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Chapter 216 To Meet with Potential Allies


My body has regained its health after a few days of rest. I am currently in my mother’s room this morning as usual, before eating breakfast.

’How is your health Alicia?’ My mother asked telepathically.

Now that my mother has regained her consciousness, she still has to play like a lifeless doll with little to no emotions to fool my aunt. And so our conversations are done telepathically to avoid others from hearing my mother.

’Don’t worry mother, I am perfectly fine.’ I smiled to reassure her.

My mother sighed. ’If only you were in your full health when you received that blow form my sister’s gravitation magic. Your body wouldn’t have broken down like that.’

My mother was worried when I wasn’t able to visit her for more than a week. I wasn’t able to move that much within that long period of time because of the impact I have gotten from my aunt’s magic trap. My body was weak from breaking my mother’s mind barriers before receiving the damage from the magic trap, which is why my mother is blaming herself for what happened to me.

’It’s not your fault mama. Please don’t blame yourself.’ I held her hand. ’By the way, our escape plan is all settled. By the end of this week, we can escape from here.’

’I am afraid I will just slow you down?’ My mother asked. ’It is okay to leave me here. Patricia might be a cruel person to her enemies but she won’t harm me.’

I shook my head lightly. ’No mama. I won’t ever leave you behind. We have been separated for so many years now and I thought you were dead in all that years. Now that we have reunited, I don’t want us to be apart.’ I looked at her, standing firm with my words.

’I understand.’ My mother smiled lightly. ’I will do my best to not slow you down.’

’But before escaping, I need to do something first.’ I said.

I caught information that my aunt, Queen Patricia, will be out of the capital for a week to visit the soldier’s camps and bases down south.

’It is the best time to meet with the Jennovian noble resistance while Aunt Patricia is away.’ I told my mother. ’After breakfast, I will be visiting the head of the noble resistance to discuss about things that they must know.’

This past week, I have given Jack a mission to find the leader of the resistance. And as expected of him, he was able to find the identity of the leader in no time. The leader of the resistance was no other than Duke Matias, the head of one of the oldest and powerful families in Jennovia.

I have sent Duke Matias a secret letter which contains my intention of meeting him. He replied immediately and has set the date of our meeting today.

So that our meeting won’t seem conspicuous, I asked Satiana to accompany me to the Matias estate. Duke Matias has a daughter the same age as Satiana and coincidentally they were good friends. I told Satiana that I was bored being cooped up in my room when I was sick and wanted to meet one of her friends. I expressed my intention to be acquainted with Duke Matias’ teenage daughter. Satiana happily agreed and we set our departure after breakfast.

’Do you think that the resistance will ally with us?’ My mother asked.

’If they hear everything about what I know, then I am sure they will aid us.’ I said.

The resistance is still hesitant in opposing the queen. But if they knew that their country is in danger, then I am sure they would be willing to take down the queen from her position before it is too late.

’Then I will be going mama.’ I stood up from my chair. ’I will be back before dark. I will visit you again later.’

’Be careful Alicia.’ Mother’s voice was full of concern. ’I don’t want you to be in danger.’

’Don’t worry mama, I will be careful.’ I kiss the top of her hair and walked out of the room.

As usual, my retainers were waiting for me outside. Once they saw me, they stood straight and bowed. I walked pass them and they followed behind.

’Is everything according to plan?’ I asked Jack telepathically.

’Yes princess, all is properly arranged.’ Jack replied. ’Princess Satiana is waiting for you in the dining hall for breakfast. And after that we will be escorting you to Duke Matias’ estate.’

I sighed internally. I will be lying if I say that I am not nervous. Duke Matias is a middle aged man that has experienced many things, while I am only a seventeen year old princess from a neighboring country.

’Will he be willing to hear my words?’ I thought to myself. ’Will he take all that I say seriously? Won’t he see me as just a little girl and won’t believe any of what I will say?’

These are my worries. It is true that I am just an inexperienced teenage girl and also a foreigner in his eyes. I was thankful that Duke Matias gave me the opportunity to meet him. I just hope that I can move him with my words.

