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Oh my god

Abigail saved the number as Mr. Black Leather Jacket on her contact list.

She wanted to send him a message but she didn't know what to even ask. Should she shamelessly ask for the man's address? No, no, that would be too creepy! Then how would she meet him?

Before she knew it, Abigail drifted to sleep without even accomplishing her goal for the night. In the end, she didn't send Mr. Black Leather Jacket a single message.

The next morning, Abigail woke up early as always. After eating breakfast with her family, she then drove to work.

She spent a pleasant morning with the kids at the orphanage that day. As always, she felt, at the very least, recharged and filled with energy. Perhaps being with the happy and innocent little kids throughout the day filled her heart with pure happiness.

When she left the orphanage, Abigail boarded in her car and headed towards home. She wanted to go home early today. Even though she had forgotten about her plan of sending Mr. Black Leather a message, that man, that mystifying, outrageously gorgeous Mr. Qinn's face still popped occasionally in her head. Strangely, she couldn't completely take him off her mind despite being busy the entire day.

When she drove back home, ice had already covered the roads so she drove slowly. Their house was located outside the city so she had to travel an hour from the orphanage to their house. Her grandparents were old and they wanted a quiet place to live, away from the rumbling noise of the city, that was why they chose to live in this somewhat secluded place.

The road home was pretty empty at this time. Since their house was located near a protected national park, the road back home would travel across a forested area. In fact, the entire place was surrounded by thick, green trees.

The icy road was definitely dangerous but Abigail was already used to it and she was always a careful driver. Her car was pretty slow despite the road being almost empty.

As she turned into the straight road in the middle of a forested area, Abigail accelerated a little when, out of the blue, she saw a deer run across the road in front of her. She immediately stepped on the brake pedal but it looked like she might have reacted too late. She was sure she was going to hit it.

However, before she knew it, her tires squealed as she swerved and thankfully, she avoided hitting the deer, barely. But then, in the next second, she heard a loud deafening thud. Her car crashed into something – into another car.

The car she hit screeched towards the right and it hit the tree by the roadside. Abigail's car finally halted and thanks to her seatbelt, she was safe. She didn't even get a scratch.

Abigail breathed deeply. Her heart was racing and she even felt her hands trembling. She forced herself to calm down. What came first in her mind was the person in the other car so she immediately looked for the other car and when she saw that it had hit a tree, her heart pounded in nervousness. Oh my god! Are they okay?

She didn't waste a moment and stepped out of her car. She frantically rushed towards the black car, praying that everyone on board was safe.

As she approached the car, the car's door opened. A man around his 50's came out and he didn't seem to be hurt. Thank god!

He looked very formal in his black suit, almost looking like those butlers in television dramas.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry… I was trying to avoid hitting the deer and this happened." Abigail was panicking as she apologized. She knew this was trouble but what else could she do?

The old man just sighed, creasing his brows upon seeing the damaged car. Abi somehow calmed down upon seeing that the old man seemed carefree and not worried at all. She then followed his line of sight and as soon as she saw what kind of car it was, Abigail's jaw dropped.

The car before her was a handsome black luxury car. Oh my god!

Abigail almost felt like her blood drained out of her. Where would she get the money to pay for the damage to this kind of luxurious car? Why did it have to be a car like this? Why?

Without answering her, the old man walked around the car and opened the door to the back passenger seat.

"Sir, what are we gonna do about this? The car is pretty damaged." He said and Abigail quickly followed the old man.

When she saw that man's figure in the back seat, who was being addressed by the old man as 'sir', Abigail knew that he was the owner. "I'm so sorry. I was trying to avoid hitting a deer so…"

Suddenly, Abigail trailed off as soon as she saw the man's face.

"M-mr Qinn?" she was utterly shocked. Of all people, why was it him? What was this gorgeous creature doing here of all places?


The man in the back passenger seat, who was lazily leaning his head on the headrest with his eyes closed, finally moved upon hearing her voice. He opened his eyes and turned to look at her.

