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Very Clever

After a few minutes of knocking loudly the door was opened by Theon, the new butler Regaleon has assigned to me.

My father the king stormed inside like there was some emergency.

"Alicia!" Father said loudly.

"Father? What a surprise." I said in a calm tone.

Father looked at Regaleon and I sitting across each other, with the center table between us. I was in the action of refilling Regaleon's cup of tea.

"King Edward." Regaleon said with an innocent smile. "What a pleasant surprise to see you here. Knowing that you don't come in this part of the palace often."

King father frowned deeply.

"Father please join us for a cup of tea." I said with a pleasant smile. "Regaleon just arrived to visit me this afternoon."

"Yes. I have been busy in the preparations for the engagement party and the parade." Regaleon said.

"Ahem." King father cleared his throat. "I didn't know you would be here prince Regaleon. But why was the door locked?"

"It was locked?" I sounded surprised.

"Pardon me, your majesty, your highness." Theon interjected. "I am afraid it was my fault. The lock of the door was jammed this morning. I forgot to tell them don't close the door because someone could be locked inside. I haven't replaced the door lock yet. My apologies once again."

Theon bowed sincerely and sounded apologetic.

'This person Regaleon has given me is really capable. He knows what to do even before given instructions by his master. Regaleon's men are really something.' I thought to myself.

I glanced at Regaleon and saw him smirk behind his cup before taking a sip.

"Is that so?" King father said. "You, get someone to get this door lock done as soon as possible." He said to one of his stewards that was just outside the door.

"Understood." The steward bowed and left at once.

"Well I won't be long, so I won't be joining you for a cup of tea." King father told us. "I just came to say that I have brought your gown for the engagement party."

"A gown?" I was surprised.

Actually it was the first time that father came here in my courtyard. And to think he came here to bring my gown personally. My heart was moved by this.

"Yes. It was your mother's back then. I gave it to her as a gift." Father said. "I have sent it to the tailor for some alterations and to make it more up to date a few days ago. I personally sent it here so it won't get into any trouble."

"It was my mother's?" I asked enthusiastically. I was grinning happily. "Thank you father."

Mother didn't have many things that she left. Knowing that the gown I would be wearing was mother's, I was so thrilled.

I happily approached him and hugged him. Father became stiff at first, maybe surprised that I hugged him suddenly. But after a while he patted my head soothingly.

"Well I won't be long. I need to head back." Father said.

"I understand." I smiled at him. "Thank you for visiting me father. And bringing the gown. It really made me happy."

"I am glad." Father smiled gently and slowly extended his hand to stroke my cheek. But after a few seconds he withdrew it.

"Well, I will be taking my leave. Prince Regaleon, Alicia." Father said.

"Be careful on your way back King Edward." Regaleon acknowledged.

"Be careful father." I smiled sweetly.

"Yes." Father said and left.

After there was no sign of father anymore I sighed and sat down in relief. I thought that father would find out what just happen to Regaleon and I.

"You did a good job, Theon." Regaleon complimented Theon.

"Thank you, your highness. I was just doing my job as I know you will see fit." Theon bowed respectfully. "Then I will take my leave. Your highness, princess. You can resume what you were doing without any interruptions."

I felt embarrassed. 'So Theon knew what we were doing?' I hid my flushed face in a pillow.

Theon bowed again and exited the room. He closed the doors before going out.

"That really frightened me." I said after Regaleon and I were alone inside the room. "What if father found out about our...i-intimate actions a while ago?"

"Are you afraid that your father would find out?" Regaleon was smiling mischievously.

"Of course I am." I said. "What if he revokes our engagement?"

"Don't worry, he won't know. And definitely he can't stop me from taking you as my wife." Regaleon said and smiled.

"But having magic is really handy." I said. "I was able to fix my dress and also my disheveled hair."

Just before the doors were opened from the other side, Regaleon and I used magic to help us better our appearances, like nothing happened at all.

"Magic is really great." Regaleon said. He was looking at me with such predator eyes again. "Magic can be used in so many ways." He had a mischievous grin.

"W-Why don't we take a stroll outside for a while." I panicked. I think I can't take any more of Regaleon's intimacy for now. "It's getting a little stuffy here, let's get some fresh air outside."

