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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's 馃槇 Son Volume 1 Chapter 51 || 52 .... 60 ✍️✍️✍️✍️



Dark l.u.s.trous black hair framed a strong, defined face and pink soft lips were curved into a smirk.

"My my what do we have here?" His voice as smooth as his caramel skin held a mocking lilt.

When Klara didn't reply or move he arched one dark brow.

"Do you find it comfortable sitting on the floor?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh... no..." Her face burned with embarrassment as she got up and adjusted her dress.

Why was she acting like this? Irritated with herself she looked at the man in front of her. Good lord, he was enticing, a feast to the eyes. She guessed that he might be from the tropics because of his tanned skin and exotic looks.

"You seemed to be in hurry?" He spoke.

Yes right, she forgot. She was running from a snake. A snake? Klara looked behind her. Luckily the snake hadn't followed her.

"There was...a... a there," Klara said pointing.

The man chuckled. "It's harmless."

Harmless? How could a snake be harmless? She had heard how people died immediately if they got bitten by one.

"What is your name beautiful?"

Klara blinked a few times in surprise. No one has ever dared to call her beautiful even if they thought she was but of course, this man didn't know who she was otherwise he wouldn't dare.

"Klara. "

" are the warrior princess." He said.

"You know me?"

"Not really, just heard of you and your savage brother and ...people."

Klara was fuming with anger. How dare he? He knew nothing about her brother or people.

"Don't you dare call my brother or my people savage."

"Or what?" He said looking amused.

"Or I will slit your throat." Klara threatened before she could stop herself from saying something so stupid.

"Tsk tsk...I didn't know such threats could come from that beautiful mouth of yours."

Klara was confused. Was he complimenting her? Then why did she feel as if he was mocking her?

"It's not a threat, it's a warning."

He took a step toward her and leaned closer. Klara froze in place, he was too close for her comfort. "You see, you are in no position to warn me when you just ran from a mere snake." He said.

A mere snake?

She took a step back. "Maybe I find it easier to kill you than a mere snake."

He grinned showing perfect white teeth with canines slightly longer than normal ones.

"A tough one I see. I like it." He drawled.

How unfortunate, because she didn't like him even though he looked delicious enough to eat.

Klara shook her head. Where did she get that thought from?

"Klara? here you are." Irene's voice came from the hallway.

Turning her head she found Irene and Hazel approaching them. Hazel had changed into a clean dress and her hair was still wet from the bath. She seemed to be walking just fine. Klara guessed that Irene's must have used some magic to heal her leg.

"I see you have already met." Irene smiled as she looked between Klara and the man standing next to her.

"Hazel this is Roshan, he is part of my family and this is princess Hazel." Irene introduced them to each other.

So the morons name was Roshan. Klara had never heard such name before.

"Nice to meet you princess." He said with a polite tone that he hadn't used when he spoke to her.

Klara had the sudden urge to kick him.

"You must be hungry. Enoch has prepared lunch. Let's eat together." Irene suggested then gestured for them to follow her.

On their way to the dining room, Irene and Hazel chatted happily while Klara walked next to Roshan in silence. Her senses told her that something wasn't quite right. Neither Enoch nor Roshan looked like Irene yet she said they were family.

"What are you to Irene?" Klara asked Roshan.

"I am a friend of her husband." He said simply.


Enoch was already waiting when they arrived.

"Mmm...smells delicious." Irene smiled.

Yes, it did. Klaras eyes landed directly on the grilled chicken legs in the middle of the table. She couldn't wait to have a bite of it.

"Enoch always makes delicious food," Irene explained.

Hazel and Klara exchanges looks. A man who cooks? Not only that, but he cooks well.

"Please sit down." Irene urged.

Roshan walked past her and went to hold the chair out for Hazel.

"Thank you." Hazel smiled as she sat down.

Klara thought he would then hold the chair out for her but he just went to his seat and sat down. Did he forget her or was he ignoring her on purpose?

"My Lady." Looking to the side she found Enoch holding the chair out for her.

She thanked him and sat down. Irene and Hazel continued with their chatting, Roshan sat in silence while Enoch served food on their plates.

"Bon appetite!" Irene said when Enoch was done serving and sat around the table as well.

Klara was extremely hungry and the food tasted extremely well so she tried really hard to eat as a civilized person but she probably didn't succeed because she was done before anyone else.

"Do you want some more, My Lady?" Enoch asked.

Feeling embarrassed Klara wanted to say no but found herself saying yes.

Enoch served some more food on her plate and Klara ate till she had enough.

"Your food is delicious," Klara told Enoch.

"Thank you." He smiled looking even more handsome when smiling. Klara was struck by the fact that everyone looked extremely beautiful in this mansion.

Enoch was tall and build, looking like the warrior type. His long blonde hair was tied in a half ponytail and the rest fell to his shoulders in smooth waves. His smooth skin was pale and unblemished and his eyes, a forest green that reminded her of warm summer days. With his extremely good looks and wearing all white, he looked like an angel.

Roshan was quite the opposite. While everything was light with Enoch, everything was dark with Roshan, he was even wearing all black. His dark hair cascaded down his golden skin like waves of midnight framing a masculine face. His eyelashes, the only feminine thing about him were so long and thick they made her jealous. From under those lashes peeked eyes of Hazel that would trap any woman who looked into them. Klara's gaze traveled further down to his lips, but she averted her gaze quickly before she could think of anything stupid.

Then there was Irene. Her beauty was on another level. It was an unearthly, the kind that would stop you in your tracks, the kind that would suck you in, make you forget how to speak or breath, just like Lucians she thought.

"Do you want some dessert?" Irene asked.

"No, Thank you. I am fine."

Standing up Irene helped Enoch and Roshan clean the table. Klara took the opportunity to take Hazel to the side.

"What did she do to your leg?" Klara whispered.

"Healed it with Herbs." Hazel shrugged.

"Are you sure we can trust her? I mean why is she helping us?"

"As I said before because she is a friend," Hazel said shortly.

Klara knew Hazel was hiding something from her. What has she gotten herself into? Helping someone who wasn't telling her everything.

"You are probably tired why don't you rest?" Irene spoke as she neared.

"Yes I need some sleep." Hazel said yawning.

"Come one then I will take you to your rooms."

I lay on the bed thinking about Lucian. Was he alright? And Callum. I felt so guilty for leaving him behind.

"What are you thinking about?"

I sat up on bed and looked at Irene. "I feel bad for leaving Callum behind and I am worried for Lucian."

"I understand that."



"You still haven't told me why you are helping me? And what did you mean when you said Lucian is different?"

"Hazel..." She began and sat next to me "I wish I could tell you everything as it is but I can't. That's why I need you to figure it out yourself. You already know your husband is different but think, what is he exactly?"

"Why can't you tell me?"

"Because I am cursed."


"It's a long complicated story. I just can't tell you."

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"You need to think and figure it out yourself." She said.

I was really confused. So basically she could tell me nothing and I didn't know how to figure things out by myself.

"Alright. I need to meet Lucian. Can you do some kind of magic thing so that I can meet him."

"It will be difficult but I can try. Why don't you rest for now."

I lay back, covered myself with the sheets and closed my very tired eyes to get some sleep. I didn't know when I fell asleep but when I woke up I found Klara in the room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

She came and sat next to me on the bed. "Are you not worried at all? What if something has happened to Lucian?" She seemed genuinely worried.

"I am sure he is fine." I said to my surprise. How could I know he was fine?

She frowned. "Alright. Let's say he is fine but we can't just stay here."

She was right but what were we supposed to do?

"What should we do then?"

"What did Lucian tell you before he left?"

"He said he would go kill his brothers and I was supposed to stay hidden in Lincoln's house, but they found us and we had to escape."

Klara was quite for a while and seemed to be thinking.

"Hmm then you should stay hidden. I need to leave maybe I can help him." She said standing up.

"Wait! How? You don't know where he is."

"I didn't know where you were when I found you. If he wants to kill his brothers I can probably guess where he is. I will tell him you are safe."

"I will go with you." I said removing the sheets and swinging my legs down.

Klara held her hand up in a stop gesture.

"Can you fight? Can you ride? No, you can't. So why will you follow me? Besides his brothers are looking for you everywhere, you will only make it difficult for me."

Could she be meaner? But she was right.

"Fine do whatever you want." I said but I was actually worried for her. "But be careful."

She looked at me for a while, some kind of emotion swirling in her eyes.

"I will."




"Klara? Where are you going?" Irene stood at the door while Klara packed her weapons.

"I am going to find Lucian." Klara waited for Irene to ask why but she didn't.

"How do I leave? I mean we came through that magic gate." Klara asked.

"You leave through it as well. Do you want me to open it for you?"

"Yes, please."

Klara followed Irene outside and she opened the gate for her.

"Take this." Irene said handing her a bird shaped necklace."It will help you when you are in danger."

Klara looked at the necklace. How would a necklace help her she wondered. "Thank you. I shall go then."


"Wait!" Hazel came running toward them. "Could you give this to Lucian?" She asked holding out a letter.

Klara took the letter. "Yes." She said, "Goodbye." Then entered the gate with her horse.

"Be careful." She heard Hazel call before a force swept her away and she landed flat on her stomach.


Standing up she dusted herself off. Her horse, Klara called him Thunder seemed fine, just confused by what was happening.

"It's alright." She said clapping him. "Shall we leave?"

Mounting Thunder Klara rode off to find Lucian.

Klara rode for a while until she came to a crowded place. It was a shopping market she realized, but where exactly?

"Excuse me? Where is this place?" Klara asked a woman walking by.

"This is Xantus My Lady." The woman told her.

Xantus was a city in Decresh. So she was already where she wanted to be.

"Where can I find the royal castle?" Klara asked.

The woman's face turned blue. "You shouldn't go there My Lady. There is blood everywhere."

"Just tell me where it is."

"It's in the north-west a few miles away."

"Alright. Thank you." Klara said and continued her journey.

The sun went down and it became darker and darker till it was difficult to see the road. Klara decided to stop and sleep until the morning light.

"Let's get some rest." She said getting off Thunder and stroking his back. Finding a tree she tied Thunder, then she lay down on the cold ground under the tree. "Goodnight Thunder." She whispered and closed her eyes.

The next morning she woke up from Thunder making a sound. It only meant one thing, horses were nearby which probably meant soldiers. Klara got up quickly and hid behind a cliff then listened to the sound of horses and men nearing.

Slowly she peeked her head from behind the cliff. Soldiers dressed in a black and blue attire were walking past. Black and blue? It was her brother's men. What were they doing here?

