✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 14 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Dedicated to my late brother❤️
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.
(my turn now🤏🏾).

Episode 14🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

He licked his lips👄slowly.
Okay if he doesn't stop this act of his,he us going to be charged for murder🔪.

'' I want you phyco ''. He whispered back to me.

I leaned to kiss him and when our lips were about ti touch,I stopped myself and slowly got up and pulled away from him.
The look on his face though...pure confusion and unsatisfied.
Then I felt like u had won a lottery bet. I gave him that same arrogant smile that he always gave me.
I flipped my curly hair backwards my head and smiled at the left corner of my lips.

'' Karma sucks pretty boy ''.

As I said that,I majestically felt like a victor.
And feeling like the Queen of the universe🪐🌏for what I did,I stylishly walked out of there and went into the club.

(In the Club♣️🍸).

I walked into the partying people in a haste,trying to find Lisa so we could go home, but I bumped into Sehun.
It was getting late and I was getting scared since my mum can manage to come home even if she has the night's shift,she can suddenly say ' I am home Karina! I got lucky and someone took my place at the hospital '. And I will have no one to save me from her claws this time.
It was already 11:30PM. I was looking exhausted and frightened all of a sudden.

'' Karina,are you okay? ''.
'' Yes...why? ''.
'' You saw something disgusting in there right? I told Jimin many times not to add that kind of spare room to the bar because it wasn't a good idea. But he never listens to me. Of course, who would ever listen to the baby👶of the family? ''. Sehun said bitterly.
'' You are not a baby Sehun ''.
'' Well...I am for Jimin. He still thinks am underaged even though am already twenty. He always had his eyes on me,he doesn't even let me drink or party,else he will report me ".
'' Why are you here then? ''.
'' Well... I bought my way here...and I just tried my first alcohol, it wasn't that much of a big deal like people say ''.
'' You bought your way here? How? ''.

Sehun laughed awkwardly and nervously then quickly changed the subject.

'' I have never really had fun in my life. I have never really had any real friends until high school and my family is all boring and about business. Even though I respect their decision. And this is my first club appearance. Jimin says if I survive tonight without making a scene,then he will allow me come here anytime I want forever ''.
'' And you are doing such a great job Sehun ''.

I stretched my hand towards him with a smile.

'' Wanna have some more fun? ''. I asked.

He laughed and starred on the floor. His laugh though,reminded me of Jimin's.
The only difference was,Sehun's laughter was much more sober and innocent, while the WIZARD! Oh well...
Sehun took my hand and we both walked unconsciously to the dancefloor.
I never realised that people were watching us or anything. I had totally forgotten myself.
We both danced our energy away while the music was completely loud and clear. After the music changed, we both laughed our heads off. Sweating a little.
I took his hands again and walked the dancefloor with him.

'' Where are we going then? ''.
'' You'll see....

(The Bar🍺).

I led him to the bar downstairs the dancefloor and I asked the bartender for two glasses of vodka🥃.
I handed the glass to Sehun and laughed.

'' This is my first time in a club too Sehun ''.
'' Really? ''. His eyes widened.
'' And I also took my first alcohol tonight. It was strong but then... I have to try new things too. We are young and wild and free! Are you ready for a little drink? ''.
'' Yeah am ready. But hey,just a little okay? I have to win my brother's trust and survive my first night ''.
'' Sure. Okay...1...2....

Before I could compete my counting,Sehun swallowed the whole glass of vodka and placed the glass in the counter and starred at me.
He suddenly shut his eyes closed tightly and held onto the counter with the little strength he had. His body was now getting used to the new sensation in his blood.
I was about to drink mine but the smell of it made me dizzy so I placed it away. Sehun quickly took mine as well and swallowed it all.

'' Are you crazy? That one was mine! And now...
'' Oh God...I feel so weird now Karina ''. He said as his eyes started wining up and down. '' Fee...feels sp...s..Sooo good ''.

He suddenly took my hand and pulled me into the dancefloor.

'' Sehun wait! You are drunk,just....

