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I parked my car in the driveway and headed towards my office.
The minute I stepped into my office, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket so I brought it out to answer. “Hello”
“So are you settled in?”
“Yes I am. how was the drive with Genie to school?”
“Beautiful as always. I’m having a great time being a Dad” he said and I smile “Thanks Miguel. you’re the best husband and father a woman could ask for” “Go on. I thrive on flattery” he said and we both ended up laughing. “So how about we have dinner later when you’re done with work?”
“I don’t know”
“just dinner. nothing more I promise”
I stare at my desk, lost in deep thought.
“Yes, sure why not”
“Thanks. oh and grandpa would be coming in three days time” he said and I heard him sigh on the other end. “Alright. we’ll prepare for his coming”
“thanks Amber. take care, I love you” he said and dropped the line before I could utter another statement. “I love you?” my mind kept saying.
what does he mean by he loves me?
Did he just say it or does he mean it?
I mean it’s natural for people to say I love you to their loved ones after a call or something but… I don’t know. .I was lost in my own little reverie until I heard a grumble.
“Guess we’ll be free for another hour or two” Kim announced getting everyone’s attention.
“What’s going on?” I found myself asking
“Madam Denisha called for a board meeting I think.”
“What’s it for?”
“To discuss a new design or something. I’m not really sure but it looks like she has it covered though. almost makes it feel like we’re useless” she said with a sigh
“Why so Hun?”
“We’re supposed to make designs Lady Bella cause that’s what we do and not sit around here doing nothing. I think you should just show the board your design, I’m sure they’ll approve it” Alyssa said and Alex nods
“All in good time dearies” I said with a smile and concentrated on a file on my table.
“Are you okay Bella?”
I shrugged “Don’t I look okay?”
“You always do” Alex rushed his words and Kim gave him a playful shove while I chuckled.
“Thanks Alex. I love your great sense of humor but I can’t really do anything about it cause” I paused, flaunting my hands so they could see the ring on my finger.
“He’s one lucky guy”
“He sure is” I smile and quickly brought out my phone to send a text message.
It wasn’t really up to an hour and thirty minutes when we heard screams and noises coming from outside.
“What’s going on?” I ask
“I don’t know. let’s go check it out”
we all walked outside the office only to find Denisha in a heated argument with a cop.
Oh blessed Jesus!
what’s wrong this time?
“I’m telling you Officer. I’m not a Plagiarist. I’ve never stolen anything in my life so why Start now?”
I overheard her saying as I walked closer to get a better view of what was happening.
“What’s going on here?” Chad, asked rushing out of the board room.
“Baby” she called rushing into his arms as I rolled my eyes. what a drama queen!
“These people were sent to arrest me when I haven’t done anything wrong. I don’t know who lodged a complaint against me but they’re obviously trying to frame me” she explained.
By now, the entire office was going haywire.
“Do you have any proof of the allegations placed on my wife?” Chad asked looking serious.
His lips were curled in anger like he would burst into a fit of rage anytime soon.
“We received a call from Maria Sanchez. she’s a famous designer and your wife here stole her design to pass it off as hers” He said showing Chad the book containing the design.
“Maria what?” She exclaims “I haven’t even heard of this bitch”
“That was one of her top design from her fashion line. it’s on her page on the internet so how could you not know?” the other cop asked
“I swear on my life that I don’t know what’s happening right now. And that’s not even my design. it’s hers” she said pointing to me.
“So if you should arrest anyone for stealing then arrest her. it was her design” she said and I could hear gasps.
“Excuse me?”
“Oh just admit it and stop playing dumb. after all I took it from your office” she blurts out
“So you’re finally admitting to the fact that you’re a thief then. how dare you enter my office without my permission? you have no right” I stated
“Oh please spare me that crap. you planned all of this, to frame me”
“How can I frame you when that’s not even my design?”
“Liar” she spat “I saw you draw this the day I walked into your office” she added
“Fine. Kim, Alex, Alyssa” I called and they came rushing to where we stood
“was this the design I showed you guys that day?” I say pointing at the paper.
They took a close look at it and shook their heads.
“It’s not this one” Kim mumbled
“It’s not even close to that one you drew”

Chad held her shoulders so she could face him.
“So you tried stealing from Bella to pass it off as yours? why did you lie to me that you actually drew this?” he asked getting angrier by the minute.
“I’ll admit this design was in my office but I was only using it as a reference tool. every designer has books and magazines of different designs and I’m not an exception but I guess Denisha picked up the wrong book when she tried to steal from me” I explain and the officer nods in understanding.
She scoffs “What? you’re a cheap liar. you came into my office the other day telling me that you lost your sketch pad and that you were seriously looking for it” she adds
“Yes I thought I did but it was in my bag the whole time. I found it at home after a thorough search”
“You’re such a fucked up liar Bella” she yelled angrily
“Just shut up and admit that you’re wrong. you stole someone’s hard work to pass it off as yours? what is wrong with you? you tried stealing from Bella but look at how it turned out. just look at how you’ve humiliated yourself In front of all your employees” Chad reprimanded and I noticed her eyes well up.
“I have proof Chad,” she said with teary eyes “She’s trying to frame me. that day I entered her office, there was a cleaner who saw me take the book”
“And where is she?” Chad asked getting impatient by the minute
“I’ll go get her”
“No stay here, someone else should go” he ordered and she was being called
“please Mia, that day I got into Bella’s office, you did see me with a book right” she asked and Mia kept quiet, probably trying to remember.
“No I didn’t see you. remember, you asked me to leave immediately you walked in and I did so I really don’t know if you took something or not” Mia concluded
“This is the Design I was working on that day you came into my office, I didn’t want to show you cause I wanted you to see it later when I put the finishing touches” I opened the book and everything was wowed.
I know I’m good. “If you had waited patiently then you wouldn’t be in this mess. I had high regard for you Director. I looked up to you but I never knew you would be this jealous to do this to me. you went as far as stealing from me to make yourself look great? what a shame but unfortunately you stole the wrong book” I add staring intently at her as panted like someone’s who’ve run out of oxygen. She stole from me before and got away with it but this time, NEVER!
I’ll slowly show her true intentions to the world.
“Wow it’s beautiful”
A man standing next to me compliments.
I smile.
“Let’s go” the cop said pulling Denisha towards the door and outside to their car.
“Chad please help me” she screamed trying to get his attention while a small smirk played in my lips.
“This is very beautiful. you drew this?” Another asked and I just nodded
“We’re going to make a lot of profits selling out these. Bella organise a board meeting to show off your designs then we’ll start working on it straightaway.” he said
“Sure. I will. thank you”
“You’ve not only got the looks but the skills as well. I’m impressed” he patted my shoulders lightly and everyone stormed out since the reason for the commotion has been taken out.
it was just me and Chad standing there. he looked really worried and lost.
“Mr Ramsey” I called gently tapping his shoulders.
“Oh Bella you’re here. I thought you’ve left for your office” he said but couldn’t meet my gaze.
“I’m so sorry about your wife. I didn’t know who called the cops on her”
“I should be apologizing. she tried stealing from you. she’s just paying for her sins.” he said “I’ll go to the station to see if I can get her bailed out. I just hope Maria doesn’t file a complaint to take this to court” he adds
“Let’s go. I’ll help you”
“You’re serious? After everything—”
“Oh please. it’s nothing. I don’t hold any grudge”
“Thank you”
“You’re welcome”
I officially welcome you to your doom.
I picked up my clutch and we both drove to the station.
Yes, I know what you must be thinking.
It was all part of my plan. I’m only recreating all the scenarios that happened to me.
I was locked in jail for a crime I didn’t commit so I thought to return the favour. And I’ll also be the one to bail her out just like they did to me years ago.
Miguel and I knew everything about it and he helped me cause somehow he knew Maria. He pulled a few strings and viola! hot revenge served on a very beautiful dish. but we made sure Maria didn’t press any charges.
we arrived at the station and after going through the formalities, she was released on bail.
The officer told us that Maria had a kind heart and she won’t be pressing charges.
Chad was pleased but I wasn’t. I wanted her to rot but I have to be careful.
“What are you doing here?” she asked immediately she was brought out of her cell. It wasn’t even up to thirty minutes and she looks like a mad woman. I wonder what’ll happen when she spends eternity in this dump.
“Are you here to mock me again?” she yelled
“I came to do the opposite of mocking you. Help”
she scoffs “Huh. help? who are you trying to fool with your lies?”
“Just stop it Denisha. she’s the reason why you’re out of that goddamn prison. the least you can do is thank her not shout at her like she committed your crime”
“My crime? are you being serious right now? She obviously planned all this. she’s out to get us”
“No it’s all in your head. if you didn’t try to steal then you wouldn’t be here. don’t tell me you’re still in denial of what has already happened” he said running his hands through his hair
she walked up to me and stood so close that our faces were inches apart from each other.
“I don’t know what you’re planning but it won’t work Bella”
it sounded almost like a threat.
“You need a cool shower to cool off. trust me you’re being delusional. I don’t know what that prison did to you but it’s starting to get in your head. trust me you’ll be fine” I said with a smile.
“I need to start going to the office Chad. I still have to take care of a few things” I announced
“I’ll drop you at work” he offered
“And what about me?”
“You’ve caused enough damage today at work so I think it’ll be better if you went home. call a cab” he said pulling towards the car and leaving Denisha speechless.
“Thanks for today. I owe you one” he said once we were settled in.
“You sure do” I smiled back at him
“Can we be friends?”
“your wife will not like the sound of that” I say and we both laugh.
“she won’t have a problem. whatever you need, just let me know. anyhow I can be of assistance to make your office hours run smoothly, I’ll do it”
I sigh “Thanks for the offer”
He started the ignition and we were off to work.
The car came to a halt in front of the company’s parking lot.
I opened the door and stepped out taking my clutch with me as I hung it over my shoulder.
“Thanks for the ride”
he smiles “Anytime. Bella?” he called forcing me to keep my gaze at his.
“about what I said,” he paused “I meant us being friends, I really mean it.”
“It’s not a problem Mr Ramsey. I don’t see why not”
“Thank you”
With that I walked inside the building and straight to my office.
The minute I walked in, Kim, Alex and Alyssa came running to me. I threw my bag on the desk and slumped on my chair, trying to catch my breath.
“So how was it? Did you guys finally manage to bail her out?” Alex asks and I nod
“She’s out. According to the police, Maria didn’t press charges”
“Oh thank God” Kim heaved
“She would have rot. I can’t believe she tried to steal your design and pass it off as hers. I never knew Director could be so cunning. if she wasn’t caught today, she would have gotten away with it and then she tried to put the blame on Bella. Thank goodness Bella wasn’t framed” Kim said tucking her hair behind her ears.
“I hope she gets suspended and never return to work.”
“Guys I’m fine. enough with the Denisha talk, it’s time for real business. finally we’ve been given a chance to call a board meeting and if all goes well, they’ll work on our new design” I said and they cheered
“Great. one good news despite all the drama today” Alyssa said rolling her eyes.
“Indeed. so I want all hands to be on deck. I’ll schedule the board meeting for tomorrow so that they can get to work. how does that sound?”
“Lovely” they all Chorused
“It really was in good time” I said with a smile.
I occasionally glanced at my watch as I scanned through some files on my table.
I had a dinner date with Miguel and I don’t want to be late.
A smile found it’s way to my lips as I thought about it but I quickly brushed it away.
After sorting out the files, I passed it on to my coworkers then picked up a few of my stuffs to leave for home.
“Bye Lady Bella”
“Bye. don’t forget to lock up. we don’t want what happened today to repeat itself” I mocked and we ended up laughing
I stepped out of my office as I made my way to the parking lot.
I turned around to see Chad walking up to me. Goodness!
what does he want now?
“Heading home?”
“Obviously” I stated
“I could drive you home if you want” he offered
“That won’t be necessary cause I came with my car” I said pointing at it so he could see it.
“Oh right. Thanks for today again”
“I thought we’ve talked about this?” I said tilting my head slightly
“Yes but I just can’t help it”
“It’s alright. I think you should be heading home now, your wife must be missing you already” I said and I noticed his face go sour.
“Ok. see you tomorrow then. bye” I waved at him and walked towards my car.
I started the ignition immediately I got in and pulled out, driving home.
I was feeling restless.
I sat on the couch waiting for my so called husband to come home.
I can’t still believe he stood me up for That woman.
I competed with her in life, death and now in a lookalike form.
Ivy was already asleep.
I glanced at the clock at it was almost six thirty in the evening.
he’s so gonna get it from me I swear.
My mind kept on wandering that I didn’t hear his car pull into the driveway until he opened the door to the house.
I sprung up from my chair and rushed towards him
“How dare you Chad. how dare you humiliate me in front of that woman?” I asked feeling betrayed by my own husband.
“I can’t believe we’re going through this again”
“Yes we are. are you so naive or should I say blind that you didn’t notice that she was trying to frame me?”
“You asked for it. you tried stealing and got away with the wrong book. so please explain to yourself madam Denisha, how does that account to framing you?” I fired back.
“Don’t forget that I know you Denisha. I know everything about you so I wasn’t too surprised that you did it. you killed Amber due to your jealousy and now that same jealousy pushed you into stealing Bella’s design”
“Chad” I yell
“I wonder what people would be thinking about us now? up till today, I’m still regretting the fact that I ended up with you. you’re so shameless” he spat making the tears trickle down my cheeks.