Oh, no. Her brother knew she went to help Lucian so of course, they were looking for her here or maybe even looking for Lucian.

If they continued this way they would probably find him and take him to Rasmus. She couldn't let that happen. Getting out from behind the cliff she approached them. As soon as they heard the sound of her footsteps they took their weapons out.

"Your Highness?" A young soldier named Erik looked at her surprised. "We have been looking for you everywhere."

Klara sighed in frustration. Couldn't she just be left alone?

"Well, here I am."

"We have been told to bring prince Lucian."

Of course. Her brother probably wanted to punish him for escaping as if he really didn't have enough problems already.

"No, you won't. You wanted me here I am. Let's go home now."

"I am sorry Your Highness but we have to follow the king's orders first."

She looked around. They were too many to fight on her own. Crazy things she was doing for love, fighting her own men.

"Then I won't come with you." She threatened. "You either take me or him. You decide."

Erik didn't blink once. Rasmus must have told them to bring her no matter what. Klara knew her brother.

"Your Highness please. Don't force us to fight."

"I am not. I gave you an option Erik. Take which option you want."

Erik sighed then nodded toward the soldiers. Klara took her sword out ready to fight.

"Leave the Lady alone." A voice she recognized spoke.

Looking to where the voice came from Klara found Roshan walking from a distance.What was he doing here?

"Do you know him Your Highness?" Erik asked.

Well, she knew him but not really.

"Are they disturbing you?" Roshan asked as he neared. Wearing a long black coat he looked even more bad and dangerous than before. "Do you want me to get rid of them?"

Klara looked around. He was only one, how would he fight all these men?

"Could you do that?" She asked.

He smirked. "You just tell me."

How stupid she was. Of course he could. He was a witch so he would probably just make them fall asleep like Irene did.

"Alright." She said.

Erik raised one eyebrow. "Just kill him and bring her." He ordered unbothered.

A few soldiers took their swords out and aimed toward Roshan. Roshan ducked from the first soldiers' strike and snapped his head off so fast she couldn't even follow with her eyes. The other soldiers stopped in their tracks surprised by what just happened.

Klara was shocked, was he going to fight? She thought he would put them to sleep.

Clearly he wasn't because in a few seconds fight he had already killed everyone using only two small daggers. He reminded her of how Lucian fought, fast and fluid.

Roshan took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the blood from his daggers before putting them back in his pocket all while Klara still was shocked as she looked at the dead bodies of her men. What had he done?

Klara looked at Roshan. He was standing there, unbothered, as if he just didn't kill someone, but was out here on a walk to get some fresh air on a sunny day.

"What have you done?" She asked.

"You don't seem thankful."

"You just killed my men."

"You told me so." He stated simply.

"Well, you could just put them to sleep or something." She said frustrated.

"What? Do you want me to sing them a lullaby?"

Klara glared at him.

"You are not funny. You could use your magic or whatever."

"Magic?" He said confused. " think I am a witch."

"You are not?"


Klara was confused. If he wasn't a witch then what was he? Because she could sense he wasn't a normal human. There was just something different about him.

"Then what are you?" She almost whispered.

He took a few steps toward her. "Do you really want to know?"


He leaned in as if he was going to tell her a secret. " a man." He said.

Klara took a step back. She knew he was mocking her from the smirk on his face.

"Oh, really? I didn't know." She said sarcastically.

"I could show you." He said letting his gaze rake her body. Usually, she hated when men did that but this time she felt something in the pit of her stomach and her cheeks burned.

Turning around afraid he would notice her reaction she began to walk away.

He followed her.

"Why are you here?"

"The necklace." He explained.

Oh, the necklace. So that's how it would protect her. By sending this annoying man.

"Where are you from?"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"From which kingdom? Because clearly you are not from here."

"Oh, I am from the Kingdom of Shinai."

Klara stopped and turned around to face him."Shinai?" She had never heard of it.

"It's in Persia."

"You are Persian?" Klara asked surprised.



"Now let me ask you a question. Why are you risking your life for a married man?"

Klara stopped breathing for a while. She didn't expect him to ask this question.What was she supposed to say? That she had been a desperate bad woman in love and is now trying to make up for the mistakes she made.

"That's none of your business." She said then whistled.

Thunder came galloping toward her. "Thank you for the help. I can take care of myself now, you can go back."

Roshan narrowed his gaze. "Do you even know where to go?"

Truth she didn't know anymore.

"I'll manage." She said.

Klara hoped he would insist following her because she really didn't know where to go and what more dangers she would come across but Roshan only shrugged.

"Alright then."

Angry with herself for even having such hopes she mounted Thunder and rode away.

I couldn't fall asleep, so I got off the bed and decided to get some fresh air. Besides Irene had a beautiful garden and I wanted to see how it looked like when it was night.

As I walked out to the garden I found Irene sitting on the threshold. She sat on the floor with legs crossed and hands stretched out to the sides. On each hand lay a burning candle and several other burning candles encircled her. She seemed to be mumbling something with eyes closed while melted candles were dripping down her hands. The hot wax must have been burning her skin but she didn't seem to be in pain.

"Irene?" I whispered as I neared, but she just continued mumbling some unknown words. I walked even closer and called once more. "Irene?"

With eyes still closed a tear fell down her cheek. the candles in her hands were burning out and more wax was dripping down her hands. She was hurting herself.

"Irene! What are you doing?" I said as I threw the candles out of her hands. Her eyes shot open and a strong wind put out the candles.

Irene's green eyes were filled with tears as they looked into mine. "Irene? Are you alright?"

"No, I am not." She whispered. I looked at her hands, they were red and covered with dried wax.

"Why are you doing this?"

She looked at her hands. "I do this every day. It's nothing new," she said taking her hands away.


"I am trying to break the curse."

"But who cursed you?"

"My mother. She is the most powerful witch."

"Why did she curse you?" I asked wondering why a mother could curse her own child.

"I can't tell you much. I can only say I broke the rules, I did something forbidden."

"Can't you ask your mother for forgiveness? I am sure she will forgive you."

Irene's eyes widened. "She will not!" She said shaking her head. "My mother has disowned me Hazel."

I looked at her. What had she done that made her mother disown her?

"Can you tell me how she cursed you? What is the curse?"

"That I can't tell you." She said.

Suddenly her gaze shifted to something behind me and I could feel the hair on my back rising. I got goosebumps and a cold shiver went down my spine. I knew someone was behind me, I could feel a powerful presence. My heart began to beat rapidly and the air felt suddenly cold.

"Would you stop love? You are scaring her." Irene said standing up. Love?

I stood up as well and turned around slowly. A tall figure was standing in the shadows, the only thing visible thin was long silver pale hair. Was it hair? I wasn't sure yet.

Slowly the figure stepped out from the shadows and into the light and my breath caught in my throat. I had to blink several times to make sure I wasn't dreaming, or that I didn't die and go to heaven and an angel was standing right in front of me now.

This man, if he was a man, was breathtaking. He was tall, lean with facial features that seemed to be made by Gods own hands. His silver hair, a very odd hair color, matched perfectly with his looks and his eyes a midnight blue seemed colder than the glaciers. Yet as he looked into my eyes I felt as if he could burn me with his gaze if he wanted to.

They say the hottest fire always burns blue.

Irene walked up to him and put her arm through his.

"Hazel, this is Lothaire. I had promised you to meet the man I love, here he is." She smiled.

"Hi," I said as I still stood frozen in the same place. God, I was being rude. "It's nice to meet you." I forced myself to speak.

"The pleasure is mine."