Regaleon chuckled. He must be finding me amusing.

"Alright, let's go outside for a walk." Regaleon smiled his smile I so much love.
Mother’s Gown

Regaleon and I took a stroll outside and the sun was about to set.

Dimitri came to relay a message to Regaelon. He bowed to us and whispered to Regaleon.

"Alicia, I am sorry that I have to cut short my visit." Regaleon said with a sad smile. "Something came up and I need to go back to attend to it."

"It's okay." I replied. But deep down I was sad. Regaleon and I haven't seen each other for a few days because of our busy schedules. I was looking forward to have dinner with him tonight.

"Alicia." Regaleon caressed my face. "Tell me what's on your mind."

Regaleon looked at me with soft eyes. He was able to read my inner feelings.

"I was...looking forward to having dinner with you tonight." I was ashamed to be selfish. "But I know you are busy. I have expected this and also in the future. I can't be selfish because the citizens of Grandcrest needs you."

"My Alicia." Regaleon smiled sweetly at me. "I know that you understand. I will try to settle the matters before dinner tonight." He kissed me on my forehead.

"Be careful on your way back." I said while looking at Regaleon's retreating back.

I sighed lightly.

"Princess," Tricia was by my side in an instant. "Would you like to look at the gown his majesty the king brought?"

Then I remembered the gown that father brought. It was supposed to be my mother's.

"Yes, I would like to look at it." My spirit lightened up.


It was dusk when I entered my room. Inside was a mannequin wearing a royal blue ball gown.

The ball gown was adorned with light blue jewels and silver beads.

I was mesmerized with the it. It was like a gown that came out straight from a fairy tale.

"It's so beautiful." I said.

"Yes princess, it is indeed very beautiful. I am sure it will look good on you. You would be the most beautiful woman in the party." Tricia who was just behind me said. "Wasn't this your mother's?"

I remembered what my father just said this afternoon. He said that he had given this as a gift to my mother.

'When had he given such a gift?' I wondered. I was a little curious to why father would give mother, who was just a maid, such a beautiful ball gown.

I walked towards the mannequin. I stretched my arms to hold the fabric.

"It's so soft and smooth." I said. I was curious what kind of fabric this gown was made with.

I then imagined what will mother look like wearing this gown in the past.

"Mother would have been very beautiful wearing this." I said.

"I am sure that your mother was very beautiful." Tricia said smiling. "His majesty must have loved you mother very much. To think he gave such a beautiful gown to her."

"I hope that really was the case." I had a sad smile on my face.

"I'm sorry princess." Tricia was frantic. "I must have hurt your feelings."

"It's okay Tricia." I said. "It's all in the past."

'If king father really loved mother and I, then he would not have let the queen kick mother out of the palace.' I thought.

But it was for the best that mother got to get away from the queen, even for a few years. We have been happy living a commoner's life outside the palace. If she just didn't get sick.

I look at the gown again and imagine mother wearing it.

"Your highness." Theon knocked at the open door to announce his presence. "Dinner is ready to be served."

"Oh, okay." I said. "Has his highness, prince Regaelon, sent any word if he will be dining here tonight?"

"I'm sorry your highness, the prince hasn't sent any word yet." Theon said apologetically.

"I understand." I sighed.

'I can't be selfish. I know he has many work to do.' I said to myself. 'I am going to be the crown princess. I will be his support in the future.'

I strengthen my resolve. I would be Regaleon's pillar.
A Late Night Visit

A while after dinner I retired to my room to get ready for sleep. Tricia has prepared my night gown so I have changed in them.

"Do you have any other orders, princess?" Tricia asked.

"I'm good Tricia." I smiled. "You go and get some rest as well."

"Thank you your highness. Then I will retire now." Tricia bowed and left the room. She slowly closed the doors.

I sat down on one side of my bed and took a book from my bed side table. I am not yet sleepy so I continue to read the novel that I was reading before.

After some time I heard a light noise in my balcony. My heart raced a little.

'What if it is an intruder?' I thought to my self.

Luckily I have a knife hidden under my pillow. After my kidnapping, I have always armed my self with small weapons that can be concealed.

"Don't worry..." A familiar voice of a man said. "It's me."

"Leon!?" My tense muscles relaxed after hearing his voice. A smile crept from my face. "You've come."

