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"Once upon a time, a man with a gift from God to heal and help people moved into a beautiful small village. The villagers welcomed him at first but when they discovered his ability they turned against him, accusing him of witchcraft and black magic. The man who only wanted to help got tortured then thrown into an empty well to starve to death. Little did the villagers know that the man would come back, to get his revenge, as the well-monster. Every night the well-monster would crawl out of his well, take one of the villagers back down with him and feast on their flesh until the whole village was drained."
"They should never have starved him to death."
"You are right, my dear."
"But grandma, why did they kill him in the first place? Didn't he get the gift from God?"
"Yes. But people always fear what they don't understand. Anyway, I don't want you playing near the well from now on, do you understand?"
"Yes, grandma."
"Good girl. Now go to sleep."
Elle went to her bed that night but she was unable to sleep. All she could think about was the well-monster and she wished for the morning to come soon. When the sun went up Elle was relieved that she had survived the night. She was really afraid of this well-monster.
After eating breakfast Elle went outside to play with her friends. They were playing near the well as usual.
"Grandma said we shouldn't play near the well or the well-monster might take us." She warned her friends.
"There is no well-monster, Elle."
"Grandma wouldn't lie. She told me about him. He eats people, you should be afraid."
"I am not scared." One of her friends Sam shrugged.
"I am not either." Veronica agreed then leaned her head into the well. "Hello! Well-monster are you there? Come and take us! Hello!" Turning around. " See there is no well-monster." She said.
"Still we shouldn't play near the well. Grandma said…"
"If you don't want to play with us just go." Veronica interrupted, then ignoring Elle she continued to play with Sam.
Elle got sad. She wanted to play with her friend but she didn't want to be near the well. Leaving her friends behind she decided to play with her cat instead when she heard the screams of her friends.
The well-monster was the first thing that came to Elle's mind. She had to save her friends so she ran back to the well. Her friends were nowhere to be seen. Had the well-monster already taken them? Elle's heart began to beat wildly inside her chest as she took small steps toward the well. Maybe her friend just fell inside and she needed to save them, or... maybe not.
Elle stopped in her tracks as a hand came out of the well. Clutching the stones, the hand got followed by another one. Elle panicked as she noticed the long black claws that seemed to belong to an animal, but she couldn't move. She just stood there frozen as a head slowly rose from behind the wall of stones. Long black worn-out hair covered the face and thick, jagged scars covered the arms. Slowly the monster lifted his head and Elle saw his eyes. Dark, lifeless black eyes that stared right back at her.
A scream erupted from her throat.




A month had passed since Lucians death, but it was only yesterday when I had accepted that he was gone, gone forever. I didn't know how long I had cried but it was the most painful thing I had gone through, even more painful than Pierre's torture.
I remembered the day he died. I had woken up in my chamber after losing consciousness. Pierre stood next to the bed and stared down at me with an ugly smirk on his face.
"Snow White is finally awake!" he said.
"Where is Lucian?"
"Your husband is dead!"
I shook my head as I sat up. "No, he is not! He will come back...I know he will come back."
"Oh really? Tell me how a dead man will come back? I am curious." He taunted.
Lucian was a demon, he couldn't die.
"You will see for yourself when he comes back!" I spat.
Pierre's ugly smirk turned into an even uglier smile.
"Well then, until he comes back you belong to me, princess." His eyes traveled down to my neck and further down to my b.r.e.a.s.ts.
I grabbed the sheets and covered myself but he yanked them away. I did an attempt to run away but he grasped my ankles and pulled me to him.
"Let go of me! I will never belong to you!" I yelled as he placed himself on top of me while I struggled to free myself.
He was strong, pinning my legs down with his and my hands at the sides of my head.
"I decide who you belong to!" He growled. "But don't worry I won't force myself on you. Taming the wild cat that you are is more fun."
Where was Lucian? Why wasn't he coming to save me?
Pierre removed himself from me then gave me a hard glare. "Fight as much as you want, princess. In the end, you will come begging me to do with you as I please." He said then left me alone in the room.
I collapsed on the bed and started crying. Why was Lucian not coming? He wasn't dead, couldn't be. I was not going to accept that.
I felt a hand on my back, stroking gently. "My Lady, please don't cry." It was Lydia.
"Where is Lucian?"
"My Lady, calm yourself first."
"He is not dead! I know it, Lydia, I know it."
She just nodded and continued stroking my back until I calmed down and fell asleep.
I woke up from someone splashing water on my face. With a gasp, I sat up and wiped the water away with my hands.
"What is…" I looked up and found princess Elsa. She looked angry but right now I was angrier than her. How dare she?
I rose from bed hastily. "What's wrong with you?"
"Stay away from my husband!" She snapped.
"I don't want your ugly husband!" I spat.
Her face turned red with anger. Crossing the distance between us she slapped me across the face.
"He is your King now! How dare you call him ugly? Guards!"
Guards barged into the room. "Yes, Your Highness."
She looked at me and smirked. "Drag this woman out and give her ten lashes."
My eyes widened. What?
"You can't do that!" I said.
She raised an eyebrow. "Yes I can and you will see what I can do!"
She nodded toward the guards. "Don't you dare touch me!" But they ignored my warning and grabbed me by the arms before they began to drag me out of the room. "Let go now!" I yelled and tried to free myself.
"What are you doing?" An angry voice spoke.
I stopped fighting and looked up. He gave the guards a questioning look. "It was an order from Her Highness." One of the guards explained.
"Let go of her!" He ordered looking angry. The guards realized me immediately. "Leave!" He told them and they left.
I looked at Pierre. What was he trying to do?
"See princess…" he said coming closer to me. "If you have me by your side nothing and nobody can harm you."
Oh, right. Nobody could harm me except him. If he thought I would throw myself in his arms in exchange for safety then he was dead wrong.
"I rather take the lashes," I said with clenched fists.
He clenched his jaw and looked like he was about to slap me. He brought his hand up in the air, I didn't flinch but then gestured for the maids to come.
"Take her to the kitchen and give her some work to do. No work no food and if she tries to steal cut the arm of one of her maids." He said with an angry expression.
"Yes, Your Highness."
I followed the maids without fighting but it seemed like they wanted a fight. They would give me a push now and then as we made our way to the kitchen and once we arrived they turned my life into hell.
"This is what we do everyday princess. Your life of luxury is gone, now get to work."
I would wash dishes, do laundry, scrub the floor, deliver things to different places and help in general with cooking food and other chores. For someone who had never done any kind of work before this was worse than a nightmare. On top of that, I didn't get enough sleep or food. Lydia and Ylva would sometimes steal some food for me but I would scold them.
"Don't do that if you want to keep your arms."
I wasn't endure all this so that they would lose their arms at the end anyway. Besides this wasn't forever. Lucian would come and save me from all this misery soon. I just had to endure a little longer.
But a week past and there was no sign of Lucian. They maids gave me more and more work for everyday that past by along with insulting comments. At first I used to get angry but then I realized why they hated me so much. People like me lived a luxurious life while people like them had to work very hard to make a living. I had no right to complain when this was their daily life since they were young.
"Wash these as well." I maid said throwing more clothes at me. "And stop being slow and hurry now!" She ordered.
A few maids giggled as they watched me from a distance.
"Would you mind helping instead of giggling?" I called.
They stopped giggling and one of them came to me. "Of course!" She said then kicked dirt at the clothes that I had washed. Now all of them laughed.
Anger boiled inside of me but I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. When I calmed down I opened my eyes and stood up. This was enough and I would teach her a lesson this time.
"Jessica!" The head maid stood at the entrance her arms crossed over her chest as she looked angrily at Jessica. "Get back to work!" She ordered.
The maid called Jessica pushed past me bumping her shoulder into mine.
"Bye princess."
The word princess suddenly sounded like a disease.
I sat back down and continued to wash the clothes. It was almost sunset and I still had some laundry left. I couldn't take it anymore. Every part of my body ached , my head from the lack of sleep, my stomach because of hunger, my throat because of thirst, and my heart because of Lucian's absence. It felt like forever washing the clothes and my hands stung with pain. Anger, sorrow and confusion filled my chest. What was happening? Why was this happening to me? Tears filled my eyes blurring my vision. I wiped my tears with the back of my arm but the world was still a blurb. My eyelids feel heavy and it became difficult to focus. It was as if I couldn't feel the ground under my feet, as if I was drifting away, pulled into a world of darkness.




