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I woke up to the sound of indistinct chattering.
What’s that smell?
I feel like I’m about to throw up.
I slowly opened my eyes but blinked severally to adjust the rays of sun passing through them.
It took me a minute or two to realize that I was in a hospital.
my head was throbbing badly. it felt like someone was pulling a saw through it.
“Doctor she’s awake” The nursed hollered the doctor who walked up to my bed. He picked up his stethoscope and touched some of my body parts then scribbled something on the paper and handed it to the nurse.
“well Amber it’s a miracle you’re awake. The impact of the accident did a major damage to your system that I wasn’t sure if you were gonna come back alive” He said in the most quiet voice he could muster.
That’s when it all came rushing back to me.
I remembered that night, dad and I were in his car when suddenly he slumped and we ran into another truck.
“Where’s my father?” I asked. It came out almost like a whisper but I guess the doctor heard it cause he just stared intently at me.
“Where is he?” I yelled
“He didn’t make it. The operation was successful but he just wasn’t responding to treatment” The doctor finally said and I felt the fresh tears pour out from the corner of my eyes.
“We didn’t think you’d make it as well. You’ve been in coma for almost a week now” He added
“God why didn’t I just die. You should’ve taken me instead of him.” I wailed. The nurse tried to calm me down but I ended up throwing tantrums.
The doctor quickly gave me an injection and before I knew it I fell asleep again.
Some hours later, I woke up stretching my eyes when I saw him standing there with hooded eyes staring at me.
“please don’t kill me?” I whispered but he stood there.
“I beg of you please” I begged as my eyes wandered around the room looking for help.
He walked up to my bed and said “You’re lucky to be alive, the battle is over but the war has just begun”
I shut my eyes praying for everything to be over.
“Help me! Somebody please help me” I screamed
The door flew open the doctor came inside accompanied by a nurse but he was already gone. He hooded figure was no where to be seen.
“He was here.” I shivered “He tried to kill me. he… he…he tried to kill me”
“No one’s here Amber please calm down” he said and turned to the nurse behind him “Don’t leave her alone”
“OK Sir” she replied while he left the ward.
I shut my eyes and started to cry. I just lost my father.
Daddy is gone.
Chad came to see me a while later.
“How are you feeling?” he asked
“not so good”
he drew in sharp breath “I’m sorry about your father”
I nod my head
“When are you gonna get discharged”
“The doctor didn’t say but I want to leave here immediately”
“Don’t worry you’ll be fine”
The door flew open and the doctor walked in with Tasha and Denisha.
Tasha’s face was stained with tears but I doubt if they are real.
We lock eyes but she quickly looked away and dabbed her face with her handkerchief.
“I brought you here to inform you that the autopsy result of the victim’s body is out and I wanted you all to see it at the same time.”
He passed the envelope to Tasha which she glanced through.
“Turns out that Myers suffered from cardiac arrest before he was hit by the truck” he explained
“Cardiac arrest?’
” My father never had heart problems. he was perfectly fine. He slumped before we were hit. there is every possibility that something is wrong somewhere ” I tell the doctor while my eyes rested on Tasha’s face as I recalled all the words written in all that letter I received.
This woman had a hand in my father’s death and she knows it.
My father doesn’t have any enemies so it’s possible that she did something .
“Was that all you found doctor?” I ask
“Not really. we found a trace of drug in his system which slowed down his breathing process. My guess is that he was poisoned.”
I gasped
My eyes twitched and I felt my heart beating faster than usual.
“You!” Tasha yelled pointing a finger at me.
“You killed him didn’t you?”
“What?” I asked not sure of what I heard. is she trying to pin his murder on him.
“Ever since you found out that he loved and wanted to marry me, you just couldn’t take it and now you’ve succeeded in killing him.” she ranted on.
“I didn’t kill him. he was my father before he became your husband and I would never kill my father because he chose to marry a demon like you” I fired back.
“You’re going to rot in jail I promise you. You took my husband’s life so you’ll spend the rest of your life behind bars”
she shot me an evil stare.
“I didn’t kill him”
“You were the only one with him before he died so who else could’ve done it if not you. he tried to reach out to you, to bring you back home. he loved you more than life itself and you didn’t think twice before poisoning him” she added.
Everyone had already started staring at me
“I didn’t kill him. you’re a liar Tasha. just shut up. I killed him and then stayed with him in the same car to die?”
she clicked her tongue “You’ll get what’s coming for you trust me” she said before walking out of the room.
I fell to the bed and started crying.
Chad engulfed me in a hug.
