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⚽⚽⚽⚽ Hellbound With You Chapter 86 | 87.... 90✍️✍️✍️✍️



Alex and Abi arrived back at the mansion. The sky was already dark and it was starting to get cool. They walked inside into the lounge area and Abi was expecting to see the other three guests but surprisingly, they were nowhere to be found.

"Where are they?" she asked as she looked at Alex.

Alex just shrugged, indicating that he had no idea where the three men were. 

Abi was going to ask something more but she was distracted by the mouth watering aroma coming from the dining hall. She followed the smell and almost floated towards the dining hall where all the yummy food was laid out.

Abi was famished as she had used up quite a bit of energy from… well, taming the little monster, so she was nearly drooling by the time she sat down at the table. She completely forgot about Alex for a minute until she saw him walk in and sit on his seat. 

Once he sat down, Abi started piling up the food on her plate and started to dig in while Alex merely watched her with an inexplicable expression on his face.

As the pile on her plate decreased, Alex saw more room on her plate so he took bits of cut up fruit and placed on her plate like a nice master patiently feeding his pet.

"Eat more fruit, little lamb," he told her. "You'll need lots of good nutrients in order to become stronger."

Abi looked at him like an obedient little lamb and just nodded because her mouth was too full for her to speak. 

After the meal, Abi leaned back as if that would make room in her tummy. She was so stuffed that she didn't know if she would be able to get up from her seat! 

Alex rested his head lazily on his knuckles as he continued staring at her. When Abi finally noticed him staring, she stared back at him. "Alex, why are you staring at me like that?" she tilted her head slightly as she asked. "Is there something on my face?" She blinked her big round eyes as she touched her face.

"Hmm… No, I'm just imagining how you would look if you became chubby," he rubbed his chin with his thumb. "I guess… you could look like a cute, round white bun…Maybe as round as white watermelon?" 

Abi puffed her cheeks. How could this man say these things to a lady? White watermelons?! 

Before Abi could retort, the man suddenly laughed, as if he just got so amused by his very own internal joke. His pleasant chuckle echoed inside the hall and Abi fell in a daze for a moment, before she huffed.

"I'm not going to become fat!" she told him and Alex's laughter slowly died down. 

He still looked quite entertained as he held her wrist. 

"Well, look at this wrist, Abigail. It's so small. It's like a twig that could be snapped in mere seconds. It's no wonder it couldn't even last for two rounds." His tongue clicked. "You need to eat more, Abigail," he muttered and Abi pulled her hand away from him.

"These wrists will get stronger soon. Just you wait!" she retorted as she closed her hand into a fist and waved it in front of his face like an old grandma telling off some naughty brats.

Alex chuckled again. 

"Come here, Abigail," he pulled her and made her sit on his lap.  

He took a deep breath as he rested his chin on her shoulder blade, causing Abi to feel her skin tingle at that exact spot. 

"P-please, don't." She suddenly tried to get away from him but Alex didn't let go.

"Behave, little lamb."

"B-but… you're sniffing me." She blushed, utterly embarrassed. 

"So what if I'm sniffing you?" 

"I… I haven't taken a shower yet and I also got sweaty t-taming your little monster a while ago."

Alex let out a throaty chuckle before he sighed and nibbled on her skin. 

"Listen little lamb. I like the smell of your sweat, too," he whispered sexily in her ear and Abi's heart almost jumped out from its cage. 

"P-please, don't lie! There's no way you would like smelling my sweat!" she protested as she struggled to get away. 

"Ahh… what a naughty, little lamb. Fine," he said.

Abi thought that he would let her go but in the next second, he stood up and carried her like a princess as he walked towards the living room and then towards the grand staircase. 

"Alex, I can walk. You don't need to carry me," she told him but the man ignored her. She felt like she may have weighed a few kilos more from the dinner she just devoured but the man didn't seem to struggle with her weight, even though there were so many steps from the bottom to the third floor. She wondered, not for the first time, if Alex ever used the elevator in this house or if it was just there for show.

They finally reached her room and he wasn't even heaving! She couldn't believe it! Every time she walked up the stairs, she would already be heaving just after the halfway mark. She would usually take deep breaths to get as much oxygen inside her lungs but this man's breath was as steady as the second hand on clock - just steadily moving at perfect second intervals. This man was a machine! No wonder she couldn't keep up with him. He was like the ultra iron man with lots of stamina!