"Yellow…" he mumbled upon seeing her. He stepped out and when he saw the awful damage to his car, the man lazily leaned on the car's door, crossing his arms on his chest as he looked at her. He was wearing a long black coat and he was simply breathtaking. His black wardrobe and ink black hair and the black car behind him caused his skin to look even paler. He was simply out of this world that anyone would think of him as someone that only existed in dreams. His features were unlike anything that could have come from the human world.

Abigail didn't wear her thick eyeglasses that day, nor did she braid her hair but her clothes were, as usual, unflattering and she didn't wear any makeup at all.

"U-uhm… M-mr. Qinn! I'm so sorry!" she bowed at him. "I tried to –"

"Avoid hitting the deer." He took the words out of her mouth. His voice was as deep and pleasant to the ears as she remembered.

"Yes, that's right. I wasn't speeding, please believe me."

"If I say that I believe you, do you think that solves the problem?"

"Uhm… I… h-how much do you think the cost will be to repair the damage to your car?" she swallowed while the man just smirked, looking so amused as she watched her fidgeting due to her nervousness.

"Mr. Jones, how much do you think this will cost to fix?

"This damage might cost a hundred thousand dollars." The old man replied and Abigail felt like her blood instantly dried up. She was so shocked she couldn't speak for a long while. Where the hell would she get such a huge amount of money?

Abigail was still stunned when the man chuckled. He moved closer to her, his eyes on her yellow scarf again. "Why are you always wearing yellow scarves?" he suddenly asked.

Aby finally snapped and immediately answered him. "Because I only have yellow scarves at home."

"Oh, that's amusing." The corner of his lips were up and he looked at her as if she was an amusing comedy show. "You love the color yellow, huh?"

"I like all colors. My mother just loved the sight of yellow scarves on me so she made a lot of it."

"Hmm… indeed, your mother is right. A bright yellow scarf suits you."

Abigail didn't know why but her heart skipped a beat. She liked that he didn't mock her for it, or told her she looked like a sunflower like everyone else. But wait… are they really going to talk about her yellow scarf in this situation?!

"Uhm… Mr. Qinn, about the damage to your car… I... I…" Abi was stammering. She really didn't know what to do with this. She didn't have any money to pay for it and there was no way she would let her family find out about this or else her father might collapse.

As she struggled to think what she should say, she heard him chuckle again. What's wrong with him? Was there something funny about this situation?!

Abigail looked at him with a confused face when the man leaned in on her.

"You really are amusing, Miss Lee. You didn't look this pale and troubled when you offered yourself to me. I think your sense of danger is pretty messed up, little lamb." He said, showing her his breathtaking, wicked smirk again.

Somehow, what he said seemed to have some truth to it. She was acting like this was far scarier than what she did that night. But to her, this was scarier because she could go to jail for this! She only had a year left in this world so how could she accept spending what remained of her life in jail?! Or paying for a debt by having to work her ass off?!

Now that he made her remember that night in this troublesome situation, something popped in Aby's head.

She moved closer to him and looked up at him with her big, clear eyes. "Mr. Qinn, do you pay your contracted girlfriends?" she asked innocently but firmly. She was so damn serious and extremely determined as she looked at him.

The man raised a brow upon seeing the intensity in her eyes. "And why are you asking?"

Abigail fell silent for a moment. When she opened her mouth to answer, someone beat her and spoke first.

"You already know what she's trying to say. I don't understand why you're refusing such an offer from a cute lady like her," that someone butted in and when Abi turned to look at the source of the voice, she saw Mr. Black Leather standing on the other side of the black car. He was resting his chin on his palm as he watched them. It appeared that he too was inside the car.

The moment Abi met his eyes, the man smiled. "Hello, Miss Lee. Actually, you're right. He compensates his contracted girlfriends… by a LOT." He grinned and Abigail immediately returned her gaze to the man right in front of her.

For a moment, she saw him throwing deathly glares towards Mr. Black Leather but it immediately disappeared, like it was just an illusion, the moment he stared back at her.