I kept looking down at my hands while sitting in the garden with Lothaire. Irene had left saying she would bring us some tea that would help us sleep. I just hoped she would come back soon because I had never been so nervous in my life before. But since she just left I knew it would take some time before she came back and I couldn't just let this awkward silence continue. Besides I was the one who told her I wanted to meet him so I should say something.
"Irene has told me a lot about you," I said finally looking up.
"I hope it's good things." He said his voice as cool as the air around him.
"Yes, she lights up when she talks about you."
"She is very fond of you as well."
I just smiled not knowing what to say anymore. Irene please come back fast.
"Here I am." Irene came back with a tray of teacups and put it on the table. Then she went and sat next to Lothaire and he immediately put his arm around her shoulders.
For some odd reason, I suddenly missed Lucian. Irene and Lothaire looked at each other as if they heard my thoughts... or maybe they did?
Irene nodded and smiled and I looked down embarrassed.
"I made your favorite tea, it's Lothaires favorite too." She smiled. "Drink."
I took the teacup from the tray and sipped the tea. No tea tasted better than Irenes. She smiled, probably heard my thoughts again.
"I should go to sleep." I said putting the teacup back. It was late and maybe they wanted to be alone.
"Sure," Irene said getting up. "I'll follow you."
"You don't have to." I said, but she just ignored me and led the way.
"Is Lothaire also a witch." I asked as we headed back.
"I hoped you would ask." She said.
"Because the answer might help you and me." She explained. "But I need you to be calm and not get scared."
"You are a witch, and my husband is a...I don't know, anyways what could scare me more?" I said. At this point, nothing could scare me, even if Lothaire was a ghost.
We stopped right in front of my room.
"Lothaire is the Devil."
My brain stopped thinking for a moment then got flooded with thoughts. Devil like in Satan? Like the Devil in the Bible? What did she mean?
"Yes, Devil like in Satan."
Huh, right. I just sat and drank some tea with the Devil himself. I began to laugh. Maybe I had already gone to bed and was having a funny dream.
Irene put her hand on my shoulder. "Get some rest, we will talk tomorrow." She said and left me alone.
A witch, a Devil, and maybe Enoch was an angel and Roshan a demon and what could Lucian be? A vampire? This was crazy, has to be a bad dream.
Lucian watched the castle, where he used to live, where he had grown up, from a mountain far away. The castle where heavily guarded. Every gate, every corner, every door were guarded by soldiers with weapons. It would be impossible to enter and kill his brother unless his brother decided to come out.
Lucian sighed. He had spent too many days here waiting for some kind of opportunity for a way in to kill his brother but such opportunity never came.
"We can't stay here forever."
"Then what do you plan to do Your Highness?" Lincoln asked.
"We need to think of another way. A way to lure Pierre out of the castle."
"Well, Pierre wants Her Highness."
Lucians clenched his fists. He wouldn't use Hazel as bait, never.
"What are you really suggesting?" Lucian asked.
Oliver came rushing. "Your Highness. Rasmus has sent soldiers to look for you. They are nearby but... they are dead."
Lincoln and Lucian exchanged looks. "Who killed them?" Lucian asked.
"I Believe Klara did."
"I found her there and brought her here. She said she knew where Her Highness is and that she has a letter from Her."
"Where is she?" Lucian asked.
"This way Your Highness."
Lucian followed Oliver to where Klara was. She was next to a tree, wearing her armor.
She looked up. "Lucian." She breathed as if some tension got off her shoulders. "Thank god you are alright." She said standing up.
"Where is Hazel?"
"Hazel is fine. She had to leave Lincoln's home because they got attacked, but she is safe now."
Lincoln's home got attacked?
"Where is she?" Lucian asked his heart beating faster inside his chest.
"She is with her friend Irene."
Irene? He had heard the name before.
"Hazel seems to trust her a lot, besides she saved us." Klara explained.
"Where is this Irene?"
Klaras eyes darted.
"Um...I really don't know. She took us through a magic gate."
Magicgate? So this Irene was the maid Hazel believed to be a witch.
Lucian grabbed Klaras arms harshly. "How can you not know?! You left her with a witch, unsafe in some unknown place." He yelled while shaking her wildly.
Klara yelped in pain, both shocked and scared. She had never seen him this angry before and his grip on her arms were hurting. She was sure that either her bones would break or if fortunate she would be badly bruised.
"You tell me where she is right now!"
"Lucian you are hurting me." She said as she couldn't take the pain anymore.
He brought his face closer to hers. "If anything happens to her..." He began his grip tightening even more. The pain stabbed her like knives and she kicked him out of sheer reflex.
He let go of her looking shocked. Blood was on his hands and she realized it was her own blood. She has indeed stabbed my something as she looked at her bloody arms.
"I...I am sorry." He said approaching her slowly. "I don't know..." He began looking as confused as she was. Why was she bleeding?
"I didn't mean to hurt you." He ripped a piece of clothes from his shirt and wrapped it around the wounds on her arms.
"What happened?" She asked still confused.
"I am sorry." He just said.
Klara looked at his hands. She was sure that he hadn't been holding any weapons then what made her bleed?
"What are you doing here? Your brother must be worried." He asked.
"I...I thought I could help."
"I don't want you to get involved in this."
"I am already involved. I can't just get back home without doing nothing."
"There is nothing you can do anyways." He said.
If he only knew that she had saved his wife. Klara took out Hazel's letter and gave it to him.
"Hazel wanted me to give this to you." She said.
Lucian took the letter and opened it immediately. Klara knew what Hazel had written, because she had read it on her way.
Dear Husband
I cannot describe how much I have missed you. I worry every heartbeat and hope that you are doing well. You don't have to worry about me, I am fine and I am staying with my friend Irene. I know I can trust her, she has promised to make us meet and hopefully, I will meet you soon. Until then take good care of yourself and be careful.
I love you.
Your wife.
Lucian wrapped the letter and put it in his pocket. Clearly Hazel trusted her friend but Lucian didn't trust easily. She could be in danger so he decided to do what he had been avoiding all this time. Use his powers. He knew there was a risk in using his powers. He didn't know to which extent he could use them since he didn't use them much. He just hoped he wouldn't hurt innocent people this time.
"You stay here!" He told Klara. She wanted to protest but kept quiet instead.
Oliver came running. "Yes, Your Highness."
"I want you to go and find Malia and make sure she is alright. Let's keep this between us."
"Of course, Your Highness."
"Bring me Lincoln!"
Lincoln came shortly after. "Your Highness. There is a problem. Mason has taken away Levi. Pierre ha just left the castle to save his son."
Levi? Levi was in danger. Lucian clenched his fists. He had held Levi in his arms when he was a little and watched him grow up. He shook his head, Hazel was his priority now. He would leave Levi to Pierre.
"Should we attack Pierre now?"
Lucian got suddenly an Idea.
"No! Let Pierre save his son. We will attack the castle and take over while he is gone."
If Lucian took over the castle, half of his problems would be solved. First he and his men would have protection and nothing could protect them more than the castle's walls. Secondly, his brothers would have nowhere to hide once he takes over the castle and therefore it would be easier to kill them.
"But Your Highness, Pierre still has soldiers guarding everyone in the palace."
Lucian smirked. "Don't worry I will take care of them."
Lucian could fully use his powers now because he had no one to worry about. Levi was already outside of the castle and Pierre had no other children.
"Lincoln, I need you to stay by my side no matter what, because you are going to see a side of me you have never seen before."
It was time to let the beast out.




I woke up the next morning with an extreme headache. I had been thinking the whole night about what Irene had told me. I couldn't find a reason for her to lie to me, so she must have been speaking the truth. But then again, how could I believe that I had met the Devil himself?
I shook my head. Think straight Hazel.
Irene wanted me to help her and figure things out myself. She must have had a reason to tell me that Lothaire is the devil, if he truly was. Maybe she was giving me hints. First I had to figure out why Irene wanted to help me at all. Either she was related to me or to Lucian, or maybe Lothaire was related to Lucian. Then if Lothaire is the Devil and Lucian is said to be the Devil's, no. You are being crazy Hazel. How could Lothaire be Lucians father? He seemed to be just a few years older, besides if he was his father then why wasn't he helping his son?
No! It had to be something else. Maybe Lucian was related to Irene instead, but how? She said she wasn't a previous lover then...ughhh. I pulled my hair. I was losing my mind.
There was a knock on the door and shortly after Irene peeked her head through the opening.
"Good morning." She smiled."Can I come in?"
"Yes, of course"
She had a tray with a cup and from the scent I knew it was my favorite tea. I really needed it now that my head felt like exploding.
"Here drink this." She said putting the tray on the nightstand. "I am sure you are not feeling alright. I am sorry I told you like that but I really need your help."
I sighed as a took the teacup. " Is Lothaire really the Devil?" I wanted to laugh again but everything was possible at this moment. I knew Lucian wasn't entirely human so there were probably other beings out there.
"And Enoch?" I said as I took a sip from the tea.
"A demon." A demon? Then... Roshan...
"Roshan is a demon too." She said.
My throat felt suddenly dry and I gulped the tea down even though it was hot.
"Careful." Irene looked at me with a worried expression. "Hazel, do you believe in angels?"
Why was she suddenly asking this? Am I about to meet an angel as well? Can we take one creature at a time?
"Than why is it difficult to believe in demons?"
Good question, but maybe because I haven't met an angel yet, but I just met demons.
"I am sure you have at least once in your life met an angel, you just didn't know, just like you didn't know that Enoch and Roshan were demons."
Well, it could be true.
"Hazel, I don't want you to be caught in the words demon and Devil, right now you could be the only way for me to break the curse. Then I can help you and your husband."
"Alright, I will try." I said.
Not getting caught in the words demon and devil would be almost impossible but I had to try. For Lucians sake, I had to put the pieces together so that Irene could help, whatever her reason was for helping.
"I'll leave you to get ready. You will find me in the garden when you are done."
Taking the tray she left. I quickly got out of bed and decided to take a bath, then I changed into a light blue dress and decided to find Irene all while thinking about Lothaire. He was too beautiful to be true, so beautiful it was almost frightening. If I thought Irene was beautiful and Lucian breathtaking, than Lothaire was beyond all that. Yet I was supposed to believe that he was the Devil.
I knew Irene wasn't lying but I really had a hard time believing her words. Maybe she believed Lothaire was the devil when he in fact wasn't. Maybe he was something else, but what?
While I pondered I didn't realize that I had reached the stairs and suddenly I was falling.
"Woahhh..." Before I fell an arm came around my waist and stopped me from falling. For a moment I thought it was Lucian, the spicy scent and the strong arm, but I was looking into Lothaires cold eyes.
"You should look where you go." He said with a serious tone. Once again I was mesmerized by his beauty but scared at the same time.
I quickly took a few steps back, "Yes, I...I was just...I mean thank you."
He just looked at me and I felt uncomfortable."I shall go then," I said and excused myself.
I made my way to the garden. Irene was watering the flowers and seemed happy.
"Do you need some help?" I asked as I neared.
"No my dear." She said and put the watercan down."Lets' have some breakfast instead."
She led me to a table in the garden and we sat down.
"Enoch is coming with breakfast soon." She explained.
I nodded.
She looked somehow more beautiful today. Her hair was combed nicely and fell down her shoulders in beautiful waves and her lips were painted a light pink. As my eyes swept over her bare shoulders my eyes caught a mark on her left shoulder, just right beneath her neck. It looked like an animal had bitten her. It could be. I knew she even had snakes at home.
"What happened there?" I asked pointing.
"This?" She pointed at the mark.
I nodded.
"Well..." She frowned and seemed to think of a way to explain. "This is a mating mark. It means I already belong to someone. It's like getting married, but instead of becoming someone's wife you become their mate."
"I...I don't understand." I said. I was really confused.
"Demons mark their partner and therefore they get bonded for life. The mating bond is stronger than marriage, it connects you to your partner on a deeper intimate and emotional level." Her eyes swept over my neck and collarbone as if looking for something. "You will understand one day, right now it will only be too much information." She said.
Demons mark their partner? How?
An animal like roar escaped Lucians throat as he stood between the dead bodies of his enemies. Not all of them were dead yet, but the few that were left alive were so terrified that they didn't dare to attack, even though they had weapons in their hands.
Lucian didn't bother to kill them either. He knew after what they had seen today, they would never dare to lay a finger on him. He had literally snapped heads off, ripped hearts out and burned soldiers alive in front of their eyes.
He looked around. Even his own men were horrified at the sight of him. Lucian wasn't surprised he knew this would happen, he just hoped they would get over it soon and except him for the way he was.
Lincoln approached him slowly. "Your highness what shall we do with the rest?"
Burn, kill, torture, get rid of everything.
"Place guards everywhere, take their weapons and make them look for the royal seal. If they don't find it soon..." He turned to the shaking soldier " It will be an absolute pleasure to rip their organs out one by one."
"Yes, Your highness." Lincoln said, the only one who didn't seem horrified by this whole situation.
The stench of blood and burned flesh filled the air. Lucians hands were soaked in blood, today he had used his hands as swords and it had terrified his enemies which made it very easy for him to kill them.
Anum shook his head as if waking himself up then swallowed hard. "Y...y...yes, Your highness." He said but his voice broke.
"I need a bath."
"I'll make sure it's ready." He said and left quickly.
The rest of his men stood there frozen as statues. Lucian didn't say anything. What was he supposed to say anyways?
Lucian went to his quarters. To his surprise he had missed the place. When he was younger he always wanted to leave but now when he had been gone for so long he realized that home was always home weather you liked it or not.
He opened the glass door that led to the garden. Everything still looked the same, he was happy for that.
"Your highness." He turned around and found Lydia standing there. It seemed Pierre hadn't killed all their staff. Hazel would be so happy to see her maid alive.
"I am glad your back safe." She said a questioning look on her face. She was probably wondering where Hazel was.
"Hazel is somewhere safe." He said even though he wasn't sure himself. But he had told Klara that if she wanted to help to go and find Hazel and keep her safe.
"I have prepared a bath." She said as she looked horrified at the blood on his clothes. If she only had seen him a little earlier, when his demon had a blood banquet, she would have fainted.
Lucian wondered where Hazels other maid was as Lydia washed his hair, but somehow he felt afraid to ask. If she was dead Hazel would be so heartbroken. Lucian tried not to think about it. Right now he needed to find the royal seal. If he got ther royal seal then he would have command over the largest army, the royal army. But Pierre probably hid it somewhere impossible to find. Where could he have hidden it?
While thinking quietly he heard his men talk a few rooms away. Most of them spoke of how they couldn't believe what they saw today.
"So...he is the devil's son." Ky said.
"It seems so." Anum spoke.
"What should we do?" Luke asked.
"What do you want to do?" Lincoln said.
"Well we can't let the devil's son sit on the throne." Luke responded.
"So what? Do you want us to fight him?" Ky asked. "And get our hearts served on a plate? Or wait maybe you want us to bring a cross and the bible?"
"Shut up Ky!"
"I can't believe you guys. How can you even think of fighting him? We have fought together with him in many battles, we have had each others backs. He never treated us, even one of us badly. Whether he is the devil or his son I don't know, but I know he is not evil and I know he will be a much better ruler than his brothers." Martin spoke.
"I believe so too" Declan agreed.
"Since you are shocked I'll let it go this time. But next time anyone speaks of fighting His Highness or betraying him will have to fight me first." Lincoln said.
Then it was dead quiet. Lucian knew there was some tension between them.
Lydia helped him get dressed and was brushing his hair when there was a knock on the door.
Lincoln came in. "Your Highness, what should we do with the crown princess?"
Kill her he wanted to say but then imagined Levis sad face.
"Just keep an eye on her at the moment. Did you find the seal?"
"No, we are still looking for it."
"Make everyone look for it everywhere and find it quickly Lincoln. These walls won't protect us very long without the seal."
They were of course more protected inside the castle but they could still get attacked. Lucian didn't know how many allies Pierre had, therefore he really needed the royal army.
"Of course Your Highness." Lincoln said and left.
"You may leave as well." He told Lydia. Lydia bowed and left.
Lucian went to bed. He suddenly remembered when he told Hazel he wanted to sleep with her in his arms every night. Today he missed her and his demon craved her. He lay down and shut his eyes but his demon refused to let him sleep. He kept imagining Hazel's n.a.k.e.d body, her soft her, her sweet scent, the taste of her lips. Lucian ignored his bodies response to the images. He was used to this. When his demon spilled blood it always got hungry for flesh, and if it didn't get what it wanted it, then more blood would be spilled.