Inside the room, Abi thought that he would put her down on the bed but to her surprise, the man went straight towards the bathroom. 

Abi's eyes started to widen. What was he up to?! 

"Uhm… Alex…" 

But before she could tell him what she wanted to say, Alex put her down under the shower. Abi looked at him with a confused expression.

"Let's shower together," he told her and Abi froze.
Next time

"W-what are you saying!" Abi exclaimed. Her face was so red. 

"Why are you so flustered? We've already seen each other, little fruit. There's no need to be shy," he smirked playfully as he rubbed her chin. "I feel sticky as well due to your assault so I need a shower too," he continued.

He smiled at her, that oh-so-devastatingly gorgeous smirk that froze her mind.

And then, before Abi could even say anything more, the man started undressing himself. He started with his tie, loosening it up and then pulling it over his head and throwing it on the floor. Next was his shirt as his hands deftly unbuttoned it from top to bottom, slowly revealing his toned, yummy chest and then his rock hard abs. He then pulled his shirt open and as he shrugged it off, Abi saw his muscles move as they tensed during his movements. The food on the dinner table paled in comparison to the feast that was laid out before her eyes at that moment.  

Abi could no longer find her tongue. She was utterly speechless and shocked and dazed. It was true that this man had already seen every part of her but she had not seen much of his body apart from his upper body, so showering together felt a little too much for Abi to handle! 

Seeing her look like her soul was leaving her body, Alex leaned in on her and squeezed her nose a little. 

"I'm not asking you to get completely naked, little fruit. If you're not comfortable, you can wear your underwear," he teased and Abi somehow registered some of his words.

"C'mon, undress, little lamb. If you help me wash my back, I'll consider it as one taming session," he added and Abi finally snapped out of her dazed state.

"Really?" she asked and Alex nodded seriously. His delicious torso was already in full view and he had now moved onto undoing his belt when Abi suddenly held his hands to stop him. 

Alex smiled with what she did, as a certain naughty thought passed through his head.

"Hmm?  Do you want to be the one to undress me, little lamb?" he asked and Abi frantically shook her head. 

"No! I just… don't take off all your clothes!" she exclaimed and Alex chuckled again. This little fruit was simply amusing. 

"Okay, but in one condition, little lamb… you get half undressed, too," he negotiated and Abi swallowed before she finally let go of his hand. 

"F-fine," she agreed and turned around as she started unbuttoning her shirt. 

"Little fruit, did you forget that you undressed before me that night?  Why are you turning around now?" he teased and Abi blushed again. 

She remembered that night and she slightly shivered at the thought of it. She was extremely brave that night that she herself almost couldn't believe where she had gathered all that courage from. Maybe it was because at that time, Alex was still just a stranger to her? 

Now that Alex was not just some stranger to her, Abi was more conscious of herself. She was not fearful but shy and self-conscious. 

"I'm done," she then said and slowly turned around just to see Alex, who was leaning on the marble wall, with only his boxers on. His body was just too perfect., like a sculpture, intricately woven by the gods. 

Abi's throat ran dry as she looked at him but the same was true for the man. 

He couldn't take his eyes off of her. 

Her curves were beautiful and everything about her reeked with innocence and purity that it was so damned blinding.

Alex had seen a lot of sexy bodies in his time but they were nothing compared to how much he was attracted to this girl's delicate body. She was like soft tofu that was making him salivate in a very strange way, despite the fact that there were cute pink ribbons on her underwear.

"Abigail, do you love the beach?" he suddenly asked. His eyes had stopped roaming around her body and he now looked intently into her eyes. 

"Hmm. Yes," she replied, not knowing why he suddenly asked that. 

Alex's brows knotted a little as he moved closer to her. "So, you have worn bikinis outside, huh?" he muttered as he tucked her hair behind her ear. 

Abi frowned at him. "No. I never wear bikinis outside or inside. I don't own any," she innocently told him and the lines on Alex's forehead disappeared. 

"You mean… you've never worn revealing clothes when going to the beach?" he asked, sounding intrigued as he smelled her hair. 

