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“You’re doing great Bella. But you lack poise and confidence. I want you to walk like a peacock with pride. flaunt that beautiful feathers for everyone to admire. when they see you, all they should think of is Grace” My catwalk instructor Ann told me. “so don’t hold back on anything” she adds
I slightly nod my head with a smile as I recalled events earlier before today.
she blew her whistle of death and I catwalk round the entire gym space.
These past months has been the months of my life. I have finally decided to take what is mine but not without putting up a fight. Tasha is smart but I’m prove to her that I’m smarter and better.
I am going back home but not as the once broken and unfixed girl, I’m going back to throw a bomb and trust me when I say that everyone who hurt me is gonna pay. i will ruin them. I will make them suffer. I will give every one of them a punishment worse than death.
I am no longer in hiding, I’ve changed my name and identity. My name is Bella, yes I chose Bella which also means Beauty. I admit that I wasn’t confident of my looks but now I’m pretty sure that I am a very pretty creature and yes, I’m embracing it. so no one knows who I am. I work out to keep my body in shape and I visited a hair salon and they did wonders to it. they added extensions and dyed it brown. i wasn’t really a fan of long hair but I’ll manage. I take cooking lessons which I’m getting pretty good at.
I take catwalk lessons, and even make up and dress up lessons as well.
I will go back as someone even better than me.
“Amazing Bella, you did great. bravo” Ann commends immediately I am done walking back and forth.
“I must say that you have really improved. I never believed that you could be this good” she says with a smile.
honestly I never believed I can do this. when I first came here, everything felt hard and impossible. I fell more than a thousand times because I couldn’t stand properly on my heels talk more of walking.
But I guess the saying is correct, hard work and dedication pays off in the end.
“I’m proud of you” she tells me
“Thanks teach”
“That’ll be all for today”
“Alright see you in two days time” I say putting my stuff inside my bag.
“Hey Bella,”
I turned around to see Ronnie staring at me. she’s also in my class but I don’t learn with them. I take advance and special lessons since Ann teaches me alone before any of them.
Ronnie is kinda like a loud mouth so I don’t say anything to her. plus I don’t even know her.
“Hi Ronnie. what do you need?”
“Just wanna say there’s a cute handsome mucho out there waiting for you” she tells me and I roll my eyes.
it’s Miguel no doubt.
He’s made it his duty to pick me up every time I’m done with my class.
“Thanks for the info” I say pushing a strand of hair away from my face.
“Who’s he to you? is he your Guy?” she asks but I ignore.
“Adios” I say immediately I’m done as I placed the strap on my shoulder and walked away.
“But Bella—”
I heard her calling but pretended not to hear..
I walked out of the the building and spotted Miguel leaning on the car.
He was looking elsewhere so he didn’t notice my presence until I walked up to him.
“You shouldn’t have come here” I say immediately his eyes caught mine.
“I want to make sure you’re safe. get in” he orders opening up the car door for me.
“Miguel you’re giving people wrong ideas about us” I tell him but he doesn’t budge.
“let them think whatever they want to think. we’re friends”
“They don’t understand that Miguel and I don’t want any drama at this point in my life” I add “Genie is my priority and all I want to think about please”
I get inside the car and he closes the door.
We ride in silence until we arrive home.
I step down immediately and walk inside the house.
“Christie” I call immediately I’m settled in.
“Hi Bella you’re back” she squeals hugging me.
she’s always excited.
I met her during one of my morning jog and we struck a bond.
she’s always here to help a hand in taking care of genie while I’m away.
I love her carefree and jovial attitude.
she always finds a way to put a smile on my face whenever I’m down and plus
grandpa likes her too.
“I missed you”
“I did too baby. so how is she?” I ask
“Genie is asleep. she finished eating not too long ago and fell asleep immediately after”
“Thanks a lot Chris”
‘you’re welcome. I’ll be going now”
“Alright Hun. see you next time. bye” I said hugging her.
she disengaged and waved goodbye before leaving.
I enter my room and lay down on the bed next to her.
she looks so peaceful and beautiful. her lashes were long and inviting.
I crush on her everytime I see her.
I placed a kiss on her forehead and continued staring.
“I am feeling scared Miguel” I tell him, not looking at him as he walked into my room.
“Are you okay?”
“No. I’m scared of Genie Miguel. I am scared that one day, when she comes of age, she will look me straight in the eye and ask me about her father. I dread that day as her mother Miguel. I love my daughter but I don’t want her connecting with her past until I’m prepared for it.” I explain and he takes a seat next to me.
“Bella?” he calls me. I insisted they do so that they get used to it.
I didn’t respond, but looked at him.
“Marry me”
i almost choked on my saliva. but he was quick to hand me a glass of water.
“i am a man of few words and I don’t joke a lot”
I had taken time to think about this. when the idea hit me at first, I thought it was crazy but when it hits again, I decided to give it a second thought and look at it from both angles.
Firstly, Amber was in trouble and they were out to hurt her.
And if she was to pull off her plan and go back home then a lot of things will be thrown at her way. but being my wife would raise doubts about her.
And secondly, Genie would have both a mother and father figure in her life. thereby giving Amber a peaceful protest.
“what do you have to gain from this?” she asked with a straight face and I eyed her suspiciously.
I stare at her unable to utter a single word. yes, what was I to gain from this?
by doing this, I am trying myself to her and Genie and if everything is settled then she’ll practically kick me out of their lives and that’ll be all.
is this worth risking?
Or am I just plain stupid?
But whatever I decide today, would live with me for the rest of my life and I will have no regrets….
My heels gently taps on the floor as I walk inside the huge company.
It does have a nice catch to it. too bad everyone bearing that name is no longer on the face of the earth.
I am wearing a Purple Jumpsuit and gold heels. my hair is tied up in a ponytail and my car keys are clasped on my hand tightly.
“morning madam” my secretary greets me immediately I enter my office. I place my clutch on the desk as settled in on the chair.
I open my laptop and go through some files.
“Madam, your mother would like to have a word with you it’s urgent” she tells me and I nod signalling her to leave.
I close my laptop and stretch a little before standing up and walking out of my office.

It’s been FIVE years
Five good years ever since Dad died and Amber was burnt alive.
I still get nightmares about her haunting me but I’m always relieved because one thing for sure is that Amber is dead and the entire property is ours.
Chad and I Got Married after I found out that I was pregnant for him and now we have our little family all together.
His mother loves me so much and just couldn’t stop ranting about how lucky she was to have me as her daughter in law but of late, my marriage to Chad has been really rocky.
Although I love him very much but I don’t think he loves me as much anymore. He picks fights with me at the slightest and upsets me whenever he has the chance. We were an ideal couple in the eyes of people and family but in closed doors, we are far more worse than cats and rats.
The only sane thing that manages to keep us together is my daughter Ivy.
we would’ve broken up long ago if it wasn’t for her.
she’s the bridge between our broken relationship and I know that as long as she’s around then Chad won’t do anything to hurt me.
I’ve made peace with my past and managed to put everything behind me. I just want a calm and peaceful life and I guess I’m getting it.
Mother has been really supportive and has really tried her best to keep Chad close to me.
I finished college not to long ago and mother made the The Director of the company while Chad was the vice president.
Mother has been planning on retiring so she could finally hand over everything to us in the next board meeting and I couldn’t be more happier.
My husband would be the President and I The VP.
can anything be better than this?
I knock on her door and she instantly opens.
“Morning Mother” I say taking a seat as she pours coffee into my cup.
“How are you dear?”
“I’ve been better”
“And your husband?”
“I guess he’s around” I say avoiding eye contact but trust mom to say something.
“Are you both still having a fight?”
“Talk to me Denisha, maybe I could be of help”
“We’ll be fine. he’s just trying to get on my nerves like he always does. he’s not even trying to make our relationship work” I let the words fly out from my mouth
“I’ve never been in support of this relationship from day one and the only reason I agreed to it was because you were pregnant and couldn’t stop chanting about how much you love him.” she says in Anger. “Left for me, you would have that baby aborted and get married to someone who deserves you. you are a very intelligent woman and a lot of people would give anything to be called your husband” she added
“Mom please. Chad loves me”
“Here we go again.” she seethes
“I know he does. we got married under inconvenient circumstances and plus, he’s not gotten over the death of Amber. you know he only agreed to marry me because that’s what his mom wanted.” I explain
“So what about what you and I want? is he even thinking about that?” she said rolling her eyes
“you both are married and you have a daughter as well. he should put in more as your husband and leave you all this stress” she tells me
“Mother we’ll be fine and trust me, he’ll be with me forever. I guarantee that”
“How is my granddaughter?”