Lucian didn't sleep well. His demon was restless, hungry and angry.
"Bring me Lincoln!" He told Lydia who was serving him breakfast.
She nodded and left. Shortly after Lincoln came in. "Your Highness."
"Did you find the seal?"
Lucian tried to keep his calm but his nails were already elongating and his body itched for blood. "Bring them to me.!"
Lincoln and Anum came back with Pierres soldiers. They got pushed down on their knees in front of him. Lucian stared down at them with arms crossed behind his back.
" don't know where the seal is?" He asked.
They shook their heads.
"Then I have no use of you." Lucian said and slit their throats with his claws. Their bodies fell to the ground with a thud. Lucian grabbed the table clothes to wipe his hands off while the soldiers slowly bled to death.
"That was unnecessary You Highness. You stained the carpet." Lincoln said with a frown.
Lucian was amused. Lincoln still didn't fear him. "I didn't stain the carpet. Their blood did." Lucian said calmly.
"I beg of you to calm down." Lincoln knew Lucian wasn't entirely himself right now.
"I will Your Highness." Lucian mocked.
Klara stared at the necklace in her hand. She needed to go back to Hazel and she had nothing but the necklace to help her. But how? According to Irene the necklace would only help her if she was in danger and she wasn't.
Klara sighed. How would she go back?
"My Lady?"
Klara looked up. "Enoch? How...what are you doing here?"
He pointed at the necklace.
"But doesn't this work only when I am in danger?"
"It works when it senses that you need us."
"Oh..." She said relieved. "I just need to go back."
"This way." He said and she followed him. They went through the magic gate but this time she didn't fall when they arrived because Enoch had his arm around her waist and held her steady.
"Thank you." She smiled. Without a word he walked into the mansion and she followed him inside. He was walking so fast and Klara had a hard time keeping up with him. She wanted to ask where they were going but he looked so serious that she decided not.
He opened the door to a room and gestured for her to sit on a sofa.
"I'll Inform Irene you are here." He said and left.
Klara sat down with a sigh. Enoch was very strange. He never smiled, never waited for her to replay and looked very serious and uninterested all the time.
After a whiles wait Klara heard footsteps and shortly after Irene walked into the room. Klara stood up from her seat.
"Klara." Irene smiled and gave her a hug.
"Hi." Klara smiled nervously surprised by the sudden hug.
"Are you alright my dear?"
"Yes, I am fine thank you."
Irene smiled. "Good. Come!" She said and led her to another room. "Look who is here."
Hazel looked up. "Klara! You are already back." She said surprised.
"Very much." She joked. "Are you alright?"
"Yes. No need to worry."
"And Lucian? Did you meet him? Is he alright?"
Irene laughed. "Let her sit down and breathe for a while Hazel."
"Yes I am sorry. Please sit." She said.
Klara sat down while Irene poured her a drink. "I met Lucian and I gave him your letter. He is alright."
Hazel sighed relieved. Irene sat down as well and handed the drink to Klara.
"Very well then. Shouldn't you go back home? You siblings must be very worried." Irene said.
Klara looked down feeling very guilty. She would go back home as soon as she made sure Hazel was safe. "Is there a way to take Hazel to Lucian?" She asked avoiding Irene's question.
"Yes there is. In fact, I am sending Hazel to Lucian tonight."
Hazel nodded.
Klara took a sip from her drink. Soon everything would be in place, Lucian would take over the castle and hopefully defeat his brother, Hazel and Lucian would meet and she would go back home. She missed home, especially Astrid but she feared her brothers wrath. He never took betrayal lightly and his time she knew he wouldn't forgive her easily.
"Why don't you take a bath." Hazel suggested.
Klara looked at her dirty clothes and hair. She really needed a bath. "Yes, I think I should."
"There is a little bath house with a hot bath outside the mansion. Why don't you go there. It's very relaxing."
Irene nodded, "Yes, I'll bring you some clothes." she said and left.
Hazel and Klara sat in silence for a while when Hazel finally spoke. "Thank you."
Klara was confused. "For what?"
"For helping us escape, for saving my life and for helping Lucian. I know it must have been difficult for you to do that. I know I am useless...I...I am not as brave or as strong or as beautiful as you. I really envy you but I am thankful to you as well."
"Don't thank me because then I would have to apologize and don't envy me because you have far more valuable things than I have. You have a very good heart and a loving husband. It's something people rarely have these days."
"You have a good heart as well and you will find a loving husband I am sure." She smiled.
Klara wasn't sure. In fact she didn't care. She decided to never fall in love again. Getting her heart broken once was already too painful she didn't want to go through that pain again.
Irene came back in with new clothes and a towel.
"Here!" She said, "take a bath and change."
Klara took the clothes then went to find the bathing house. It looked like a small cottage but a beautiful one. She opened the door and peeked inside. She could almost see nothing because of the steam. Entering she closed the door behind her. The steam surrounded her and she already began to feel relaxed. Going further into the room she found where the steam was coming from. There was a little pool of hot water in the middle of the room. Klara already longed to jump inside so she began to undress. She took her steal armor off first then, when she was about to take her clothes off she stopped abruptly. Someone was behind her. Klara quickly grabbed the dagger in her boots and turned around holding the dagger out.
A smile curved his lips. "You really need to relax. Not everyone is out to kill you." He said taking a few steps closer.
"What... are.... you doing here?" She asked nervously as she realized he was almost n.a.k.e.d.
Klara swallowed as her gaze traveled along his mesmerizing physique. She had never seen this much of a male body before. He was wearing a piece of white clothes that hung low on his h.i.p.s and covered only half his thighs. Water dripped from his wet hair and down on a chiseled chest and perfectly sculpted abdominals. His golden skin glistened from the water drops that covered his whole body.
Her gaze traveled back to his face, some strands of his wet hair fell over his eyes and cheek. Klara had the sudden urge to remove them with her finger. His lips curved into a smirk. He was fully aware she was admiring his body.
Klara's throat felt suddenly dry. Clearing her throat "You...What are you doing here?" She asked again but accusingly this time.
He raised one brow. "I am supposed to ask that question." He said as he strode toward her.
Why was he coming closer? Klara panicked but didn't move from her place as she still held the dagger out.
"This bathing-house is for males only. The one for females is on the other side." He said walking even closer. Klara waved the dagger in the air in front of her to make him stop from coming closer.
He looked at the dagger in her hand and raised a brow.
"I...I didn't know." She said. She wanted to go back and slap Hazel, especially if she did this on purpose.
He came even closer to her and she took a step back. "Now you know." He said amused.
"Stop or..."
"Or what?" He asked still walking toward her. Klaras back hit the wall. She still held the dagger in front of her and Roshan walked closer until the tip was placed on his chest.
Klara hoped he wouldn't come closer because she really didn't want to hurt him but she didn't want to show defeat either by lowering the dagger.
She looked at where the tip was placed but her gaze moved all over his chest. She felt her heart speed up, why was she staring at his body?
Then everything happened quickly. He suddenly grabbed her hand in which she held the dagger and pinned it to the wall, and her other hand he placed it on his chest. "You can touch if you want." He said as he moved her hand over his chest and down to his abdominal.
Klara froze for a while but then she couldn't help but enjoy the feel of his strong body under her hands. His golden skin was so smooth, his body so strong and warm. She wanted to feel more of his body with both her hands when she realized her other hand was pinned. With a jolt, she came back to her senses and pushed him away with her free hand. "Let go of me!"
He let go of her slowly. Without wasting any time she quickly got away from him, grabbed her clothes and ran out of there fl.u.s.tered.
What in heavens was wrong with her? Touching a mans body and enjoying it, was she crazy? She went back to the mansion still fl.u.s.tered and irritated, she didn't want a hot bath anymore she was already burning.
Walking into Hazel's room she shut the door behind her and let out a breath.
"Is everything alright?" Hazel looked at her confused.
"No. I was just about to undress completely in front of a man." Klara said.
"Nevermind. I will just take a bath here." She said.
Klara took a quick bath and changed then joined Irene and Hazel at the garden.
At another table a bit away sat the annoying Roshan,together with Enoch and another man she couldn't see clearly, but he had silver hair. Silver hair! Strange, she thought.
"So as soon as the sun goes down we can start with the spell and send Hazel away." Irene explained.
Klara nodded.
"Do you want me to send you home as well?" Irene asked.
Klara nodded again. She should go back home if Hazel went safely home to Lucian. There wasn't much she could do for them now anyway.
When the sun went down, Irene began to work on her spell. "Are you ready?" She asked Hazel.
Hazel nodded.
"I have opened a gate right there." She said pointing at some empty place. Hazel and Klara looked confused at each other as they couldn't see the gate Irene was talking about.
"You can't see it so I will lead you through it." She explained.
"Be careful and hopefully we will see each other soon. Don't forget everything I told you." Irene said then she and Hazel hugged each other.
Hazel then turned to Klara and gave her a hug as well. Klara hugged her back. "Thank you again and I hope you reach home safely."
"You too." Klara smiled and she meant it. She never thought she would get along with the wife of the only man she has loved.
Irene took Hazels hand and led her forward. "Farewell." She said before Hazel disappeared, probably as she went inside the invisible gate.
Klara was stunned for a moment but then shook her head. "How do we know she reached there safely."
"That's easy." Irene went to her closet. Opening it she took out a violet box and put it on the table.
"Come here." She ordered.
Klara went to the table and sat down. Irene opened the box a took out a green crystal ball, which she put on the table. She sat down and put her hands on the crystal ball. Closing her eyes she began to move her hands in different motions around it until it began to glow.
"Now!" She said opening her eyes then looking into the crystal ball.
Klara got curious and looked as well but she couldn't see anything.
"I see nothing." She said but Irene kept looking.
"Now here! There she is!" Irene said pointing.
Klara looked into the crystal ball once again and now she could finally see Hazel and she knew she had reached home safely.




