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Engagement Party (2)

Tricia and I entered the other room. Inside, my ballgown is worn by a mannequin.

Until now I am in awe with the beauty of this gown. Its blue color is similar to Regaleon's eyes, dark blue as the deep water of the ocean.

"Your highness, prince Regaleon's assistant Dimitri came a while ago to give you these." Tricia took a jewelry box on the table.

She slowly opened it and inside were a set of sapphire and diamond jewels. They were sparkling magnificently.

The set consists of a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a tiara. The sapphire jewels were a match with my gown.

"How did he...?" I didn't finish my question. It was Regaleon I'm talking about. I am sure his information network is vast. Knowing the color of my dress tonight is a piece of cake.

"A letter was included with the jewels princess." Tricia gave me the letter and I read it silently.


My dear Lili,

I thought that these jewels will compliment the ballgown you are wearing tonight, so I bought them for you. Please wear them tonight.

I will be fetching you in your courtyard by six in the evening, wait for me.

Love you always,



Reading the letter made my heart squeeze in warmness and delight. I read that phrase in the end of the letter again 'Love you always'. A smile crept on my lips.

"And I love you too, always." I whispered to my self.

"Princess, let's start dressing you up." Tricia said.

"Okay." I replied. Two other maids and Tricia helped me dress up.


(Regaleon's POV)

It was ten before six in the evening. I have arrived to fetch my beautiful fiancee.

"It's so evident in your face that you are very happy." It was the voice of general Robert.

I look at the corner and he was there walking towards me.

"Evident on my face?" I asked curiously.

"Hahaha, you didn't notice the smile plastered on your face?" Robert teased.

I touched my face curiously. I can't believe that a smile has been plastered on my face for a while now.

"Well, I really am happy." I said. "I am about to be engaged with the love of my life."

Robert's smiling face turned solemn and gave a sigh.

"Prince Regaleon, I am not going to question your true feelings for my granddaughter. Because only a fool won't see your clear affections for her." Robert said. "But I want to know, what are you planning for her?"

I look at Robert with a serious expression. Even though Alicia was not Robert's real granddaughter, he raised and loved her as his own.

"I know that you are worrying for her general. But rest assured that my intentions towards her are sincere." I said solemnly. "I will love her and ONLY her. I promise you that I will not take any concubines or side consorts. She will be the only woman in my harem."

I look at Robert to see what his reaction will be. I can see him relax and sigh in relief.

"I am happy to hear that." Robert said. "But what about the other issue?"

The issue that Robert is talking about is the investigation that we have done these past two years.

"We have gathered enough evidence." I said. "With these, we have the right to take action."

"Then..." Robert looked at me, tensed once again.

"Do not worry. I am not such a black hearted person. After I marry Alicia, he will become my father-in-law. If he is good and follow my conditions, then I will give him face as the king of Alvannia."

"I understand." Robert nodded.

"You are not against my plans?" I asked him.

Robert shook his head. "I know what he has done wrong. I am also part guilty for not advising him more strongly."

"You have no fault general. He did his actions without your knowledge. He has to pay for it himself." I said. "I will not condemn those who are innocent."

"Thank you." Robert bowed slightly.

I know he was not thanking me for himself but for his grandchildren, especially the heir to the throne Richard.

"I am sure he will make a fine young king." I said and glanced at him. Robert looked at me with surprise. "You raised him as the young man he is now, you should be proud."

Robert understood what I was saying and smiled. His smile was gentle, like what a grandparent would have.

"Thank you, prince Regaleon." Robert said with a compassion of a parent.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." I heard Alicia's voice on top of the staircase.

I looked up and I see a goddess in a blue dress. She was so beautiful that the surroundings looked pale with her just standing there.

"Did you wait long?" The goddess spoke to me with a melody.

My eyes were glued at her. She was wearing a navy blue dress, sparkling against the light. Her beautiful platinum blonde hair was braided into a fish tail with diamonds lining down, a tiara was seen on top of her head.

The goddess was now going down the staircase. Her action was so graceful and elegant. I consciously walked towards the bottom of the staircase, my eyes not leaving her even a second.

When she was at the last steps of the stairs, I extended my hand to help this goddess get down safely.

She took my hand firmly and smiled. Her hand was soft and smooth, like silk. Her simple smile radiates her face, like it was the sun shining and giving me warmth.