Oh am bursted! My original plan was to just have one glass each. Him and I.
Then we dance a little and enjoy our new experience together as good friends. Then I see whether I can make him and Lisa dance together for a while.
My grandma always said... '' everything that starts with alcohol, never ends up good ''.
I couldn't move away from his grip as we danced.
I Katee ended up dancing with a stranger and I saw Sehun dancing with another girl. Things are getting messed up for tonight.
The worse part was,I saw Sehun ordering for more drinks and after five minutes, he was totally out of control. I saw people taking pictures of him with their phones while laughing and shaking their heads.

'' What the hell have you done?! ''. A familiar voice sounded behind me and I quickly turned. I suddenly felt relieved.
'' Lisa! Thank God...where the hell where you? Please hell me now. 911,121,REHAB,MAYDAY.... SOS maybe? ''
'' What the hell? I have being searching for you everywhere! ''.
'' That's not important right now. I need your hell...look at Sehun! ''.

I pointed at him and we were both in a shocked state. The music was still so loud.
I know his publicity and everything. I bet he also had a guard who protected him. I would be so bursted if I didn't clear this mess myself.
I can't let Sehun pay for my own immaturity. I heard his grandfather was in town,and if I dared to let Sehun be taken away to the mansion by his guard in this state,he would be scolded so harshly.
I looked around and saw that no one was coming for him,except the people taking picture.

'' What happened to him? ''. Lisa was so confused.
'' Well...he's drunk obviously. And it's all my fault. Help me get him out of here before he passes out or Jimin comes to see him like this please! Do something, if those pictures they are taking goes out on social media, he will be so bursted, I heard his grandfather is so strict! ''.
'' Forget about the pictures, it must be out by now. Let's just take him away,without putting our own selves into trouble! ''.
'' But how? ''.
'' Wait for me ''. She rushed away.

I can't imagine Jimin's face if he finds our his brother is like this because of me.
I will be cut,steamed, fried and toasted, garnished and served for dinner.
The lights in the club suddenly went off. Everywhere was dark,but clearly to keep me out of trouble, my eyes became brighter.
How on earth did Lisa do that. I have the best bitch as a friend.
I quickly got to Sehun and grabbed him with force,people started murmuring about the lights and others were annoyed.
Someone spoke loudly in Korean language which obviously, I didn't understand but I guess he was telling them to keep calm because they were repairing the damage shortly.
Lisa quickly arrived and we walked Sehun out of the club through the back door. Lisa has obviously come here before if she knew there was a back door with less guards.
Oops! I forgot my purse on the bar's counter. I quickly rushed back into the club and the lights came back. Brighting as ever. The people cheered in happiness and continued partying like nothing ever happened.
I saw Jimin walking downstairs the VIP zone with his guard behind him and looking angry as ever. I quickly took my course.
His was were focused on the dancefloor, as if he was looking for someone.
I AM DEAD. Was he looking for Sehun?
I quickly rushed our through the backdoor without being seen.
As soon as I got outside, I saw Sehun vomiting on the ground and in his shirt,while Lisa patted his back even though he was still very drunk.
Eeewwww...that was disgusting.
A taxi arrived on the road in front of us and Lisa signalled me to help her.
We put Sehun inside and sat besides him then away,the driver drove.

'' What are we going to do now Karina. My brother will arrive home from work and I have to be there soon to clean his room and cook for him. He will kill me if I take a boy home. Especially a boy who is Park Sehun,a famous billionaire, he will not want any trouble...let's take him to his house ''.
'' N...no..no..my...no house. No..ho...house. Grand....grandfather...kill me....immediate...tely ''. Sehun said and passed out.
'' Yep! He's right Lisa. They say his grandfather is a no nonsense man and very strict. You can imagine what e ourselves will go through if we take him home. They will kick my mother out of the estate! ''.

Lisa starred at me quietly.

'' Well...you are alone tonight right? ''.
'' Urmm what?! I don't think that's a very good idea ''.
'' Well,we have no other alternative Karina. Come on,your mother won't be home until tomorrow's afternoon, so you just let him go early in the morning when he's sober. We have nowhere else...