✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 206 - 210✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 206 A High Fever


I open my eyes to the heavily. Looking around, I was in my room lying down in bed. The room was a little bit dark with only the light from the fire place illuminating the interior. I slowly sat up and felt that my body was heavy and in pain.

"Ouch." I made a silent cry from the ache that my body was feeling. My body must have sustained the bruises and wounds that I got from inside my mother’s consciousness.

I hear the door creak open and a shadow of a woman was seen coming inside. When she was just a few feet away, I was able to see her face.

"Your highness." It came from Martha’s voice. "I am so glad you are already awake."

Martha dashed towards my bedside instantly.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked her.

"You have been sleeping all day after you lost consciousness inside the greenhouse your highness." Martha said and put her palm on my forehead. "You are still burning. Excuse me your highness, I will call the doctor immediately." She looked worried.

Martha bowed down and left as fast as she came inside.

I held my forehead with my palm and felt my temperature and I was really burning with a fever.

"No wonder I feel this way." I lay down once again in bed.

My body really felt heavy and I wasn’t feeling very well. This last trip to my mother’s consciousness took a toll on me both physically and mentally.

Not long Martha came back with an old man. He must be the doctor she was talking about. Martha lit up the chandelier and my room was lighted up. The doctor came near me without delay and checked on me.

While the doctor was doing his check up, I noticed that both William and Jack was standing just outside my door and looked at me worriedly. They were not allowed to enter a princess’ room in the middle of the night. They can only guard me outside my room.

After some time, the old doctor finished his check up on me.

"We need to lower her highness’ temperature. I will give the princess a shot for now." The old doctor said while writing a prescription on a piece of paper. "I will prescribe some medicine after this. You can get it at the royal clinic." He said to Martha and gave the paper to her.

"Yes doctor." Martha replied while accepting the paper.

The old doctor took out a syringe and a vial from his bag. He slowly and carefully inserted the syringe inside the vial with clear liquid inside.

"What is that?" I asked.

My head was getting a little foggy with the fever and I was not sure what the doctor was actually doing with the syringe.

"Don’t worry your highness. This medicine will help lower down your fever." The doctor said while flicking the syringe with his fingers. "This will only hurt a little. Please bear with it your highness."

I felt the needle of the syringe prick thru my skin on my arm and I flinched in pain. But after just a few seconds the pain disappeared. The doctor pressed a cool thing where the prick was and I felt relief. My eye lids felt heavy after.

"The princess will get sleepy after the shot. Later she will sweat heavily. You will need to check her later and need to change her clothes so that her fever won’t get any worse." The doctor said to Martha.

"I understand doctor." Martha replied.

"Well, I will take my leave. Call me if there is an emergency." The doctor tidied up his bag and was prepared to leave. "The princess needs to rest. Check on her after a few hours."

Then I heard his foot steps going outside my room. I tried to open my heavy eyes and still saw William and Jack looking at me from outside the door.

"I will be checking on you later princess. Please rest well." Martha said and tucked me inside my blanket. She closed the lights from the chandelier and the room went dim once more.

"No, don’t go away." My voice was low as a whisper. They weren’t able to hear me. "Please don’t leave me alone in the dark." I pleaded.

The door was closed by Martha and the room fell silent. I can’t fight any longer with my heavy eyelids and succumbed to a restless sleep.


I can feel my body was so heavy and I was breathing heavily. I know I was down with a fever and I was feeling very uncomfortable.

I opened my eyes to a dark cold room around me. This was my old room the first time I arrived in Alvannia when I was still young. Because father brought me to the palace unexpectedly, I wasn’t given my own courtyard yet. And so I was given a small bare room in an old building inside the palace. The room only has one old bed and cabinet and was small and cramped. I also didn’t have any maids or servants attending to me and so I was all alone.

It was the middle of the night and I felt that I was hot to the touch. "Mama..." I called for my mother. "Mama, I don’t feel good."

Tears are streaming from my eyes, but I know that my mother won’t come. She had just died, that is why my father took me with him inside the palace. My head was swirling and my body was feeling heavier.

My head was a little hazy and when my mind was somewhat clearing out I thought something.