“Ivy is fine. I took her school before coming here” I tell her and she smiles
“Please bring her for a visit. I really miss her and besides I’ve scheduled the board meeting for this Friday. I’ll make your husband the president and then I can be the official CEO. that way you both can handle everything around here”
“I love you Mom”
she takes my hand in hers
“I love you too sweetie”
“Is chairman Kim aware of this?” I asked giving her a quizzical look
“Yes he is and I hope he agrees cause he’s the only one with the highest shares in this company and if he says yes to it then everything is settled.” she says with a smile
“That’s good. then the other board members won’t be able to disagree.”
“But the thing is, he’s not going to be there on Friday, His daughter in law is representing him because he’ll be on leave for a few days” mother tells me.
“His daughter in law? Chairman Kim has a son? I come I never knew about it?”
“Well he has a son who is dead but at least he was able to birth a child before passing. And he got married five years ago. plus I heard that they have a child as well” mom tells me and I slowly nod.
“Well that’s good for him”
“Denisha there’s another reason why I called to see you” mom said taking me by surprise
“What is it mother. did something happen?”
“The company is getting low in funds and if this keeps up, I’m afraid that we might loose everything” she said shocking me more.
“Loose everything? does anyone else know about this?”
“No just you, me and chairman Kim and I want us to look for a solution together’ she tells me and I look on
” Do you have any suggestions?”
“Well it’s a fashion company and people has been saying that we’re running out of style. our best designs aren’t even selling in the markets anymore. people are refusing to buy from us and if this keeps up, I don’t know denisha” she says fidgeting with her fingers.
mom always does that when she’s nervous.
“We need new designers that we can afford and if we can get one that’s really good, then it’ll be easier to work with other companies as well. we can make deals and have investors but designers are so difficult to find these days” she said with a sigh
“listen to me mother, let’s just calm down and act sensibly, I’m sure we’ll get someone okay” I tell her and she nods.
Seeing mom this worried is making me really worried as well.
I studied fashion design in college so I could help the company but I’m not too good.
My designs are always labelled as amateur designs.
Only Amber was great at designing.
After she died, I was able to get a hold of her sketch pad and I was blown away. I passed it off as mine and we worked on the designs and made really huge profit.
till today, Amber’s designs are still considered the best in the company.
Even in death, she’s still famous.
I couldn’t recreate any designs after that no matter how I tried. it was as good as hers and even if it was approved, Ambers stupidest works are still considered better.
if only I could take that talent before she died.
And now that there’s no one to replace her, I don’t know how we’ll get over this.
I hold mother’s hand as u reassured her that everything would be okay even if I know that deep down it won’t.
“…Healing can never be done in the same place that caused you pain…”—Ella
FIVE years of torture.
five years of anger
five years of bitterness
five years of sorrow.
I dread today but sadly it has come and can’t escape.
I am going to a place where all my problems started.
where all my pains surfaced.
it’s time to face them. My demons.
“Mommy” I hear Genie’s voice and I snap out of my reverie.
I am standing outside as I watch the pretty flowers bloom.
I was once like them, struggling to survive but I’ve in the end we sprout beautifully despite all the changes we had to go through.
“Yes baby” I say kissing her cheeks
“Daddy said you’re leaving for work. is that true?” she asks and I nod.
her eyes twitch.
something I’m used to by now.
my Genie is everything that I ever wished for.
I loved her for everything.
she’ll be five in a few weeks and she’s really smart for someone her age.
“Yes. I’m leaving for another country for business but the good news is that daddy and I has agreed to stay there forever.” I tell her as I squat down to her size
“But I like it here” she whine and then pouts
“Me too sweetie but don’t you want to have a nice place to stay and make friends. you’ll be attending a school over there and you’ll always be with me and grandpa and your father” I tell her whilst smoothing her hair.
“Will I get toys to play with?”
“Anything my Genie wants, she’ll just have to wish for it. don’t you think?” I say and she smiles
“I love you mommy” she says kissing my cheeks.
“Too cheesy” I tease giving her cheeks a light squeeze and she giggles.
“You’ll be coming with daddy later. I’ll be leaving very early cause I have a meeting that I have to attend but I promise to be back home and tuck you in. is that OK?” I ask
“promise” she asks putting up her pinky
“promise” I say making a pinky promise.
“Alright let’s go inside, I need to help you pack so that you don’t forget anything“
” OK mommy. we can come here for vacations right ” she asks
“Sure sweetie” I say taking her hands as we walked inside.
I quickly take my shower and apply lotion on my body. I settled for a pair of black shorts and turtle neck top. I finish the look with a white blazer and high heels.
I did my makeup and put my hair in curls. then wore a pair of dark shades and gloves.
I stand in front of the full length mirror. satisfied with how I looked, I walked out to the living room.
“Here,” Miguel he says handing me a paper as I glance through it.
“That’s everything you need to know about today’s meeting and grandpa already sent in your CV so I bet they’ll hire you since they’re in dire need of a fashion designer at the moment” he tells me and I nod.
“Thanks Miguel” I say hugging him and he reciprocated.
“There’s a cab waiting to take you to the airport. and there’s a ride that’ll take you straight to the company so you don’t have to worry” he assures me and I nod.
“Looks like you’ve got everything under control.”
“I have. they’re all waiting for you before they start the meeting because apparently they need grandpa’s vote” he tells me and I nod.
“I know”
“Are you sure about this Amber?”
“Bella and yes I’m sure. I’m not going back until they pay for everything” I tell him
“I understand. Genie, Christie and I will follow later. don’t worry she’s in safe hands” he assures me
“You’re her father so yes I know she’s in safe hands. thanks again Miguel” I say and politely kissed his cheeks.
he smiled and I did too.
“marry me” he said and I almost choked on my saliva but he was quick enough to get me a glass of water.
“What’s in it for you?” I ask and he stares at me like forever
“Firstly, you’re planning to go back there and if by chance they happen to see Genie, they may suspect that Chad is her father but if we pose as husband and wife, they’ll doubt it. Besides everyone knows that Amber died and doesn’t have a child but we’ll be able to create another identity as Bella. Look alike of Amber but not Amber and secondly, you said Genie needs a father figure in her life so let’s kill two birds with one stone ” he simply said, I knew it favoured me but why is he doing this?
why is he putting himself in my battles.
I like Miguel but as a friend and I intend to keep it that way but I don’t want it to look like I’m only using him.
“And I ask again, what do you stand to gain in this?”
he shrugs “Nothing. just being a friend and also Genie’s father”
I stare at him as I weighed the pros and cons in my mind before finally saying.
“OK I agree. I will marry you Miguel”

Miguel and I got married in court. it was a small yet simple wedding.
And I got to bear his name Bella Ramirez.
“I’ll see you in the Philippines” I say
“Good luck and remember to be careful. you’ll be appearing to them for the first time, there will be a lot of chaos but don’t be distracted and show no fear” he tells me and I nod.
I walk out of the house and got into the cab that was to take me to the airport.
This is it. there’s no turning back now.
Denisha’s POV
I help Chad get dressed even when he insisted that I shouldn’t.
He wore a grey suit and shoes and I wore a flair gown and heels.
this is it, today my husband will finally become the president of the company. this is so much to take in. I’m beyond excited and thrilled at the same time.
I finish the look with a pair of silver earrings and bangles and grab my clutch.
we look so good together.
I wonder why he fails to realize that.
we walk down together and Ivy runs up to us.
“Ivy My darling. daddy and I are going to work so be a good girl while we’re gone OK” I tell her and she nods.
I turn to face Evie my nanny “make sure she stays out of trouble and don’t forget to feed her and clean up as well” I order and she nods.
“Come My child” she signals ivy who immediately follows
“I don’t want you both fighting today no matter what happens alright?” she orders and I smile.
she does know when to say the right things.
“Sure baby. I promise” Chad assures her with a kiss.
“Bye baby” I wave as we step out together.
“Let’s take the Ferrari” I tell him immediately we arrive at where our cars were parked but he disagrees.
“There’s no need for that”
“you are going to be the president so you should appear as one” I insisted as I stomped my feet on the ground angrily
“It’s not even been sealed yet”
“You have to listen to me”
“No you have to listen to me Denisha. I promised I won’t fight with you today so please stop throwing tantrums and let’s take a smaller car.” he counters
“For once in your life will you listen to me”
“Drive the Ferrari then. I’ll take another car” he suggests
“not a chance. we’re supposed to be seen together. do you know what people will say if they find us ride to work in separate cars?” I ask “Please for Ivy. let’s just go” I beg
“You just want to draw attention” he says as he steps inside the car.
“I am the president’s wife, I’m supposed to be the center of attention” I tell him as I hope in the car and close to door.
we ride in silence till we got to the company.