“I didn’t steal from her” I cried
“But that doesn’t change the fact that you went inside her office and took a book now does it Denisha?”
“She’s trying so hard to split us off”
“there wasn’t really an “us” but if she is then hallelujah” I mocked
“Just keep quiet. my daughter is fast asleep and I don’t want your tantrums waking her up”
“You still love Amber?”
“I always have and always will. I’ve told you before, don’t make me repeat myself. you’re nothing but my child’s mother” He said and made for the stairs.
I picked up a vase and threw it at him but he dodged it.
“Are you trying to kill me too?” he asked and I bit my lips angrily as the tears flooded my eyes, blinding my vision.
“You’ve succeeded in killing an Innocent girl and now you’re coming after me. please put your temper in control cause I don’t want my child growing up without a father.” He fired back and stomped upstairs to our room.
“God I fucking hate that bastard. I hate you Bella” I wailed and curled up myself crying my eyes out.
“So when is mommy coming back home?” Genie asked startling me from my thoughts.
“Anytime soon honey”
“But I’m already dressed up” she whined
“Does daddy look good?” I asked and she gave me a thumbs up.
“You look handsome daddy like you always do”
I picked her up from the floor and nuzzled her nose.
“I love you daddy”
“Love you more baby”
“I’m home, I’m home, sorry I’m late” Bella announced walking up to us.
She kissed Genie on her cheeks and did same to me.
I tried not to act too surprised.
“You’re late” Genie stressed out
“But at least I’m back. I’ll go shower. just give me a few minutes” she said running upstairs leaving Genie to our father and daughter moment.
“What’s taking mommy so long?” Genie asks and I glance at the clock
“She’ll be down any time soon. be patient”
“We’ve been doing that for the past thirty minutes” she said dryly making me chuckle.
“we had to wait for nine whole months before we got to see you”
“You didn’t get tired?”
“Well most times but in the end it was worth it” I said and she smiled.
“If you both waited for nine whole months then a few minutes wouldn’t hurt”
“That’s my girl” I smiled kissing her cheeks.
she’s just so smart.
“I’m ready” Bella announced and we turned our heads to the stairs.
“OMG you look pretty” Genie took the words right out of my mouth.
“Thank you baby”
she was clad in a white jumpsuit and black heels. her hair was tied in a messy bun and few strands fell around her face.
I swear she looked perfect.
“Earth to dad” Genie said clicking her fingers at my face.
“Naughty girl”
“Are you ready?”
“I am” I said picking Genie from the floor and placing her on my shoulders as Bella clung to me.
we fit perfectly, it’s like she was made just for me.
“Where are we off to?” she asked after we took our places in the car.
“You’ll see. I made reservations”
“Sauta Voche” Genie Screamed immediately we pulled into the driveway.
“Lasagna” we all echoed at the same time.
I opened up the door and we stepped out making our way to the restaurant.
We were led to our table at the far end of the room.
A waiter came to our table to take our order.
“What are we having?” Bella asked
“I don’t know about you too but I’m going for the Lasagna” Genie squealed making me giggle.
“A bottle of champagne” I paused to read Genie’s excited face “and Orange juice for the little lady” I add and Genie’s face fell.
“Not fair” she whined
“You’re way too young to have wine”
“But I just want a sip”
“You can have from your dad’s glass but definitely not mine”
“Daddy” Genie called with pleading eyes and I winked at her.
I think she got the message cause she winked back at me with a smile playing on her lips.
“You’re right. I’m too young to have wine” she said and her mother nodded. I laughed cause she’s finally succeeded in fooling her mom.
“Why are you laughing?” she asked me
“Nothing. I just laughed at what Genie said that’s all”
“I thought so”
“Okay.” I said turning to face our waiter “A plate of lasagna and beef steak. that’ll be all for now” I said and he scribbled it in his notepad and left to get our meal.
“So how was work?” I ask trying to make a conversation
“it was beautiful. I’ve set a meeting with the board for my new design and I’m one hundred percent sure, they’ll approve it” I tell him
“They have to. you’re great at what you do anyways”
“Thank you. and thanks for coming through for me” she said and I smiled understanding what she meant by that.
“You look beautiful tonight by the way” i said and a blush found it’s way to her cheeks
“um.. thanks” she said trying to hide her face cause she was beyond shy and embarrassed. she doesn’t want me to know exactly hoe I make her feel.
“You guys should just kiss already. you make dinner dates so boring” Genie said rubbing her face in utter frustration.
“What?” we yell at the same time
“you’re way too young to say stuff like that”
“Daddy has been staring at you since we left the house and you’ve been blushing like crazy. just kiss already”
“Keep quiet Genie Ramirez.” her mother scolded
“Sorry” she apologizes “But I know you want to” she said under her breath but loud enough for us to hear.
“Lasagna for the lady,” Our waiter said cutting me short and interrupting our little conversation.
“Beef steak and champagne, Orange juice for the little lady again”
“Thank you” she said digging into her meal.
“Oh um sir could you please package a medium size marshmallow pizza” she requests
“What do you need that for?” Bella asks
“Take home snack. I might’ as well take advantage of the opportunity” she replied causing the waiter to laugh.
The waiter looked at me as if asking for my opinion.
“Sure. whatever she says” I said and he walks away.
“I love you daddy”
“Love you too” I said taking the bottle of champagne.
I opened it and poured inside Bella’s Glass then mine.
I took a sip and passed it to Genie when Bella wasn’t watching.
she muttered a thank you as she fluttered her brows.
“come on dad, feed mommy” Genie requests
“Okay” I said picking a fork and knife as I sliced the beef placing it on Bella’s mouth and she opened her mouth to eat.
“Yay” Genie clapped her hands
“Feed my father, mom”
“You are just too much”
“Dad didn’t complain” she fired back.
Bella took a slice and I ate off her hand.
“I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have anyone to feed her” she stated. so dramatic. I gave birth to a drama queen.
“You’re right about that” her mother said rolling her eyes
“Not fair”
We all laughed.
I haven’t laughed like this in a very long time and I’m so happy that Bella was having a great time despite everything.
I love seeing her happy and I’ll do anything to make sure it stays like this.
“Eat up” Bella said shoving my arm
We finished with dinner and paid for our meal and of course Genie’s Marshmallow pizza then drove home after taking pictures which was initiated by my darling daughter of course.
“I look more beautiful in this picture but mom always beat me”
“Cause I gave birth to you. you got your beauty from me” Bella said and Genie stuck out her tongue in disagreement.
We, arrived home and after changing from our clothes, we each had a slice of pizza and then we got ready for bed.
“You owe me a bedtime story but I’ll let it slide cause we all had a long day ” she said and I smiled before switching off the lights.
“Good night Munchkin” I said kissing her hair
“Good night Daddy. Night mom” she said and closed her eyes and we retired to our bedroom.
“I had a great day Miguel”
“I did too. thank you Bella” I said and took my place on the bed.
“Nope thank you”
I inched my face closer to her and before she could object, I placed a kiss on her lips and she reciprocated with her eyes closed. We pulled away from each other and closed our eyes to sleep.
I’m not sure either of us are gonna sleep this night and
I don’t know why I did that but it felt just right..
I hurriedly stepped out of the car and picked up my luggage from the trunk, and occasionally wiped the tears that threatened to fall.
I walked up to the front porch and banged at the door.
when I felt like no one heard me, I hit it again and again until I heard the door knob being twisted from the inside.
The door finally opened and I saw mom standing there. Her hair looks scattered and her clothes weren’t in order. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that mom is having a great time in another man’s arms. but that’s the least of my worries anyways.
“Denisha why are you here at this ungodly hour. it’s late and shouldn’t you be at home with your husband and daughter?” she asks,
I broke down in tears immediately she said that and she pulled me in for a hug.
“Shh” she cooed “It’s okay”
11 hours ago
Kiari Horsfall
“I’m here sweetie, you’ll be fine” she said gently patting my back and I disengaged from the hug.
She helped me with my luggage and we walked inside the house.
The house was still the same, although mom had done a little decor and renovating but it still was the same home sweet home.
I sat down on the couch and mom proceeded to the kitchen and came back later with a glass of water which she handed to me.
“Drink up” she ordered.
I gulped down the water like my life depended on it and placed the glass on the stool next to me.
“You’re okay?”
“A bit better” I respond
“Hey who do we have here?” A deep male voice came from the stairs and I was forced to turn my head to the direction it was coming for.
I rolled my eyes when I caught him standing there, in mom’s robe.
I’ve never liked this man but I don’t know why mom is still stuck with him.
He talks way too carelessly, he drinks a lot and is too carefree.
even in death, I still preferred Myers to him.
I just hope this relationship ends with both of them being flings cause I will never accept this man as a father.
“Sorry for keeping you all by yourself baby. my daughter came on short notice” she explained
“It’s Okay Tasha. I think I should probably for change so I could go home. you both need some mother daughter time”
“I’ll appreciate that” she said lightly pecking his cheeks.
“Anything for you boo” He said causing Mom to blush.
“Mxxm” I clicked my tongue
“Deni be nice” she tells me but I only roll my eyes.
He dashed upstairs and when he came down, he was fully clothed. After exchanging pleasantries with mom which involved kissing and nuzzling each other, she shut the door and came to join me on the couch.
“When do you plan on breaking things up with this guy?” I found myself asking
“you mean that hunk of junk. I don’t know” she said with a smile.
“You’re way too old to be going after little boys. where’s your dignity?”
“no one’s complaining so I wonder why you should and besides Rex is pretty nice if you get to know him”
“Your loss. So tell me what happened that made you pick up your bags, leaving my grand daughter alone with that man” she requests.
3 hours ago
Kiari Horsfall
Mom has never approved of my relationship with Chad.
she just doesn’t like him even when I tried to make her see reason.
The only reason she accepted our relationship was because I refused to be with another man and besides, I was already pregnant for Ivy so we just had to get married but she loves Ivy more than anything.
“That man is my husband, the father of my child and the love of my life” I protest
“I still don’t like him.”
“Well I didn’t ask for your opinion just like you didn’t ask for mine when you kept on screwing Rex” I replied getting angrier by the minute.
“So what happened?”
I Explained everything to her, ranging from what happened in the office to the prison and my argument with Chad.
“What?” she yelled
“Mom I’m sure she’s trying to frame me or something. everything happened so fast that I just couldn’t explain it” I said further
“So she called the cops?”
“I don’t know if she did or someone else. I’m just confused and Chad doesn’t believe a thing I say. he just keeps taking her side” I groaned in frustration
“But mom, what if she’s Amber and not really Bella? what if she’s claiming two identities?”
“Are you trying to say—”
“Yes mom” I cut her short “What if she didn’t die in that fire. what if that’s what she wants us to believe? what if she’s here in disguise as Bella for revenge?” I ask trying to put the dots together.
“It doesn’t make sense”
“Exactly none of it makes any sense. But Amber isn’t that dumb to try and show her face here. she looks like Amber but I doubt if she is. she’s so confident not like Amber who’s so naive.”
“Mother please, I’m feeling restless. I don’t know what to do”
“Calm down, we’ll think about it and if she really is Amber then I’ll know what to do so just calm down” she assures me
“So what are your plans?”
“I don’t know but I’ll be staying here for the meantime. until Chad realizes his mistake and apologize, I’m not going home”
“That’s my girl. he needs to know that he can’t just treat you like trash”
“Thanks mommy”
“you should go and shower and have have some rest. you have a long day ahead of you”
“Sure” I say picking up my luggage and headed for my room
“Have a good night rest”
“You too”
I retired to my bedroom and stepped into the shower.
When I was done, I wiped myself dry and changed into one of my pajamas.
I tried calling Chad but I decided against it. he won’t take me seriously if he knows that I still miss him.
so I got under the duvet and closed my eyes.
before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.
“you’re up already?” Miguel’s husky voice asked sending chills round my body.
I wanted to leave for work before he wakes up but he caught me.
oh dear Lord!
how do I face him now?
I swallowed hard
“Yes I have a board meeting today which I told you about and I have to get to the office to put things in order” I said avoiding eye contact as I picked up my bag.
“About last night’ he began.
Why does he have to bring it up. I’m already embarrassed as it is. does he need to remind me exactly how he makes me feel all the time.
“Let’s talk about it when I get back later from work”
“And how sure are you that you won’t try to avoid the topic just like you’re struggling to do now?” he asked and I felt my stomach flutter.
“I promise I won’t avoid it”
“Just so you know Bella. I’ve never felt like this in my entire life. to be honest, you’re the first Lady making me feel all these emotions and I just wanted you to know that, I’ve never stopped loving you ever since we’ve been in Canada but I just couldn’t tell you because you were going through a lot and I didn’t want to add to it but I don’t think I can’t keep hiding it any longer” He said, this time walking up to me until he was standing right in front of me.
oh God what now?
“I love you Bella and I don’t care how long it takes but I’m willing to wait. just wanted you to know that” he added
“Thank you Miguel—”
“Please don’t say no” he said with pleading eyes.
I chuckle “No I was going to say I’ll think about it.”
“Thank Goodness, I almost had a heart attack”
“thank goodness you didn’t. I have to go Miguel”
“Of course” he said kissing my cheeks.
“Bye” I waved and made my way to my car to drive to work.
“Bella” someone called immediately I shut my door.
