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Chapter 191 Fire in the Library 1

While we were fixing the things we decided to bring, we heard footsteps coming from the way we used to get here. William and I stopped what we were doing and looked at each other.

William gestured with his finger to be silent and unsheathed his sword. I squatted on a bookshelf to hide myself. I used my magic to make an ice dagger if ever I need to help William fight.

I can hear the footsteps coming near my hiding spot. I gripped my ice dagger tightly while my heat was thumping rapidly behind my chest. When the footsteps were just right beside me I sprung in front and moved my ice dagger to the obvious kill, the neck.

But before my dagger hit where I was aiming, my dagger flew out of my hand. I can still feel the vibration when something hit my ice dagger and make it fly away from my hand. I was surprise with the sudden events. But when I thought the assailant had the upper hand, I saw William brandishing his sword on the throat of the said assailant.

"Whoa... hold your horses!" A familiar voice rang. When I looked at the assailant before me, I saw his bright crimson hair and happy go lucky face.

"Jack!" My voice was unexpectedly high pitched. "You scared me."

"You are the one that scared me princess. Your dagger was just this few inches from my throat." Jack made a gesture with his finger. "Come now knight in shining armor, can you please move that thing away from my neck?" He patted the William’s hand holding his sword right over his throat.

But Jack was also using twin short blades in his hand. He one to stop William’s sword on his throat and the other one was pointing back towards William’s stomach.

"You are good." William lowered his sword. "Well it’s your fault for popping out like that." He lowered his sword.

"Well thanks for the compliment. But why do people want my neck today?" Jack grumbled while tucking his twin short blades away and holding his neck. "Good thing I was fast. By the way princess, where did you learn how to fight like that? I must admit, I am amazed." He nodded in amazement.

"That’s not important." I said. "Why are you here by the way? How did you get here?" I asked.

"Well, princess Satiana was wondering where you were. She asked Martha to go get you but I offered to be the one to call you." Jack said. "When I arrived I saw a painting moving. Before it was about to close, I was able to squeeze myself inside before it closed completely. Well it looks like you found something interesting here princess." He looked around.

"Yes, this place is hidden away. It must be one of the queen’s hidden headquarters. Not to mention, this place keeps a stack of books of information." I said.

"In other words, this is their heart of information." Jack grinned and I nodded. "Well then, what will happen if all this information is destroyed I wondered?" His grin became devilish.

"Before you think about destroying this with the magical stones they have made, I need to take these books with me." I gestured the stacks of thick and big books on the table. "I will need this on my research about the forbidden magic."

"That looks like a lot of books princess." Jack cupped his chin. "Good thing I have just the magical object for that. Tadda!!!"

Jack took out a leather pouch from his pocket. I looked at it curiously.

"Are you thinking of putting all these books inside that?" I pointed at the pouch. "I think one book won’t fit into it, not to mention all of these."

"Ahh...ahh. Didn’t you here what I just said princess, this is a magical object." Jack said. "Observe."

Jack took one thick book and put it inside the pouch. The pouch maintained its shape as if it was still empty. It was like the book that was put in vanished.

"Uhh... but how...?" I was surprised and also amazed at the same time.

"This pouch can store any amount of things that can fit its opening. It has an unlimited space inside." Jack grinned widely.

"Okay, enough of showing off. We need to get going." William scolded Jack.

"Okay...okay. Sheesh." Jack put all the books inside his pouch.

After all has been packed up, we were ready to leave.

"What will we do to destroy this place?" I thought on how to destroy this place in one go and for us to escape this room just in time.

"Oh, I have just the thing." Jack said while rummaging his pouch. "Here it is."

Jack took a stack of dynamite from inside.

"You have explosives inside there?!" I was astonished.

"Don’t worry princess. It is perfectly safe." Jack grinned. "And not to worry, I will be putting a number of explosives around, just the right amount to start a fire and destroy everything here."

Jack knew I don’t want any innocent bystanders inside the library to get hurt in the explosion of the fire. I am sure he also doesn’t want any innocent people hurt.

