewhere in this vicinity." Jack was pointing the pen at an area of the map near the west wing.

"Yes, that’s probably where it is." I nodded.

"So we are planning to infiltrate the west wing." William said. "Didn’t you say that the place has many magic traps? And not to mention it is also heavily guarded."

I understand William’s words. "We need to do something about the magic traps and also the guards." I said. "We need to do this discreetly as possible."

"The guards won’t be that of a problem." Jack said with a cocky smile. "You remember my right hand man, Brad? He makes the best sleeping powder there is. Those guard will be knocked out for hours."

I suddenly remembered the boy with Jack when we first met in the woods. I nodded to Jack in confirmation.

’It looks like Jack’s Crimson Bandits have people with talent.’ I thought.

"I still need time to figure out how to disable the magic traps in our way. I know that my father has notes regarding those. I just need time to find and learn them." Jack explained.

"It’s okay, but we don’t have that much time so if you can do it as soon as possible. It is not safe for us to stay for longer here in Jennovia. I am thinking we must plan our escape the same day as we steal the pendant." I told them my idea.

"That sounds good. Once they realize that the pendant is gone, we would be long gone by then." William said.

"And so we will be splitting in two groups. I will be going with Jack to steal the pendant and William will be escaping with my mother." I looked at William with my full trust. "William, I entrust my mother to you."

"Shouldn’t you come with us?" William asked. "Stealing the pendant will be a dangerous mission."

"Yes princess. It would be best if you leave with your mother and William. Leave the stealing mission to me." Jack seconded.

I shook my head. "I know it is dangerous, that is why I need to go with you Jack." I said. "You need someone to watch your back along the way. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you while I escape safely." I looked at Jack with resolve.

Jack seemed touched by my words and smiled. "I understand princess."

I heard William sigh. "If you ask me, I don’t want you to be in danger. But knowing you, I know you wouldn’t want to be idle knowing that your friends are in danger." He smiled.

"You know me too well." I smiled back at William. "But before we escape, I need to set a few things here in Jennovia. Jack, I heard from Satiana that there is a noble faction that opposes the queen. I heard that this opposing faction is headed by a duke."

"What of it princess?" Jack asked.

"I need to meet with him. I need to tell him what their queen’s true goal is." I said. "Before we leave here, we need to start an internal strife in the Jennovian court. They should know what the queen is really up to."

"Then I will dig any information about this faction." Jack said. "Oh princess, may I ask? How about the little princess Satiana?" He asked.

I sighed remembering about my cousin. "If you ask me, I also want to take her away from this place. Her life here is simply not good. I can see my old self in her." I said. "I will talk to her one of these days. I will tell her everything. Then I will let her decide if she wants to come with us when we escape."

William and Jack nodded in agreement. Our days here in Jennovia are numbered. We can go back to Grandcrest, I can see Regaleon again.

"I will see you again, my love.’ I whispered within my heart.


(At the borders between Alvannia and Jennovia)

The camp fire was burning brightly in the camp site. The army that the king of Alvannia lent to the crown prince of Jennovia is resting for the night after a whole day of traveling.

The camp consists of the Alvannian army and Prince Galdiolus’ men. The journey back to the capital of Jennovia from the capital of Alvannia took at least a month in most cases.

"Your highness." A male attendant bowed down to Prince Gladiolus who was sitting beside the campfire. "Aren’t you cold? We are just beyond the borders of Jennovia. The weather from here will be getting even colder. Why not go inside your tent to take a rest. From here, it will only take about a week to arrive in the capital."

Prince Gladiolus smiled lightly. "This will be the last time I can see the night sky clearly. Do not worry, I will be going in soon."

"I understand your highness." The attendant bowed down and was about to leave.

"Is Princess Elizabeth already sleeping?" Prince Gladiolus asked.

"As I recalled, she has just retired to her tent your highness." The attendant replied.

"Haha, she is really a handful." Prince Gladiolus chuckled.

The whole journey would have been faster and much better if Princess Elizabeth hasn’t been throwing tantrums here and there. The journey that should have been a month long took double the time because of the moody princess.

"I think I will be visiting her tent before going back to mine." Prince Gladiolus said.

Prince Gladiolus walked towards where the princess’ tent was pitched. Unlike the tent used by the soldiers, the tents of the prince and princess are at least five times bigger and looked more elegant. When the prince was near, he can here Princess Elizabeth’s yelling voice.

"Why is my bedding like this? It smells musky and awful!" Princess Elizabeth yelled.

"P-Princess, you asked us to wash the sheets this morning. They didn’t get enough sunlight to dry all day, s-so it smells a little damp." A woman, probably her personal maid, replied.

"Aren’t there any other bedding then? I won’t sleep in these awful smelling sheets." Princess Elizabeth said in anger. "I don’t even know why I am here in the first place. I never gave my permission to be wedded to that crown prince!"

"A-Apologies your highness. Because the journey is long, we traveled light. We didn’t pack that much." The maid replied with a trembling voice.

"Do you mean you want me to sleep in that filthy thing?! Y-you..." Princess Elizabeth was about to slap her personal maid when Prince Gladiolus entered.

"It is in the middle of the night Princess Elizabeth. What are you complaining on about this late?" Prince Gladiolus smiled.

"Y-You... Why are you here?" Princess Elizabeth pointed her finger at the crown prince.

Chapter 215 A Secondary Wife in Name


"It is in the middle of the night Princess Elizabeth. What are you complaining on about this late?" Prince Gladiolus smiled.

"Y-You... Why are you here?" Princess Elizabeth pointed her finger at the crown prince.

"And why won’t I be here?" Gladiolus smiled with a hint of sarcasm. "I am your soon to be husband. Can’t I visit you at least?"