“I didn’t kill him Chad” I cried on his chest “He slumped and that’s all that happened”
“Shh it’s okay” he patted my back softly
“You have to believe me. I’m not capable of killing someone. I loved my father so much chad” I cried some more
“I trust you Amber. I know you didn’t do it”
he whispered sorry and I was able to calm down after a long time.
The doctor checked me again and told me I would be discharged the next day.
Chad stayed with me and kept me company till I was able to fall asleep.
The next morning, I was discharged and free to go home.
The minute I stepped out of the hospital, The cops arrived and approached me.
“Miss Amber Myers you are under arrest for the death of Mr Myer. You have every right to remain silent cause whatever you say or do will be used against you in court” he said and I held unto Chad as my heart skipped a beat.
“No.. I didn’t kill him. Chad don’t let them take me away please” I said as I held unto him tighter.
The cop forcefully cuffed my hands and led me to the car.
“I didn’t kill him. you have to believe me” I said but it all fell on deaf ears as none of them paid attention to me.
I was drove straight to Jail and put in a cell.
“Officer who lodged this complaint against me?” I asked one of the police in charge.
“Mrs Myers”
“Tasha? listen officer I didn’t kill him. we only discussed and that was it. you have to believe me”
“that’s left for the court to decide” he said before walking away.
I was locked in with two different girls.
This place is horrible, God, how I will I get out here?
It stinks and I could barely breathe.
“Who are you?” A lady asked me and I turned to face her. “I know you. you’re Amber Myer. Daughter of that fucking rich billionaire. what are you doing here?” she asks
“I don’t know. I’m confused myself”I said sitting down on the floor.
she sat down next to me
“I’m Mira. I’m here cause I killed my husband” she tells me while I stare on “The fool, he thought he was so smart. I caught him sexing my neighbor and I lost it. so they had to go but I don’t have any regrets.” she adds
I tears welled up in my eyes but I blinked them away.
I won’t let them see me vulnerable. never.
“Miss Amber. you’ll be released on bail, you may go” he said opening up the gates.
“Who’s bailing me out?” I ask
“Mrs Tasha.” he said and I followed him.
After signing some documents, I was told to go.
Chad came to pick me up and we left for home.
“I’m going to my father’s house” I announced to chad
“because she has some explaining to do.’ I told him before heading to my house.
Tasha is going to tell me what happened to my father.

“YOU can’t dance with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell“… Ella
Right now I’m standing in front of the porch.
Part of me is telling me to run away from everything and never come back but another part of me is telling me to face my demons.
I can’t believe that I’m now an orphan and that I’ve lost both parents.
I wiped the tears that threatened to fall.
After weighing all the pros and cons in my mind, I finally decided to knock. I was hesitant at first but then I took another step by opening up the door.
I stepped inside the living room.
the house was dark as all the lights were turned off.
“I knew you wouldn’t resist coming to your own funeral” A voice spoke, I recognized it as Tasha’s before the lights suddenly came on.
She was seated on the couch as she sipped on her whisky she poured into the glass.
“I thought you were smart but I never knew you were just plain dumb” she adds
“Why did you have me arrested and ordered for my bail at the same time? what are you up to now Tasha? what do you want from me?” I ask, hands akimbo
“Tsk tsk tsk! nothing much. but I’m sure that if you don’t comply, I’ll just send you back to jail. you know you’re trending right? you’re now known as the girl who killed her father”
“I did not kill him”
“Oh sweetheart. too naive, just like your father”
I looked at Tasha and saw how her face had turned. Denisha walked in at that exact time and they both gave a devilish laugh catching me by surprise.
“Oh poor Carl, it’s sad that you had to die the way you did” she laughed some more.
“What are you talking about?”
“you see Amber, I hate to brag but I am one intelligent lady by marrying your father. we always knew that someday you would come in handy despite the kind of heart you had. and now that day has presented itself before us” she laughed again
“before we do this, I need a drink” Denisha said with a sigh
“There should be some in the fridge” Tasha said and denisha walked there and poured herself some whisky. she gulped it down and came back to where we stood.
“OK now where are we?’
“So you were the culprit that killed my father?”
“No sweetheart I can’t stoop to that level and have my hands stained with blood. So I killed him through you” she spat taking a sip of her drink.
“I always knew you had an ulterior motive for marrying my father”
“And you knowing, was the beginning of your downfall. You see I always knew you were a threat and the day you caught me on the phone and rushed to tell your father” she paused and then continued “I knew you had guts. guts that would ruin me. and that’s when I started plotting for your downfall. believe me when I said that you were a tough one and it took a lot of time but the day finally came. you went to see your father all alone” she adds
“You poisoned him?” I whispered
“Oh come on. I didn’t.” she let out a frustrated growl “It was either that or the brakes but both came in handy. Think back Amber, I didn’t serve the drinks and food that night… ” she said and my eyes popped open as I recalled events from that night.