"Once the fire starts, the fire alarm of the library will ring and the people inside the library will be ushered outside for safety." William explained. "So don’t worry princess."

"Thank you, to the both of you." I felt very thankful. "I really appreciate the two of you being here. If I was alone, I won’t be able to do or think of all this."

"It’s my pleasure princess." William smiled sweetly.

"I’ll always be of help to you princess." Jack grinned widely.

After that, Jack and William carefully placed the explosives in the vicinity. Once all of the explosives were in place, the three of us with Snow in my arms made our way back to the history section.

"How will the explosives ignite?" I asked Jack in a low voice. I was rather curious about this after we left the explosives in place.

"That’s my magic ability." Jack winked. "I have fire, earth and metal attribute. I am adept with explosives. Every explosive I have created are carefully linked to me."

"That’s amazing." I said with enthusiasm. "Can you teach me when we have the time?"

"Do you have the same attributes as I have?" Jack looked at me curiously.

"As of now, I am adept with using water, earth, and wood attributes. But I can use all the other attributes a little." I said nonchalantly.

"Oh right, I forgot." Jack smacked his head with his palm. "You are of royal blood. You have the power to wield most of elemental and non-elemental attributes. But still, none can master all of it except for the chosen one I guess."

"The chosen one of the prophecy?" I looked at Jack curiously.

"Oh, so you have heard of it." Jack said. "I don’t know much of it but my father should know. Why not ask him once you get to meet him? I can arrange a meeting if you want to meet him. The problem is, he is always wondering all around the place. It is a little hard to find him but leave it to me."

Jack’s father was George Wilson, the man that Anna talked about that can help me regarding about the ancient knowledge of Atlantia, the prophecy and the forbidden magic. Anna was correct about the red star helping me.

"Thank you Jack." I said from the bottom of my heart. "I definitely want to meet your father. I have many questions to ask him and also I suspect he is the only one to decipher the texts in those books I found."

We were walking to the reading room while we were having this conversation. Not long we entered the reading room and I saw Satiana instantly.

"Big sister, where have you been?" Satiana waved to me. "Come sit here next to me." She smiled cheerfully.

"Thank you." I take a sit and opened the book I was carrying. "I am sorry for being too long. There were so many books. I do not know what to read first." Of course I took a random book just to pretend to read something.

"It’s okay big sister. I was also immersed in this book." Satiana said. "This book is about a commoner girl that lived in the country side but has a hidden identity of being the daughter of a duke that was kidnapped when she was a baby..."

Satiana started to narrate a summary of the romance book she was reading and I nodded with her every sentence. My eyes secretly looked at Jack and William and nodded slightly. The both of them knew that was my signal and they nodded in reply.

Not long a chain of explosions was heard. The building rumbled like there was an earthquake.

Chapter 192 Fire in the Library 2

My eyes secretly looked at Jack and William and nodded slightly. The both of them knew that was my signal and they nodded in reply.

Not long a chain of explosions was heard. The building rumbled like there was an earthquake.

"What was that?!" Satiana stood up startled. She hurriedly walked towards the window to look outside. "The people from below are look up. What is happening, what are they looking at?

’Cling cling cling.’ The sound of a huge bell is heard ringing immediately. I stood up from my sit acting in panic.

The reading room door opened in a bang and the knights stationed to guard the door outside came inside in panic.

"Your highnesses, there is a fire going on at the top floor of the library." The knight said in alarm. "The people inside the library are being ushered outside the building for safety purposes."

"Hmm, I understand." I replied. "Sati, we have to go out of the building fast. A fire has started at the top floors."

"O-Okay." Satiana replied in shock. "B-But what about the books? These precious books." She was wide eye in shock.

"Leave them be Sati, our safety is our primary concern for now." I said with a serious face.

"I-I understand." Satiana said with a sad face.

I took her hand and pulled her to lead outside. In the hallways, people are running in panic. There was panic in the people wanting to get out to safety that a stampede might occur at any moment.

"Make way, make way." A knight before us pushed thru the crowds of people.

"Make way for the royal princesses!" Another knight shouted in front of us.