"Mr. Qinn, I want to be your next contracted girlfriend." She declared. Her voice was as decisive as ever. There was no hesitation in her eyes at all.
I'll show you

A smirk carved on the man's face the moment he heard her. He lifted her chin with his cool finger as he spoke. "So that you can pay for the damage to my car?" he asked, his voice sounded dangerous again, chilly even.

"That is… an extra benefit. This was an accident caused by me and I don't have the money to pay you. And… and I really don't want to go to jail."

"So, if I tell you that I forgive you and you don't need to pay for anything, you won't offer yourself again like this?"

Abigail was surprised but she was quick to realize that this was just a 'what if' scenario he was describing. Could he be testing her resolve? Abigail tried to search for something in his eyes, trying to see if he was serious or just kidding but she couldn't fathom anything from those eyes of his. It was just impossible to decipher his expressions that all she could rely on was her gut feelings. She didn't know why but she just felt like there was both interest and disapproval coming from him as he spoke to her.

"If you forgive me, I'd really really appreciate it. But I'd still want to be your girlfriend." Abigail didn't falter and still insisted on what she wanted.

The man was speechless for a while. To him, this girl was simply intriguing. There were countless girls who wanted him but once he turned them down, and sent them away, they just left him alone like they were scared little bunnies. He knew they were scared. All of the girls in his life had always been fearful of him even though they tried to deny it. He could just sense the fear at the bottom of their hearts, and yet, this girl was… he wondered how long her fearlessness would last if he…

"Tell me, little lamb, why do you want to be my girlfriend that badly?" he asked, his eyes probing.

"Why? Why can't I?" she shrugged innocently. "Tell me, Mr. Qinn, why are you resisting me that badly?"

"Pfft! Hahaha, nice comeback, Miss Lee." The man behind the car was grinning widely as he butted in, watching them with great interest.

But the two were so focused on each other that they didn't even seem to hear the third wheel's voice across them.

"I don't understand why you are refusing to try me, Mr. Qinn. I am not an actress like Miss Song but I know I don't look that bad compared to her." Abigail bravely said. She was speaking to him so confidently even though deep within her, she was the one being surprised by herself the most. Perhaps, the almost outrageous praises she was always receiving from her family and Kelly about how beautiful she was was boosting her confidence? She didn't know. She really had no idea that she could even talk like this. Since meeting this man, she just kept on doing things she had never done before.

At that moment, the man just stared at her, his eyes unreadable as he continued to gaze with probing intensity into her eyes and then a soft, enchanting chuckle left his mouth. She kept her eyes on him and noted that his laughter didn't reach his eyes.

He leaned in on her, not breaking their eye contact. His enchanting face loomed closer, so close that his breath drifted over her face, leaving her dumbstruck.

"Abigail Lee…" he uttered her complete name. "You're right… I remember when you said you'll show me how attractive you can be. I might as well give you a chance to at least prove yourself." He smirked wickedly. His fingers played with her yellow scarf again before he leaned away. No matter how she tried, she just couldn't read anything from him at all; his wicked smirks, his enchanting chuckles, his beautiful icy eyes – they were not giving anything away, not even a tiny glimpse of his thoughts.

Somehow, Abigail managed to react immediately, not letting his spell bind her heart and mind completely.

"Mm. I'll show you." she said, her chin was up confidently, showing him all her intensity and determination, causing the man to chuckle again.

"Okay, you go back in your car now, daredevil little lamb or you'll cause another accident by leaving your car in the middle of the road like that." He finally released her from the force of his gaze as he looked at Aby's car.

"Oops!" she gasped and she quickly moved like nothing had just happened. She was reacting normally again but before she opened her car door, she paused and looked back.

"Uhm wait, how about…" Abigail trailed off. It was because the luxurious car was already back on the road. It appeared that the car was still working, with Mr. Black leather jacket behind the wheel this time .

"Are you sure your car can manage to send you home?" she said and Mr. Black Leather jacket half-smiled at her.

"Don't worry, Miss, this car is tough." he said loudly and Abigail could only blink.

She then returned her gaze towards Mr. Qinn and when she saw that he had begun walking towards the black Lamborghini, Abigail ran after him. "Wait, please give me your number." She said, pinching a little portion of his coat and tugging it.