I quickly stood up and raced towards him. Regaleon's arms was spread wide waiting to welcome me into his embrace.

"Sorry I wasn't able to join you for dinner." Regaleon said with an apologetic voice.

"Mmm." I shook my head. "No need to worry. Your work is always important."

I burry my face into his chest. I smell his familiar scent that it made me calm. It smelled like home. He was my home.

"You are more important to me." Regaleon said. "That's why I came here to visit you, even though it was late."

I giggled. "Father will scold you if he knew you visited me in the middle of the night. And not to mention in my balcony."

"Haha, forget the formalities. What's important is that I can spoil my bride to be." Regaleon said with a chuckle.

Regaleon opened his huge cape and drape me in it. It was big that it can accommodate the both of us.

"Aren't you cold?" Regaleon asked.

I shook my head. With him hugging me, how can I be cold.

We were watching the stars while sitting on the ledge. Regaleon's back was on the wall while he was hugging me in front, between his legs. We were like this for some time in the balcony.

"How did your work go?" I asked.

"Hmm, good." Regaleon answered neutrally.

"Is it something that I cannot ask about?" I asked.

Being the crown prince, I know he has some matters that he cannot discuss with me.

"For now." Regaleon answered. "But after we are officially engaged, I can tell you about it."

"Then I hope that I can help you in the future." I said. As the crown princess and Regaleon's better half, I want to be of help to him in any ways possible.

"I have no doubt in your capabilities." Regaleon said. "After all, I was your tutor. Remember?"

My heart thumped. I am happy that he can trust me and believes in my abilities.

"Yes, you're the best tutor I have ever had." I giggled. "Not to mention, the strictest." Regaleon chuckled as a reply.

Regaleon lightly caressed my cheeks. I looked at his dark blue eyes, and it was twinkling like sapphire gems under the moonlight.

"Can I..." I contemplated if I want to continue.

"What is it? Tell me." Regaleon urged me with such a sweet voice.

"May I see your face?" I asked. I gently touched the edge of his mask.

I have seen his face as 'Leon the knight' but I am sure that 'that' face was charmed with his magic. I want to see his true face under the mask.

"Are you curious of what I look like?" Regaleon smiled. I lightly nodded my head.

He carefully undo the ties of his mask from behind. And not long he took of his mask from his face.

The moonlight shone over his beautiful face. His complexion was fair and the angles of his face are manly. How should I put it? His face was beautiful but it was a masculine beauty. I was in awe and speechless with his handsome face.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Regaleon chuckled. "Is it not what you expected? Do I not pass your standards?"

I shook my head violently. "No no no. You passed with flying colors. Not only passed, you surpassed my expectations." I said, not wanting Regaleon to misunderstand my silence.

Regaleon chuckled. "That's good to hear."

"But... why are you hiding your face under a mask?" I asked. "I was in the impression that you have some scar you want to hide of something like that."

The truth is I was expecting something like that. I never thought that he would have such handsome features.

"What if I had such a hideous scar? Will you still marry me?" Regaleon asked.

"Of course I will. What ever you look like, you are the one that I have chosen to be with for the rest of my life. I would walk with you in what ever path you take." I replied.

Regaleon made a sweet smile. He took my hand and kissed the back.

"Thank you." Regaleon said. "I hide my face because I have my mother's features."

I looked at him confused. 'Was his mother not good to him?' I thought.

"My mother, was the kindest person I ever knew." Regaleon said. "But that kindness was what led to her death."

I stayed silent to hear his story.

"My mother, as you know is just a concubine. Born from Atlantia, she didn't have any familial support when she married in the royal family of Grandcrest." Regaleon said. "But she was the most favored by my father. My father the king loved her so much that it incurred the wrath of the queen."

His voice was shaking. I know that this story really hurts him. My heart ached for him.

"My father wasn't able to do anything, it was too late when he knew she was being poisoned. And then she died." Regaleon continued. "The queen was very thorough. There was no evidence pointing to her. She had a fall guy that took the blame. But she cannot fool me. I know it was her doing."

The queen of Grandcrest is the official wife of the king, Regaleon's father. If I marry inside the royal family of Grandcrest, I will have to beware of her in the future.