With the chaos ensuing, I wasn’t able to hold on to Satiana’s hand.

"Satiana!" I screamed for her. She was being swept away by the swarm of people to another direction.

"Are you alright?" William came near and shielded me from the throngs of people squeezing their way in the narrow hallway.

"Yes, don’t worry about me. Please get to Satiana." I said with pleading eyes.

"Princess you are my priority. I will get you out first to safety." William replied.

"But..." I was about to protest when Jack interjected.

"I will go after her. You just go to safety with knight in shining armor here, okay?" Jack said. "I don’t know if I can keep my neck sticking to my body if anything bad happens to you. That king my cut it off without a word."

"Thanks Jack." I said with relief.

We have started this fire. I know there will be casualties but I hope there will only be minimal injuries and no loss of life.

I see Jack pushing his way back in between people to where Satiana was swept away.

"Come now, let’s get you to safety first." William said.

William pulled me into his embrace and pushed his way in between the people. With his tall built and strength, we were able to go out of the building safely.

Once outside I looked up at the old building. The top part of it was burning slightly. Not long, fire fighters came to stop the fire from spreading out. With them here the fire will be put out in no time.

’BANG BANG BANG!!!’ another wave of huge explosions was heard. William covered me with his body to shield me from the falling rock debris from above. He ushered me to a safe distance from the building.

"Why was there another chain of explosions?" I asked William in panic. "We only put a few explosive, right?"

"I suspect there was a reaction when the magic stones came in contact with the fire." William deduced.

The fire that was small at first now was burning heavily. The fire quickly spread out to the upper floors of the library building.

I saw the head librarian, Mr. Sinclair outside and safe. He was looking up at the burning building. I rushed towards him.

"Princess Alicia, thank the heavens that you are safe." Mr. Sinclair said after seeing me.

"I am glad you came out safely as well. Have all the people exited the library? Are all safe?" I asked hastily.

"So far, all the personnel and majority of the guests in the library today are accounted for and safely got out. Only minimal cuts and bruises were reported in the ensuing panic to go out and are now being treated by the medical team that came." Mr. Sinclair said. "

"My cousin, princess Satiana. Have you seen her?" I asked.

"I am afraid she is one of the few guests that are still not listed that safely got out your highness." Mr. Sinclair said. "Weren’t you with her when you got out your highness?"

My heart jumped from my chest, it was beating rapidly in nervousness. "No, we got separated with the strings of people."

I looked at the burning building again and dashed my way to enter it once more.

"Princess, what do you think you are doing?!" William grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into his grasps.

"NO! Satiana and Jack, they are still in there!" I screamed. "I got to go back and save them!"

My heart was beating faster and faster. The hysteria is building up inside of me.

"You can’t go back inside! It’s too dangerous!" William held me tightly in his embrace. I tried so hard to come free of his arms.

"No! Let me go, I need to go back!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Dark clouds started to brew on top of us accompanied lightning and thunder. The sounds of thunder crackled in the clouds and not long heavy rain poured from above.

The people were surprised at first and then ran to take shelter from the heavy pouring rain. People started to murmur.

"Why is it raining?"

"This is the first rain I have seen in decades."

"It frequently snows here but this is the first time I see it rain."

The people were surprised with the heavy pouring rain. Because this country’s weather has been freezing for the past decades, it has been a long time last they have seen rain pouring from the sky.

The heavy rain helped to weaken the burning fire from the building. The people shout in rejoice. When I see the burning starting to weaken, my heart started to calm down slowly.

"Is this your doing?" William asked in my ear. He was still holding me tightly, frightened that I will enter the burning building. "It is fine now. The fire is starting to weaken. I am sure that Jack will keep Satiana safe."

I looked up and see the dark clouds above. The heavy rain was splashing onto my face concealing the tears I was shedding.

’Was this my doing?’ I thought to myself. I know that I am adept in using water magic but I never thought I can control the weather and make it rain like this.

"But Satiana and Jack are still inside." I said in worry.

But after I said those words I heard a crashing sound from above. When I looked up, the windows in the upper floor were broken.