I was relieved to find that I was back home. Finally, I could meet Lucian. I walked through the large halls as fast as I could and slowed down when I neared our quarters. There soldiers were gathered everywhere. Some of them seemed stressed, others terrified. The atmosphere felt tense and everyone seemed busy. I got a bad feeling. What was going on?
From a distance, I could see two soldiers coming out of our chamber dragging on a body. A dead body. Right after them came two other soldiers and they were dragging on a dead body as well. My stomach twisted as I watched a pool of blood trailing behind them.
"My Lady?" I almost jumped out of my skin. Turning my head Lincoln I found a surprised Lincoln. "How did you get here?"
"Lincoln." I breathed relieved. "Lucian? Where is Lucian?"
He frowned. "I don't think it's a good Idea for you to meet His Highness right now."
"Why? What's happening?"
"His Highness is not in a good mood." He explained.
"I need to meet him anyways. Take me to him." I ordered.
Lincoln seemed to hesitate but then led me to our chamber. I tried to not step on the blood that covered half the floor. Two guards stood at each side of the door.
"I think I should go in first." Lincoln suggested.
"You don't have to. Just let me in."
"Are you sure you want to go in?" Lincoln asked. Now he was scaring me.
"If anything...if you need anything just shout for help."
I nodded wondering what he meant. He gestured for the guards to open the door and I walked inside.
Good lord, our chamber looked like a slaughterhouse. Not that I had seen one but I have heard of it. There was blood everywhere. The carpet, the sheets, the curtains even the table clothes were covered with blood. Two guards were rolling the carpet and carrying it out. This wasn't how I imagined our chamber to look like when I came back.
I walked further into the room avoiding to step on any blood again but Lucian was nowhere to be seen. My gaze fell on the glass door that led to our personal garden. I stepped out and into our garden. Oh, how I missed it. At least this place wasn't covered with blood.
As I looked further around, I found him. Lucian. He sat at the table, a dark empty look in his eyes as he looked at the garden. He was as beautiful as ever and my heart began to beat faster at the sight of him, but he seemed disturbed. He didn't even notice me as I neared.
"Lucian." I whispered. I didn't know why I was whispering.
He slowly averted his gaze and looked at me. The frown disappeared from his face and got replaced by a look of surprise.
"Hazel." He said standing up slowly as if scared I would disappear.
I smiled at him but I didn't move. He had that dark dangerous aura that I used to feel sometimes at the beginning of our marriage. He didn't move either, he just looked at me. It was very quiet, the only sound I could hear was the breeze and my own beating heart.
"I missed you." I finally said and that's when he crossed the distance between us and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back.
"I missed you so much." He said burying his face in my hair and inhaling. I inhaled his scent as well. He smelled as good as always.I almost forgot how good it felt to hug him. I tightened my hold around his waist, never wanting to let go. I felt him shiver slightly and he pulled away.
His eyes scanned my body, carefully. "You are not hurt?"
"No, I am perfectly fine." I smiled at him.
"How did you get here?"
"My friend Irene brought me here. It's a long story, but what's happening here?" I asked.
Lucian frowned. "It's a long story as well and you don't want to know." He said.
"Did...did you kill those men?"
"Yes." He said simply.
"Your Highness?" Lincoln stood at the entrance. They exchanged looks then Lucian turned his gaze to me.
"I will come back. Don't leave this room it's not safe." He said then placed a kiss on my forehead before leaving with Lincoln. Something was odd. Very odd.
I went back to the chamber. Everything had been cleaned up except the curtains. They were being changed by a few maids. I tried not the think that all this was Lucian's doing. He probably had to do what he did.
A maid came in with new curtains. "Lydia!" I almost shouted.
Lydia looked up startled. "My Lady!" She breathed. She stood frozen for a while but then hurried and enveloped me in a hug.
I was surprised. I used to hug her all the time but she used to tell me it was inappropriate and now she was hugging me. All the other maids stared at her surprised.
She pulled away with teary eyes then searched my body with her hands. "Oh, you are alright." She said relieved.
I took her hand. "I am fine Lydia." I assured her with a big smile. I was so happy to see her. "Where is Ylva?"
She wiped the tears away. "She is in the kitchen. She has become a kitchen maid. I'll tell her you are here, she will be so happy."
"A kitchen maid. Who made her a kitchen maid?"
I heard to be kitchen maid was the worst a maid could be. It was really difficult.
"When you left, every maid in this quarter got sent to different places to work and Ylva was sent to the kitchen."
"Bring her here and tell the maids she won't be working in the kitchen anymore." I ordered.
Lydia nodded and left. After a while she came back with Ylva and it started all over again. The hugging, the crying, the thousand questions. I had never seen Lydia and Ylva so emotional before which meant they had been really worried.
"Ylva, you have lost so much weight." It must have been the hard work.
"I am fine now that you are here ." She smiled.
"Come," I said and we went and sat in the garden. "What's been happening here? Tell me everything in detail."
Lydia and Ylva looked at each other. "What is it? Tell me!" I demanded.
"I haven't seen it myself but I have heard." Ylva began. "Everyone has been talking about how His Highness had looked like the devil himself and killed every castle guard with his owns hands, all alone. Everyone here is now terrified of him."
"I am worried about you." Lydia continued. "Especially after seeing all the blood in this room today."
"Don't worry. Lucian would never hurt me." I assured her.
The rest of the day I spent reading books about war and fighting strategies. I didn't want to be useless anymore. I wanted to learn everything, how to fight, how to ride and anything else that I could use to help Lucian.
"Why don't you read the art of seduction instead." Ylva who was making the bed suggested jokingly.
"There is a book with such title?" I asked.
She laughed. "Yes. It's there among the books that I brought."
I looked amongst the books on the table. There lay a red book with the title 'The art of seduction' in golden letters. I looked at it for a while but then decided to go back to the art of war. Right now helping Lucian was my priority.
"Shall I prepare you for sleep My Lady?"
"No, I'll read some more and wait for Lucian." I said. Ylva nodded and left.
I kept reading, trying hard not to get bored since I couldn't understand anything most of the time. There was a lot of to me unknown words. Slowly, I was starting to get bored but still forced myself to read a little more. When I thought I couldn't anymore, I picked 'The art of seduction'. I was actually too tired to read but I had nothing else to do while waiting for Lucian.
I opened the book and started reading at first forcing myself but then I got lost in the story. It was a story about an undesirable woman who wanted to learn how to win the heart of a man she had loved for a very long time and a very beautiful woman who could capture any man's heart with just a look. In the book, the beautiful woman teaches the undesirable one how to seduce a man completely, body, mind, heart and soul.
"The art of seduction. Hmm..."
I almost fell off the chair when I heard Lucian's voice. I had been so into my reading I didn't even notice that he was here.
"Lucian!" I said with a gasp and tried to hide the book but I didn't even know where to hide it, so I just fumbled with it embarrassed and dropped in on the floor.
I quickly got out of my chair, bent down to pick it up but Lucian grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his chest. "Are you planning on seducing me, wife?"
Oh good lord, save me.
"No was just amongst the books and I was curious." I said nervously, but it was the truth. I had no plan to seduce him.
Lucian narrowed his gaze. He still had that dark look in his eyes and they gleamed with something.
"I am curious too." He said in a low voice and began to unfasten the straps on the back of my dress. "Curious to know how long it will take for me to get you n.a.k.e.d, m.o.a.ning and screaming." I inhaled sharply at his words and my heart began to beat in excitement.
Lucian leaned down and pressed his lips to my neck, licking and kissing his way up. I grabbed onto his shoulder urging him to not stop as I closed my eyes and got lost in the heat.
Unfastening the last straps of my dress, he pulled it off my shoulders let fall to the floor, leaving me wearing nothing but my chemise. Then he grabbed the back of my head and claimed my lips in a hungry kiss. There was nothing gentle about his kiss. It was passionate, raw, his tongue searching, his lips punishing and soothing at the same time. I leaned into him even more, pressing our bodies together. He groaned and deepened the kiss as if approving. My mind shut down and my body shuddered with want. Without breaking the kiss Lucian lifted me up and carried me toward the bed then let me fall softly on the mattress. I groaned as he pulled away and our lips parted.
He looked down at me, his gaze dark and hot. "Hazel, I won't be gentle this time."