’Don’t worry princess. I know you can do it.’ Jack said. I didn’t realize that our thoughts are still linked. ’You have that kind of charm that makes people trust and follow you. Believe me princess, I have experienced that first hand.’ He reassured me.

I smiled lightly. I remembered the day I first met Jack in the forest. He was a bandit that was about to rob us but I was able to turn that around and gain him as an ally. I was really thankful for that day Jack and I met. He really has been a huge help here in Jennovia.

I also looked at my left side where William was walking just a few steps behind me. I was happy that he was here with me. I don’t know if I could move forward this far by myself.

Feeling my gaze on him, William looked at me and smiled sweetly. I also returned him a sweet smile.

’By the end of this week, we will be leaving this place.’ I thought. ’I plan to leave here safely with all us intact.’
Chapter 217 Satiana’s Decision 1


I was eating breakfast in the dining hall with Satiana in front of me. I can see her glancing every now and while eating. I was curious what she was looking at and followed her gaze. What I saw made me giggle. Jack was quietly standing at the side, looking serious. Satiana’s gaze definitely lands on him.

When I finished my meal, Satiana was still half way done. She was distracted with someone and wasn’t able to finish quickly.

"Ahem." I put down my utensils and wiped my mouth with a napkin. "If you eat that slowly, I am afraid we will be late with our meeting with Miss Matias." I teased Satiana.

Satiana was startled with my words. It was evident that her attention is with only one person.

"I-I am sorry big sis." Satiana blushed in embarrassment. "I will finish eating quickly." Her reaction made me giggle.

"Don’t worry Sati, I won’t leave you behind." I teased her again.

Satiana sped up her eating and was done in no time. Her embarrassed face made we want to tease her more.

"Your highnesses." Jack walked near after seeing that Satiana and I were finished eating. "The carriage is ready. If you are done, then I can call for it to wait at the entrance."

"Yes, please do." I smiled at Jack.

Jack bowed and left the dining room. My gaze fell upon Satiana looking at the retreating back of Jack.

"You know Sati, if your gaze was the sun and he was chocolate, I am afraid he had melt a long time ago from your stare." I whispered to Satiana and giggled.

"B-Big sis... don’t tease me like that." Satiana blushed.

"Hahaha. How will I not tease you when you are looking this cute with my teasing?" I laughed. "Look at you, your face is all red like a tomato." I playfully pointed a finger at her face.

"W-What?" Satiana held her cheeks with her hands, trying to hide her red cheeks.

"As if that will cover your blushed face." I giggled. "Keep calm, he will be back any minute now." I teased.

Satiana inhaled and exhaled heavily. After a few minutes, Jack returned.

"Your highnesses, I have called the carriage. It will be at the entrance any minute now." Jack said.

"Thank you." I replied with a smile. "Well Sati, let’s get going."

I stood up from my seat and Satiana followed me from behind. As per usual, a group of knights will be escorting us two princesses in our trip. William who was assigned to guard me personally was a few steps behind me. Satiana was still flustered with my teasing and quickly walked to catch up with me. She passed by Jack and he followed right behind her.

Satiana caught up with me and we walked side by side.

"Princess Satiana, are you feeling unwell?" Jack whispered with worry. "Your face is a little red. Do you feel sick?"

"I-I’m fine." Satiana nervously replied. "Maybe because it felt a little hot today." I giggled knowing the true meaning behind her red face.

"Come to think of it, the days now are becoming hotter. I heard that the snow in the southern parts of Jennovia is starting to thaw and melt." Jack said.

"Really?" I asked curiously.

"Uh-hmm." Jack nodded in reply.

After the day I was able to make it rain, the weather here in Jennovia has been improving. Judging from the month, summer should be starting in Alvannia and the northern parts of Grandcrest.

’This just made my hunch even stronger, this abnormal winter here in Jennovia is definitely made by magic.’ I thought to myself.

The carriage was parked by the entrance and was waiting for us. Upon entering, William lends me his hand to assist me in going up while Jack was tending to Satiana.

"We will be riding behind you." William gave me a reassuring smile and closed the carriage door gently.