"Good morning, sweet wife."
Lucian. My husband. His hair as dark as ever and his smile brighter than the sun. He looked at me with those golden eyes filled with love.
"Where have you been. I have been waiting for you."
"I am always with, wherever you are." He smiled caressing my cheek with the back of his hand.
I leaned into him wrapping my arms around his waist but I grasped thin air. He was gone, just like that.
"Lucian?" I called carefully, fear creeping into my chest.
"Lucian where are you? Lucian? Lucian?!"
"Don't you understand? Lucian is dead. He is dead!"
I shot my eyes open. Pierre was towering over me, gazing down at me with annoyance.
"Lu...cian.." I tried to sit up but my body refused.
Pierre lay his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down gently.
"Don't exhaust yourself, let me take care of you now." He said nicely but that nice smile of
his was disturbing.
He turned to the maids. "What are you waiting for? Bring the best food you can." He ordered, "and bring her some new clothes."
I wanted to laugh. Was he now playing the caring husband? Really? I forced myself up from the bed which made me almost fall but Pierre grabbed my arms to steady me.
Disgusted I pushed him away. "Don't touch me!"
For some reason, he found that amusing. "You really are impossible. I am so going to enjoy the day you beg for my attention." He smirked.
And I am so going to enjoy the day Lucian tears you into pieces. But I didn't say that out loud as I didn't have the energy to fight. The little strength I had left I needed to use to get out of this room and far away from his disturbing presence as possible.
My legs wobbled as I stood up from the bed but I forced myself to walk. I took small steps but Pierre placed himself in front of me.
"You want to go the hard way I see."
Some maids came in with food and began to set the table,
"Take the food back. I think the princess here needs to do some more work to deserve some food. Take her back to the kitchen!" He ordered.
I didn't protest. I would rather work than stay with him.
The maids helped me to the kitchen as I could barely walk steadily but as soon as we reached they gave me a slight push and I lost my balance and fell to the ground. Laughing the left me laying there. I was used to this by now. The maids always came up with ways to torture me.
"My Lady!" I heard Ylva gasp. She hurried to help me up but I pushed her away.
"Don't! I don't need your help. I can stand up on my own."
Ylva looked at me confused and she seemed a little hurt, but it was for the best. If the other maids noticed that Lydia and Ylva were close to me they would make life difficult for them as well.
I forced myself up and looked Ylva in the eyes. "I can take care of myself from now on. Don't ever help me."
Her expression changed from confusion to worry, but she just nodded and left.
"Here!" Someone said from behind me. Turning around I found the head-maid Edith. She handed me a glass of water and a bowl of rice. "Eat then you can start with the dishes." She said then left.
I had a hard time understanding Edith. Sometimes she was nice to me and sometimes not. She would protect me from the other maids yet she would give me loads of work. Really, she was confusing.
The rest of the week I spent working to survive. Luckily I was getting more used to it now and it wasn't as difficult as before, yet it wasn't an easy job. It really made me understand the maids' anger toward me. Most of the time people like me didn't even treat the maids like humans, with feelings. No wonder they hated me so much.
Pierre only made things worse. Sometimes he would visit the servants quarters to see if the hard work had changed my mind and I was ready to fall into his arms, but he would always leave disappointed. Afterwards, he would make me suffer for rejecting him, like sending me to the stall to clean up horseshit or to cut the grass under the hot sun for a whole day or even worse make me wash his mistresses feet.
"Aren't you Prince Lucian's wife?" One of his mistresses asked while I cleaned her feet. I nodded.
"He was one exquisite man. Shame he died."
If she only knew. I would make sure he paid her a visit once he was back.
"How was he in bed?" Her question made me stop in my tracks. I was not used to speaking about intimate things.
"Oh, come on. Don't be shy. We are very open here." Another one of his mistresses spoke. "So tell us. Did he give you multiple orgasms? Is he the passionate type or the e.r.o.t.i.c and sensual type?"
"I bet he is all and more." Another one spoke and then they continued speaking about him. My mind drifted away, to the memories of him, his beautiful face, his loving eyes, his gentle smile, his calming voice, and his soothing touch. A painful longing crept into me and fear. Fear that he would never come back, that I would never see him again or never hold him.
No Hazel, he is coming back. Just endure a little longer and everything will be fine, I encouraged myself.
I was never the type who liked violence but the only thing that kept me going was the thought of Lucian coming back and ripping his brothers head off, after torturing him of course.
"I hear the crown prince wants you as his mistress but you are refusing. Is it more fun to wash his mistresses feet?" She looked at me with genuine curiosity.
I could understand her. Many women fought for that position and here I was refusing, but she couldn't understand me. I wasn't all those women. I was Hazel, Lucian's wife.
"I must tell you how stupid you are. Men use women, they use us for our bodies and you, my dear need to be smart. Use them back, for their power, for their money."
"I am not interested in money or power." I said.
"I can see that. I wonder what kind of man your husband was that you are so loyal to him?"
Why was she so interested in me?
"Magdela, you are giving her too much attention." Even the other mistresses noticed.
"Leave now!" She told them, raising her voice.
Suddenly there was tension in the air and the other mistresses glared at Magdela with distaste while leaving the room. I guessed Magdela was the favorite mistress since the other ones left without protesting.
"So why are you not sad?" She asked when all of them left. "Or at least angry since your husband died?"
"I just think of something that makes me happy and I focus on it."
"And what is that?"
I lift my gaze and looked into her eyes. "I think of when my husband comes back and creates hell on earth for all those who wronged me and him."
It became dead silent for a while then suddenly a guard informed Pierres presence and shortly after he entered.
Magdela pulled her legs away and stood up quickly. "Your highness." She curtsied with a smile.
"You may leave." He told her as he fixed his gaze on me.
Magdela curtsied one more time and left the room. I didn't need to see her face to know that she was disappointed. The guards closed the door behind her and I was left alone with Pierre. Lord, how I hated this man. If he was here to convince me to give up again then he would be disappointed again and I feared what kind of punishment he had in store if I denied him this time.
" is it going? You know...with washing other people's feet." He asked with a shrug.
"It is going very well. I am actually good at it."
Don't anger him more Hazel, I told myself but I couldn't stop myself. Just thinking of him made me sick and angry.
He crossed the distance between us then grabbed my jaw harshly. "I thought I would go easy on you but you know what?" He asked bringing his face close to mine. "You are so stubborn so I changed my mind.Guards!"
Oh god! What was he going to do to me?
The door opened and two guards entered. Pierre let go of my jaw and turned to the guards. "Take her to the dungeon!"
The dungeon! What?!
"Once you change your mind feel free to tell the guards until then enjoy sleeping with rats."