“The waiter.” I gasped
“That’s a good girl. he’s working for me and I paid him to do it and he got away with it while you had to pay for his sins”
“You disgust me”
“I don’t have time to waste, Denisha do you have the papers I asked you to come with”
“Yes mom” she responded with a mischievous smile
I looked at them and realized what I was in for.
“You snakes” I spat
“You are the bigger snake you fool and you thought that Chad actually loves you? he’s been using you to get revenge.”
“That’s a lie. you can say anything but don’t you dare bring chad into this” I scream
“He’s already into it. Turns out that he only wanted to marry you because you were the heiress of this entire fortune and then take over everything as revenge for what your father did to his father but then I offered him something he would never refuse. That I would kill you for him instead” she said with a laugh
“that’s not true” I said crying my eyes out
“Hey babe” she hollered and chad came walking down the stairs. She kissed him on the lips.
“I’m so sorry Amber. my mother made me do it. I never really loved you… ” I stopped him as I hands landed on his cheeks
“How much did she pay you? Answer me?” I yell
“I’ve always loved Denisha and I couldn’t lead you on”
“You man whore. you will regret this I promise you. I will haunt you in life or death” I yelled as I felt cold all over
“I will never allow you take over everything my parents has worked so hard to build. NEVER! I am not doing this”
“oh yes you are” they both said at the same time
“Sign everything right now or else count yourself a prisoner for life. this is your last shot at freedom so you better grab it with open arms”
just then denisha dropped the paper on the table.

what they are asking for is outrageous. they want full control over everything that my parents have worked so hard to build.
I stare at the papers and if Tasha was reading my mind she said.
“don’t even try to act smart with me or you will meet your end. you think that by recording our conversation, it’ll be that easy to get rid of me?” she asked
I had been with my cellphone all these while but I never knew she’d figure it out.
she scoffed
“I can see that you now have some strength in you
” you need to let me go ”
“Sure you can go” she said sipping on her whiskey
I knew too well that Tasha wouldn’t let me go just like that. I was even scared of turning around thinking that she might pull a fast one on me.
But I refused to be defeated. I would put up a fight for myself, and for my dead parents as well.
I immediately took to my heels as I ran outside the house.
I brought out my phone as I dialled an emergency number.
they picked up at the first ring.
“Hello this is the police and how… ”
I didn’t let him finish the sentence. “They killed him…Mr Myer was poisoned… ” before I could finish the sentence, I was shot on the leg.
I turned around and saw two hefty men gaining on me.
I quickened my steps but the injury didn’t let me run faster
and they caught up with me. They took my cellphone and placed it in a bag
Then put me in cab and drove me to a deserted house far away from the outskirts of town.
My eyes were blurry and my skin was sore.
“There she is” I heard one of the guys tell someone.
she walked inside clad in a black dress and shawl wrapped around her neck.
“you’re making things difficult for yourself Amber” she said staring at me
“please let me go Denisha, I promise that no one will ever hear about this. I’ll leave your lives and never come back” I beg tears Welling up in my eyes.
“Fine” she said catching me by surprise “only if you sign this” she said giving me the papers.
I quickly did as I was told. I transferred everything to Tasha’s name.
“Now that wasn’t so bad now was it?” she smirked “But too bad you still have to go” she said pointing a gun at me.
“You don’t have to follow everything she tells you to. we’ll be one happy family. you can have Chad and everything else you want but please don’t kill me” I beg but her smile only broadens
“I can’t believe you can be so stupid. what makes you think I’ll want to turn against my mother who did everything to give me a better life I’m not like you who deserted your father for a guy who wants absolutely nothing to do with you. you caused his death, perhaps if you were still with him then he wouldn’t have died the way he did” she said and it stinged so bad. I hurt dad so much that I’m not even sure he’ll forgive me.
I knew all about Tasha’s behavior but still chose to leave him for someone who wasn’t worth it.
Someone who turned their backs on me when I needed it.
All this for nothing.
My father’s corpse would be turning in the grave wherever he is right now. I messed up pretty bad.
“Unlike you Amber I know where my loyalties lie. tie her up” she ordered and they did.
she walked over to the table and removed a cloth covering a device.
Took me a few minutes to realize that it was a bomb.
