✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's 馃槇 Son Volume 2 Chapter 51 || 52... 60 ✍️✍️✍️✍️



Klara woke up looking forward to her day after such a long time. Her body ached sweetly from last night's activity and her cheeks grew hot as she remembered the details. Oh lord, how could she have behaved that way?

Slowly she turned in bed expecting to find Roshan sleeping next to her but to her surprise and disappointment, he wasn't there.

Sitting up she looked around. He was nowhere to be seen. For some reason, her heart raced and her stomach turned.

"Roshan." She called.

But no one answered.


Nothing again. Her heart tightened making it hard for her to breathe. Her eyes stung, tears threatening to run down her cheeks like rivers. She wrapped her arms around herself as if that would take away the pain.

"Roshan." She croaked as tears began to fall down her cheeks.

How did this happen? He had used her and left her. How could he do this to her? Why did she trust him so easily?

She was stupid, a fool and a moron.

���Oh, God!" She cried burying her face in her hands.

"Klara." She heard Roshan's voice through her cry.

Shocked, she looked up. Roshan stood in her room with a concerned look on his face.

Klara got hastily out of bed, holding the sheets around her body with one arm.

"Where have you been?" She asked angrily.

"I was…" He looked down a bit embarrassed. She had never seen him like that before. "I brought flowers." He said raising his hand in which he held a bucked of pink roses. "I wanted to surprise…"

Before he could finish his sentence she threw an apple at him that she grabbed from the basket on the table next to her.

"You idiot!" She screamed as she threw it on him.

Roshan catched it before it hit his face. He stared at her appalled.

Quickly Klara grabbed another fruit from the basket and threw it on him. "Arse!"

He dodged it swiftly, but another one already flew his way. "You fool!" She screamed.

He dodged it again.

Now a pineapple came his way. She was really angry. "Stupid demon!"

Roshan sliced the pineapple with his dagger in the air. Klara stared at him furiously.

Roshan looked around at the wasted fruits on the ground. "Princess, no need to waste food if you don't like roses."

She threw on more fruit at him before turning her back to him as more tears fell down her face. How could he not understand how she felt? He had scared her!

Roshan wrapped his arms around her from behind. She tried to push him away but he held her tightly.

"I am sorry." He spoke against her hair. "I shouldn't have left but I needed some air to not bite you in your sleep. But I am disappointed in you. Do you think so low of me, that I would leave after our first night?"

Klara didn't know what she had been thinking. Why did she imagine the worst? Why did she believe that everyone would leave her?

"I am sorry." She apologized suddenly embarrassed of her behavior.

Roshan turned her around, grabbing her face he made her look at him. "Klara. If you are going to trust me then trust me all the way." He wiped her tears away with his thumb.

She nodded.

"Good. Now I have another surprise for you. " He said.

"What is it?" She asked.

"A surprise." He grinned. God, he knew how to annoy her. "You can look forward to it during the day but I need to leave to prepare it." He explained.


"Yes." He nodded.

"Alright." She agreed slightly disappointed.

Leaning down he kissed her in a way that made her fo week in the knees. "I'll see you later." And before she could catch her breath he was gone.

Roshan arrived at his father's home. He should have called it his own home but he had been staying with Irene and Lucifer for so long that this place didn't feel like his home anymore.

"Ramiel!" His father cheered upon his arrival. As usual, his father was surrounded by women and liquor. "Come and join us."

The women observed him and then nodded in appreciation. Roshan was used to it so he just ignored them.

"Father, I need to speak to you."

"Oh," His father took a sip of his whine. "What makes my son concerned?" He asked.

Roshan manipulated the women to leave.

"Ah, it's a woman." His father grinned. "I knew you liked that blonde."

"I don't just like her. She is my mate."

His father put his glass down as his expression turned serious.

"A human? I was expecting…." He waved his hand in which he held his glass of wine. "Nevermind. Congratulations son!"

"Thank you, but I need your help!"

"Finally you ask for my help. What is it?"

"Her brother won't let her marry anyone so...." Roshan began.

"Anyone?!" His father cut off. "Who said you are anyone? You are my son. That is not just anyone."

Roshan wasn't sure if his father was complimenting himself or him.

"You are rich, handsome, powerful, the highest class of demons. What more can he ask for?"

Roshan shook his head. His father was clearly intoxicated.

"Well, telling him that I am the highest class of demons will not help me in any way." Roshan reminded.

"Yes right. Then...what's the problem? Just get inside his head." His father suggested.

"That's why I am here. I don't want to do that."

"Then I'll do it."


His father chuckled. "You care too much son. Just don't get your heart me. Maybe it's good that she is human."

His father's mood suddenly went down the hill. Both of them always avoided speaking of his mother.

"Father, will you help me or not?"

"Of course, of course." His father waved.

"Good. I have a plan."

Klara tried to think of what kind of surprise Roshan was preparing. What kind of surprise would need this much preparation? It was already past lunchtime and he still hadn't come back.

Wait! Was she was being too much? She had been doing nothing but thinking about him and waiting for him. What was wrong with her? She had a lot to do. She had a war to plan.

"Ugh," she groaned.

"What is wrong?" Her brother stood at the door with a smile. He seemed to be in a good mood.

"What is wrong or right with you?" She asked.

"I am just glad I have a sister like you." He smiled.

Klara frowned not sure where her brother was going with this. What had she done to make him happy?

Rasmus walked into the room and sat at the table in front of her. "Now tell me…" He said leaning in. "Just how did you find us such a powerful ally? How did you even get hold of him?"

"What ally? What are you talking about?" Klara was confused.

"Oh come on. I know everything already. He is already on his way."

"Who is on his way?" Astrid interrupted their conversation.

"The richest man of the five kingdoms. Dariush Golchin. He helped the king of Shinai to unite the five kingdoms and thats how the Persian empire came into existence. He is the right man to help us." Rasmus explained.

Shinai? Persian empire?

Oh lord! It was Roshan!

"I am impressed, Klara." Her brother said with pride.

"But why would he want to help us?" Astrid asked skeptically. "I am sure he will ask for something in return. Something we probably don't want or can't give, since he is so rich and would probably have everything else."

Astrid was always the one to think ten steps ahead. Suddenly Rasmus became thoughtful.

"What did you tell him, Klara?" He asked sternly.

"Nothing!" She hurried to say. "I mean… I am...I am not sure why he wants to help."

It was true. She wasn't sure if this was Roshans doing. It was only a feeling she had and she could be wrong.

"Anyway, both of you be prepared for his arrival. He will be here very soon." Rasmus told them before leaving.

Klara panicked. If this was Roshan than what was he planning?

"You look like you have seen a ghost," Astrid noted.

How about a demon? Klara thought.

"Do you think he wants you?" Astrid asked. "I think he does. He must have seen you somewhere. Have you seen him?"

"Astrid, I need to prepare myself so if you will excuse me." Klara motioned toward the door telling her sister to leave.

"Rude," Astrid said flipping her hair and then leaving.

Klara paced back and forth in her room, not sure what to prepare for and before she could even get her thoughts together she was informed that Dariush Golchin had arrived.

Slowly she made her way to the parlor and found her brother sitting with two other men. She knew both of them.

It was Roshan and his father!

Her brother laughed at something Roshan's father said when he took notice of her.

"Oh, here is my sister. Come."

Klara walked inside gracefully and tried her best to keep a straight face. Once she was close enough she curtsied, while her brother introduced them.

"This is the famous lord Golchin and his... son Roshan. And this is my sister Klara."

From the way, Rasmus said son she knew he had a hard time understanding how they could be father and son. They looked more like brothers.

"Thank you for honoring us with your presence," Klara spoke and then got seated in one of the armchairs.

"As you know we don't discriminate between men and women. " Rasmus began. "My sister is also a war minister, therefore, she is here. I hope that won't be a problem."

"Not at all. I admire the fact that Her Highness is active in politics." Dariush admitted.

Rasmus nodded "I'll be straightforward. What is it you want in return for your help?"

Speaking of being straightforward, "Your sister." Dariush said.

Rasmus tilted his head slightly and narrowed his gaze. He usually did that when he didn't like what he was hearing. "Both of my sisters are unfortunately betrothed." He lied.

Klara panicked. She was not betrothed to anyone.

Dariush lips curved into a cryptic smile. "Since you said you don't discriminate between men and women I am sure you would let your sister decide whether she wants to break the engagement or not. I am sure your sister is smart enough to know which engagement will bring more benefits to her and the kingdom." He spoke while looking at Klara.

"You are willing to accept my sister despite her having been betrothed to another man?" Rasmus asked a bit appalled.

"It's not me who is willing to accept. It's my son."

Rasmus nodded thoughtfully as he shifted his gaze to Roshan. "Why would I give my sister to you?"