"Is he dead?"
"No. He is alive, but poor soul what happened to him?"
"Did you say he crawled out of the well?"
"That's impossible."
"It's true mother. I saw him, he looked like a monster."
Lucian could hear the voices but he could barely speak or move. He couldn't even open his eyes to see the people talking about him. Crawling out of the well had taken the last amount of strength that he had left.
"He is breathing."
Lucian could feel someone touching him, even trying to lift him up.
"Help me! We should take him home and tend to him."
"We can't just take a stranger home."
"Are you suggesting we leave him here to die?"
It was quiet for a moment. "I didn't think so. Now help me."
As more hand began to grab him the voices slowly became distant before they disappear completely and he fell into the darkness that he was so used to by now.
Light. Light poked his eyes and forced him to open them. He had to blink several times and rub his eyes before he could see clearly.
Lucian looked around. He didn't recognize were he was. He found himself in a little room, surrounded by dark wooden walls. To his left there was a small table and a chair, and just right above a small window from which the sunlight peeked through. In front of him stood an empty bookshelf and to his right there was a door and a old cabinet covered with dust.
The bed he lay in could barely fit him. His feet dangled outside the bed and if he tried to turn, he would probably fall down.
Lucian made and attempt to sit up but to no avail. His muscles gave in and he fell back with a groan. Every part of his body ached and he could hear the unsteady rytm of his own heart. Was he going to die? Because it certainly felt like he would.
Lucian closed his eyes. The pain, the tiredness, the confusion was too much and he didn't have the strength to fight it, so he let the darkness sweep him away once again. After that everything was a blur, he kept falling in and out of consciousness not knowing how many days passed since he came to this place. Sometimes he would hear voices and one day when he woke up he even found a little girl observing him. She had the most innocent eyes he had seen and they widened when she realized he had woken up. Before he could speak to her she had run away.
Another day he could feel someone tending to his wounds. "This man heals very fast." It was a woman speaking. "I mean he had several injuries over his whole body now all of them are almost healed."
"Maybe he is the well-monster." A little girl's voice whispered.
"There is no such thing sweetheart." The woman assured. "It's the dirt that makes him look like this. He could use a bath but he is not waking up."
"Did you examine his head?" It sounded like an older woman.
"Yes. No injuries there. I wonder why he is not waking up."
Lucian tried to listen to the rest of the conversation but his frenemy darkness came to take him and he followed obediently. Next time he woke up he was surrounded by people. Strangers.
"You are awake." A woman to his left said with a smile. "How are you feeling?"
Lucian looked around. A middle aged man, two young girls, a little girl and an old woman stared at him with curiosity.
"How are you feeling?" the woman to his left repeated. He turned his head to look at her. She looked back at him with a frown.
"Maybe he is a foreigner. Maybe he doesn't understand our language."
"I am fine." Lucian replied with a guttural voice.
The woman sighed with a smile. "Thank God. We thought that you were almost dying when you never woke up."
Lucian just looked at the woman.
"We should probably bring you something to eat." The woman said nervously when he didn't reply. Then she nodded toward the others and they left him alone in the room.
Lucian pushed himself up and strangely this time he could sit up without any problem or pain. A strange feeling washed over him, a feeling of energy and power. He felt somehow strong, as if he could do anything he wanted and it scared him a little.
Getting out of bed he looked down at his body. He was covered with dirt and was wearing nothing but a piece of clothes on his lower body. There were no wounds on his body, he had healed completely. The people who tended to him would probably wonder how he could heal so fast and why he didn't have any scars. What would he tell them?
Before he could think of something the woman came back with a tray of food and laid it on the table. "You should eat something then probably take a bath." She said turning to him. "I'll bring you some clothes." She smiled then left.
Lucian slowly made his way to the table then looked at the food. The first word that came to mind was poison. He was poisoned. Pieces if his memory came back. He remembered being poisoned, stabbed, thrown into a well. He remembered the pain, the physical one, the one of being betrayed and the one of...the one of... something else he couldn't remember.
He shook his head. He didn't want to think of all the pain right now. Right now he was hungry so he sat down and began to eat. The whole time he was eating he knew that the little girl was watching him hiding behind the door.
"You can come in if you want." He said without turning back.
He heard her gasp. She was clearly afraid of him.
He turned around slowly and she peeked from behind the door. "How did you know I was here?" She whispered afraid.
He shrugged his shoulders.
"Are you the well-monster?" She spoke the last word lower than the others as if she was afraid to say it.
"Then why were you inside the well?"
"I fell inside by accident."
Lucian could feel that she was contemplating whether to believe him or not.
"What's your name?" He asked.
"Elle, why don't you come inside."
She hesitated for a while before slowly walking in, but she kept a good distance between them.
"I am Lucian." He said extending his hand. Elle stared at his hand for a while then approached him slowly before placing her little hand in his.
Lucian couldn't help but smile at her. She was a brave one to come near him even though she was very afraid. Lucian knew that she wanted to appear unafraid to him.
"How old are you Elle?"
"Seven." She drew back her hand and stared at him calculatingly with those innocent brown eyes. "Did you see the well-monster when you fell inside?"
Lucian shook his head.
"Then who hurt you?" Elle asked curiously.
Lucian tried to come up with an answer.
"Elle, don't bother him with your questions." The woman from earlier came back with some clothes and put them on the bed. "Why don't you show him where he can take a bath instead."
"Yes mother."
Elle seemed less afraid as she showed him the way. It wasn't far from their home, but the people staring strangely at him, some even disgusted made it seem like forever.
"Here." Elle smiled as they arrived.
Lucian looked around was confused. This place looked nothing like a bathroom. In fact it wasn't a room at all, it was just an outside place with walls.
"You can take water from there." She said pointing at a pumping faucet. "and you will find scr.a.p.ers in that box." She explained then ran away.
"Wait!" but she was already gone.
Lucian was still confused. How was he supposed to bath here? He went the box with the things she called scr.a.p.ers. Grabbing one he looked at it. How was he supposed to use this? And he had never used a pumping faucet before.
Lucian sighed with frustration when he heard the creaking sound of the door opening. An old man walked inside and began undress.
Lucian observed the man and tried to follow his steps. He filled a bucket with water, took a thing that looked like a stone from one of the boxes to wash himself and the to scrub the dirt off. It was really a strange way to bath Lucian thought as he rinsed off everything with the clean but cold water.
Lastly he dried himself then slid into the new clothes he got from the woman he still didn't know the name of. When he walked outside he was surprised to find Elle waiting for him. Once she laid eyes on him her mouth fell open and she stared at him wide eyed.
Lucian raised a brow questioningly. Why was she looking at him like that?
"Is something wrong?" He asked.
She shook her head slowly eyes still wide, mouth still open. Lucian decided to ignore her reaction.
"Shall we go back then?"
She nodded and without a word she led the way.
On their way back everyone they passed had the same reaction as Elle. They kept staring at him, following him with their gaze until he was out of sight. Lucian knew this time they were staring with fascination, not with disgust. People were literally ogling him especially the women. Some of them even smiled at him flirtatiously.
Lucian was used to attention, especially from women but he never got this much attention before. It was as if the people got hypnotized by him.
Ignoring everyones attention Lucian followed Elle quietly. When they arrived they entered the small house and found Elle's family gathered in a circle speaking of something.
"Mother we are back." Elle informed interrupting their conversation.
As everyone turned to look at them their mouths fell open as well.
"Oh good Lord!"




Eyes wide, mouth open they stared at him for a while. Lucian began to worry. Did his appearance change? He needed a mirror.

The man was the first to break the silence. "You are back. Please come and sit."

Everyone followed him with their gaze as he made his way to the circle and sat down. The man cleared his throat and gave them a look so that they would stop staring and eventually they did.

"So what's your name young man?" The man asked.


"Lucian, I am John and this is my wife Layla." He introduced the middle-aged woman sitting next to him. Then he continued introducing everyone else. John and Layla had three daughters, the youngest was, of course, Elle and then there was Anna seventeen and Nora nineteen. The old woman was John's mother, Charlotte.

"We also have a son, Julian. He serves in the royal army."

"Royal army?" He wondered which one they spoke of because he didn't even know in which kingdom he was right now.

"Yes. He has been busy with all the war going on but now it has come to an end he believes. Soon the crown prince will be crowned king."

War. Crown prince. He was still in Decresh.

"By the way how did you fall inside the well?"

Oh, now came the question he had been dreading. They began asking him question after question and Lucian tried to answer all of them. Of course, none of his answers were true. He told them that he was traveling when some thieves attacked him and pushed him inside the well.

"Where were you traveling?"

"I...I was..." Lucian had never had to lie this much before. Coming up with all those lies was more difficult than he thought. "I don't remember."

"Oh dear. You must have hit your head." Charlotte said.

"Father why don't you let him stay here?...until he remembers," Nora suggested.

Charlotte nodded her head in agreement.

"Thank you for your generosity but I should go." Lucian said.

"But where? You don't know where to go and you have nothing to travel with." Nora said.

She was right. He had no money and he didn't know where to go...yet.

John seemed to think for a while. "I think you should stay here until you recover."

Lucian looked at each one of them, they all thought he should stay. Why were they being so nice to him?

"So...are you a witch?" John asked once everyone left and they were alone. Lucian was surprised by the question.

"What makes you think so?" He asked.

" impossible for a normal human to crawl out of a well that's so deep and secondly your wounds just healed so I am guessing you used your magic."

From the way John spoke Lucian guessed he was a witch himself.

"Are you a witch?"

John narrowed his gaze. "Yes. So it's fine you can tell me."

Lucian didn't know what to reply. If he said he was a witch, he would be lying and if he said he wasn't how was he supposed to explain his healing?

"I am not sure if I am one." He replied instead.

John nodded thoughtfully. "So you never tried to use magic?"


"Well, there is only one way to know if you are a witch, try using magic." John suggested.