Lucian had waited for this moment, the moment when he reunites with Hazel and takes her to bed. He had imagined making slow, sweet love to her but right now he was delirious with l.u.s.t. All he wanted was to plunge into her, melt into the warmth and softness of her body and drown in the sound of her m.o.a.ns.

"Hazel, I won't be gentle this time."

Hell, he didn't want to. He was already listing all the things he wanted to do to her inside his head. He wanted to take her in every possible way, consume her, devour her. He wanted to tease her and make her beg for release. His body shook at his wild imaginations.

Looking down, Lucian searched Hazel face trying to see if his words had made her scared but as he gazed into her eyes all he saw was a blazing desire, a raging hunger that matched his own. Leaning down he crashed his lips against hers, his tongue exploring her mouth while his hands explored her body. Hazel's fingers clutched his hair as she opened her mouth for him, welcoming his tongue with her own. Lucian dug his fingers into her h.i.p.s as he deepened the kiss even more. Taking her tongue into his mouth he sucked on it. Hazel whimpered as a gasp escaped her lips.

That was it. Lucian couldn't wait anymore, he had no patience today. Pulling away he began to undress. Hazel watched him with curiosity at first but slowly he could feel her becoming nervous. He wondered why she became nervous all of a sudden. When he got completely n.a.k.e.d he grabbed the thin fabric she was wearing.

"I want this off," he said with a raspy voice as he tried to pull it up.

She grabbed his wrists to stop him. "Could you dim the lights first?" She asked, a blush creeping to her cheeks. Her shy behavior was only adding to his arousal.

"No. I want to see you." Her blush deepened but she didn't protest as he pulled the chemise over her head.

Lucian drew in a sharp breath as his gaze traveled over her n.a.k.e.d body. Hazel did an attempt to cover herself with her arms but Lucian grabbed them and pinned them to the sides of her body.

"Don't. You are very beautiful." He said. He could hear the hunger in his own voice.

Leaning down he pressed light kisses over her belly. Her body tensed at the first touch of his lips but slowly relaxed with every kiss. She arched her back as he slowly worked his way up to between her b.r.e.a.s.t and further up to her neck. She was biting her lips to stop herself from making any sounds. It made him determined to change that. He wanted to hear her m.o.a.ns. He licked her neck and stopped at the pulse point were her knew she was sensitive. He sucked lightly and she whimpered as a soft m.o.a.n escaped her lips.

Suddenly a strange feeling came over him and he imagined himself biting into her neck. His gums began to itch and his teeth felt sensitive. Disturbed by the feeling he ignored it and continued kissing her.

My eyes were closed, my heart hammering inside my chest. My breathing came out in pants as Lucians pressed hot wet kisses between my b.r.e.a.s.ts and down my stomach. His fingers grazed the insides of my thighs sending a jolt of heat through my body.

"You taste so good." He said licking his way up, then he took my b.r.e.a.s.t into his mouth.

I shot my eyes open with a gasp and grabbed the sheets as he teased my b.r.e.a.s.t using his lips and tongue. A wave of pleasure washed over me and heat bloomed between my thighs. Letting go of the sheets I grabbed his hair as he moved to my other b.r.e.a.s.t. My breath caught in my throat as he flicked his tongue teasingly over it. Unable to handle the teasing I pulled at his hair urging him to take me into his mouth but grabbing my wrists he pinned them to the sides of my body, again. My body quivered and my breath came out in shallow pants.

"Please Lucian..." I begged embarrassed that I was begging.

He complied and went from teasing to kissing and sucking.

"Oh..." I gasped and threw my head back. My body shook with an uncontrollable need. I struggled underneath him wanting my hands free but he was too strong and held me in place.

I thought I was going mad with want. My body ached for his touch, especially the sweet spot between my thighs.

I struggled again and he hissed. "You make me mad when you do that."

"I want to touch you." I breathed.

He looked up at me, his eyes slowly turning red, then he released my hands. I pushed myself up with my elbows then wrapped my arms around his neck to pull myself up. He wrapped one arm around my waist and helped me up so that I was straddling him.

Leaning in I kissed him on the lips first, his spicy taste made my lips and tongue tingle with a hot burning sensation. Then I worked my lips down his jaw, removing the hair from his neck I pressed kisses down his neck. He trembled slightly and his grip on me tightened. I had always wanted to do that but I didn't think he would like it. I slowly kissed my way down to his chest but he grabbed my hair and brought my face back to his. He was breathing heavily.

"If I let you continue, this might end before it starts and I don't want it to end yet." He said in a gruff voice.

He placed me down on the bed again with him on top. I could feel his desire pressing at my pubic bone and it only increased the aching between my legs. His eyes were still red as he looked at me. I wondered why.

"Your eyes are red."

"Are you scared?"

I shook my head. He leaned down and kissed me more passionate than before while trailing his fingers down my body. I arched my back knowing where they would reach soon. I m.o.a.ned into his mouth as his fingers reached the aching spot between my legs. He began to stroke me gently, igniting a fire that spread to the rest of my body. I dug my fingers into his back, the muscles in my body tightening, my blood flowed as hot as lava in my veins and my body threatened to explode. I thought I was losing my mind until his strokes became faster and just like that my body exploded with a cry.

I felt lightheaded. I didn't know if what was happening to me was normal. No one told me it would feel like this, as of your body didn't belong to you anymore. I was only told about the pain and that it could feel good afterward. No one told me about this feeling of ecstasy.

I looked up to meet Lucian's gaze. His eyes were still red, almost a dark red that I had never seen before. He brought his fingers to my throat and traced a line down to my collarbone, but his gaze focused on my throat. I felt as if his eyes became even darker but I wasn't sure.

He drew back and I almost panicked. "I should stop." He said more to himself than me. He looked confused. I grabbed his arms to stop him from going.

"I don't want you to stop," I said.

Before he could protest I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself up and him down I kissed him. I kissed him hard, wanting him to know how much I wanted him. He kissed me back with the same urgency pushing me back on the bed again.

His arm went behind my back, without warning, lifting my h.i.p.s slightly he thrust into me. I cried out and clutched on to him. His body tensed for a moment before he began to rock into me with a feral passion. I wrapped my legs around his waist never wanting him to stop as he rocked me to madness. He captured my lips with his, muffling the sounds that were escaping my mouth then moved down to my throat.

Abruptly he stopped. "Hazel..." his voice quivered next to my ear, "I don't know why but I want to bite you."

"Do whatever you want just don't stop." I breathed.

Grabbing my hair he tilted my head back. I thought he was going to bite me teasingly before I felt something sharp sink into my neck. I whimpered in pain and tried to push him away but he pinned my hands down. Before I could think of what was happening a wave of pleasure washed over me and I surrendered to it.

After a while, Lucian drew back. He looked at me, "are you alright?"

I was feeling lightheaded so I could barely respond. I nodded as I looked into his eyes that had turned into a frightening black. But that wasn't what caught my attention. It was his teeth. His canines had grown long and sharp and they were stained with blood. My blood.




Lucian stared up at the ceiling. Just what the hell happened last night? He was still confused. He had bitten Hazel, bitten her, and his teeth. He felt his teeth with his fingers, they were back to normal. Was it a dream maybe?

He turned to Hazel. She was sleeping peacefully. His gaze traveled to her neck, he did indeed bite her. He could see the wound which strangely already healed and was now only a faint mark. What he found more strange was that he had wanted to bite her, it had felt so right to do it, as if it was normal to bite a human being. But again he was never normal.

He traced a finger over the scar. The mark felt hot under his finger. Hazel stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes slowly. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and blinked a few times before she could look at him. He found her very adorable when she did that.

"Good morning." she smiled.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

"I slept very well and you?"

"Never slept better." He said as he caressed her cheek.

She smiled happily at him. Last night when he bit her she didn't run away as she should. She had stayed with him, told him to not stop making love to her and he took the chance to take her in every possible way, to love her till she had enough. Could he love this woman more? He was already feeling as if his heart was going to burst.

Suddenly she frowned and brought her hand up to her neck. "Lucian? You bit me last night?"

Well, he did. He nodded.

She seemed to think for a while. "You are not...a ...a vampire?" She shook her head as if refusing to believe it. "You can walk in the sun."

And he had never bitten anyone before. Why her and why now? He wondered.

"If I am...would that change your feelings for me?"

It didn't matter to him anymore what he was as long as Hazel loved him.

Her eyes softened and she shook her head. "Nothing will change my feelings for you."

Yes, he could love this woman more. He would love her more for every day that went by and when he gets old and dies his heart would still beat because of the love he had for her.

He leaned down and gave her a long lingering kiss. "Do you want to have a bath together?"

She nodded and blushed.

Lucian carried me to the bathroom and put me down gently. I was wrapped in the bedsheets with nothing underneath and I held onto it tightly. I was still not comfortable being completely n.a.k.e.d.

I could see that Lucian found it all amusing. "It will be difficult to bath with all that." He smirked.

"I know." I said and forced myself to let go of the sheets. They fell to the ground and I stood there completely n.a.k.e.d. Turning around I slid into the hot water to get some coverage.

Lucian crouched next to the tub. "Are you not coming inside?" I asked.

"Not yet." he said. "First let me take care of you."

He grabbed the soap that lay next to the tub and poured it on his hands instead of a washcloth. "Wet your hair then lean your head back."

I dipped my hair in the water and rested my head against the rim of the tub, then he began to rub the soap into my hair. He massaged my skull while washing my hair and it felt so relaxing. After rubbing for a while his hand slowly moved lower to my neck, he slowly massaged my neck with his thumbs then moved further down to my shoulders and massaged them as well.

"Bend slightly," he ordered and I did as he said, He poured more soap into his hand and rubbed it into my back, then around my stomach and up my b.r.e.a.s.ts. His touch was light, almost like a caress making heat blaze between my thighs.

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes." I breathed.

He slid his hands into the water and grabbed one of my legs. He began to wash my feet and for a moment I panicked. This was something my maids did, not something a prince should be doing. I pulled my leg away. "You shouldn't be doing this."

He grabbed my ankle in a strong grip and looked into my eyes. "Everything you have belongs to me wife, even your body. Now... let me take care of what's mine."

He continued washing my feet carefully as if they were glass that could break then he moved down my legs and further down to my thighs. I leaned my head back again and closed my eyes as his hands slowly slid up and down my inner thighs turning the heat between my legs to fire. I clasped my legs together, with his hand still there.

"I am not done yet, wife. Open your legs for me"

With a silent prayer, I slowly opened my legs.