He stepped down and opened the door for me.
So he could be a gentleman when he wants to.
I rolled my eyes as he raised his elbow to me.
I took it and we both walked inside.
we arrived at the board meeting and was ushered inside to take our seats.
I sat down next to him.
My mother and I exchanged glances and I smiled to her.
the other board members were already seated waiting for the meeting to commence.
“This board meeting was called by our president who wishes to retire and gives her position to her son in law as the president of this company” Mom’s secretary begins and everyone began to murmur.
I held Chad’s hand for support as he glanced at me. he was nervous and I could tell.
“Why does he have to be the president. he’s not even the true son of Carl” one of the members said and I felt my face go sour. how dare he.
“Yes he’s right” another interjected “We’ve all been members of this company for a very long time and we have a say in this as well and I believe I speak in everyone’s favor when I say no. we oppose to this decision. we can’t have him rule us. why didn’t you pick anyone else but him” he asked and the crowd grew louder supporting his motion.
“Though Myers founded this company but we have a say as well. he can never and will never be the president” another spoke.
I almost got up but Chad held my hand pulling me down.
“Yes you are members of this company and you all were part of the struggle when my late husband founded this company and I believe that as his wife and with the amount of shares I have in this company, I can make decisions too for the benefit of this company” mom said.
She was able to buy a lot of shares from people and also bribed most of the members to support us.
“Lies. you’re only doing this for your selfish reasons” one said and there was a huge uproar.
“He won’t win and As long as chairman Kim hasn’t voted then we will wait till he gets here. his decision will be final.” another says.
I never knew it would be this hard and I’m starting to get scared.
“Chairman Kim just called, his daughter in law is in the country and will be here soon. she will pass his judgements” mom’s secretary says and we all wait patiently for her.
I just hope she agrees to this.
Chad must be the president and no one else.
I arrive at the airport and board the car kept for me. turns out that it’s a limousine.
I smile.
Miguel sure knows how to make an entrance.
we arrive at the company and I wear my shades before stepping down.
I take a look around the area.
it’s been a very long time and I’m back at the same place I was killed.
I held my purse as I walked majestically into the building.
I arrive at the board meeting and I was ushered in.
I look at everyone from the corner of my eyes before settling down on the chair preserved for grandpa who I will be representing.
on my left was Denisha and her husband Chad and on my right was my step mom Tasha.
I slowly remove my shade and place it on the table.
I smirk when I hear gasps coming from the entire room as everyone is looking at me surprised.
“Hello everyone. I am Lady Bella Ramirez. chairman Kim’s daughter in law and I will be representing him in this meeting” I say and notice Chad and Denisha staring at me from the corner of my eyes but I don’t seem affected.
“Please repeat the purpose of this meeting” I say and I notice Tasha almost run out of air.
The man who I assumed was her secretary repeated himself and everyone looked at me waiting for me to pass the final judgement.
I stare at Chad before saying “On behalf of my grandfather, I oppose to the motion of Chad being the president of this company”
The room filled with applause as the man called the scores.
I knew they’ve lost.
I got up and quickly head outside the door to where my car was parked.
I noticed Denisha walking up trying to catch up so I hasten my steps.
“Amber, Amber!!” she calls but I ignore until I get into the car and settle in.
when I notice her coming close to my car.
I told the drive to drive out and he quickly did leaving her there to deal with her own thoughts.
This is just the beginning for all of you” I whispered under my breath as the car drove off.
[9/5, 7:46 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
“Hello everyone, I am Lady Bella Ramirez. Chairman Kim’s daughter in law and I would be representing him in this meeting” she said and I almost died of an heart attack.
This is Amber. Amber is the daughter in law of chairman Kim?
what is even going on here?
she’s supposed to be dead. I killed her. I watched the building explode. could it be possible that she survived?
She can’t survive. she was literally unconscious when I left her to die. is my mind playing games with me now!
why is Amber here?
here of all places? she’s supposed to be six feet underneath the surface of the earth not here.
I glance at my mother and it feels like she’s going to slump any minute. she can’t even believe that Amber of all people is seated here.
“On behalf of my grandfather, I oppose to the motion of Chad being the president of this company” she said with courage and so much boldness that I’ve ever witnessed before.
The room was filled with applause as everyone was happy that it worked in their favour. He counted the scores and it was 70-30 which means that we’ve lost.
I stare at Chad but he wasn’t even bothered as he continued to stare at the lady in front of us.
She got up quickly and headed outside the door and I followed her.
“Amber! Amber!!” I called but she didn’t respond.
I tried to catch up with her but she beat me to it. she got into her car.
OMG who is this woman.
she rides a limousine too?
Her driver quickly sped off leaving me to deal with my own thoughts.
I am frustrated that I didn’t get a chance to talk to her.
my thoughts are scattered as it is.
I got a call from mother and rushed inside the company as I headed to her office.
she was with Chad.
Her hands were shaking as she gulped down the glass of water.
“Hey how is she?” I asked Chad but he doesn’t respond. the secretary was quick to say something though.
“She’s been like this ever since the meeting ended”
“Leave us alone” I tell him and he walked out shutting the door behind him.
“Mother calm down” I say trying to console her but she won’t take any of it.
“Who is she? She’s supposed to be dead right? How did she survive?” mom asked but I remained quiet.
I was lost in my own thoughts as well.
Chad quickly left us and headed outside.
I didn’t bother to ask where he was going cause that was the least of my problems right now.
“Are you sure she died in that explosion?” mom asked
“Shhh” I shushed her “Even the walls have ears.” I whispered
“but how can she look so much like Amber?”
“Even I don’t understand. They look so much alike. is she who she says she is or that Amber in disguise” I ask no one in particular.
God my head is spinning right now.
“I’m calling Kim right now” mom says as she picked up her phone.
She dialled his number and he picks up after the first ring.
she puts the phone on loudspeaker.
“Hello Chairman Kim”
“Good day to you president Tasha. I don’t mean to be rude but I’m not supposed to take business calls during my leave” he tells mom and she sighs
“yes I know but your grand daughter—” mom was saying but he cuts her short
“You mean Bella? did she do something wrong?”
“No I mean, she strikes a lot of resemblance to late Amber Myers”
“I was shocked too but I did a background check on her and I was surprised that she’s not Amber as well. she grew up in Canada and met my grandson in college. they fell in love and got married. and it has always been her dream to work in our company so I made it happen cause she’s my daughter in law and she’s very good” he tells mom
“And you didn’t bother to tell me?”
“I didn’t think it was necessary. and besides, if she was Amber, don’t you think I would’ve told you about it?” he asks
“It’s alright Kim I understand”
“Please go through her profile and see if she’s good enough for the job”
“I will give her a call later”
“thanks Tasha”
“But Kim, why didn’t you support my son in law being the president. I thought we were on the same side”
“of course we are but there’s a lot of people in the company plotting to take that seat which would put Chad in grave danger and plus the company is going through difficult times so I didn’t think it was a good time to propose something with great importance at a time like this” he says and mom nods.
“I understand. you know the company better than I do so you think it’s right then I support your decision”
“that’s good and please take care of my grand daughter. I trust she’s in good hands”he says almost like a question
” Sure. enjoy your leave. bye” I say and disconnect the call.
Mom and I both stare at each other.
Could it be possible that what chairman Kim is saying is the truth?
is she really just a look alike or is there something more to it?
I can’t just believe something like this without doing my own background check on her. I’ll see if this so called Bella is really Amber posing as Bella.
I got a call from Miguel that they were in the country.
I’ve missed my baby so much.
I arrive at our new house. Actually it was grandpa’s house and surprisingly, everything was in order.
The driver drove inside the gate and parked the car.
I quickly hop down as I made my way into the house.
“Baby Girl” I call and she runs into my arms earning a big hug from me.
“I’ve missed you mummy”
“I’ve missed you more. have you been good?”I ask
” Yes I have.”
I look around hoping to catch a glimpse of Miguel but he was no where to be seen.
“Is mommy perhaps looking for daddy?” Genie asks taking me by surprise
“you are just too much” I say giving her cheeks a light squeeze.
“You’re missing him aren’t you?”
I blink
“You are way too young to talk about things like these but anyway where is your father?” I finally manage to ask
“He stepped out for a while but he promised to be back soon. I was with Christie” she tells me and I nod OK
“Mom can you please call daddy on the phone? I want to talk to him” Genie says and I nod OK.
“alright but first, I need to change. I had a hectic day today OK”
“that’s my wish granting Genie” I tease before heading upstairs.
Thanks to Genie, I was able to locate our bedroom.
I stripped off my clothes and had a nice warm shower.
then wore a light gown and flip flops before dialling Miguel’s number.