Lucian nodded thoughtfully.

"Wait!" John stood up and left quickly but he was back shortly after with a book in his hand.

"Here." He said handing him the book. "There are some simple spells here. You can try them."

Lucian took the book from him. "Thank you."

"I should go to work now."

"I should come with you. I...can help with anything." Lucian suggested.

"Alright then, come on."

John owned a little shop in a big shopping market. He sold different kinds of fabrics and clothes, mostly women's. Lucian realized that Johns shop wasn't very popular as only one man entered the entire time they were there.

"No one is coming to buy anything" Lucian said.

"Yes. That's how it usually is." John seemed unbothered by the situation.

"If you are a witch, why don't you use some magic to attract some customers?" Lucian asked.

John stopped whatever he was doing and gazed at Lucian seriously. "Magic is not something to use easily. If you happen to be a witch remember this."

Lucian wanted to ask what he meant but before he could a Lady walked into the shop.

"Good day Mr...." She stopped halfway when she laid eyes on Lucian. "Oh..."

Lucian didn't know what she meant by that but the look in her eyes he knew very well. The admiring, astonished completely captivated by you look. Maybe he should take advantage of that he thought.

Walking up to the woman, "how can I help you?" He asked charmingly.

The woman just stared at him for a few seconds. "Uh...I was looking for some fabric to make a dress." She said fl.u.s.tered.

Lucian knew nothing about fabrics but John had shown him where he could find fabrics for dresses.

"This way." He gestured.

While he led the way he could hear her heart beating wildly inside her chest.

"Here." He said and began to show her a few different fabrics but she wasn't paying any attention at all. All of her attention was directed at him instead.

"I think this color would suit you very well." He said picking a light blue fabric and showing it to her.

"Really?" She smiled blushing.


"I will take it." She decided without even taking a closer look.

The woman paid at the desk then said her goodbye with a dreamy look on her face. After that one visit from her Johns shop became suddenly popular. Women came and went and Lucian knew he was the reason.

"Never had these much customers before," John said surprised. "You really are popular among women."

If he only knew. Popular was an understatement. Most women who came to the shop didn't even need any fabric. They just came to take a look at him, or speak to him, if lucky maybe even get a compliment and at the end of the day they would spend their money and buy that fabric they probably didn't even need.

"You have really brought luck to my shop." John said as they walked back home. "You can stay with us as long as you want... as a thank you, and I should give you a salary."

"That's very kind of you but I will be leaving soon."

"Did you remember where to go?"

Lucian wasn't sure. His memories were a mess and he had been having the worst nightmares lately but there was one thing he knew, one face that haunted his dreams. Pierre. Every night Pierre would come into his dreams and kill him over and over again and Lucian would relive the same agonizing pain. He would wake up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, his heart beating painfully inside his chest. He would have difficulty breathing as if he was drowning or being choked. How could a dream feel so real that he would feel the pain even after he woke up?

But that wasn't the worst part. There was something else. Something he couldn't understand or remember, a part of his dream that was more painful than his death, so painful he would have tears in his eyes when he woke up. What was it? And why couldn't he remember?

"Yes. I need to go back home."

Lucian had always wanted a simple life and now he had the chance to live that, yet he was going back to the life he hated. For what? Revenge? What would he gain of it except that his nightmares would end? He could just stay here, start a new life and live freely the way he wanted, yet something drew him to go back. It was as if a part of him was still there, calling for him, waiting for him to come.

"Father." Elle shouted running and enveloped John in a hug. She would always welcome them both with hugs when they came back from work.

"My little princess." John smiled as he picked her up then went and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek.

Lucian would always get an odd feeling every time he saw John and Layla together. They seemed deeply in love, and it brought a sense of emptiness, a void in his heart. Why he felt that way he couldn't explain.

Shaking off the odd feeling once again. Lucian went to his room and closed the door behind him. He wanted to be alone but before he could do anything someone already knocked on the door.

"Come in."

The door opened with a creaking sound and Nora stuck her head inside.

"Am I disturbing you?" She asked innocently.

"No, please come in."

She walked in, a shy smile on her face. Lucian knew she had a thing for him. The way she blushed or smiled shyly every time he spoke to her, or the way she would peak at him when he wasn't looking or the way her heart would speed at his closeness. He knew all of that, and even though she was pretty he wasn't the least interested in her.

"I just wanted to thank you. You have been a great help to my father's business." She said.

"No need to thank me. Your family saved my life and let me stay here, I am just repaying the favor." Lucian explained

She nodded. "My father told me you could be a witch. Have you tried a spell yet?"

Her gaze shifted to the book on the table that her father gave him, to try and learn magic.

"No I haven't."

Lucian had been avoiding the book as if he was afraid to know the answer of what he was.

"I could help you...if you want." She shrugged.

"Thank you but I'll manage myself."

"Just be careful." She warned a little worried.

"Why?" He frowned.

"I can sense your power. You have too much of it."




I lay curled on the cold ground, hungry and scared. Pierre had only told me about the rats in the dungeon, but here I was, surrounded by c.o.c.kroaches and spiders as well. I didn't know how many days I spent in this dark place where I could barely know if it was day or night. I so longed to get out of here, to see the light again and breath in the scent of fresh air. To be able to walk under the sun and feel the taste of delicious food, but all that would come with a price. Pierre would not let me out of this place until I agreed to become his and I felt like I was getting sick staying here. Not only physically but mentally as well.

Could I atleast get a blanket for now? I was so cold my teeth were chattering.

The sound of footsteps nearing filled the quiet room and soon the door to the cellar opened. Two guards entered and without a word grabbed my arms and began to drag me out of there.

"Wait! Where are you taking me?" I asked.

"Be quiet!" One of them ordered.

Should I be relieved that I was leaving this place or afraid that they would take me somewhere else worse, I didn't know.

One of the guards yanked my arm then pushed me forward. "Faster!" He ordered.

As we existed the dungeon my eyes got suddenly hit by the sunlight and I quickly shut them tightly. I hadn't seen light for days so my eyes needed time to adjust. I tried to blink a few times and look again but I couldn't. It was painful so I just peekend now and then to see where I was going until the sun was out of sight and we were inside the castle.

As they led the way I realized they were taking me to Pierre. Oh no! What did he plan this time? He must be angry that I hadn't given up yet.

The guards opened the door to his room then pushed me inside. I stumbled then fell flat on my stomach before I heard the door closed behind me.

"Tsk, tsk. You look awful."

It has been a long time since I heard this annoying voice and I didn't miss it the least. I pushed myself up from the floor and adjusted my dirty dress before looking Pierre in the eyes. He was sitting in a chair with legs crossed.

"What do you want?"

He stood up from his seat then walked up to me. "I have been thinking…" He began thoughtfully, " If I want you to like me, I have to treat you well, right?"

Was he delusional?

I scoffed. "I will never like you. You killed my husband."

"Because he would kill me otherwise. It's nothing personal. That's just how war is and everyone does what they have to do to protect themselves. You should also do what's best to protect yourself and it's not being on my bad side."

"You speak of liking while threatening me." He was unbelievable.

"Look princess…"

"Hazel," I cut him off, "you made sure I wasn't a princess anymore."

He walked even closer then grabbed my chin before looking into my eyes. "You can be more than a princess, if you stand by my side. By a very powerful kings side. Think about it." He said in a low voice.

"There is nothing to think about."

Ignoring my remark "I'll give you some time to think." He said before leaving without further discussion.

I let out a sigh of before I carefully sat down to stop my shaking legs. I wasn't tough. All this was an act and I really didn't know where I got this much courage from. I was raised to be quiet, shy and afraid. I was raised to be obedient, to know my place which was always beneath everyone else's in my family. My worth was nothing until Lucian came into my life. He was the first one to actually treat me like a person and not like a property. He made me feel alive, important and cared for. He made me feel loved, but where was he right now?

"Where are you?" I said hoping he would appear out of nowhere like he always did when I thought of him instead I found Ylva standing at the door.

"My Lady." She said looking worried or angry, I wasn't sure. "Are you alright?" She asked approaching me slowly. She let her gaze sweep over me and her expression turned more angry than before.

She took a deep breath as if collecting herself before speaking. "I should bring you something to eat first then you need a bath and new clothes and...or maybe I should take you to your room first."

I had never seen her this emotional before.