’Why was I in my old room in Alvannia?’ I thought. ’This is only a dream.’ I am convinced.

I am remembering the day when I fell sick just a few weeks after entering the palace when I was young. I was all alone inside that small cramped room and was sick with no one around to help me.

’This is only a dream." I convinced myself.

I was able to recover from that fever when I was young luckily, even without anyone helping me. But the trauma I have gotten after that stuck with me. Every time I caught a cold or feel sick and unwell, I will remember that cold dark night alone. I felt helpless and afraid, thinking that no one was there for me.

"Tricia..." I called. Whenever I get sick after that incident, Tricia was there for me. She always stayed by my side to comfort me. "Tricia... where are you?"

My heart was thumping loudly, I was scared... so scared of being alone in the dark. I was not feeling well and my body was feeling uncomfortable. I dreaded being alone with such a condition.

"Leon..." I called for my love. "Where are you? I don’t want to be alone."

I can feel my body shiver, the fear of being alone in the dark was getting to me. I can feel tears streaming down my face.

"Someone... anyone?" I called out. "I don’t want to be alone... please." I plead.

"Alicia... Alicia." I can hear a man’s voice next to me.

Chapter 207 Two Things to do Firs


My heart was thumping loudly, I was scared... so scared being alone in the dark. I was not feeling well and my body was feeling uncomfortable. I dreaded being along with such condition.

"Leon..." I called for my love. "Where are you? I don’t want to be alone."

I can feel my body shiver, the fear of being alone in the dark was getting to me. I can feel tears streaming down my face.

"Someone... anyone?" I called out. "I don’t want to be alone... please." I plead.

"Alicia... Alicia." I can hear a man’s voice next to me. "Don’t worry I’m here, I’m right here." Someone said, comforting me.

I felt warmth on my right hand. The feeling gave me hope and made me calm down. My hard thumping heart eased down.

"Leon?" I wasn’t sure if it was him but I was yearning for him. I was yearning for his warmth and embrace. How I wish to see him once again. We have been separated for over a year now.

"Leon, is that you?" I opened my heavy eye lids to see who it was. The room was dimly lit with the fire from the fire place. I can see a silhouette of a man sitting on my bedside, holding my right hand.

"No, I’m not his majesty." The man said sadly. "It’s me, Will."

"William?" My eyes adjusted with the dim room and saw the man’s face clearly. "Will, it’s you." I smiled at him.

My heart was rather disappointed that it was not Regaleon, but still I was happy that William was here with me.

"How are you feeling?" William asked with a worried tone. I can see on his face how worried he was for me.

"I am fine. I am feeling a little better." I assured him.

William had a pained expression on his face. "I didn’t know what to do back there." He said. "I was so worried that you might be hurt. You were at the center of the vortex of strong winds that nearly destroyed the greenhouse. I saw you looking in so much pain." He closed his eyes and pressed my right hand on his cheek. My heart ached for my best friend. I have made him worried once again.

"I thought I was going to lose you like last time." William opened his eyes and I saw his light blue colored pupils shine in the dark.

"I’m sorry for worrying you Will." I tried to show that I am well now but my voice was still a little husky because of the fever. "Tell me, what happened back there?" I asked curiously.

William put down my hand on the bed and firmly gripped them. His warmth was comforting my trauma.

"When you were with your mother, a strong wind started to blow. The surroundings became chaotic and we have to evacuate the premises. But we weren’t able to get near you because of the strong wind." William explained. "Jack and I remained inside to observe. After some time, the wind died down and we raced towards you. But when we were just a few feet away, we were blocked by some kind of force field. You and your mother were protectively enclosed in some kind of force field, Jack said."

’Maybe that was the time when I was able to break inside my mother’s inner consciousness.’ I thought.

"We saw that you were covered with wounds and bruises but we can’t get thru the barrier. Jack said to wait it out." William continued. "By the time the force field disappeared, we were able to get to you. You and your mother were both unconscious. We quickly took you back inside the palace. When we arrived here in your room, you started to have a high fever."

While William was telling me all of this I can see his face full of sadness. Maybe he was regretting that he wasn’t able to do anything even though he was so near.