“You see, I can’t let you leave. you know too much which could be a threat to our existence so I’m gonna let you die and then you can be with your parents in death” she said and turned on the timer for the bomb.
she shot me on the left side of my stomach and I felt my life force draining out of me.
she turned to leave but then stopped like she’s forgotten something “And by the way, don’t worry, I’ll mourn the loudest on your funeral” she said before walking outside the building leaving me to my fate.
I closed my eyes as I recalled the moments I’ve shared with my father and mother. the happiest ones.
I’m coming mother. I’m coming father. no one can separate us ever again.
I drive out of the building.
when the house was no longer in sight, I stopped and waited.
Then I heard the explosion.
finally she’s gone and she won’t be bothering us again.
I dialled my mothers number. she picked up immediately
“Deni… ”
“She’s gone.”
“do you have the papers?’
” yes I do and I’m coming home ” I said disconnecting the call.
I started the engines and drove for home. We won’t be hearing from her and finally, everything is ours…


“How is she Doctor?” I ask immediately I noticed that he was done with the check up as I waited patiently for his reply.
“She’s responding to treatment and the baby is alright. we just need her to wake up” he said and I nod. “She’s a fighter. I didn’t think she would ever survive this. When I first came to treat her, I had already registered her dead but I relied on hope. it makes the impossible quite possible” he told me and patted my shoulder “Take good care of her and if you noticed any changes then alert me at once.” he said
“Of course.”
After he left, I sat down next to her as I watched her intently.
She had bandages on her head and most of her body parts were covered in bruises.
I’m really glad that I arrived there just in time.
I never really wanted to follow her anymore. cause each time I tried to reach out to her, she runs off and acts scared but Grandpa made me do it.
Ever since Tasha came into their lives, I tried to talk to Amber. I couldn’t come clean cause Tasha is very dangerous. she had eyes everywhere and I could loose my life as well.
I was aware of everything. I saved her back then when their car got into an accident and after that day I the hospital I vowed never to go after her again.
“Miguel, any news on Amber yet?” Grandpa asked, I just finished working on my laptop and really needed to rest.
“I’m sure she’s okay”
“You are supposed to never leave her alone”
“What’s the point anyway. she’s just gonna rush off like she does every time. why can’t we just face Tasha ourselves and leave her out of this” I half yelled
“Because we need her and she’s the daughter of my friend. he’s gone now and she needs us more than ever. need I remind you again who we’re dealing with. that lady killed your father and left you to rot” he screamed
When Tasha first came into our lives, I was pretty much excited about it cause I’ve always wanted a mother figure in my life. My mother died when I was born and I hated the fact that everyone made jest of me.
I accepted her with open arms and tried my best to give her all the love a child could give his mother.
I was just a ten year old boy then.
But Tasha became the opposite of everything I wanted her to be.
She made dad loose everything and we became bankrupt.
Dad got really depressed after everything that he couldn’t take it anymore. he passed on a Saturday morning.
Tasha couldn’t stay after the death of dad so she mortgaged our house and took after dad’s business. But the business failed and she lost everything as well.
We became homeless. she left me and never came back.
Grandpa came down to the Philippines and got the news. then he took me in.
Years later, we got the news that she was engaged to Mr Myer, a wealthy businessman which happens to be Grandpa’s friend.
We couldn’t stop the wedding so I resorted in stalking Amber. trying to get her father to call of the wedding but sadly, it didn’t turn out well. sadly, they got married.
But it was far from over, She killed Him and I knew deep within me that Amber would be next.
So I really tried but she’s just so difficult to talk to. She never gives me a chance.
“She needs us Miguel please, just check up on her one last time” Grandpa begged and I agreed to it.
I was on my way to her house when I saw two guys put her in a cab.
I hid so that they wouldn’t see me and later followed them.
They stopped at a house which looks abandoned for years and took her in.
I followed them inside trying my very best to stay hidden.
I put my phone on silent and recorded their conversation up to the point where Amber was shot.
it broke my heart to see her like that.
After she turned on the timer and left with her hoodlums, I quickly untied her.
she was barely breathing and I got scared.
I carried her out of the house as fast as I could cause the timer on the bomb was ticking away.
we were barely out of the house when the timer went off blowing the place to pieces.
That night when I arrived home, grandpa suggested we leave the country immediately cause if anyone found out about her then there will be Chaos.
We took his private Jet and flew to Canada.
Luckily Grandpa has an apartment that no one knows about, not even me.
we called a doctor to treat her from home cause we didn’t want news flying out that she wasn’t blown up to pieces.