"I was just a twelve year old boy back then. I didn't have any power. But I promised that I will do everything in I can to take the throne in the future and expose the truth behind my mother's death." Regaleon said. "I hide my face because it was like a sort of rebellion against my father. He was blinded with the queen's doing and my mother payed for it with her life. I don't want my father to see my face that looks like my mother's. I don't want him to have such feelings of nostalgia looking at me."

I hugged him instantly. I can feel his pain. Tears started to trickle down my face.

Regaleon patted me gently. "Thank you. For being sad for me."

Regaleon pushed me in arms length and wiped my tears. "I have something to give you."

He stood up from the ledge and helped me down as well. Slowly he got down in one knee and took a small box from his pocket.

My heart was thumping behind my chest rapidly. 'I-Is this what I think this is?' I thought.

Regaleon looked up at me. He looked straight into my eyes. He opened the small box and inside was a diamond ring. A diamond a size of a pea was in the center, with small sapphire stones encircling it.

"This ring was my mother's. Alicia Roselyn Von Heist, I Regaleon Yosef Astley, is asking for your hand in marriage." Regaleon said solemnly. "Lili, will you marry me."

I was dazed. My heart was thumping rapidly. Tears started to fall down from my eyes.

"Y-Yes. Yes Leon, I will marry you." I said with a smile, happy tears flowing down my face.
The Calm before the Storm

"Lili, will you marry me." Regaleon said with calm eyes.

"Y-Yes. Yes Leon, I will marry you." I said with a smile, happy tears flowing down my face.

Regaleon's smile lit up more. He took the diamond ring from the box and gently reached out to my left hand. Slowly and carefully he slid the diamond ring into my ring finger.

"It fits perfectly." Regaleon said. He raised my hand and kissed it gently. This action made me blush.

Regaleon stood slowly and not long he was towering in front of me. He caressed my cheek gently.

"You are now officially my fiancee." Regaleon smiled at me. Leaning down he found my lips and gave me a sweet kiss. "I love you so much, Lili."

"And I love you." I have him a sweet smile.

My heart was thumping loudly inside my chest. I am feeling so emotional right now. Regaleon gave me a quick hug.

"It's getting late, you need to rest." Regaleon said. "I am afraid that my self control won't last long either." He chuckled lightly.

I hang my head in confusion.

"With you wearing such a sexy and thin night gown, I am afraid that my self control will break any minute now." Regaleon said with a shy smile.

We have been snuggling the whole time and it was only now that I realized that my dress can make Regaleon's desire flare up. I can feel a blush creep on my face.

"I love our cuddling, but I can feel my control will slip if we stay like this." Regaleon said. "But if you want to continue further, I can oblige." He gave me a wolfish grin.

"U-Umm... you might also be tired after the work this day. So let's retire for the night." I smiled awkwardly.

Regaleon started laughing. "Okay, I understand. Hahaha."

Regaleon gave me a quick peck on my cheek. "Sleep well my love."

"Good night, Leon." I smiled at him.

Then he stood on the ledge of the veranda and vanished into the night.

I was still standing at the veranda in a daze. I raised my hand up and looked at the diamond ring in my hand. It was sparkling under the moonlight and blended beautifully under the night sky full of stars.


In another place inside the palace, Veronica and Elizabeth were inside the bedroom.

"Big sister, have you found a man that will defile Alicia?" Elizabeth was asking.

Veronica was sitting at the couch deep in thought.

"I haven't yet." Veronica replied.

"But the engagement party is the day after tomorrow." Elizabeth said flustered. "As mother instructed, you have to search for a man that can defame Alicia as soon as possible. We need to shatter her innocence in public so that she cannot marry the crown prince Regaleon."

"I am thinking of a much better plan." Veronica smirked.

"What do you mean sister?" Elizabeth asked puzzled.

"I have a much better plan that definitely make me crown prince Regaleon's fiancee." Veronica said. She was playing with a strand of her hair and smiled.

"If you have a much better plan then tell me sister." Elizabeth said. "I will surely help you."

"Thank you sister." Veronica replied. "If I manage to execute this plan successfully. I will surely be the one to marry the crown prince."

The two sisters had wicked smiles.
Engagement Party (1)

It was the day of the engagement party. All people in the palace are so busy preparing.