The man didn't turn to look at her but he lifted his hand, silently asking for her phone.

Abigail quickly gave her phone to him and in a short while, he gave it back, still not turning to look at her face. Abigail stared at his number and dialed it.

The man quietly brought out his phone and showed her its screen.

"I'll send you a message of where and when," he uttered and then, he left.
Leave her shell

Abigail was unable to sleep that night. Her mind was completely occupied by that man. The reason why she didn't send a message to Mr. Leather Jacket days ago was because Abi was because Abi made a bet to herself. That bet was that if she was to see that Mr. Qinn again, she would think of it as the world giving her its blessing and granting her what she wished for the most. She told herself that if their paths crossed again without her actively seeking him out, she would never let him go so easily again, nor would she hesitate nor hold back in trying to get what she wanted. She would then think of him as the man that fate was offering to her.

So now that it actually happened, and the fact that it happened in just a matter of days from when she last saw him, Abigail's determination skyrocketed more than ever. She was going to do this. There was no more turning back!

That night, Abigail couldn't sleep. She was excited to call Kelly but she had to wait for the man's message first. She had to know when they would meet again so Abi could prepare for it. However, as time went by, there was not a single 'ding' from her phone to indicate that she had received a message and she started to feel unsettled. She started typing on her phone, intending to send him a message, but it was harder than she thought. She didn't know how to even start that conversation. She had never done anything like this before. Boys were usually the ones who always called or texted her first. Should she call him? What should she say? Should she ask?

Abigail spent an hour just rolling on her bed, holding her phone tightly and glancing at it every other second, trying to make a decision. She now realized that even such a little thing like this wasn't easy at all. Now that she thought about it, did those boys who messaged her act like this as well? Abi shook her head and then she rose and leaned on her sky-blue headboard.

She tried to recall the first messages from those boys and her eyes narrowed. She finally realized that almost all of them started with a simple 'Hi!'. Abigail rested her chin on her finger, like a detective trying to piece together some important clues, and then she started to type the word 'Hi'.

Unfortunately, she couldn't send it. She personally thought that this particular word was a little boring, a little too plain. Would he even reply if she just sent this singular word? But what else could she say aside from this? Should she ask if he was already sleeping? Abigail sighed in frustration. She knew she was overthinking this whole damned thing but even knowing that didn't help her at all. It appeared that talking to him in person was a hundred times better than trying to send him a message on the phone. It was as if she was more scared of the phone than the person and that was just way too messed up.

In the end, Abi simply sent him a goodnight emoji – a white fluffy cat yawning as it fell asleep on a fluffy white pillow.

And then, she followed suit and fell into a dreamless sleep.

When she opened her eyes the next morning, the first thing she did was immediately look for her phone. She took a deep breath and when she saw that she received a message from him, her heart raced in nervousness. God Abi! Why are you getting nervous so early in the morning?!

[Mr. Mysterious Qinn: I'll send someone to pick you up on Saturday evening. Send me a message beforehand if you change your mind.]

Abigail's shoulders dropped as she sighed. It seemed like he was still planning to give her enough time to change her mind. He even seemed so confident that she would! 'Too bad, Mr. Qinn, but this lady here has decided and I'm not changing my mind anymore…'

Days went by and at last, Saturday finally arrived.

Abigail had told her family that she would be sleeping over at Kelly's house that night. Her family knew Kelly well since Kelly had been around their place a few times for sleepovers in the past so they have had plenty of time to get to know her. They knew that she was the daughter of a wealthy family and that she was Abi's good friend. But even though they knew Kelly well, her family were still constantly worried about her, so to make them relax, Abi called Kelly over to speak with them.

After some stern reminders about alcohol and drugs and boys, they finally let them go.

"Sigh… your family is… how should I put this?" Kelly started as she drove her car towards the city. "I really like your family. I'm jealous that you have such a caring family, Abi, but they're so over protective of you. You're already twenty-two! I just think that it is about time for them to stop treating you like you're still sixteen. I understand they're quite worrywarts but I personally think they shouldn't be that strict towards you anymore."