"Because you care for her. You raised her to be a strong woman who can make a difference.

I won't let everything you taught her go to waste." Roshan promised.

Rasmus seemed a bit impressed. He turned to Klara and looked at her for approval. She looked down shyly.

"Since you said she is wise enough to make a decision I'll let her decide," Rasmus said surprising her.

Klara was so happy she wanted to rush and give her brother a hug but all she could do was give him a smile.

"Fair enough."

"Do you have any siblings Roshan?" Rasmus asked as they took a walk in the castle.

"No," Roshan replied.

"Then you probably don't know how I feel."

"How do you feel?" Roshan asked even though he already knew since he could read his thoughts.

"My sisters are all I have. I have raised them, educated them, protected them, provided for them and in return, they gave me a reason to live. Now, both of them are leaving." He paused.

Rasmus had a difficult time letting go of his sisters.

"I want them to be in good hands. Yes, being a king and ruling over big lands feels good but I would leave it all for my sisters. So if anyone ever hurts them, I'll look for them whatever they hide." He continued.

Roshan nodded.

"Klara is not as tough as she looks. Her toughness is only a shield. She has been through a lot and seen a lot that she shouldn't have seen. She keeps it all inside and hides it with her tough attitude but on the inside, she is a kind soul. Someone who can't sleep in peace if she has done something bad. She even escaped home just to help those she thought she had wronged." He chuckled. " She is very stubborn."

Roshan already knew all this. "She is." He agreed. "She agreed to marry me with one condition."

Rasmus came to a halt. "What is the condition?"

"To visit you once every month."

Rasmus was shocked. When a woman left her family she never came back home. That was a disgrace to her husband's family.

"I can't believe it. I'll speak to her." He said.

"No need. I already agreed to her condition."

Now Rasmus seemed even more surprised. "Why?"

"Why not? Who made those stupid rules anyway? If people can make rules they can break them as well and create some new ones more suitable for them. I don't follow rules I don't like." Roshan said.

Rasmus nodded impressed. He was thinking of doing the same thing. He was a king after all so he should abandon rules he didn't like set new ones. Ones that society would slowly accept and changes would take place eventually.

"This is Klara's quarters. Here is the dining room. I'll let you two have dinner alone while I accompany your father. I am sure you want to discuss a few things with each other."

Rasmus motioned for him to go inside. Roshan had to admit that Klara's brother was openminded. He liked that about him. Helping him as a king would not be a bad idea.

Roshan got seated at the table and waited for Klara once Rasmus left. A few servants were setting the table when Klara arrived.

They still had to pretend like they didn't know each other since servants were present and they could spread gossip.

Roshan stood up from his seat. Walking over he pulled the chair out for her. After she got seated he went to his seat and sat down. The butler served them food and poured them drinks and then all the servants stood at the corner of the room, pretending not to see or hear anything.

They had already spoken earlier but only for a very short while, and about the one condition, it was all a lie. He knew she would want to meet her brother at least once every month so he lied about it.

"So My Lady. Tell me about yourself. I am very curious." He said picking up a fork and a knife.

"Well as you can see, if you are not blind of course. I am extremely beautiful, charming, smart and…isn't that enough?" She asked straightening her shoulders.

He knew she was playing with him but he could see the servant struggling to keep a straight face at her comments. They probably thought that she was shallow.

Roshan manipulated the servent to forget what they heard, leave and close the door after behind them.

Klara was about to pick a carrot with her fork when the servants suddenly began to move. Why were they leaving? As they left they closed the door to the dining room leaving her locked inside, alone with Roshan.

She turned to him to ask if he manipulated them but he was not sitting on his seat. She looked around wondering where he disappeared when she suddenly felt warm strong hands on her shoulders.

"What did you think of my surprise?" He asked standing behind her.

Klara tried to think straight despite his hands slowly crawling to her neck. "I liked it. But you should have told me. Don't you know how fl.u.s.tered I was?"

"I know. " He said removing the hair away from her neck. Leaning down he pressed his lips to her neck making all the feelings from last night come alive. Suddenly she imagined him scooping her up in his arms and taking her to bed. She abandoned the thought quickly.

"I can't believe my brother agreed to this easily." She said.

"He cares for you a lot. I told him that I would let you visit him every month."

Klara stood up and turned to him. "Would you really let me do that?"

He grabbed her face between his hands. "I would do and give you anything you ask for."

Klara wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you."

He hugged her back holding her tight. "I can't wait to take you home." He spoke next to her ear.

Klara's heart skipped a beat. The thought of this man taking her home brought a fluttering feeling to her stomach.

"Tonight I'll be visiting Lucian. " He began. "Do you maybe want to come with me and meet Hazel?"

Lucian. She hadn't seen him since the day she helped him escape and she wasn't sure if she wanted to see him now. On the other hand, she really wanted to see Hazel.

"I'll think about it." She said.

And she did. She thought about it carefully the whole evening. Yes, she loved Lucian once but not anymore. So there was no reason to avoid him. Now her heart belonged to someone else.

Once she made up her mind she dressed nicely and waited for Roshan.

"So I see you are going." He said when he came.

She nodded. "Yes."

"Good. Now come here." He opened his arms widely.

Klara shook her head with a smile as she made her way into his arms and wrapped her own around him. As usual in the blink of an eye, she found herself somewhere else.

From the interior design, Klara could tell they were inside a castle. While looking around the clicking sound of footsteps caught her attention. She turned to where the sound came from and found Lucian walking from a distance.

Klara's heart skipped a beat. She hadn't prepared herself to meet him yet. Her hands began to sweat and she looked down afraid as he came closer.

"Klara?" His voice was just like she remembered and she couldn't help but lookup. He seemed surprised. His gaze shifted between her and Roshan. "How come you are here? Do you know each other?"

Klara just stared at him for a moment, taking in his appearance and making sure he was alright. She had believed he was dead after all, but he seemed just fine. More than fine actually. He seemed more… she couldn't put it into words. Something just seemed different about him. And of course, his long flawless hair was gone. Now it was shorter and fell just beneath his shoulders but it didn't make him any less good-looking.

"She is my wife to be," Roshan said shortly wrapping one arm around her shoulder. For some reason, she felt strange having the man she used to live in front of her and the one she loves now next to her. A situation she never thought would occur.

Lucian nodded thoughtfully but didn't reveal what he was thinking. Klara just kept her mouth shut. She didn't know what to say and Lucian didn't ask any further questions. He just led the way to the parlor and then ordered a servant to bring Hazel.

"So...can I ask how you two met?" Lucian asked breaking the awkward silence in the room.

"She ended up in my home while saving your wife," Roshan said emphasizing the last part as if to remind him.

Lucian turned to Klara. "Hazel told me everything. I never thanked you for helping her."

"You don't have too." Klara cut off. "Since Hazel and I are friends now." She grimaced at the word friends. She couldn't believe she said that.

Why did she say it when she didn't even know what the word meant since she never had any friends.

"Then thank you for being her friend. She could use one." He said.

Just then Hazel came into the room. She looked around until her gaze fell on Klara. Klara stood up slowly from her seat, not sure why. She looked at Hazel who smiled widely at her before crossing the distancing between them and wrapping her arms around her.

Klara stiffened but then hugged her back loosely not sure how to respond.

Lucian and Roshan gave each other a look.

"I am glad you came," Hazel said as they let go of each other.

"Me too."

Klara and Hazel sat at the garden, watching while Roshan trained Lucian on how to fight. Klara already knew that Lucian was a very skilled swordsman, but she was very surprised at how quick Roshan was. She could barely detect his movement and he avoided every strike coming from Lucian without effort.

While fighting he was instructing Lucian on how to hold his sword, how to stand and how to strike. For someone as skilled as Lucian to receive instruction just seemed unimaginable for Klara but at the same time, Roshan's movement was unimaginable as well. No human could move that way but again, he wasn't human. 

"Thank you for coming. I know it might feel uncomfortable." Hazel spoke.

"No, I am fine, as long as it's not uncomfortable for you." She said.

Hazel shook her head. "I am glad you are here."

Klara wondered what Hazel liked about her. She was not very friendly. She didn't know anything about being a friend.

"So you and Roshan? Tell me about it. I am curious." She said leaning into the table with prying eyes.

"Well, I...I don't know where to start." Klara looked down at her hands. She never spoke about personal things with other people than her siblings. This felt strange.

"Do you like him?" Hazel asked.

Klara nodded.

"What do you like about him?"

She turned and watched him while he spoke to Lucian.

"He is relaxed and funny and spontaneous. The opposite of what I am." She shrugged relizing how different they were from each other.

"But he is also straightforward, and charming and a great fighter from what I see. Just like you." Hazel smiled. "I can see you like him very much."