"Ylva relax." I said standing up and putting my hands on her shoulders. "I am fine."

"How can you be fine? Look what they did to you." She said almost bursting into tears.

"Why don't you take me to my room." I said calmly.

She nodded and helped me to my room. More correctly our room, Lucian and I. I almost cried as I walked inside. This place held so many good memories.

"I'll bring some food, You must eat first then you can take a bath."

"Is Lydia alright?" I asked.

"Yes. She is fine My Lady. Do you want me to send her?"

"No. Let's keep her out of this." Endangering Ylva was enough. I didn't want them both to be in danger.

Ylva left to bring me something to eat meanwhile I decided to take a bath myself. Once I came out of the bathroom the food was already served and the delicious smell made my stomach growl. I sat at the table and devoured everything quickly then I felt sleepy and before I knew I was already asleep.

When I woke up I groaned with frustration. I didn't want to wake up, I wanted to sleep forever so I shut my eyes tightly and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn't. I had to wake up and endure the pain of living. When did living become painful?

I swung my legs down and looked out the window. It was still night and the stars shone brighter than ever, or maybe it was just because I hadn't seen the sky for along time. Sliding into my night robe I went out to the garden. My favorite place, the place where I and Lucian spent our last happy time together. Now it just felt empty looking at it. My whole life felt empty.

I tear fell down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. Lucian would come back. He had too otherwise...otherwise…

"Hazel." A familiar voice came from behind me.

I froze in place. What was he doing here?

I turned around slowly and looked into the cold dark eyes that belonged to no one else than the devil himself.


He stood there melting perfectly with the darkness as if he was shadow himself.

"Lothaire? How...what are you doing here?"

"I came to take you with me." His voice was as cold as I remembered.

The devil. Lucians father. Right, he came to take me to Lucian.

"Where is Lucian?"

He narrowed his gaze. "You know where he is."

"No, I don't." I said confused.

"Yes, you do. You just don't want to admit it." He said calmly.

How could he be so calm?

"Lucian is not dead." I said slowly.

He just looked at me, his face void of any emotion.

"If he is dead then why are you not doing anything?"

"Why would I do anything?" He asked raising a brow.

"Because you are his father."

His face hardened, making him look more frightening than he already did.

"Listen! Lucian is dead. You can either come with me or stay here."

I couldn't believe him. How could he say that his son was dead with a straight face? What kind of father was he?

"Lucian is not dead." I repeated shaking my head.

He sighed then adopted a softer voice. "Hazel. Why don't you come with me and think about that later."

I shook my head, tears filling my eyes. "There is nothing to think about. Lucian is not dead!"

Lothaires shoulders fell and he looked at me with what seemed like defeat. "Let me take you from here. You will only be tortured here."

"Are you not listening to what I am saying?" I yelled as tears fell down my cheek. "Lucian is not dead! He is not, right? Tell me he is not dead! Tell me you did something to save him. Tell me!" I demanded crossing the distance between us and grabbing his arms. I tried to shake him but he didn't move a bit. Instead he grabbed my arms and pulled me closer.

"I don't have to tell you anything." He said with a lethal voice."But I will tell you this. Lucian is dead and you can either come with me or stay here to get tortured. Your choice."

It took a moment for his words to sink in and when they did I was fuming with anger. I pushed him away.

"You really must be the devil. How can you not care for your own son? He suffered so much because of you and what did you do for him? Nothing!" I cried yelling.

"You are right. I did nothing when I should have killed him myself. All this would not have happened then."

Killed? He would have killed his own son?

"Go away!" I yelled. "Just go away! I don't want to see your face!"

"My Lady!" I looked to my left where the voice came from. Lydia looked at me with confusion. "Who are you talking to?"

What? I turned back to Lothaire but he wasn't there. He was gone.




Lucian woke up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat and out of breath. His heart was beating wildly inside his chest and his eyes were filled with tears. He had the same nightmare he had every night, where his brother killed him over and over again. It never ended, the pain and the suffering, even after he woke up.
Lucian would feel as if his whole body was burning and slowly he would be unable to breathe because of the pain. Falling from his bed he would crawl on the floor struggling to get some air but he his throat would tighten as if he was being choked. half the night he would spend in an unbearable pain and pray for the morning to come soon.
When the morning came he would wake up and find himself still laying on the cold floor. His whole body would ache and he would feel drained of energy. It would take him a while to get up and prepare to go to work.
Today as he lay on the floor waiting for his body to recover he remembered Nora's words. She had said that he had to much power, which he did notice the last few days. Something about him was different since he came out of that well. He was capable of doing things he couldn't before. That he realized one night when he woke up from his nightmare feeling as if he was being choked. He had wished to go outside to get some air and suddenly by some unknown force he found himself outside. How that was possible he still couldn't comprehend, but he did enjoy his new power. Or should he say powers? Because there were other things he discovered he could do, such as disguising himself as someone else or making himself invisible. He could even manipulate people, only by looking into their eyes.
Maybe he was the Devil's son after all.
As he lay on the floor thinking he heard angry sounds coming from outside his room. Soon load footsteps followed and the door to his room flew open and hit the wall with a crushing sound. There at the door stood an angry John.
"Who are you?" He asked accusingly.
Lucian was confused as he stood up and looked at John.
"Who are you?!" John repeated angrily. "And don't lie to me this time."
Lucians gaze went to the paper in Johns hand and he immediately realized that John had found one of the sketches that were made of him when his brother was trying to find him.
"This…" John said holding the paper up. "This is you. Why was the crown prince looking for you?"
Lucian didn't need to answer that. He knew that John had already figured it out.
"I should have known...with your long hair and the way you carry yourself. You are a royalty. The youngest prince of Decresh. I knew that I had heard your name somewhere, my son must have told me once or twice." John continued his eyes wide with realization.
His family had gathered behind him and they stared at Lucian with a look of betrayal.
"Just leave!" Lucian could hear the disappointment in Johns voice.
He could understand that they were hurt and feeling betrayed since they had welcomed him and treated him like a family. Maybe now was the time to leave anyway.
"Father he has nowhere to go." Anna spoked as he took a step to leave.
"That's none of our business." John said coldly.
"But he is a witch and you always say to help fellow witches." Anna argued.
"We don't know for sure that he is a witch. Nora?"
"Yes father he is." Nora spoke. "But…" she hesitated.
"But what?"
"He is the one rumored to be the devil's son."
Lucian sighed. Those rumors never left him alone. "I'll just leave." He said. "Thank you for your hospitality."
But suddenly Elle ran to him and hugged his leg. "Please don't leave. Father, please don't let him leave." She had tears in her eyes.
Lucian crouched down to her level and wiped away a few tears that fell down her cheek. "I have to. But I will be back some day and visit you." He said clapping her head, then he stood up and looked at the rest of them.
"I am very thankful for your help and I had no intention of hurting you. I apologize if I caused you any harm. I'll take my leave."
Johns expression didn't change but the rest looked regretful as he made his way out. Strangely he was regretful himself. He had really enjoyed staying here, living a simple normal life with John and his family, but nothing good or bad lasted forever.
Just as he was about the exit the front door a man appeared in front of him. The man who was almost as tall as him was wearing a military attire, the type that only the royal army of Decresh wear. This must be Johns son Julian, Lucian thought.
Julian froze in place, his eyes widening in shock as he noticed Lucian. In his frozen state he dropped his helmet on the floor and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.
Great! Now Lucian had to deal with him as well. Maybe he should just snap his head off. A perfect way to repay his family's kindness, he thought sarcastically.
"Yo...your Highness. are alive." Julian stuttered in disbelief.
Before Lucian could think of anything to say, Julians family came rushing.
"Julian! My son, you are back!" Layla hugged him tightly while John waited for his turn to hug his son.
Julian stood like a statue, his gaze still fixated on Lucian while his family hugged in turn. Lucian just wanted to leave quickly but the whole family had crowded the exit while being excited about Julians return.
"Father?" Julian said finally while nodding toward Lucian questioningly.
"Oh yes. He is leaving." John said.
"Leaving? Father do you know who he is?" Julian asked.
"Yes, that's why he is leaving."
John raised his eyebrows in surprise. Julian walked past his father and up to Lucian. "Your it really you?" He scanned Lucian carefully "I thought you died."
Lucian detected sadness and relief in his voice. It confused him, but he didn't think much about it. He was leaving anyway.
"Goodbye." He said and aimed for the front door but Julian blocked his way.
"Your Highness? Where are you going? It's not safe outside. Please come in and stay."
"Just let him leave." John spoke.
Julian ignored his father. "Please Your Highness."
"Yes. Why don't we eat then you can decide who will leave and stay." Charlotte suggested." I think Julian is tired and hungry."
Julian nodded. "Thank you grandma. Your highness please." Julian gestured toward the living room. Elle looked at him with hopeful eyes.
Lucian followed Julian inside while wondering why he agreed to this. He should have just left. Maybe deep down he still wanted to stay here. While Julian looked happy that Lucian had agreed to stay for lunch, John was still unhappy and sat with his arms crossed over his chest.
Julian was curious about how Lucian had come to live and ended up here and Anna was happy to explain the whole situation. Julian listened carefully then turned to his father.
"Father? Where you about to throw him out because he didn't tell you the truth? What was he supposed to say? I am a prince? Would you have believed him?"
John sighed. "It's not only that. It's dangerous for our family to keep him here. If this goes out we are all dead."
Lucian understood that John was only trying to protect his family.
"No one will know." Julian said.
"Someone might already know."
Lucian didn't like that this family were fighting because of him. "I'll just leave." He said standing up.
"Prince Pierre is soon getting crowned. You know he doesn't care about the wellbeing of this kingdom. He is already planning war. He wants to overthrow the king of Gatrish and take over his kingdom. Probably because he helped you. You know Gatrish is a powerful kingdom. It won't be easy winning over them. Many people will die for nothing."
"Why are you telling me this?" Lucian asked.
"Pierre wants to raise the taxes for the poor people and expand the slave trade." Julian continued.
"What do you want me to do?"
"Don't you want the crown?" He asked.
"What makes you think I would be any different than Pierre?"
"Because you are a witch and witches don't damage, they restore." Julain explained.
Lucian was getting annoyed. "Look, I am not a witch and I have no desire to become king."
Now it was Julians turn to get annoyed. "What about all the people who died for you. Died to protect you, all your men. Did they die in vain?"
"What is going on here?" Layla asked when she came into the room.
"Many people will suffer if you don't take the crown. Don't tell me you don't care. Father say something!" Julian required.
John seemed to think deeply. "Why don't you think about it before saying no?" John suggested.
What was he supposed to think about. Going back to the prison he grew up in. That place would bring nothing but bad memories. Still a part of him wanted to listen to Julian, to go back home and take the throne. He felt obligated to do so for the people who died protecting him. For those who stood by his side no matter what, like Lincoln.
Lucian thought about the fact that he would never see Lincoln again, never hear his scoldings or his advice. He would never see the rest of his men again, while those who betrayed him, those who betrayed their own comrades were probably still alive. Thinking about it made his blood boil. Yes, he needed to go back and forget about having a normal peaceful life, because he wouldn't get peace until he destroyed those who destroyed him.
It was time to go back home, back to the hell was born in. Hell is where he was supposed to be anyway