"Good." He whispered next to my ear and his hands slid further down until he was touching me where I was aching and a gasp escaped my lips.

His fingers slowly began to move in circles and I shut my eyes tightly and grabbed on to the tub knowing what was coming soon.

"Lucian..." I began but didn't know what I wanted.

Lucian on the other hand knew and his stroking became faster. My pulse quickened with it and every nerve in my body prickled. Before I could start begging his fingers slid inside me and my body quivered at the intrusion. His fingers sliding in and out felt like waves in my body, slowly increasing until they washed over me and my body was left trembling with bliss.

"One more time?" Lucian asked.

I shook my head. The thought was very tempting but I needed a moment to recover.

"Why don't you come inside now?" I suggested.

He stood up and stripped then slid into the water.

"My turn." I said grabbing the soap and pouring it onto my hand. I leaned closer to him and began to rub the soap into his shoulders. His body was drool-worthy and I enjoyed the feel of it especially his strong and broad shoulders. And his neck of course, how could I forget it. My hands slid up to his neck and he tilted his head back to give me better access. He looked at me while I smeared the soap onto his skin. I didn't know which one of us was enjoying this more. It felt somehow sensual to bath together and caress each other's skin. My fingers moved further up and I traced his jawline with my thumbs then my gaze fell on his lips.

"Go on!" He urged with a husky voice.

Without hesitating I leaned down and kissed him. His hands slid around my waist and he pulled me into his embrace. I m.o.a.ned into his lips as our bare bodies touched each other. I continued kissing him, both surprised and scared at how much I craved him, how much my body l.u.s.ted for his touch. I knew I wouldn't stop if nobody stopped me and just then someone knocked on the door, making both of us stop.

"Your Highness, it's an urgent matter." Lincoln spoke from the other end.

I removed myself from Lucian's hold. Lucian frowned then looked at me.

"Your Highness?"

"It's fine you. You can go." I told him.

Stepping out of the tub he wrapped a towel around his waist. Turning to me he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "I'll see you later." Then he left.

I washed away the soap, wrapped myself in a towel then walked out and into our chamber. Ylva was already there and greeted me with a smile.

Ylva was usually the one to dress me and make my hair while Lydia took care of other needs like food and sleep.

"I really miss how you make my hair." I said as she combed it nicely.

"I miss doing your hair." She smiled. "How would you like it today?"

"Just let it loose."

Ylva did as I said. "You look happy today." She pointed.

"I am." I smiled. I just didn't know it would be so obvious but again I was never good at hiding my feelings.

"I can understand that. His Highness must love you very much that he even chose to not have any mistresses."

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Didn't he tell you?" She looked surprised.

I shook my head.

"Well, when you left the crown prince requested to see everyone who lived and worked here so we went to see him. Clearly, he was interested to see prince Lucians Mistresses and was confused when he found none. The head maid told him that His Highness got rid of his mistresses soon after he got married to you. That's when the crown prince took interest in you. He was more eager to find you than His Highness."

Lucian got rid of his mistresses? Why? Then who did he go to when he hadn't been with me?

"I have heard a lot of frightening things about His Highness these last few days but I don't care about those things anymore. I know he is a good husband."

Yes, he was. Which man would get rid of his mistresses for his wife when he could have both and more?

"I'll leave you now. Lydia is coming with breakfast soon." She said and left.

Lucian, Lucian. He was still a mystery to me. I was so confused.

Standing up I looked myself in the mirror, turning back and forth I made sure that everything was perfect and that I looked good. When I was satisfied I grabbed one of my favorite scented oils and rubbed it into my hands and neck. As I massaged my neck slowly I felt sore in a specific place. It almost burned when I touched it. Removing the hair from my neck I leaned into the mirror to inspect the place.

There, just between my shoulder and neck I found a mark. I leaned even closer and my eyes widened at the realization. The mark looked just like Irene's.

I drew back surprised. Lucian didn't just bite me, he marked me. What was it Irene had said? Yes, mating mark. I was his mate and he...he was...he was a demon. Lucian was a demon!

Oh good lord.

I sat down and took a moment to accept that Lucian was a demon. It all made sense now, but something was missing. I still didn't know Lucian's connection to Lothaire or Irene. Could Lothaire really be Lucian's father? And maybe he wasn't helping him because...?

Lydia and another maid came in with breakfast. "Where would you like to have it, My Lady?"

I waved my hand, "Just serve it there." I said. I had just now been hungry but I couldn't even think about food right now.

They served the food on the table and left. I paced back and forth in the room as different theories flooded my head. Why was Irene cursed? And why am I the one who can help her break the curse? Is Irene maybe related to me? She had been so nice and loving from the first day I met her and she had been helping me a lot.

Ignoring my theories I sat at the table. I looked at the food but didn't feel like eating at all. I just wanted to see Lucian and talk to him, but before that, I had to think of how to tell him he was a demon. He would probably laugh or take it badly and get hurt. Who would like to be called a demon?

I sighed. Grabbing a fork I picket a piece of the egg omelet before putting it into my mouth. It tasted good. Blocking all thoughts out I decided to enjoy my breakfast when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." I called. I heard the door open.

"Good morning, Your Highness."

Startled I looked up. I knew this voice. Callum!

I hastily stood up from my seat almost making the chair fall. "Callum, I am so glad to see you. Are you alright?"

"No, thank you for your concern."

"I am sorry I left you behind."

His eyes widened. "Your Highness, please do not apologize to a mere servant like me." He said looking down. "It's my duty to protect you and I shall die doing so."

I just smiled. It was a typical soldier behavior. "I am glad you are safe."

"I shall excuse myself. Enjoy your breakfast." He said and left.

I looked at the breakfast table then decided to leave. I left the room remembering Lucian's words to stay in the room, but as impatient as I was now I couldn't listen.

The two guards who were placed at the door began to follow me. Lucian probably told them to keep an eye on me.

"Where is His Highness?" I asked.

"At the crown princess quarters." One of them said.

I made my way to Pierre's quarters and just as I arrived I witnessed the most horrifying thing. Lucian had his hand buried inside a soldier's chest and with a jerk, he pulled it out holding something bloody. It looked like a heart and it was still beating.




I didn't know when a gasp escaped my lips because it felt like I could barely breathe, let alone make a sound. Lucian turned his head and when he saw me standing there his eyes widened. Unconsciously I took a few steps back then turned around and ran back to my room. My heart was beating wildly and I felt like throwing up.
A heart? I just saw a beating heart. My head began to spin and I sat slowly down on the bed so that I wouldn't fall. I realized I was shaking slightly. I had seen people die before but I had never seen anything like this.
My heart suddenly jumped at the sound of the door opening. Lucian closed the door behind him and just stood there watching me intently. I tried to avoid his gaze.
After a while I could hear his footsteps coming closer until he stood right in front of me. He grabbed my chin and lift my head up so I that I was looking at him.
"Are you afraid of me?" He asked with a soft voice.
I shook my head. "No." and I wasn't lying. I knew he would never hurt me but I just...I didn't know what it was but I was very disturbed.
He sat next to me on the bed and put his arm around my shoulder. "Hazel, you know and I told you, killing comes easily to me."
"I know."
"Then...I don't know Lucian. It was just a disturbing image. Did you have to kill him that way?"
"No, but right now I have to use fear to reach my goal."
I just nodded. I knew it wasn't the first time he had done that.
"Hazel" He grabbed my ching again to make me look at him. "I told you there is darkness inside of me. No matter how much I try to resist that part of me it's still there and it will always be."
Was it maybe because he was a demon? Should I tell him about it? I turned to him completely while thinking if how to tell him without sounding crazy.
"Lucian...I...I need to tell you something." Maybe he would feel relieved to know that he was a demon, because maybe he would understand himself better then. It made me at least understand him better.
I looked at his face. Gazed into his golden eyes, or to be correct his flaming eyes. Flames of hellfire, I thought. I had grown up to fear hell and demons. I had learned that they were Evil, to protect myself from them but guess what? I fell in love with one.
"You wanted to say something?" He said breaking my train of thoughts.
I shook my head. "Yes...I...I." But the words just refused to come out.
"You what Hazel?"
No I needed some more time to think of how to tell him.
"I...your...your mistresses. I want to see your mistresses?" I said. I wanted to see his reaction and if what Ylva told me was true.
He raised one brow. "My mistresses? Hmm...why do you suddenly want to see them?"
"I just want to." I shrugged.
He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. "Want to see if anyone is prettier than you?" He had that look when he enjoyed the conversation.
"Will you let me see them?" I asked ignoring his question.
"Alright then." He said standing up. My heart dropped inside my chest. I had really believed Ylvas words but of course, he still had mistresses. Jealousy hit me like a knife. Why was I suddenly jealous when I had known all this time?
"Follow me." He said grabbing my arm and leading me toward the door to his personal room.
Wait! Was she inside his room. No!
I panicked as he opened the door and pulled me inside. I didn't want to see any mistress anymore. I pulled my hand away from his grip but we were already inside.
His personal room was almost as big as our chamber, decorated beautifully with rich material. I looked around but the room was empty
"What are we doing here?" I asked.
"You wanted to see my mistress. I plan on showing you the most beautiful one of them." He grabbed my arm and pulled me further into the room.
"I don't want to anymore." I protested.
He stopped. "You don't want to?"
I shook my head.
"But I want to show you!" He said and kept dragging me until I was standing in front of a mirror with my back against him.
He put his hands on my shoulders. "Do you see her?" He asked nodding toward the mirror.
"I only see myself." I said confused.
He nodded.
"I thought you were going to show me your mistress."
"I am. There she is." He said pointing at my reflection.
"But...that's me. I am not your mistress."
"No. But you are my everything, and when I have everything in the world, why would I need something else?"
He really knew how to make my heart melt but then I realized he had been teasing me all those times.
I turned around to face him. "Where you mocking me all those times?"
He chuckled. "I thought you had already figured that out."
I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him a glare.
"Alright, alright. I am sorry." He smiled.
"But where did you go when you were hurt and said you would go to your mistress?"
His face turned serious. "When my wounds are deep the healing can be quite painful so I just wanted to be alone."
I remembered his voice in my head that night. It had been filled with pain and agony. Was the healing that painful.
"You should have let me stay with you."
"Remember you were angry with me?" He reminded.
"Yes, because you kept teasing me with your mistresses." I reminded him in return.
He sighed with a smile as if accepting defeat. I felt relieved that we addressed this issue even though I shouldn't. Even if he didn't have any mistresses now it would be impossible to stay without mistresses or worse several wives if he becomes a king. The thought of him spending the whole night with his other wives or mistresses made my stomach hurt.
"What is it?" He asked lifting my chin.
"Nothing." I shook my head.
"Hazel, I know something is disturbing you. Is it...the woman in Gatrish?"
Oh...I had almost forgotten the blonde seductive dancer in Gatrish, but it didn't matter anymore. As a woman, a princess and maybe a queen this was my fate, to share my husband with other women.
"I was desperate and..."
"You don't have to explain. I know I will never have you entirely for myself but at least your heart, I wish to be the only person in your heart."
He took my face in his hands. "And I will grant every wish of yours."
Lucian and I walked hand in hand around our personal garden after eating lunch. We didn盲t say much, just enjoyed each other's company.
"It's safe for you to walk outside the room now. None of Pierres men are left and his staff are kept in his quarters."
"What do you plan to do with them?"
"Send them home eventually. There are young girls and old women, people with families, I can't just kill them." He explained.
I smiled at him. "You made a good decision."
We came to my favorite place. The beautiful white swing. Lucian and I sat down and he put his arm around my shoulders while I rested my head on his chest.
"You know I love you for who you are? No matter what you are, even if you are a vampire I will love you."
"I know." He said.
It was quiet for a moment and I thought of a way to tell him.
"Lucian..." I pulled away from his hold to look at him. "What if I told you that you are a...demon?"
He looked at me with a narrowed gaze. "Am I?" He asked.
I nodded slowly as my heart pounded inside my chest.
"How do you know?" He asked.
I straightened myself and decided it was time to tell him everything. I began to tell him how I met Irene, what she told me, about Lothaire, Roshan and Enoch. Lucian listened carefully and nodded sometimes.
"So Irene is a witch, Enoch and Roshan are demons and Lothaire is the devil?" He asked.
I nodded. "I know it sounds crazy, even I couldn't believe it at the beginning but I could just feel it. I felt strange when I met Lothaire, something about him...his aura, his eyes...I don't know exactly what...and he had silver hair."
Lucians eyes widened as if in shock. "Did you say silver hair?"
"Yes." I said confused. "What is it?"
"I have met him Hazel."
Lothaire and Lucian met?
"When we were in Gatrish."
So it wasn't recently? If Lothaire went to meet Lucian then maybe he was Lucian's father but why wasn't he showing himself? Why wasn't he helping?
"Did he tell you something?" I asked.
"Nothing special. He just wanted me to win this war because he didn't like my brothers." Lucian said with a frown.
Lothaire the devil went to see Lucian who is rumored to be the devils son, it only made sense that Lothaire was Lucian's father even if it didn't make sense at the same time.
"Lucian I think..." I began, turning to him but stopped.
He was holding his heart and grimaced in pain. "Lucian what's happening?" The veins on his neck and forehead popped out and his face turned read. I panicked.
"Lucian? What's happening to you?" He fell from the swing, still squeezing his chest. It looked like he was in extreme pain. "Lucian?" I tried to run and bring some help but he grabbed my arm to stop me from going.
He shook his head violently. "Don't!" He said then took a deep breath. "I am fine now."
He took a few more deep breaths then the color on his face slowly returned to normal, just then Lincoln came rushing. I didn't hear him knock.
"Your Highness Pierre..." He began but when he noticed Lucian on his knees he hurried toward us and fell to his knees.
"Your Highness...What happened to you?"
"Nothing..."Lucian waved his hand. "What is it with Pierre?"
Lincoln frowned. "Pierre is here with his army, inside the castle." He spoke fast.
Lucian's eyes widened and he stood up quickly.
"Callum, take Hazel away from here safely. Lincoln you follow me." He said.
I didn't even realize that Callum was here. "But Lucian..."
"Just think about getting safely out of here. I will be right behind you so don't worry." He said then left quickly with Lincoln.
I stood there frozen for a while when Callum grabbed my arm and shook me slightly.
"My Lady we need to leave!" He said.
Leave Lucian? How could I?
"You can be used as a weapon against His Highness. You are helping him by escaping." He assured as if he read my mind.