"I do wear short pants and a crop top," she answered and Alex's complexion seemed to have brightened. 

"So, I'm the first to see your body, huh?" He sounded pleased and Abi's face turned red again. 

Alex looked at her with pride before he suddenly slammed his hands on the wall, trapping her between his arms. 

And then, abruptly, the lukewarm water started falling on them. 

"I'd like to see you in a bikini next time, Abigail," he grinned and Abi looked away, shyly. Abi felt like she had turned into a red lobster as her whole body blushed from his words. 

"Come, it's time for you to wash my back," Alex suddenly said, making Abi look at him again.

He had turned around so his back was facing her and she watched, mesmerised, as the water slid down his body. She gulped as she took the soap and held it under the water and then she rubbed them in her hands until it foamed.

She hesitated for a second, as if she was gathering up her courage to touch him, before she placed her foamy hands on his broad shoulders and started washing him clean.

She rubbed her hands all over his shoulders and his back and she traced the outline of the black dragon subconsciously. His body was so smooth and hard like marble but so warm to the touch. 

Alex closed his eyes the moment she touched his shoulders. Her warm, smooth hands felt so soft against his skin and he felt like he wouldn't ever get enough of her touch. He was savoring her hands roaming all over his body when suddenly, he felt a different sensation on his back. It seemed that Abi had used her fingernails to scratch his back from where the dragon's body started all the way to its tail, as if she was scratching the dragon's back.

Alex's eyes snapped open at the sensation. He never imagined that this little lamb would try to make friends with the black dragon like this. 

Alex suddenly turned around to see her pour shampoo out into her hand. He held her hand and all of a sudden, he made her put the shampoo on his hair. 

"Wash my hair, Abigail," he smiled as he took her hand. "Come," he said and he led her to the bathtub.
Still a little fruit

Alex climbed into the tub and helped Abi step inside. The bathroom was quite large with golden taps and it even had steps going up to it and steps going into the bath. Alex sat Abi down on the second step and he made himself comfortable on the bottom step, sitting between Abi's legs. 

Abi felt embarrassed at first at their intimate position but as time ticked by, she forgot all about that as she started playing with his hair. The shampoo had lathered up and made heaps of fluffy foam on his head. She began to play with the fluffy foam, creating mountains and pyramids on top of his head and even going as far as playing with his hair, making them stand up in spikes.

Before she knew it, she was smiling. 

"You look like you're enjoying yourself." 

He threw his head back and looked at her, causing Abi to jolt. 

"Do you want to bathe me everyday from now on?" he asked, mischievously as Abi's lips parted in disbelief.

Abi felt her heartbeat thundered in her ears the moment Alex looked up. His glorious eyes were glimmering with those oh-so-alluring lights as he rested his head on her leg. 

She shook her head, blushing hard and Alex's deep chuckle echoed inside the bathroom.

"Are you sure? What if I make this equivalent to one taming session," he teased, looking mischievous again. His words made the blushing little lamb immediately look at him with interest because, well, she finally realized that taming his little monster wasn't easy at all. Washing his hair like this was way easier! 

"I'm in!" she abruptly let go of his head and raised her hand. "I'll bathe you like this every day," she declared and Alex's chuckles became even louder. 

He lifted his hand and rubbed Abi's chin. "Good girl. Now, do your best and satisfy me with your handy work," He smiled at her again and Abi immediately went to work. 

Abi started massaging his scalp, using her fingers and fingernails like how the hairdressers she went to did it. She knew that getting a head massage felt so good too so she immediately did it for Alex, hoping to satisfy him so that he wouldn't change his mind.

 After rinsing his hair, the man finally stood up. 

He went and stood under the shower again and Abi looked away thinking that the man would finally wash his body and leave. 

However, the next moment…

"Abigail," he called out and Abi was forced to turn to look at him. 


"Don't just stand there. Continue with the deal… or, do you want us to stay here longer?" 

Abi swallowed. She was shocked. She didn't expect that the man wanted her to wash his body too. 

A little flustered, Abi took the soft luxurious body scrub he was holding out to her. 

"Uhm… Alex…"

"Hmm? What? Have you changed your mind?" he arched his brow. His voice was still as sexy as ever. 