I spent the whole night crying, angry and confused. I couldn't understand a thing. Why didn't Lothaire help Lucian, why was Lucian not coming home yet and where was Irene? Did Lothaire do something to her? If he could kill his son then he was capable of doing anything. What confused me the most was the reason Lothaire came here. If he didn't care for Lucian then why did he come here to take me with him?
The morning came quickly with me not getting any sleep or any answers. The head maid Edith walked into my room without knocking and placed some clothes on my bed.
"Change into these. His Highness has requested your presence." She informed then left without waiting for a reply.
I took the clothes and looked at them. It was a beautiful yellow dress with its white gloves decorated with lace. Clearly, he wanted me to look good so I did my best to look the opposite. I just slid into the dress without taking a bath or getting cleaned up and walked out the room without brushing my hair. I needed to look awful in case he wanted to take advantage of me.
The maid who was supposed to lead the way stared at me in surprise but then quickly averted her gaze.
"This way, My Lady." She gestured.
I followed her to the dining room where Pierre was already waiting. He sat at a large table where several extravagant dishes were served. When he took notice of me he stood up and dismissed the maid, then he just stood there and observed me for a while before he burst into laughter.
"…" He tried to speak but he kept laughing in between. "If you were trying to make an impression you certainly did."
"I am not trying anything." I said coldly.
"You know…" he began crossing the distance between us, " I have never been so patient with anyone before. I don't know why I am so patient with you." He seemed thoughtful, but then he shook his head as if dismissing his thoughts.
"Come and sit." He said and went to hold the chair out for me. I sat down slowly and looked at the food on the table. My mouth already began to salivate, but as soon as Pierre sat down next to me my appetite went out the window.
"All this is for you." He gestured toward the food. "You can eat however much you want."
"I am not hungry." I said.
The smile on his face disappeared and got replaced by a displeased look.
"You know…," he began, "there was once this girl I saw when I passed by a small village. She was so beautiful so I brought her here with me. I gave her everything and I treated her well, but she was never satisfied. She wanted to go back home, to her childhood sweetheart, a shepherd." He said the last word with disgust.
"She chose a shepherd over a prince." He shook his head. "So do you know what I did to her?" He asked.
I just looked at him without replying. I knew he did something terrible to her and I didn't want to know what it was.
"I let my men have their way with her while I had some wine listening to her screams all night long. She was begging me to save her but I had already given her many chances. What a waste, she was a beauty." He shook his head again then grabbed his glass and took a sip of water.
I knew this wasn't just a story, it was a warning. My stomach twisted in disgust and fear and I suddenly felt like throwing up.
"Are you alright?" He asked looking worriedly at me. "You look pale."
"I am fine." I forced myself to speak.
He chuckled darkly. "Don't worry. I won't do to you what I did to her." He slowly moved closer and grabbed my chin. "You are a precious one Hazel. I liked you from the moment I saw you, it was just unfortunate that you were my brothers wife. If you were mine I would treat you like a queen, but you see it's not too late. You can still be mine."
I wanted to slap his hand away, push him away, anything but I couldn't. What if he did to me what he did to that girl? I knew he could even do worse if I angered him enough. Maybe that story was his way of telling me that he was running out of patience.
Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and pressed his lips to mine. My whole body froze in shock but got quickly replaced by emotions of disgust and anger. I placed my hands on his chest to push him away but he pulled my hair harshly and kissed me more urgent. So I did what I had to do, I bit him.
He hissed in pain and drew back. I took the opportunity and ran away as fast as I could. Running into my room I closed the door behind me while my heart drummed painful inside my chest.
What had I done? He wouldn't let me get away this time, he would let his men defile me.
I sat down, curled in a corner of the room, waiting for Lucian to come. If he was alive he would come and save me and if he didn't come this time then I had to accept that he was gone. Praying to God I waited and waited but he never came.
A tear fell down my cheek. Lucian was dead. My husband was dead.
I burst into tears. The pain was too much to bear that I wished I was dead myself. I cried and cried while holding my chest as if it would lessen the pain but it only got worse until the pain and sorrow turned into fury. Fury toward Pierre.
He was the one who killed Lucian. Now I would kill him.
"Don't be stupid."
I looked up from my tears, not that I needed to look to know that the cold voice belonged to Lothaire.
"What are you doing here? I thought I was clear last time."
"You were angry last time. So I came here to ask again."
"The answer is still no." I said and he sighed.
"You will gain nothing from killing Pierre."
I would gain a lot. I would gain some relief from this unbearable pain and raging anger.
"You think so but you won't." He said reading my thoughts.
"How can you not be angry? Did you not care about him at all?" I asked standing up to face him. "What kind of father are you? You seem to be able to do anything so why didn't you save him? Why did you let him die? Why?" I screamed and cried while hitting his chest violently.
He just stood there like a statue, letting me hit his chest until I let all my anger out and got tired. Then to my surprise, he wrapped his arms around me and let me collapse into his embrace. I didn't protest, I just let him hold me for a while.
"I did care about him." He then spoke slowly. "My way of caring is just different from the human way."
Because he wasn't human. He was quiet for a while before he continued.
"Our kind are not supposed to reproduce, it disrupts the balance of nature and it doesn't go well with those who protect it. The Witches. So when they realized that it was one of their own who was bearing the demon child they became even angrier, and trust me angry witches are not fun."
One of their own? Irene?
"Yes." He said reading my thoughts.
I pulled myself away from his embrace.
"Wait! So Irene…"
"Yes. She is Lucian's mother."
No, no. It couldn't be. I shook my head refusing to believe. Lucians mother was dead. Irene, my closest and only friend couldn't be his mother.
My head began to spin and Lothaire grabbed my arms to prevent me from falling.
If Irene truly was Lucian's mother how could she do this to him?
"Irene's mother who was the most powerful witch cursed Irene to never see Lucian again, and if she or I ever tried Irene would die. Despite that being the case Irene told me to help Lucian several times and the few times I listened she almost died. That's why I refused to help anymore." He continued. "Don't blame Irene. There was nothing she could do. Before she could do anything she would have died."
My head was spinning even more now. I couldn't even think clearly.
Lothaire looked at me with a worried expression. "Hazel, come with me. Lucian wouldn't want you here." He said softly.
"Lucian is dead." I whispered my voice void of emotion.
"Come with me. Irene needs you."
I shook my head. How could someone need me in this state? Then I remembered that Irene was Lucian's mother. She was probably as sad as I was. The son that she never got to meet was dead, but right now all I could think of was my own pain, and there was only one way to end it.
"I'll stay here." I said determinedly.
Lothaire let go of my arms, annoyed by my decision. He paced back and forth in the room probably thinking of a way to convince men then he finally spoke. "Alright. I'll come by some other time, I hope you change your mind till then." Then he was gone in the blink of an eye.
And here I was left confused, angry and hurt. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Irene was Lucian's mother. She looked so young, yet if I thought deeply about it there were so many similarities between. How could I not have noticed?
I became even angrier. Lucian had died without meeting his mother. All this time he had thought that his mother was dead when she actually was alive. He had suffered so much and been so lonely and confused. How happy he would have been to see his mother, but he was never going to.
He was never going to be able to see his mother or his real father and all this was Pierre's fault and of course Irene's mother. How could she do that to her own family? How could she separate a mother from her child?
Hatred filled my chest. I wanted to scream, kick and punch something but I calmed myself down. Anger wouldn't take me anywhere. Now I had a mission to accomplish. I had to kill Pierre.




