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The End

It was summer again. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky and the warm summer breeze spread the scent of flowers in the air. But despite the beautiful weather and view, all Lucian could do was stare at his now Five-month-old daughter in his arms. Nothing was more beautiful to him in this world.

The last five months of his life had been a blessing. He was surrounded by people he cared for. His wife, his daughter, his mother even his father. They were slowly getting along. What more could he wish for?

Hazel was well and healthy, and an amazing mother. She was also a wise queen. Lucian was proud of her. Now being half-demon she became even stronger and radiated beauty and confidence. Now he wasn't afraid to hurt her as before.

His mother was always there to support Hazel and help her understand her demon side and his father was often there offering his help to run the kingdom. But Lucian was managing well so far without any help.

"Are you going to stare at her the whole day?" Roshan suddenly appeared disturbing his peaceful moment as always.

"Sometimes I believe you exist to annoy me," Lucian said giving Roshan a stern look.

"That's what brothers are for." He smirked. "Didn't you call me brother last week?"

Lucian sighed. He did call him brother last week. Why? He wasn't sure, but he was definitely regretting it now.

Roshan leaned over Heaven. "Hello there. Remember me? Uncle Roshan." He smiled.

Heaven waved her arms in the air. "Oh, I miss you too." He replied.

Lucian had been surprised by how comfortable Roshan was with children. Now with his own child on the way he was very excited.

Klara visited often as well now that she and Hazel were very close. Sometimes they could chat for hours and other times Klara would teach Hazel how to fight. At first, Lucian was worried since Hazel had just given birth but she recovered so quickly and was so eager to learn. Maybe it was her demon that was giving her strength.

"Your Majesty, My Lord." Lydia came to the garden and before she could speak Lucian knew that Hazel had sent for Heaven. "Her Majesty wants to feed the princess."

"I'll bring her myself," Lucian said not wanting to let go of his daughter.

Lydia bowed and left without a word.

"I'll take my leave as well. I just wanted to say hello to Heaven." Roshan spoke.

"Will you come by for dinner?" Lucian asked.

"If you ask nicely." Roshan teased.

Lucian chuckled. "I wasn't asking you to come. I just wanted to know so that I could poison your food."

"I guess you will have to wait and see if I want to die or not." He said before vanishing.

"Your uncle is not in his right mind," Lucian told Heaven before carrying her to Hazel.

Once he arrived at their chamber he found Hazel in bed reading a letter. She had been exchanging letters with her mother lately and he noticed it made her both happy and sad at the same time. He could tell she missed her mother.

When she heard his footstep she looked up and put the letter away quickly. There were tears in her eyes that she tried to hide.

"Is your mother alright?" Lucian asked as he walked closer.

Hazel nodded. "She is fine." She smiled giving him a reassuring look.

Lucian sat next to her on the bed. "You will meet your mother someday soon. I promise." He said hating to see her sad.

Hazel nodded again, then carefully she reached for Heaven. Once Heaven was in her arms a smile lit up her face.

"I can't believe she grew so fast. It feels like I gave birth to her yesterday."

"I know." Lucian agreed.

Time was running by fast and there were too many people Lucian wanted to spend time with all while taking care of the kingdom. He wanted to be with his daughter and wife but also with his parents. The last few months he discovered the fun side of his mother and the caring side of his father. He enjoyed spending time with both, but he had to say that he enjoyed spending more time with his mother than his father. Lucifer was still a bit difficult to figure out.

Hazel began to feed Heaven. Lucian kissed her hair before standing up to leave. "I'll see you at dinner." He said and left to proceed with his royal affairs.

A king always had a lot to do.

The sun went down with Lucian still being busy with state affairs and then it was already time for dinner.

As he made his way to the dining room he was surprised by the many voices he heard inside the room. Who else was here? He used to dine with his wife and parents, sometimes even with Roshan and Klara but this time he heard other voices as well.

Curious he continued until he walked into the room and to his surprise found Julian and his family sitting at one side of the table and his parents, Hazel, Roshan, and Klara sitting on the other side. Witches on one side and mostly demons on the other and.... they weren't fighting. They were actually chatting happily.

Lucian never thought he would ever see this happen. His real family together with the family that took him and helped him when he was lost.

Suddenly someone screamed. "Lucian!" A girl came running toward him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "I missed you."

"Elle!" Julian suddenly stood up from his seat with a look of shock on his face. "It's His Majesty." He warned.

Julian's family stood up quickly after him wearing an apologetic look on their face as they bowed to greet him.

Upon the word, Majesty Elle stiffened with a gasp and was about to let go of him when Lucian wrapped his arms around her.

"I miss you too, Elle." He chuckled and then slowly she relaxed.

Irene stood up from her seat and walked up to him. "I invited Julian and his family. I hope it's alright?" She asked.

"You did well." He replied.

Elle looked up at him and smiled while still having her arms around him. Lucian patted her head with a smile. "Shall we eat?"

She nodded and then followed him to the table. Lucian greeted each one of Julian's family and welcomed them. They seemed happy to see him as he was to see them and congratulated him on becoming a father.

Lucian sat at the end of the table. To his right side, his family were sitting and to his left side the family who had saved him. They were dining and chatting happily. Lucian looked at each one of them and warmth filled his chest.

Once Lucian had been utterly alone. He had no mother at all and no father who cared for him. His siblings were his main enemies and he had no friends. There was no one who knew what he was and no one had cared to know. Even he didn't know. He had been confused, sad and lost. He had given up on life. Until he met her.

His wife. The one who changed his life. The one who took his sadness away. The one who made his life worth living every day.


His eyes searched for her across the table. She looked up from her plate hearing his silent call and looked at him with concerned eyes.

I love you.

A smile lit up her face at his words and even though he couldn't hear her he knew she was saying the same words back.



Heaven ran through the long halls of the castle holding her dress up as to not fall while the air whipped her hair back. She loved running and didn't understand why she had to wear a dress. It was hindering her from running the way she wanted. 

"Your highness, be careful!" Lydia called as Heaven ran past her. "There she is running again." She then told the maid next to her. 

Heaven kept running until she neared a crossway in the hall and heard some chattering voices. She slowed down and stopped before leaning against the wall and looking from behind the corner. It was her father speaking to some soldiers. He had that serious look on his face that he only had when speaking to men or when scolding her. Heaven didn't want to anger her father or bother him so she lifted her dress again and began to tiptoe over the crossway hoping her father wouldn't notice her. But as usual, he did. 

"Heaven!" His voice made her freeze in place with on leg still in the air. Oh no, she thought. 

Slowly she turned her head and found her father walking up to her. "Are you running again?" He asked.

Heaven put her feet down, adjusted her dress quickly and curtsied. "I am, Your Majesty."

Every time she tried to behave like a lady she could see a hint of a smile on her father's face but he tried to remain serious.

 "And without shoes again?" He crossed his arms over his chest. 

Heaven looked down at her bare feet. She forgot her shoes again. 

Looking up she smiled brightly at her father and just when she thought she was getting away she heard another alarming voice. 


Oh no. It was her mother's turn to nagging her. 

"Here you are." Her mother said as she came around the corner. "I was looking for you everywhere." 

"What about me?" Her father asked smiling brightly at the queen. 

Oh no! Heaven felt embarrassed every time her parents became loving toward each other in front of her. 

"I'll be looking for you when your daughter gives me time to look for someone else except for her. Look at her. She hasn't dressed properly yet, and her hair is still unwashed and...oh no." Her mother shook her head as she also noticed that Heaven was barefoot."And she is still running without shoes. You spoiled her too much." 