And the doctor was Grandpa’s closet buddy.
He cleaned her up and performed surgery on her to remove the bullets.
“How is she doc?”
“the surgery was successful and the baby is fine” he broke the news to us
“What baby?”
“She’s pregnant. almost three weeks if I’m not mistaken and thank God that the bullet didn’t affect the child or it would’ve been difficult to do anything” he tells us.
“No one should know about anything. if you should hear news about her, don’t disclose to anyone that you know her. please” I beg and he nod.
“I understand Miguel”
“Thank you”
“I’ll be coming to check on her from time to time” he said
“That’ll be much appreciated”
When Amber started getting better, it came as a relief but I still don’t know why she hasn’t woken up yet.
I took her hands in mine as I squeezed gently.
“You have to wake up Amber. you can’t let her win. you’ll have to keep fighting, not just for yourself but your unborn child as well” I tell her and placed her hand back on the bed.
Grandpa practically never stays at home with us.
He’s always in the Philippines. And besides he doesn’t want anyone suspecting anything so he’s there to keep a close eye on Tasha and her accomplices.
Mr Myers Burial was arranged but no one knows what happened to Amber, News had it that she committed suicide because she couldn’t bear going back to jail.
Her body was never found and people thought it was impossible because they believed she was burnt to pieces since no one could survive in the fire. Everyone thought she was dead. everyone except us.
Tasha dismissed all media and paparazzi because she said there was nothing to say about the deceased.
She claimed to be in mourning over her late husband and his daughter as well.
what a woman!
She took over the company and became the president and sole owner of everything He left for his heiress.
I made myself a bowl of cereal.
After cleaning up, I went back to Amber’s room only to find her breathing profusely. she was shivering and was practically covered in sweat.
She kept on calling her father and mother.
I dialled the doctor’s number and when he picked up, I asked him to come back.
I placed a towel on her head since her temperature was running high.
I saw myself walking in the middle of nowhere.
I think I’m lost.
just then I saw my mother holding hands with my father. they looked very happy that it made me cry.
I rushed up to them but it felt like I was invisible cause they weren’t paying attention to me.
“mom, Dad, it’s me Amber” I waved at them
“How are you sweetie are you lost?” my mother asked facing me. I wanted to say something but was interrupted by a low growling.
I turned to see that there was a little puppy standing beside me. she carried him in her arms.
she’s always loved Animals.
“Dad” I called but he only giggled.
I wanted to be part of this happiness.
she held onto the dog while dad snaked his arms around her waist and they started walking away.
“Wait up. please don’t go” I said trying to follow them but I couldn’t. I felt an invisible shield blocking my path.
“Don’t leave me here. please don’t leave me again” I said this time crying my eyes out.
They both turned to face me.
“Hey don’t cry” she said touching my cheeks “you’ll ruin your beautiful face” she told me but it only got worse.
She only said that to me when I hurt myself.
“you can’t come with us honey. it’s not yet your time”
“And besides you have some unfinished business don’t you think?” he said pointing at my stomach
“We love you Amber, don’t ever forget that” he said and with that they left me.
“mom, Dad” I yelled on top of my voice but they continued walking until they were out of sight.
“Mom dad” I said and my eyes snapped open. I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely.
my eyes were stained with tears.
I tried getting up but he stopped me “you can’t do that. you’ll hurt yourself. the doctor is on his way to check up on you” he tells me and I lie back unable to talk.
I just kept staring at him and so was he but none of us said anything until the doctor finally arrived.

The doctor arrived and came to the room where she was.
He checked her pulse and eyes and examined other parts of her body before turning to face me.
“She’s gonna be alright. she just needs to rest and here” he said giving me a piece of paper “I prescribed some drugs that she would need. make sure she takes them, it’ll be good for her health and the baby’s” he explained and I nod
“Thanks doc. I’ll make sure I get these”
“that’ll be all. I’ll take my leave and don’t hesitate to contact me if need be. I’m only a call away”
“Will do that”
“great” he said and left us alone.
she coughed and I turned to face her.
“how are you feeling?’
” Grossed out. I feel like puking but other than that, I’m okay ” she tells me.
I stare at her only for me to realize that she’s looking at me too.
“Who are you? have we met before?”
“No I’m Miguel. I saved you that night” I tell her
“Where are we?”
“Canada” I tell her and her eyes flew open
“Why are we here?” she asks again. I guess she doesn’t like the idea of being far from home.
“My grandfather says it’s for your own safety. he doesn’t want anyone looking for you. when he comes he’ll explain better but right now, you need to rest” I tell her and she nods
“OK. the doctor said I’m pregnant_”
“yes about three weeks.” I cut her short and she growled in frustration.
