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Dedicated to my late brother❤️.
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.
(am different!🤨).
Episode 15🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Park Estate=Pink Apartment🏡=Karina's Bedroom🛏️).

Only God knows how we survived the estate's entrance grounds. Lisa and I made sure to pull Sehun down the chairs because he had passed our for almost an hour now.
And when we reached the estate, the guards stopped us,but as soon as they saw me and realised I was from the estate, they let the taxi driver enter.
We paid the driver and he drove away. We looked around and there was no one watching us so we took him into the house.
Walking up the stairs to the bedroom was harder than I thought. He had huge muscles and it was the hardest to carry him but we managed to get him into my bedroom.
We threw him into my Ned and we let our a heavy breath.

'' Are you sure you will be alright Karina? ''.
'' Well,do I have a choice? I brought this upon myself, I have to handle it. I just pray my mum won't come home now🔪 ''.
'' I pray she won't girl. I have to go now. Take him home as soon as he feels better and sober okay? ''.
'' We'll see ''. I said.
'' Oh God he's so handsome ''. Lisa said slowly and walked towards Sehun and landed a kiss💋at the corner of his lips and starred at me. '' This is the only chance I have got to kiss him Karina ''.
'' Not if you confess to him dummy! He also seems to like you and you two are fools for hiding your feelings from each other ''.
'' As if telling Jimin you liked him made you his girlfriend ''.
'' Well,at least I was bold enough to tell that wizard how I felt! And besides, it's not like...I really like him. Like I will die for him ''.
'' I don't think Sehun feels the same way about me so forget it...

Lisa's phone📱 beeped and she quickly checked it.

'' It's my brother... have to go now. See you later? ''.
'' Okay ''.

She left and I signed heavily.
I bent down and took off his shoes and placed him comfortably on my bed and realised his shirt was also dirty as he had vomited in it.
Yucks! That didn't small so good. I was wondering if I should take his shirt off.
But I also wondered,wouldn't I look like a pervert?
I quickly took off his shirt and threw it on the floor then covered him with my bedsheets.
A loud sound of a phone's ringtone🎶 suddenly made me flinch. I checked my phone but the sound wasn't from there. The sound repeated many times and I followed the sound and saw that it came from Sehun's pocket.
My eyes opened widely in fright. I took it our and saw the person calling.
I placed the phone on silence and let it ring until it stopped. That was when I realised how many calls and messages he had received from him.
I was so worried and scared. I never knew he would be this worried about his brother if he had no idea where he was.
The phone rung again but I quickly hanged it up.
Okay,maybe I can't answer it. But I can surely send him a message like it was Sehun sending it.


I quickly sent it and started calming down.
That message should probably cain him down and let him know his brother was safe.
Jimin's reply came faster than the run of Usain Bolt🏃🏿‍♂️.


Okay. He isn't calm at all.
He called again and I started at the phone in fright,nor knowing what to do.
The call finally ended and it felt like forever.
The phone screen suddenly turned on and a notification appeared in the screen of an application '' FIND MY IPHONE ''.
Oh crap! Jimin is searching for Sehun on his phone!
Now he would be able to know exactly where he is. I was too late. I should have switched off the phone instead.
In panic,I threw the phone on my bed,wondering what to do.
He found where Sehun was. He caught me!
But then,on the bright side,how in earth can he enter my room without me opening the door for him.
HAHAHAHAAAA! Yes Karina yes! You are absolutely safe. He can knock a thousand times and I will never walk downstairs to open for him.
Don't panic anymore Karina. I quickly walked downstairs to lock the door and came back.
I sat at the edge of my bed and kept starring at Sehun who was sleeping like a dead body.
I yawned hard and checked the wall clock on my wall.
1:30AM. It's morning! My eyes were all heavy.
I checked into Sehun's phone and realised there were no more messages or calls from Jimin. Did he calm down?
I walked into my bathroom and took a quick shower and tied my hair up in a ponytail. I changed into my bunny pyjamas and walked back into my bedroom. All fresh and neat.

'' Calm down Karina, all you have to do is,not open the door for anyone. And besides,there's no way to enter my bedroom any ways ''.