Lucian gave his daughter a stern look. "Do you see? I am getting scolded because of you again." 

"I am sorry, Your majesty. I'll dress properly from now on." Heaven told her father. She knew she was her father's weakness. Even when he scolded her he never raised his voice. 

"See. I haven't spoiled her. She is a clever girl." Lucian told Hazel. 

Heaven nodded her head in agreement. "Yes, mother. I can almost read and write as good as Zarin."

"Almost." Her mother emphasized. "And he is younger than you. I want you to read and write better than him."

"I can't do that," Heaven said looking down. 

"Why?" Her mother asked. 

"Because he wears trousers and I have to wear a dress." 

Heaven's parents looked at each other then laughed. Heaven didn't understand what was so funny. 

"Do you want to wear trousers?" Her father asked. 

Heaven looked up suddenly excited. Would her father let her do that? 

She nodded. 

"But then you will have to be better than Zarin not only when it comes to studies but also fighting skills."

Heaven couldn't believe her ears. "Does that mean I can wear trousers?"

Her father nodded. 

"Papa!" Heaven jumped in excitement then wrapped her arms around him. "I love you. I'll do my best."

Lucian hugged her back and stroked her hair. "I love you too. Now hurry, your lesson starts soon." 

Heaven had almost forgotten that she had to study soon with her cousin Zarin. Zarin was uncle Roshans son and their teacher was none other than her grandmother Irene. 

Once Heaven arrived at the class she had already changed into a pair of trousers and tied her hair up into a ponytail. Her grandmother and Zarin were already there waiting for her. Was she late again?

From the look on her grandmother's face, she knew she was late. "I am sorry I am late." She apologized then looked at Zarin who seemed annoyed with her. 

"You are always late. There is no use to apologize if you won't change your behavior." Zarin told her. 

Zarin was ten years old, one year younger than Heaven yet he acted as if he was much older than her. 

"I am trying," Heaven said getting annoyed with him too. 

"Try harder." He said and they both glared at each other with anger blazing through their eyes. 

Zarins's eyes were the brightest blue just like his mothers and his hair was raven black just like his father. But his attitude was unlike anyone's. He was utterly annoying, Heaven thought. 

"Alright, both. Let's not fight today." Irene interrupted. 

Luckily they finished class without killing each other and then Irene gave them hugs and kisses before sending them off. "Don't fight now alright?"

They both nodded before leaving. 

"What are you wearing?" Zarin asked confused once they were outside the room. 

"That none of your business." Heaven snapped then turned her heels and began to walk away. 

The sound of footsteps followed her. 

"Why are you following me?" Heaven asked turning around.

"I am not. You are walking in front of me." He said simply. 

"No, you are following me!" 

Zarin shook his head. "You are crazy." He said and walked past her. 

Heaven's face turned hot and red with anger. Did he just call her crazy?

"You!" She yelled behind him. "Stop right there!"

But Zarin kept walking away. 

More anger built inside of Heaven threatening to explode. All those times he had belittled her, all those times he had scolded her and treated her like a stupid person came to her memory and made her explode. 

She ran after him then grabbed onto his hair tightly. 

"Ouch! What are you doing?!" Zarin groaned in pain surprised by her attack. He tried to take her hand off his hair but she held on tightly. 

"Apologize!" Heaven ordered. 

"Let go of my hair!"

Heaven pulled him down on the floor holding onto his hair for life. 

"Let go of me!"

"Apologize first!" 

They began to roll on the floor, Zarin trying to come loose from her grip but it wasn't easy. 

"You are crazy!"

Heaven pulled his hair harder and he groaned in pain again. 


Suddenly her mother's voice cut through the air before she got pulled away from Zarin. Both her parents were there and even Zarins's parents. 

Zarins's mother helped him up and adjusted his hair while he gave Heaven an angry look. 

"What are you doing?" Her mother asked appalled while her father held onto her as if she would escape attacking Zarin again. Maybe she would if he kept staring at her like that. 

"What happened?" Klara asked Zarin.

"She just attacked me out of nowhere." He explained. 

"That's because you called me crazy," Heaven yelled. 

"That's not a reason to attack someone." Her mother spoke. 

"Zarin, you shouldn't call someone crazy." His mother scolded. "You should apologize."

"You too, Heaven." Her father gave her a light push. 

Heaven looked at Zarin. She really didn't want to apologize to him. Why would she?



Heaven was taken aside by her mother who had a serious expression. 

"Listen, Heaven. That wasn't good behavior. I want you to apologize." Her mother said once they were alone. "Sincerely" She added knowing how stubborn Heaven was. 

"But mother, why do I have to apologize? He is always rude." Heaven was still holding her ground. 

"Because that makes you a bigger and stronger person. Fighting doesn't make you strong. Being kind does." 

That was so her mother. Heaven sighed. She couldn't understand how her mother could be so good with words and kind all the time. 

"Alright. I'll apologize." Heaven said. 

"And you won't do it again." Her mother added. 

"I won't."


Zarin sat in front of his father who seemed displeased. He had his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look in his eyes. His father was silent for a long while instead of scolding him and that made Zarin feel uncomfortable. Soon he couldn't handle the awkward silence. 

"Alright. I know I did wrong." Zarin began. 

"What exactly did you do wrong?" His father asked. 

"I called her crazy."

"And why did you call her that?" 

"Because…" Zarin did think she was crazy but he couldn't say that out loud. She was crazy, stubborn, odd and annoying. 

Suddenly Roshan laughed. 

Roshan's laugh always made Zarin nervous. It was as if his father knew what he was thinking. 

Suddenly his uncle Lucian came into the room. "You shouldn't be so hard on him." He told Roshan. Then he turned to Zarin. 


Zarin stood up from his seat. "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Is your hair alright?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you for your concern."

"I told you not to be so formal with me." Lucian reminded. 

"I am sorry Your ma...I mean uncle Lucian."

Lucian smiled at him. 

Zarin liked his uncle very much. He was always kind to him despite all the fights with his daughter. 

"I know Heaven is lacking in many ways but that's not her fault. It's not easy living protected and isolated from the rest of the world. Other children, including you, go out and play with other children and you have many friends, but she doesn't. I hope you can be the friend she never had." Lucian explained. 

Zarin never thought about it and now he could understand a bit more. It must be sad not having any friends at all. He couldn't imagine being without his friends. 

"I'll try," Zarin said unsure if he could succeed. 

His uncle patted his head before leaving him alone with his father again. 

Roshan gave his son a stern look. "First I want you to apologize." He said. 

Zarin's shoulders dropped. Even though he felt bad for Heaven he was not good with apologies. How was he supposed to apologize?

He came up with many different ways to do it while he was looking for Heaven but none of them sounded good. 

"Zarin!" Suddenly her voice came from behind. 

No! No! He wasn't ready yet. Slowly he turned around and there she stood looking at him with those fascinating green eyes. 

Slowly she walked closer to him and he clenched his teeth trying hard not to show that he was nervous. 

"I have something to say to you." She said and then looked down at her hand. 

At that moment she looked so innocent and vulnerable that he felt bad. It was really sad that she didn't have a friend and always had to stay protected. 

"I… I am…" She began.

"I am sorry." He blurted. 

She looked up, her eyes widening with surprise. He was surprised himself but then quickly he decided to man up and tell her straight and clear. 

"I am sorry I called you crazy." He said. "It was rude."

She blinked a few times then smiled. "Yes, it was very rude." She agreed. "But I forgive you."

He nodded feeling awkward again. "Thank you." He said and then tried to leave quickly but she blocked his way. 