"Prince Regaleon." The goddess called my name and slightly bowed her head, my heart was simply feeling ecstatic.

"Grandfather." The goddess acknowledges Robert.

"You are beautiful Alicia." I hear Robert say but my eyes never left this goddess one bit.

"Thank you grandfather." She smiled.

"You are so beautiful, my Alicia." I said with all my affection. I pressed my lips at the back of her hand that I am holding.

I can feel her shiver a bit and it made me smile. My goddess, this girl that was going to be my fiancee, is still shy with my simplest actions.

To confirm my suspicions, I look up and see her cheeks blush with a beautiful pinkish glow. I can feel my heart became warm.

The beautiful goddess in from of me, the third princess of Alvannia, my fiancee, I love her so much.

"I am sorry for making you wait." Alicia said apologetically. Her blush was still there.

"The wait is worth it." I smiled. "Looking at this beautiful goddess in front of me." I raised my hand and caressed her blushed cheek.

"Thank you." Alicia replied shyly.

"Then, shall we?" I asked.

"Hmmm." Alicia nodded. "Let's go."

William’s Decision

(William's POV)

The grand ball room inside the palace is all lit up tonight. The big hall is adorned but beautiful flowers. Tables and chairs are lined up at the side, with beautiful linens and tableware. The decorations tonight is so splendid and grand.

The hall is now full of noble people, all dressed up for the occasion. That is right, tonight is the engagement party of the beautiful third princess Alicia of Alvannia, and the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest.

My heart ache remembering what the occasion is tonight. The love of my life, Alicia, has been taken away from me by the crown prince of Grandcrest.

Looking around the festivities, all people are lively smiling and chatting. All are in praise of this union.

Alicia was selected to become crown princess and the future queen of Grandcrest. This is a great blessing for our country, Alvannia. This union will benefit us greatly.

But I cannot bring myself to smile. My heart aches just by thinking about her being taken away by another man.

Alicia, the first time I saw her was when she debuted in the society. She was still young, but her beauty was unmeasurable. The first time I saw her, I said to myself that I will make her my wife, the future duchess of Cunningham.

We had been good friends from the start. I was always visiting her in her courtyard, further deepening our relationship.

But two years ago we got separated. She was taken to the outskirts to recuperate from her illnesd. I wasn't able to visit her because my coming of age was near. I was preparing myself to inherit the title of duke from my father.

When I got the information that she was coming back to the capital, I didn't waste any time to send a letter to ask permission to marry her.

It was the right timing because I just came of age and was about to inherit the title of duke Cunningham. My father agreed right away. He knew my feeling towards Alicia. My dream of her becoming my wife was just arms away.

But that dream shattered. The news came that Alicia was now betrothed to the crown prince of Grandcrest, Regaleon.

'Why?' I thought. 'Why of the three princesses of Alvannia, why her?'

I was depressed, my whole world became meaningless without her. These past few years I have worked hard, envisioning her by my side in the future ahead.

I look at the crowd again, they were having a great time tonight. But I can't feel the reason to be happy. My heart has left me and is with the woman that I love. I took a sip of wine from my glass.

"Son, are you okay?" My father asked with a worried smile.

"I'm okay father." I assured him. "Do not worry."

I see my father sighed. "Are you sure you want to do this, Will?"

"Father, this is all that I can do for now." I answered. "Rest assured that I will be fine. I will surely take care of myself."

"I understand. You are now an adult and is now responsible with your own actions. I will respect your decision." My father replied. "It's just a pity, you could have been a great duke."

"Do not worry father. I am sure my younger brother will be a fine duke after proper education and training."

Yes, I have decided. When the letter from the king came, it contained a request.

Alicia is going to the neighboring country, very different from ours. She doesn't know anyone there and her former knight has resigned form his post. Therefore she has no personal knight to accompany and protect her. King Edward asked me if I am willing to become her personal knight.

After reading the contents of the letter, I made a decision to pass the duke's title to my younger brother. I have decided to be Alicia's personal knight.

My father objected at first, saying that my decision will only give me grief and sadness. I myself know that it will hurt me a lot to see her married to another man. But my heart is still longing for her. Even though it hurts, just by being beside her, caring for her, protecting her, I know my heart will be at ease. Call me a martyr or whatsoever, but I want to be beside her.