"How?" Klara asked curious.

"The way you blush and smile while you talk of him," Hazel explained.

Klara looked down at her hands again. She had been unable to stop the bubbly feeling in her stomach since last night and her cheeks flushed every time she remembered. Which was almost every time she looked at him or spoke about him.

"So, how does it feel to be pregnant?" Klara asked changing the topic.

"It feels great so far."

"Are you scared? I mean it's not a human child."

Hazel paused her eyes widening. "Roshan told you what he is?" She said with realization.

Klara nodded.

"How...I mean what do you feel about it?" She asked.

"To be honest, I was very confused and scared at first. I didn't know what all that would mean and how it would affect my life. I just didn't know what to do."

"It's normal to feel that way. I mean I had a long time to figure out and despite all the time that I had I was still shocked when I found out. It's something you would never expect. I had all the signs in front of me but my brain refused to believe in them." Hazel rambled.

"Yes right. That's how I feel. It still feels unreal to me. I am just imagining him to be human."

"Yes me too."

They both giggled looking at their respective partners.

"I think they are laughing at you," Roshan spoke.

"Why would they do that?" Lucian asked aiming at him again and missing again. He wanted to throw his sword away in frustration and give up. He could barely see when Roshan moved. How would he strike him then?

"Because you are a terrible fighter."

"Then aren't you supposed to teach me instead of laughing with them?" Lucian retorted.

"Come on! Son of the devil and a powerful witch. You are supposed to teach me and not the other way round. You are not channeling your inner strength. Power without strategy is useless."

Lucian paused. "Do you always talk this much?"

Roshan ignored his question and continued. "When you want to do something, you think about it while channeling your inner strength. When I avoid your attacks I am not actually moving, I am shifting position. That's why you can't detect my movement. Like this." He said and then suddenly he disappeared from his sight.

Lucian looked around wondering where Roshan dissapaered when he felt someone behind him. Turning around he found Roshan standing there.

"Hello!" Startled Lucian turned around to find Roshan standing behind him.

"How did you do that?" He asked. It happened so fast. Usually, when Lucian teleported himself it took time.

"Now try it," Roshan told Lucian. "Just think of standing behind me while taking a step to do that."

Lucian cleared his mind and then followed Roshan's instructions. He took a step and imagined himself standing behind Roshan and just like that, he found himself shifting to where he imagined himself to be.

"See, it's not difficult," Roshan said impressed. "But...when you fight you have to think faster. Much faster. This is still slow."

Roshan taught him how to move fast, how to make his movements unpredictable and a few tricks on how to easily kill demons.

"I suggest you use daggers when fighting demons. In fast movements, swords are difficult to use since they are bigger and heavier." Roshan explained and then gave him two small silver daggers. "You can have these. They are completely new."

"I don't know how to use daggers," Lucian said looking at them.

"You are the devil's son. You will figure it out. I need to leave now and take her home." He glanced at Klara who was chatting happily with Hazel.

"Will you come back and teach me more?" Lucian asked.

Roshan couldn't understand how Lucian could be so sharp yet gentle at the same time. A perfect combination of his parents, he thought. Maybe that's why he liked him.

"Only if you call me brother." He teased knowing that it annoyed him the last time he called him that.

"I've had enough brothers," Lucian said coldly.


"I don't want a brother." He said.

"Do you want a mother then? Have you reconciled with your mother?" Roshan asked.

"That's none of your business," Lucian spoke calmly but Roshan could see that he didn't like the topic.

"I have not seen my mother in three hundred years. She left us and never came back. I looked for her everywhere thinking that maybe she got hurt or maybe she is unhappy but found that she was perfectly fine and living with her new family. She didn't come and look for me even once. I don't know what you have been through but I know your mother. I have been with her long enough to know that she missed you every single day." Roshan sighed not knowing why he was telling him this. Why did he even care?

"I'll take my leave now." He said and left Lucian standing there alone.

"Klara, it's late." He said as he neared the table where she and Hazel sat.

"Are you leaving?" Hazel asked disappointment clear in her tone. They probably had an interesting conversation.

"Yes, My Lady."

They both stood up and Hazel took the initiative to hug Klara first. Klara hugged her back, less awkward this time. "Come and visit some other time." She told her.

"I will," Klara replied.

Once they arrived back in her room Klara still had her arms wrapped around him and didn't let go. Roshan looked at her but did his best to not read her thoughts. Because Only God knew what he was going to do to her if she was thinking something naughty.

"Thank you for taking me out today." She smiled at him. "I had fun."

"I am glad."

"Will you stay tonight? I want you to stay." She said without blushing this time.

She was getting bold. Let's see how bold she can get, he thought to himself amused.

"What are you willing to offer in order for me to stay?" He asked.

Her expression turned serious. Something he didn't expect. "Roshan. I am willing to give myself to you entirely. Just...don't break my heart."

Roshan tightened his hold around her. He wanted to go back and fight Lucian for real this time for breaking this woman's heart. He didn't know what to say to convince her that he had no plans of breaking her heart or leaving her. Ever!

"Klara," He grabbed her face gently and like every time he said her name her heart skipped. He loved the effect he had on her. "Then give yourself to me, entirely and eternally."

His hand slid to the back of her head. Grabbing her hair he tilted her head back slightly. Leaning down he grazed his fangs against her neck, just to warn her of what he was about to do.

Claim her! Make her his. Forever!

Klara didn't flinch back, nor did she push him away. She simply leaned into him as if approving and without hesitation, Roshan sank his fangs into her flesh.


Lucian couldn't stop thinking of what Roshan had said to him. He couldn't stop recalling his mother's sad eyes. He couldn't stop recalling what it had felt like when she had hugged him. The way she had made him feel warm and safe. Lucian couldn't understand why she had abandoned him but he thought that she probably had a good reason. He hoped so at least. 

The sweet scent of Hazel suddenly filled the air. It made Lucian turn in bed so that he could see her. She had just changed into her nightgown and was letting her hair down as she walked toward the bed. These days she seemed to glow even more and he fell in love with her all over again. 

She came and sat on her side of the bed with legs crossed. She seemed happy. "Roshan and Klara, Isn't that amazing. They look perfect together."

Lucian agreed. He was glad she found someone. He could still remember the pain in her eyes when he had turned down her proposal. 

"Are you uncomfortable with her being here?" Hazel asked.

"No. You seem to enjoy her company."

"I do." She smiled. "She is stiff but she is genuine."

That's what he thought about Roshan. He was annoying but he was genuine. The genuine couple. 
Hazel turned to him and studied him with eyes glowing with desire. 

"Don't look at me like that." He warned.

These days she had been more craving, whether it was food or s.e.x. She had never come at him like that before, without shying away. He wondered what changed. 

"Are you tired?" She asked playing innocent. 

"Yes." He said just to see her reaction. 

She nodded but he could see the disappointment in her eyes. He couldn't understand why he enjoyed this version of her so much. 

"Goodnight then." She forced herself to smile and then tucked herself under the sheets turning away from him. 


"Sleep if you are tired. Hearing your voice in the dim light makes it more difficult for me." She admitted.

Lucian couldn't stop smiling to himself. He was glad that he wasn't the only one struggling to control himself sometimes. He thought of letting her experience it for a while. But Hazel was restless. She kept turning back and forth in bed unable to sleep. 

Once she even called his name to see if he was awake but he pretended to be asleep. 

How could he be so cruel? He thought to himself. 

With a sigh, she turned the other way again. 

Lucian opened his eyes. He watched her back for a while than ever so slowly he reached his hand out and trailed his fingers down her back. 

"Hazel," He shifted closer to her. She turned on her back and looked at him surprised. 

"Did I wake you?" She asked. 

Lucian nodded. 

"I am sorry. I just…" She tried to come up with an excuse. 

"You just what?" 

"Nothing. It's...too hot in here. I'll just open the window." She said trying to get out of bed he stopped her placing one arm over her waist. 

"Hazel, it's autumn and it's cold outside."

"Oh yes, I…" 

He knew he was being petty, wanting her to admit what she wanted. 

"I won't bother you anymore." She said apologetically. 

"But I want you to bother me." 

It took her a while to understand what he meant and then slowly her eyes gleamed again. Lucian leaned down to kiss her unable to stop himself but to his surprise, she pushed him away and down on his back before placing herself on top of him. 

Lucian was stunned by her sudden strength but didn't comment on it. He was too caught up in the moment and didn't want to ruin it. The way she looked at him, it was as if she had never seen him before or as if she just fell in love with him again. 

Hazel leaned down, capturing his lips in a soft kiss while her hands trailed down his bare chest. The simple touch of her fingertips inflamed him but he stayed still. Tonight he would let her be in control. He was curious to know what she would do to him. 