"I need to apologize too. For pulling your hair." She pointed at his head. 

"Oh, it's alright." He said despite that his head was still hurting. Then he tried to walk past her. 

"Are you leaving?" She asked looking somehow concerned. 


Heaven looked down at her hands again. Yes, she did find Zarin annoying but at the same time, she liked it when he was here. Sometimes she wondered what he did when he wasn't here. Did he have friends? Did he play with them? Did he have fun? Because she was very bored being at home. 

Sometimes Heaven wished that Zarin was a girl. Maybe then he wouldn't be so annoying. 

Suddenly an image of Zarin in a dress popped up in her head and she burst out laughing. Zarin gave her that look again. The look where he thought that she was crazy. 

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing." She put her hand over her mouth and kept laughing. 

Zarin shook his head. And he actually thought he could be friends with her. That would never happen. "I am leaving." He said turning his back to her. 


He ignored her and kept walking away.

"I am sorry."

He stopped. Did she just apologize again? He turned to her just to see if he heard it right. 

"I just imagined you wearing a dress. You looked funny." She explained. 

He sighed. He couldn't understand this girl.

"What's funny about that? You have dressed like a man already. I don't need to imagine that."

"At least I don't look funny in it." She said. 

He had nothing to say to that. She actually looked good in it. 

"I actually wore this so that I could play with you. I can't play the games you play with a dress." She explained. 

She wanted to play with him?

"Then what game do you want to play today?" He asked. 

Suddenly her eyes lit up as if she couldn't believe what he said and her lips curved into a wide smile. 

"All of them." She replied. 

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⎨⎨A mist appears in her bedroom, materializing into a seductive silver-eyed stranger who proceeds to satisfy her in every possible way.'


Imagine living in a world full of fiery, feral beings, hiding in the shadows, roving in our dreams, creeping under our skin. Eavesdropping, manipulating our minds and exploring our bodies. They are savages, beasts, but some of them are companions and childhood friends. 

Some are dangerous, others even more dangerous. They live amongst us. Some of us call them Demons, others call them Djinn. But some of them should never be called. 


Heaven, the devil's granddaughter and princess of Decresh, has everything in life. Loving parents, beauty, wealth, and status. But one thing is missing. And that is love. Heaven dreams of the kind of love her parents have and now that she has come of age to get married she has to find her dream man and the future king of Decresh. And she has to find him soon. 

There is one man. A mysterious silver-eyed stranger who keeps appearing in her dreams. Who is he and what does he want?

As the line of suitors grows, Heaven's dreams become more vivid forcing her to go on a journey to find the man in her dreams. Could he also be the man of her dreams? Or would he turn out to be a nightmare? ⎬⎬

〈 Chapter 1〉
He was here. Again. Hiding in the shadows. But Heaven didn't have to see him, to know that he was here. She could feel his presence. Whenever he arrived, the room would turn cold, until his touch inflamed her.

Heaven felt the other side of the mattress sink. He was getting into her bed. 


She lay still. She could neither speak nor move. Her body, her breathing, her heartbeat, everything stilled. Her ears strained, her mind conscious of his every movement. 

Suddenly, cold fingertips brushed her arm. Heaven recoiled inside in distaste. She wanted to move away from him, but she couldn't. Her body refused to listen. 

As his icy fingers trailed down her arm, Heaven shut her eyes tightly, praying for this nightmare to end. It didn't go well with the stranger in her bed. Suddenly he grabbed her harshly and turned her around so she was lying on her back. He loomed over her. 

"Open your eyes." He commanded. 

Heaven's eyes fluttered open, only to find herself looking into a pair of smoldering silver ones. They were metallic and gleaming in the dark. It wasn't the first time she had seen them. He had been here many nights before.

At first, he would only watch her from a distance. Not because he wanted to, but it felt as though there was a barrier between them, keeping him from getting close to her. But slowly he broke through the barrier, and that's when she began to see him, and when he began to whisper things in her ear. Things she would forget as soon as she woke up, together with his face. But those eyes she could never forget. 

His hair fell over his face as he leaned closer. Wait! What was he about to do? 

"Kiss you." He smirked. 

No! No! 

As his lips came closer Heaven opened her mouth. She was screaming, but no sound was being heard. 

No! Stop!

"Stoooop!!" Her voice echoed in the entire room while her eyes shot open. Her hand flew to her throat as she sat up. Thank you, Lord, she thought. Her voice came back. 

A moment later her two personal guards barged into her room, almost breaking the door. They quickly looked around for any threat before looking at her. 

"Your Highness, are you all right?"

"Yes, I am fine." She assured, "You may leave." 

They took one last look before leaving the room. 

Heaven put her hand on her chest. Her heart was pounding so hard. She dreamed of him again. 


This was getting strange and scary. 

The first few times she had been scared too, but she would forget her fear soon since she couldn't remember anything from the dream except his eyes. But the more she dreamed of him, the more she could remember, and now she remembered everything once she woke up. She could even feel his touch on her skin. As if he had been in her bed for real. 

Heaven was getting concerned. She used to disregard her fear with the explanation that it was only a dream. But now things were different. For every night that he came, he was getting closer to her, and that scared her. 

After getting dressed with the help of her two handmaidens, Heaven made her way to the great garden. Every morning she would have breakfast with her parents there. When she arrived, her mother was already seated at the table, sipping tea from a small cup. 

"Good morning, mother." Heaven greeted. 

"Good morning." Her mother smiled as she looked up from her cup of tea. 

As Heaven got seated, she could feel her mother watching her closely. Here comes the scolding again, she thought to herself. What has she done wrong this time?

"Is everything all right?"

"Huh?" Heaven got thrown off by the questions. She had been expecting a scolding. 

"It looks like you are not getting much sleep." Her mother commented.

Well, when a stranger gets into your bed at night, there isn't much sleeping to be done. Not that she could tell her mother. That would be scandalous. 

A maiden. Having a stranger in her bed. It would create havoc. But Heaven didn't have to worry about that since this stranger was nonexistent. 

"I am fine mother," Heaven assured. 

She could see that her mother wasn't convinced, but Heaven didn't want to explain by lying. 

"How is the selection going for you? Is there someone you like yet?"

Oh, no. This was the last thing Heaven wanted to talk about. Since she turned seventeen, and now she was almost nineteen, everyone was waiting for her to get married. The entire kingdom was waiting as if it was their own wedding. 

Heaven could understand. It was a political thing. Since her parents didn't have a son, the only way to secure the throne would be for her to get married. Her husband would then be the future king of Decresh. 

Heaven couldn't imagine any other man on the throne except for her father. He was a great ruler, loved by the people, yet feared. 

"No, mother. There is nothing to like about those men." Heaven sighed, thinking back to all the men who came asking for her hand. 

They were powerful men, either very rich or royalties. But the only reason they came to ask for her hand was the throne. They wanted more power, and the way to gain it was through her. She hated that they looked at her as a tool to gain more power. Heaven didn't want that kind of husband. 

"Those men?" Her mother raised a brow questioningly. 

"Yes. Those men who are only looking for power. That is not what I am looking for."

"Then what are you looking for?" Her mother asked, tilting her head to one side and listening curiously. 

Heaven grabbed an apple from the table. "I want what you and father have," she replied before taking a bite. 

"And I hope you find it. But things won't come to you, so you have to keep meeting these men. Hopefully, you will find someone you like."

"But mother, please. I don't want to do this anymore." Heaven pleaded. 

"Then how do you intend to find a man?" 

"Maybe I can find him if you let me go out." 