I immediately gave it to Genie.
“Hi daddy” she giggled and put it on loud speaker.
“Hello baby. are you okay?” he asks and she nods as if he could see her.
I smile as I see how happy she looks.
Genie and Miguel has a very strong bond that one would think he was her real father. Sometimes their closeness always makes me Jealous.
He’s very caring and sensitive to Genie’s request and needs Although I can’t say the same for both of us.
Miguel has been a great dad but I am scared of fulling committing myself to him. The first guy I did that for almost killed me so I’m not taking any chances. As long as Genie is happy then I am happy.
“I’m very fine thank you” she replies
“Is your mother back yet?” he asks and I pretend to be busy going through my things.
“Yes she is. she’s with me right now” she tells him and I listen to what he says next.
“Have you had your meal love”
“Sure daddy but don’t forget to get me an extra large marshmallow Pizza” she orders
“Of course baby. I will”
“Oh and daddy?” she calls like she’s forgotten something
“Please come back quickly. I think mom is missing you a lot.” she says and my eyes flew open in an instant. I turn to face her but she ignores my numerous stares.
“She’s a mess without you here” she tells him and I quickly grab the phone from her and placed it on my ear.
she giggled.
I coughed “Hello”
“Hi Bella”
“Please don’t mind what she says, she’s just a little child and doesn’t know what she’s saying” I tell him and felt him smile from the other side.
“Are you sure about that cause it almost sounds like you did” he said and I felt my stomach churning.
Oh dear Lord.
“No.. yes.. when will you be back?” I slutter changing the question.
“let’s not get ahead of ourselves. how was the meeting?”
“we’ll discuss about it when you come home” I tell him and sit down on the bed.
Just then, I heard the the door bell.
“I’ll get it” Christie yelled rushing to the door and I followed.
“Daddy” I heard Genie squeal followed by unending chuckles.
My phone still plastered on my ears.
“Hey I’m home” he tells me and I disconnect the call. I walk down the stairs to join them.
He walks up to me and place a kiss on my cheeks.
I felt my cheeks burning but tried to hide it. This guy has a way of getting to me and I thinks he knows that.
I stare at her as she tries to hide in embarrassment.
I know she feels something for me but she’s doesn’t want to admit it yet.
And I don’t want to rush her. I’ll wait till she’s ready. she’s just dealing with a lot of trust issues so I know it’ll be difficult for her to commit herself to me or anyone else.
“My pizza” Genie requests and I smile.
“Don’t tell me you forgot. I even called to remind you” she pursed her lips and folds her hands across her chest.
“I didn’t baby. here” I say handing over the pizza to her.
She grins as she carefully takes it from me.
“Thanks daddy I love you” she said kissing my cheeks as she runs off leaving me with her mother.
I clear my throat and she looks at me rubbing both palms together nervously.
“Thanks for taking care of Genie” she finally manage to say and I nod making the room awkward for both of us.
“You don’t have to thank me. I love Genie as though she were my own. I consider her my daughter so I’m doing anything that a father would do for his child” I say earning a smile from her.
“what would you like to have for dinner?”
“I was thinking of chicken pastel on my way home” he said and I nod then turned to the direction of the kitchen.
I wore an apron as I started with the chicken.
it was mainly chicken casserole.
it took about an hour to get ready and I served it on the dinner table.
“Delicious’ Miguel comments
” You like it?”
“I love it” he said gleefully
“So how was the meeting” he asked and I told him everything that went down and somehow he couldn’t stop laughing.
That had what was coming for them.
“They didn’t suspect a thing did they?”
“Nothing at all. I’ll give them more reasons to believe I’m Bella and when they let their guard down,” I pause “I will strike. they won’t know what hit them” I add
He took another spoonful of food and chewed slowly.
“Grandpa will be back in a few days” he announces
“That’ll be great cause Tasha needs someone she could believe right now” I tease causing us to laugh.
I clear the dishes immediately he’s done eating and tuck Genie in bed while Miguel goes to our room to freshen up.
I will talk to Miguel about the possibility of Genie attending a school here. that way it’ll help her open up to the world around her. After giving it much thought, I decided it was best that she go.
I won’t hold her back from being everything she wants to be.
I open the door to our bedroom and Miguel turns to my direction causing the towel to fall off his waist to the ground.
I turn around in an instant
“I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were still in your bath towel” I apologize
I could feel him smiling knowing how great the effect he has on me.
“it’s fine. it’s your room as well”
“Yes but… oh God what was I thinking” I whispered to myself as I mentally slapped myself.
I couldn’t move. it was like I was glued to that spot.
“Are you done?”I finally manage to ask after the long silence
I slowly turn around and there he was on the bed, lying there staring at me.
I slowly walked to the bed and got inside the huge blanket.
“So I was thinking that Genie should attend a school here” I begin
“I already got it covered. she’ll be starting tomorrow” he tells me and I face him
“How did you manage?”
“Well it wasn’t a hard thing to do and I was sure you would approve”
“Thanks Miguel” I say and he yawns.
he pulled up the duvet and gently placed my head on his chest.
“Miguel i…” I was trying to protest but he was already asleep so I just dropped the idea.
it wasn’t bad acting like a couple but this, is much worse.
“I’m lady Bella Ramirez. I am Chairman Kim’s Grand daughter and I would be representing him in this meeting”
“On behalf of my grandfather, I oppose the motion of Chad being the president of this company”
Her words keeps ringing in my ears like Christmas bells.
Could she really be the same person?
She looks so different, so matured, so beautiful. That name Bella suits her perfectly.
I don’t know but I have been acting so off ever since I saw her in that room today with me. Those eyes that stared at me looked emotionless.
How could two people look incredibly alike.
I can’t even tell if she’s Amber or not. Her hair is different, her eyes, her fashion sense and even her walk.
I shut my eyes as my brain tries to process everything.
but it couldn’t. I was feeling really queasy and I don’t know what to do.
The door opened and Denisha walked inside and joined me on the bed.
“Ivy is asleep.” she tells me but my mind is no where near here.
it’s like I’m in a trance.
“Did you hear a word I said or are you pretending to be dumb?” she asks, sarcasm in her voice
“Would you please leave me alone. I heard you the first time alright” I say as I gave her a disgusted look.
I can’t still believe I picked her over Amber. I’m still paying for my sins and I don’t know why the universe brought another version of her to haunt me again.
I never thought they would stoop so low as to kill her.
I only got the news later.
it was supposed to be something simple but no I complicated everything by involving myself with this woman.
Now all my mistakes are starting to taunt me and I can’t take it anymore.
I felt like I was in love with Denisha. she had this wild and adventurous side that always left me craving for more but after I found out what she did, my love for her just cranked down to the number zero and I can’t do anything cause I will be involved and Denisha is a cunning woman that would rope me in to take the fall as well. The only reason why I’m still stuck with her is the fact that she birthed my child otherwise I won’t mind spending eternity in hell.
“Don’t you dare shout at me Chad. I will not tolerate it. I’m your wife and your child’s mother so I deserve to be treated with respect” she barked pointing fingers at me.
I scoff “Dream on Denisha. you are nothing but my child’s mother. I don’t even consider you my wife. if it wasn’t for Ivy then you know what would’ve happened”
“Why are you so worked up? is it because you saw a replica of Amber today?” she smirked
“Need I remind you that she is dead. and you had a hand in killing her. so stop acting like you are a nice person and you really care about her. if you did then you wouldn’t have had an affair with her sister”
“Quiet” I yelled
“So the truth hurts? you are supposed to be thinking on how to rule over that company. isn’t that why you wanted her dead in the first place” she ask ‘poor thing. wasn’t that the plan all along? to get married and rule over her property? you owe me your life cause I made you into everything you are right now and don’t forget that you are nothing without me. i could easily take you back to that wretched life you once lived. don’t mess with me Chad. I am not Amber who doesn’t know what she wants cause I think I’ve been quiet for too long.” she threatened
“Get some sleep. and stop acting stupid, you’ll have a lot of time to see her anyways cause she will be working with us.” she said pulling the duvet as she turned to the other side to sleep while I sat there battling with my thoughts.
This woman is crazy and I won’t let her do anything to harm me.
I wake up at exactly five in the morning. I brushed my teeth and took my bath.
I spent about thirty minutes in the bathroom before I finally decided to step out.
Miguel was still asleep.
I applied lotion and wore my clothes.
A white flair gown that stopped just above my thighs and black heels. I just settled for nude makeup and tied my hair in a ponytail and picked up my clutch.
By this time, Miguel was already awake.
“Hey good morning” I greeted as I watched him stretch himself from the full length mirror.
“Morning babe” he said kissing my cheeks “you look good. are you going somewhere?”