"Look out!" William pulled me to the side fast to avoid the falling glass debris. And after that I saw a shadow jump out of the broken window.

The shadow became more visible to me and saw Jack rappelling down with Satiana cradled in his arms. My heart felt relieved instantly.

’They came out safely." I sighed in relief.

Chapter 193 The Aftermath

"Sati, Jack!" I called them after they landed safely on the ground.

Jack was carrying Satiana protectively in his arms.

"What happened? How is she?" I asked immediately once I was near them. I saw Satiana covered with black ashes and stains on her skin and dress. Her eyes were closed and she wasn’t responding.

"Don’t worry princess, she just fainted." Jack reassured me but I can’t get myself to calm down until someone checks on her.

"Medic!" I looked around and called for a medic. "Is any medic free to look at the princess?!"

"I can check on her your highness." AI female medic came running towards us with her bag. "Please lay her down on the stretcher over there."

Jack carefully laid Satiana down on the stretcher where there is cover from the rain. The female medic checked her up instantly. My heart was beating faster and faster because of anxiety.

"Don’t worry Alicia, I am sure everything will be fine." William was beside me and comforting me.

"I pray that is the case." I whispered. "If something bad happens to her, I think I can’t forgive myself."

I was starting to shiver with the cold wind. My dress was soaking wet from the rain and to double it, the wind is blowing even colder.

’How I wish Leon was here.’ My mind thought of him and my heart was yearning for his warm embrace. ’If he was here, I would have been more at ease. He would know what to do.’

To my surprise a blanket covered me out of nowhere. When I looked back, William was tucking me in the huge thick blanket. I didn’t realize when or where he got the blanket because I was preoccupied with my thoughts.

"You might catch a cold." William said with a gentle tone. His voice gave me comfort from my anxiety right now.

"Thank you." I tried to smile at him.

"Your highness, princess Satiana inhaled some smoke but it isn’t an amount to be worried about." The female medic said after diagnosis. "She might have fainted due to shock. But overall, there is no major threat to her health. It would be best to take her home and let her rest. I will be prescribing some medicine for her."

"Thank you." I sighed in relief after the words of the medic. My heart became calm after the worry I was feeling.

And like my calm heart, the rain clouds quickly dispersed and a clear blue sky appeared. I looked up and pondered about the weather just now.

’Was that rain clouds my doing? Are my feelings affecting the weather?’ I looked at my hands unconsciously. ’Do I have such strong magic to affect even the weather?’

I have so many questions and I hope that the answers are all in the books that I got from the hidden section of the library.

Remembering the books, I quickly searched for Jack and found him leaning on a lamp post. Looking around and being certain that Martha wasn’t here I quickly paced towards Jack and pulled him towards a corner where no one was.

"Whoa easy there princess, my arms might get pulled off." Jack joked.

After looking around and seeing no one but William, Jack and I, I stopped.

"What happened back there?" I asked him curiously. "That other set of explosions wasn’t your doing right?

"Of course not princess. Why would you ever doubt a very honest person like me?" Jack said. "I am sure it was because of the magic stones. The stones are not like ordinary rocks or stones. They have chemical compounds that are very complicated to my comprehension. But I am sure that after contact with fire, it became an explosive in its own manner. I cannot give you a definite reasons but my father might give you more details about this."

I listened to Jack’s words carefully. He might know that the magic stones have a different set of chemical compounds but he didn’t know the reaction of it to fire and would become an explosive.

"Please don’t misunderstand. I am not blaming you for that big explosion. I just wanted to know what really happened." I looked at Jack apologetically. "I would blame myself for my ignorance if things got out of hand and many got hurt.

"I understand princess. Don’t worry, I would also blame myself if someone got severely injured or died out there." Jack said while patting my head and dispelling my worries. "I am just thankful that I was able to save the little princess in time. She strayed near the burning floors and nearly got squashed by a burning bookshelf that was falling. Fortunately I was there in time but she lost consciousness after thanking me for saving her."

"So, what will we do now after this incident?" William asked.

