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Hello and good morning dear readers.
U want to share a little with you before posting episode 12.

My name is Adelaide Asamoah Frimpong. I am 23 years old and come from Ghana.
When my mum was pregnant with me,a prophesy was said upon my life by an old pastor from our village who lived on the mountains.
He said to my father that,I was blessed by the Most? High God and whether I liked it or not,I had to do the work of God.
He said I was going to be dark and start seeing spiritual things and able to prophesy at a young age.
When my mum gave birth to me on the 27th of April, 1997,I was the fairest of my siblings. So she was confused as to why I was so light skinned. She said everyone in our village called me '' )baa k)k)) '',meaning Fair Woman.
So she and my father's were in doubt about the pastor's prophesy. She told me that when I was almost a year old, a serious sickness fell upon me (which I won't go into details because it's a long story).
She said when the sickness left,my colour totally changed and I became dark. That was when they realised what God wanted to make me
As time went on when I was growing up I have encountered many spirits. Both good and evil.
How Satan wanted to use me and make God's plan to destroy.
And being naive as I was,I always thought Satan was the good one and God was the bad one.
I have encountered things many older people or men of God haven't encountered before. And when I share my story with them, they take a lot of advice from it and use it in their preaching too.
At the age of 12,my mum told me everything about what happened. I refused to do the work of God because I was more interested in what I wanted. I wanted to write and act and be someone I wanted.
But God had other plans. It came to a time where I even wanted to be a doctor.
Because of my refusal, God dealt with me very bitterly.
Because I was ashamed to preach the gospel.
I always felt sick
Always failed in my endeavours
Always felt lonely inside and I became wretched
So I took comfort in writing my stories in other to keep my mind away from the attacks from evil sports and demons.
But when I first created my page, I fell I'll. When I started posting the sickness became even more serious than before. So I always had to delay.
God wanted to show me that, I was his creation. And he had the final say. And I was going to do his work whether I liked it or not.
But I still refused. So I suddenly became a quick tempered person.
Was always angry and furious at nothing. And will get angry when an issue wasn't that serious.
But I still refused to preach.
Many sickness.
Fever,Menstrual pains and disorders, tooth ache,boils,ear problems, piles, and even heart problems.
But I still refused to say the word of God wholeheartedly.
So my mum and pastors advised me and I decided to give it a try.
I preached and preached and preached.
So most of the time, I was always tired and never came online to post on my old page.
When I saw that the preaching was making me bored,I stopped again.
Then finally, my little brother died this February.
That is what finally opened my eyes guys.
I feared God much more now,but my brother would never come back to me.
Because of my stubbornness and immaturity.
Never refuse God's purpose in your life, else u will just regret. He won't punish u,he will punish straight away,but someone close to your heart might pay for your sins and u will wish everyday that u were the one who should have died.
My brother's death weakened me and brought me closer to God.
So my friends,the truth of it all is,I am a pastor. A prophetess and a woman of God.
I was ashamed to say so before but not anymore.
But also,I am still your writer Clara.
U want u guys to know,that I will take the word and work of God serious now. Very serious. I preach the gospel and when God reveals something to me,I speak out. That's me.
An evangelist.
Writing is a gift from God. And I won't stop writing and posting.
But know that,from today,you will be seeing videos and words of God here too.
And Writing and posting will be 30%while the God's work will be 70% in my life. This end time, I want to be in a good place with Jesus.
You will get tour story everyday. Meaning, I will post everyday for you to read stories except for Sundays.
But if u notice that I have delayed a bit,just know,I am either doing God's work or probably not feeling well.
Because doing the work of God also means,demons will want to destroy u.
When I deliver someone from their sickness or anything, I normally get attacked by the spirits behind that person's sickness.
But in all,I know God will protect me and make me a better person everyday. And no sickness can ever strike me down in Jesus name.

God first in my life before everything guys.
So thanks for your support. You will get your episode 12 and maybe 13 today.
Please stay tuned and keep remembering me in your prayers.

Stay safe❤️
Story Continues...
Dedicated to my late brother❤️
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.

(every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good, just for her🌷).
Episode 12🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Park Empire🏢=The Gaming Room♠️).

I swallowed hard at his words.
Did he just say that to me? He moved away from me while smiling at the corner of his lips.
He bent down and took the water bottle and handed it over to me. With shaking hands,I took it from his hand.
We heard some noises from outside the room and he started walking closer to the door. I quickly got to my feet and adjusted myself.
He opened the door and all his friends rushed into the gaming room. Embracing him.
My face dropped to the floor since they were all strangers to me and were BOYS!
Where the hell are you Lisa?!
I am about to walk out and and one of the boy spoke out

'' You look familiar ''.

I panicked and turned to them all. Seven men👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️and one girl👱🏾‍♀️in a room.
Better describe it as,Seven Asian men and one black girl in a room. Oh gosh,this is the mist uncomfortable day of my life
He starred so close at me and I started stammering.