I felt sleepy😴.
The cold breeze entering from my window gave me chills.
Oh fuck! My window???
So my window was opened. How on earth?
I quickly remembered that,there was a metal window stairs from outside my window which led down the house's backyard.
And I also remembered that,because the renovations that went on few days ago,so the Park Mansion's backyard had extended closer to our backyard.
I quickly rushed straight to my window but froze half way there.
Someone's shadow is very clear through my curtains.
I took a few steps back as Jimin jumped into my room from the window.
Crap! I should have known better that,those metal stairs outside my window would be useful to wizards like him.
But it was too late now. And I was wondering why a person of his calibre will even jump through a window of a potato like me.
He could just flip his fingers and his guards would break my door. After all,the estate belonged to his family.
He looked angry. Too angry.
He looked serious. His lips pressed tightly together and his hands clenched.

'' Where is he? ''.

I tried to step towards him in fright. My body shivering massively.

'' Please... I...I can explained ''.
'' I don't care about tour explanations ''.

He pushed me aside and walked closer to my bed.
He starred at Sehun,laying on my bed,shirtless while his shirt was thrown on the floor.
He turned around and starred at me. His eyes red with anger and fury.

'' No. No no no,I just took his shirt off because....
'' Shut up! ''. He shouted and I flinched. He took strong steps towards me whiles I cowardly stepped backwards. '' You are just like every other whore right? ''.
'' Wha....
'' If it's one of us,then it doesn't matter right? ''.

Jimin took my chin in his hand with rage.

'' You are no different! What do you want? What are you looking for? Money💶? ''.

I harshly hit his hand away from my face in anger.

'' Of course not! What are you even saying?! ''.
'' You must have really enjoyed yourself tonight. How much did he pay you Kristina? ''.

He trapped me against the walk besides my door.

'' What is tour price? How much are you worth huh? Provoking one brother and then having sex with the other? ''.

With the rage burning inside of me,I slapped him hard across his left cheek.
The slap echoed inside the room but he didn't flinch.
His words just burned so deep inside me.
I mean,how long have we known each other? He doesn't even know me and he accused me like this?

'' I know am a nobody and this estate belongs to your family! But I pay bills! So if you think you can come into my room and disrespect me like this,then you are very mistaking! ''.

Tears💧formed in my eyes but I tried hard not to let it fall our for him to see how weak I was in front of him.

'' You may be very used to stepping on people's integrity and find them bowing down to you,but not me! I am Karina Kristina and I will never allow you to treat me like dirt. Oh believe me Park Jimin,I will never allow that...I am decent and I respect myself! ''.

He pressed me harder against the wall.

'' Oh don't you dare pretend you are the victim here after what you just did. You are so low ''.

I raised my hand up to slap him again but he grabbed my hand in the air.

'' Let go off me and get out of my room! Stop! ''.
'' Tell me Kristina, how much do you cost for a night huh? ''.

I couldn't believe what was happening in my own room.
He kept spitting poison. Pure poison, coming out of the man am crushing on.
I used all my strength to push him away but he didn't move.

'' Jimin...I said let fo off me! Leave me! ''.

He took my hands and stomped them hard in the wall over my head.

'' Answer me! Tell me your damn price so I can have you for a night and take you out of my mind already! ''.

I froze at his words as my eyes slightly opened widely.
I tried to ignore his words and I stepped on his door as hard as I could. He jumped back, groaning in pain.

'' I told you to let go off me didn't I? ''.

I pushed him,taking the chance of his loss of balance and he fell on the floor.

'' Listen Jimin, I hope this is the last time you speak to me this way. I am not a bitch,neither am I looking for your stupid money. Sehun is only shirtless on my bed because he got so drunk in the club and vomited in that shirt. I couldn't take him to your mansion in this state ''.
'' Oh really? And you expect me to believe that? ''.
'' Do you this k I give a flying Rick about what you believe? I don't care whether you believe me or not,after how you've just treated me! ''.

Suddenly, he looked surprised at my words,but then he smiled.

'' Oh,so now the good girl has some character in her ''.
'' I have nothing to say to you. Apologize and get out of my room now! ''.
'' Me,apologize to you? ''. Never. What did you expect me to think after what I saw? Put yourself in my shoes! ''.
'' At least, you should have first shut up and let me explain first ''.

He let out a soft frustrating breath and starred at me.

'' You don't owe me any explanations. You don't owe me anything because...because you are not mine ''...🌸

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