Hazel kissed a path down his jaw and neck. "You smell so good." She murmured. 

"And how do I taste?" He asked breathless. 

"I'll have to taste again," She said before capturing his mouth again. 

Lucian smiled against her lips. 

" taste like spices." She said. 

Spices? Not what he expected, but she seemed to like it. 

Hazel's hand's trailer down his body restlessly as if she was in a rush, then she took off the remaining of his clothes. Her eagerness was infectious so he pushed himself up and grabbed the hem of her nightgown. Hazel stretched her arms above her head making it easier for him to take it off. Despite having seen her bare body many times he felt his mouth fall open again and this time she didn't shy away or try to cover herself up. Instead, she grabbed his shoulder and straddled him. 

The warmth and softness of her made his body instantly react which caused her to smile. She grasped his hair and kissed him hungrily. He could feel her need in the kiss and in the way her hands eagerly touched him. She had no patience and he was losing his. 

Grasping her hair he pulled her head back and then kissed and licked a path down her throat. His hands went to explore her body. Hazel shuddered in his arms as her hands clutched his back. 

He could feel her sensitivity. The way her body shivered with every flick of his tongue. He loved the way he could easily affect her and the way she surrendered to him completely. 

Her body was flushed. He could feel her heat under his palm and the fullness of her curves. Lucian wanted to savor the moment but his body was aching and he could no longer wait. With a swift movement, their bodies became one.

A gasp escaped her lips and Lucian held onto her tightly as her warmth enveloped him, enslaved him. He was in sweet torture while trying to hold on to the last string of his control. 

Hazel was still for a while letting her body adjust to his but then slowly their bodies began to move in harmony. 

She dug her fingers in his shoulder urging him on. Lucian groaned against her neck feeling his heart accelerate in rhythm with hers. Her body flushed even more and her heat consumed him. He felt her body strain, her muscles clench, before she cried out in pleasure. 

Lucian was amazed. She had never finished this fast before. 

Hazel rested her head on his shoulder breathing heavily. Lucian stroke her back and tried to be patient despite his still hungry demon. He was not done yet. 

"Are you alright?"

She nodded unable to speak. Lucian rolled her over so that she was laying on her back with him on top. He studied her for a while. She was still shaking slightly. He caressed her slowly. "Tell me when you are ready to go again." He said grazing his fingers down her thighs. She usually needed a moment to recover. But not this time it seemed. 

Reaching up she grabbed the back of his head and brought his lips down on hers. If she was so hungry he was going to give it to her without holding back.

They went a second time until they both cried out in satisfaction and then fell asleep with bodies entwined under the sheets. 

Lucian didn't know how long he had been asleep when he woke up but Hazel was still in bed and awake.

"Good morning." She smiled while tugged under the sheets. 

"Good morning." He said turning so that he lay fully facing her. 

"Aren't you late? It was almost lunchtime." She said. 

Lucian groaned not wanting to think of anything else but laying in bed with his wife. "I don't want to leave." He admitted reaching for her under the sheets. She was still n.a.k.e.d.

Good lord. He wanted to touch her all over again as he remembers her bare body. He always thought she looked beautiful but now she was exquisite. She was fuller, more radiant and alive. She was ravishing. 

"Not again, Lucian." She beamed at him. 

He was touching her under the sheets, enjoy the feel of her again. 

"Why not?" 

"Because I need to be able to walk."

"Oh, but I would rather have you in bed all day." He joked although it was partly true. 

"You never get enough, do you?" She shook her head at him. 

If she only knew, he thought. 

Hazel sat up on the bed and then swung her legs down. "Oh god!" She groaned startled. 


"Nothing." She giggled and then stretched her limbs. 

While stretching he noticed a few marks on her body. His fingers were faintly imprinted into her skin but with his preternatural sight, he could see it clearly. 

He pushed himself up on one arm. "Are you in pain?" He asked worried that he might have been a little rough last night. 

She turned back to him. "Just sore but starved." She said her eyes becoming distant as if imagining something. "Oh, I am craving strawberries … or I could have meat. Yes. A lot of it." Her eyes lit up, probably imagining what the food would taste like. 

Usually, she would hurry to put some clothes on, but now she kept dreaming of food. 

Lucian just smiled, amused by this new version of his wife. 


I don't know what happened to me. I went from having no appetite at all to craving food all the time. But food was not all I craved. I glanced up at Lucian from where I sat across him on the table. He was eating calmly compared to me who was trying to stuff everything at the same time in my mouth.

My body ached as I studied him in silence. Even though I was sore, I wouldn't mind going back to bed and do last night's deed all over again.

"You are looking at me like that again." He smiled.

Stop smiling, I wanted to yell. His smile was not making it easier for me. I stuffed the grilled meat in my mouth and tried to focus on how it tasted instead of him.

Lucian chuckled. "Eat slowly. You might get indigestion."

I cursed inwardly. Even his laugh was inviting.

What was wrong with me?

I felt different both physically and emotionally. I was very sensitive, whether it was to touch, taste or smell. My senses were heightened and my body felt stronger. I guessed it had to do with the pregnancy. The midwife had said something about feeling sensitive and emotional or be very craving. I felt all those things but I never thought it would be to this extent. I had to ask Irene.

Once Lucian left for work I went to Irene's room. She was sitting on the bed and knitting something.

"What are you doing?" I asked curious.

"I am knitting a sweater for the baby." She smiled.

I went to sit next to her. She had chosen a beautiful turquoise color.

"Isn't the color beautiful? Whether its a girl or a boy they can wear it." She explained.

"Yes. It's very beautiful." I agreed. "Irene?"

"Yes, darling."

"Did you feel different when you were pregnant? Like really different." I asked.

"Are you talking about the cravings?"

I nodded.

"Well, your body is changing. A child is growing inside of you so it's just normal to feel different. Things might taste and feel different. You might feel more sensitive both physically and emotionally. Maybe you get angry easily or sad. It's different for every woman."

I nodded again feeling relieved that it was normal but there was something else.

"Did you also feel stronger?" I asked.

Irene paused and then turned to me slowly. "Oh right. I forgot. Your baby is a demon, witch, and human. The human and witch side don't have side effects but the demon side does. You are probably turning."


Wait! I was turning into a demon because of my child.

"Half-demon." Irene corrected. "You will feel more powerful and your senses will heighten. Trust me, everything will feel much better now when you are pregnant. Enjoy your time." She winked. 

A blush crept to my face remembering that Irene was not only my friend now. She was my husband's mother as well.

"Well, I'll let you finish your work." I excused myself and left.

The weeks passed by quickly with my cravings only increasing and Lucian being busy state affairs. Roshan would visit often to train him and sometimes Klara would accompany him. Now they were even planning for their wedding and Klara seemed very happy.

"I wish I could invite you, but you know my brother," Klara said apologetically.

"It's alright. I wish I could be there too. But I'll root for your happiness from here."

Klara and I had become very close and to our surprise, we weren't so different from each other as we thought. We had many things in common that we enjoyed and could chat and laugh about the whole day. I noticed that even Roshan and Lucian become close and sometimes they would just sit and talk. I was happy that Lucian found a friend in a demon so that he wouldn't feel alone.

I was also happy that he was slowly opening his heart for his mother. Sometimes I would find him sitting with Irene and having long talks. He had said that she was only teaching him how to use his witch powers but I could see that he enjoyed her company. Even Lothaire would visit sometimes but things didn't seem to go well between him and Lucian.

"Lucian. Have you forgiven your mother?" I asked one night as we lay in our bed.

"No. There is nothing to forgive. I think I knew it from the beginning but I just…"

I knew what he wanted to say. He had been in so much pain so he wanted someone to blame. He wanted to release his pain somewhere so that he wouldn't have to keep it inside.

I put my hand gently on his cheek. "Let it go, Lucian. You deserve to be happy. That pain and anger is your enemy, so don't let your enemy win."

He took my hand and kissed my palm. "I won't." He promised. "I want to be happy now."

"Yes. Let's live happily together."

"With our daughter." He put his hand on my stomach.

"Daughter?" I said surprised. "You want a daughter?"

Kings usually wanted a son. Someone who could carry on the line.

Lucian nodded. "Yes. I want a daughter that I can spoil. A son will only suffer."

"What if it is a son?" I asked.

"I'll do my best to give him a good childhood and protect him." He said.

"Whether it's a daughter or a son, they will be lucky to have you as their father." I ensured him.

"I hope so."

That night, despite craving something else I was content with just sleeping in his arms. But as soon as the morning came I was not content anymore. I felt like a wild beast ready to eat anything and everything. I knew I had gained some more weight but I didn't care. At least not when food was laid in front of me. But when Lucian was in front om me, I craved him.