'' Are...yo...you talking about me? ''. I asked
'' Yes....you ''. He walked slowly by dangerous closer to me.

Oh gosh! This so embarrassing.
First of,there seven men in the room. And they are all so hot🔥.
Jesus,after my encounter with one,I have to suffer from the next one who us getting too close to me because he spotted me spying and listening to his conversation with Jimin
God don't let him remember me please. Don't remember.. don't don't don't!!!
Lisa and Sehun quickly entered the gaming room together and my kegs finally weakened. What a big relief. Lisa held a small notebook. She was about to faint when her eyes fell on the men in the room. She quickly jumped up and down in happiness and stretched her pen and notebook towards them.

'' Oh my God oh my God!!! The Tigers! I am the biggest fan in the world please can I he an autograph.. Oh please please please! ''. She jumped and down shamelessly.

The boys starred at her like she was a mad person. They looked so confused and uncomfortable.
Wow....they feel so big of themselves. My eyes landed on Jimin who was already starring at me wit a face I couldn't read. But his stares were intimidating. I quickly got my eyes away from him and starred at Lisa.

'' Ca...can we go now please? ''.😏
'' I am the biggest fan in the world. I watch you on TV everyday. I never missed your Laker❄️Games competitions and I always watch your matches. I even watch tour trips around the world, all your interviews and award winning shows! ''. Lisa said and starred at me at the corner of her eyes. Then she suddenly pulled closer to me while giggling loudly. It was so uncomfortable. '' I mean,I and my friend. We watch you everyday...right Sehun? ''.
'' You do? ''. Sehun looked so confused and didn't know what was going on.
'' Lisa...we have to leave now. Time⏰is far spent already! ''. I groaned in her ears and she giggled.
'' Alright, where's your pen? ''. One of the boys asked.
'' I love you so much Hoseok!!!💖 ''. Lisa shouted and the guy laughed as she handed her pen to Hoseok while he signed into her T-shirt. '' Thank you so much...saranghae! ''.
'' Shall we go now? ''. Sehun asked and the three of us quickly left the room.
'' I am sure I have seen that brown girl somewhere before. She is not some ordinary Korean girl I would her confused with. She's different and I can recognise her ''.
'' Where did you meet her? ''. Jimin asked while picking up a game remote.
'' I'm almost remembering bro...
'' Enough enough... If you can't remember, just forget it and let's play the game hyung ''. Jungkook said as he tacked into the chips and drinks.

They gathered together and played separately but still together.

(Some Days Later🌥️=Master Bakery🥯).

It's being three days since I started working here in Master Bakery. Mr Khan is a very nice boss and treat me equally to the other employees and that make me feel much more comfortable. Even though some of the customers away awkwardly starred and murmured at me,I am trying my best to cope with my new life. I am a waitress and I either serve the people in the restaurant or wrap foods for the waiting customers. And sometimes, I have Ri do delivery to houses.
It was an awesome job because now,I can earn some cool cash for myself and not depend on my mother all the time. Our uniforms was also on point. A green T-shirt and black jeans with a green apron, perfectly fitted on my body with the Master Bakery🥖🍞🥯🍧tag,proudly printed on the apron and shirt. I tied my curly hair up in a ponytail and word a hair bonet while Lisa and I finished delivering our last shift and went back into the changing room.
We started changing into our normal clothes since it was getting to 6pm and we had to get home. The restaurant was not closed yet because our normal closing time was 8pm. But Lisa made a plan and Mr Khan gave us permission to leave. Today is Friday,and we are in summer holidays till next two week.

'' Why did you lie to Mr Khan? You know that we have no holiday classes at all tomorrow ''.
'' I know! Stop being so grumpy already! I want us to go somewhere tonight to have some fun🍾 ''.
'' Urrrmmm..excuse me? Tonight? I have never gone out to anywhere at night...my mother has warned me Lisa! ''.
'' Oh please Karina,come on! We need a little break from all this school and work burdens! I promise that you will enjoy it! ''.
'' And...where are we going? ''. I asked as I finished changing from the work clothes and hanged my bag on my shoulder.
'' H.O.C. Its a popular night club in town which was opened two months ago ''.
'' What😵?! There's no way I am going to a night club Lisa! My mum will kill me. And can you sense how am smelling? I smell like cake🥮 fried chips🍟...and all my dresses looks like baptism dress ''.
'' First of all Karina, your mother has the high shift tonight. Meaning, she won't be coming home from the hospital till tomorrow's afternoon so she will never know,and secondly, we are going straight to my house from here,the dress you will wear,everything is taken care of ''. She said and also finished changing her clothes.
'' I...I don't know Lisa. I have never done something like this before, I have a bad feeling about this and...
'' Come on Karina. We are in the summer break and we have two weeks to be home until school resumes again. And we have nothing to do but work! We are young,wild and free. We are supposed to have some little fun. We are supposed to have some little fun. We deserve it. Pleeeeeeease...there is a first time for everything! ''.