It was late at night and Lucian lay on his bed, unable to sleep. Something bothered him. Was it the fact that he was going back home? Or the fact that John and his family believed that he was a witch? It was more likely that he was the devil's son than a witch, he thought.
Leaving the room Lucian decided to go out for a while. The wind was cold and blew his hair onto his face. As he drew his hair back he thought about cutting it. Having it this long would only make people suspect him of being royalty or someone very wealthy. Besides he found it difficult to keep it clean now that he had to do it himself.
He looked up the sky. It was dark with only a few shining stars and the moon hid behind the clouds. Soon the winter would come with it's cold.
"Aren't you cold?" Nora came and stood next to him. She had a shawl wrapped around her shoulders which she held tightly.
"No." He never felt too cold or too hot. That was one of the many strange things about him.
Nora shook her head at his answer. "You couldn't sleep?" She asked.
Now Lucian shook his head.
"I would be confused if I were you too."
"What do you mean?" He asked turning to her.
She turned her gaze away and looked at the sky. "You don't know what you are."
"No…, but I am not a witch."
Nora laughed. "You know, it is not a bad thing to be a witch. You should be concerned about what else you could be."
"Are you saying I am something else?"
She looked at him for a while as if deciding what to say, then she took his hand. "Come." She said. "I want to show you something."
He followed her curiously.
"Look." She said pointing at a plant dead plant in their garden. "You can use a spell to make it alive and grow. Only witches can use magic in form of spells which means if you are able to make the plant grow with a spell, then you are a witch."
Lucian looked at the plant. He hadn't tried to use the spellbook that John had given him so he didn't know whether he could cast a spell or not. Doing this would lessen his confusion and maybe stop John and his family from calling him a witch.
"I don't know any spell."
"Just do as I do." She said crouching down. "Place your hands here." She placed her hands just above the plant to show him how and he did the exact same thing.
"Then repeat after me 'Glisco vivere'."
"Glisco vivere."
Lucian felt a strange energy surge through him, then slowly the plant began to grow and change color. From dusty dead colors to vivid ones. The leaves and petals came to life and grew whole.
Lucian was stunned to see the whole thing happen in front of his eyes. No. He couldn't be a witch. He refused.
"See, I told you. You are a witch."
He shook his head in denial as he stood up. All those times he wondered what he was and he turned out to be a witch.
As if Nora read his thoughts. "Look you are not a simple witch. You are a drosht."
"What's that?" He asked in an almost harsh tone. Why was he so upset?
"It's a line of very powerful witches, the most powerful ones. They are usually the leaders of a coven. They are called drosht. You come from that line. Either your mother or father is a drosht."
"How do you know all this." He tried to soften his tone but he could still hear the irritation in it.
Nora sighed. "It's hard to explain, but I have a special ability. I can't really explain how it works but I can see what people are. I can see their strength and weakness, their fears, dreams or powers. I can even sometimes see their feelings, if they are strong ones, like yours."
"Like mine?"
"Yes. I feel like you are in a lot of pain and… guilt."
"I don't know what you are guilty about but don't punish yourself too much. It's late. I'll go to sleep now. Good night."
And there she left him confused and upset. All this time he was seeking answers, the answer couldn't be as simple as him being a witch. He had to be more than just that. He knew he was more than that. Something inside of him spoke to him about what he really is, something dark and dangerous. Something...devilish. It only intensified after his near death experience.
Or did he die?
He felt like everytime he got answers only more questions appeared. Would he ever get all of his questions answered?
Going back inside Lucian decided to take one thing at a time. Now he would get some sleep and tomorrow he would find a way to go back home.
In the morning he was met by Julian as soon as he walked out of his room. "We need to talk."
As they went into the living room everyone seemed to be waiting for them. Julian began to speak. "Alright. His Highness and I are leaving today and Nora is coming with us."
"Today?" Layla looked surprised.
"Yes, mother. We need to take action fast."
"But do you even have a plan?" John crossed his arms over his chest.
A thousand questions followed, such as what the plan was, why Nora had to go with them if they would be safe and so on. Julian answered all of their questions calmly and patiently, reassuring his family that everything would be alright.
Lucian wasn't listening much to everything that was being said. His heart and mind were elsewhere. Suddenly there was a willingness to go back, a longing for something that awaited him at home. What it was he wasn't sure but it wasn't the first time he felt this way.
Why would he long to go home when he hated that place?
After Julian calmed down his family and reassured them about his and Nora's safety he left to bring them horses to travel with. Meanwhile Nora and Lucian bid farewell to everyone.
Julian was already back after a short while. He kissed everyone goodbye and gave his father a hug. Lucian grabbed a horse and was about to get on when someone tugged at his clothes. Turning around he found Elle with teary eyes.
"Can't I go with you?" She asked with a sad pout.
Lucian couldn't help but smile. Crouching to her level "No you can't. But I will come back to you." He said patting her head.
Sadness settled in his heart. He had grown fond of Elle. She would always make him smile in all the pain and darkness that surrounded him.
"I promise." He said hating himself for that since he wasn't sure whether he could keep his promise or not.
Kissing her forehead he climbed his horse. Julian gave him a nod and all three of them rode away. As he rode a strange feeling came over him. What just happened felt oddly familiar, as if he had experienced it before. As he pondered over the odd feeling a memory flashed through his mind.
He was kissing someone on the forehead. "I'll be back wife."
Wife? Why would he say that? He didn't have any wife. Strange.
Pushing the thought aside he realized he was far behind Julian and Nora.
Julian had already explained the plan for Lucian. The king of Osakar was coming to Decresh to marry his sister off to Pierre. That way they would create an alliance between their kingdoms. Osakar is a kingdom nows for its abundance. Pierre was very clever to become an ally to such kingdom.
"You will disguise as the king of Osakar." Julian had explained.
Lucian had been surprised. How did Julian know he could disguise as someone else. Was it a witch thing?
"Yes, that way you can get inside the castle and find out everything about Pierre." Nora continued.
He could get inside without disguising himself as someone else but that he didn't tell them. The less they knew about him the better. He would not make the same mistake of trusting someone easily.
"What do you want me to know exactly?"
Nora opened her mouth to say something but Julian stopped her.
"You will know what you need to do once you get inside the castle. Just don't let your emotions get away. I know you want revenge and you will get it but you need to be patient. There are many people supporting your brother right now. You need to destroy your brothers support system and make his allies his enemies, meanwhile, when the time is right, we will spread rumors that you are still alive."
Lucian was confused for a short while but then everything fell into place. If Lucian just killed his brother and appeared out of nowhere the people of his kingdom would not be keen to have him as their king, and his brothers allies would still be a threat. But, by turning the people of decresh and Pierres allies against him, people would be more willing to have Lucian as their king.
Lucian wasn't sure about the plan but he didn't care much. Once he got inside the castle he would enjoy torturing Pierre before giving him a slow and painful death, even if it meant that the plan would fail. He didn't need people to accept him nor welcome him as their king. Once he got his revenge he had no intention to become king. Meanwhile, he would follow Julian's plan and find out more about being a witch.