"I am sure the queen will be vigilant after what happened to the secret room. That was where most of the useful information was gathered. She would be furious and would investigate this incident." I said. "But we didn’t leave any traces so we should be fine. By the way Jack, when would be the soonest I can meet your father Mr. George Wilson?" I asked Jack.

"I will send out word to my Crimson Bandits to search for his whereabouts and send word that you would like to meet him. Maybe give me at least about a month." Jack said while cupping his chin in thought. "The continent is vast and my father doesn’t stay at one place too long so searching for him would take time."

"I understand. What’s important is that I can be able to meet him." I said.

"I understand." Jack nodded.

"Princess... Princess Alicia." I heard Martha’s worried voice at a distance.

"We better head back Alicia." William said.

"Okay." I agreed and the three of us walked back to where the people were gathered.

I looked around the people that safely got out of the library building safely and sighed in relief. Even though this people are Jennovian, they are innocent from their queen’s schemes. I need to get their hearts and let them see what the true colors of their Queen Patricia.

Chapter 194 The High Priest of Jennova


"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??!!" Queen Patricia’s voice echoed inside the royal office.

The three people that last entered the hidden section of the library were seen on the floor kneeling in front of the queen with their heads bowed down and hitting the floor.

"P-Please spare us your majesty." One of the men said with a quivering voice.

"W-We didn’t know what happened." The other man said with fear in his voice. "W-We left there without any incidents happening."

"Then how can you explain how and why the fire started?!" The queen asked furiously. "It is said in the investigation that the fire started on that section of the building!"

"W-We are not sure your majesty." The woman said with a shaking voice. "M-Maybe someone started the fire." She wanted to make an excuse and divert the queen’s anger and escape punishment.

"Oh, but you said earlier ago that you were sure that you locked the doors before all of you left." The queen said mockingly. "Are you seeing your queen as a fool?!!" Her voice resounded again inside the room.

The three people were shivering in fear and answered simultaneously.

"O-Of course not your majesty."

"No your majesty."

"No, no my queen."

"Because of your incompetence, the vast knowledge that we have saved from our country turned into dust!" The queen said furiously. "Your actions are punishable by death! Guards seize them and cut off their heads! Let this serve as an example for the others to avoid incompetency!"

The guards stationed outside the room rushed inside to take ahold of the three people.

"Have mercy my queen!"

"Please forgive us!"

"Please spare our lives your majesty!"

The three cried in agony for their impending death.

"Your majesty, I know that your subordinates have made a huge error in their ways. But these errors could be redeemable." The man standing next to the queen said.

This man was wearing a white Jennovian priest’s robes. He was middle aged with grayish hair and beard.

"Then what do you suggest, High Priest Hector?" Queen Patricia looked at the middle aged priest beside her.

"Of course their actions are subjected to punishment. To serve as an example to your subordinates for them to not make the same mistake as these three did, why not give them thirty lashes of the whip each." High Priest Hector said with a gentle voice and smiled. "I am sure this will be an adequate punishment for their errors."

"Hmph, if that is what you advice then do so." Queen Patricia sneered. "You heard him, thirty lashed each!" The queen said to the guards.

"Thank you your majesty, thank you High Priest Hector for leniency." The three bowed with gratitude for sparing their lives. The guards quickly dragged them away from the room and the door was closed shut.

"Hmph, they retained their lives thanks to you." Queen Patricia sneered at the high priest. "If not for you, I would have beheaded them instantly."

"That is a little cruel your majesty." High Priest Hector smiled calmly. "As your personal advisor and right hand, my advises are for your benefit."

"Oh, and how will that benefit me?" The queen looked at the high priest with piercing eyes.

"If your other subordinates and countrymen learned that you weren’t merciful with the mistake of your own countrymen, then they will view you as being similar to your father the mad king." The high priest maintained his calm demeanor. "We wouldn’t want them to turn against you because of this. Am I correct your majesty?" He smiled.

"Hmph, I suppose you are right." The queen said, forcefully admitting to the high priest’s explanation. "But that doesn’t change the fact that the important materials from my country are now destroyed."

