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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 25
Krishna birthday party
Kristen POV
I take in my pills and a drop of tears blink off my eyes.. Mama,papa I’m gonna make the person who killed you paid before I die, I said to myself..
I wipe my tears.. today is little Krishna birthday.. I wish you guys could see her.. she’s so cute and also the source of my happiness..
Even though I’m not her biological father but I love her so much
and she loves me too Mama and Papa.
She’s a little angel…
I took the deeds of the properties and the account details that I have open for her and wrapped it up .
Babe I might not see your 4th birthday celebration, I said to myself..
I also buy a red rose and put it in the car and drove to their house..
I sighed and went in… the party just begin.. I’m glad that Kylie was able to settle things with Bryan mother even though she’s still selfish about her not ready to show her family out yet..
No paparazzi was allowed to the party because of Anika wish… Bryan so much love her but I think he’s getting fed up with her behavior…
I stood to the door way and watch as Bryan and Kylie came down with my princess in Bryan arms..
Krish, come forward, Kylie said and I smiled..
Krishna smiled as she saw me… I went up to them and took Krishna from Bryan..
Daddy I thought you wasn’t going to make it, Krishna said.. I’m not foolish to miss your birthday darling… I’m sorry for coming late….
Happy birthday princess, I said and she chuckled…
Thanks daddy, she said and I rub her hair… she was dress nicely in a beautiful royal pink dress which was glattering with diamonds..
Wish I was the one who bought it for her but Bryan insisted..
I bought the teira was was made of mostly diamonds..
Her little white shoes match perfectly with her dress…
Bryan took the microphone.. hello friends and family… it’s a honor to have you here with me celebrating my daughter 3years birthday…
I’m proudly to introduce you Krishna Salvador… the first heir to the Salvador.. you can happily enjoy and merrymay with her, he said and the huge audience begin to clap…
The celebration begin .. Krishna cute her cake … drinks and food was passed over to guest… I started to feel uneasy so I went in a corner to take my pills again…
Hey what wrong with you? I mean to you’re not you lately, Anika asked me.. I’m fine.. just a little stressful… I wrote you a song..
Umm check my notepad after a week you will see it, I told her… is there something going on that you’re not telling me? She asked me..
Nah.. you’re my partner and I tell you everything… I’m not hiding anything from you, I told her and she smiled…
Her expression change… hey what is it this time around? I asked her.. she sighed… didn’t you see back then how Bryan introduce and welcome Krishna? He didn’t acknowledge me as her mother or did I stop being her mother? She asked me…
Anika you said it the last time that you’re not ready… I guess he doesn’t want to ruin you like you called it, I said leaving her presence…
Krish come back here, she said and I did.. What is it this time? I asked her.. Well I’m angry with Bryan.. you know I thought maybe he was going to do something romantic, she said playing with her hands…
Something romantic like what? I asked her.. proposed to me, she said.. oh you want him to ruin you right? I asked her..
I thought you’re my friend, she said.. I’m friend of right Kylie.. if you’re wrong I won’t stand with you.. the last time I checked you didn’t even wanted this relationship to go public..
How will that happen? Will you marry in secret? I asked her.. just then Bryan came..
Where is Krishna? Tell me she’s with you, he said sweating… what? Oh no, Bryan what happened to my Krishna? I asked him Anika was shocked at the moment…
A maid say you asked her to bring Krishna to you and she hands Krishna over to someone cause she was busy..
Oh no Bryan.. don’t tell me that.. I mean Anika and I was right here talking and I didn’t asked for Krishna…
My uncle.. just then my phone begin to ring and I answer it.. hello my dear Krish or should I say Kristen? The voice said.
I wipe my tears.. Hi Uncle Lee… where is my daughter? I asked him.. oh stop making yourself feels happy.. she’s another man child so stop with the act..
You will never be happy not when I’m alive.. come meet me at this location.. I will text you the address.. Come alone if you wanna see this little girl alive or she gonna join your mama and papa, he said laughing evily…
Don’t you dare touch her or I’m gonna kill you and feed you to hayanes, I said and he hang up..
Who was that? Bryan and Anika asked.. my uncle.. uncle Lee.. I’m so sorry Anika.. it’s all my fault.. I should have stay away from you guys..
I shouldn’t have come into your life again, I said crying.. he has her Kylie.. I’m so sorry, I said still crying and she look at me with her mouth open..
She’s still trying to process it I don’t blame her..
My phone blink.. it was the address.. I’m gonna get her.. I don’t care what it take but I’m gonna get her, I said leaving the place..
I drove to the address.. I’m not fully prepared but I can’t let him have Krishna any longer..
I entered the area.. a text pop in my phone.. enter the Warehouse..
She’s with bomb so hurry up, the text said.. what? My heart begin to race.. I run in the warehouse and met her sitting down on bomb..
Daddy.. she said crying when she saw me.. I don’t like it here daddy.. please take me from her, she said crying..
Is okay honey, I’m gonna get you out of here, I promise, I said.. my phone blink again.. there’s a tools near you.. I’m putting the timer on now..