Never had a sword touched him before and now he was feeling his flesh being cut time after time. Never had he missed to hit right before but now he was failing miserable. Rage filled his chest. Pierre would never have been able to enter the castle without help from inside which meant some of his men betrayed him. They even dared to poison him and now the poison was starting to do it's own magic.
His heart was slowing down painfully making it difficult to breathe. His limbs became weak and his vision blurry. He tried to use his powers, but none of it was working.
Another cut on his back and he fell to his knees. Two soldiers grabbed each of his arms and dragged him on the floor then threw him in front of a pair shoes. As his heart painfully squeezed inside his chest Lucian tried to get up.
"Look who his one their knees."
Lucian knew this annoying voice, it was Pierre. "I thought you were already dead." He spoke then he was speaking to someone else. "I thought you gave him the deadliest poison."
"I did, Your Highness."
This voice, the one who betrayed him. Lucian lift his head slowly to look the betrayer in the eyes. Luke looked away quickly afraid to meet his gaze.
"You are really something brother. Still alive after getting poisoned. Anyway I am glad you are still alive because now I can kill you with my own hands." His brother mused.
Lucian heart squeezed harder inside his chest, the pain knocking all air out of his lungs. He began to cough and realized he was coughing blood. Something burned inside his skin, it was as if his blood vessels were filled with lava instead of blood. It was an excruciating pain.
Pierre laughed. "I see the poison is beginning to work."
Lucian was in agony, he wanted this to end. He wanted to curl on the ground, to crawl, to scream but he didn't want to give his brother that satisfaction.
"Oh look who is here." Pierre continued then Lucian heard Hazel's voice.
No no no. Lucian forced himself to look up and found a soldier holding a dagger at Hazels throat. An anger like no other filled his chest and suddenly he was on his feet lurching toward the soldier who held her when another cut landed on his back. This one was so deep he could feel the steel touching his bones. Hazel's scream filled the air as he fell on his knees again. Two guards grabbed each of his arms to hold him in place.
"I see you are very protective about her." His brother said crouching to his level. Lucian could feel how his hearts slowed down even more. He had losing too much blood.
His brother grabbed his face and leaned in. "Don't worry I will take good care of her." He whispered.
Lucian could barely hold himself up. The pain in his heart was unbearable. He wanted to rip his own heart out and end this pain. "And your men…" Pierre continued loudly "Don't worry I won't kill them. I will make them my loyal dogs and those who refuse I will enjoy torturing them forever." He chuckled darkly.
Lucian lift his gaze to look at his men, the loyal ones. His gaze fell on Lincoln, he was on his knees, tied, beaten badly but he was looking back at him. Lucian understood the emotions in his eyes, he was apologizing for failing to protect him. His eyes searched for Hazel, she was crying and fighting to get to him.
His throat became suddenly tight, as if he was being choked, he knew he was going to die.This pain had to be death. He wanted to see Hazel one last time, hold her one last time.
I could hear my name. Lucian was calling me inside my head. I looked at him but he wasn't looking back at me. His face was red, his clothes torn, blood seeped from everywhere, from several cuts, from his stomach where he got stabbed, from his nose and even from his mouth as he coughed. His head hung low down as if he couldn't hold himself up. He was in extreme pain, I knew it.
"I think you have suffered enough…" Pierre said. "Lets make you suffer some more."
Lucians head still hung down and his hair covered his face.
A soldier came with a water container. "Do you know what this is? It's salted water, to help you heal. Am I not nice brother?"
"Stop it!!! Please! Stop it!!" I cried some more.I had been screaming and crying so much but to no avail. I knew it wouldn't help but I couldn't stop myself.
I fought some more with the soldier and he probably got tired of holding me so another soldier came to help.
Pierre Took the container from the soldier then threw the salted water on Lucian. I screamed but Lucian didn't, he just shook voilenty.
Pierre chuckled almost nervously. "What are you?" He asked. "Still not dying after being poisoned, not making a sound even though you are in much pain. Really what are you?" He frowned but then shook his head, "Doesn't matter. You are going to die anyway. Kill him!"
I don't know where I got the sudden strength from but I freed myself from the soldiers and ran toward Lucian enveloping him in a hug before the guards tried to pull me away from him.
"Let her be." Pierre ordered. "We should let the love birds say their goodbyes."
The soldiers released both me and him. Lucian couldn't hold himself up so he fell to the ground. I put my arm behind his neck and pulled him into lap.
"Lucian!" I called carefully removing some wet hair strands from his face.
He opened his eyes slowly and looked into mine. "Lucian…" Don't die and leave me alone I wanted to say but he seemed to be in so much pain I couldn't bring myself to say anything. I just kept crying.
"I am sorry..." He spoked inside my head. "I wasn't able to keep my promise and protect you."
"No I am sorry." I cried. "I wasn't able to do anything for you."
He raised his trembling hand and I took it in mine. "That is not true. You did so much for me Hazel. I thought when I die that I was going to die alone, without ever being loved, without ever feeling happy. You loved me, and you brought so much happiness into my life." He coughed more blood and I held him closer to me while my heart broke.
"Hazel. I don't want you to remember today. Just remember the happy moments we had together."
"You are not going to die and we are going to have more happy moments together." I cried.
He brought his other hand up and wiped some tears from my cheek. "I love you and I have never deserved you."
I shook my head. "It's not true."
"If ...if there is a life after death... I ...I wish you to be in it, as my wife again."
I cried uncontrollably,
"I will be watching over you." He said then I felt his body become lifeless in my arms. A loud cry escaped my lips before I fell into an ocean of darkness.
The Devil watched as some soldiers dragged the dead body of his son on the ground. Yes, his son. The son he was supposed to kill after birth if that witch hadn't gotten involved. He wondered if he really would kill his son then? Even though he didn't want to admit it, he knew deep down he wouldn't be able to kill him. Nyx would never forgive him and he could never do anything that would upset her. He couldn't bear to see a tear on her eye and now he would have to watch her while she cried tears of blood.
The soldiers stopped when they saw a well. "Hey, water. I am so thirsty." One of them said and made his way to the well. He sighed, "it's empty."
The other soldiers sighed as well. "Do we really have to go far to get rid off his body?"
"I say we throw his body in here. Even if he lived he would never be able to get out of here." One of them suggested. The other agreed.
The Devil decided not to watch anymore of it. Using his powers he teleported back home to Nyx. He cursed inwardly. Nyx already knew, he could sense her anger, feel her pain and sorrow. She was blaming herself, she was blaming him.
He teleported himself to her room. She sat on the floor as tears rolled down her cheeks. She wasn't looking at him but she knew he was there.
"He is dead. Isn't he? Our son is dead."