Her mother shook her head. "Heaven we spoke about this many…"

"I know, I know. It's dangerous and all." Heaven cut off. "But nobody will recognize me. I can dress like other people and blend in."

Her mother shook her head again. "You know what. Speak to your father about it."


If there was one thing Heaven could change about her life, it would be being a princess. Because of her title, she had been unable to make many friends, or meet new people, or walk around the streets freely, or meet a man and fall in love. 

Heaven knew she was being ungrateful. Yes, she couldn't do all those things, but she had many good things in life that other people didn't have. 

Life was all about taking the good with the bad. "No one lives a perfect life." That's what her mother used to say. Now she wondered what her father would say about letting her go out. 

He wouldn't let her. She knew it already. Yet she would try, once again. 

As she waited in the hall for her father's meetings to end, she thought of ways to convince him. 

'Dear father, I have been suffocating…'

No, that would be too much. 

'Your Majesty, as an a.d.u.l.t woman who can take decisions for herself and be responsible for them I would like to go out. Alone.'

No, that was too formal. She needed to add more feelings so that her father would sympathise with her. 

Or, she could act like a real grownup and tell him straight that she would go out and no one would stop her. But she wasn't used to going against her father's will.. He was her weakness. She loved him more than anything because she knew how much he adored her. 

If it was her mother made who taught her everything then it was her father who gave her all the love in the world. 

The clicking sound of footsteps echoed in the hall, and soon after whispers followed. Heaven knew it was her father coming. He would always make heads turn, cheeks flush and hearts race whenever and wherever he appeared. 

All the females in the castle were smitten by him. Even some men. Heaven couldn't blame them. She had overheard a maid once describe him as a walking temptation. That, Heaven wasn't sure of, but yes, her father was very good looking. And he hadn't aged a bit. He still looked the same as when she was a child. It was the demon part, of course, which very few people knew of. 

The only people who knew about them being demons, were her father right-hand man Lincoln and left-hand man Julian who, by the way, was also a witch. Then there were her mother's two guardian angels, as Heaven liked to call them, Callum and Oliver, who also knew about it. Heaven adored these two men because they took care of her when she was a child. Her mother's two handmaidens Lydia and Ylva also knew about their secret. 

When Heaven was a child, her mother would trust no one to take care of her except for Lydia and Ylva. Therefore, both were very close to her heart. Heaven's own guards and maids knew nothing, and for that reason she felt alone sometimes. 

"Good morning, my princess." Her father smiled as he neared. Then he grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her forehead, as usual. 

"Good morning, father." Heaven greeted in a sad tone. If she didn't pretend to be sad how would her father allow her leave?

A frown settled on her father's face. "What makes you sad?" He asked. 

"Father please, I would like to go out alone. Please." Heaven begged. 

"But Lord Aristo is coming to meet you today." Her father reminded. 

Lord Aristo was a very well-known and a wealthy businessman. But he should stick to business and not try to become a king. 

"I don't want to meet these old men." 

Her father chuckled. "I can assure you he is not old."

"Father, I never ask you for anything," because he already gave her everything before she could ask. "I just want to go out without having guards trailing behind me."

"All right then," Her father sighed. Heaven's heart raced in joy before he spoke again. "Then I must go with you, alone." 

The joy she felt a moment ago dissipated. "No father. That is dangerous." 

Her father had too many powerful enemies. He could not leave without protection. 

"No? Then how do you expect me to send you alone?"

Heaven looked down at her hands. She could never win this. 

Her father grabbed her chin and made her look at him. "Don't worry. Nothing will happen to me. Now get dressed, we'll leave." 

Heaven felt suddenly bad. She didn't feel like going out anymore. If anything happened to her father, it would be her fault. 

"I can't leave. I forgot. Zarin and Gina are coming here today, so I need to stay." Heaven lied. 

Zarin and Gina, her only friends who also shared her secret. Yes, they were demons as well. 

Heaven hated lying to her father, but he already knew from the amused look on his face. 

"All right." Was all he said. 

In the late afternoon, Lord Aristo came to meet her. They took a walk in the garden while he spoke of his business adventures and how he became so successful. At first Heaven listened with curiosity. She also wanted to go on an adventure and discover the world, but then slowly she became bored. 

Lord Aristo only spoke about himself. He never cared to ask her something. What she liked or disliked, if she had any skills, or just anything for that matter. When they had dinner, he changed the topic to politics and tried to impress her with his political knowledge. Heaven was relieved when the time for him to leave finally came. 

"It was a pleasure meeting you princess Heaven. I hope to meet you again." He said taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. 

Never again, Heaven thought to herself. She didn't want a man as self-centered as he was. 

Once he left, she went to her room feeling exhausted. These men were sucking the life out of her. Her handmaiden Kate helped her change into her nightgown, but Heaven didn't feel like going to bed. The nightmare was awaiting her, and this time she was very afraid.

"Do you need anything else, My Lady?" Kate asked. 

"No, thank you. You may leave."

Saying good night, Kate left her alone. 

Heaven went to her bed, but only sat on it. She looked at the sheets, the pillows and the blanket. Soon she would have to share a bed with her husband. Just the thought of it sent chills down her spine. She couldn't imagine sharing a bed with a man. Specially not any of the men she met till now. 

Suddenly cold air hit her face despite the closed windows. 

Damn him. He always appeared out of nowhere since he learned how to do that. 




"Zarin! Don't do that!" She scolded before she could even see him. 

Her childhood friend Zarin was probably the most annoying creature to have ever existed. 

Heaven grabbed her robe and covered herself quickly. 

"Can't you arrive as a normal human being?" She asked, turning to him. 

He stood leaning against the wall next to her bed with his hands in his pockets. Slowly, a sly smile made its way to his lips upon seeing her irritated. That was what he liked to do, after all. 

"Except I am not a normal human being." He reminded. 

Ignoring him, she continued. "We are not children anymore. You can't come here as you please. This is a lady's room now."

Zarin looked around, pretending to be surprised. "A lady? Where is the Lady?" 

Fuming with anger, Heaven threw a pillow on him. She missed, which made him chuckle. 

"Oh. You? When did you become a Lady?" He continued to tease. 

Heaven had lost count on how many times she had wanted to kill him. He lived to annoy her, but without him her childhood would have felt so lonely. But what could she do? She couldn't love him without hating him. 

"Just leave! I need to sleep." She said lying down on her bed, facing the other side. 

She could hear him sigh. "I thought... maybe wanted someone to talk too?"

"About what?" Heaven asked curiously. 

"About you getting married." 

"I am not getting married." She muttered. 

"You have to, someday soon. "

Why was he adding salt to her wounds? 

Pushing herself up in a sitting position, she looked at him for a moment.

"Are you happy that I have to get married?" She asked. 

"Only if you are happy with it." He replied. 

"Well, I am not." 

"You just have to find the right person." He persuaded. 

"I don't think I ever will as long as I am locked in here, which means that I, eventually, will have to get married to someone I don't like, share a bed with him, let him touch me, give him children and …."

"Relax." Zarin cut off. "Take a breath."

She was panicking and squirming inside. She finally said what she had been keeping inside, but there was more. 

"You won't have to marry anyone you don't like." He assured sitting at the corner of her bed. 

"You don't know that." Her voice almost broke. No, she would not cry. "I am a princess. I have a duty. I will put everyone in a difficult situation if I don't fulfill my duties." 

"Hell with duties. Your parents love you. They won't let you sacrifice yourself." He explained. 

That was the problem. They would sacrifice themselves instead, and Heaven didn't want them to. 

"You are right." She said at the end. Zarin wouldn't understand, anyway. "Were is Gina?" She asked, changing the topic. 