If you can’t save her it’s on you, the text said.. I look at the bomb.
Oh my gosh.. I quickly Google how to disable bomb and different options came up..
Gosh I’m sweating now.. two more minutes for the bomb to explore..
Look at me babe.. I love you so much okay, I said and she nodded.. now close your eyes, I said and she did..
I cut the red wire first and the other.. the bomb stop beeping.. oh my gosh I did it.. now let get you out of here babe, I said carrying her in my arms.
I buried her head in my chest.. my phone ring I put her down al and I pick it up.. you think I was going to allow you leave freely? I don’t like to see you happy .
I hate you and it seems that little girl is your source so I’m gonna kill her…
I look down and Krishna was looking at me.. the red light was already on her.. I saw the bullet coming towards her but she was just smiling looking at me..
I love you daddy she said and I smiled.. daddy love you more babe, I said picking her up from the ground.. and like a shield, I took the bullet for her..
I covered her and they keep firing.. I’m suddenly cold.. I was going to die anyway.. I was poison by my uncle and no cure..
The doctors was only suppressing it but they can’t anymore.. I’m glad I die saving her.. the few years she spent into my boring life make it worth living..
I didn’t tell Anika because I didn’t want her to worry.. besides I wanted to live my last day in peace and happiness..
My eyes begin to close.. who will carry my daughter home? Daddy blood.. daddy you’re closing your eyes, Krishna said crying..
No babe.. daddy just wanna rest, I said… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
OOOOO…. I heard Anika voice and Bryan.. I smiled.. now my daughter is save..
Anika run to me and held me on her lap.. Krish please wake up, she said crying. Come on Anika..
Krishna is here don’t make her sad… I took the all my properties documents from my pocket.. happy birthday babe, I said..
Anikka take Krishna from her and tell her that I travel and will not be coming back soon.. please tell her that I love her so much.. tell her I missed her every day…
Tell her she’s my life and I love her . Tell her that Im watching over her, I whispered in her ears and she nodded..
She carry Krishna in my car and Bryan took me to the hospital..
Anika POV
I call Rosie to come for Krishna and I followed behind Bryan.. I met Bryan eyes all red.. what happened to him? Answer me Bryan, I said and he just hug me..
Please tell me he’s okay.. please tell me, I said crying in his chest. He’s gone Anika, he said..
What? I asked.. no no , this is not happening right? I asked him.. Krish is so good. So good he doesn’t deserve to die.. what about his uncle?
Did the police catch him? I asked him.. Yes.. he and his tug has been arrested, he said..
Where is Krishna? He asked me. She’s with Rosie, I said.. she loves him so much, he said and I nodded..
She must not know about this.. Krish don’t want her to be hurt.. he doesn’t want her to forget him.. he wants her to always missed him so she won’t know about it, I said and he nodded..
His body has already been taken to the morgue.. I said Caroline coming in with tears..
Oh my gosh she knows..
She walked up to me and slap me.. you have finally succeeded into killing him.. she said crying.
What are you talking about? I didn’t kill him.. shut up you piece of trash, she said laughing..
Why will he even be foolish to risk his life to save your child.. why do he love you so much? Why everyone loves you so much?
I hate you Anika, she said laughing and explain how she did things to me. She explained all that and I was shock…
I wipe my tears.. leave now or I’m gonna forget you was my friend.. I will forgive you because you was once my friend.. bit if I ever see your ugly hard bitchy face again, I’m gonna kill you myself, I said and she stomp out..

Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson.
All rights reserved
Chapter 26
Two weeks later.
Anika POV
Today is krish funeral and Krishna is staying with Rosie… she keep asking for her daddy krish and I just don’t know.. I feel like when she’s around me I might spill the beeds..
his uncle is dead.. Some one he hurt long ago kill him in prison.. The guy was already in prison and says he can’t go to jail twice…
Now that I need Bryan the most he’s avoiding me.. Can you imagine?
Standing to the burial ground I had krish song book in my hands.. I remembered he asked me to look at it and it stated I should sing it at his funeral..
Its weird because its a romantic song which maybe I suppose to sing for Bryan but I’m singing it here..
I’m doing this because its his last wish and Bryan also insist because he was a good guy..
Through trials times…
Through happiness….
Throughout my life, I will always love you……oh….
Cause you bring me happiness…. The world can never described.. Oh
You thee only one that makes me smile….
The spark in your eyes.
The sound of your voice…… oh….. ..
The smiled on your lips..
I whisper to myself…
I love you from a distance……
Oh a distance….
The look when you smile. Oh oh….
You a rose just like your name….
From the first time I set my eyes on you…
I love you, Rosie, I ended…
I gasp and smile at the same time.. Krish secretly love Rosie..
I turned the page..
I gasp again.. He’s making me to do nonsense but okay since its his final wish…
He didn’t have a chance to say it so I’m gonna do it for him.