Elizabeth had a bitter expression on her face. "I don’t need you to visit me." She sneered. "I didn’t even approve of this union to happen."

"Oh, but you are here now traveling to my country as we speak." Gladiolus looked at Elizabeth with scorn. "Leave us." He said to the maid still kneeling on the ground.

"Y-Yes your highness!" The maid stuttered and exited the tent in haste.

The interior of the tent became silent for a moment. Elizabeth felt dread being alone in a closed area with Gladiolus.

"Y-You... what are you planning to do?" Elizabeth took a step back.

Gladiolus smirked with seeing Elizabeth’s reaction.

"Why? What do you think am I planning?" Gladiolus slowly stepped forward towards Elizabeth. Like a beast stalking its prey.

"D-Don’t come near me!" Elizabeth said with a more forceful voice.

When Elizabeth made another step back, her leg was caught at the edge of her bed and her body fell on top of it. She got startled and quickly got up when Gladiolus held her hands in place. He pinned her down on the bed forcefully with a grin on his face.

"Y-You! Unhand me at once!" Elizabeth scolded Gladiolus. She tried to get out of his grip, wiggling under him to no avail.

"You are a very naughty girl princess." Gladiolus said. His face slowly inched towards Elizabeth’s face.

"Let me go! What do you think you are doing?!" Elizabeth screamed but to no avail. Gladiolus was a man which is more powerful than her. Her struggles seamed weak in the hands of Gladiolus.

When Gladiolus’ face was just inches from Elizabeth, she closed her eyes waiting for what was impending. But what she only felt was Gladiolus sniffing at the side of her face. And then she felt his grip on her loosened.

Elizabeth opened her eyes to see that Gladiolus has retreated. He was now standing on the bed side.

"Pfft... hahahaha. I only sniffed the sheets of your bed. You said it smelled bad." Gladiolus roared out in laughter. "Did you think I would do something to you?"

"W-Wha... You! Preposterous!" Elizabeth scolded. "Who do you think you are to bully me?"

"Who am I, you ask." Gladiolus looked at Elizabeth coldly. "I am the future king of this continent. Be grateful that I will take you as a wife."

Gladiolus grabbed Elizabeth’s chin and forcefully lifter her face up. She struggled from his hold but to no avail. Gladiolus rubbed Elizabeth’s face with his thumb and her make up came off with a smudge. Underneath the thick make up were scratch scars.

"With this kind of face, be grateful that I will take you in as my secondary wife." Gladiolus sneered.

"S-Secondary wife?" Elizabeth was furious. How can she, the second princess of Alvannia, only be a secondary wife?

"Did you think I will take you as my main wife?" Gladiolus looked at her coldly. "You will never qualify as a main wife to any prince, let alone this crown prince who will be the future king of this land." He forcefully let go of Elizabeth’s face.

"The position of my main wife will only be for Alicia." Gladiolus eyes sparkled when he mentioned Alicia’s name. "There will be no other that can bear my children. As to say, I only took you in as a wife because of your father’s qualms."

"You dare! How can I, the legitimate daughter of the king of Alvannia be second to that b*tch?! She is only a bastard daughter of my father!" Elizabeth hissed. "My father will not let you get away with this!"

Gladiolus fumed in anger after hearing Elizabeth slander Alicia in front of him. He looked at her with murderous eyes.

"I advise that you don’t run your mouth here, Princess Elizabeth." The menace in Gladiolus’ voice was evident. "Many accidents can happen in traveling between countries. You know what I mean."

Elizabeth was taken aback and shivered in fright. She knew very well what Gladiolus meant, he was threatening her.

"Y-You dare?" Elizabeth’s voice faltered. "My father will surely investigate if something bad happens to me. This alliance will be broken for sure."

"It is easy to fabricate an accident at the middle of the forest princess." Gladiolus inched towards Elizabeth’s ears and whispered. "While you are here under my protection, I suggest that you won’t anger me even more."

Elizabeth felt cold all over after hearing his threatening words. This definitely isn’t an empty threat. Gladiolus stepped back and turned around.

"You have been unruly from the beginning of this journey. I have been very understanding to you because you are to be my secondary wife." Gladiolus turned his head back to see Elizabeth who was looking at him in fear. "If you delay our journey even more, I won’t be as good as before. Remember that."

Gladiolus turned around and was about to exit the tent. "All I want is to go back to the palace of Jennovia and see my future wife, and proceed with our wedding ceremony. Oh and by the way, don’t expect for a ceremony for yourself. As my secondary wife, it will be sufficient to just sign the marriage contract."

And after that Prince Gladiolus left Princess Elizabeth alone inside the tent. After the whole conversation, Elizabeth can feel the mix of anger and fear. She gripped the sheets of the bed so tightly that it was about to tear.

"Why... why is this happening to me." Elizabeth started to cry. Loud sobbing was heard inside the tent.

Outside, Gladiolus walked under the moon lit night.

"Your highness." The male attendant that was waiting for Gladiolus outside the tent greeted.

"We will proceed as schedule tomorrow." Gladiolus said. "We won’t stop for anything. If someone is lagging behind, then let them be left behind." He said coldly.

The attendant knew very well what Prince Gladiolus meant. This journey has been delayed many times because of Princess Elizabeth’s tantrums. But now that they were a week away from the capital of Jennovia, they won’t make any stops for the princess any longer.

"As you wish, your highness." The attendant bowed. "I will relay your order to the others."

"Send a message to the palace prior to our arrival. Tell them that once I arrive, the wedding ceremony will be held immediately. I will no longer wait to take Alicia as my wife." A smiled crept on Prince Gladiolus’ face.