"Crown prince Regaleon Yosef Astley of Grenacrest and third princess Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist of Alvannia arrives." The herald announces their arrival.

All of the guests looked at the entrance of the ball room hall. Their eyes focused on the pair that entered.

I wasn't able to get a clear look, so I walked towards their position. I squeezed thru the crowd and little by little I came close to their position.

Then I saw her, a fairy wearing a dark blue gown. Her platinum blonde hair was braided to one side and adorned with sparkling jewels.

She was shining at the center of the crowd. My breath was taken away with her beauty. Alicia was like a blue fairy, glowing and captivating everyone inside the ball room.

Alicia was smiling towards the other nobles that is greeting her. Her smile was enchanting that it made my heart skip a beat.

"Will." I hear her beautiful voice call my name. I was stunned because she noticed me in these pool of people.

"Will, William." She called again. Her eyes were sparkling, looking at me and waving her hand gently. My lips hooked up into a smile instantly.

'She still remembers me.' I thought.

Alicia walked towards me. But I felt a chill in my spine. Looking at her side, was crown prince Regaleon.

Regaleon had a smile but not a smile. His gaze was giving me the chills.

'Did I offend him or something?' I thought.

I was only acquainted to the crown prince in Alicia's debutant ball, and I never had any interactions with him after. So why is there hostility in the way he looks at me.

"William, it's been a while." Alicia was now in front of me. "How have you been doing?"

Her smile was radiating. She was happy to see me.

"Crown prince Regaelon, princess Alicia." I gave my greetings and bowed. If it was just Alicia, I can skip the greetings. But with the crown prince of Grandcrest with her, I can't be disrespectful.

"Sir William Cunningham." Regaleon answered back with a nod.

"Answering the princess' question, I have been well." I looked at Alicia with a warm smile.

Seeing her tonight made my resolve more firm. I will accompany Alicia as her personal knight and protect her with all of my abilities.
My Close Friend and New Knight

Regaleon and I entered the ball room hall together, arm in arm. After the herald announces our arrival, all the noble guests' eyes were upon us.

I tensed up looking at so many guests. I squeezed Regaleon's arm unknowingly.

"Nervous?" Regaleon asked. I nodded silently. "Don't worry. I am right here by your side. There is nothing to be nervous about."

Regaleon held my hand and squeezed it to reassure me. I look at him and smiled.

"Thank you." I said. I am sure that Regaleon is always beside me to help.

I inhale and exhale to calm my self. After this evening, I would be officially engaged to Regaleon. I would be the crown princess of Grandcrest. Tonight I have to hold my head high with confidence. Confidence that I am worthy to stand beside Regaleon, the crown prince and the future king of Grandcrest.

"Ready?" Regaleon asked with encouragement.

"Yes." I replied with a smile. And we walked inside the ball room.

The nobles started to swarm around us one by one. People started to congratulate and compliment us from left to right.

"Your highness, crown prince. Congratulations in your engagement."

"You look dashing your highness crown prince."

"Princess Alicia, you look so beautiful."

"Congratulation princess Alicia, with your engagement."

"The two of you look good together your highnesses, prince Regaleon and princess Alicia."

All well wishes are being given around us.

"Thank you very much." Regaleon said neutrally. It looks like he is used to dealing with nobles like these.

"Thank you." I follow Regaleon's lead thanking the nobles around us.

After looking around, I see a familiar looking face in the crowd.

'It's William.' I thought.

I has been two years since I last saw him. He has grown into a fine and handsome young man.

"Will." I called him.

William was looking at me in a daze, so I call him again.

"Will. William." I called. But he was just standing in his place looking at us.

"Leon, can we go there and greet Will?" I asked. "It's been a while since I last saw him."

Regaelon looked at me and at where William was standing and looked at me again.

"Alright, let's greet him." Regaleon said. I smiled at him in return.

We walked towards Will, hand in hand.

"William, it's been a while. How have you been?" I asked him excitedly.

"Crown prince Regaelon, princess Alicia." William greeted us.

I was taken back for a while. William was a bit formal just now. He has been my close friend when I debuted in society and we have been casual with greeting each other.

"Sir William Cunningham." Regaleon answered him back with a nod.

"Answering the princess' question, I have been well." William looked at me with a warm smile.

"That's good to hear." I said.