In no time, the carriage started to move forward. The travel to the Matias estate will take about thirty to forty-five minutes at most. The time is still long and I decided to talk to Satiana now that we are alone inside the carriage.

"Sati, can I seat beside you?" I asked politely. With seating beside her, we can talk discreetly without the coach man hearing us.

"Of course big sis." Satiana replied happily. She made room for me to seat beside her.

"Sati, we have been together for a long time now. I really see you as a little sister to me." I said with sincerity.

"It has been more than a year now because I met you when you were still in a coma." Satiana smiled. "I also look up to you as a big sister."

I inhaled deeply and braced myself on what is to come. "Sati, you know that I was taken here by your brother and mother against my will. And I want to go back to the people I love, especially to Regaleon my one true love."

Satiana was shocked at first but then had a sad face. "I know what you mean big sis."

"Sati, I have been away from my loved ones for a long time now. And I think it is time for me to go back to them." I looked at her with conviction.

"Y-You mean you’re leaving?" Satiana looked at me in surprise. "But the queen... my mother, she won’t let you."

Satiana knew that even though I am free to go anywhere inside the palace and around the capital of Jennovia, I am still a prisoner and cannot go too where I really wanted to be. Guards had been stationed around me and were monitoring my movements.

"I know that. That is why I have planned my escape from the palace by the end of this week." I told her. "I have to tell you, the head servant you have a crush on, his real name is Jack. He was sent to me by Regaleon to help me escape from here."

"The head servant... his real name is J-Jack?" Satiana looked confused. "He really isn’t a male servant here?"

I shook my head regrettably. I didn’t mean to keep it from Satiana. I just thought it will be more dafe for her not to know much. "I am sorry if I hid this from you Sati. Please understand, I am in the enemy’s lair and I need to be cautious in everything I do. Also the knight that was assigned to me is also in disguise. He is my best friend from Alvannia, William. He was able to infiltrate here with the help of Jack."

Satiana was silent for a moment. Maybe she was taking all of this information in. I know that this deception is a lot to take for a little girl, but I am here right now trusting Satiana with my secrets.

"I-I understand big sis." I can see small tears at the rim of Satiana’s eyes. "I know you belong somewhere else big sis. It’s just that I will be very sad and lonely when you leave."

My heart ached looking at this little girl crying. The two of us really have bonded within this past year, we that really didn’t belong inside the Jennovian palace in one way or another.

"Sati, I want to ask you. Would you like to come with me?" I asked while looking into her eyes. "I want to take you away with me, out of that palace."
Chapter 218 Satiana’s Decision 2


"Sati, I want to ask you. Would you like to come with me?" I asked while looking into her eyes. "I want to take you away with me, out of that palace."

Satiana was silent in surprise. Maybe she didn’t expect me to ask her to come with me when I escape the palace.

"I would love to go with you big sis." Satiana’s eyes sparkled with life. "I am happy that someone other than big brother Gladi loves me as family." Tears started to go down from Satiana’s cheeks.

"Oh Sati." I felt touched with Satiana’s expression. I hugged her in my arms and patted her head. "I am happy to have a little sister like you."

Satiana was sobbing in my arms and calmed down after a while. I took out my handkerchief and wiped her tears away.

"Now, now. We don’t want your eyes to swell from crying, would we?" I was also holding my tears back. These were tears of joy. I was feeling Satiana’s happiness. "We would be arriving soon. Let’s freshen you up." I smiled at her.

"Thanks big sis." Satiana giggled.

’So this was the joy of having a little sister.’ I thought.

I only had Richard as a little brother and our gender difference conflicts some of our interests. I have older sisters, but our relationships were bad. I was really happy spending time with Satiana, having girly talks and shopping together. I really felt like a big sister with her.


Not long, the carriage has just entered the front gate of the Matias’ estate. The estate was quite big, the time for us to arrive at the main mansion from the front gate took us about ten minutes or so. No wonder the ducal house of Matias is one of the powerful houses in Jennovia.

’Well they are both rich and powerful.’ I thought, when the carriage stopped at the entrance of the mansion.