Kelly's brows were pulled together as she explained. She knew that Abi's family were just showing their concern for her but she sometimes thought that they didn't really give Abi the freedom to do what she wanted. However, she was also sure that part of it was Abi's fault, too. She was too good and obedient. She was always home at the exact time she told them she would, she never went out with boys, she never lied to them and she definitely wouldn't ever go against them. Kelly even wondered if Abi had anything she desired at all because all this time, she lived her life like a perfect vessel who did not seem to want anything for herself. It seemed like she was content as long as she could make her family happy. She was the definition of a perfect, filial daughter.

This was why Kelly was very surprised to find out what Abi had actually planned on doing today. She was a little hesitant to help her because she hadn't even seen this Mr. Qinn guy, but Kelly thought that this was the time for her to support her friend. Abi finally decided to leave her shell, so she must set aside her worries for now and just support her as much as she could.

"It's okay. I know that they just want to make sure that nothing bad happens to me. Even though they sound strict, I know that, deep down, they may actually want me to go out more." Abigail just grinned at her friend and Kelly could only shrug.

"Oh well. Now that I think about it, if I were in their shoes, I might be the same, especially when my beloved, well-behaved Abi suddenly decides to sleep over at her friend's house for the first time ever in her life!"

"Haha, I honestly don't see anything weird with that, though."

"Gosh! You have no idea, Abi. I'm telling you! Wait… don't distract me. You still haven't answered my questions! Now tell me, this is just the first date, right?" Kelly finally began the interrogation.

Gladly, Abi was already fully prepared for this so she answered her right away.

"He said we will be attending a party held by his friend. He said I'll be his partner."

"After the party, you will have your first date, right?"


"And after the date, well… you know what might happen next, right?"

"Well, of course… I have a fairly good idea of what could happen next. I read a bunch of romance novels."

"But you've never read smuts, Abi. Ah, I kind of regret not giving you those R-18 novels to read. You were so innocent that I didn't recommend any of the R-18 novels to you. Sigh…"

Abigail simply blinked at what Kelly was saying. She felt like she understood what her friend was trying to say but she clearly couldn't get the connection between the first date and R-18 novels. Abi didn't want to make her friend worry so she didn't ask her to elaborate. Besides, she would just show Kelly that she knew what she was doing.

"I'll be fine, Kelly. Now you're being like my family as well, you know?" Abi grinned at her and her friend could only sigh.
Lucky bastard

Inside Kelly's luxurious apartment.

The two girls were taking their time with all the preparations. Abigail was quite overwhelmed with all the things Kelly was doing to her body but she couldn't protest or complain. She did ask for help, after all.

It was past noon when they suddenly received a package. Abi was the recipient but there was no name on the box to say who it was from. The only thing on it was an address, which - they found out after looking it up on the internet - was the address of the most luxurious designer store in the city.

Abi had sent Mr. Qinn Kelly's address when he asked where he was picking her up from, so she already knew that he was the one who sent this package to her.

They carefully opened the box and when they lifted the cover off, Aby and Kelly could not help but gasp at the sight. Inside the big box lay an exquisite evening dress, glittering from the silver and blue sequins that covered it. Abi gently lifted it out of the box and held it out in front of her, its shiny, silver sequins reflecting in her eyes, making them look like they were sparkling. The off-the-shoulder, v-neck, mermaid gown felt so luxurious to the touch that she couldn't help but run her fingers over it. She then carefully hung it up in Kelly's wardrobe, away from the mess in the room. When Aby went back to the room, Kelly was holding up a matching silver and blue mask, a velvet box and high heels!

"Oh gosh! That dress is definitely a designer piece! And these jewels and shoes, oh my god! Who's this big fish you actually found, huh? Abi? I can already tell that this man is far richer than me!"