"No. It's just that… I'm surprised that you're not embarrassed." 

"Embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed?"

"Well, you're an adult and you're a-asking me to wash your body." 

Alex was speechless. He finally realized that this scene was only sexy for him and not to this little lamb. While his mind was filled with dirty thoughts, this girl might only be thinking about every silly innocent thing even at this very moment. This little fruit just didn't have any idea at all. It looked like he had to show her first to make her see how bathing could become steamy and sensual. 

However, before he could move to take away the scrub from her hand, Abi had started scrubbing his body, starting from his neck. 

"Tell me if I'm pressing too hard, okay?" she asked and then she continued. She was doing it like she was washing a certain lifeless statue or her little pet dog. 

Alex felt like his veins were starting to pop. This little fruit just didn't know how to do things sexily at all!

Once Abi moved to his arms, Alex had finally had enough. 

"You're doing it wrong, little lamb," he uttered and then he stopped her hand in its tracks. He took the body scrub from her hand and yanked her into his arms with her back against his chest. 

"Let me teach you how to do it properly, okay?" he whispered in her ear, huskily, and then his hand started working its way on her skin. He started from around her neck and moved downwards, moving the scrub gently in circular strokes as if he was massaging her, damn sensually.  

Abi felt tingling sensations on her skin. She was shocked. This wasn't normal bathing at all. 

"Uhm… A-alex, I…" she wanted him to stop because she felt her knees had gotten weak. 

"Hmm?" he mumbled, his hands now moving down her abdomen. "Do you feel good?" he whispered in her ear, his lips touching her earlobe. 

Abi felt strange. Her skin was becoming very sensitive with every gentle scrub he made. Her face became redder.

And then, he knelt down. He started washing her legs up to her thighs and Abi subconsciously stepped back, with the back of her hand covering her lips. 

Alex looked up and saw her expression. The little lamb had turned utterly sexy. Seeing that dreamy look on her face made Alex smile in satisfaction. 

He then continued his sensual assault. He wished that she was naked but he thought that this was fine for now. He was the one, after all, who said that he couldn't force his little fruit to ripen up. 

"A-alex… I'm fine now. It's done now," she told him. She was embarrassed and extremely shy. "I already know what to do so let me do it now," she said. He knew she was trying to escape. 

Alex stood and hugged her. 

"Shh… I'm not done with your back yet," he whispered and he rubbed her back as Abi buried her face on his chest. 

Once the man was done, the water from the shower started cascading over them. 

"Did you enjoy it?" he sounded like he was teasing but his eyes were serious. 

Abi didn't know what to say and she meekly nodded. 

"L-let me do it to you now," Her eyes wandered around but Alex just smiled.

"Nope, we're done here, Abigail. You might catch a cold if we stay here any longer. You're still a little fruit, after all. I can't let you be submerged under water for too long or you might rot." 

He grinned at her as he stepped away. The bathroom was huge so there was plenty of space. The man went and scrubbed himself normally while Abi quickly turned away and rinsed herself.

In no time, she headed towards the towel rack, grabbed a towel and dried herself before dashing out of the bathroom, not giving a single glance towards the man inside.

13 debts

Once Alex stepped out, the girl was wearing her robe, drying her hair with a hair dryer. 

Alex moved towards her, his hair was still dripping wet. He was half naked with only a towel wrapped around his waist. 

Suddenly, Alex took the hair dryer away from her hand and then, out of the blue, he kissed her neck, causing Abi to freeze.    

"You said that you're going to be going back home during the weekends, right?" he asked, his lips still on her skin. Abi didn't know why but Alex seemed a little strange tonight. She couldn't help but imagine him as a pet that had been parted from his owner for a long time and now that they were together again, all he wanted was to cuddle, touch and kiss his owner every single second.

But then, she was fully aware that Alex wasn't a pet. He was a beast. A magnificently beautiful beast!

Abi nodded. "Mm. I did say that."  

"Tomorrow is Saturday…" he stated, still nibbling on her skin. 

Abi was so distracted with what he was doing but the next words he said immediately woke her up as if ice had been poured to the fire that Alex was fanning within her body. 

"I'll be away again. I'll be away for a week this time," he uttered and Abi's body stiffened. 