William seems a bit distant. I can't blame him, with what is happening now. As I heard, he has requested my hand in marriage. I never thought that he has such feelings for me.

"I am happy to see you well Alicia." William said. "Is your illness cured?"

I can feel his sincere worry.

"I am all cured now, no need to worry Will." I replied.

"That's good to hear." William smiled. His gaze towards me has something that I never noticed before. But now I know his feelings, I can see it clearly.

'He really may have feelings for me.' I thought. I was just an ignorant child back then, that I didn't notice. My heart aches for him because I cannot answer his feelings in return. William is a great man, it's just I only have Leon in my heart.

"Oh yes, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the both of you in your engagement. Your highness crown prince Regaleon and princess Alicia." William said. He smiled at us but I can see the sadness behind them.

"Thank you sir William." Regaleon replied.

"Thank you Will." I replied as well.

"So here you are." I voice came from behind us.

The nobles around us started to bow. Then I see my father the king walking towards us.

"Your majesty." Regaleon nodded.

"Greetings your majesty, king Edward." William bowed.

"King father, greetings." I gave my curtsy.

"Rise." Father said. "Let's resume the festivities."

The nobles started to disperse.

"Let's talk first before the official announcement begins." Father said.

King father lead us towards the royal lounge area.

"Please sit." Father said to the three of us

Regaleon and I took the seat in front of father and William took the single seat on the side.

I was curious what does father need with the three of us. When I look at Regaleon and William, they looked calm.

'Aren't they curious?' I thought.

"Prince Regaleon, you remember one of my conditions before marrying Alicia, correct?" Father asked.

"Yes." Regaleon nodded.

"I will be assigning a personal knight that I trust to Alicia." Father said. "Alicia will be going to a country she isn't familiar with. And so I want someone that I can trust to personally guard her."

"Do you not trust my abilities to protect Alicia?" Regaleon said with a cold voice.

"I don't have any doubts, prince Regaleon." Father said with equal coldness. "But I will be more at ease with someone I can trust to be with her."

"I understand." Regaleon sighed. "Then I guess the one you selected is sir William."

"William?!" I was surprised. I looked at Regaleon, father and last William. Their faces all looked serious. "But why? You are going to inherit the title of duke from your father?"

"I have thought about this long and hard Alicia. And I have decided to give the duke's title to my younger brother." William said.

"But you have worked hard for it." I said.

I know how hard William worked to be a good duke for his dukedom. So why?

"This is my decision Alicia, and I am happy with it." William said to assure me of his decision.

But doing such thing for me. I can't imagine how hard this will be for him.

"I trust William to protect my daughter." Father said. "I am sure that you too feel that way, correct?" This question was directed at me.

I was speechless. I am sure that William can protect me, I can trust him with my life. But what about his feelings.

"I..." I was about to decline this proposition. I don't want him to hurt any further than he has.

But Regaleon stopped me. He squeezed my hand gently so I looked at him. His gaze told me 'leave this to me' so I nodded.

"Sir William, are you sure about your decision?" Regaleon asked. "Are you sure you will protect Alicia what ever happens?"

"Yes, your highness." William answered. "This is my resolve."

"Then I accept, your majesty." Regaleon said to my father.

"Hmm, then it is settled." King father nodded in agreement.

I looked at Regaleon once again and he squeezed my hand with assurance.

'Knock knock knock'

A steward came opened the door and came inside. He bowed in front of us.

"Your majesty, your highnesses. It's time." The steward said.
Public Announcement

After the steward announced that it was time, all of us followed my father the king. He led us towards the balcony looking down the ball room hall.

There at the balcony present are the other members of the royal family of Alvannia. Richard and grandpa at one side and my step mother and sisters at the other side.

"Greetings crown prince Regaleon, sister Alicia." Richard chimed. "Congratulations to the both of you."

Richard was walking towards us with a genuine smile. He extended his hand to Regaleon, Leon shook it happily.

"Thank you crown prince Richard." Regaleon said smiling. "No need for formalities, you can call me brother-in-law."

"Then, brother-in-law. You can also call me Richard." Richard replied happily. "Sister, I am so happy for you."

Richard took me into his embrace.

"Thank you Richard." I said.

"Are you really happy?" Richard whispered in my ear. "If ever brother-in-law bullies you, just come to me and I will definitely help you."