“Hi Chad”
“Same to you too” I reply walking away but hetrailed behind me trying to make conversations.
“I tried calling your number?” he started off and I gave him a look
“I never gave you my number”
“You submitted your CV so I got it from there. sorry for prying” he apologized “None taken”
“Denisha and I had an argument so she left the house. I needed someone to talk to” He explained “I went out on a date with my husband so I wouldn’t have noticed even if you did call” I said “Was it about what happened?” I asked knowingly
“Sort of”
“Sorry if I caused any damage”
“It’s not your fault. she just needs some growing up to do” he said and we both giggled. “True that”
“I’m just worried about my daughter. I had to lie that her mother went on a visit so that she doesn’t get worried” “She’ll come around Mr Ramsey. give her time”
“Thanks for listening. you’re a good friend” he said and just then I spotted Denisha so I smiled heartily. “you’re welcome” I reply and she walked up to us with a frown.
“Not again” I whispered to myself and braced myself together for what’s about to happen.
I arrived at work and the first thing my eyes caught wasn’t what I expected to see at all.
My husband was in a conversation who the very woman who tried to frame me for what I didn’t do and from the looks of it, it was really obvious that they were enjoying whatever conversation they were having.
I don’t know why I’m feeling jealous about a woman who’s already married with a child.
Maybe it’s because she looks exactly like Amber or because my husband was madly in love with Amber.
Whichever was the case then it’s not favourable to me at all.
I shook my head in disappointment.
All this while, I actually thought that he misses me or would probably call me to ask how I was faring or maybe to apologize so that we could get back together but no, it’s the complete opposite.
I wish I could fall out of love with this guy but sadly I can’t.
I love him way too much to let go or I thought I did.
What was I thinking?
I approached them but he didn’t seem to notice cause he was enjoying his little chit chat.
“So this is it right!” I asked when I finally got closer and that’s when he noticed me.
“No calls, no text, no form of communication and I come here to find you having a great time with Amber’s lookalike?” I continued and shot her a cold stare but she remained calm like she didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was talking about.
“I never asked you to leave. you did that out of your own free will. you’re old enough to make decisions Denisha and if walking out of our daughter’s life because of some silly assumptions is the best thing to do then so be it” he fired back and I scoff
“And who caused that huh? Answer me? how was I supposed to react when you chose her over me? Whatever happened to us was because of your silly decisions” I spat.
“You’re just being jealous Denisha. get over yourself. You caused whatever happened. don’t pin it on me”
“You know what? mother was right, I made a mistake falling in love with you and don’t ever bother about me cause I’m safe in mom’s house. Just bring Ivy to see me when she wants to” I spat
“I think I should leave” Bella announced and I gagged
“oh wow. why not leave till after the show is over. you started it in the first place”
“Aren’t you a little old for all this drama? please don’t be jealous of me director or one day, you might kill yourself” she Said I found myself getting angry.
“What did you say?”
she rolled her eyes at me “Nothing you should bother about.”
She responds rudely and turns to face Chad.
“I’ll be inside my office. I organized a board meeting today for a new design so I should go get ready”
“Sure Bella. we’ll talk later” He tells her, both of them completely ignoring me like I didn’t exist.
She marched out of our sight swaying her hips in the process.
she’s doing this on purpose. she’s trying to seduce my husband.
“And where do you think you’re going?” I ask Chad when I noticed him trying to walk out on me.
“My office”
“Your office or your whore’s office?” I replied bluntly
“At least it’s better than standing here with you”
“I hate you Chad” I yell
“I’m glad. the feeling is mutual” he said and stormed off.
I quickly brought out my phone to make a call.
“Hey you. how are you?” he asked at the other end of the line.
“Good. I’m getting ready for my meeting” I announced
“You’ll do great”
I smile “I called for a different reason though”
“Which is”
I sigh, audible enough for him to hear “I need your help. I want us to go somewhere” I add.
“But where?”
“I’ll text you the address immediately I’m done with the call.”
“OK. I’ll be waiting” he said and I disconnected the call.
I arranged my stuff and was accompanied by the my co workers for the meeting.
Tasha wasn’t there but Miguel and Denisha were present.
I introduced my design and went further with the presentations.
“I’m Bella and I’m the New design team’s leader. The design I’m introducing to you was inspired by my daughter so I’d love to call this line WISHES” I said and everyone clapped.
I shared the paper with the drawing to everyone so that they could get a closer look.
“It’s remarkable. we haven’t had anything like this in years” someone commented
“Thank you. This design will be delicate and will be sourced with locally produced materials”
“Sorry to say but here at MYERS PRESTIGE, we’re known for using the best kind of materials which are usually produced internationally. Are you trying to help the company loose funds and values? What’s the use of producing a design that doesn’t reflect who we are and what we’re built for in the first place?” Denisha countered but I only smile.
“Sorry to say this Director but we’re equally capable of producing such materials here at a better quality and a cheaper price. Going for materials produced internationally might be of great risk to us cause for starters, the company is loosing money and we can’t afford it” I paused at looked at my listeners who were engrossed and nodding their heads to show approval so I continued “And if we can source this materials locally then we are bringing the labour market close to us so in a way we’re making money and also creating jobs for the people as well” I add
“Ride on Bella” Chad remarked and I nod while Denisha frowned at the comment.
“thank you sir. And the major reason I came up with this decision was because it’ll bring us more closer to local buyers since anyone and everyone can buy or earn a living with this design. So we’ll trend internationally and we’ll be recognized locally. And MYERS PRESTIGE wasn’t built to be recognized by a selected few but the world at large ranging from the rich to the middle class or average people and also the poor. thank you” I said and they applauded my speech.
I took my seat afterwards while they came up with a decision.
“I believe i speak in everyone’s favour when I say that the presentation was nice and also the purpose of the design so the board has given you the approval to commence work on your new project”
I heaved in relief “thank you everyone. I won’t let you down”
“Congratulations Bella”
“Thank you” I replied for the umpteenth time.
“Great Job” Chad tells me
“Thank you”
“Chad honey” someone called and I turned to see the person.
She froze the minute her eyes landed on mine.
I tried not to act surprised or affected.
“A-Amber?” she stuttered and I noticed Denisha’s eyes on me the entire time.
“Hi mom” Chad greeted, pecking her cheeks
“Amber is here?” she asked like someone who just saw a ghost.
“Mom this is Bella Ramirez. she works here and Bella, this is my mother” he introduced us.
I extended my hands to her “Hello. I’m Bella, nice to meet you”
She hesitated before taking it.
I slowly removed my hands from hers since she doesn’t want to let go.
“I’m sorry about that. you have a striking resemblance with Amber so that’s why she called you her name” he explained but I nod with a smile.
“I better get going now” I say and started walking to the direction of my office.
“Amber” I heard her call again but I simply ignored and walked away.
“She’s not Amber mother please get over it” I tell my mother who has been acting off after her encounter with Bella.
“Is it even possible for two people to look exactly alike?”
“Mother please—”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him but no one wants to pay any attention to me.” Denisha chips in “I agree that she’s like the renovated model of Amber but still”
“That’s enough Denisha. just admit that you’ve been jealous ever since she got here” I say and she rolls her eye.
“Anyways, why are you here?” I asked and her face brightens up a little.
“I got a call from Denisha saying that you’ve both been having problems and you’ve been avoiding her. even when she tried to reach out to you”
“Chad please, I know you both got married under different circumstances but that doesn’t mean you should treat like like trash. she’s not only the mother of your child but also your wife as well. you have a bond whether you accept it or not”
“But mother that’s not even what happened” I protest
“I don’t care what happened, when it happened or how it happened but I refuse to let my grandchild grow up without a mother. you think marriage is easy?” she asked “Do you think there was never a time when your dad and I had problems and I just felt like walking away, well I didn’t and not because I couldn’t but because I didn’t. I didn’t want you growing up without a mother so I stayed. do you understand?’
‘yes mother” I reply
“Thank you mom” Denisha said and I gave her a evil stare
“I’m glad you came to talk some sense into him”
“Glad I could be of help. Anyways I should take my leave” she announced
“Great. I’ll call you”
“Chad, aren’t you going to tell your mother goodbye?”
“Bye mom”
“Bye” she said and walked out of the office leaving me with the devil.
“You should listen to your mother. she’s obviously the only person who reasons among us”
“Just because she scolded me because of you doesn’t mean that things will be fine and settled between us”
“everything I’ve done till today is to please my mother and sadly because of you she almost got mad at me. Denisha I don’t care if you come back home or not but just bear it in mind that we are through”
she gasped
“The only relationship you have in that house is with our little girl so from today, annulment or not, I seize to be your husband. now get the fuck out of my office”
“But Chad—”
“Now” I yelled and she gave me one last look before rushing out and slamming the door while I sighed and fell back on my chair....
I arrived from work and kicked my shoes off my feet then proceeded into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. After drinking it, I rinsed the cup and placed in back in the cupboard the I made my way to the living room to watch a movie. .
I sat down on the couch
and turned on the television.
My eyes were on the TV but my mind was concentrating on anything they were saying.
I am beyond frustrated.
I can’t even go home cause Chad isn’t prepared to talk to me. And what will I be going for anyways if my husband doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.
He’s never considered me as a wife and now, it’s worse.
My phone rang and I immediately picked it up and placed it on my ears when I saw the ID of the caller.
“Mommy” I heard Ivy’s voice on the other end
I sigh in regret “Hey baby”
“Where are you?”
“What did daddy tell you?’ I ask as I waited for her to speak up
“He said you’re visiting grandma for a few days”
“Yes I am. Grandma isn’t feeling too good so I came to help her out” I lied
“You would’ve told me. I also want to see grandma”
“I know but you have school and I didn’t think it was best for you to come. maybe during the holidays”
I heard her grumble “Okay”
“Are you okay baby?”
“No. Are you having problems with dad again? Did you leave because of me?”
“No baby I would never. I told you, grandma is sick and she needed me”
“Listen baby, I want you to take care of daddy OK. I promise I’ll come home when grandma gets a bit better” I coaxed
“OK then. I promise”
“That’s a good girl.” I smile “Is your dad close to you?”
“Nope. he went to get some juice but I could give him the phone if you want”
“No baby that won’t be necessary. I’ll call him later OK”
“Okay. bye mom”
“Bye baby I love you” I said and she disconnected the call.
I slowly put the phone away from my ears as I felt the tears well up in my eyes.
mom chose that exact time to enter so I quickly blinked them away.
“If you’re feeling this miserable then why don’t you go back home?”
“I miss my daughter and not that man” I bluntly replied
she took a sit next to me.
“What happened?”
I brought my face to look at her “Chad said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me”
“That bastard”
“And it’s all because of Bella” I yell
“she said something?’
“No. but she caused it. I called his mother to talk some sense Into him but he took it the wrong way and said he’s broken all ties with me” I paused “I guess that’s what she wanted all along. to break us up”
“That woman is Amber. ever since she got here, things aren’t the same. it’s different. she’s turning everyone against me and it won’t be long before she succeeds”
“You really think it’s her?”
“I’m positive”
“Okay then. let’s see. Even if you think it’s her then how do you plan on exposing her?”mother said and I drowned in my thought.
“Remember that birthmark Amber she had on her arm. the one you saw when we had breakfast before she died”
“Y-Yes I do”
“I bet Bella has it and if we can prove that she does then we will expose her”
“How do you even plan on getting so close as to check out her arm?”
“Don’t worry I’ll think of something”
“I’m worried about you Denisha. don’t go hurting yourself in the process”
“I’ll be fine”
“Suit yourself”
A Week Later
I stood in front of the full length mirror as I admired myself.
I loved the person looking back at me.
Today is the launching of Bella’s Design and so we’re throwing a party to celebrate. I applied a little makeup and settled for black heels to go with the off shoulder cocktail dress.
I tied my hair in a ponytail and finished the look with a designer bag.
“Are you done?” I asked mother when I was satisfied with how I looked
I’m still staying with mom since Chad doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. he’s made that clear.
My daughter is the only form of communication we have as a couple and I just hope Chad brings her to the party cause I am missing my little nugget.
“Yes and done” she said picking up her clutch from her dresser
“You look hot”
I smiled from ear to ear “Thanks mom”
“I know you’re dressed like this cause of him” she said knowingly
“False. can’t a lady look good once in a while and besides Bella would be there so I need to look better than her” I clicked my tongue
“You’re in luck cause you pull off any look”
“and of course you’ll say that cause you are my mother”
“And mothers know everything” she countered making me roll my eyes
“Stop rolling your eyes before they fall out of their sockets” she teased
“Dah” I say rolling them again
We walked out of the house to where the car was parked.
We got in and made our way to the party.
Once we arrived, we were given champagne flute as we we mingled here and there.
But all throw the party, my eyes were fixed on looking for Chad.
Once I spotted him, I excused myself and made my way to where they stood.
“Baby” I called and Ivy rushed to my arms hugging me tight
“Hi mom” she said kissing my cheeks “I missed you”
“I miss you too”
I picked her up and turned to face Chad. My he does look breathtaking in that tux “Hi”
“Hi” he responds
“You’re late. Dad and I came pretty early”
“Grandma” I screamed when she spotted mother in the crowd
“My little Munchkin” mother said and gently tugged her cheeks
“You look fine” Ivy said fluttering her eyebrows
“You look better” she responds
“Evening mother” Chad greeted and she simply nods.