Gina was Zarins little sister and her only other friend. 

"Probably in some corner, reading a book." 

She was just like her mother. Who would think the famous warrior princess Klara loved to read during her free time? Heaven had once even received books as a gift from her. 

She loved to read as well, but not as much as Gina. That girl could get so lost in a book she wouldn't know whether it was morning or night. 

"All right, I need to sleep now. I have early training tomorrow." 

Both Heaven and Gina received sword training from princess Klara every other day, and tomorrow was the day. Heaven needed to sleep well if she was wanted to perform well tomorrow. Princess Klara could be really tough when teaching. 

Zarin stood up before turning to her. He watched her silently for a moment. 

"Are you sleeping well these days?" He asked. 

Did he know? 

"Yes. Why?" 

He shrugged his shoulders. "Just heard some things." He said. 

"What did you hear?" She asked curiously. 

"That you wake up screaming sometimes. Is it true?"

Heaven didn't want to tell him the truth, yet. "I just have bad dreams sometimes." 

He nodded. "All right, then. Good night." 

Just when he was about to leave, Heaven changed her mind. 


Zarin stopped in his tracks. 

"Can you stay here tonight?" She asked. 

His eyes widened. 

"I don't mean like that." She hurried to explain. "I just… have really bad nightmares. If you could just stay tonight?" She gave him a pleading look. 

The truth was, she wanted to know whether the man in her dreams only stayed in her dreams or out of it as well. 

"Well," He scratched his head awkwardly. "All right. Just tonight." He agreed. 

"Thank you." She smiled at him before tugging herself in to sleep. 

Zarin sat on the sofa in her room before dimming the lights with a thought.

Heaven closed her eyes, feeling safer, and eventually she fell into a deep slumber. 

When she woke up, it was still dark. For some odd reason the window was open and the chilly air came into the room. Heaven got out of bed to close the window when she took notice of Zarin sleeping on the sofa. 

She felt bad for asking him to stay, so after shutting the window she took one of her blankets to cover him. Just as she was about the put the blanked on him he grabbed her wrist. Startled, she looked at his hand. It was cold, oddly pale and slender, despite the hard grip. Shaken, she lifted her gaze to his face. 

It was him. The silver-eyes stranger. The one who caused her to have many sleepless nights. 

He tugged at her arm so she fell on top of him; her face getting dangerously close to his. For the first time she could see him clearly. 

"Remember me." He whispered. 


πŸ“š Hi Guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter let Continue


Heaven shot her eyes open. She looked around quickly, specially the sofa. Zarin was still sitting there, resting with eyes closed. 

So it was all a dream. He had come, but only in her dream. This time she didn't wake up scared. She was curios. 

Why did he ask her to remember him? 

Did he exist?

That would be terrifying. 

Who was he? And what did he want from her?

"Did you sleep well?" Suddenly Zarin stood next to her bed. 

Heaven sat up on the bed and adjusted her hair quickly. "Yes. Thanks to you." 

"Good, I'll take my leave then."

Heaven gave him a nod, feeling a bit strange that she let him stay in her room at night. It was very inappropriate for a lady to let such a thing happen. People would start talking if they knew. 

Zarin left before her handmaidens came to help her get dressed. This time she wore no dress. It would be trousers because she would fight the famous warrior princess and Zarins mother, Klara.

After dressing and getting her hair braided, she made her way to the castle's backyard. She knew she was early since nobody was there yet. Heaven took her sword and started practicing by herself. Her mother had made her practice from a very young age. 

"I don't want you to be like me. I want you to strong, confident and independent." Her mother had told her. 

Heaven knew her mother didn't have a good upbringing. She wasn't raised to be strong or independent. She was raised to be frail and submissive. But circ.u.mstances taught her to be strong and brave. Besides circ.u.mstances, she had her one and only friend Princess Klara to teach her a few things, like swordsmanship and politics. Still, sometimes her mother would join their fighting lessons and learn a few tricks herself. 

"Good morning, Princess." It was Princess Klara coming from afar with her daughter and my friend Gina trailing behind. 

Heaven had always admired princess Klara and had wanted to be like her. She was a woman who walked with such grace and confidence and had an aura that demanded respect. Not to speak of her beauty, she was a woman who turned heads. Her husband Roshan wasn't any less good looking. He was alluring in his own dark way. You would find yourself drawn to him, yet you would want to keep a distance. But Heaven liked him a lot. He was fun to be around and always full of sarcasm. 

"Good morning Princess Klara, good morning Gina." Heaven greeted. 

Her friend Gina was very cheerful, unlike her mother and mischievous like her father. She hurried and gave her a tight hug. "We have a lot to talk about" She whispered in Heaven's ear. 

Heaven already knew what Gina wanted to talk about. She wanted to know if Heaven had found a man. She would be disappointed to hear the news. 

As for the fighting lesson, Princess Klara was disappointed with her after the lesson ended. 

"What happened?" She asked, concerned. "You are not focusing today. Are you ill?" 

Heaven was panting as though she had been running through the entire castle. Her lungs and heart couldn't take it anymore. She felt weak and exhausted. What was happening to her?

"I am fine." She lied, but Princess Klara didn't believe her. 

"I think it's enough for today." She said despite the quick lesson. "Get some rest." 

Gina who was watching from afar wondered why they had stopped. "What happened?" She asked as she came up to them. 

"Nothing." Heaven hurried to say. "Just a little tired." 

Princess Klara put a hand on her shoulder. "Make sure to rest. I'll meet your mother." She said and left them both behind. 

Once her mother was out of sight, Gina placed her hands on her h.i.p.s. "Whats wrong?" She asked, clearly aware that something wasn't right. 

Heaven contemplated on whether to tell her about the man who dwelled in her dreams and now in her mind, making her unable to focus on anything except for the voice in her head.

'Remember me.'

Well, she clearly couldn't forget him.

"Come, let's go to my room. I'll tell you everything." Heaven said. 

Gina was two years younger than Heaven, yet she was more experienced about everything. She knew more about the world and its people. Not because she was more educated, but because she socialized more, whether it was with humans or demons. 

"So…" She began making herself comfortable on Heaven's bed. "Tell me." She urged. 

Heaven sat next to her, ready to share her worries and get some of that weight of her shoulders. 

"Well, I have this dream. About a man." She began and quickly Gina sat up with eyes wide. She seemed excited for some reason. 

"Oh. A dream about a man? Tell me about it." She said excitedly. 

"He has silver eyes and…" Heaven wasn't sure what more to tell her about him. It was all still very confusing. "The thing is, he appears in my dreams every night." 

"Do you know him?" Gina asked. 

"No. Never seen him before."

"Is he good-looking?"

"Well…" Heaven tried to think. Even though she had seen his face it was difficult to remember. "He is very alluring." 

Gina nodded thoughtfully. "You have probably seen him somewhere. Try to remember." 

Heaven was very sure she had never seen him before. If she had, she would never forget those eyes. 

"Nevermind. It's just a dream." She waved it off. "Now help me with the reality. I have to get married and I don't want to."

"Why not?"

"Because, I want to get married for love. Not like this."

Gina shook her head. "Where politics rule, there is no love. Our parents were lucky to find each other, but only a few people find love and even fewer get married to the person they love."

"Thank you for making me feel better." Heaven said, irony clear in her tone. 

"I am sorry." Gina apologized. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

"It's all right. You are somehow right. What should I do then?" 