Satiana and I got down from the carriage and were escorted by William and Jack. The other knights were asked to stand guard outside. The mansion was guarded with Matias’ own guards and so our safety isn’t a problem within the premise. Only Jack and William was granted entry as our own personal escorts.

Inside, a line of maids and male servants formed two parallel lines to greet us.

"We give greetings to the stars of Jennovia." The butler said.

"Greetings to the stars of Jennovia." The maids and male servants said in unison and bowed after the butler’s greetings.

From atop the stairs a middle aged man with the aura of supremacy and dignity stood. He had dark grayish hair, green eyes, and a mustache on his face. He was accompanied by a young lady with the same age as Satiana. She had long auburn wavy hair and green eyes.

Both of them walked down the stairs, with the father escorting his young daughter. They stopped in front of us.

"Greetings to the stars of Jennovia. I duke Karl Matias welcome you to our humble estate." The duke bowed his head.

"Greetings to the stars of Jennovia." The young lady curtsied. "I am Karolina Matias, duke Matias’ only daughter." She introduced herself to me.

After their greetings, both Satiana and I curtsied in reply.

"Thank you for receiving us in your humble estate at such short notice Duke Matias." I said with a smile.

"It is always a pleasure to cater the royal family." Duke Matias replied. "Please follow me to the receiving room."

Duke Matias and his daughter Karolina led the way and we followed behind them. The Matias’ mansion was rather simple. Their decorations and furniture are elegant but not too grand. Their ducal family is known for governing the lands near the mountain ranges where mines are located. It is said that the mountains here in Jennovia are rich with gold and precious rocks, making their fief the richest in Jennovia. Their estate and mansion is huge but the interior is a bit too frugal for a rich ducal family.

"I can see that the mansion is simple yet elegant." I made some small talk along the way.

"Forgive us if the interior of the mansion is little bland." Duke Matias replied. "Since my wife died years ago, I didn’t see the need to focus on managing the estate that much. I am rather busy with managing my fief and left the house management to the butler and house maid."

"Oh, I am sorry to hear that." I apologized instantly. "I meant no offense. I am sorry for your loss."

I was informed prior that the duchess Matias has passed away for quite some time now because of sickness. I didn’t know that complimenting the mansion will let the duke remember his departed wife.

"It’s okay. It has been a long time since my wife died." Duke Matias replied with a smile.

"By the time I come of age, I will help my father in managing the estate." Karolina said. "My father is a very hard working person, always thinking about the people of our fief. At least I want to help him in his burden and manage the estate."

"That sounds great." Satiana replied. "I am sure you will be great in handling the role of duchess in your fief." She chimed happily.

"Your praise so mush princess." Karolina replied. "I just want to do what I can to help my father and of course Jennovia as well."

Looking at the conversation, the father and daughter are good people. They might have power within their hands but they use it to help the people under their governance.

We enter the receiving room after a while. The inside was as I expected, simple yet elegant. The furnitures are made of high quality wood. The floor is made of premium carpet and the decorations are made of gold but they are few in quantity.

"Please take a seat." Duke Matias said. "I will be taking my leave from here. I wish you girls a good time. Don’t hesitate to ask the butler or the head maid if you need anything. I will be in my office if you need me."

As expected, the duke bid farewell and retreated. Our said purpose for this visit was for me to get acquainted with duke Matias’ daughter.

Before the duke turned away, I see his eyes linger on me for a few seconds and then left the room. My true purpose for coming here was to talk to the duke, meeting his daughter was an alibi. And so I have to make time to go out after having a chat with Satiana and Karolina.

"I hope you will like the tea." Karolina said with a smile. "I brewed it myself."

"Karolina’s tea is the best I have ever tasted big sis, you can count on my word." Satiana energetically said. Both Karolina and I giggled.

"By the way princess Satiana, your coming of age is just around the corner. If I am correct, it will be by next week." I was surprised with this information and looked at Satiana. She looked embarrassed.

"Your coming of age? Is it your birthday next week Sati?" I asked in surprise.