“You look great by the way” he compliments
“Thanks” she said waving off his conversation.
We all stood there making small talk. The event was about to start and there was no sign of Bella. I wondered where she was until Ivy screamed again.
“Genie” she forcefully pulled herself away from me as she ran to meet her friend.
“Ivy” she screamed and they hugged themselves.
We focused our attention to the man standing in front of us grinning from ear to ear.
If I said this man was handsome, I would be a fucked up liar. he was beautiful. he was handsomely beautiful. More handsome than a demi god. The woman who got married to this man is one hell of a lucky person.
I blinked.
twice, no thrice to take in all the cuteness.
He walked up to us.
“Hi Good evening Chad” he greeted. I forgot that Chad mentioned that they’ve met.
“Hi Miguel. it’s nice to see you”
He turned his attention to both of us “Good evening”
“Hello” I replied, my voice almost stuck in my throat.
“Nice to meet you. I suppose you’re Chad’s wife?” he asked and I found myself nodding at his remark.
Great. I’m short of words.
“Hi Ivy”
“Good Evening uncle. Genie how come you’re here. does your mom work here?” Ivy asked after her greeting
“Yes she does”
“Where is she, I can’t wait to meet her” ivy remarked “This is my mom” She introduced us and I smiled
“Good evening Aunt. you’re pretty”
I smiled broadly “Thank you Genie. you’re more beautiful”
“Where is your mom?” Ivy asked again
“She’ll be here. she wanted to take care of something.” Genie paused looking around “Oh look there she is” she pointed and I slowly turned my head to see Bella marching towards us.
What the fuck?
She was clad in a very beautiful gown that complimented her skin and the make-up was on flick.
I look nothing compared to what I’m seeing.
She walked up to Miguel and planted a kiss on his lips.
She’s married to him?
Why am I always second best?
“Sorry I’m late babe” I heard her saying and he nods. He whispered something to her and they ended up laughing.
Looking at them now, I’m beginning to envy their marriage.
I can’t remember the last time Chad and I had a moment like this.
“Mommy this is my friend I was telling you about and that’s her parents” Genie said and Bella smiled
“Your friend looks pretty. I love her already” I found her saying
“Thanks Aunt”
“Good evening President, and of course Mr and Mrs Ramsey” She greeted “This is my husband and daughter. such a small world” she remarked
“Indeed” I found myself saying
“You look good director” she compliments but I faked a smile
“Thank you”
We talked for a few minutes and Bella was called to give a speech and launch the new design.
It was beyond beautiful.
there’s no doubt that we are going to make a lot of money from this project.
after making a toast, we had a snack and I tried my very best to get close to her but for some reason she kept her distance.
After the party was over, we bid ourselves goodbye and headed for home.
I chose to go home with Chad since Ivy insisted and besides I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself.
But what I couldn’t understand was the romance that those two portrayed tonight.
Amber loved only Chad so I don’t know how this guy came into the picture.
Maybe she’s Amber or Really Bella
damn I’m so confused.
“we shouldn’t be doing this” Miguel breathed out with a perplexed face. We were parked some metres away from Tasha’s house.
We came back after dropping off Genie at home.
“And what exactly shouldn’t we be doing?”
“All of this” he said with a sigh and I couldn’t help but feel worried too.
“I want you to trust me Miguel”
“I trust you Bella but I can’t help but think about the possibilities of everything going wrong” he said with an air of finality.
I inhaled slowly and took his hands in mine, squeezing gently.
“I know but I have to do this. I want to start executing my plan. I can’t let them get away with this and for me to achieve my plan, I need those documents”
He turned to look at me.
“But what if someone sees us?”
“Denisha isn’t home. she left with Chad remember?”
He groaned “But Tasha is in there and what if what we’re going for isn’t there. for all we know, those documents could be with a lawyer or somewhere safe where no one can access them. Tasha isn’t dumb Bella”
“Firstly, I know it’s there. Tasha wouldn’t risk it. She wouldn’t give to any lawyer cause everyone believes I committed suicide and that she inherited everything from father and if a lawyer or anyone were to find my signatures on those papers then it’ll raise suspicion and Tasha doesn’t trust anyone but herself” I explained
“She could say you signed them before you died and make up a story to cover it all up”
“That’s why I got it all covered” I smiled flashing some documents at his face.
he grabbed it from me and read through them.
“These are property papers. you forged them?”he said glancing at me “where did you get them.?”
“See. even you couldn’t tell the difference. they’re fake documents.” I said with a straight face.
“What! but what if she finds out?”
“I’ll exchange them so she’ll always think she has them with her” I paused “and then I’ll destroy the real papers. I don’t really care if she finds out because she still won’t know who took them”
“please Miguel. I can’t do this without you. I need to get back everything and the sooner I do this,the better it is for everyone” I seethe
“But how do we get inside?’
I smile “there’s a secret passageway that leads Into the mansion. Dad built it just in case there was an attack and no one, not even Tasha knows it exists and the password has been my name for ages”
“And you’re sure no one knows about this?”
“Positive” I replied
There was a long silence before he finally said
“OK. let’s go”
I smiled and kissed his cheeks “thanks Miguel.”
I led him inside through the back.
we arrived in front of the door.
I punched in the letters praying that it works.
The door flew open and we walked inside.
I quickly rushed upstairs to dad’s room. I was about to push it open when I heard moans coming from the room.
I rushed down to meet Miguel.
“she’s not alone” I whispered to him and he closed his eyes briefly before opening them again.
“What do we do?”
“Where is your room?” he asks holding my hands.
“It’s right after dad’s room” I tell him
“I need you to check if its locked” he said and I crunched my face
“I need you to trust me as well OK.” he said and I nod.
He followed me upstairs and we quietly tiptoed past dad’s room ignoring the moans that were coming out of the room.
I felt disgusted but I wouldn’t let it distract me.
We got to my room and I quietly twisted the door knob which gave way.
it’s not locked.
“I want you to go inside and don’t leave until I manage to get them out of that room” he whispered but I shook my head.
“You’re not leaving me” I whispered back
“You have to trust me. it’s the only way”
“What if someone sees you” I whispered much louder but he wouldn’t hear any of it.
“I’ll create a distraction downstairs and I’ll hide somewhere, maybe in the passage but you’ll have to be quick Bella. I’ll be waiting for you okay?” he said and kissed my lips.
I nodded slowly and got into the room and closed the door shut.
I stood there rubbing my hands, feeling nervous.
about five minutes later, I heard a loud crash and I gasped.
I just hope Miguel is safe and okay.
just then, I heard their door open.
“Who’s there” I heard Tasha say stepping out of the building.
“I think it came from downstairs. let’s go check it out” another voice came through and it sounded masculine so I assumed it was a man.
“I’m scared Rex” I heard her saying.
Rex huh? So that’s the motherfucker’s name.
that’s the guy she’s screwing in my father’s house.
I won’t spare you Tasha.
“Stay here” I heard him saying and I shook my head no as if they could see me.
“I’ll be right back”
“No I can’t. I’m too scared. I’ll come with you” she said and immediately I heard another crash.
God bless you Miguel.
“Okay lets go” He said and I heard them walking away. when their footsteps were completely faded, I rushed out of my room and headed for dad’s room.
I got inside and started searching every where.
where could it be?
think Bella, where would she put them?
I opened her closet and saw a safe.
I quickly recognized it. that’s where dad puts his documents.
I typed Tasha’s name as the password but it didn’t work.
oh shit!
what do I do now?
I tried Denisha’s name but it was wrong too.
I started hearing voices.
they were coming upstairs.
I shut my eyes for a brief second before typing dad’s full name and it unlocked.
I quickly searched through the documents and found the property papers. I recognized them before I saw my signed signature.
I pulled it out and replaced it with the fake documents before closing the safe.
With the documents in my hands, I made for the door and pulled it open.
I rushed inside my room before they came closer to the door.
“you’re sure you’re okay?’ I heard Rex ask Tasha but she doesn’t respond.
“Something’s wrong Rex. I mean why would a perfectly good vase and glass just fall on its own?”
“Tasha?” I heard him calling but she didn’t respond
I only heard the shutting of the door and I quietly left my room and tiptoed downstairs.
I entered the passage leading outside and someone held me by my mouth and I couldn’t help but get scared.
“Hush” He whispered into my ears and I exhaled deeply.
“Shit Miguel. you got me really scared. for a minute there, I thought someone caught me” I groaned hitting his chest playfully.
“Let’s get outta here” he grabbed my hands and led me outside.
we got to where our car was parked and got in.
Miguel drove out as fast as possible.
“No one saw you right?” he asked and I nod.
“nope and even if they did, they won’t suspect a thing. I replaced the documents exactly how I saw them” I replied earning a smile from Miguel.
“My girl is a Badass” he exclaimed causing me to laugh.
“so what will you do with the original papers?”
“I’ll destroy them and make a new transfer papers then I’ll just have to look for a way for Tasha to sign it without realizing it” I said
“You’ll think of something I’m sure. don’t worry” he said squeezing my hands gently
“Thanks for everything you did there”
“You’re my wife so it’s only ideal that I help”
“I love you Miguel” I confessed and I saw how tensed he became.
“I love you too” he replied after a long silence.
I’m just glad that I finally managed to get those papers. it won’t be long now before I put them behind bars.
they will pay.
“Are you okay?’
” I’m fine Rex. I told you already”
I let out a frustrated groan.
I don’t know but I know someone came into the house.
I quickly rushed to the safe and typed the password.
I searched through the papers and I found it lying there.
I heaved, closing my eyes for a bit.
thank goodness.
I placed back the documents and closed the safe locking it.
I’ll have to change this password too cause its a bit easy.
“Everything okay?” Rex asked and I forced a smile
“Never been better” I said pulling him close and kissing him deeply.
he reciprocated with a feverent hunger and I couldn’t help but melt into his arms.
I loved his wildness. he always gave me more than expected.
soon enough we were on the bed and the rest was history.
[9/5, 8:29 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
Miguel parked the car and I opened the door to step out.
I’m guessing Genie must be asleep.
We walked into the house and it was pitch dark. I held unto the papers tightly like my life depended on it.
the lights suddenly came on and we found grandpa sitting on the couch with a huge grin on his face.
“Grandpa” I squealed running into his arms.
he stood up to embrace me.
“Bella” he breathed out “I’ve missed you”
“I did too”
“How are you grandson” he referred to Miguel who stood behind us.
“I’ve been better. how was your vacation?”
“great but I miss work”
“Have you met Genie?” I asked pulling away from the embrace
“Nope not yet. I came not too long ago” he said sitting down and we sat down next to him.
“Where have you been?” he asked after a brief silence.
I didn’t respond.
I gave the papers to him and he took it hesitantly. He took one look at Miguel before staring down at the content.
“Are these—?”
“Yes” I quickly interjected “We were at Tasha’s house. I went to take those papers”
“But how did you?”
“Don’t worry grandpa, we have it all figured out. We switched the papers” I tell him and he smiles.
“This is great news” grandpa smiles
“Now I just need her to sign another paper transferring everything to my name and then, that’s when the real fun begins” I said with a smirk.
“And what will you do with this?’ he asked facing the papers at me.
I stood up and went into the kitchen. I came back later with a match stick.
I took the papers from grandpa and set it on fire.
then threw it on the floor as I watched it burn.
“Now these papers won’t stand before me and the revenge I’ll have on all of them. just as I destroyed it, I’ll destroy all of them” I said with much intensity that I was even scared of myself.
“Very good Bella” grandpa chided while Miguel walked up to me and held my hands.
I smiled at him.
“So how do we get the transfer papers and get her to sign them?” Miguel asked me
“We’ll have to think of something” Grandpa said lost in thoughts.
“I’ve got an idea” I half yelled and they turned to look at me with quizzical faces.
“What is it?”
“Maria Sanchez is a famous designer right?” I asked Miguel
“yes she is, she owns over twenty fashion houses in different countries and she is currently holding an award for the best fashion designer of the year” Miguel explained “But why?”
“You’ll find out don’t worry”
“I’ll try to arrange the transfer papers” grandpa said “I have lots of connections with top lawyers so it wouldn’t be a problem”
“I want the papers to include everything my father owns. the company, his houses, his money, everything including the house that Chad and denisha lives in. it’s my father’s money as well. not even a car should be left out. I want to leave her penniless with nothing” I said with a straight face portraying all seriousness.
“Thank you grandpa” I said and he smiled
“You’re father was a good man and I’ll make sure he gets his revenge too. she won’t know what hit her” Miguel said
Yes, she really won’t know what hit her.
For the past few days, everything at the company has been moving smoothly.
My new design I launched as hit the charts and we were making business which means more money.
Different companies has been calling to. partner with us and buy shares from the company but we’re still testing the waters first.
I won’t let my father’s company fall down. he put a lot of thoughts and efforts to make it a successful company and I’ll try my very best to make sure the company grows to greater heights.
Tasha organized a board meeting at noon and I was trying to rearrange my desk and put things in order so so did my co workers.
I decided to take a coffee break to cool off some nerves. I stepped out of the office to get the coffee myself. After pouring into my cup, I turned to go but accidentally bumped into Chad spilling most of the contents on his shirt.
“shit!” I cursed placing down the cup and reaching for his shirt to wipe it off. “I’m so sorry Mr Ramsey”
He chuckled “It’s okay Bella. I can handle myself”
I spotted Denisha coming close to us so I took advantage of the situation.