“I got a text from the company regarding the job so I’m going” I tell him
“Ok. be careful alright. I’ll drive Genie to school”
“Thank you so much Miguel. maybe I’ll get to know the school later”
“Alright. you have to hurry so you don’t run late”
“Yeah” I say stepping out of the room.
I met Genie outside the door.
“Hey baby are you awake already”
“You’re going out already?”
“Um yes. mummy has work to do but I will be back before you get back from school” I say trying to convince her
“Ok then”
“but your daddy would take you to school alright?”
“Alright but get me pizza on your way back”
“Another one?”
she nods
“But you had one just yesterday”
“please mom. I’ll be good in school today I promise”
“Ok I will get you pizza. bye baby” I say kissing her cheeks as I rushed outside.
I hop into my car and drive out to work.
when I arrived, I parked outside and got inside the huge building.
The minute I stepped inside, everyone started looking at me strangely but I simply ignored.
The secretary led me to Tasha’s office immediately she said she was ready to see me and I followed.
I Entered her office which used to be dad’s office and I saw her seated there with Denisha and Chad. All staring at me.
I’m beautiful I know so they don’t have to keep staring.
“Morning Ma’am.” I greeted and she nodded offering me a seat next to her.
“Thank you” I said and sat down
“You’re Bella?” she asked giving me a quizzical look and I smile
“Yes I am”
“I see that you grow up in Canada?”
“well of course.”
“and you studied there as well?” Denisha asked this time.
“what do you think? if I grew up there, it’ll almost be impossible not to study there don’t you think?” I say with a smile but she looked offended
“And you are married?”
“Yes. I am married and I have a child” I say and noticed Chad staring at me from the corner of my eyes.
They all looked surprised.
“But you look like a Filipino. how is that possible”
“My father and mother were both Philippines. They grew up here until dad got a huge contract to work abroad” I pause and stare at their faces “but their happiness was short lived when they both died in an accident. I was taken to child services for support. when I was eighteen, I managed to secure myself into college and that’s where I met my husband. We fell in love and I got pregnant but he made sure I was able to complete college after I gave birth” I tell them with deep emotions
“So why do you insist on working here despite all the opportunities that I guess were offered to you?” she asked
“I’ve always wanted to work in my country after college and when I told my grandpa, he promised to help me plus, Myer’s prestige is like one of the best fashion companies in the world so it would really be an honor to work here. plus it’s my dream too” I tell her and she smiles
“Alright” she says standing up and I do same “Let’s make that dream come true. it’ll be nice having you work with us.”
“Thank you ma’am”
“My daughter Denisha would show you to your office”
I smile
“I appreciate madam” I say shaking her hands.
“And my next dream would be to see you suffer. I will torture all of you until you beg for death.” I say to myself with a smile across my lips
I follow her majestically, Gently tapping my heels on the floor as I walked to my new office.
this would be fun.
She opened the door and stepped aside, giving me a chance to enter.
I smiled and walked in.
My office was beautifully decorated.
The draperies were hung up nicely and my working desk was made with a very nice furniture.
I’m impressed they put my father’s money into good use.
It even had my name tag on the table.
*Lady Bella, Design team leader*
At the far end of the room were three other working desks.
The office can accommodate more than five desks but who are these for?
“Yes” she answers almost immediately
“Whose tables are these?” I ask pointing to the other tables.
“They are also designers but they will be working under you. all of you will work hard to create designs that will be good to promote to the stock market” she explained “But they are out at the moment so they’ll be here soon”
I nod
“Very well”
Just then, the door flew open and two girls and a guy about my age walks in.
“OMG” he screamed causing his coffee to fall from his hands.
“Is… he..she…huh…ghost” the other girl stuttered as she moved back in fear.
“You’re Amber Myers. Sorry late Amber Myers” she said nervously biting her fingers. I only smile.
“Director please move back, you’re standing close to a ghost. she’s going to kill you.” he yells and turn to face the others “I don’t think Director knows she’s standing there. maybe we’re the only ones who can see her” he adds causing me to laugh.
I guess they’ve seen my photo or something.
gosh, they’re so dramatic.
“Would you please shut up. All of you just shut up.” she yells and they try to compose themselves.
“thank you. this is Bella Ramirez” she introduced me and I waved “And she’s your new head”
“But how come she looks so much like Amber. this company is haunted Director” he said and I roll my eyes
“They just have a striking resemblance but she isn’t Amber and she’ll be working with you from now on so you give her the respect she deserves cause she will be calling the shots as long as this team is concerned. she’s not just your co-worker but also your leader. got it?” she asked and they all nod
“Good now get to work” she said before walking out of my office
“Hi I’m Lady Bella and it would be nice to work with you. please be free with me so we can learn to work with each other OK” I say with a smile.
The girls nod while the funny looking guy just kept on staring.
One of the girl shoved him on the shoulder and he snapped back to reality.
“I’m Kim” the girl with the long wavy blonde hair said as she extended her hands for a shake which I took of course.
“Nice to meet you Kim”
“Alyssa” the other one said. she’s a little shorter than the other two and has a Bob like fringe.
“My name is Alex”
“Alex the weird one” I said and he smiled. A heartwarming smile that made me smile too.
“We didn’t know we’d be having our team leader today, but we’ll treat you out promise”
“Not a problem Alex. thanks for the warm welcome” I say and return to my chair.
“So what are the designs you guys have created” I asked and they take turns staring at each other then back at me.
“We haven’t created anything so far” Alex said
“Yeah, to be honest, this company is going downhill. not even the director can produce beautiful designs like she did last time.” Alyssa primped. I guess she was the loud mouth here.
The other two
stared at her giving her constant signals to keep quiet but she went on. “I mean how can you make a design and all of a sudden you can’t make anyone like it again?” she asked a rhetorical question “Are you guys perhaps with the book that contains these designs?” I ask “Yeah sure. it’s in the magazine” she said handing me the magazine that was on her desk. I opened it to receive the shock of my life.
they were my designs.
I designed them. Not only did she kill me but she also stole my designs as well? No wonder she can’t design anything like this. I mean how can she when this isn’t hers. I will make them pay and that’s a promise.
I cussed under my breath and handed it back to Alyssa.
Then all sat down bewildered.
“Lady Bella, are you okay” Kim asked and I faked a smile
“I’m fine hun. carry on” I say and they turned to face the pile of work on their table. These people are really getting on my nerves.
I wish I could just strangle then to death
I took a deep breath and focused.
I will make sure this company moves forward. it’s not just my father’s company but mine as well.
I’m the owner and the heiress of this company and they are nothing but my servants.
it wasn’t hard recreating a beautiful sketch. I live for drawing. it was my life.
I closed my sketch pad and excused myself to get a cup of coffee.
I saw his door open and he sat down on his seat looking lost.
I seized the opportunity to get inside.
The very man who took my innocence and made me look like a fool in front of everyone. Chad Ramsay.
I adjusted my gown and open the door wider.
it wasn’t until I got in front of his desk that he noticed my presence in the office. it was bigger than I imagined. guess they did some renovations.
“Amber” he called and almost immediately he corrected himself “I’m sorry Bella”
I smile.
“It’s okay. that’s what everyone has been calling me ever since I stepped into this company.” I say and extended my hand to him and he took it shaking gently.
“Call me Chad”
“Nice name” I compliment and he smiles. years ago, that smile would do a lot of things to me but now, I just want to rip his face off and feed it to the dogs.
Just looking at him makes me sick. I feel so disgusted.
“Can I ask a question vice president?”
“Sure Bella”
“Who is this Amber that everyone keeps on calling me? is she a very important staff in this company?” I asked as I stare intently at him
“Um no she wasn’t a staff. she was owner’s daughter” he said and I pretend to act surprised.
“Wow. is she here? cause I would really love to meet her since we look so much alike like they say”
“I’m afraid you can’t meet her”
“Why not?”
he paused then looked at me but I didn’t budge
“She died five years ago” he said and I gasped
“she died. poor thing. How did she die?”
“um there was a fire and somehow she got caught up in it” he said but couldn’t look me in the eye.
Oh I want you to look at me like you did five years ago when you denied my love for you and unknowingly left me to carter for the baby.
I meant those words I said that day. That I would haunt you in life or death. well I’m here in life and also in death Chad cause you will pay
“I’m really sorry”
“For what?”
“You look emotional. it’s almost like you knew her personally” I say
“We dated for a while. she was a really nice person”
he replied and I decided not to question any further before I start looking suspicious.
so I dropped it.
“Do I really look like her?” I ask
“you like like her in a different version. She had black short hair and yours is dark brown and very long. her eyes were blue but yours are light brown. she always wore black and not so good when it comes to clothes but you’re like a fashion god. you both are too different except for the resemblance.” he explains. I smile knowing that I’m pulling this off.