"W-Well, yes..." Satiana said while placing the cup of tea she was drinking down on the table. "But I really never celebrated my birthday."

"That is absurd!" I said with a little hint of irritation. "You are a princess. Of course you have to celebrate your coming of age. Even I who was not favored had my grand ball on my fourteenth birthday."

I never thought that my aunt will be this cold towards her own blood related daughter. I can feel anger by just thinking how she discards her daughter.
Chapter 219 Meeting with Duke Karl Matias


We girls have been talking for quite some time now. I think this is the best time to excuse myself from our girl chat.

"Ms. Karolina, Sati, I will excuse myself for a bit." I said. "I need to use the rest room."

"Oh, of course your highness." Karolina replied. "You can ask the maids outside to lead you to the rest room."

"Thank you very much." I said with a smile.

"Are you okay going alone big sis?" Satiana said. "If you want, I can accompany you."

"No need Sati, I can manage." I declined Sati’s offer.

I stood up and exited the receiving room. Outside, William and Jack were standing guard with other two from the duke’s guard.

"Been waiting ages." Jack whispered and was looking bored.I giggled in response.

"Is the duke waiting?" I asked in a low tone.

"Yes, I will lead the way." Jack said.

I looked at William before departing. "Stay here for now. If Sati comes out and searches for me, tell her Jack was the one to escort me to the rest room."

I would also like to take William with me as a precaution, but I need someone to stay and guard Satiana. As for Jack, he was my middle man between Duke Matias so I can’t leave him behind.

"I understand." William replied but it was evident that he really wanted to escort me. "Be careful, okay?"

"Don’t worry Will, I will be fine." I replied with a smile.

Fortunately the duke’s estate doesn’t have janetite. I can use my magic abilities if ever something bad happens. And with Jack by my side, I feel a lot safer. I am more at ease with leaving William to guard Satiana’s safety.

Jack led the way and I followed from behind. One of the duke’s guards that were guarding the receiving room followed us as well. The hallway was pretty quiet and there was a tense atmosphere knowing that we are being watched from behind. The duke must be still warry of my reason to meet him.

Not long we stopped in front of wooden double doors. The guard from behind took the lead and knocked on the door.

"My lord, her highness Princess Alicia and Sir Jack is here." The guard announced.

"Yes, let them in." Duke Matias’ voice was heard inside the room.

The guard opened the double doors and I see a big sized room inside. Judging from the looks of the interior, it was the duke’s office.

"Greetings Duke Matias." I curtsied.

"Your highness." Duke Matias stood up from his seat and bowed. "Please have a seat." He gestured at the receiving area of his office where couches are placed.

Both I and Jack takes our seat side by side in the long couch while the duke takes his seat in front of us.

"Please tell the butler to get some snacks and refreshments for our guests." Duke Matias ordered his guard.

"Yes my lord, right away." The guard bowed and left the room.

"So your highness, I heard that you wish to speak with me." Duke Matias started. "How may I help you?"

I see the duke sitting still and firm. Judging from his appearance and his demeanor, he is a serious man with power. This made me nervous just being in front of him.

’Calm down Alicia, you can do this.’ I told myself.

"Duke Matias, I am here not as princess or as Aunt Patricia’s niece. I am here today solely for myself and for the future of the three countries." I said with a firm voice.

The duke looked at me with all seriousness. "Go on, I am listening."

"I know that you are the leader of the noble resistance that is against the queen continuing this war. I know some inside information about the queen’s real reason for this war, and also what she is planning to do. I ask for your assistance to bring down the queen once and for all."

The duke was looking at me with piercing gaze. I can feel he was judging me.

"I will tell you my decision after I hear what you have to say." The duke said solemnly.

I was at least happy to hear that the duke is willing to hear me out that I realized I was holding my breath and I sighed in relief.

"But first there is someone here who wishes to meet you." The duke said.

"Wishes to meet me?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes, he traveled from far away and asked me to help him meet you." The duke said. "Coincidentally, you asked to meet with me. So I thought it would be good to include him in our discussion, as he also brings valuable information."