“I’m really sorry” I said rubbing his shirt with my towel.
He held my hands and smiled.
“I brought extra clothing” he announced and I noticed Denisha crumpled face and adjusted my clothes.
“very well then. I’ll see you at the meeting” I said and picked up my coffee and walked away to the direction of my office.
At noon, we all assembled in the board room and took our seats awaiting the president.
I was surprised to see grandpa seated too.
he smiled at me and I returned it cheerfully.
Some minutes later, Tasha walked in and took her seat and we started the meeting.
“Good day everyone, I know you’re wondering why I called you all here” she paused and looked at the room to see if she has everyone’s attention which she did so she continued.
“First of all I want to congratulate one of our own Mrs Bella Ramirez for an outstanding job well done.” she paused again and I smiled “The designs she created has given our brand a new name and we are making lots of sales. We hope to expand and start growing internationally too. Good job Bella” she announced and I mouthed a thank you while everyone clapped.
I noticed Denisha frowning but I didn’t care less.
“That aside, We’ve received a partnership letter from a very famous designer. Maria Sanchez. She wants to partner with our company. I know as the president I can easily approve of it but I need your suggestions too. so if you have anything to contribute then you are free to air your views” she said and sat down on her seat.
“I don’t understand why she wants to partner with us. Few weeks ago, she arrested me so why would she want to partner with a company where she has already made a scandal?” Denisha asked, hands akimbo.
“Anyone else?”
“Well” I spoke up “If you hadn’t stolen her designs then she wouldn’t have created a scandal. it was your fault and I think maybe this partnership should prove to her that we’re not that kind of persons she assumed us to be”
“Don’t you dare Bella” she yelled
“Silence” Tasha shouted
“I agree with Bella. this is a one time opportunity we can’t afford to miss. if we sign this contract then we’ll also be known as one of the top design company in the world with lots of benefits. this is what Myers Prestige was built for so I suggest we grab it while we can so all in favor?” she asked and everyone raised their hands except Denisha who stormed out of the meeting with an angered expression on her face.
The meeting ended well and we set a date when Maria would visit the company to sign the contract papers with Tasha and I couldn’t be more happier.
“I don’t know what you’re planning Bella but I promise that you won’t succeed” Denisha connered me immediately after the meeting and I gave her a surprised look.
“Enlighten me” I mocked
“Maria arrested me and now wants to work with our company?” she shook her head in doubt “You’re up to something”
“Okay Denisha, you think I’m up to something? fine. I am” I said and she gasped
“That’s what you wanted to hear right?”
“You snake” she spat
“you have a long way to go Denisha, I’m just hoping you’re ready for it. Maria Sanchez will be in the company in two days time, so you have until two days to figure out what I’m planning but if you can’t then just prepare to live a miserable life in the next two days and many more to come” I said about to walk out when she grabbed my hands.
“What did you say?”
“Oh she’s also dumb. sorry sweetheart but I hate repeating myself” I yanked my hands away from her grip and tried walking when she gripped my chiffon sweater tearing it to shreds.
I was in a yellow singlet so I didn’t bother much.
her eyes wandered on my shoulders and settled on them.
I smirked when I figured out what she was looking for.
My birth mark but she wouldn’t find it.
I did cosmetic surgery five years ago to hide that mark.
“Earth to Director” I said clicking my fingers at her face and she sobbered up.
“Next time, don’t try that or you will regret it” I said and pulled her hands away from mine and walked away.
“Next time, don’t try that or you will regret it” she said pulling my hands off her then walked away majestically.
I was rendered speechless.
I don’t understand what’s going on, I would have sworn that this woman is Bella but she’s not.
I really hoped to see that birth mark.
I wanted to prove my suspicion right but nothing is adding up.
she’s up to something but what?
I walked to Chad’s office entering unannounced.
“I’ll call you back” he spoke into the phone when he finally noticed my presence in the room.
“What is it” he asked, eyes on the PC but I know he’s not working on it. he’s just using it as an excuse to ignore me.
“I came to talk to you about that contract we’re about to work on with Maria Sanchez. I don’t feel good about it” I blurt out.
“And why is that?’
“Chad she locked me in prison, so why would she want to work with us?”
“Not everyone is as shallow minded as you are Denisha. that’s all I can say” he responds
“I just feel like someone is off. my instincts are telling me otherwise Chad. I don’t feel good” I confessed
“You don’t feel good about it because Bella’s success is yielding profits for the company. you don’t feel good because she’s Amber’s lookalike, you don’t feel good because you feel as if you’re both in a competition, you don’t feel good knowing that Bella is doing what you can never do” he said now raising his head to look at me.
I was beyond annoyed that I didn’t know when my hands connected with his face.
how dare he say all those things to me?
“You came into my office to slap me?” he asked and that’s when I started feeling remorseful.
“I didn’t mean to. I just lost it”
“Get out” he said calmly but with anger registered in his voice.
“Chad I’m sorry” I begged
“Out now!” he barked and I quickly took to my heels and left his office.
I was about to twist the door knob of my office when my phone vibrated.
I looked at it to see a text message popped up on the screen.
“You want to know the truth about Bella?” It read but I didn’t know who sent it. it’s an unknown number
“Who is this?” I replied the message
“If you want to know about Bella’s identity, let’s meet up, I’ll give you all the evidence you need” it read.
“Why should I trust you?” I texted back
“Because you’re about to sign a very important contract with Maria Sanchez and if you don’t trust me then she’ll win” it read again after some minutes.
“When should I meet you?” I texted back
“the day after tomorrow. I’ll text you the address” it read back “Don’t forget to come alone” it appeared in bold letters so I assumed it was important.
I don’t know who this person is but I’ll make sure I meet up with them, get the evidence I need and expose Bella. maybe then, everyone would believe me.
But it’s the same day Maria is coming to the company so how will I manage.
I’ll have to go. that’s the only way I get to understand why Maria is coming to our company and what it has to do with the game Bella is playing..
it all ends today….
I’ll make sure I expose you Bella…
The company was going haywire with decorations and arrangements.
Everybody was doing everything they could to impress the lady.
she was a high class lady that doesn’t like mediocre stuffs.
she’ goes for the best and makes sure she has it.
All the staffs were busy, either doing this or that.
Whereas I settled in my office and kept on staring at my phone.
The person said they’ll text me today so what was happening?
Maria arrived exactly at noon and was given a grand and warm welcome by the staffs and mother as well. Bella gave her a rose bouquet and she hugged Bella.
“Those designs you created were to die for, I was really excited to meet the mastermind behind them” she commented and Bella smiled.
“Thank you”
“I’m really excited to partner with your company” she said tucking a strand of hair behind her ears gracefully as she handed the flowers to one of her security.
“Let’s make it happen then” my mother smiled leading her to the boardroom.
I was about to follow when my phone beeped again.
I saw the address and took it as my queue to leave.
I turned to go when mother stopped me.
“Where are you going? you’re supposed to be here to sign the contract”
“I know. I just need to take care of something, I won’t be long promise’ I said with a smile and rushed out.
I quickly hopped into my car and started the ignition, then drove out of the parking lot.
The address led me to an abandoned house outside the outskirts of town.
it was almost a forty five minutes drive and I was feeling tired when I got there.
I parked my car at the side of the road and got down.
i just stood there weighing the pros and cons in my mind if I should go in when my phone vibrated again.
“I see you. come inside the building opposite you” it read.
I gulped down and decided to be brave.
no good thing comes easily.
I entered the building and walked down the hall.
it was really pitch dark and I couldn’t see a thing.
“Hello” I called when I didn’t hear voices.
it felt lonely.
“You came” a voice sounded from the dark. it was so think and bold that it sent chills down my spine.
“who’s there? who are you and how do you know Bella? what’s your relationship with her” I rasped, trying to conceal the fear in me
“One step at a time sweetheart” the voice came again
“Show yourself” I yelled
“If you keep on doing this then you won’t realize anything” he tells me and I instantly kept shut.
Two hands held me from behind and I struggled to break free but they were too strong for me.
They led me to a chair that wasn’t there some minutes ago and tied me to it.
They wore masks so I couldn’t make out their faces.
“Let me go” I screamed
“Don’t try. it’s a waste of time. no one can hear you. just like how no one heard you when you tried to murder Amber five years ago” he said and my eyes flew open at the statement
“Poor girl. her cries were muffled” he repeated
“Who are you and what do you want from me?”
“Apparently nothing. you’ll just have to stay here till Bella gets your mom to sign those papers and you’ll be free to go” he said startling me
“But since you’re here, why don’t we watch a mini show?” he said and light came on in the building.
it was a projector that was hung on a wall.
Just then, the incident I was trying so hard to forget played on the projector.
For five good years but staring at it now, it just felt like yesterday.
“You’re making things difficult for yourself Amber” I heard myself saying, staring scornfully at her.
“please let me go Denisha, I promise that no one will ever hear about this. I’ll leave your lives and never come back, she said tears Welling up in her eyes
“Fine. only if you signed this”
I remembered handing her the documents which she quickly signed.
“Now that wasn’t so bad now was it”
it kept on playing up to the point I switched on the bomb and left the building.
“No” I screamed sweating profusely “please turn it off please”
“Why?” he asked but I know he was mocking me
“Why are you doing this? let me go and I’ll pay you whatever you want please” I begged
“She also begged that day Denisha but you didn’t listen. she pleaded with you to let her go but you went ahead and blew her up to pieces” he paused “Or you thought you did” he added chuckling menacingly.
“Amber is dead but please don’t kill me. I have a daughter who won’t be able to live without me” I said this time tears Welling up in my eyes
“She was also pregnant that day. Karma is such a bitch isn’t she? she never forgets her address, she makes sure that one day, you get whatever you give. too bad it had to be now that you have such a sweet innocent daughter who doesn’t know her mother made deals with the devil. how would she end up when everything is taken away from her? would she be able to handle it?” he asked and I felt the tears sting the corner of my eyes.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please don’t hurt my child” I begged still crying
“I didn’t but you did sweetheart” he said, his voice cold and devoid of any emotion so trying to make a deal with him was pointless.
“Today, history will repeat itself. Today what was stolen would be returned and you would only see it when it happens” he laughed
“Oh and the video, it’s in the company waiting to be played for the whole world to see it but I’ll only give you forty five minutes to stop it if you can” he said but I was too broken already.
what have I gotten myself into?
His phone rang and he picked it up. after answering, he came back to where I was.
“Alright Denisha, it’s time for you to go” he said and I was shocked.
“I won’t kill you, the law will” he added
they untied me and I stood up afraid to go otherwise a bullet ends up in my body.
“I told you you have forty five minutes, your time starts now” he whispered and that’s when it hit me.
The video?
The company?
The truth. I can’t risk it.
I quickly took to my heels and ran out of the building and got inside my car.
I quickly started the ignition and drove off, fast, praying deep down inside me that nothing happens. I must stop that video from going off, no matter what
I just have to get there on time. No matter what. I pray I get there on time…
“Send her back Miguel”
“OK” he replied and the call got disconnected.
I quickly adjusted my dress and walked inside the board room to take my seat.
Denisha is on her way so I need to make sure she signs anytime soon.
I’m so thrilled my plan is coming together perfectly.
it was my idea to send her away till I get the papers signed.
you see, I never underestimate an enemy. Denisha has been keeping tabs on me so if she’s here the plan won’t go successfully cause I have to make her sign them without reading them.
“Today we mark an important day which is the coming together of two companies as partners. Myers Prestige And M.S Fashion World” Tasha announced and we all clapped.
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, until we do the needful” she said and signalled her secretary to bring the papers while Maria did same, placing it on her desk in front of her.
She gave me one look and I nodded discreetly.
The papers were all there so it’s not a problem.
Maria took the papers from Tasha but didn’t go through them. which was my idea.
“If you don’t go through them and sign them, Tasha will be forced to do so too cause she’ll think since you trust them them why shouldn’t she” I remembered telling her on the phone when I was filling her in.
“Aren’t you going to read through them?” Tasha asked Maria when she was about to pen down her signature.
“I trust your company and I know you guys won’t do anything to betray my trust which is why I’m not going to read through them” Maria said calmly with a smile and penned down her signature, handing the papers to Tasha.
Tasha also took the papers from Maria and I looked on.
“Well since you trust us that much, it’ll only be fair if we did too” Tasha said with a smile and signed the papers including the transfer papers.
A small smirk tugged at the corner of my lips.
She handed the papers to Maria who immediately gave it to her secretary.
We all clapped.
I clapped the loudest. She just signed her downfall.
They both stood up and shook hands and later exchanged hugs for obviously getting a pretty good contract from one of the best companies.
“Congratulations mother” Chad mouthed to his mother in-law.
“Thank you” she said beaming with smiles.
Denisha chose that exact moment to storm into the office.
she was looking unkempt.
her eyes were stained with tears and her hair was ruffled.
“We just signed the deal with M.S Fashion world Denisha” Tasha proudly announced.
Denisha instantly shut her mouth with her hands as tears ran down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry mother.” she sobbed “I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t get here on time please forgive me” she cried more
“What are you talking about” asked the confused Tasha. “And why are you crying? You’re supposed to be happy so what’s all this?” she asked still trying to take in everything.
“We lost mother. you signed a wrong deal mother, you did” She wailed and slumped to the ground.
The boardroom was thrown into chaos as no one knew what was going on.