“It’s a shame I didn’t meet her. she seems like a really nice person. Anyways I’m sorry for not voting you in the meeting…” I begun but he cut me short
“It’s alright. your grandfather explained everything”
“ok that’s the main reason I decided to see you” I said and turned to go
“Have a nice day Mr Chad” I add
“You too” he said and I Sashayed my way out of his office making sure to swing my hips as I walked out.
I met his supposedly wife in front of the office and smiled at her before heading to mine.
When I arrived, I sat down and continued my drawing and before closing hours I was done. I added a few colors to the bag a Volia, magnifique.
“Wow team leader, this is pretty” Alex compliments
“Are you sure?”
“Are you kidding me? you are the very best designer I’ve ever come across” Kim said and I smile
“Thank you” I say
“We would make billions from this design. do you have any more?” Alyssa asks
“I could make more”
“You are better than everyone put together in this company”
“it’s okay Alex. you don’t want our team leader’s head to swell now do you?” Alyssa said and we all laughed hard.
“No I promise it won’t”
“The last time I’ve seen something as good as this was A’s collection”
A’s Collection was my collection. My brand. it’s a shortened word for Amber’s collection.
The best selling brand that was ever produced in this company and still considered the best.
I smile as memories flooded through my head.
I made this company. I am this company.
“A’s Collection? nice name”
“It was Myers daughter’s collection. I heard she was his best designer and not only that, she started drawing when she was a kid”
“I’m psyched out. A little girl made designs that even grown ups couldn’t design. too bad she left so soon but now we have a new killer designer’ Kim said again
” Director is going to flip when she sees this ”
“Sees what?” Someone asks and we all looked up to see the director walking up to us.
I quickly shut my sketch pad and placed it in my drawer.
“A new design that Bella created” Alex said and she faced me.
“show me”
“Not today director. we all worked hard today so tomorrow would be best to show you” I say
“I own this company so I call the shots”
“I’m not arguing but please tomorrow” I seethe
Feeling defeated, she walked out of my office.
looking at her, I know she’ll be back….
I place my things carefully in my clutch and hung it on my shoulder. we’re Done for the day and I can’t wait to see my little fairy.
I’ve missed her so much.
plus I’ll have to order pizza before she kills me.
“good bye Bella. have a nice night” Alex greets waving me off
“You too guys and see you at work tomorrow” I say and head outside to my car.
“I want you to to find out everything you can about her. I don’t trust her one bit” I yell into the phone.
“I have a strong feeling that she’s Amber and I want proof” I say again
“Alright bye” I call before disconnecting the call.
I head outside my office. Chad was already long gone since he doesn’t like driving home with me.
I walked past her office but stopped quickly.
I assume that the cleaner was already doing her job inside.
I need that sketch pad. maybe if I can get my hands on it then I’ll be the one to get the praise and not her.
I opened the door and the lady turned to see who it was.
“Miss Denisha'” she called
“I forgot something, please just give me a moment to take it” I request and she quickly left the room.
I opened her drawer and took the sketch pad and put it in my bag before heading out to my car.
She thinks she’s smart. let’s see how how she’ll feel when she finds out that I’ve outsmarted her.
I smirked and started the engines before driving out of the parking lot…
“… when a woman decides to be wicked, even the devil takes lessons… ”Ella
I parked my car and stepped down with my things.
i strode into the house to see my husband and child lying down on the couch, watching a movie with a packet of pizza and ice cream.
They didn’t notice my presence as they were so engrossed in whatever they were watching.
I cleared my throat and that’s when I had an audience.
“Welcome Mom” Ivy greeted and I smile hugging her but she didn’t look interested.
“What’s wrong baby? aren’t you happy to see me” I asked but she was regrettably quiet.
All this time Chad was seated, never saying a word.
“No mom it’s fine” she finally replied.
I was shocked. my daughter is going as far as keeping things from me.
I was really tired and had no time for parenting but I guess we’re doing this now so I squat down and lifted her chin up to meet my eyes.
“Tell me what’s wrong blue Ivy” I cajoled. I call her that name whenever I want to be suave or persuasive.
“My teacher said I wasn’t good in class today”
“I failed my maths test. I got low grades” she explained and I could tell that she was really sad and almost on the verge of crying as I noticed tears well up in her eyes.
“you and dad are always fighting. you don’t have time for me. you don’t help me with my homework and you’re always very busy” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.
I hate seeing her like this. it breaks my heart when she’s crying and yes, I admit, we rarely had time for her. most times it’s like she doesn’t exist.
But hearing my baby say this is breaking my hearts.
“The other kids at school keeps making fun of me. They bully me a lot. They say I’m an orphan. every parents comes to pick up their child from school at least once or twice but you guys never show up. The driver always says you’re busy. Do you hate me? Don’t you love me anymore? Was I a mis…” she started but I pulled her in for a big hug.
“You’re never a mistake my baby and we love you so much. I promise that I’ll try my best to do all I can OK?” I say smoothening her hair.
“your father and I loves you so much so don’t ever forget that OK?” I ask and she nods.
“Nanny please run Ivy a bath. I’ll tuck her in bed” I called to my maid and she came running to carry out her task
“Of course Madam Denisha”
She took Ivy upstairs to her room while I just stared at them till they were out of sight.
“I really hope you keep your promise. don’t raise her hopes and then shatter them. that’s what you’re good at anyway” he tells me standing up from the couch.
“Excuse me”
“You have it your Highness.”
“Are you really picking a fight with me now? After everything Ivy just said?”
“I am cause I know the kind of woman you are denisha’. you’re a selfish person that doesn’t care about anything but herself. you’re even ready to hurt your daughter for your own benefits. you disgust me as a human being” Chad said before walking out on me.
That’s what I get for being involved with a person like him.
what even prompted me to marry him.
I’m starting to regret everything.
but I just can’t hate him.
I actually came back here to ask him what Bella was doing in his office earlier today.
But Ivy’s complain didn’t let me and here he was giving me stupid lectures about parenting.
“Mxxm” I clicked my tongue and headed upstairs to my room.
After undressing, I had my shower and ate breakfast.
That’s the benefits of having a nanny.
I made chocolate milk for Ivy and joined her in bed.
After reading her bedtime stories, I kissed her goodnight and left for my room.
Chad was already asleep when I walked in. I wasn’t feeling sleepy so I picked up my bag and sat down on the huge sofa in our room.
I opened my bag and gently brought out the sketch pad.
I shouldn’t be doing this but yet I can’t help myself. if her designs are better than mine then it’ll be almost impossible to compete with her.
I need to know who I’m up against.
I opened the note to get the shock of my life.
I ran my fingers through the book lovingly. this is beautiful.
She designed this?
I can’t let her have this. she can’t be better than me.
First it was Amber and now her lookalike?
I shut it book and put it back inside my bag.
My phone chose that exact same minute to disturb me.
I excused myself from the room when I saw the caller ID
“Please tell me you have something on her?” I say already feeling angry.
“There’s nothing ma’am. I don’t know if it’s possible for someone to look exactly the same” he said on the other end
“Are you stupid? I gave you one job and you don’t have a lead?”
“everything is the same. She grew up in Canada and got married five years ago. she has a daughter and both her parents are dead. I even went as far as researching on the child services she lived with back in Canada and yes, it correponds”
feeling annoyed I disconnected the call.
she’s not Bella. that I know for a fact. There may be something I can use against her. a snitch or anything.
I’ll prove to everyone that she really is amber and is alive…
I cat walked into my
office after accompanying Miguel to drop off Genie at school.
I got to know her teachers and introduced myself as her mom since I may be dropping in frequently to pick her up.
I opened my Locker but surprisingly my sketch pad wasn’t there.
I know I put it in here before locking up.
after rummaging through my things, I sat down and went through other papers on my desk. I’ll search for it later.
I noticed Denisha’ walk passed my office. when I felt like she’s already settled in, I walked straight to her office and without knocking I entered.
she looked suspicious like she was hiding something and I couldn’t help but smile inwardly.
“Morning Director” I greeted
“Aren’t you supposed to be busy?”
“yes it’s just that I lost my sketch pad where I drew one of my designs. I was supposed to show you today” I said and she shifted uncomfortably on her seat
“And you think I took it?”
“Not exactly ma’am. I’m just here to ask if you saw it by chance?”
“I don’t work with you Bella. why don’t you ask your workmates” she asked
“I did but they didn’t see it and I came to ask if you perhaps saw it cause you were also there in my office yesterday and you saw me put it in my drawer?” I explain.