Alex pulled away and looked into her eyes. 

"W-where are you going?" she stammered as their eyes met.  

"Somewhere, Abigail. I have work to do" was all he said. Abi realized that she was naïve to think that she could make him stay right here beside her in all these thirty-one days. She had forgotten that this man wasn't like her. He had all the time in the world, unlike her. 

He had to work too and of course he had his business to take care of - whatever it was that he did - and she couldn't possibly tie him down to stay with her everyday.

This realization made Abi's heart feel like it was being squeezed tight so hard. How was she going to fulfill her wishes at this rate? Seven days was too long for her. How would she spend those days without him? She had just experienced how it felt to miss him and wait for him for one day and it was awful. Now, he was going to be gone for seven days. When he came back, she'd only have 19 days left. 

"Are you sad?" Alex's voice rang in her ears but she couldn't respond. Sad? Sad was an understatement. What she was feeling at that moment was worse than sadness. She wanted him not to go. Could she stop him? Could she ask him to stay?

Suddenly, the girl wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her embrace, as if she was silently chaining him with her two fragile arms, as if she didn't want to let go of him, no matter what happened.

Alex was surprised with what his little lamb did. His brows knitted and he was about to speak but the girl spoke first. 

"Alex… can I come?" she asked. Her voice cracked. 

Alex stayed still for a moment before the decisive words came out of his mouth. "No, Abigail. You can't." he answered and Abi felt like tearing up.

"Why?" her voice was now barely a whisper. 

Alex finally moved and he attempted to pull away to look at her face but the girl didn't let go. Her actions at this moment were making him feel strange. He predicted that she might not be happy with him leaving but why did he feel like there was something off with her?

He didn't force himself away from her and just answered.   

"Because it's a dangerous place, especially for a little fruit like you." 

"I'll be fine, Alex. I –"

"Shh… When I say no, it means no," he told her and Abi's moment of despair made her let go of him.

Seeing the look in her eyes at that moment made Alex squint his eyes. He didn't think that she would act like this when she heard the news. 

"If… if you leave, h-how about my daily requests?" she forced herself to speak and Alex chuckled. So this little lamb was this sad because of her silly requests. This girl…

Alex didn't know why but he started coaxing her.

"If you're worried about your requests, then don't be. You can ask me all the requests you want me to fulfill during those days, once I'm back. I can grant all your requests in just one day or two, Abigail, so that's not a problem," he told her, grabbing her chin. "As long as your request won't be as outrageous as going to Antarctica or climbing Mt. Everest with me, I can fulfill seven wishes in a day," he continued and the heartbroken little lamb's eyes became a little better. 

"R-really? You're not kidding, right?" was all she asked. His suggestion wasn't bad at all. Accumulating the requests and doing it all at once was actually not a bad idea. She could monopolize him for one or two whole days instead of just a few hours every night!

"I'm serious, Abigail. Ah, I still have to collect your remaining debts, too. As of now, you have sixteen sessions of debt from me. Wait, it's 13 now and since I am the one who is leaving, I'm not going to ask for sessions during those seven days." 

Abi blinked at him. 

"Do you think you can pay for the 13 debts tonight?" he asked and Abi's eyes slowly turned wide. 

There's no way she could do that. 13 times throughout the night? She might die!

"I can't Alex… how about you collect the debts, too, once you're back?"

"Fine, I'll collect in one go as well, shall I?" He grinned like a devil and Abi was about to heave a sigh of relief when Alex suddenly pinned her down.

"Okay… Well, I think we should lessen your debt one more time tonight, Abigail," he whispered and before she knew it, he was kissing her neck again.

See you

It was already dawn when Abi opened her eyes. 

Memories from last night flashed in her head and her face turned as red as a cooked lobster. She remembered that Alex made her tame his little big monster once more last night, while he kissed and licked her neck. She didn't know how she managed it but somehow, her arms found the strength to carry on. Some time after that, she didn't know how but she fell asleep as well once the little monster fell back to its slumber. 

Thinking about it, Abi felt like her stamina was really starting to decrease. She used to be able to pull an all-nighter just a month ago but now, it seemed like she couldn't anymore. Maybe it was because she didn't sleep properly the night before, because she stayed wide awake thinking about Alex or it could be because she was exhausted from taming the little big monster three times last night.  