I was still lying in bed. It was still early and the sun has just came up. I am still sleepy after last night. I remember last night when Regaleon visited me. We were at my veranda, admiring the night sky full of stars and the moon. Then Regaleon got down in one knee and took a small box from his pocket. He opened the box, took a diamond ring out and proposed to me.

Remembering last night, my heart was thumping loudly in my heart. I can't resist screaming in delight. And because I don't want to alarm the maids outside, I burry my head under the pillows.

"Ayyeeee..." I made a controlled scream. I was kicking my feet in the mattress as if my whole body was being tickled.

I have prepared everything, so I am sure that this evening will all go according to plan. I plan to stay in bed for a couple of minutes.

"Princess, good morning." Tricia came barging inside my room full of energy.

"Tricia, it's still a little early." I said groggily. "I don't have anything scheduled for this morning, so can I sleep another couple of minutes?"

"Oh, no, no, no." Tricia lifted up my sheets that was over me. "We have to prepare you for this evening."

"Ahh, Tricia!" I was surprised. "It's still early to prepare."

"There are many things to prepare you for." Tricia said. "And I am afraid that the whole days isn't enough. That's why come and stand up princess."

Tricia held her hand out to help me and I took it.

"Okay." I yawned.


After eating breakfast, my day was busy preparing.

I had a bath in the royal bath which is as big as pool. This was my first time using the royal bath, and I will feels nice.

The bath was full of bubbles and my body was submerged in them. Nice scents were used in my bath. It was calm and soothing. It helped me relax my nerves that was stressed out the past few weeks.

After bathing, Tricia sat me in front of a big three way mirror. I can see my self that was still wearing a robe and my hair was still wet.

I can see that my face was having a healthy pink flush. My skin was so soft and smooth.

"What aroma did you put on the bath?" I asked Tricia curiously.

"I used scents from the gifts prince Regaelon gave to you yesterday." Tricia replied. "And I have put some Blue Rose Oil in it." She smiled.

"Blue Rose Oil?" 'No wonder.' I thought.

The Blue Rose Oil that Regaleon gave me was mainly used on the skin as a beauty product. It was extracted from the blue rose that was only found in Grandcrest and completely rare. It can be said that this oil is a treasure in itself.

I took a sniff from my arm and a nice scent, not too strong, can be smelled.

'Knock knock.' There was a knock on the door.

Tricia opened it and a group of people came in. One man and two women.

"Greetings your highness, third princess Alicia." The man, Gustavo greeted. He bowed together with the two women behind him.

"Good afternoon Gustavo." I greeted.

Gustavo is known for being the number one beautician in the capital. If others ask why a man became a beautician, well the answer is because Gustavo was gay.

At this time of age, being gay out in the open is considered a disgrace. But Gustavo was different, he went out in the open proudly. He went against his noble family, and because of that he was shunned after. He was labeled as a disgrace from his noble family.

But this didn't put him down and opened his own business as a beautician. His customers were commoners and nobles alike. I have proper respect for this man for choosing his passion, rather than a fake personality most nobles have.

"I am happy that you chose me to make your hair and make-up your highness." Gustavo smiled.

"I am sure that you will do an amazing job." I replied with a smile also.

And the work on my outward appearance begins. They do my nails, hair and make-up.


When we finished, the sun was about to set. I look at my self in the three way mirror.

"You look so stunning dear." Gustavo complimented.

"Really?" I asked. I see Tricia reflected in the mirror wearing a 'wow' face.

"You look so beautiful princess." Tricia compliemented. "I am sure that prince Regaleon will fall head over heels with you. He won't be looking at anyone but you this evening."

"That's the point why I worked perfectly honey." Gustavo replied. "You have a natural beauty that I just enhanced. I am sure you are going to be the most beautiful tonight." He smiled.

"Thank you very much." I said with much appreciation.

I look at my reflection again. I can see a very beautiful young lady that is worthy to be beside the crown prince of Grandcrest.

I was glad that my plain face was beautified tonight. I can hold my head high beside my beloved.

"Princess, let's go to the other room." Tricia said. "Your gown and accessories are waiting there."

"Hmm." I nod.

I look one last time at my self on the mirror. Tonight will be the most important night for the past sixteen years of my life. I hope all will go well with no worries.