Gina seemed to think for a while. "See we are demons. We get to live a long life. You will eventually find love, but right now you need to get married soon. Choose someone you can negotiate with. Tell him you'll accept to marry him and he will get access to power, but he won't touch you. Unless you want to, of course. As for an heir, he can have other women. It's just an idea. Maybe its bad idea. You know what? Forget it." She rambled. 

"No, no. That's a brilliant idea," Heaven said with a wide smile. She gave Gina a quick hug. "You're so smart." 

Now, she would have to find this man that she could negotiate with. Who could it be?

Suddenly someone came to her mind. 




At night Heaven waited for Zarin in her room. She had asked Gina to send him to her, but she hadn't told her why. Heaven wondered how Zarin would react. She knew he wouldn't like the idea, and he would probably not agree to help her. 

While waiting nervously she prepared her speech in her head, but then slowly she became afraid. Would this ruin her friendship with Zarin? She didn't want to lose him. And where was he, by the way? What was taking him so long? She was getting impatient and tired. 

Just when she was about to give up and go to sleep he appeared out of thin air. Heaven felt jealous everytime he did that. She wanted to be able to do that as well, but she couldn't. Only demons and half demons could do that, and she was neither. Being partly witch, human and demon made her a complicated creature. 

"Good evening, Princess." Zarin bowed teasingly. "How can I be of service to you?" 

Heaven smiled at his childish behavior. "You are late." She complained. 

He straightened himself and then ran his fingers through his messy hair to adjust it. Heaven studied him closely. He was handsome, and just like both his parents, he made heads turn. 

On top of that, he knew how to dress well, and he would always experiment with his hair. Today he wore a blue shirt that matched his blue eyes, with a pair of black trousers and a black jacket adorned with fur on the shoulders. He let his black hair down except for the one braid on the left side of his head. His pink lips were slightly red. Heaven could tell he had been drinking wine and probably partying. 

"I apologize sincerely. But I am here now." He grinned. 

Heaven stared at his mouth. His fangs had elongated, which meant that he had been s.e.x.u.a.lly active. When aroused, demon's fangs elongate. 

"I am sure you had a good reason to be late." She said ironically. 

"Well, I was in the middle of something difficult to get out from."

Heaven nodded knowingly, but she didn't know why it bothered her. Zarin had always enjoyed the company of women. 

Stumbling a bit, he took off his jacket and threw it on her sofa. Just how much did he drink? Demons and half demons could only get drunk after drinking enormous amounts. 

"So…" He began as he came to sit next to her on the bed. "You wanted to talk?"

Heaven got suddenly nervous and her heart began to beat erratically.

"What is wrong?" He asked, after hearing the fierce pounding of her heart. 

She turned to him slowly. He was sitting close to her and looking at her intently. 

"Zarin, I need to ask you a favor."

He gave her a nod. 

"I want you to… to marry me."

The world went still for a moment before Zarin blinked a few times in disbelief. 

"What did you say?" He asked. 

Heaven stood up, hands fisted at the sides of her body. She gathered more courage before speaking again. "I said marry me." She repeated this time, less afraid. 

Zarin seemed baffled by her words, so she decided to explain before he told her how stupid she sounded. 

"See, I don't like any of the men I met so far and probably won't like the ones coming too. Also, I don't think any of them are worthy of being a King. I am comfortable with you and I trust you. Don't worry, the marriage will just be a formality. We don't have to consummate the marriage and you can have any woman you like. Besides, you get to become a King." She paused. Did she say everything she needed to say? 

Zarin expression only seemed to get worse. 

"Do you hear yourself?" He asked. 

"Yes. And I wouldn't say this if it wasn't the best option." Or the only option. "So what do you say?"

He stood up hastily."I say no." 

"Why?" She grabbed his arm to prevent him from leaving.

"Because it's a bad idea."

"Then tell me a better one." She demanded. 

"Tell your parents the truth." He suggested. 

"And then what? They will say all right, take your time but father will always have to listen to those complains about why I haven't gotten married yet. People in the kingdom will cause commotion. Also, there is no guarantee I will find someone in the next few years."

Zarin sighed. "Listen, I can't give you a better idea. I just know this is not a good idea."

Heaven dropped his arm. "Fine. Then I will just say yes to the first man that comes here tomorrow and live unhappy for the next thirty or forty years."

"Don't try to make me feel bad!" 

"You should feel bad. You can't even help a friend in need."

"Heaven! Marriage is not a child's play." 

"I am not playing Zarin. I am desperate."

"All right, all right. Let me think." He said sitting carefully back down again.

He was silent for a long moment while Heaven waited restlessly. 

"Get dressed." He said when he finally spoke again. 


"We are going out. You were right. You can't meet someone while locked in here." He explained. 

"Father won't be happy if he finds out." 

"I'll handle it. Just get dressed, and not something too fancy."

Heaven nodded and went on to pick a dress. Then she hid behind the folding screen and slid into the most simple dress she owned. A blue long-sleeve dress. 

"Is this all right?" She then asked Zarin showing him what she was wearing. 

"You look beautiful." He complemented before reaching his hand for her to take. 

Heaven placed her hand in his, and he drew her into his arms. 


She nodded, and just like that they were somewhere else. It went so smooth and quick that she felt nothing but the air blowing her hair and dress. 

Heaven looked around once Zarin released her from his hold. It was midnight, and they both stood in front of a large mansion with all the lights on. Heaven could see people drinking, chatting and dancing through the windows. 

Zarin had brought her to a party. 

"This is Lord Augustins mansion. He is a very wealthy demon Lord, and he invites other wealthy demons to his parties. I think demons might interest you more than humans." He explained. 

"So all those inside are demons?" Heaven asked, feeling slightly nervous. She had never been in a room full of demons before. 

"Most of them. There might be a few humans."

Heaven looked at the big Iron gate where two guards stood. The butterflies in her stomach went wild. 

Zarin put his arm on the small of her back. "Don't worry. I am here." He assured her. "Just don't act like a royalty. You are a friend of mine and your name is Anna. Look around, speak to some men, see if there is someone you like. All right?"

She nodded and Zarin led the way in to the party. 

Heaven was surprised and looked around excitedly. She had never been among so many people before. Her father was not the kind to throw parties. Yes, they have had many dinners but she could only remember one party and she was very young back then. 

Now she found herself surrounded by people in fancy clothes and expensive jewelry. Some of them were dancing, others sitting at a table while either eating, drinking or chatting. 

"I'll leave you alone now." Zarin whispered. 

Heaven panicked. "Why? Don't go." She held onto him tightly. 

"Men will only approach you if they find you alone. Otherwise they'll think you are with me." He explained. 

"But… what should I do if they approach me?"

"Just speak to them and enjoy your time. I'll be over there, so don't worry."

Before she could protest, he pulled his arm away from her grip and left her standing there alone. And it didn't take long before a man came up to her. 

"May I have a dance with a beautiful lady?" He asked, reaching his hand out for her. 

Heaven took his hand hesitantly, and before she knew they were dancing across the dancefloor. He smiled at her surprised expression. 

It must be a demon thing, she thought. She had never danced with a demon before. She looked around. All of them were good looking, including the man she was dancing with. He had dark brown eyes, almost black, with a hair that matched in color. His pale lips were surrounded by well kept facial hair that hid most of his well-defined facial features. 

"May I ask your name?" He said while they flowed over the dancefloor. 


"I have never seen you before, Anna. Are you from here?"

"Yes." Was her curt reply. 

"Strange. I would never forget your face." He smiled at her. 

Heaven was used to men finding her beautiful, but right now she was in a room with women as beautiful as her if not even more. 

"Why?" She asked.

"Look around." He said. "No one has a face like yours. And your eyes, they are magnetic."