Abi looked around as she stretched her arms out. The sun was starting to paint the sky with some breathtakingly beautiful hues, causing Abi to smile from seeing such a great view in the morning. However, her smile soon faded because she finally remembered that Alex was going to leave today. 

The thought of it made Abi quickly rise and leave her bed. She was suddenly worried that the man had already left. Still in her pajamas, Abi stormed out of her room and once she stood in front of the huge door of Alex's room, she breathed deeply before she finally knocked on it. 

However, nobody was coming out or responding. 

Thinking that the man was already awake, Abi ran back to her room and got changed before she went downstairs. As she descended the grand staircase, her brows creased when she couldn't see him in the living room. She went straight towards the dining hall but the man wasn't there either.

Abi looked for the butler but he was also nowhere to be seen. 

A little confused, Abi decided to walk towards the entrance and gladly, the man was there on the step, sitting like the boss that he was and he seemed like he was waiting for her.

"Good morning," Abi immediately greeted as she walked towards him with a big smile on her face. She was relieved and happy that he hadn't left yet.

"The sleeping fruit finally awakened, huh?" He smiled and then, without further ado, Alex accompanied her on her daily exercise routine, telling her that she needed to continue this while he was away.

Abi tried to slow the pace of the exercises so that she could spend more time with him but Alex was as strict as ever. He kept pushing her to go faster and in the end, she could only do as she was told. Her plan failed miserably.

In what seemed like no time at all, she finished the exercise routine and she was in her room getting ready to head out. Before she knew it, she was sitting in the passenger seat of Alex's car as he drove her to work.

Abi was silent during their trip to the orphanage. It was because her heart was heavy and she suddenly found it hard to speak. She kept trying to sneak a glance at him as if she wanted to say something, but nothing would come out. She didn't know what to say.

"Little fruit, what are you thinking about?" Abi's senses returned to the present upon hearing the man's words. 

She didn't even notice that they were already in front of the orphanage. 

"I'm thinking about…" she trailed off before the rest of that sentence came out. She meant to say 'I'm thinking about how much I'm going to miss you' but "I'm thinking about where you are going," was what she said out loud.

Alex looked like he wasn't pleased.

"Come here," he said. "Stop thinking about boring things and just kiss me before I go," he demanded as he pulled her on top of him, making her straddle him again. 

"Quickly, Abigail."

Abi then kissed him with that tongueless kiss she learned from him yesterday. Abi's kiss was packed with the intensity of what she was feeling as she held onto his neck tightly. 

Alex also responded. The kiss was quite intense and it took all of Alex's self restraint not to capture the inside of her mouth.

Once their lips parted, Alex moved back with a sexy smile on his face. "My little fruit is really such a fast learner," he said, proudly. "When I'm back, I'll teach you more." 

And then, he let go of her. 

"Uhm... Alex, can I call you? I couldn't contact you yesterday when you're away…"

"There's no need to contact me, Abigail." 


"Hmm... because I will be turning my phone off once I arrive there."


Instead of answering her, Alex suddenly captured her lips again. 

"Stop asking, little lamb, and take your escape now before you awaken the sleeping monster," he told her as he smiled mischievously, and Abi felt her face blaze. Why was this man being like this again? He wasn't being fair at all!

Abi was forced to glance at his groin before she hastily climbed out of the car. She really was afraid that his monster would really wake up because she couldn't possibly tame it here, not at this place!

Alex lowered the window and he waved at her. 

"See you in a week, little fruit," he said with his wave and Abi unwillingly waved her hand as well.

"Take care, Alex," she uttered and stood there watching as the car disappeared from her sight.


Over the next few days, Abi buried herself in her job. She went back to live home during this time and she spent the days like she always had, as if she was brought back in time before Alexander Qin arrived in her life. She kept herself busy with doing tasks for the fundraiser and spending time with her family. The days seemed normal but to her, they could never be the same again because of Alexander Qin.

On one of the days, she decided to go and visit the doctor for a check up. The tests showed that her condition was still stable which was a big relief in Abi's mind. However, she also knew that her condition could deteriorate as suddenly as a lightning strike. She only hoped that it wouldn't happen before the 31 days were up.