Everyone was glued to their spot trying to connect the dots and maybe figure out what was going on.
I folded my hands on my chest as I watched mother and daughter exchange emotional support to each other.
“Can you please tell me what’s going on?” she asked but no one replied.
“Chad?” she called but he was also as confused as hell.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with her mother” He said looking sincerely worried but still got down on his knees next to her “Denisha please tell me what’s wrong” he chided but rather than using words, she pointed her finger at me.
“Amber” She said, which sounded almost like a whisper
They all turned to look at me. their expression was priceless.
I couldn’t help but laugh.
it was the most heart warming laughter I’ve ever had in ages.
I sat down on my seat, crossing my legs as I laughed more.
I never knew I was so dramatic.
“OK so where do we begin?” I asked no one in particular. I obviously wasn’t expecting a reply but it felt good.
talk of a dramatic entrance.
“So Denisha how was your mini trip to get evidence that proves I am Amber?” I asked but she didn’t reply.
She sniffed as another tears threatened to fall.
“It didn’t go as plan did it? Tsk tsk tsk tsk what a shame. I was really hoping you’d find out sooner because you were on my neck the entire time. I guess I was one step ahead of you as usual and you fell for it” I mocked
“Don’t do this Amber” she begged. Her voice was tiny but I still heard it
“Amber?” her mom interjected “What are you talking about?”
“Step mother dearest” I called and she turned to face me “The lady standing in front of you is Amber Myers, daughter and proud Heiress of my father’s property” I announced and the boardroom went silent except for the gasps that came from different directions of the room.
“Do you recognize me now? cause I’m tired of this farcade”
Her breaths came in pants “A–Amber?” she stuttered
“You really thought you’d get away with it didn’t you? You murdered my father and tried to kill me as well. did you fucking think you’d get away with it?” I yelled and they flinched including Chad who has been staring at me the entire time.
“Amber” she called, but this time her eyes were closed. it’s like she was trying to take everything in.
“But you guys were so dumb. how did you think someone could look incredibly alike?
I mean you all were dumb except her” I pointed at denisha who was seated on the ground as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders.
“She suspected but couldn’t do anything” I said and rolled my eyes mockingly.
By this time, everyone else was whispering one thing or the other but I didn’t care less.
“I didn’t commit suicide” I yelled “They tried to murder me and my unborn child” I yelled a lot louder.
“You don’t have any proof” Tasha countered.
I felt like strangling the life out of her but instead, I gave her a resounding slap in her cheeks.
She held onto her cheeks as she gave me a cold stare.
“I should do more than slap you but I’m saving the best for last” I tell her “You should be feeling ashamed of yourself but as usual, you’re trying to hide your sins”
“Sins?” she scoffed “Useless child. If you really can’t prove anything then don’t bother cause no one will believe you, for all we know, you could be lying”
I didn’t say anything more, I just signalled one of Maria’s bodyguard and he quickly placed the projector and turned it on.
“Let’s watch a little movie about my suicide” I said and adjusted comfortably on my chair.
The screen lit up and started playing the video.
Thank Goodness Miguel burned it on a CD so he wouldn’t misplace it.
Tasha’s eyes flew open as she stared at the screen but couldn’t utter a single word.
“No! it’s not possible”
“What’s not possible? the truth being revealed or the fact that you became a monster?” I asked “My father loved you, if you had asked him for everything he owned, he would’ve given you in a heartbeat without regrets, but you still had to murder him Tasha, You murdered him” I said slapping her again.
“You have no proof that I murdered him so you can’t pin anything on me” she rasped, feeling confident “The video clearly shows Denisha in it and not me” she adds.
Denisha hearing this quickly stood up and faced her mother
“What are you saying? I did this all for you. wait are you trying to pin it on me so you won’t be involved?” she asked
I laughed
“And to think you told me that you will always support her. and that you know where your loyalties lie.” I spat
“Mother are you trying to blame this on me?”
“Just shut up Denisha, I didn’t kill her but you did, I’m only stating the facts”
“You’re a monster mother. you are trying to blame your daughter for your crimes, you are a devil, I hate you” she whispered as more tears ran down her cheeks.
“And how about you who stole your sister’s Boyfriend for her selfish needs and also got pregnant for him?”
Denisha smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes “Look at the pot calling the kettle black”
“I’m sick and tired of this drama already. Officers” I yelled and they stormed into the room.
I placed them there so they would hear everything.
“Amber” Denisha called kneeling in front of me and holding my legs tightly “Please forgive me Amber, I know I’ve wronged you and I don’t have any justification for my actions but please, don’t do this. My daughter won’t be able to bear it”
“I begged and cried that day Denisha but you didn’t listen. You took Chad, my property and almost took the life of my Child. if I had died, who would you be apologizing to now” I said almost crying but I blinked the tears away.
“Please Bella, Ivy won’t bear it”
I glanced at Chad and he was speechless.
“And honey it’s Amber Myers not Bella” I corrected her.
“Mr Kim. you have to help me get bail when I get to the station” Tasha commands but Kim chuckled
“I don’t take orders from the woman who killed my son and left my grandson to rot on the streets.”
“Kim, I am your boss—”
“Not anymore” I interject and just then, Maria’s secretary hands over the papers to me.
“Thank you”
‘Bella my work here is done. I’ll be going now, let me leave you to sort out everything OK ” Maria said with a smile and I hugged her tightly.
“Thank you”
“I’ll only accept that thank you when we work together in the future as partners” she extended her hands to mine and I shook it
“Of course” I replied hugging her again and then she took her leave.
“Officer you can arrest them now, I don’t want to see their faces anymore” I ordered and they cuffed them immediately.
“Oh and Tasha, I am the new boss, these papers proves it. you signed them yourself” I said with a smile “So you’re going to rot and with nothing in your name.
The cops quickly led her out and I walked up to Chad.
“Remember me?” I ask in a mocking tone.
“I won’t arrest you cause I need you feel alone like you made me feel. you see, I know how to break you Chad. Your wife is gone and so will your daughter” I added and his eyes registered shock.
“Oh don’t give me that look. you see, you have less than 24 hours to vacate your home, cause apparently Tasha signed everything to my name so you don’t have anything. the money you used to acquire that house belongs to my father which is mine of course so it’s all stated here” I said showing him the papers.
“I’m already paying for my sins but my daughter is innocent” he tells me feeling down.
“She’ll have to pay it with you and you’ll watch it happen.” I seethe “You see, when you have nothing and can’t take care of your child anymore, Child Services would come and take her away from you to give her support, Maybe a new family since she has no one”
“Bella please—”
“It’s Amber and no, I don’t do pity party.” I interject.
“You don’t have Tasha or Your wife and mother. your mother can’t take care of her cause she was leeching off your money which now is mine so it can’t work”
“Amber this isn’t you. you have a kind heart so please I’m begging you.”
“That Amber would’ve helped you five years ago, but too bad she lost that heart a long time ago
“The unborn baby you were talking about, is it my child? is she Genie?” he asked
“My child is nothing like you. you seized to be her father the day you tried to kill me. she’s Mine and Miguel’s child, he has been a father to her in five years that you wouldn’t be in a lifetime. I was scared the truth would be revealed but I’m telling you now that yes you got me pregnant but you are not her father understand?” I yelled and walked out of the building will Grandpa.
The paparazzi we’re already assembled outside the company.
somebody must have tipped them off to come here but I just ignored them and walked to my car. including grandpa.
I just couldn’t wait to get home.
this place is suffocating me already…
I applied the finishing touches to my makeup and styled my hair. I wore an off the shoulder flair dress with gold heels.
satisfied with my look, I picked up my clutch.
I need to be at the office for an important meeting with the board.
I’ts been two days already. I waited this long for the dust to settle before meeting with the staffs again.
Grandpa promised to be there on time since he had something to take care of.
“You look nice” Miguel compliments hugging me from behind. I smiled taking in his Cologne.
I swiftly turned into his embrace.
“Why are you dressed? are you going somewhere” I asked
“Yes” he said but I couldn’t help but feel worried.
“Where are you going to?” I ask arching my eyebrows.
“You’ll find out later” he said pecking my cheeks
“Ok but what about Genie?”.
“I’ll drop her off before I go don’t worry”
“Thank you for everything”
“I’ll do anything for you. I love you”
“I love you too” I blushed like a teenager in love
“that’s my girl” he said and after waving him goodbye. I head out.
I drove straight to work and marched into the boardroom.
everyone was already seated waiting for me including grandpa so I walked to my seat and sat down putting my things on the table.
“I know you all are surprised to see me seated here instead of your former president but I’ll have you informed that from today henceforth, I am your new president” I said boldly while some people whispered to themselves.
“Tasha is no longer a part of this company, so is her daughter and son in-law. I am the only heiress of my father’s company so it’s only fair that I lead.” I paused “As we speak she is in prison for killing my father and I hope she rots as well” I seethe.
“I want to personally thank everyone who has helped to push the company forward despite everything that has happened these past few years. I know most of you only stayed because of my father and the relationship you have with him” I commend “I am truly grateful”
“But there are most people who are here because of Tasha and personal favours. I will have you know that my company will not be working that way so I come to a decision that everyone will reapply for their jobs again and only then best will be selected” I said
“But that will take a lot of time” one person chipped in.
“I don’t care. I’d rather work with good and honest people who deserve their jobs that with lazy, backstabbers who would one day try to act otherwise. so yes, it will be done” I announced and grandpa nodded in approval.
“And my last decision is that,” I paused and looked at my audience to see if I had everyone’s attention which I did “I am handing this company over to Chairman Kim” I said catching everyone by surprise including grandpa.
“Amber that’s a very big decision.” he said but I only smile.
“You’ve done so much for me grandpa, you stood as a father figure in my life when I had no one. you shielded me from the world. this isn’t enough, I don’t even know how to repay you grandpa so I’m making you the owner of this company” I said blinking the tears that threatened to fall.
“So everyone, meet your new owner and CEO. I will work here as your president but Chairman Kim is the head” I announced and everyone clapped.
I adjourn the board meeting and went to my new office to take my seat. I’m just glad that everything is back to how it should be.
I puked again and again.
I couldn’t get rid of the stench that filled this cell.
two days in here and it feels like two years.
I looked dirty and my lips cracked. even my skin looks pale.
Just yesterday night, I was molested by one of the cellmates who happened to he a lesbian.
I couldn’t stand another day here otherwise I’d lose my mind. I need to talk to Amber, plead with her if possible to let me out of here cause this place is choking and suffocating me.
Denisha was out in another cell cause she couldn’t stand my presence. I don’t say I blame her though.
my love for money got us into this in the first place.
“Tasha. someone’s here to see you” an officer yelled startling me from my thoughts.
I picked myself up and followed him to another room where we were supposed to meet visitors.
I saw him seated there.
but he didn’t notice till I sat down opposite him, facing each other.
“Do I know you?”
“My name is Miguel, does it ring any bell?” he asked and I searched my brain, staring at him again to recognize him.
“You’re Amber’s wife. you came to the party. what are you doing here?” I asked
“To help you get out of prison” he said and I laughed mockingly
“And what makes you think you can do that? is this another trick of hers?” I paused “I don’t trust you and besides I know I’ll get out because there is no evidence that I killed myers so I don’t need your help and help me tell her that I’m coming for her. This battle hasn’t ended yet” I said glaring at him
He shook his head
“The only way you’re going to leave this place is if you’re granted bail and we both know that’s not happening because you don’t have anyone that’ll be able to raise that amount of money” he said sitting down comfortably on his seat.
that’s when it hit me that I’ve lost everything. the money and property.
“I have a pretty good lawyer that will be able to help cause my wife insists on pressing charges. My lawyer said the murder cases usually ends up with a service of twenty five years or more” he said
“So how do you plan on helping me?” I asked desperately, cause I don’t want to stay here for another day.
“The only chance you have is to plead guilty to the court and you’ll be given less than that sentence because the waiter at that restaurant has agreed to testify against you” he said and my eyes flew open instantly. how did they know about that waiter? it’s been five years already.
I fell silent, thinking of the possibilities of everything going wrong.
“But did you really kill him?” he asked crossing his hands over his chest but I didn’t respond.
“I’m really trying to help you but the only way it’s going to work is if you trust me and let me in on everything. I could talk to Amber to redraw the charges, you know she listens to me” he coaxed.
I breathed out.
“Yes, I paid the waiter to poison Myer at that restaurant, it slowed his heart beating rate and murdered him” I said this time tears threatening to fall. “I wanted him out of the way so I could take everything. but now I just regret it”
“Just like you’re regretting killing my father, am I correct?” he asked and
I flinched
“What are you talking about?” I ask
“Oh come on Tasha, what were you thinking? that I’d help you?” he scoffs “The only reason I came here was to make sure you spend eternity in this god forsaken place” be gagged.
“But you—” I trailed off
“You are naive Tasha” he interject
“Now I have enough proof to lock you up here” he said and stood up.
“What are you going to say? that I killed him? , sorry but you have no proof against me’ I yell.
He brought out his phone and played the recording where I admitted to everything just now then put it back into his pockets.
“Actually, it’s your word against you” he said with a smile.
“Times up” the warden shouted coming closer to us.
“By the way, I’m Miguel Ramirez, the son of your ex husband” he said before walking away, not sparing me one single glance.
I watch him leave in tears as the warden dragged me forcefully to my cell.