I really tried my best to not jump on him every night. Sometimes I would succeed and sometimes I would not. I wondered if he thought differently about me now. Did he find me bothering maybe? Not that he showed any signs of that but I just found myself bothering sometimes.

"Do I look fat?" I asked Klara one day when she came to visit.

She studied me for a while. "You look voluptuous." She said.

"So I am fat?!"

"Nooo...It's not the same thing." She tried to explain.

"You are just trying to sound nice. I know you think I am fat!"Klara raised her brows surprised by how I acted. It was unlike me to get angry with people without a reason.

"Well I...I think you still look beautiful. I mean you are pregnant so you are not going to look the same." She explained calmly.

"I am sorry." I apologized. "But uhhhh….I want to eat something." 

Klara laughed. "I thought you were worried about being fat just now."

"Well, I don't care anymore. Let's go eat some meat!"

Klara shook her head as she followed me to the dining room.

"So your wedding is very soon. Are you nervous?" I asked.

"Nervous? No. Should I be?"

"Well...I don't know. I was very nervous."

"Oh…" She said nodding as if finally understanding something. Then she gestured with her hand for me to lean closer. "I have already done it." She whispered.

Slowly I leaned back into my chair while trying to digest what she said. "You already did it?"

She nodded with a blush.

Of course. What was I expecting? Klara was not as shy or scared like me. She was adventurous and Roshan seemed like the type who knew exactly how to seduce a woman. With his looks, he probably didn't need to put in a lot of effort.

My gaze fell on her neck but her hair was down so I couldn't tell if he claimed her or not.

"Did he also…" I pointed at my own mark.

She nodded again. "Yes."

"How did it feel?" I asked unable to stop myself.

"It was a bit painful but very...pleasurable."

I agreed with her. "Did he only do it once?" I was curious since Lucian had done it more than once.

"Yes. But when the mark starts to fade he will get the urge to bite me again. That's what he told me." She explained.

I nodded, now understanding why Lucian had bitten me again.



Things were going well for Lucian. The people of Decresh liked and appreciated the changes he had made, he had learned a lot about being a demon from Roshan and being a witch from his mother. His brother and those who wronged him were rotten in the dungeon and he would visit them sometimes to add salt to their wounds. His enemies still feared him and kept their distance. Maybe the rumors that were not rumors at all were good for him.

Most of all he was happy because his beautiful wife was pregnant and she was shining more than ever.

Was she demanding?

Oh yes!

Did he hate it?

Oh no!

He loved it and he gave in to all her demands. It's not like he could resist her when she was all over him with those lushes curves and seductive eyes. Oh, how he loved this delicate version of her where she reacted to the slightest brush of his fingers. She melted in his arms with only a kiss. She was too distracting for his own good. He knew he had to focus on other things as well.

He forced himself to get out of bed again while Hazel slept peacefully. He changed in his personal room as to not wake her and then left to do his Royal duties. Today he was going to meet leaders from a few powerful covens. He wasn't sure exactly what to tell them yet. He was just mostly curious to see what they thought of him.

When he arrived at the throne hall he was surprised to find Nyx there. She was sitting next to one of the large windows and looking outside.

She turned around when she heard his footsteps then smiled. "Good morning."

"Good morning." He greeted back. "What brings you here?" He walked closer to where she sat.

"I wanted to speak to you." She said and then motioned for him to sit next to her.

Lucian wondered why she seemed so serious but he went and sat beside her.

"You are meeting with the witched soon?" She began.

Lucian nodded.

"The witches will probably not accept you. I would advise you to focus on the demons. Demons usually follow those they fear. If someone is strong enough to lead them they will follow. They are not like witches. Witches think it's their duty to protect the weak and innocent but they don't realize that humans can be as evil as some demons. Now, that hazel is pregnant they will become even angrier."


"Demons are not supposed to reproduce except with their own kind. But the demons race is mostly male, so for those males who were without a mate, they sought human females to reproduce with. Witches were not happy with that since they thought that these demons manipulated the females to expand their race. But the fact is that these male demons found their mate in those female humans."

"They will not hurt Hazel!" Lucian said clenching his fists.

"They won't dare to do that in your own home. Witches are not reckless. They don't know the extent of your power since you are a half breed and they don't know your allies, if the demons are backing you up, so they wouldn't dare to attack." She put her hand on top of his as if assuring him.

"Is that why you couldn't be with me? Because…"

Because she, a witch gave birth to the devil's child. Her family must have hated and abandoned her.

"Yes. My mother...she put a curse on me so that I wouldn't be able to see you again." Her voice cracked as she spoke. It was as if she was reliving the pain again. She fought back her tears. "But don't worry. That won't happen to your child. There are many demons that are mating with humans. The witches can not fight them all. My case was different since I was a witch. I was never supposed to be with a demon." She chuckled darkly. "Especially not the devil himself."

Lucian could finally understand why his mother couldn't be with him. But that didn't take his anger away. Now instead he felt angry at those who separated them and caused his mother so much pain.

"So what do you suggest I do?" Lucian asked.

"I suggest you summon the demons instead. Show them that you are not scared. Show them your authority and that they shall fear you. Because you, my son, you are the devil's son. And now that you learned about being a demon and a witch you just need to trust your inner power. You need to believe that you are strong. If you have the demons by your side you won't need the witches."

"I thought the witched were very strong," Lucian said confused.

"They are. Together they are strong and that's why witches have covens. One witch would have a hard time fighting a powerful demon alone. Therefore they can not sneak on you. If the witches plan to attack you, then you will know and if you have the demons by your side you only need to summon them."

Lucian nodded thoughtfully. He had thought about it many times. The witches would never accept him because even if he was half-witch, his mother had sided with the demons, therefore, they would think that he would have no genuine intention of siding with them. Lucian hadn't actually thought of choosing sides but he learned that demons and witches would never accept each other. They had been enemies since the beginning of times, therefore, he would have to either chose a side or not choose at all.

There was a chance that the demons would accept him but not the witches. Evil should never be accepted according to them and they would rather die here on earth then go to hell later.

But Lucian had decided that if the witches were not going to side with him then he would make them fear him so much that they would tremble and the mention of his name. He would show them what it truly meant to be a witch with demon blood running through his veins.

"Your Majesty. The guests have arrived. " A guard informed.

"I'll stay here with you." His mother said.

"And me too." Roshan suddenly spoke from behind him.

Roshan noticed that Lucian's aura suddenly changed as he made his way to the throne and sat down. He seemed more confident in himself but also frightening. That's how he had wanted him to be all along. It would be interesting to see how he would handle the witches.

With a wave of his hand, Lucian signaled for the guard to let them in.

After a short moment, several men and women entered the throne hall. They walked along the red carpet that led to the throne and when they were close enough to see him their mouth fell open. Some of them blinked a few times as if to make sure what they were looking at was real.

Well, the man was too good-looking to be true, Roshan had to admit.

One of the older males who seemed to be in his late forties went out of his haze and greeted him.

"Your Majesty. I have heard great things about you." He spoke.

Roshan could hear a hint of fear in his voice. Now that Lucian looked as though he could kill someone with a look anyone would be petrified.

"I am sure. I have worked hard for the people in this kingdom to feel safe." Lucian said calmly yet there was a storm under that calm voice and the witches could sense it.

"I can see that. Still, we came to tell you that we have no intention of making peace with you or the demons. We will keep protecting our people and humans." The man said trying his best to not seem the least scared. But Roshan was good at reading body langue.

"The way you protected my mother?" Lucian asked motionig toward Nyx.

Nyx froze and Roshan turned to Lucian surprised. It was the first time he addressed Nyx as his mother.

The man turned his gaze to Nyx and gave her a disgusted look. "Your mother chose to abandon her people. There was no reason for us to protect her." He almost spat.

"And I? I didn't choose anything. I was born this way." The way he said it should have sounded sad but it didn't. It was more like a reminder that they had also abandoned someone who was one of their own people. Himself.

The man was taken aback by the question. It was something he hadn't expected.

"You said you protect your people and the humans. I am your people even if it is only half of me. As for the human, I have done more for them than you have. Am I wrong?" Lucian still spoke with that same tone. Calm yet authoritative. He spoke like a true King. A true leader.

The man seemed to be at loss of words but he still straightened himself after a moment. "Yes, you didn't choose anything. But the demons didn't choose to be demons either but they are. Unfortunately, we don't support evil."

"Are you telling me that no witch is evil? And that no humans are evil either? Then I must say that you are either blind or lack judgment." Lucian sounded rather mocking.

They all tensed, clearly offended by his statement.

"Unfortunately for you, you have no intention of making peace but I hope that you have no intention of fighting either."

"We fight evil. That's what we do." Another man spoke behind him.