“I can’t believe I’m pregnant for that bastard” she exclaims “tell the doctor I need an abortion as soon as possible. I’m not birthing this baby”
“Why not?”
she looked at me with tears filled eyes “Cause the father of this child is a moron” she said and stared at the ceiling like she was in outer space “You’ll regret this Chad. All of you I promise”
I am tempted to ask who Chad is but I refrain myself.
“I’ll just make a quick phone call” I tell her and exit the room.
I dialled grandpa’s number.
he picked after the second ring.
“Miguel I’m in the middle of a board meeting, is everything okay” he asks.
“Please excuse yourself. I need to talk to you” I tell him.
“I’ll be right back” I overheard him telling them followed by the banging of the door.
“OK I’m alone” he tells me
“And Tasha?” I ask
“Dealing with some investors at the moment” he responded
“Ok she’s awake” I break the news to him
“that’s fantastic. did you call the doctor?’
” I did and he left not too long ago but she’s not taking the pregnancy too well. you need to get down here as soon as you can”
“I will. not a problem”
“Good. I’ll see you later bye” I said and disconnected the line.
I went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, after carefully placing it on the tray with a plate of muffins, I picked it up and headed to her bedroom.
“Here have this” I say placing it on the desk as I helped her sit straight.
“Thank you”
I watched her eat but was surprised when I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Are you OK”
“Amber” I say
“The last time I ate this was like two months ago. My dad made it for me after I got back drunk from a party. it just reminded me of him” she sniffed
I guess it was the pregnancy hormones.
“I feel like I pushed him to his death. he really wanted me to have a normal life and because I couldn’t, he had to remarry and look where it’s gotten. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I miss him.” she said stuffing the muffin in her mouth.
“It’s not your fault”
“It is. I left him when he needed me thinking that I was in love with the perfect human who was just using me for my property and money”
“I’m sorry” I tell her
she sniffs “Yeah it’s fine. thanks for this. it’s really nice”
“you welcome”
I sat down next to her because I’m scared of what she might do if left alone.
she finished everything and placed the tray on the desk then muttered a thank you to me.
“Can I have a tour of the house?” she asks
“Aren’t you feeling any pains there” I ask pointing at her stomach.
“I’m okay”
“Um sure but you can’t leave this house. you have to stay hidden” I tell her and she nods.
good she understands.
I help her get to her feet and we slowly walked around the house exploring different rooms but I didn’t let her come inside my room.
“I’m curious” she trailed off
“How you saved me that night. who are you?”
“Grandpa will answer all your questions when he arrives” I say hoping she doesn’t ask any questions.
“ok sorry”
we walked outside to a large green house filled with exotic plants.
“this place is beautiful” she said touching a plant.
“That’s a Venus fly trap” I say pointing to a plant and her eyes follow my hands and settles on the plant.
“Why does it have a weird looking body and teeth”
I laugh
“Don’t tell me you don’t know that’s what it looks like?”
“I’ve never seen anyone in my entire life”
“Even in drawings”
she shook her head.
“You’re not serious” I exclaim “every kid who studied biology and reads book must’ve heard of this. don’t tell me you stopped at kindergarten” I say looking at her as she stared at me.
“I’m…I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean… ”
“Nahh it’s okay. I didn’t finish high school and I didn’t apply for college either. when my mother died, I lost the will to live” she said.
“I know the feeling”
“How did she die? was she murdered?”
“On my fifth birthday, after doing the decor and everything. it was almost time but the cake was running late so she had to get it. that night there was a storm but she was so bent on giving me the perfect birthday that she didn’t care. on her way back, she met with an accident. I waited and waited for her to walk through that door but she never did. dad got a call the next morning to come to the hospital and when we arrived, we were told to identify the body if it was ours.
My heart tumbled a million times over and when dad pulled the sheets, there she was looking peaceful like she was sleeping.” she said and quickly wiped her tears “I cried my eyes out. we got her buried and my life turned around. I stopped doing things I loved doing. I just couldn’t get over the fact that she was gone.”
She sighed “That’s why I stopped going to school”
“I know it’s hard but you can’t put your life on hold like that. did you ever stop to think if that’s the life she wanted you to live. sometimes recreating memories from our past doesn’t always make you miss someone. it makes you believe that they’re right next to you and then you wouldn’t feel alone anymore ”
Hearing him say that just made me do a rethink.
what if mother wasn’t pleased with my lifestyles? what if she wanted me to move on with my life rather than drowning in the past?