I giggled hearing Richard's words. "Yes, I am happy. Don't worry, if Regaleon bullies me then I will surely come to you for help." I whispered in reply.

"Alicia, you look stunning." Grandpa said. "You are the most beautiful lady here tonight."

"Thank you grandpa." I walk towards grandpa and embraced him. I savor this feeling, because I will be far away after this engagement.

"Crown prince Regaleon, congratulations." Grandpa shook Regaleon's hand.

"Thank you general Robert or should I say grandpa-in-law." Regaleon said jokingly.

Grandpa shivered after hearing Regaleon call him grandpa-in-law and I giggled.

"Let's take things slowly prince Regaleon. You can call me that once the two of you got married already." Grandpa replied.

"Crown prince Regaleon, congratulations." Veronica gave her curtsy. She was wearing a gold ball gown.

'Is it just me or is Veronica's voice rather flirty?' I thought. This made me a little irritated.

"Congratulations to you crown prince." Elizabeth and step mother said simultaneously.

"Thank you." Regaleon replied coldly. "But I am not engaged by my self as I recall."

Regaleon encircled his arms around my waist and held me in his embrace. He was clearly showing them his affection for me. It was because it is evident that the three females in front of us purposely forgot to congratulate me.

"Ahh y-yes, of course." My step mother was nervous with Regaleon's cold tone. "Congratulations to you too, my dear Alicia."

"Yes, congratulations sister." Veronica said forcefully.

She is congratulating me but her face looked otherwise.

"Congratulations, sister Alicia." Elizabeth said with a cheerful face. I looked at her curiously.

Maybe Elizabeth is just happy because I am marrying into Grandcrest and she will have a chance with Will. I am afraid she will be depressed when she knows that William will be going with me in Grandcrest.

"Thank you." I replied.

"Well then, let's get this going." My father interjected. "Let's move on with the announcement and the festivities."

Some stewards blew their horns to get the attention of the nobles down the ball room. All of the people's attention are now at us.

King father walked at the edge of the balcony and looked down at all of the nobles. Hence the nobles at the ball room bowed down.

"All rise." Father said with a huge voice. "Good evening everyone. As you all now we are here today to officially announce the engagement of the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest to my daughter, third princess Alicia of Alvannia."

The nobles started to applause.

After the round of applause, father gestured Regaleon and I to accompany him at the edge of the balcony.

Regaleon took my hand and lead me to where father is. Once there, I look down at the people. All of them are wearing smiles and I can here their congratulations.

"I present to you now the officially engaged, crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and third princess Alicia of Alvannia." Father announced.

Regaleon and I waved our hands down to the people with a smile. Another round of applause was given by the nobles.

I felt genuine happiness now. After hearing father announce our engagement to the nobles, I am now known as the future crown princess of Grandcrest and Regaleon's fiancee.

"Happy?" Regaleon whispered slowly in my ear that it tickled me. My smile broadened more.

"Hmm, yes." I nodded. "Very."

"I am too." Regaelon said sweetly. He cupped my face and planted a kiss on my lips.

The crowd below roared once more. I can hear teasing and such. My face went hot in embarrassment.

After the kiss, Regaleon looked at me with affection. My heart was thumping really fast.

"Now the world knows that you are my fiancee." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "I can't wait for you to be my wife."

"Me too." I said. I can feel my face blush even more.

Just by thinking that I am going to be Regaelon's wife sent goosebumps all over mu body. I also can't wait to be married to him, the love of my life.

As of now, I am now known as the fiancee of the one I love, Regaleon. I have felt so much happiness in just one night.

'Will this night get any better than this?' I thought.

I did not know that someone was planning something big tonight.

'Be happy as much as you like, sister Alicia.' Veronica thought. 'After tonight, the one who will be marrying the crown prince will not be you but me.'

I didn't know that Veronica was looking at me with daggers behind my back, while Regaleon and I wave our hands to the crowd below.

Veronica's hatred for me has raised up another notch. But then she made a wicked smile.

While this happened, I shivered unconsciously. I felt something bad is about to happen.
First Dance as a Couple

After the announcement, Regaleon led me down the stairs and towards the dance floor.

It was a custom that after the announcement of the engagement, the newly engaged couple will have their first dance.

Regaleon and I are walking side by side. My arms are hooked in his. The crowd gave way to us.

When we reached the center of the dance floor, Regaleon carefully placed me in front of him. He bowed down gracefully.