"My lady, His Highness has requested your presence."
"You may leave." I said as my hands began to sweat and my heart began to hammer inside my chest. I had spent the whole night plotting my revenge, thinking of different ways to kill Pierre. None of them seemed satisfying enough. Death was a too small a punishment.
But I couldn't give him the punishment he deserved. This was all I could do.
I looked myself one last time in the mirror. I chose a beautiful peach dress that complimented my skin and let my hair down in beautiful waves. Putting some perfume I painted my lips the same color as my dress. Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves down I stepped out of the room. I needed to be calm and confident if I wanted my plan to succeed.
On my way to Pierres room I thought about all the things that could go wrong and what would happen to me if I failed. I was sure I wouldn't live to see another day then.
The guards opened the door immediately without informing my presence and gestured for me to go in. I pushed all of my fears aside and held my head high as I walked in with steady, determined steps.
"Good morning, Your Highness." I curtsied.
Pierre who was sitting comfortably in an armchair looked up in surprise. Slowly his lips formed into a smile of satisfaction.
"Good morning, my dear." He said getting up from his chair while letting his gaze sweep over my body, from head to toe. "You look lovely today."
"Thank you." I tried to smile without sounding nervous.
He narrowed his gaze as if trying to figure me out. "Is there a special occasion I don't know of?"
"No Your highness. I just decided to not act childish anymore." I began. "I have thought alot about what is best for me and as you said it's not being on your bad side. "
I looked up to meet his gaze and he was still looking calculatingly at me. At last he crossed the little distance between us and wrapped one arm around my waist pulling my body to his. I fought hard not to look disgusted.
"Are you saying you agreed to become mine?"
I nodded. "But I need some time.You killed my husband after all, it's impossible to like you overnight."
He let go of me looking amused. "I appreciate your honesty but still you see, I feel...hurt. I will give you the time you need but meanwhile you will not live as a princess but as my personal maid. How about that?" He said raising one brow.
"You still want to punish me?"
"Oh no." He shook his hands. "I just wanted you to not take too much time. I am become more and more impatient, you see."
Yes, I could see. He would make my life miserable as his personal maid so that I would make up my mind fast. Nevermind, he would already be dead by then. As his personal maid I would get many opportunities to be alone with him and that was just what I needed.
"Now, I need a bath." He said enjoying the situation he put me in.
"Of course, Your highness. I will prepare one immediately." I said annoyed that he couldn't even wait a moment before he could begin to order me around. I didn't even get a chance to change from the beautiful dress I was wearing.
Thanks to Lydia I knew how to prepare a bath. I filled the bathtub with hot water, put some scented oils and soap, then went on to bring some towels.
My heart was beating all the time thinking how uncomfortable it would be to bath someone, especially someone as dirty as Pierre. Even if he used all the water in the world he would still be as dirty as he was.
"Are you done?"
I turned round. "Yes, Your Highn…" I couldn't finish the sentences as my gaze fell on a completely n.a.k.e.d Pierre. Shocked and embarrassed I quickly averted my gaze.
He chuckled as I kept looking away until he slid into the water. "I'm waiting." He said mockery clear in his voice.
I quickly went to the side of the tub, avoiding to look at him I grabbed a wash clothes. Before I could pour some soap on it he shook his head. "No, I want you to use your hands."
One brow raised he waited for my reaction.
A curse almost escaped my lips but I urged myself to stay calm. Pouring the soap into my hands I pretended that I was washing clothes instead of a person but he knew how to anger me.
"No, not there, here. No no, there."
"Yes, just like that."
"Be careful, not to hard."
"Don't be so slow. Wash faster." And he kept on and on.
I had never been so annoyed in my life before. I just wanted to push him down the water and make him drown. Sadly I wasn't strong enough.
The days went by very slow as his personal maid and it was a torture but it gave me many opportunities to be with him when he was alone and vulnerable, such as when he was asleep.I towered over him where he lay on his bed, watching his chest rise and fall as he went into a deep slumber. Then I slowly grabbed a knife that I had stolen from the kitchen and tied to my thigh under my dress.
My heart accelerated as I lifted the knife in the air holding it tightly with both my hands. This time I told myself not to fail, not to be afraid. He deserved to die so why was I hesitating? As usual my hands began to shake and I began to sweat. I told myself to bring the knife down and stab him once and for all but my body refused to listen. I listed to myself all the reasons I had to kill him but my body still refused to obey.
I don't know why I was convincing myself over and over again when I knew deep down I that I couldn't kill him. I could just now kill a living breathing human being. I could just not.
Slowly I let my hands fall to the sides still holding the knife in one. I was angry and disappointed with myself. Why couldn't I do this? It shouldn't be difficult to kill someone you despise so much. This was the fifth time I tried and failed.
Maybe I should have just gone with Lothaire, far away from this place. If he came back this time I would. I had nothing left here to do if I couldn't even kill Pierre.
Stuffing the knife back I went to the storeroom where I sleep on a thin mattress among stored food. I did not cry this time as I went back to sleep. I felt empty, as if no emotions were left inside of me and my heart froze to stone. No pain, no anger. I didn't want to feel it anymore and I was thankful those feelings were gone. I closed my eyes and with it I closed everything else, especially my heart.
In the morning I was back to my daily routine. I made my way to Pierres room, prepared some new clothes then went on to prepare a bath.
He was already awake and seemed a little stressed as he looked at the clothes I prepared.
"Don't you like them, Your highness?" I asked with a monotone.
Crossing his arms over his chest he looked at it calculating for a while. "Give me something more lavish. I need to impress my future wife."
"Future wife?" Doesn't this man ever get enough of women?"Why?" He asked turning to me. "Jealous?"
I wanted to laugh. "Not at all....Your Highness."
"But you will be." He smirked satisfyingly. "You future wife is one beautiful thing but that's not why I am marrying her so don't worry." Crossing the distance between us he traced one finger down my cheek and over my lips. "You will always be the most beautiful thing for me."
I am not a thing, I wanted to say but it didn't matter what I was anymore.
As I helped him get ready I was surprised that he didn't tease me or annoy me as usual. He was rather busy with himself, trying to look perfect. I didn't know he cared that much about his appearance but he did. I wondered who his future wife was that he was preparing this much.
"Well done, Hazel." He said looking himself in the mirror. "You have became much better, in fact I think it must have been an accident that you were born as a princess instead of a maid."
I rolled my eyes without him seeing me.
"You may leave now." He waved his hand.
And never did he let me leave so soon.
I left the room quickly and went back to the kitchen where I met Ylva. "Did it go well?" She asked.
"Thankfully, he is absorbed with himself today. Apparently his future wife is coming." I whispered to her then went to grab a pot to make some tea.
"Yes right. Her brother is the king of...I don't remember the name but it's a wealthy kingdom. That's probably why His Highness wants to marry her."
"Who made the proposal?" I asked suddenly interested.
"Probably His Highness. I hope the wealthy king rejects his proposal."
I hoped so too.
After making the tea I put everything on the plate then went to serve it to Pierre. As I walked down the stairs careful not to spill the tea I heard some maids gossip...about me.
"I wonder why His Highness wants her so badly. She is not even that beautiful."
I was so used to it that I wasn't bothered by it anymore or maybe I was just lying to myself, as I didn't pay attention to where I was putting my feet and suddenly I was falling. Then something strange happened, an arm came around my waist preventing me from falling flat on my stomach.
Who could have saved me this time?