"Then I shall show you what real evil looks like," Lucian had never looked as evil as when he said those words.

It was like he made them a promise but also gave them a warning. To not even think of coming near him.

Lucian stood up from his seat and Roshan could see how some of them flinched. He walked down the stairs to where they stood beneath him. They stood their ground but the fear was clear on some faces. Only those who came from very powerful covens were able to hide their feelings.

Lucian walked up until he stood very close to them before he spoke.

"I sincerely advise you to not provoke me. If any of you even try to hurt the people I care for, I'll come for yours. I'll make sure you know the feeling of being utterly alone in this world."

Roshan wanted to clap. He felt proud for some odd reason. One thing witches cared for was their own people, especially their families. Threatening their families would make them think twice. 

"So…" The harsh lines suddenly disappeared from his face and a smile appeared. "It was nice meeting. I'll arrange for you to reach back home safely." He said confusing them.

Lucian knew what he was doing. He was showing them that he was a peaceful and respectful man who was not looking for a fight. But if someone wanted to be on his bad side then he was going to show them just that. His bad side.


"You handled the witches very well," Roshan told Lucian.

"I know," Lucian said.

"Arrogant bastard," Roshan muttered which caused Lucian to smile.

"I learned that from you." He said.

"I am not arrogant." Roshan denied.

Lucian raised a brow. "You are. But in a tasteful way."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"


Roshan chuckled. "You are becoming more fun to be around."

Lucian came to a halt. "Roshan. I need to know everything about demons."

"You are going to meet them?"

Lucian nodded. Before it was too late he wanted to solve all his problems and then just enjoy his time with his wife and child.

Roshan took his time and told him everything. From the creation of demons, how they came to rule different parts of the world, the war between themselves and how they became enemies with the witched. He also told him about different powers that demons could shield, how the rank system of demons worked and weaknesses he could use against them.

"Look demons are simple. They are not speakers so don't try to convince them with words. Use actions to communicate." Roshan suggested. "And don't be afraid. I am here."

Lucian felt a strange feeling in his chest at Roshan's words.

"Why are you helping me?" He asked.

Roshan tilted his head slightly and narrowed his gaze. "I am glad things are going well between you and your mother. I don't even remember what my mother looks like anymore. It has been a very long time since I saw her last. Irene is like a mother figure to me. She is the one to always ask if I ate well or slept well and when I come late or get myself into trouble like I always do, she is the one to scold me. Of course, there is my father and we are very close but he is a troublemaker himself. " He chuckled.

"That was a long answer to my question," Lucian said.

Roshan chuckled again. "I am saying you matter to me because you matter to Irene."

Lucian already knew what he meant. Maybe he just hoped to hear something else.

"Now, are you ready to leave?"

Lucian nodded.

Roshan was a bit concerned. He didn't know what Lucian had in mind but he knew what he had to do. If anyone tried to hurt Lucian he would get rid of them. Without hesitation. Once Lucian was ready Roshan took him to the underworld as they called it. It was a place where demons liked to spend most of their time, but it was also were the lords of the demons ruled their subjects. And it was those lords that Lucian was going to meet. If he had the lords fearing him then he would have the subordinates fear him as well. 

"Where are we going?" Lucian asked confused as they walked through a dark tunnel. They could hear laughter and instruments playing in the distance and the stench of liquor filled the air.

"We are going to a brothel. There is nothing demons enjoy more than women and liquor."

When they came to the end of the tunnel there was a large door blocking the way. The door opened by itself as if it knew that they were there. Roshan walked in and Lucian followed.

Half-n.a.k.e.d women walked all around the place, some of them swinging to the music, others carrying alcohol around and serving some guests.

"Lord Ramiel. Long-time no see. Are my woman not enticing enough anymore?" A woman in less revealing clothes came forward and greeted them. Lucian could tell she was a demon from her elegant movements and extremely good looks.

"Lady Tania. Your women are enticing but you know I am insatiable." Roshan replied.

Tania chuckled. "That I know." Then she shifted her gaze to Lucian and tilted her head. "And who is this lovely man?"

"I am Lucian," Lucian said as if that was enough for her to know who he was.

Tania pretended to shiver and wrapped her arms around herself. "Ohh...even your voice is delicious, young man." She said in a seductive tone.

Now the other women had gathered as well and were eying him with fascination.

"I'll give you a ride for free." One of them called and winked at him.

"I'll give you a ride you and pay you for it." Another one called and they all giggled like little excited girls.

"Alright now. Everyone, go back to work!" Tania called giving them a stern look. "Oh, you make everyone excited."

"I am not here for women," Lucian said.

"I know. You are already taken. I can smell her scent on you." She smirked. "So what brings you here?"

"We are here to meet some of your most precious guests," Roshan said.

Tania frowned. "I hope there will be no fight."

"I hope the same." Was Roshan's short reply.

Tania led them further in, through several rooms and halls as if she was taking them to a secret place. Then when they arrived in front of a door she motioned for them to wait as she walked inside alone. After a short while, she was back and gestured for them to go in. Roshan walked in first and Lucian followed. He was surprised to find that the room they walked into looked just like one of the rooms in a castle and didn't give a feeling of being in a brothel. It was clearly made for special guests and those guests sat in antique furnishings, wearing the most luxurious clothes and drinking the most expensive liquor, all while being surrounded by n.a.k.e.d women.

Women who forgot all about them as soon as they laid eyes on him. Before he could ignore their l.u.s.tful gazes Roshan gave them a nod to leave and just like that, obediently they left.

"Ramiel! Why are you ruining all the fun?" One of the four men spoke. Clearly, they knew each other. "And who is that?"

They all turned to Lucian, studying him carefully as if he was some unknown creature. Oh yes, he was. Probably the first of his kind.

"This is Lucian. I am sure you heard of him."

The man was about to take a sip from his drink when he suddenly paused. His gaze turned slowly into one of anger and disgust. Roshan ignored their reactions and continued with his introduction.

"And this is Antoine…" He said gesturing toward the man who had spoken. "Valentine, Erez, and Davor."

"You brought a witch here?" Antoine asked with a venomous tone while tightening his hold around the wine glass in his hand. Lucian could tell he would break it soon.

"Yes, a witch and the devil's son," Roshan said as a reminder.

That somehow made Antoine calm down a bit, or more correctly force himself to calm down.

He turned his gaze to Lucian, still disgust clear in his eyes. "If you came here to ask us to stand by your side against the witches then don't waste your time." Pretending to ignore him he took a sip of his wine.

Lucian didn't let Antione's actions affect him. "Who said I came here to ask?" Everyone looked at him confused. Even Roshan. "I came here to command."

Oh no, was the first thing Roshan thought but at the same time, he couldn't help but thing oh yes. He liked fights after all and now Lucian had provoked some demon lord.

Antione was quiet for a moment as if trying to digest what Lucian said then he burst out into laughter. The others joined him.

Eventually, Antione stopped laughing when Lucian didn't react. Putting his glass down he stood up from his seat and walked up to Lucian. When they stood face to face he grabbed Lucian's jaw harshly.

Roshan didn't interfere. He wanted to see how Lucian would handle the situation.

"Listen to me kid. How old are you? Twenty-four? Twenty-five? Do you know how old I am? I am three hundred years. Three hundred! And you, a kid, dare to command me. Did you think I would fear you because of your father? He doesn't care about you." He spat.

Lucian didn't flinch all the time Antoine spoke in his face. Instead, he let him finish talking and then grabbed Antoine's arm in a firm grip. The evil gaze Roshan had seen before returned in Lucian's eyes as he slowly removed Antione's hand away from his jaw.

"You shouldn't fear me because of my father. You should fear me because I am his son."


"You shouldn't fear me because of my father. You should fear me because I am his son."

Antione grimaced in pain, that he tried so hard to hide but couldn't. The other men tried to rush to his rescue but Roshan pulled out his daggers and gave them a warning look. They stopped in their tracks knowing better than to fight a demon who was known for his skills to kill other demons.

Antione looked like he was being strangled. His face became pale and he fell on his knees. He could barely utter a word and all Lucian was doing was holding his arm. Roshan wondered what was going on.

Finally when Antione looked like he was going to die Lucian let go of his arm. As soon as his arm was free Antione fell back and crawled backward as if afraid to stay anywhere near Lucian. The other demons stared surprised, even Roshan.

Antione was a demon lord. He was much older than Lucian and he was known to be fearless and a skilled fighter. For him to look so scared, Lucian must have done something even if they saw him do nothing.

The other demons looked at each other, scared and confused. When Antione was a safe distance away from Lucian he finally let out a breath then tried to get up on his feet. He stumbled a little but then turned to Lucian with a straight face.

"What do you want?" He asked breathless and still pale.