"May I have this dance?" Regaleon said while extending his hand.

"Certainly, your highness." I gave my curtsy, remembering to be elegant.

Regaleon encircled his left hand on my waist and his other hand wrapped mine. I elegantly put my other hand in his shoulder.

By the time we were at the dancing posture, my eyes swept around us. The guests have made a circle, with us in the center. Their eyes are all on us. I tensed up once I felt their presence.

Regaleon must have felt me tense up in his arms.

"Look at me." Regaleon said. So I looked at him.

Tonight he was wearing a silver mask with sapphire gems. He was wearing his royal black suit with silver thread decorations. His aura was emitting that of a royalty, very well suited for a crown prince. His sapphire eyes were twinkling, with only me reflected on them.

"Don't think about them." Regaleon advised. "Look only at me, as if we are only the ones existing."

Regaleon was helping me to calm down. He knows that I am nervous, with all the gazes towards us. Only one mistake and I will be a laughing stock and be talked about in the noble society.

I nodded at Regaleon.

'I can't make a mistake.' I make a resolve.

I now carry the name as the future crown princess of Grandcrest and fiancee to prince Regaleon. My action will also reflect to him. I don't want to give shame to him.

"Just remember what I thought you. As your teacher, I know you can do it better than anyone else." Regaleon gave me a reassuring smile.

My heart squeezed after hearing his words. I am happy that he believes in my abilities. This man in front of me is my future husband. Starting tonight we can lean on each other whenever one needs help. I know that Regaleon will always have my back. Knowing this my nervousness fades away, as if it was never there to begin with.

Then the music started to play. Regaleon started to lead the dance.

I was matching Regaleon step by step. And in no time I was twirling in his arms. And then I remember out first time dancing.

Our first dance was when I debuted into society. It should have been my father the king who was my first dance. But Regaleon stole it away from him.

Our movements matched perfectly. I was having fun dancing. It was like Regaleon and I were alone, moving accordingly to the music in the background.

"It was like our first time." I said.

"Yes, I remember." Regaleon smiled. "The first time I saw you, I decided that you are the one to be my wife. That is why I seized the chance to take your first dance."

I giggled. "You stole it from my father." I said.

"Haha. I think that is why he harbors bad feelings towards me." Regaleon chuckled. "But it's all worth it. Now you are mine and mine alone."

His words made me blush.

'Yes, I am now his.' I thought.

"And you are mine." I replied.

"Yes, I am all yours." Regaleon confirmed.

My heart squeezed in sweetness and delight. Regaleon and I are only for each other. Being with him gives me the confidence of moving forward.

"I love you." Regaleon said sweetly.

"And I love you." I replied with all my heart.

I am feeling elated with all of the happiness I am feeling. If only this time would last forever.


Veronica was at the royal lounge area alone when the doors opened.

Elizabeth came in and closed the door behind

"Hmph, that little slut is having the time of her life outside." Elizabeth sneered. "I can't stand seeing her happy like that."

"Don't worry little sister. Her happiness won't last that long." Veronica replied. A wicked smile is on her face.

"Are all the things is place sister?" Elizabeth asked cheerfully.

"Everything is all set." Veronica replied. "You just need to do what I had asked you to."

"Do not worry sister, I will play my part well." Elizabeth giggled.

Veronica took a vial from her purse. Inside was a clear liquid. She looked at it intently.

"With this, my place in crown prince Regaleon's side will be set. And I will make sure to crush Alicia's happiness." Veronica smiled viciously.

'Knock knock'

"Who is it?" Elizabeth asked.

"It is me your highness." A whispered voice of a girl is heard from outside.

"Open the door." Veronica told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth hurriedly opened the door. A maid holding a huge box entered discreetly. She was looking nervously at her back before closing the door.

"Is that what I have asked you to get?" Veronica asked the maid.

"Yes, your highness." The maid answered nervously.

"Nobody saw you?" Veronica asked the maid. She looked at her with a cold gaze.

The maid was frightened and bowed her head

"Yes your highness, I am sure no one saw me." The maid replied.

"That's good." Veronica quickly took the box from the made.

"What are you planning sister?" Elizabeth asked. Veronica didn't fully briefed her sister with all the specific of her plan, not trusting her fully.

"You will see later, sister." Veronica said. "You will surely see a good show tonight."