“did you also forget that you didn’t let me see it? need I remind you Bella, I’m the owner’s daughter and I have a reputation to uphold so I won’t stoop so low as to take what doesn’t belong to me” she said.
I smiled inwardly, this lady practically stole my life and she’s giving me lessons on being righteous. wow.
“I didn’t take it now please leave” she adds
“Sorry for disturbing you” I say and walked away gently shutting the door
A smile crossed my lips as I walked to my office.
“Bella are you okay” Alex asks
“Sure Alex. I’m good thank you” I said and focused on my table as my mind played back to yesterday’s incident
“director is going to flip when she sees this” Alex says
“sees what?” I heard Denisha’s voice. I looked up and saw her walking up to us
I quickly shut my sketch pad and threw it inside my desk.
She stole from me once but not today.
“A new design that Bella created”
“Show me”
“Not today director. we all worked hard today so tomorrow would be best to show you” I say.
“I own this company so I call the shots here”
“I’m not arguing but please tomorrow”” I seethe
Feeling defeated she walked out of my office but I know denisha’ like the back of my palm. I know she would want to see it so I got it all covered hopefully if she falls into my trap which she did.
After she left I researched on other designs and I settled for one.
I quickly drew something very similar to it in the a book that looks like mine and exchanged it so the book she has wasn’t mine.
my sketch pad has been in my bag the whole time and this time she’ll regret stealing from me.
After I pretended to leave the office. like mice to cheese, she went in and took the bait.
I saw her and quickly left before she did.
She would learn not to play with fire or get burnt.
this should be fun.
I can’t wait for all the drama to unfold..
The teacher walked into the classroom full of chattering and laughing.
As she walked to the table, her footsteps echo on the tiled floor catching the attention of the pupils and they keep quiet.
she puts her bag on the table, open it and removes some books.
“Good morning class” she greets
“morning miss Marie” they respond
“How are you?”
“We’re fine thank you and how are you too?’ they ask.
she smiled. it was their usual routine every morning.
“I am fine thank you” she responds
She asks one of the girls to say a short prayer and as soon as they say Amen, the bell rings indicating first period.
“Do we all have our home work books ready?” she asks
she goes around collecting the books and placed them on her desk. she stands in front of the class and starts explaining the first lesson of the day.
The day flies by so fast and before they know it, it was already time for lunch.
they scrambled out of their classes. some are outside playing while others are having lunch.
Ivy was seated on the stairs as she stared down at other kids. no one inviting or asking her to come play. she carefully opened her box of crayons but someone takes it from her Almost immediate.
“Give it back” she whines like she’s almost about to cry.
‘Or what? are you gonna cry?”
“just give it back to me” she yells trying to take it from them but they take turn in annoying her further.
“Please don’t be mean to me. I need my crayons”
“we’re not giving it to you”
she tries taking it from the girl but it falls down and breaks into tiny pieces.
“Suits you anyway” they say and walk away while Ivy sobs away.
she hears footsteps coming from the stairs and someone helps her to pick it up Placing it carefully on the case.
“My dad gave them to me on my fourth birthday and now it’s ruined” she cries more rubbing her palms on her eyes to wipe off the tears.
“I’m sorry”
“We have drawing after lunch. Miss Marie is going to shout at me when she sees this”
“You can share mine with me”
Ivy slowly raises her head to look at her saviours face.
“my name is Genie” she said with a smile
“That’s a weird name for a girl”
“That’s what my mom calls me. she says I make her wishes come true. what’s your name?”
“Ivy” she comments
“Nice name”
“Are you here to bully me like the other kids?”
“Not at all. I’m helping. my mom says to always lend a hand to anyone who needs it” she says helping her stand up to her feet.
“Thanks. you’re new here”
“Yes I am. started yesterday” she replies “I will help you put this in your locker OK” she adds
“You’re nice. can we be friends?” Ivy asks and Genie smiles.
“Sure. I will put this in your locker and then we can go play”
they hold hands and walk inside together.
Genie opens her lunch box and brings out her freshly baked chicken nuggets and orange juice.
“Aren’t you eating?” she asks Ivy who looks disgusted by her food.
“I hate it. my mother doesn’t cook for me and most times nanny makes anything because she’s always in a hurry” she whines
“Have mine. we’ll share”
“Really Genie? you will give me your lunch?”
“Sure. you can have half my meal and orange juice”
“You’re very nice. thanks Genie” Ivy responds as they Munch on her meal.
After lunch, the other lessons takes place and then it’s time to knock off.
the pupils stand up and starts packing their belongings before heading outside to wait for their parents.
“daddy” Ivy squeals immediately she spots me and comes running into my arms
“How’s my princess doing?”
“Very well thank you. you came to pick me today”
“Anything for the princess” I say and she giggles.
I gently put her down as she drags me to only God knows where.
“I want you to meet someone”
“Who is it baby” I ask
“My friend”
“Hi sir” the girl who I assumed was the friend greeted and I squatted down to her size.
she looks very beautiful with brown hair and blue eyes.
“Hello there” I reply
“Genie this is my dad. dad this is Genie” Ivy introduced us.
“Genie. nice name” I compliment
“Thank you sir”
“I don’t see your parents here. aren’t they coming to pick you up?”
“My dad is on his way. he normally comes to pick me every day since mom is busy every noon” she replies and I am shocked. she’s very smart for her age. just like Ivy.
kids these days.
“That’s nice. Ivy do you want us to wait for your friends father?”
“Of course. I would love too. you know she’s really nice. she helped me when I was being bullied and she shared her lunch with me too” Ivy explains
“so yes I would love to wait”
“Ok baby.”
“Where is mummy?” she asks staring at me with her big hazelnut eyes
“she’s busy baby but she promised to get you something on her way back okay”
“Yay” she exclaims and runs off to the Merry go round to play with her new found friend.
I just love her charisma and there’s something about her that leaves me wondering. it’s almost like I’ve known her which is pretty weird.
A car pulled up in front of the school building and a tall handsome guy steps out.
“Daddy” Genie screams running to meet him
They do a special handshake and he ended up tossing her in the air while she giggles.
that’s her father?
he looks like a mini god.
now I know where she got the looks from.
I guess she told him about us cause he walks up to where we were standing.
“Hi My daughter tells me you waited for me to get here. that’s really nice of you” he comment
“it’s not a problem. really” I reply and extends my hand to him
“the name’s chad”
“Miguel” he responds
“Nice meeting you and I must commend that you have a lovely daughter”
“The pleasure is all mine.”
“Alright baby time to go” he says taking her lunch box from her.
“you haven’t said hi to my friend yet” she seethes
“Oops my bad” he apologizes
“Daddy this is Blue Ivy. new nickname by the way” she winks at Ivy who ends up laughing
“Hi blue Ivy. it was nice meeting you”
“You too sir. Bye Genie in a bottle. see you tomorrow” Ivy says waving at Genie as they head to their car.
We did same too and before we knew it, we were on the road, driving to the house.
“My friend is nice isn’t she?” Genie asks and I start the engine of the car.
“Yeah she is”
“You don’t like her do you?”
“I never said that baby”
“You don’t look like you do either” she said with a sad face
“Your friend is very nice baby” I say and her eyes lits up
“Thanks daddy. you’re the best” she says kissing me on my cheeks.
I smile.
when I’m with her, she makes everything better.
I just hope her mother doesn’t flip when she finds out that she’s friends with the daughter of her father’s murderer.
I just hope all hell doesn’t break loose.
We arrive home and she jumps down from the car and runs into the house.
We met her mother inside the kitchen making dinner.
“You’re back. so how was school today?”
“Now why don’t you go shower and come down for breakfast. you’re sweaty” she tease and Genie laughs
“Ok mommy” she replies and runs off
“You’re back home early”
“I am. I finished with work quite early and decided to come back home to make dinner” she explains and I nod
“Need any help!”
“Nah I got it” she replies and continues cooking.
about an hour later, she’s done and serves dinner on the dinner table.
“Ivy come down and have dinner” she calls and she runs down the stairs
“Genie Miguel Ramirez. be careful” she calls and I laugh.
I love it when she does that.
“Don’t be such a killjoy”
“I’m not a killjoy” amber defends
“Daddy isn’t but you are” Genie winks at me and I laugh.
Amber looks confused obviously not getting the joke.
“Both of you stop it or I’ll Splash you water” Amber threatened and we laughed
“what’s so funny?”
“Mom looks like she had a bad day” Genie raises her brows mokingly
“I guess she did baby”
“Now you’re gonna get it” Amber splashes her cup of water on my face and chuckles
“now you’ve done it” I reply and splash mine on her face
“Miguel now my dress is ruined” she groaned
“I want in” Genie squeals picking up her glass and I stand up immediately, running around the house and they both follow.
we all try to catch ourselves and end up falling on the couch.