"At my command, I want you to send your subordinates at any time and they shall obey me."

"You bast…" Erez began to curse as he tried to lurch at Lucian but Antione put a hand on his chest to stop him.

He shook his head at him as a warning then turned back to Lucian again. "Alright. If that's all you want." He said.

The others looked at him appalled.

"I hope you spread the word and if anyone disobeys report back to me and I shall pay them a visit," Lucian said in his most threatening tone.

"I shall do so, My Lord."

My Lord? That sounded funny coming from him. Roshan put his daggers back knowing that he wouldn't be needing them. Lucian's commands were already cutting through the air like sharp knives.

Without a word, Lucian vanished probably teleporting back home and Roshan followed. Once they arrived in the throne hall Roshan had to ask what Lucian did to frighten them so much.

"What did you do?"

Lucian sat on his throne with a thoughtful look. "I wasn't sure it would work but it did." He said.

"What worked?"

"Well, you know witches can draw power from nature like earth, sun, moon but also from each other. I am half-witch so I thought I would be able to do that. So when I grabbed his arm I drew power from him and used his own power against him." He explained.

Roshan never thought about that, maybe because no witch has ever done that before. Now he understood why Antione had looked so terrified. Lucian was already too powerful for his age as a demon thanks to his parents and adding Antiones power on all that must have been shocking.

"Are you saying witches can draw power from demons as well?" Roshan asked. Then they were in danger.

"Probably not. Witches are not physically as fast or as strong as demons. In fact, without their magic, they are no different from humans. Therefore grabbing a demon's arm long enough to withdraw power is not only difficult but suicidal as well. I, on the other hand, have the advantage of also being a demon."

Roshan listened fascinated. "That's genius. I knew you would be beast."

Lucian frowned. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should. Always. Especially if it comes from a woman." He winked leaning against the wall and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you think they are scared enough?" Lucian asked.

"They are. Trust me I know demons and now when you have them under your command you don't need to worry about the witches." Roshan assured.

Now finally everything was under control. For a long while at least.

"By the way. Klara and I are getting married next week are not invited." Roshan shrugged jokingly.

Lucian chuckled. "You made a good decision. You don't want the devil's son and the bloodthirsty King to turn your wedding into a battlefield."

"Oh, I would love that. It would be good entertainment for the guests. I just don't think the bride would like it very much. Especially when she gets blood on her white dress."

Lucian shook his head with a smile. "Congratulations." He then said.

"I'll see you," Roshan said teasingly before disappearing.

Strangely Lucian didn't feel annoyed this time.

All relaxed he made his way to his chamber. He longed to see Hazel and be with her for the first time without worrying about anything, but when he walked into their room he found his mother instead.

Irene sat next to the window, knitting what looked like a sweater. She looked up at him with a smile, her eyes twinkling just like every time she saw him. It was like she was looking at the stars or something more beautiful, more magical, more beloved.

"Lucian." She said his name with such longing. "Look…" she held up the sweater. "Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to see my grandchild wear it."

She looked at the sweater and held it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

"It is beautiful," Lucian said.

"I did so many of those when I was pregnant with you, imagining how you would look in them." She still looked at the sweater while she spoke. Lucian knew she didn't want him to see her cry but he didn't have to see to know that she was about to. "I made them in all colors just in case. I even made a little blanket to keep you warm. All those never got a chance to wear them."

Now she looked up to meet his gaze and just then a tear fell down her cheeks. She wiped it away quickly and smiled at him. "I am not crying because of sadness. I am happy for you. You will be a wonderful father just like you are a wonderful son. I am so happy I got the chance to meet you and talk to you. I never thought I would." She shook her head. "I am talking too much." She chuckled. "Hazel is taking a bath. I'll leave you two alone."

Standing up from her seat she gathered her things and headed toward the door.


The world suddenly went still. That simple word, that word he had wished he could say his entire life but never thought he would. He said it now.

Irene froze in place and stayed like that for what seemed like forever before turning around slowly. She could not believe her ears. Did she hear it right?

"What...what did you say?" She breathed her heart pounding in her ears.

"Mother," Lucian repeated now more softly as his eyes teared up.

Irene's heart tightened in joy and she burst into tears. Dropping everything in her hands she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him.

Lucian hugged her back as she cried into his embrace. "I love you son. Your mother loves you so much. So so much." She grabbed his face and kissed his cheeks.

"Mother." Tears fell down his face and she wiped them away gently.

"Oh no, don't cry." Him crying made her cry even more and they both cried in each others arms.

It was tears of sadness, pain, loneliness, frustration but most of all it was tears of joy.




Three-month later….

Pregnancy was not easy. That I realized as my stomach grew and I became more and more afraid and worried. I worried about all the things that could go wrong during labor. I did not want to die. I wanted to be there for my child.

Besides the worry and fear, there were my mood swings. I had to say that Lucian was being very patient with me and I felt bad for him sometimes. I even felt bad for Ylva and Lydia who had to endure my outbursts.

Oliver and Callum followed me everywhere as usual and once in a while, I would yell at them as well. Sometimes because I just wanted to be alone and sometimes for no reason at all. Well, that's what happens when you don't get enough sleep because your stomach is in the way, when you constantly feel hungry and when everything feels uncomfortable.

"Lydia, Ylva I don't want you to work for me anymore. Bring someone that I won't feel bad yelling at. Like that maid Jessica or anyone you don't like." I said feeling really bad for my mood swings.

"No My Lady. I don't trust anyone to take care of you now besides this is what I always wanted to do. To take care of you and your child." Ylva said and Lydia nodded in agreement.

"Alright but don't hate me, please." I pleaded.

"That's impossible, My Lady." Lydia smiled.

I was so lucky to have them, even Oliver and Callum and everyone who had been patient with me. Irene who was there for me like a mother and Klara who listened to all my bullshit.

Oh, and now she was married to Roshan. Their wedding was extravagant and known to all the kingdoms. Clearly, Roshan's father was a very powerful man who even helped Klara's brother to expand his kingdom. Now the bloodthirsty king was even more feared. I always found Klara's brother frightening but I had to admit he was very smart.

Lucian was also feared but the people in our kingdom loved him. Most of them at least. He had established a few enemies on the way, especially the wealthy and powerful. Those wanted to feed on the poor instead of helping them. But Lucian was untouchable now, especially with his demon army.

Apart from my own pregnancy struggles I had to say that these last three months had been very peaceful. Lucian wasn't as busy as before and after reconciling with his mother he spent a lot of time with her. Things were also going a little bit better with his father. Men are just slow when it comes to expressing themselves I realized which made the matter more difficult than it should have been.

Roshan and Lucian became even more close and sometimes the four of us including Klara would have Lunch or dinner together while chatting about all kinds of things. Sometimes Irene and Lothaire would join us, as well.

One night as Klara and I spent time together she seemed sad and absent. "What's wrong?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Nothing."

"Is it you and Roshan?"

She sighed. "No, not really. I just...I feel bad for keeping the demon thing a secret from my siblings. It's like I can't look them in the eyes anymore because I have been lying too much."

"Your brother might already know," I said.

I remembered my conversations with him. He had believed that Lucian was the devil. Also from Irene's story, powerful kings usually knew about demons and witches just like the previous king of Decresh. There was a big chance that Rasmus already knew and that could be the reason why he had been so curious about Lucian.

"I don't...think he does." She said skeptically.

"Just ask and see," I suggested. "Ask if he believes demons exist and what he thinks of them and from there you can decide if you want to tell him or not."

I could see from her face that she wasn't convinced but she was going to give it a try. Klara cared for her family a lot and if they did not know about demons telling them would be a life-changing decision for both her and her family.

"Everything is going to be alright," I assured her and I really thought it would. I had seen how Astrid and Rasmus treated Klara. They were so protective that they treated her more like a daughter than a sister. I knew they were a family who would always stick together.

Sometimes it made me wonder what it would be like to have such a family and sometimes it made me miss my mother, even if she never acted like a mother. I wanted her to see her grandchild. I would surely visit her someday. Even if she wasn't a good mother she was still my mother. The woman who gave birth to me and carried me for nine-month. Now being pregnant myself I knew the difficulties she went through.

That night I sat in our room and wrote her a letter. I told her about my pregnancy and that I would visit her sometime. I also told her that I missed her.

"What are you doing?" Lucian towered over me where I sat and looked at the letter. He put a hand on my shoulder. "You miss your mother?" He asked.

I nodded.

He sat at the table and took my hand in his. "You will meet your mother. I'll arrange for it. Whether you want to go visit her or bring her here you decide."

"Thank you." I smiled.

I never thought mother would reply to my letter so fast and I could almost hear the joy in her voice yet there was a hint of sadness I felt. I cried and I wasn't even sure why. Maybe I had missed her more than I thought and I was so happy she replied.