I nodded in understanding. I was curious who it was that wants to meet me here in Jennovia.

"Let him in." The duke ordered.

The door opened and a middle aged man came inside the office.

"Dad?!" Jack stood up and pointed at the middle aged man in surprise.

"Haha, it’s been a while my son." The middle aged man was no other than George Wilson, Jack’s father. "How have you been my boy?"

The father and son hugged each other as a greeting.

"Well you know me, hehe." Jack replied. "What brings you here dad?"

"Well I was asked by the king of Grandcrest to visit his fiancée." George’s gaze fell upon me.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Sir George." I was about to curtsy but George stopped me. He on the other hand kneeled down on one knee in front of me that caught me by surprise.

"All hail to thee that carries the blood of the Almighty One. Hail to the blood of gods on earth, descendants of the Powerful One." George said with a loud voice. "This lowly one greets thee, princess of Atlantia."

I was caught by surprise. This was the first time I have ever heard of a greeting such as this, that I was speechless. The room was also silent for a while. George stood up and gave a gentle smile.

"I am sorry to startle you, your highness. I just never thought I would see someone of the royal blood of Atlantia ever again." George said. "I can’t help but give you my official greeting. It was a greeting given to the descendants of the Almighty One, the bearers of the royal blood of Atlantia."

"The princess... you mean she has Atlantian royal blood?" Jack looked surprised.

"Haah... these just shows you never listened to my lectures boy!" George scolded Jack. "Didn’t I tell you about the distinct features of the Atlantian royal family?"

"Of course I listened to your boring lectures." Jack defended. "But I guess I wasn’t able to get that part about the royal family. Maybe I was asleep at that point, sorry hehe." George shook his head with his son’s response.

"So, you are of Atlantian royal linage." Duke Matias said. "This is quite interesting. I am now more interested on what you have to say."
Chapter 220 The Next in Line


Inside the duke’s office the four of us, Duke Matias, George, Jack, and I were sitting down the receiving area. Tea and snacks were brought in by the butler and maid just a while ago and we were having refreshments right before going to the serious conversation that we need to discuss.

"Is it okay for me to start?" I asked them. I know that George also has an important message to say so I asked if I can go first and discuss the topic about the queen.

"Of course your highness." George said with a gentle smile. "I can relay King Regaleon’s message after you." I nodded in agreement.

"Duke Matias." I shifted my gaze to the duke. "As you know, my aunt Queen Patricia is also an Atlantian princess like me. She has been held captive after the war by the former king of Jennovia and made...terrible things to her." I scrunched my face in disgust just by thinking how the former king of Jenovia defiled my aunt. The former king’s action gave birth to the cold hearted Queen Patricia now, just made me detest the former king of Jennovia.

Duke Matias nodded in understanding. "I only heard of rumors regarding this and didn’t know it was really true, to think that a former princess of Alvannia was taken here and was held captive by the deceased king. I only thought she was some noble lady selected by the deceased king as his concubine because of her beauty and also carrying his child." He shook his head showing his disapproval of the former king’s actions. "I have known that the deceased king was fond of beauties, but to do this to a former princess of Atlantia is truly unacceptable. Well disregarding social statuses, doing this to any woman is unforgivable."

"My aunt... she held a grudge against the former king of Jennovia and to those that have purged her family." I said with a regretful voice. "She... she was the one that killed the first wife of the former king to take the seat of Queen herself. And I am afraid that, she was also the one that poisoned the former king of Jenovia that lead to his death." I looked at the duke that was listening to me seriously.

"This... how did you know all of these?" The duke asked in curiosity.

"It was my aunt that told me herself." I replied. "She did all of that for her revenge and this war too is a form of revenge against the other countries that purged Atlantia to the depths of the sea."

The duke was deep in thought. "If what you say is true, then she needs to be expelled from her position as queen and head of Jennovia. Killing the king is a grave sin, only punishable by death."

"Not only that. I am afraid that the weather of Jennovia that is winter all year round is also her doing." I said. "I am not yet sure though but it is possible because just months before I was able to make changes in the weather by my own magic."