I stare at Amber’s amusing face and I couldn’t help but laugh
I’ll cherish this moment for the rest of my life.
“Let’s go and eat” Amber says and we all proceed to the table
“I need to dry out first” Genie says and rushes upstairs
“Genie made a new friend today at school” I say breaking the silence that hovers around us “You met her?”
“Yeah I did. but there’s a twist”
“I’m listening” she say sitting up straight to look at me
“She’s Chad and Denisha’s Daughter”
Amber’s spoon fell down from her hands.
she shifts uncomfortably on her seat.
“Are you okay?”
“So you met with Chad? is that it?”
I nod.
“And did Genie see him?”
“Yes. they even waited for me at school to come pick her up” I respond her face suddenly went pale like she’s in a horror movie
“She’s leaving that school. I don’t want my daughter associating with those criminals” she yells “Amber calm down”
“Don’t you tell me to calm down. I spent five years of myself protecting her so that she doesn’t get in contact with that monster and you’re telling me to calm down? she’s leaving and that’s final” she said and abruptly leaves the table to our room....
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down. I spent five years of my life protecting her so that she doesn’t get in contact with that monster and you’re telling me to calm down? she’s leaving and that’s final” I said and and left the dinner table before I could receive any more lectures from Miguel.
I mean, why would he even try to calm me down. he saw everything. he witnessed it. that guy completely ruined my life that I wasn’t so sure I would be able to stand on my feet again.
His wife tried to murder me and he knew about it but not once did he try to correct his mistakes.
I gave birth to my daughter without him in her life and I won’t allow him to be part of it. that’s the more reason I agreed to be Miguel’s wife. so she would have someone to call her father.Genie chose that exact time to come down the stairs. I guess she noticed how worried I looked because she held my hands making me stare deep into her eyes.
“what’s wrong mommy?” she asks
She stares at Miguel and then back at me
“Are you two fighting?”
I didn’t respond.
“Baby your mom and I are O—”
“No we’re not” I cut him short “So you made a friend am I right?”
“Daddy told you about it?” she smiles “Yes. her name is Ivy and she is really nice”
“I don’t care if she’s nice or not. now you listen to me young lady. you’re leaving that school and attending a new one” I rush my words before I could even think about what I said
“what?” she said with a straight face
“Do you hear me?” I yell and she flinches
“But she’s just a friend?”
“And I don’t care if she’s your sis–” I almost say but refrain myself and slumped on the couch
Genie runs up into her bedroom while Miguel takes a seat next to me
I wipe the tears that were threatening to fall
“I will hurt all of them. they made my baby cry Miguel” I sniff and he pulls me into a hug.
“can I ask you a question?”
I raise my face to stare at his
“Who’s Genie’s mother?” he asks when I didn’t say anything
” Who is her mother? is it Amber or Bella?”
“what are you saying Miguel. I gave birth to her” I almost yell
“As Amber or As Bella?”
“Because as far as I am concerned” he continues “Amber doesn’t have a child. the whole world knows that but Bella does and that’s what everyone believes. So what if Genie is friends with Chad’s daughter? She’s not Amber’s daughter but Bella’s daughter and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of difference” he tells me
“And what if they try to hurt her?”
“they will only hurt her if you give them a reason to. you’re on a very dangerous mission Amber and don’t tell me you expected it to be easy” he says with a very serious face.
“What if people finds out that the only reason you decided to take
her out of that school was because she made friends with Chad’s daughter? what do you think will happen then? the press, media and paparazzi will start sticking their noise into our business and it won’t take long before they figure out that you’re Amber and she’s your daughter and then everything you’ve worked hard for would be pointless don’t you see?” he stated and I began thinking. I hate to say it but he’s right.
if I was going to do this then I have to make them believe that I’m Bella, a friend and not a foe.
cause if they start suspecting my intentions then they’ll get their guards up and I won’t be able to achieve anything.
“I’m sorry Miguel. I didn’t think” I said dryly and he reciprocated by giving me a warm hug.
“I know. don’t worry when all this is over then I promise to shove a finger down that sick ass of his” he said making me giggle
“I didn’t know you talk dirty”
“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me but what I know for sure is that someone upstairs is in dire need of an apology” he whispered into my ears and I nod slightly.
I pulled away from the embrace as he led me up to Genie’s room.
I push the door slightly and step into trying not to make any sound as Miguel trailed behind me.
she was reading one of her books.
“Princess and the pea. now that’s a good book” I started trying to make a conversation but she didn’t say anything.
I can’t believe she’s completely ignoring me.
I sat down at the edge of the bed and closed the book shut.
“Do not try to ignore ok. I am your mother” I half yell
she looked at me with teary eyes and I sighed
“You’re always shouting at me. if grandpa was here, I’m sure he would’ve scolded you” she looked away, quickly rubbing off the tears that were threatening to fall.
“Can’t you see I’m only doing all this for you? I love you and that’s why I care about you” I say almost tearing up my self.
I can’t believe I suck so much at parenting.
So this is what dad had to go through all those years trying to make me see reason but I gave him a hard time.
I can’t believe it was as tough as this then I wouldn’t listen to anything he said.
I even pushed him to marry Tasha and now I’m stuck with all these problems.
Every tear he shed every single day because of me. I feel so bad. I would’ve tried my best to bury my past then probably all this wouldn’t have happened.
“Genie I’m really sorry.” I began as I lifted her chin to meet my face.
“I love you so much and I was only scared because I didn’t want anyone hurting you. you’re just the new kid on the block and I just wanted to protect you”
“I understand mummy but Ivy is different. she won’t hurt me. she’s my friend” she assured me
“Okay” I say Dryly
“Ok as okay?”
I sigh “yes you can remain friends”
“Thank you so much mommy” she said hugging me “I love you” she said kissing my cheeks
“I love you too”
“We’ll leave you to have a sound nap while we go to bed” Miguel said behind me
“I want you both to sleep next to me”
“I’m not sure your Mom—”
I cut him off “it’s okay. I really don’t mind”
“Are you sure?”
“yes I am”
we laid down on each side of the bed with Genie in between us.
I kissed her and so did Miguel then we all drifted off to sleep. .
I woke up to the blaring sound of my alarm. I turned to look at Chad who was sleeping soundly.
I roll my eyes and wore my robe then headed downstairs, I was half way through the stairs when I heard Ivy’s voice. when I got closer, I saw Ivy already dressed and talking to Nanny.
I can’t believe she’s awake already.
Ivy normally doesn’t wake up early and if she does, she always whines about not wanting to go to school and it usually takes forever to convince her otherwise but now she’s fully dressed and from the look of things, she’s excited as well.
“Nanny can you please make extra pancakes?”
“But why my child. isn’t this enough?” Nanny asks
“Um actually its not. please add an extra. I’m giving some to my friend at school” “that’s nice my child. sure i will”
“thanks nanny” she said with a smile.
“who’s the other one for?” I ask ivy as I got closer to where they stood.
“A friend”
“Friend?” I ask
“Yes. Her name is Genie”
“Now that’s a weird name for a girl” I say fixing her buttons which were already fixed and I noticed Chad walking up to us.
“I thought so too but she’s super nice. even Dad thinks so”
“you know her too?” I ask Chad as I turned to face him.
“Yes. I met yesterday.”
“And you didn’t think I should know that my daughter made a new friend?”
“I forgot to tell you but if it makes you feel any better, I met her father and I think she’s a good kid and they’re a nice family so ivy won’t have any problems”
“Ok then” I reply not knowing what to say
“thanks mom”
“Anything for you princess” I said kissing her cheeks
“So would you drop ivy off or…?’ I ask Chad
” I’ll do it don’t worry ” he replies sharply
“Okay. you should drop her off then. I’ve organised a board meeting to show off a new design I’ve been working on.” I tell Chad and he nods slightly
“I didn’t know you were working on a new design. isn’t that the design team’s job?”
“yes it is but we’re lagging and so I thought that maybe I should work on something since we have nothing. our finances are dropping rapidly each day so we need more than a miracle” I explain
he shrugs “OK”
Nanny hands him a cup of coffee and he takes a sip while my mind wanders off to why Bella hasn’t noticed that her designs are missing.
isn’t it weird that she hasn’t been looking for them or maybe she doesn’t wants to.
there’s something fishy but I just can’t put my finger on it.
I’ll have to deal with the fact that I’m working with my look alike dead step sister and now this?
“We’ll be going now” Chad tells me jolting me away from my thoughts.
“Oh yeah sure. bye honey” I say kissing her cheeks
“Bye mom” she reply as she waves at me.
After watching them drive off, I walk upstairs to get ready for work..
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