"Sorry for making you worry." I squeezed his hand holding mine.

William smiled. "I’m just happy that you are okay now." He tucked a lose strand of my hair behind my ear.

"My mother, how is she?" I was worried about how my mother was doing.

"Your mother is doing fine." William assured me. "She has woken up later in the afternoon."

"Is she different? I mean, is she responding?" I asked curiously.

"Well, your mother is still the same. Nothing seems to have changed." William looked at me curiously. "Why do you ask?"

I looked around and sat up. I gestured William to come closer for me to whisper to him.

"I successfully brought her back." I whispered. "But I want to be sure and can confirm it. I still have to wait until I am able to see her."

"Really, that’s great." William said softly. "Then we can escape here with your mother." I nodded in agreement.

"But I have two things to do first." I said. "First, I need to start an internal strife within the kingdom. I want the people to see their queen’s true color. Judging by the weather here in Jennovia, I have a feeling that this winter that lasted over twenty years is because of magic."

The last time I was able to control the weather with my magic, I thought that maybe this long winter was the doing of the queen herself.

"I need the help of high standing noble officials that has concern for the people of Jennovia." I said.

"Hmm... maybe princess Satiana can help?" William said while holding his chin in thought. "As a princess, I am sure she has acquaintance with the nobles." I nodded in agreement.

"Second is that I need to find a necklace that the queen owns." I said. "It is similar to my mother’s. It is the most important thing we need to do. We cannot leave here without it."

William looked at me seriously. "That will surely be difficult. You may freely roam the palace’s interior but for sure there will be some areas that are off limits."

I understood what William meant. I am sure that the queen will surely safeguard such a precious thing.

"Then I need to win the queen’s trust." I said with conviction.

"Then you need to be careful." William said and I nodded in agreement. He patted my head and helped me down in bed and tucked me under the blankets. "Have some rest so you can get well faster."

"Thank you Will, for being here with me." I said with a smile. "Umm... why did you enter by the way? It’s lucky that Martha isn’t around." It was still not proper for a knight like William to be here inside my room late at night.

"I heard you were having a nightmare so I entered abruptly. I’m sorry." William bowed his head and apologized. "Martha just came a while ago to change your clothes so she won’t be here until later. And I have Jack standing guard outside."

"I see. Umm... Will." I said. I really don’t want to impose on William’s kindness but I am still scared sleeping alone in the dark when I am sick.

"Yes princess?" William asked.

"C-Can you stay here until I have fallen asleep?" I asked shyly. "I... I am afraid to be left alone in the dark when I am sick."

William smiled warmly. "Then I will sit here until you have fallen asleep." He took a seat on the couch near the fire place.

"Thank you." I replied kindly. I can feel my eye lids heavy once more and I have fallen asleep soundly.

Chapter 208 The Queen’s True Goal 1


The next day, my temperature went down but I still have a slight fever. Because of this I wasn’t given permission to visit my mother in her quarters.

William has resumed his post, standing guard outside my room. Martha came in the morning and helped me get changed.

"It is good that your fever went down your highness." Martha said. "I was really worried when you were burning with fever yesterday."

"Thank you for the concern Martha." I replied. "I still have a slight fever but I am sure this will go away after I rest."

Martha carefully tucked the blanket at the lower half of my body. She brought a bed tray with her and put it over my lap.

"I have told the kitchen to prepare you a light breakfast since you are sick." Martha placed a bowl of steaming porridge on the bed tray. "Please eat to regain your strength your highness."

"Thank you once again Martha." I smiled at her.

I picked up the spoon and started to eat the steaming porridge slowly.

"The queen ordered me to tell you that she will be coming to visit you after breakfast your highness." Martha said while pouring some water inside my glass.

"The queen?" My hand that was holding the spoon stopped midway towards my mouth.

"Yes your highness. She said that she is worried about your wellbeing and wants to see you." Martha replied.

"That is very kind of her majesty... but there is no need to visit me." I said. "I am sure that she is very busy. And I am doing fine as you can see. Why not send word that she doesn’t need to worry about me."