I shrugged my shoulders uncomfortably. I really have to start facing my fears. And try things I have never tried before. It's not like my mother didn't enjoy herself when she was my age...duh!😒🙄
Well, he have a week and a half more to go to school.
Stalking Jimin and catching glimpses of him has really stolen lots of my time🕖.
His basket renovations was completed some days ago and Lisa and I had being starring secretly at him and his friends when they were playing basketball.
God...they must have being fallen angels in their last lives. Especially when they sweat.
What? I am trash for Jimin I swear. Well,he made it clear he didn't like me. And I don't like him either. I just have a crush on him. A crush which will probably fade away as I grow and life takes me to other places.
Just get your mind on what is ahead of you tonight...

(8pm=Seoul Capital=House Of Cards🎴).

We arrived in a taxi in front of a tall and large buildings intertwined. Lisa paid the driver and we turned our heads to the buildings which almost touched the skies
First of all,I felt so out of place because all I could see were expensive cars and expensive people. Wearing expensive things for such an expensive club of course. While Lisa and I were in white sneakers, very short jeans knicker and light bare back tops. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all because I always wanted to try this kind of clothes, but my mum never allowed me. Lisa's clothes fitted me perfectly well. I could even say,they fitted me than they fitted her. We crossed the road and got in front of the entrance and there were five guards standing there.
One of them,using a scanner to scan people's bodies to see whether they possessed harmful items on them.
Other guards, guarding the door.
And the last one,taking tickets to allow people in.
WHAT?! Tickets. My face turned pale and I starred at Lisa.

'' I have everything covered Karina... don't worry ''.
'' Those tickets are like...a hundred dollars! ''. I said as I panicked at the top screen on the building, showing the prices of the tickets.
'' Just be quiet! ''.

It reached our turn and we got in front of the tickets guard.
Lisa took out her phone and called someone and handed it over to the guard. I saw the guard nodding and he handed the phone back to Lisa.

'' You can go in ''.

Lisa smirked and pulled me into the club like a boss. We were now inside. I couldn't believe they let us inside for free.
It was popping and so loud in there🔊. I saw thousands of boys and girls of our age. I was shocked. I thought my clothes were short,but seeing what girls were wearing in here,it made me feel like a saint.
The club was more brighter🔆than my future and the music was so loud that I felt my whole body vibrating. How were we supposed to communicate in a place like this?
Lisa screamed into my ears

'' Am going to get us something to drink okay? ''. She said and quickly disappeared out of my sight, leaving me all alone.

I looked around and realised, I was not the only brown skin girl in here. Wow,South Korea's racism is slowly dying I guess.
But I felt like I was in the midst of zombies as I knew no one there. It felt do awkward.
I looked around and saw really pretty girls. And there were some really good looking guys as well.
But I'd course, none of them can compare to my Jimin. I imagined while smiling stupidly to myself.
He's already my property without his consent!
Still looking around, I saw Casinos and gambling grounds. I ignored that and looked around my left.
I saw that there was a second floor where it had some tables with views of the dancefloor.
And just at that moment, my eyes met those pair of dark eyes that crush my universe.
Park Jimin. Park fucking Jimin.
What? What is he doing here?!
My crush...my addiction is sitting there,looking as dashing as always.
I foolishly and unconsciously started walking towards him,like a metal to a magnet,I got to the stairs blindly and bumped I to another tall guard in front of the stairs that will lead me to my pretty boy.

'' Hey lady👺,leave immediately. This is a VIP zone ''.
'' Oh sorry...I just eh..I....

I lifted my head to the top floor and saw Jimin,starring at me from too there,looking all arrogant and powerful.

'' I thought everyone could go up there ''.
'' No. That is reserved for VIPs alone. Unless you are invited ''. The security said with a frown.

He hush me away and I turned around and walked away.
Of course, why will he not be in the VIP zone? The king can't get contaminated with the sweat and pheromones of common people like us who are dancing down here.
As I got into the dance floor, I found Lisa with two drinks🍻with lemon in them in her hands.

'' What is this? ''
'' Just try it and see girl ''.

I grabbed one of the drink and brought it up to my lips. The smell was so strong but seeing Lisa drinking it in a simple gulp encouraged me.
I lifted my gaze back to the VIP zone,and my eyes met Jimin's again.
He lifted his bottle of expensive whiskey to my direction with a smirk on his face.
Is he challenging me? How dare he?
I realised there were some famous people sitting besides him,touching and laughing with him. I got so upset and I didn't know why.
In a simple gulp,I swallowed the entire liquor.
It was strong as hell. And very bitter.
I coughed my eyes out because of it and my eyes begun to water.
I looked back at Jimin and I saw a smile forming on his lips as if he had defeated me or something. He really is enjoying this,isn't he?
Lisa quickly pulled me into the dancefloor...
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