We kept sending letters back and forth as the month passed by and the day for labor neared. I told her about my fears and she comforted me. In all the 18 years I lived with her we never spoke this much like we did these last month. I made a good decision in contacting her.

And then the day came, after a few painful days the pain hit me like never before. I remembered telling the midwife to just take the baby out and make it all end and sometimes I really thought I would die. Then I heard the cry of my child and the pain fled to the back of my head, so far back I didn't even know or care that I was in pain. All I wanted was to hold my child.

"It's a girl, Your Majesty." The midwife said sounding sympathetical.

I reached my arms out and she placed her in my arms. Tears flooded my eyes just from the feeling of holding her and then they ran down my cheeks like rivers upon seeing her face. I had never seen anything more beautiful. My heart melted in an instant. The joy was so overwhelming that I wasn't even paying attention to Irene and Lucian who had been there the whole time.

Lucian looked so pale and scared yet relieved at the same time. He had addressed his fear of losing me to childbirth a few times before so I could understand why he seemed so terrified. He looked like he was going to faint but tried to keep it together.

I reached my hand for him. "Come."

Unsteadily he came closer and sat beside me. We both stared at our child in my arms for a while. Both of us fascinated, awed and very emotional. Everyone in the room left us alone, even Irene knowing that we needed some time together.

"Do you want to hold her?" I asked him since he was so quiet.

"I might drop her or...or hurt her." He said panicking.

"You won't, Lucian. You are the last person to hurt her. Here."

Slowly I placed her in his arms. He held her gently and slowly tears filled his eyes as well as he studied her face. He touched her clenched small hands with his finger and that's when a tear fell down his cheek.

"Heaven." He whispered.

"I know." I smiled. "She feels like heaven."

He nodded. "Her name. We should name her Heaven."

Heaven. It was a beautiful name.


Lucian had been both excited and worried for the last few days. Excited because his child was coming into this world soon and worried because he was afraid to lose his wife to childbirth. Hazel was the only thing that kept him happy and sane. He could not live without her. But last week she had been in so much pain and many times he thought she was about to give birth.

Not being able to do anything for her Lucian felt helpless.

"Don't worry. She won't die. She has demon blood in her veins now." His mother assured him when she noticed his concern.

Still, he didn't like to see Hazel suffer and many times she looked like she was going to die. Especially when he heard her screams on the day she was giving birth.

"Your Majesty. It's better if you stay outside." The midwife advised him but he didn't listen.

He wanted to be beside Hazel. How could he leave her when she was in so much pain? But after witnessing the whole situation of giving birth his head began to spin. He tried to keep his calm and be there to support his wife but soon, he was losing it.

"You have to push, Your Majesty." The midwife told her.

"I don't want to anymore. Just take it out!" Hazel yelled.

The situation became more stressful and Lucian was tense the whole time while he held Hazel's hand.

"There is not much left. Just one more push."

The veins in Hazel's neck and forehead popped out as she pushed one last time before her head fell back with a sigh and the baby's cry filled the room. At first, Lucian didn't pay attention to the child. He just looked at Hazel to ensure that she was alright. He was not going to let her leave him.

After a few deep breaths, Hazel reached her arms out eagerly to hold their child. It was like she didn't care about her own condition and just wanted to see the baby.

When the midwife placed the child in her arms a smile lit up her face.

Finally, Lucian felt his muscled relax after being tense the whole day. Now he just stared at the beautiful sight in front of him. His wife alive, holding his child. The world went suddenly still and everything around them faded. All that mattered and all he could see was the two most important people in his life. The ones who made living through hell worth it.

It was the happiest moment in his life, or so he thought before Hazel placed their daughter in his arms. His chest felt heavy with joy and his eyes became wet with tears. He didn't want to let go of her. He never wanted to let go of this feeling. The feeling of holding her. The feeling of being in heaven.

And so he named her. Heaven.

If he was his mother's light, then his daughter was his heaven. What more could he ask for?

"Your Majesty. I need to bath her." The midwife said with a pleading look when he didn't want to let go of her.

Hazel chuckled. "Yes, and I need to feed her."

"Yes, yes of course."

He handed her over to the midwife carefully.

Oh, he never wanted to let go.

But he had a lifetime to spend with these two precious people and he began by spending time with them today. He was still very emotional and all he wanted to do was hold them both. As they lay in their bed Lucian leaned in and placed a kiss on Hazel's forehead.

"Thank you for this beautiful gift." He said and then looked at their daughter who was sleeping between them.

"Hmm…" Was all Hazel said as she was falling asleep as well. He could see the exhaustion on her face.

Lucian kissed her on the cheek one more time before slowly getting out of bed. His mother had kept her distance, probably letting them have their time together but Lucian knew she was very eager to see her grandchild.

Slowly he lifted Heaven form the bed and carried her to his mother's room. On his way, he got even more emotional. After seeing Hazel go through childbirth he understood the pain his mother went through. He understood the love of a parent and the strong desire to protect their child. He even understood why his father wanted to kill him. Not because he hated him, but because he wanted to save him.

And many times during his childhood Lucian had actually preferred death over living in utter loneliness. If he hadn't met Hazel he would still have that wish.

Lucian knocked on the door to his mother's room and before the second knock his mother opened the door already with a big smile on her face. Her gaze fell on Heaven in his arms and without a word, she leaned closer to take a closer look. She couldn't even wait until he came in.

"Do you want to hold her?" Lucian asked.

Irene nodded and then slowly he placed Heaven in her arms. What happened after he couldn't quite explain but it was a magical moment. His mother holding his daughter was a picture he never thought he would see and this picture was breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time. Knowing that his mother never got the chance to hold him long when he was born was the heartbreaking part. He couldn't imagine living without Heaven so he understood his mother's pain.

Irene broke down in tears but Lucian knew they were tears of joy. "She is so beautiful." She sobbed. "She looks just like you but she has my eyes."

Heaven had woken up but she wasn't crying. She seemed to look at Irene curiously with eyes green as emerald. Yes, she had the exact same eyes as his mother.

Lucian just sat and watched as Irene adored her granddaughter, singing her songs, kissing her and talking to her. He never thought that a child could bring so much happiness to a whole family.

Suddenly Heaven began to cry. "She is hungry now," Irene said.

"Yes, I should take her Hazel," Lucian said standing up.

Irene placed Heaven in his arms still unable to look away from her. "Grandma will see you later." She whispered the turned to Lucian. Grabbing his face she kissed both his cheeks.

"I am lucky to have you both." She smiled.

Lucian leaned down and placed a kiss on his mother's forehead. He had wanted to do that since he saw what a mother went through to bring a child into this world. His respect grew for both his mother and his wife and he was lucky to have them both.

But his father, where was he? Lucian had expected him to be here to see his grandchild but he wasn't. Once again he was disappointed. Maybe he should just stop expecting things from his father.

Feeling somehow disappointed he went back to his room. Putting the thoughts of his father aside he decided to enjoy this time with his family. He just lay in bed with them while Hazel fed Heaven. his very moment felt more intimate than anything he ever experienced and Lucian wished for it to last forever. But he knew that even more beautiful moments would come in his life now that Heaven was part of it.

Eventually, all three fell asleep. Heaven slept in her crib and Hazel slept in Lucian's arms.

In the middle of the night, Lucian woke up feeling strange. Someone was in their room but before he could draw his weapons from under the bed his father spoke.

"It's just me." He said.

Lucian turned to find his father standing next to the crib where Heaven was sleeping.

"I couldn't help myself." His father said sounding apologetic.

Lucian removed the sheets and climbed out of bed. He went up to his father who kept standing still in the darkness.

"Why didn't you come earlier?" Lucian whispered as to not wake Hazel and Heaven.

"I shouldn't be here." He said more to himself than to Lucian. Then he looked at Heaven. "Your daughter, she is beautiful."

"Your granddaughter." Lucian pointed out.

Lucifer kept staring at Heaven and Lucian couldn't tell if he was getting emotional.

"Do you want to hold her?" He asked.

Lucifer's eyes widened. "I shouldn't." He shook his head. ¨

"I didn't ask what you should. I asked what you want?"

Lucifer looked up at him. "May I?" He then asked.

Lucian could hear the excitement in his father's voice and his hands shook slightly as he picked up Heaven carefully. From the way, he picked her up and held her Lucian could tell it wasn't the first time his father held a child.

"I have not been a good father." He said as he studied Heaven lovingly and held her as if she was the most precious thing in the world.

"Then be a good grandfather," Lucian said. It was his way of saying that he forgave his father.

Lucifer looked up and met Lucian's gaze. In those eyes, Lucian could see gratitude but also a possible beginning of a relationship between them.