I am sure that my aunt has another meaning to this visit of hers. She might inquire what had happened in the greenhouse yesterday. I have a brief idea what her goal is and why she wants me to make contact with my mother, but I am not yet prepared. I haven’t met my mother after the incident in the greenhouse and we don’t have any concrete plans on what to do.

"I am afraid it is too late for that your highness." Martha said. "I heard she is on her way right now."

I sighed and was in thought while finishing the porridge I was eating. My mother had said to me that she has to maintain her lifeless acting to trick Aunt Patricia for now. So I have to create a lie on what happened inside the greenhouse yesterday.

After eating my breakfast and tiding up, I heard a knock on my door.

"Her majesty the queen has arrived." I heard Jack’s voice announcing the arrival of the queen.

I carefully stood up with Martha by my side assisting me. The door opened and I saw my Aunt Patricia come inside followed by her ladies in waiting.

The queen was wearing a bright red dress with gold threaded embroidery. Her hair was carefully styled up in a bun and was adorned with a beautiful golden flower hair accessory. She has the identical look of my mother but with some distinctions. My mother has a bright face paired with gentle eyes and a warm smile, while my Aunt Patricia has fierce eyes and a cold domineering smile.

"Greetings to the moon of Jennovia." I curtsied.

"All hail to the queen." Martha bowed down.

"Rise." Aunt Patricia said. "My dear niece, no need for formalities. You are sick so lay down in bed. Martha, help the princess to her bed." She ordered.

"Yes your majesty." Martha assisted me back to my bed. I sat down and Martha placed the blankets in the lower half of my body. I smiled to Martha as gratitude.

"All of you, leave us." Aunt Patricia ordered. "I need to speak with my niece."

The queen’s ladies in waiting and Martha bowed down to my aunt’s words and left the room in an orderly manner. Once we were alone, Aunt Patricia looked at me with a smile.

"Oh Alicia, I have heard what happened in the greenhouse." Aunt Patricia looked at me worriedly. "I sent for the royal physician immediately when you arrived in your quarters after the incident. I heard you were burning with a high fever. How are you feeling?" Her face was full of worry.

"Don’t worry Aunt Patricia. As you can see, I am doing fine." I smiled. "My temperature went down and now I only have a slight fever. I am sure this will be gone after some rest."

Aunt Patricia patted my hands gently. "That is good then." She smiled. "Can you tell me what happened yesterday? The servants and guards said that the greenhouse was nearly destroyed. Fortunately no one got hurt and the greenhouse has withstood the incident."

Like I thought, Aunt Patricia will inquire and ask about what happened inside the greenhouse.

"I am afraid I might disappoint you Aunt Patricia." I acted to be meek. I have to convince her of what I am about to say.

"It is okay Alicia, you can tell aunt." Aunt Patricia insisted.

"Well, like the other days I went to the greenhouse and try communicating with mama inside her head. By the time I was inside her mind, like the other times I saw a huge wall blocking my path." I said. "The wall was unlike the other ones before. It was higher and looked more sturdy and thicker than the others. Then I thought maybe this was the last defense."

What I was telling her was the truth. I have decided to mix the lies on the later part.

"I see. And then?" Aunt Patricia asked.

"So I tried to use a more powerful magic force to try and break the wall." I looked down to my hands and sounded regrettable. "But I failed and the powerful magic I have used caused a backlash on me."

I acted being sad and tried to shed tears to make it more real. I should look as if regretting that I wasn’t able to break that last walled defense.

"I... I am sorry aunt. I tried really hard to no avail." I was sobbing now. I just hope my acting was good. "I thought I can see my mother and free her from the prison inside her mind."

I heard Aunt Patricia sighed. I felt her hand pat my head gently.

"It is okay Alicia. I am sure you did your best. I can see in the aftermath on the greenhouse." Aunt Patricia said. "I guess your magic power is still not that strong to break the prison your mother is in. You are still young and it is understandable that you lack power."

Luckily my aunt bought my acting. I feel that I have at least gained her trust these few months that I was here on Jennovia.

"Do not worry aunt, I will try again." I looked up with my eyes stained with tears. "I hope you are in no hurry."

Aunt Patricia smiled and sighed. "I am afraid that time is of the essence my dear niece."