That’s what father has been trying to tell me but I didn’t listen.
“Yes” he answered almost immediately
“I need a favor from you?”
he turned to face me “I’m all ears”
“I want to learn. I want to do all those things I missed out on. I want to be who I am. I want to be a girl with proper etiquette. I want to start afresh. I want to give my life a meaning. will you please teach me everything I don’t know?” I asked biting my lips.
he smiled “that’ll be serious hard work”
“I’ll do my best I promise”
“OK then I will. we’ll start small cause you’re pregnant and grandpa has a lot of connection so it won’t be difficult” he tells me and I nod
“Thank you”
“not a problem. come on let’s go inside” he tells me as he led me inside to my room.
“I’m hungry” I exclaim
“You just had tea and muffins”
“I don’t know but I need to eat something” I tell him
“Beef casserole?’ he said almost like a question and I nod.
he helped me lie down and proceeded to the kitchen.
About an hour later, he came to my room with a plate of casserole.
It smelled divine.
” Mmmm ” I hummed after I took a spoonful
“this might be the best casserole I’ve ever had. you’re good” I compliment
“Thank you”
“I wish I could cook too but sadly I can’t”
“I could teach you when you’re better”
“You bet” he said and I laughed. the first genuine laugh I’ve had in months.
He seems nice.
Most times, I feel like he has the face that is expressionless but it comes with a nice character.
he could pull off a villain and hero at the same time.
After eating, he cleared the dishes while I pulled up the duvet to have some sleep.
I woke up hours later and I heard the sound of indistinct chattering. I stood up slowly. I was still feeling pains where I was shot and I don’t want to stress otherwise I’ll start bleeding.
I got down and wore my slippers then headed downstairs.
“Amber” he called immediately he saw me.
I smiled. it’s been thirteen years since I last saw him and I can’t believe he’s standing in front of me.
He walked up to me and embraced me.
“Chairman Kim” I sobbed
“It’s okay Honey” he said patting my back softly.
“I’m sorry for your father’s death. I tried talking to him but he just didn’t listen” he explained
“Yeah he’s quite stubborn but I’m alright”
“You stopped coming to visit”
“I’m sorry”
“I can’t believe she killed him” he tells me
“You know her?” I ask
“Tasha? She was once Miguel’s mother too” he told me bursting my bubbles.
I turned to face him.
“Miguel? wait hold up. are you saying she got married to your son who died a few years back and that Miguel is your grandson?” I ask unable to believe my ears

I stare at Miguel but somehow he seemed uninterested and unaffected.
Somehow I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.
we all have our bad days too.
If maybe I ever thought that one day, I would be declared dead and be in hiding for a crime I didn’t commit then I would never have believed it.
I am now an orphan with no properties to my name.
I’ve been deprived everything that is mine and as if it’s not enough, I am carrying the child of that bastard man who I thought loved me.
Life never gives us what we want, it throws stuff in our direction and gives us the choice to either pick it or leave it.
“I’m sorry Miguel” I finally manage to say after the long silence.
He shakes his head and looks on.
“I’m fine”
A very long silence settles over us as none of us uttered a word.
“So” grandpa began “Miguel told me you wanted to get rid of the baby”
I flushed, wishing I never said that in the first place
“Yes. I don’t want to birth this baby” I tell him unable to look at him.
Apart from my father, Chairman Kim is the only person who treated me like a daughter. I remember back in the day when I would visit and he went all out to make my day memorable.
He was one of the reasons I never stopped drawing because he believed in me more than I believed in myself and hearing him make nice comments always gave me the zeal to do things.
“I don’t want you to” he tells me
“I will always be reminded of Chad if I don’t do it. I don’t want to end up hating the baby because of him.” I explain
“It’s also a part of you too. how can you hate something that is inside of you? Chad may be the father but you are the mother. it breathes and lives inside you. it’s not the baby’s fault that things has to go this way. please reconsider Amber. don’t take a life” he advised and I nod slowly
“what are your plans now?”
“I want to go back to college.” I tell him
“that’ll be easy. you can apply and besides no one would ever find you since everyone thinks you’re dead but how about you study from home?” he asks
“Sure I’d like that” I say with a smile
I stare at Amber as she scribbles something on her sketch pad. I know she’s drawing again. she’s passionate about drawing and doesn’t miss an opportunity to do so.
Her stomach is really big now. the doctor said she’ll give birth any time soon and we all have our fingers crossed as we patiently await for our little girl. Yup it’s a girl, we did a scan and it was a girl.