A blush crept to her face. She was not used to men complimenting her this way. 

"My name is Benjamin." He introduced himself. 

"Nice to meet you, Benjamin." She said. 

"The pleasure is mine." 

Benjamin continued to ask her question and shower her with praises before he got interrupted by another man who also wanted to dance with her. 

The other man, Ricard, was also charming in his own way. Afte dancing with him, Heaven got the chance to speak and dance with many more men, and all the attention and compliments she got flattered her. 

She couldn't deny she had a good time, but no specific man caught her attention. 

After a while, her eyes searched for Zarin in the room. He was sitting in a corner with a beautiful lady and both of them seemed to have a good time. 

Heaven was about to avert her gaze when suddenly someone caught her attention. A man sitting alone in a dark corner of the room. He was holding a wine cup in his hand and he seemed to look at her. She couldn't see his face because of the darkness that surrounded him, but his eyes, she recognized them from her dream. 

It was him. 

The silver-eyed stranger.


uddenly the world around her disappeared and the only thing she could see was the mysterious stranger sitting alone at the dark corner. Unaware, she stood up from her seat and started to walk toward him. It was as if he was calling to her, pulling her toward him with an unknown force. 

Heaven didn't resist. She wanted to see him and to know him, but she couldn't ignore the part of her that was terrified. He didn't seem to have good intentions. What if he was an enemy and wanted to cause her harm? What if she was putting herself in a dangerous situation?

But again, the curious part of her was stronger than the fearful part. She wanted to know what he wanted from her, otherwise he would keep appearing in her dreams. Maybe even nightmares. 

When she was close to where he was sitting he suddenly stood up and walked away. 

"Wait!" Heaven called, but he ignored her and continued further. 

Heaven lifted her dress slightly and hurried her steps. She pushed through people, keeping her gaze fixated on his back as to not lose him in the crowd. He was walking fast and getting further away from her. 

Afraid that she would never get the chance to see him she began to run after him. She followed him out of the hall, then out of the mansion. 

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" She even waved her hand, but he kept on walking. 

How could he be so fast? She was loosing him. 

Soon he walked out of the gate and she was right behind him but when she came arrived at the gate, he was gone. Just like that, he disappeared. 

Heaven kept looking around, confused as to why he ran away from her. Wasn't he the one who visited her dreams every night?

She turned to the guards who stood at the gate. "Excuse me. Who is the man that just left?" She asked. 

The guards looked at each other. "What man?" One of them asked. 

Heaven looked closely at them. "Are you human?" She whispered. 

"No, My Lady." the other one grinned, showing his fangs. 

Then how did they not see him? She was sure he left through the gate. 

"Heaven!" Zarin came running to her. "Where did you go? You know I will be held responsible if something happens to you." He scolded. 

"Zarin, did you see the man with silver eyes?" It was as if she didn't listen to what he was saying. 

"No. Why?"

"Do you know a demon with silver eyes? Anyone with such eyes?" She asked desperately. 

"No! Are you looking for someone?"

Heaven sighed. "I saw him in there. In the party. He just left." 

Zarin was utterly confused. "Who is he? Who are you talking about?"

Heaven kept staring at the gate. She lost him. Now, how would she know what he wanted?

"Heaven?" Zarin tapped her shoulder. "What is wrong?" He asked when she turned to him. 

"Nothing. Let's go home." She said feeling disappointed. 

Once they were back to her chamber Zarin gave her a questioning look. "What happened to you?"

"I don't know." Heaven said letting herself fall on her bed. She stared at the ceiling. 

He exists, she thought to herself. She had just met the man in her dreams. What was he doing there? 

"Heaven! Are you listening to me." Zarin loomed over her. 

"Zarin. I need to get some sleep before the morning comes. Thank you for taking me out."

"Are you asking me to leave?" He asked, confounded.

She nodded. She needed to sleep in order to see the man in her dreams. 

"Fine." He said. Heaven could hear that he was upset, but he would forget about it by tomorrow. 

Once he left Heaven changed into her nightgown and hurried to get some sleep. Unfortunately, she woke the next morning without having a dream.

Wait! Why was she feeling sad about it? It was what she wanted. But now she was too curious, and she couldn't stop thinking about him. 

He had told her to remember him, then why didn't he come to her? Why did he run away from her?

While pondering, alone in her room the door guard informed the Kings arrival. 

Heaven turned to the door, and soon her father entered. A smile lit up his face upon seeing her, and he opened his arms for her. 

Heaven ran into his embrace. With her father, she still felt like a child. 

"My Princess." He said holding her tightly and placing a kiss in her hair. "Did you sleep well?"

Heaven nodded. "And you?"

"I have slept well. Thank you. I have some free time and thought you might want to go to the market."

"We are taking guards with us, right?" 

"No. Only you and me."

"But that is dangerous. I told you." She felt like a parent scolding her child. 

She knew her father felt bad for keeping her in the castle or sending many guards with her everytime she left, but she couldn't blame him. He was only trying to keep her safe. 

She remembered this one time when they left the castle and were attacked by demons who tried to kill her father. That day they were lucky. Her grandparents and Roshan were there to help them protect themselves. 

Since then, Heaven feared for her father every time he left the castle. She would rather go by herself. No one would recognize her, anyway. Her father had kept her away from every demon and witch, while everyone knew him. 

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen." He told her. 

Heaven wondered what kind of plan her father had in mind. Whatever the plan was, she decided to trust him. 

As to not get recognized by the citizens they dressed up as commoners and then rode into the market. 

When they arrived Heaven realized that changing clothes wasn't helping much. People gawked at them. Her father had every woman's attention, and whispers and giggles followed soon. That didn't seem to bother him. What bother him and her was the way men looked at her. It was with carnal fascination. Their eyes gleamed with l.u.s.t and if her father hadn't been with her, she knew they would come up to her. 

Heaven felt uncomfortable. She realized she didn't belong here. Her father noticed her discomfort and tried to avert her attention to something else. 

"Is there anything you would like to buy?" He asked. 

Heaven looked around. There was nothing she didn't own. 

"Father, lets go to that lake with the ducks." She said. 

When she was little her father once took her to a beautiful lake where many ducks swam. 

"All right." Her father nodded. 

They climbed their horses and then rode away. 

Once they arrived they sat on the grass near the lake and watched the ducks swimming. It was calm and quiet. The only sound being heard was that of the nature. Birds singing, the wind blowing and trees moving to it.

Her father sat quietly next to her and even though his gaze was fixated on the lake, she knew he wasn't looking at it. His mind was somewhere else. 

"Heaven." He finally spoke. 

"Yes, father." 

He turned to her. "Are you happy?" He asked. 

The question surprised her. 

"Yes, father. Why?"

"You know. I wanted to give you a better life than mine and your mothers. I didn't realize that I was giving you the same isolated and lonely life that your mother had. You didn't choose this life and I…"

"Father," Heaven cut him off and put her hand on his shoulder. "No one chooses the life they get born into. Neither did you nor mother. It's not your fault. No one lives a perfect life. Everyone has different struggles and mine is to live secluded from society. But I have you and mother and Zarin and Gina and grandmother and grandpa…" Heaven abruptly stopped. 

Grandfather was not in her life anymore. He left them. Heaven shook her head. She didn't want to think of him now. 

"What I am trying to say is that I am a happy father and I have never blamed you or mother."

Her father put his arm around her shoulders. "I didn't realize how much you have grown up and how wise you have become. You make me proud." He smiled. "And about the marriage. Take your time. When I met your mother, my loneliness disappeared. Still, I never feel lonely. I hope you can find someone you can share everything with."