I looked at her curiously. "What do you mean Aunt Patricia?"

"Besides wanting your mother back with us, I also want to ask her something." Aunt Patricia said. "She has some information that is essential in winning this war."

Chapter 209 The Queen’s True Goal 2


Luckily my aunt bought my acting. I feel that I have at least gained her trust these few months that I was here on Jennovia.

"Do not worry aunt, I will try again." I looked up with my eyes stained with tears. "I hope you are in no hurry."

Aunt Patricia smiled and sighed. "I am afraid that time is of the essence my dear niece."

I looked at her curiously. "What do you mean Aunt Patricia?"

"Besides wanting your mother back with us, I also want to ask her something." Aunt Patricia said. "She has some information that is essential in winning this war."

I looked at her with curious eyes. "If I may ask, what would that information be?"

My aunt looked at me with such sad eyes. "Well, before the war our father, your grandfather the king of Atlantia, tasked his researchers to study the ancient texts from our country. The research team made a huge discovery that would give our country eternal glory. They found where the forbidden magic was and where the parts of the keys were hidden in this vast continent."

I listened carefully to what my aunt was telling me. I am not sure if she will disclose all information to me or only bits and pieces. I am also not sure if she is telling all truth or are they mixed up with lies. But one thing I know is I need the other half of the pendant.

"A map was made to mark the areas where the parts of the key for the forbidden magic were hidden. The map was embedded in two magic stones, one was given to me and the other was given to my twin sister Leticia." My aunt explained. "With the use of the forbidden magic, we can win this war easily. We can live in peace and prosperity without any conflicts, with us as the ruling monarchs of this continent."

My aunt’s words were gentle and serene as if she was wishing for a unified continent and to rule in peace. But I know her true intentions deep down. She was seeking revenge to those that oppressed Atlantia. More specifically she was getting revenge for herself.

"I want to ask Leticia where she has placed her part of the magic stone was. The time I retrieved your mother from your old house in the village, I tried searching for it but it wasn’t there." My aunt said and sighed. "If only Leticia would come back to her original self. I also want to see her usual cheery self."

"Can’t you use your part first aunt?" I asked curiously.

"Unfortunately, the map won’t show itself with only one half. I need the other half and complete the pendant for the map to show itself." Aunt Patricia said and smiled sadly.

"Umm...Aunt Patricia, may I know what that magic stone looks like?" I asked. "Well, maybe I can help."

My aunt looked at me in surprise but I caught her eyes gleam with a hidden meaning. I have a feeling she was using me to retrieve some information about my mother’s half of the pendant now that she thought my mother is not showing any signs of coming back.

"Well, the magic stone was carved in a shape of a pendant that was cut in half. My half is identical to your mother’s half of the pendant." Aunt Patricia said and looked at me with sad eyes. "I would like to show it to you. But you are currently sick now. Maybe when you get all better, I will show it to you."

"On the contrary, I am feeling better now Aunt Patricia." I smiled at her. "I am a little bored lying down in bed since yesterday afternoon and maybe a short walk will do me good. And also, I want to help you if I can. You have been very good to me since the day I woke up here in Jennovia. I am sorry if I was apprehensive and defensive to you at first. It is because I awoke in an unfamiliar place. But these past months I felt closer to you. Maybe it’s because you are a family member that is similar to me with magic abilities. I also want to repay your kindness."

My aunt patted my hands. "I understand Alicia. I know you were shocked at first. But like I said I am family and here to help you the best I can. You are also like a real daughter to me." She smiled. "Well if you can walk then I can show you my half of the pendant."

I nodded informing her that I can walk.

"Martha, aid the princess in walking." Aunt Patricia ordered.

After hearing my aunt’s order, Martha came inside the room.

"Yes my queen." Martha bowed and helped me get up from bed. "Careful your highness." She said to me.

"Follow me. I will walk slowly so that you will not strain yourself." Aunt Patricia gently said.

The three of us walked out of the room. Outside the queen’s ladies in waiting were waiting with William and Jack standing guard at my door.

"Let us go. Follow behind the princess." The queen ordered her ladies in waiting.