If only I knew, things would end up this way, I wouldn’t have done any of this. now look at what my life has become.
I stare at Ivy as she lay peacefully on the bed.
We were told to evacuate our house since it no longer belonged to us and now, we’re subjected to staying at my mother’s house which was just a one room apartment. I can’t believe that Amber really went through with this. She’s gotten more courage and determination to make sure we don’t survive this torture.
I couldn’t even eat properly, talk more of providing for my little daughter.
I decided to go job hunting but no company was willing to hire me due to everything that has happened recently.
“Are you okay daddy?” Ivy asked and I blinked the tears away, I didn’t notice she was awake. I let my emotions carry me.
“I’m fine sweetheart”
“You don’t look fine to me and why is Mummy not back yet. I don’t wanna stay here anymore, I want to go home.” she whined
“Baby I told you we can’t go home just yet” I coaxed
“But why? it’s our house. I want to go back”
“Ivy please”
“No daddy I want to go” she whined
“I said no ivy” I yelled and she flinched, looking scared.
“That house no longer belong to us anymore okay. so we’re staying here got it?”
She whimpered “I’m hungry daddy.”
I really hated to see my baby cry but there’s nothing I can do.
“I’ll make you spaghetti”
“Can’t nanny make it? you burnt the one of yesterday”
“Nanny isn’t here” I respond
“You sent her away?”
“We can’t afford a nanny ivy so she’s gone”
“Are we going poor daddy?” she asked and I saw how scared she looked.
Even I was scared but I didn’t answer that question. I dreaded this day my entire life but now that it’s happening, I can’t help but get scared.
. ********
“How long do you think my sentence will take attorney?” she asked hoping that there’ll be a way for her.
“It’s a very delicate case Mrs Ramsey. we’re looking at a fifteen to twenty years or more” he replied
“Is there no other way” she asked this time, tears streaming down her cheeks. She only wanted to leave this place because of her daughter. maybe if she had a way, she’d apologize to Amber as well.
she was scared for her daughter’s life and what she would become.
“most times pleading guilty helps to reduce the sentence but the fact won’t change that you’ll actually be locked up”
She allowed the bitter tears to fall. Tears of regrets and sadness.
“so there’s no other way?”
“I’m afraid not” he concluded “And your daughter is having a difficult time with her father. she’s too young to experience this, so we’ve alerted the social services to take her in.” he said and her eyes flew
“Don’t you dare touch my child”
“I’m sorry but it’s the only way. As it is, you’re locked up in here and your husband doesn’t have a job at the moment and I doubt he’ll get employed due to the state you both are so it’s best for her and after you probably serve your sentence, you go sign a form for her to be returned to you” he explained.
She couldn’t bear it.
What if her child ends up in the wrong kind of family? or worse grows up to be like her?
She wouldn’t forgive herself.
“But if maybe you have another family or relative that’d be willing to help take care of her for you. she’s a little girl, she needs all the help she can get both emotionally, financially and physically” he added
She sniffed, quickly wiping her tears with the back of my palm
“I have a sister” she blurted out
“Who is she? do you know her address so we can contact her?”
She nods.
“Yes. please I want you to visit Amber Myers, she’s the only family I have.” she begged tears streaming down her cheeks “Tell her I need to see her ”
“The same Amber who locked you up? what makes you think she’ll help you?” he ask
“I don’t know but I have to try” She said “How much time do I have?”
“Less than forty eight hours, if there’s no response from her then they’ll take her away. I’m sorry” he replied
and he couldn’t say anything more but just stared at her in awe.
She just hopes that Amber comes to her rescue...
“Blood is thicker than water, but isn’t rubbery thicker than blood? cornstarch too.” Winnie
Nothing can surpass the shock my entire being is going through right now.
I couldn’t stop staring at the Attorney that stood in front of me speaking gibberish.
His words were already setting my body on fire. I would’ve cursed the weather but then I was clad in a bum short and sleeveless top so it can’t be the weather.
it’s the fire of hatred burning inside my soul.
Denisha really has some nerves I must say.
And Miguel’s expression isn’t helping matters at all. Thank Goodness, I sent Genie to her room because I’m not sure I would be able to recognize my daughter after this.
“She said you’re her sister and the only family she has that can help” he said and that’s when I realise that this isn’t a dream but reality.
I scoff at that word “Sisters?”
where the fuck did that word vanish to when she stole my boyfriend, got pregnant for him, almost killed me and stole my property?
“I’m really sorry attorney but I don’t know who denisha is. that name is dead to me and her child can rot for all I care” I waved him off.
“She really needs help”
I groaned in anger “Then you can fucking help her. you have a home don’t you and a family as well right so go ahead and help her” I yelled
“it’s not in my place ma’am”
“It’s also not fucking in my place as well” I yelled getting angrier by the minute.
Miguel held me close so I don’t explode.
“Mrs Myers”
“You know what, get the fuck outta my house before I do something stupid”
“calm down babe. listen to what he has to say first” Miguel whispered and I felt goosebumps all over.
curse him for having such effect on me.
“No babe. I’ve listened enough and there’s nothing he’ll say further that’ll benefit me. it’s all rubbish” I snarled.
“Ivy is your niece. I know her mother hurt you a lot but the little girl did nothing to deserve this punishment from anyone not even the devil” he rants on.
“Then my child was the one that was supposed to go through it. I was pregnant with my baby when she tried to murder me” I spat but I didn’t cry. it’s all in the past and I promised myself that I’ll never cry.
“I understand—” he trailed off
“No you don’t Fucking understand. you don’t understand the pains I went through and the tears I shed”
“save a life Mrs Ramirez. Or one day, likely history will repeat itself and you would regret that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do today. By the way, Mrs Ramsey requests that you visit her. she urgently needs to talk to you.” he breathed out “I’ll take my leave now” He said and turned towards the direction of the door and walked out.
As if my day wasn’t great as I expected it to be, Chad also stormed into my house few minutes after the lawyer left.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked
“Let him express himself babe.” Miguel said
“Amber please I need your help, my daughter—”
“Is none of my business Chad. and if that’s all you came to say then, you know your way outside” I said but the next thing he did shocked me even more.
“What the—” I trailed off
“Please save my daughter Amber” he begged on his knees.
“I don’t look like an angel to you Chad. I didn’t birth her but you did so please solve your problems” I said but he held my legs crying his eyes out.
“They’re planning on taking my child away from me Amber. please I can’t live without her. Help save Ivy please” he begged
“Ivy? what happened to her” I heard Genie’s voice and turned to the direction of where it was coming from only to find her rushing down the stairs.
She has been eavesdropping on our conversation.
“Nothing baby.” I said stopping her halfway.
“What’s Ivy’s dad doing in our house mom?” she asked
“Come on baby, it’s work related, let’s leave your mom to sort it out” Miguel said trying to lead her upstairs but she didn’t budge.
“You’re lying to me. Ivy is in trouble isn’t she?”
“Yes dear. your sister is in a lot of trouble” Chad spoke up and I send him a deadly stare.
“My sister?”
“Ivy is your sister Genie.” he adds
“Get out of my house Chad” I yell. “Leave” I said pushing him out but he says the unimaginable
“I am your father Genie” he said and I stopped in my tracks.
I turned see Genie lost in confusion.
“That’s a lie” she screamed “Daddy Miguel is my dad”
“Why don’t you ask your mom huh?” he rants on.
“Shut the fuck up Chad. I told you to stay away from my daughter. you’re not her father” I yelled but Miguel caught my hands before I could hit him.
“It’s okay Amber” he says calmly but I could see the hurt in his eyes. he’s always considered Genie as his own flesh and blood and hearing this must’ve torn him apart. Gosh! how badly I dreaded this day.
“You’re not my father” Genie screamed again.
Chad tried to hold her but she ran into Miguel’s arms.
“Don’t touch me, you’re Ivy’s dad”
“Genie” Chad calls softly.
“Leave me alone.” she said to Chad “Don’t let him take me away daddy” she wails in Miguel’s arms
“No one’s taking you away from me honey, I’ll fight God if I have to” he said and Genie calms down a bit.
“Just leave Chad. your presence is causing harm to my daughter’s life” I said.
“You said you’re my father right?” Genie asked taking everyone off guard.
“yes” Chad breathed out
“What’s my favorite food?” she asked but Chad couldn’t respond, he was tongue tied.
“What’s my favorite color?” she asked again.
“What’s my favorite snack in between meals” She asked again but no response
“Then don’t you dare say that you are my father. you can never be my father. you don’t even know me or what I like so you’re not my dad” she said before embracing Miguel again.
“I think you should leave” I said to Chad.
“But Amber my daughter, they’ll take her away from me”
“That’s the least of my worries Chad. get out” I said and pushed him out of the house.
I slammed the door shut and returned to meet Genie who was obviously still in Miguel’s arms.
she wasn’t crying anymore but she still glued to him like there’s no tomorrow.
Miguel and I exchange eye contact before we settled down on the couch.
my mind was racing.
What am I going to tell Genie?
How do I explain myself to her?
she raised up her head from Miguel’s chest to face me.
“Don’t worry mom. I won’t ask you anything until you’re ready to tell me” she says and I couldn’t do anything but stare intently at her.
My little girl is all grown up now.
“thanks sweetheart. it’s a little too complicated but I promise that when you’ll a bit older, you’ll know the reason why all these things are happening” I explain and she nods.
“But is he my father?” she asks and I only nod.
“Yes he is and that’s all I can say” I replied fondling with my fingers like a a three year old.
“I love you Mom” She said and I couldn’t help but break down in tears.
“I love you and dad so much” she said again.
“I love you too sweetheart” Miguel said kissing her hair.
I stare at her.
A smile finds its way to my cheeks. She’s indeed my little Genie.
She makes my wish come true.
“Mom we have to help Ivy, she’s my best friend”
“I’m sorry but I don’t want to be a part of that family in anything” I respond
“Ivy is my sister. She’d do the same for me too. please don’t let them take her away” she begged.
I didn’t respond but rush upstairs to my room ignoring the constant call. I shut the door and sat down on my bed.
I stayed that way till nightfall.
I couldn’t eat dinner except for the fruits I had before deciding to call it a night.
I woke up the next morning and rushed into the bathroom to have my bath.
When I finished, I applied my lotion and settled for a pink jumpsuit and black heels.
I did a minimal makeup tied my hair into a messy bun, allowing some to fall on my face.
All these time, Miguel was awake but didn’t say anything to me and I really appreciate his understanding because I wasn’t ready to say anything.
I picked up my clutch, and after mouthing a good bye to him, I rushed downstairs to where my car was parked.
I got in an started the ignition, I drove out of the house and tuned in the radio as I made my way to only God knows where, constantly reflecting on my life and my decisions so far.
My drive took me to the police station and I parked my car then hopped down.
I took in deep breaths before walking inside.
“What am I even doing here?” I ask myself over and over again as the warden went in to call the person I wanted to see.
The minute my eyes caught hers, I noticed the tears rushing down her eyes. She tried to wipe them away but it didn’t do any justice as they kept on falling.
She was led to where I sat and her cuffs were removed.
For a minute there, we just stared at each other not saying anything to the other.
“You wanted to see me?”I said finally breaking the silence that engulfed us. it was more if a statement rather than a question and she nodded.
I crossed my arms and rested on my chair. “Wow. You still have the guts to request that after everything you did?”
she sniffed “I’m sorry Amber and I know it’s selfish of me to call you here but you’re the only one that can help me”
“That’s a shocker”
“I don’t deserve your forgiveness Amber and not even your sympathy.”
“I believe we’ve crossed that line already” I said, my face devoid of any emotions.
I’m not just cut out for this at all.
“Why am I here Denisha? I have other things to do”
“I know and I won’t take much of your time” she breathed nervously
“This place has really humbled you” I thought to myself.
“If it’s about what your lawyer and husband barged into my house to say yesterday then please I don’t want to involve myself” I said already feeling irritated.
“Ivy will be taken away from me Amber. The lawyer said I have less than five hours” she said, another fresh tears pouring from her eyes
“So what do you want me to do?”
“Please stop them Amber.”
“I’m sorry but I can’t” I breathed out
“She’s just a little girl Amber. She’s innocent in all of this. hate me forever but please spare her” she begged
“What?” she asked again
“Why should I help the daughter of a woman who tried to kill me? And what makes you think I’ll help?”
“Because you are Amber Myers. You have a loving and kind heart. Despite the fact that you’re trying to stay true to this identity, you also know that this isn’t your personality” she concluded and I just stared at her.
“I need to go” I said picking up my clutch
“Please Amber”
“Bye Denisha. but I’m really sorry I can’t be of help” I said before taking my leave.
I drove all the way home and slumped on the couch the minute I got in.
I was feeling restless.
Am I doing the right thing?
Minutes turned into hours and when I glanced at the clock, it two hours were already gone.
“She has less than five hours Amber” her words kept ringing in my ears over and over again.
“You need to go.” Miguel’s voice pierced through my reverie and I glanced up to look at him.
“We both know it’s the right thing to do. if not for them then, do it for Genie” he added and that’s when I noticed her clinging tightly to Miguel.
“Go ahead Amber. We have all day but she doesn’t” he alerted me again.
“What if I’m doing the wrong thing?” I ask
“That little girl isn’t the wrong thing, she just just a victim of circumstance. And my wife doesn’t do the wrong thing, she does what’s best for everyone and by doing this, you’re also proving to them that you’re different from them and that they can’t make you less human” He said and I rushed into his arms hugging them both tightly.