Her figure is similar to that of a pumpkin. I don’t call her that or she’ll eat me alive.
Amber has really grown up these past few months, she applied for college some months ago and has really been improving. I guess she really meant it when she said she wants to put her life back on track and I’m so proud of her.
Grandpa hasn’t been stable at home cause he has to work and only comes back home on weekends so that Tasha doesn’t suspect a thing.
Speaking of Tasha, she has taken over the company as the new president.
Her daughter got married to Chad after She was found pregnant for him.
She’s due soon and would give birth any moment from now.
Amber didn’t take the news lightly, she suffered a huge heart break and cried her eyes out.
for some weeks, I didn’t think she’d get over it but with time she did.
I really felt bad for her. Chad doesn’t deserve her. she’s deserves more but she doesn’t realize that.
She vowed to make their lives miserable and I know she means it.
we’ve really come a long way together and I’m starting to understand every move, choice or decision she makes.
I told her about my identity and she somehow forgave me. I’m glad she’s on our side and I’m also glad that, the once broken girl is healing. But she promised to take back everything once she ready.
“It’s beautiful” I comment and she dropped the pencil and shut the book.
“No snooping till I’m done” she tells me with a huge grin on her face.
I hand her a glass of juice and she mutters a thank you before taking a sip.
I stare at her as she takes another sip.
Pregnancy sure looks good on her.
“I’m hungry” she mutters
“I didn’t cook anything”
“Please make me something nice to eat Miguel” she pouts and giving me puppy eyes. this girl is going to be the death of me.
“I can’t wait for you to give birth so you can take cooking lessons and take over from me” I seethe and she giggled. “Wait here” I tell her and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.
“Wait here” he tells me like I’m going anywhere.
I watch him enter the kitchen and a smile automatically plasters on my face. I stare at my stomach and a lot of thoughts runs through my mind.
I am filled with excitement that I’m going to be a mother soon and on the other hand, I am as nervous as hell. but one thing is certain, I am going to be the best mother I can ever be. I will make sure she gets all the love she ever needs. I will love her more than myself.
More than anyone in this world. I will give her the love of both a father and a mother and she won’t lack anything as long as I’m alive.
I try to stand up from my seat when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my stomach.
I took deep breaths.
And I felt it lessen a little.
Just then another contraction starts and the pain is worse than the first one.
I practiced the breathing techniques I learned from the doctor but it wasn’t enough.
I shut my eyes trying to process what is happening. I felt liquid running down my thighs. my water just broke.
“Miguel” I yell “Miguel!!!” I scream a lot louder.
he comes running to where I was.
“OMG” he mutters when he saw the state I was in.
He quickly dialled the doctor’s number before he led me to the bedroom.
I was already crying. I can’t take this pain anymore.
I need to birth this child before I die.
“Please call the doctor Miguel. I can’t take this” I cry out. my voice almost stuck in my throat.
“He’s on his way Amber. just take deep breaths OK.’ he says taking my hand in his as he squeezed gently.
just then the door flew open and the doctor walked in with a young woman who I assumed was the nurse.
Miguel was told to leave the room and he did.
” Alright Amber. I’m gonna need you to push alright?” He tells me immediately my feet were propped up in stirrups.
“No I can’t” I felt the salty tears pour from my eyes
“Amber please” he said and I pushed but damn it was fucking painful.
“I can’t do this doctor I can’t”
“Amber I want to think of everything you’ve gone through while in this pregnancy. the nausea, the puking, the contractions, and all the medications you took for this baby and I want you to channel that same energy and push this baby okay. now please push Amber”
I don’t know where I got the strength to do it but I gave it my all and pushed.
“The baby’s head is already out doctor” the nurse told him
“Come on Amber you can do this” he said and I pushed once more.
I heard baby cries some minutes later and I knew that she’s here.
The nurse cleaned me up and I fell asleep.
I woke up hours later to see Grandpa and Miguel in the room holding the baby.
“How are you feeling now?” Miguel asks
“A bit better”
Miguel handed her to me. I was hesitant at first but I summoned courage to hold my baby.
She was perfect.
She looks more like mother. her hair was beautiful in every way.
She was the perfect description of an Angel.
I was holding an Angel in my arms and I couldn’t help but shed tears.
“what are you gonna call her?’ Miguel asks
“Genie” I said after much thought.
Yes, Genie. She was my wish come true. She has fulfilled every wish I had so I couldn’t think of a perfect name.
My little Genie.
I smile as I stare at her pretty face. she was worth every struggle. I couldn’t be more happy.
PUSH — Push Until Something Happens
I did and she happened…