William and Jack also followed behind us. Because they were my close aides, where I go they follow.

My aunt led the way thru the corridors inside the palace. I have at least memorized the layout inside this palace and can navigate more easily. The places that I am not yet familiar with inside the palace were the places I am off limits, specifically the west wing of the palace. And now my aunt was leading us towards the west wing of the palace.

’Like I thought, the west wing was her private space.’ I thought when walking along.

I paid attention to the way we were going and memorized the inner and outer layout of this palace. This will help me plan an easier way when I return here secretly.

At the entrance of the west wing, I saw six guards were stationed. They stood upright by the time they saw us coming.

"Greetings to the moon of the empire. Glory to the queen of Jennovia." The guards greeted in unison and saluted.

"At ease." My aunt said.

We passed by the guards easily. As I remember the first time I went astray over this place, the guards halted me and told me that the west wing were off limits. Now I know that this part was the personal space of my aunt the queen and guarded heavily.

’Isn’t having six guards guarding the entrance a bit too much?’ I thought when I first went astray here. Now I know why this place was heavily guarded.

I looked back at Jack who was following behind me, and our eyes met.

’Jack.’ I tried to reach him telepathically.

My mind abilities have enhanced since the time I started entering my mother’s inner consciousness. For now I can only have telepathic communication with people of Atlantian linage mainly those with magic abilities. I tried telepathically communicating to William but still to no avail.

’Yes princess?’ Jack replied in no time.

’Have you been in this part of the palace before?’ I asked.

’No, princess. Like you, this is my first time coming here.’ Jack said. ’By the looks of it, this place is heavily guarded. Not only that, there are many magic traps around.’

’Magic traps?!’ I was surprised with Jack’s words.

’If you look closely, you can see magic symbols on the wall that cannot be seen by normal people.’ Jack said. ’Try to concentrate princess and you will also see it.’

I tried what Jack said and concentrated my magic in my eyes. And like what Jack said, there were magic circles and symbols on the walls.

’What are these?’ I asked.

’I only saw these magic circles in my father’s books and research journals. And like I said they are magic traps.’ Jack explained. ’It is not activated now because we are walking with the queen. Meaning we were granted permission to enter. But I am afraid if someone breaks in, these magic circles will activate.’

I looked around the corridor, the walls and also the floors have these circles invisibly engraved on them.

’Jack, please try and memorize their position and analyze them for now. We might need to break in here in the near future.’ I said.

Jack made a sigh and smiled. ’Haha you are surely brave princess. I will see what I can do.’

I am determined to get that other half of the pendant no matter what it takes.

Chapter 210 The Other Half of the Pendant 1


I looked around the corridor, the walls and also the floors have these circles invisibly engraved on them.

’Jack, please try and memorize their position and analyze them for now. We might need to break in here in the near future.’ I said.

Jack made a sigh and smiled. ’Haha you are surely brave princess. I will see what I can do.’

I am determined to get that other half of the pendant no matter what it takes.

After some walking and a few left and right turns along the corridor, we arrived and stood in front of a hue double door. Judging by the size of the door and also the guards standing outside, the room inside must be huge and it stores important or valuable things.

"Greetings to the moon of Jennovia.." The guards bend down on one knee in the presence of the queen. "All hail your majesty the queen."

"At ease." Aunt Patricia said with a calm voice. "Only I and my niece, Princess Alicia may enter. All of you will wait for us here." She announced.

With this, the guards will let me through and go inside the room with my aunt. The guards saluted and resumed their stance in guarding the door.

"Alicia, let’s go inside." Aunt Patricia looked at me with a warm smile. She opened the double doors just enough for the two of us to enter and led me inside the room.

Once inside my eyes were blinded for a short time. The room was filled with shining objects such as gold and silver. There are also jewelries of different kinds made with valuable stones such as rubies, sapphires, diamonds and the likes. This room is more like a treasure room.

"Are you amazed by the treasures here?" Aunt Patricia stopped beside me. "These treasures are the ones that the previous king of Jennovia got after the war. It was what they called it ’the spoils of war’." I can see my aunt was fuming in anger.