High Priest Hector stroked his beard deep in thought. "This may not be just a simple mistake of those three, your majesty."

The queen looked at the high priest with confusion. "What do you mean? That someone was behind the destruction of one of our bases."

"I have a feeling that there is more to the fire. Let me investigate this further." High Priest Hector said solemnly.

"Okay then, investigate what you must. And I want the other bases of operation to be more secured." Queen Patricia ordered.

"As you wish your majesty." High Priest Hector bowed.


The next morning I specifically went to visit Satiana in her room first before eating breakfast. She was told to rest for the whole day after the incident that happened yesterday.

William was promoted to be my escort knight after protecting me from the fire yesterday.

Jack was also promoted to senior servant, similar to a head butler of an estate. His role is to see to me and princess Satiana’s needs.

And because of that, these two men are walking behind me with Martha. It was quite reassuring to know that both of them are here with me.

’Knock knock’ I knocked on her door after arriving in front of it.

"Sati, it’s me Alicia. Can I come in?" I asked.

"Yes, come in." I heard Satiana said.

Because this was a princess’ private quarters, the men was left to guard outside while Martha and I came inside.

I saw Satiana lying on bed still wearing her nigh gown. Her face that was pale yesterday was now regaining her rosy complexion.

"How are you feeling Sati?" I asked while sitting in her bedside and holding her hand.

"I’m doing fine big sis." Satiana smiled cheerfully. "Thanks to Mr. Rafael for saving me. Uhm big sis, is Rafael with you? I heard that he was your personal escort and was just promoted as senior servant." Rafael was Jack’s alias here in Jennovia.

"Yes, he is jusy outside." I said. "Do you need him for anything?"

"Ohh...I just...I want to thank him for saving me." Satiana shyly dodged my gaze and was stated down while fumbling with her fingers.

’Is that a blush?’ I thought while I was looking at Satiana’s face. I smiled gleefully. ’It looks like our little Sati is starting a crush.’ I giggled.

"Well he can’t come inside a princess’ room. So if you want to personaly thank him you need to recover first, okay?" I said with a smile.

"Yes big sis!" Satiana said enthusiastically.

Chapter 195 A Message from Jennova


(Regaleon’s POV)

Time flew by fast and the war was still on going. We were winning battle upon battle slowly yet surely. Alicia’s letters come by once a week and those letters are what give me strength and hope in this ongoing battle with Jennova.

"Your majesty." Dimitri walked inside my office. "A letter from Jennova just arrived."

"From Alicia?" I looked at the envelope that was passed to me by Dimitri with glee.

"Yes your majesty. And there is another one from William." Dimitri said after giving me the two envelopes.

"From William?" I looked at the envelope that has an unfamiliar handwriting. "What could it be?"

I decided to open William’s letter first before Alicia’s. I was thinking to savor her words later.

After opening the envelope, I took out William’s letter and read it. The contents were about the plans of Jennova for a sneak attack in the junction between the Deuss River and Trestian Channels. He said that Jennova has been hiding their massive naval fleet and plans to use it in the sneak attack.

"Dimitri, send word to General Vincent about the contents of this letter." I handed the letter to Dimitri. He quickly read its contents and had his eyes wide in shock.

"This... if William didn’t send word about this..." Dimitri said with fear on his face.

"Then the Jennovian naval fleet would have succeeded in getting into our country using the river ways. They could have launched an attack here in the capital." I finished Dimitri’s sentence.

"We would have been defenseless." Dimitri added. "With the three generals outside fighting their battles, only General Greynon’s army is stationed to guard the capital and the cities around it. Judging by the naval fleet that William mentioned here in this letter, it is quite massive."

"They were aiming to take the easier way to win this war and that is to kill the Commander in Chief of Grandcrest’s army, me." I said with a serious tone. "Heh, I am in awe with whoever devised this plan. It is a plan to aim at the tigers head, an instant kill."

"I will send word to General Vincent at once your majesty." Dimitri said.

"Tell him to make haste at the junction." I said. "And be sure to conceal our fleet."