Heaven smiled. "Me too. But father… the men I am meeting now are all humans. Shouldn't I meet demons and witches as well?"
A frown settled on her father's face. "Demons hate witches and witches demons." He explained. 

Oh, and she was both. No demon or witch would accept her as their partner.


Heaven was surprised to find Gina in her room once she was back from her trip with her father. Zarin must have told her about the marriage thing. Heaven hoped that this wouldn't change anything in their friendship. 

Gina was reading a book while waiting, as usual. She probably didn't even realize that Heaven had arrived. 

"Hello," Heaven called, throwing herself on the bed next to her friend.

"Oh," Gina looked up from her book. "You are here." She smiled, putting the book aside. "Where were you?"

"Father took me out for a while." 

"And where did you go last night?" Gina wiggled her eyebrows. 

"So you know?" 

"I do know. So tell me. Did you meet anyone interesting?" Gina leaned in, curious to know. 

Heaven shook her head. "It doesn't matter. Demons hate witches." 

"But they love beautiful woman and you are stunning, my friend. Just look at you." She encouraged. "Once they see you, they won't care about anything else."

"I am not sure about that." 

"You should be. Listen, tonight we will go out again. I'll prove it to you." 

Heaven didn't protest. Gina was too stubborn to deny. Besides, a part of her still had hope to meet someone. Maybe she would meet the silver-eyes stranger again. 

When the night came and the palace became quiet because everyone was asleep, Gina came to her room. Gina was already a stunning woman, but tonight she dressed to kill. She wore an olive green dress with long sleeves and a v neckline. It was adorned with lace and ribbons and flowed from the waist down. Her black hair was braided and attached to her head like a crown. Her hazel eyes were surrounded by thick dark lashes and she had added some colour to her pale cheeks. Gina looked innocent when smiling but when being serious her sharp facial features gave her a very elegant aristocratic look.

"So... "She said twirling. "How do I look?"

"Beautiful." Heaven smiled 

"Thank you. I put in a little extra effort. It's the first time we are going to a party together, after all." 

That was true. 

"Now. What have you decided to wear?" She asked. 

"I don't know what's appropriate." Heaven wondered. 

"Come, let's see what you have." 

Gina picked a wine-red dress for her. "This will suite your skin color so much." She explained. 

Without questioning her friend's choice, Heaven slid into the dress. It looked like Gina's except for the lace and ribbons. This one was adorned with golden embroideries and a golden belt at the waist. 

When she was done, Gina helped her put some paint on her lips and cheeks, and since none of them were good with hair, they just let her hair down. 

Gina took a step back to take a good look at Heaven. "Good Lord. You are going to provoke some demons tonight." She smiled, satisfied. 

Heaven on the other hand didn't like the idea of provoking demons. "Maybe I should change then." 

"No, no." Gina crossed the distance between them and embraced her. Before Heaven could think of what to say, they had already arrived outside the party. 

"Come on." Gina said, taking her hand and leading her inside. 

This party seemed different from the last one. It seemed calmer. The hall was dimly lit with slow music in the background. It had somehow a romantic feel to it. Probably why Gina brough her here. 

"Regina." A familiar voice called from behind. 

As both of them turned, they froze in place. For different reasons. 

"Uncle?" Gina seemed embarrassed and a little scared. 

It was Enoch. The angelic looking demon. Heaven had seen him a few times when she was young and actually believed he was an angel. Now she was staring at him with the same fascination. 

"What... what are you doing here?" 

"I should ask the same." He spoke. 

"Eh… we just…"

"It's my fault. I told her to take me out." Heaven hurried to save her friend. 

Enoch turned to her and looked at her for a moment, as if trying to recall who she was. Then his eyes widened with realization. 

"Princess Heaven. You truly shouldn't be here." 

"Please uncle. Can't you just pretend you saw nothing. And please don't tell father." Gina begged. 

Enoch looked around, unsure. 

"Please uncle. Zarin is coming too. We will keep an eye on Heaven."

So this was about her now? 

Enoch sighed. "All right. Only this time. Don't get into trouble." He warned her, then turned to Heaven. "It was nice meeting you, Princess." And then just like that he was gone. 

Gina let a breath of relief. "Lord. What was he doing here? He isn't the party type." She wondered. 

"Why not?" 

"I am not sure. He isn't very talkative. Anyway, that guy there has been staring at you." She nodded toward a handsome male staring at her through the crowd. When their eyes met, he smiled at her. 

Heaven averted her gaze quickly, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Oh Heaven. Come on. Dont be shy. If you don't like him, pick anyone in the room and talk to them." 

Heaven panicked. Was she supposed to make the first move? She would never dare. 

"Alright. I'll just leave you alone to… Oh, someone is coming here." Gina gave her a push with her elbow. 

Who? Heaven looked around quickly. A man was approaching them. Good. Then she wouldn't have to make the first move. 

"My Lady. May I have a dance?" He reached his hand out for Gina. 

Gina raised her eyebrows. Surprised, he asked her for a dance instead of Heaven. 

Heaven would have been happy for her friend if it wouldn't mean that she would be left standing there alone. But she forced herself to smile. She didn't want to ruin the night for Gina, so she gave her a nod to go on. 

Gina took the man's hand, and he led her to the dance floor. Heaven could tell they were flirting by the way they leaned into each other and Gina giggled. If she only had half the confidence her friend had. 

"My, my. What do we have here?" 

Of course he was here. She turned to him. "Zarin. What are you doing here?" 

"Well, I couldn't miss the party my sister and my friend were attending." He let his gaze slowly travel up and down her body. "And I am glad I came." He added. 

Heaven felt something strange in her stomach. It was as if his words meant something else. 

"Why?" She asked. 

"Because it's dangerous the way you dressed. It must be Gina's doing. She dressed you to be a meal for many hungry demons in this room, and I can't let that happen." 

"What do you mean?" His words confused her. 

"Come. Let's dance while we speak."

He took her to the dance floor and drew her into his arms before they began to dance to the music. 

Heaven realized this was the first time she danced with him. It also made her realize the man her childhood friend had become. He wasn't the silent, broody and innocent little boy she knew anymore. He was confident, mischievous and very tantalizing. 

"So. Have you thought about my offer?" She asked. 

"What offer?" 

She leaned closer and whispered. "To marry me." 

He chuckled. "Are you still on that? I thought we moved on from it."

"Is the idea of getting married to me that unpleasant?" 

"Yes." He replied. 

Heaven felt hurt by his words. "Why?" She asked. 

"Because I like to live freely. I don't want to be bound by royal duties."

Oh, so it wasn't because of her. 

"Also, I wouldn't make a good King." He added. "But don't worry. We will find you someone."

"Demons won't like me when they find out I am partially witch." Heaven whispered. 

"Well, your grandfather liked your grandmother." He reminded. 

"That was a onetime thing."

"If it happened one time, it can happen twice. You just need to find a very powerful demon, like your grandfather. One who is centuries old. Then he won't care that you are a witch if he truly likes you." 

Powerful, centuries old demon didn't sound good. 

"And if he doesn't like me, he will kill me on the spot." Heaven added. 

"Oh. It will be very difficult not to like you in this dress."

Heaven's cheeks flushed, which caused Zarin to laugh. "What is funny?" Heaven asked, annoyed.

"You are adorable. You need to become bolder than this. If you get together with a demon, I promise you giving compliments is the least he will do." 

Heaven knew demons were very s.****.l creatures. She could only imagine what they could be doing behind closed doors. Nothing she would want to know, yet. 

"So where do we find this powerful, centuries old demon who won't kill me?"
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