“I love you both so much”
“I’m proud of you” he said kissing my forehead.
“You’re the best mom”
“Thank you”
I hurriedly picked up my car keys and drove off to Chad’s house but I found it empty.
I hit the steering wheel in anger.
How can I forget that I took everything from them.
where are they now?
“Shit!” I cursed
I reversed and took another route to His mother’s house.
that’s my second option.
I know that’s the only place they can be found so I sped up to her house.
I’m still surprised I haven’t forgotten where it is. Even after the long years.
When I got there, I was shocked to see their car parked outside.
“they’re here already?” I ask no one in particular as I made my way inside only to find Ivy curled up against her father begging him not to let them take her away.
His eyes were also stained with tears which meant he has been crying as well.
He was about signing some papers when I stopped him.
“Don’t sign those papers Chad” I yell making everyone to notice my presence in the room.
I quickly got the papers from him and tore it to pieces.
“You can leave now, I am more than capable of taking care of my niece thank you” I said and they let out a frustrated groan.
“Who are you to her?’
“I’m her Aunt.”
“OK but if we get any complaint then you’ll be forced to part ways” he said in a stern voice
“That is if you can go through all the procedures to defeat me then okay” I respond and they picked up their things before leaving the house.
Chad’s mother couldn’t stop staring at me.
Ivy ran into my arms hugging me
“Thank you Aunt” she says and I couldn’t help but smile.
I knelt down to her size and ran my fingers through her hair.
“You’re pretty” I found myself saying
she giggled “Mom says the same thing”
“Thank you Amber” Chad said and I nod.
“I’m doing this to clear my conscience and not because of any of you.” I remind him before focusing my gaze on Ivy again.
She’s so sweet and innocent. I would’ve hated myself if I didn’t help. Miguel was right. she’s just a victim and is not supposed to face anything like that.
“Let’s go home” I tell her but she glanced at her dad.
“What about dad?” she asked.
“You’ll stay with me for now baby” I say
“Um baby, you’ll go with your Aunt okay, I promise I’ll come visit” He coaxed but she still wasn’t smiling.
“There’s no need to come visit, I’ll meet my lawyer tomorrow to work something out. I’m giving you your house back so you can stay comfortably with your daughter” I say not believing myself.
“I don’t why but it’s the right thing to do. but let Ivy spend the night at my place” I say and she nods.
“We’re getting our house back?” she squealed in delight “I love you Aunt” she said hugging me back
“I love you too”
“Thank you Amber. This is just too much”
“I am nothing like all of you, that’s why I’m different. Thank my husband instead” I say and turned to look at Ivy
“Shall we?”I say stretching my hands to her
“Of course we shall.” she said taking them
“Bye dad. I’ll see you tomorrow” she waved.
“Bye Baby”He waved back and we walked out of the house.
We got into the car and I drove her to a restaurant to eat. I know she hasn’t had a proper meal. we sat down and ordered talking about irrelevant stuffs.
she’s a good kid.
After eating, we bought takeout food for the rest of the family.
I paid and we left for home.
immediately we arrived, Genie rushed up to Ivy once she noticed her presence.
“Ivy” she squealed and I couldn’t help but laugh.
they hugged for a while before disappearing into Genie’s bedroom.
“Hello wife” Miguel greeted engulfing me in a heartfelt embrace.
“Hello husband” I said taking in everything.
“You did good”
I laugh “I know, and that’s because I have you with me”
“And I ain’t going anywhere”
“Promise” I ask
“I promise” he said before planting a kiss on my lips.
I felt at peace and at home.
He is my home and sanity.
“I love you” I breathed out
“I love you more”
“Forever?” he asked
“Till the end of time” I said kissing him again as we stayed that way in each other’s arms.
Bonus Chapter
“There is no bond greater than that of sisters.” Winnie
I placed the chrysanthemum on both their graves and so did Genie and Ivy. Miguel wrapped his arms around my waist while I comfortably placed my head on his chest as we all stayed silent. Grandpa told us Dad was buried at the same place we buried Mom.
So I decided that we pay our respect since we haven’t done that in a long time. “Are you okay?” Miguel asked
“Yeah. I feel at peace now” I replied.
Later, we went home and I invited my lawyer as well as Chad.
We brought some papers which I requested and I signed them transferring the house back to Chad. I also opened a trust fund for Genie and Ivy. I’d be depositing money in there from time to time to secure their future if in case anything should happen cause I wouldn’t want them struggling in life.
I have grown very fond of the little angel.
She acts and behaves like Genie in so many ways that it’d be impossible to not know the fact that they are Sisters.
I gave the papers to Chad and he couldn’t be more grateful.
“Thank you.” he breathed out and I smile placing a kiss on Miguel’s lips.
“You’re welcome”
“I will forever be indebted to you Amber. your kindness can’t be repaid.” he said and I smile and dart my eyes towards my little babies playing together.
This is more than I wished for.
Looking at them now, I couldn’t help but wonder if Genie needs a sibling.
A smile crossed my lip as I thought of the possibility of having a little Miguel running around the house.
I wonder if Miguel would approve cause I know he loves me but he hasn’t said anything about taking our relationship to the next level.
I have and I want to spend my forever with him.
He’s a great man and a good father.
“I’ll take my leave now” Chad announced now on his feet. I couldn’t believe I zoned out on them.
This guy will be the death of me.
“Ivy, I’ll come pick you up later okay and Genie be a good kid” he cautions and they both nod and went to resume playing.
“Amber” he began “I know that this is a lot to ask but I want to be a part of my daughter’s life, please give me a chance to get to know her. I need to make up for all the years I’ve missed out on” he said and Miguel gave my shoulders a light squeeze.
“I don’t know. And it’s not my decision to make. it depends on whether or not she wants that but I’ll let her know about your intentions” I tell him.
He gave a lopsided grin “Thank you so much. both of you”
“I really hope you’d be a better dad from now on” Miguel said sternly. When it comes to Genie, he doesn’t compromise, never.
“I promise. I know I can’t do more than what you’ve done Miguel but I still want to try”
“I hope she opens to you” He said finally.
“Daddy can you please order pizza, I’m starving” Genie whined and shoved Ivy.
It’s a joint effort I see.
“Yeah me too. I’m very hungry” Ivy said too.
“Sure” Miguel said taking out his phone but stopped halfway.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him.
He looked at Chad “Now would be a better time to start learning about your daughter. go ahead and order. She likes marshmallow by the way” he said.
My husband is so sensitive.
Chad smiled at Miguel’s words.
How did I get to meet this guy.
“My advice, take things slow with her. Try getting her to trust you first before you rush things otherwise you won’t like the outcome of it” He said pressing me closer to him possessively.
I liked it.
Chad ordered the pizza and left soon afterwards.
We joined them in eating and watched a movie together.
[9/5, 8:29 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: DENISHA
I was led back to my cell after my lawyer left.
So far there’s no possibility of me leaving here so I’ll just have to plead guilty so my sentence would be reduced.
thankfully, he also told me that Amber stopped the child services from taking Ivy away and I couldn’t be more grateful. she has a good heart.
I was even more baffled when he told me that our house was now ours once again.
I know she did all this cause of Ivy. But still I couldn’t thank her enough.
I sat down there still lost in thoughts when the warden opened the gates to my cell.
“Mrs Ramsey. you’re free to go” he announced and I pinched myself to see if I’m dreaming.
“I don’t understand” I blurt out
“Apparently, Mrs Ramirez isn’t pressing charges so you can leave.” he said “She’s waiting for you” he adds.
I let the tears fall freely.
Amber why?
I walk out of my cell to find her pacing back and forth in the visiting area.
The minute she saw me, I rushed into her arms hugging her tight.
She didn’t reciprocate but she didn’t push me away either.
“Let’s go” she said when we disengaged from the hug as she made her way outside the precinct.
I trailed behind her till we got to her car.
She drove me to a boutique first to change my clothes, then we stopped by a saloon to put my hair in order, including my nails too.
Then, we stopped arrived at a restaurant to eat. we ordered and the waiter brought our food.
All these while, I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t.
“Why did you let me out” I asked. She stares at me for a moment then returned to her food.
“I don’t know. maybe because I have a heart but I swear to God Denisha, if you pull any more stunts then I am sending you back there to rot understand” she said sternly but not once glancing at my direction.
“Thank you” I sniffed.
“Ivy is a little kid. she needs her mother with her and I won’t take that opportunity away. I know what it feels like to lose a mom. I did too and it didn’t go well. Ivy needs you. no one understands a child better than her mother. that’s why I let you out” she explained and my hand finds hers on the table as I hold onto it tightly forcing her to meet my gaze.
“I’m glad you became my sister. I’m really glad we crossed paths. You taught me how to value what I have. how to love and live a good life. I promise I won’t let you down” I said and she gave my hand a light squeeze.
“I’m grateful. But you also thought me to fight for what is mine. you taught me to be confident and believe in myself. At some point I my life, I envied you. how you carried yourself and everything. so thank you too” she said
“I love you”
“Come on babe. love really? isn’t it too early to confess your feelings to me? I know I’m a beautiful woman but still” I protest and she laughs
“Drama queen”
“I live for the moment” she says and we both laugh.
After having our meal, we drove to my place and she finally got to see Ivy.
“Baby” i said picking her up from the ground.
“Daddy said weren’t coming home again”
“Well I’m here aren’t i?” i asked and Ivy nods.
“I missed you a lot”
“And I’m never leaving you ever again okay?”
“I love you”
“Love you more” I replied putting her down.
“Girl, I have to go, else I’d never leave your home again” I said turning to Amber
“You’re more than welcome and bring Ivy to come visit” she said and i nod
I watch her leave the house with ivy. I wanted to drive them home but she insisted she takes a cab so I agreed.
After they left, I scanned the entire house for Miguel.
Genie also disappeared immediately Ivy left and I am shocked.
I walked upstairs to my bedroom but I didn’t see anyone.
The lights were off so I decided to turn them on.
“Surprise” The yelled coming out from their hiding place.
I couldn’t contain my excitement “You guys did all of this?” I asked staring at the fully decorated room covered with balloons and flowers.
“There was a ‘will you marry me sign’ that was hung on the middle of the room.
Miguel walked up to me with a bunch of flowers and I collected them smiling.
” So will you marry me?”
“Don’t be silly Miguel, we’re already married” I tell him
“Out of compromise. I want to make it official Amber.” he said and got on one knee and brought out a gold ring embedded with silver stones.
it was the the most beautiful ring I’ve ever set my eyes upon.
“Will you Amber Myers, marry me to stay with me forever and be my comfort when I’m at my worst and be my partner, The mother of my children and my wife till the end of time” he said and I felt the tears Welling up.
“Say yes Mom. dad’s knees are probably hurting” she said shoving me playfully on my arm.
“Yes” I nodded tears clouding my eyes.
“Why do women always cry on proposals? aren’t they supposed to be happy they’re getting married?” Genie asked causing us to laugh.
“You’re just too much” I said giving her cheeks a light squeeze.
“Thank you. So we’re going to be your maid of Ivy. Me and Ivy”
“You’re too young to be a maid of honor”
I sigh
“Can I at least give you away?”
“Grandpa would do that silly”
“so I’m just going to be a simple flower girl?” she asked hands akimbo
“The best flower girl” Miguel replied and I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him like my life depended on it.
“Isshhh get a room you guys” Genie scoffs walking out on us.
“I love you” I tell him
“I love you too”
“Cheers” we said all gathered around on the dinner table.
“Girl you are glowing” Denisha tells me
“Pregnancy looks good on you” she added.
“Marriage does too” I counter.
Yes, Miguel and I got married a month later and I am currently three months pregnant for him.
Boy, how much I wanted to carry his child and now it’s happening.
I practically cried every month I got to see my flow but patience seemed effective.
“What’d I miss” Chad said walking into the house and taking a seat on the dinner table.
So far, his relationship with Genie gas proven to be productive.
She now considers him a father even though she hasn’t admitted to it yet and Denisha’s love life has taken a turn for the better.
They both decided to give another shot at love and I’m happy things turned out well.
Tasha on the other hand was found dead in her cell few months back.
After much investigation, we got to find out that she committed suicide.
I tried my very best to be a supportive friend and sister to Denisha during that time.
We got her buried and the rest was history.
I just pray God forgives her sins.
“Hi Amber” he greeted, jolting me away from my reverie.
“Hello Chad. so nice of you to come”
“I wouldn’t miss it” he replied
Miguel joined us later and couldn’t stop touching.
“You know” Denisha paused giving me the look “Both of you should make sure I get a nephew”
“I can’t deal” I said hands in the air.
“I also want a boy” Miguel adds.
“One of you is already a problem, but two of you, not a chance”
“Come on. I’ll get to name him” Denisha said with a chuckle.
“I hear you.” I say rolling my eyes
“How about Bentley?” she asked
“We don’t even know the gender of the baby but I’m positive I’m carrying a girl” I mouthed
“I want a baby brother” Genie chips in
“Three against one, that hardly seems fair. Chad what do you think?” I ask
“A boy will be nice’
“Lord please just take me now” I breathed out
“Drama queen”
“I told you. I live for the moment darling sister”
“Yes we all agree” she replied and we all ended up laughing.
Story 100% Owned by Kairi