"Conceal the fleet? What are you planning your majesty?" Dimitri asked.

"Jennova has hidden their massive naval fleet, letting us think that they don’t have power over water battles. They are expecting that we would station just enough fleets to guard the junction and the river ways coming inside Grandcrest." I said and gave of a grin. "Then let them think that we really have a few fleets left guarding it. Let our main fleet, lead by General Vincent hide from their view and launch an attack when they least expect it."

It was just letting them the taste of their own medicine. Having them think that they have the advantage, just to crush it in the end.

"I understand your majesty. I will send word to General Vincent at once." Dimitri bowed and quickly exited the room.

I let out a sigh and leaned my back on my chair. I pressed my temples, feeling a headache coming up.

"This war is taking so long." I said. "Just in a blink of an eye, nearly a year has passed."

I reached for the envelope that contains Alicia’s letter and opened it. In the letter, she relayed her day to day events to me. She wrote about her mother’s condition and about her little cousin Satiana who she is being close to right now.

"Once we win this war, I will need to give pardon to this princess of Jennova." I said.

Alicia talked about her little cousin fondly in her letters. She might be the little sister of that b*stard, but fortunately she didn’t follow on her mother and brother’s ways.

I continued reading Alicia’s letter and she wrote about the incident in the Jennovian National Library. Reading that they were able to find a hidden section inside the library full of information from the fallen country of Atlantia made me proud of her. She was moving independently and is making good progress of her actions.

Alicia informed me about the magic stones that the queen plans to mass produce. This gave me a problem that needs to be solved. If normal Jennovian soldiers were equipped with such magic stones in battle, it was like fighting against an Atlantian magic user. My current army now is not trained to handle opponents that use magic. This will be a disadvantage for us.

Alicia also wrote about how they planned to destroy the hidden section together with that vast information and magic stones that were stored there. They executed the plan perfectly except for one thing they did not expect. The magic stone’s reaction to fire made them explode. The fire that they didn’t plan on getting bigger was uncontrollable after another chain of explosions came. She narrated how she felt anxiety and fear for her cousin’s safety that was left inside the burning building. She said her emotions were out of control and she unconsciously summoned rain clouds that poured heavy rain to help stop the fire.

I was no stranger to Alicia’s magic being affected by her emotions, I have witnessed not once but twice, how her magic went out of control and nearly endangered her own life. This made my heart ache because I wasn’t there for her this time.

Thinking about it, Alicia’s powers is growing stronger and stronger by time. And looking at the latest development, she managed her powers pretty well. This made me curious as to what extent Alicia’s magic abilities can further evolve. Dimitri just arrived when I was about to call him.

"Dimitri, I remember you have told me about your father that was once an Atlantian researcher that studied ancient Atlantia where the forbidden magic originated." I said.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri looked at me in confusion.

"I remember my mother once told me of a fairy tale. She said it was a fairy tale about how our continent was formed by a powerful being. How that being gave this continent life and gave people the resources to live life peacefully." I said." This being’s descendants were the Atlantian’s hence the magic abilities they possess. The direct descendants were the royal family of Atlantia. There was also a prophecy of a chosen Atlantian of royal blood that will be like the being’s reincarnation. The chosen one will have the same power as this being. Very powerful that the fate of the whole continent would be in his hands, he can lead it to glory or choose to lead it to ruins."

"I also know of such fairy tale your majesty. Atlantian parents will always tell their kids about his fairy tale and the chosen one being the second coming of the powerful being." Dimitri said. "My father may have once worked on this together with the ancient texts but all of his research was destroyed together with the country of Atlantia."

"As I know there were researchers that were able to escape the destruction, correct?" I asked earnestly.

"I believe there were a few..." Dimitri said then his face remembered something. "Oh yes, I heard that Jack is half Atlantian as well. His father is said to be an Atlantian researcher."

"Find Jack’s father and tell him I want to meet him at once." I ordered.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri said and left once again.

I have a feeling that Alicia’s strong magic powers have a connection with this Atlantian prophecy. I need to learn more information about this.