"Oh," was all Aby replied. She didn't understand why he bothered to send her clothes. Maybe he didn't want to get embarrassed by her so he sent these to make sure? That man…

"Abi, I just know that the party you're going to attend won't be a normal one. I mean, these clothes are meant for high class parties and with a masquerade mask too! I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty worried about you… are you sure you want to do this?" Kelly held her shoulders firmly as she tried to gauge her friend's reaction. She looked as if she would start discouraging Abi, or even try to stop her, if she saw a single hint of hesitation in her eyes.

But Abigail's decision was already deeply rooted and Kelly couldn't see any fear nor doubt nor hesitation in her friend's eyes at all, so Kelly immediately gave up. She had never seen such decisiveness in Abi's eyes before. She even looked as though this was a 'now or never' situation for her.

"Okay, then… Abi, let's begin!." Kelly finally relaxed as she started to create some magic.

It was already past seven in the evening when the masterpiece was completed.

"Oh god, Abigail!! Look at how gorgeous you are! You are now the most gorgeous lady on the planet that I have ever seen with my own two eyes!" Kelly's non stop praises, as she circled her again and again, was making Abi feel her invisible sweat drops falling. But she understood her reaction because even she was shocked the moment she saw herself in the mirror. She never thought that a beautiful dress and enough grooming could transform someone to this extent. She almost couldn't believe that the girl in the mirror was her.

"Thank you so much, Kelly. I really can't thank you enough for this." Abi said and Kelly waved her hands at her.

"Nah… This is all you and the dress, okay? I didn't even put that much makeup on you. I just fixed your hair and dressed you up in that gorgeous dress and that was all it took to unearth your natural beauty. Ugh! I'm so jealous of this Mr. Qinn. He's way too lucky, that damn bastard!"

"Haha, hey, don't talk like that. I bet you won't be able to say that when you see him."

"No, no, no… I still believe that he's a lucky bastard no matter how handsome he is! Oh Abi, i bet that hose people who mocked you before might kill themselves if they see you right now. You look like a superstar, or a fairy princess, or a young queen!!"

With that, it was time for her to go.

Kelly accompanied her to the entrance. She was getting a little nervous about letting this gorgeous friend of hers go with someone she had never even met but her Abi was a grown up lady now. Besides, she promised to call her once she was there.

A limited edition, black Lamborghini stopped before them and Kelly was again stunned. This was the car of her dreams, after all, which she failed to buy because the other, more rich and powerful people got there first.

A man stepped out and Kelly's eyes immediately narrowed. When Abi stepped towards him, Kelly suddenly pulled her back.

"W-wait, Aby. Don't tell me that man is the Mr. Qin you're talking about?" she asked with wide eyes, pointing her forefinger towards Mr. Black Leather.

Aby blinked at her as she shook her head. "No, he's Mr. Qinn's friend. He's the one whom he sent to pick me up."

Kelly looked so stunned. She leaned in on Abi and whispered in her ear. "Abi… that man is… that man is a prince! And he was sent to pick you up?! Just who the hell is your Mr. Qinn to command a prince to pick you up?" Kelly was obviously flustered and judging from her reaction, she was not kidding at all.

"Prince? You mean, prince of the entertainment industry or business world or something?"

"No! He's a real deal, Abi! That man is a real prince!"

Abi creased his forehead and was about to ask her for more detail when their attention was pulled towards the man as he called her.

"Miss Lee?" he asked and when Abi nodded, the man spaced out for a moment as he stared at her.

"Oh… I almost didn't recognize you." He uttered as he smiled. "Shall we go now, Miss?"

Abi turned towards the still dumbstruck Kelly. "Kelly, I'm going now. I'll call you, okay." she said and began walking towards the car when Kelly finally snapped.

"Wait, uhm…" Kelly looked at Mr. Black Leather. "You are Prince Kai, right?" she asked and Mr. Black Leather jacket was surprised. He even looked around immediately to see if someone heard her. When he saw that there was no one around, he smiled at Kelly. It was obvious that he didn't expect for someone to recognize him.

"You're Miss Lee's friend? Don't worry about her, she'll be in good hand," the man said and without answering Kelly's question, he boarded the car.

Kelly was left standing out front, completely stunned, just gaping at the disappearing car. This was too damn outrageously unexpected.