"Spoils of war?" I repeated the phrase "Then these treasures are..." I was about to say Atlantia’s.

"Yes. These treasures came from our own treasury in Atlantia." My aunt said with gritted teeth. I can see her fists in a tight grip. "They weren’t satisfied with purging our country they even stole our own treasures from us."

My aunt’s hatred really is big. No wonder she was dead set on getting revenge. I pity her but I can’t understand her need for revenge. Even if she gets the revenge she is hoping for and the satisfaction brought by it, she can never get back the lives lost especially her most precious person who is my uncle and Gladiolus’ father.

"But you were able to retrieve these treasures after exacting your revenge towards the previous king of Jennovia." I said.

"But it is not enough. They all have to pay for what they have done to us. They stole everything from us and I want them to feel the same way we Atlantians did when we were left with nothing." My aunt’s expression was so fierce. I know since back then that I cannot persuade her to drop her plans on revenge. Her hatred was etched to the bones. I just wish that none of my loved ones will be harmed in her pursuit of vengeance.

"Then your other half of the pendant is here?" I asked acting uninterested. I wouldn’t want my aunt doubting me.

"Yes, I also have stored my half of the pendant here in safe keeping." My aunt replied. "Come, follow me."

My aunt led me to the stairs and ascended it. This treasure room is quite big, even having a second floor to it. I looked around the second floor and saw familiar looking stones.

’Magic stones.’ I thought in surprise.

The second floor was lined with many magic stones of different colors. It was more than the amount of what we saw in the library. Many different colors only mean different kinds of magic attributes.

’Like I thought, there are still other sites where they store the stones embedded with magic.’ I thought. ’Are there sites other than here and the library where they make as storage area?’

This will be bad if they have many of these stones manufactured. The war can tip on their side and it will be bad for Regaleon.

After pondering with the problem about the magic stones, aunt stopped in front of wall. This seems to be a dead end, why would we be here?

At the right side of the wall was a candle holder holding one candle stick that was lit. My aunt carefully held the candle holder and turned slightly like a knob. After that I heard a rumbling at the wall we were facing and not long it opened sideways.

’A hidden door.’ I thought to myself.

The treasure room of this palace was secured on the outside but still had a hidden room on the inside. The security here is really that tight.

"Follow me." My aunt said.

Inside, the passage was dimly lit with candle lights on both side.

"Be careful not to stray away from me. This place is magically protected." My aunt said.

I was surprised than even the passage way was magically enforced. I concentrated and saw the magic circles embedded on the walls like the ones on the outside.

"Magically protected? I thought we cannot use magic inside the palace?" I asked. Actually I have felt my magic powers upon entering the west wing. I have a hint that there are no janetite rocks in the vicinity.

"Yes, there are no janetite rocks here to nullify our magic powers." My aunt said. "When I took the throne and become the ruling monarch after the death of the previous king, I have ordered to build this west wing without any janetite rocks. Therefore any Atlantias can use their magic here."

I nodded with my aunt’s words. So the whole west wing is janetite free. Maybe my aunt and Gladiolus reside mostly here because of this while my mother and I were at the area where janetite rocks are placed. We may be free to roam the palace, but we are not free to use our magic.

There is only one passageway leading forward. At the end of the passageway was a spiral staircase going down. My aunt lead us down the spiraling stairs and I felt it took forever going down. At the bottom was another passage way leading to a round room. It was lit more brightly that the passageways.

I looked around and the room was empty except for a small table at the center with a beautiful red jewelry box on top. The room had no windows and there is only one passageway leading and exiting here.

’Are we underground?’ I thought. Judging by the long winding staircase down, it felt we were long way underground.

Once I stepped inside the room, I felt my body became heavier.

’Thump thump’ my heart beat began to race frantically.

’What is this? Why am I feeling that something is pressing my body hard?’ I thought.

My body succumb to the gravity and I slumped down nearly falling to the ground. But before my knees met the floor, my aunt held my arms and instantly the heavy feeling went away.

I looked at my aunt confused but she just smiled to me not saying anything.

"Come my niece. I will show you my own treasure, the other half of the pendant." My aunt lead me by hand towards the table where the jewelry box was placed.