The duke surprised with this. "Is that even possible?"

"Yes, that is possible." George was the one that replied. "The magic of the royal family of Atlantia is more than that of an average Atlantian. They have the ability to change the weather. But this is the first time I have witnessed a lasting effect. At first I investigated the long winter here in Jennovia, thinking that it was done by magic. But I didn’t get any proof because in history, there are not lasting effects similar to this."

"Maybe it can be possible by harnessing the magic of the Almighty One inside a magic stone." I told George my hypothesis.

George touched his chin in thought. "Well that may be possible, but I cannot say for certain because I haven’t had the time to test it out. Having magic stones that stores the Almighty Ones magic is rarer that you can imagine." George said.

"Aren’t the pendants given to my mother and aunt magic stones that store such powerful magic?" I asked George and looked at him earnestly.

George eyes widen with the thought. He hits his fits on his palm. "You are correct! That just proves your hypothesis your highness. Hahaha, now I know where and how this forever winter came to be."

"That queen is really scary, to do such a thing and to a whole country at that." Jack interjected. "Didn’t she think about the lives of millions of people living here in Jennovia? This forever winter has made the lives of people here hard to bear."

"I think she doesn’t even care about that." I said sadly. "I am afraid that her hate has blinded her from seeing other people’s pain and suffering. She can ignore others if that mean she can get the revenge she craves for."

"So you mean she doesn’t even care about the citizens of Jennovia?!" The duke looked furious. "This is absurd! How can she be the queen of the people?! Even this war to expand Jennovia for the people’s benefit is a hoax made by her. This war is only for her personal vendetta!" He roared.

"I am afraid this war is truly for her own personal grudge." I said.

"Then we must dethrone her at once and make the next in line succeed the throne." The duke said with certainty.

Hearing the duke was siding with us made me happy. This is a step forward of one of my plans.

"Next in line, do you mean the crown prince?" Jack asked and scoffed.

"Well he is the only male borne heir of the deceased king and next in line for the throne." The duke said. "It is only right to crown him king, with his mother having greatly sinned against Jennovia. The deceased king might have made a grave sin against her. But killing him and also endangering the country is a crime she must pay."

"Heh... Prince Gladiolus is a puppet under the queen. He follows his mother’s wishes to the tee." Jack mocked. "I am afraid that making him king won’t change the future of Jennovia."

"And also... Gladiolus isn’t the former king’s son." I said with a serious face.

"What?!" The duke stood up in surprise. The tea cups placed on the table rattled with his abrupt action.

"Hahaha... I have also thought something like that as well." George looked happy. "I only caught a glimpse of the crown prince. And he was the spitting image of the deceased crown prince of Atlantia, Patricia and your mother’s older brother. And to think that the queen of Jennovia is Patricia, it just sums it all up."

"This is preposterous!" The duke shouted in anger. "The queen has done many things that can never be forgiven!"

"But Princess Satiana is the real daughter of the deceased king, correct?" It was George that has hypothesized this. "With her age, of course there is no other that can father her than the deceased king himself. The princess has inherited the king’s facial features, so there is no doubt about that."

The duke sat down again. "Then there is no other way. I will give my support to Princess Satiana as the next Sun of the Jennovian kingdom."

I looked at the duke with worried eyes. "But the princess is still young. She will just turn fourteen next week."

"Do not worry your highness. I Duke Karl Matias, gives my word to support Princess Satiana when she gets enthroned. But first we of the noble resistance need to plan our next action. We have to take down Queen Patricia and his son Prince Gladiolus in the Jennovia court."

With this, I got Duke Matias’ alliance. With someone making internal conflict in the Jennovian court, my aunt will have many problems on her hand.

"Thank you for giving us your cooperation, Duke Matias." I bowed humbly. "This war... we need to win it for the sake of all people in this continent."

The three men looked at me, curious about the words I just uttered.

"My aunt... she is planning on searching for the forbidden magic and to use it in this war." I said with utter seriousness.

George was the one to have the most reaction from them. I am sure that he had seen first-hand the destruction the forbidden magic has brought on the last Great War.