He did so much for me…
Rosie is actually watching this right now…
Umm, Rosie, I so much love Anika till now… I mean her love override all love because she’s my first love.. You know how first love thing looks..
I can killed for her.. I can die for her also.. Funny right? Okay I know.. But guess what? I love you too.. I secretly love You…
Well I didn’t tell you because you’re beautiful… because beautiful girls always have that lucky girl… and me being me I don’t like to ruin others relationship…
Its an amazing feeling loving you secretly…. I love you yes.. If you’re hearing this then I’m already dead…
In my next life I pray you’re not taken… I can rip my heart off because of you…. I lOVE YOU ROSIE
I smile tears as I got through reading it.. Everyone clap.. We throw the roses on the casket before it enter the ground ..
I couldn’t help but cry… Hayden grab me.. Hey I’m here for you, he said and I nodded..
Why Bryan’s ignoring me? I asked him. Nothing.. I don’t know.. If you too have issues you should work it out, and stop acting like a kid, he scolded..
Okay sir, I said and he chuckled.. He led me to the car and put me in it.. He drove me home..
I got down and met Bryan entering.. Bryan please wait, I said and he stop.. Why are you avoiding me? I asked him.. Anika we been busy planning krish funeral and we had lots of people around I didn’t want them to be suspicious of us..
You already addressed the media saying the photo I posted about you was a Photoshop…
I Photoshop your picture because I’m obsessed with you.
Do you want to look like a lair? You know people are also calling me a stalker.. Wherever super star Kylie is the great Bryan Salvador is there..
I took all that in recently because it was about Kristen.. He stood 100% to my babe.. And he was a good guy but not cause of you… I had enough Anika..
You don’t expect me to be a dummy do you? He asked me..
I look at him and he walk away..
Gosh why I’m i ruining my relationship? I follow him up. Bryan… I called.. Anika I need a rest please, he said and I nodded..
But I so much love him. This is more then a punishment Bryan, I said and he didn’t answer me.
I suddenly feel nauseous.. I run in the bathroom and puke…
Gosh hectic day.. Will see the doctor tomorrow…
I met Bryan on his computer.. His phone begin to ring. I look at the caller. Alexa.. He answer..
Hey, he said and had that kinda smile on his face.. Why will he smile when talking to her?
Umm yeah, that’s cool, he said… oh really? I will be there, he said and I grab the phone from his ear and smash it on the ground…
What’s wrong with you Anika? He asked me.. I don’t know.. What’s wrong with you Bryan? Why are you talking to her? I asked him and he ignore me..
You know what? I don’t get you, he said changing his clothes..
Where are you going Bryan? I asked and he ignore me.. He’s meeting Alexa.. I swear I’m gonna break bottle on the both them head today..
He went out.. I quickly change into something better.. I got in my car and follow behind him. Bryan you gonna get a taste of my raft today, i took four bottle of empty drink with me.
I enter the compound and saw his car park.. He’s gonna see me today.. I got down with the bottles in my hands and enter their house..
The place was little dark.. I mean the lights was off.. Shameless woman.. Bryan!!!! I shouted.. What? Anika what are you doing here? I heard her voice but couldn’t see her
I trace her voice.. I lifted my hands to hit her head when the lights came on…
Surprise….. They said as Bryan quickly held my hands down.. A handsome guy walk in.. Well not handsome compare to Bryan…
He smiled.. Happy birthday babe, she said kissing the guy.. The bottles was still in my hands…
What are you doing here Anika? And with bottles too, he added.. I thought… I thought, I said statturing… you thought I’m cheating on you right? He asked and I nodded..
No, that’s Luke.. Alexa babe daddy.. Today is his birthday and she have a surprise party for him, he explained…
I’m sorry, I said,going out.. This is so crazy.. I’m crazy.. Everyone is crazy.. Mom doesn’t wanna talk to me.. We settled it right? I asked myself..
Bryan didn’t even run after me.. Like WTF?
Rosie POV
I smile as I watched the funeral.. I also love him secretly.. Gosh, he has to died now.. I smiled cry .. Aunty what happened? Krishna asked me..
Nothing sweetheart, I said cupping her cheeks in my palms.. Aunty I want to see daddy krish.. Mom says he travel umm America..
Can you please take me there? She asked.. Umm.. Daddy will soon be back soon..
Come here he left a message for you, I said opening my phone.. An old recording though.
Hey babe, aww you look so cute.. Imma come for you sooner.. Umm we gonna travel the world together.. Aww don’t make that face..
You so cute.. Look at me babe.. Kisses, he said sending her invisible kiss..
Daddy love you and will always love you okay? You should always love daddy too, he said and the recording end..
I smiled cry… she smile.. I love you too daddy, she said smiling.. I will wait for daddy aunt Rose, she said kissing my cheeks.
Aww you’re so cute, I said and she smile again.. She look at me.. Oh oh, please don’t give me that cornflakes look.. Your mom gonna kill me if she finds out that you’re eating it, I said and she giggled..
I won’t tell.. I promise, she said and I smiled.. I mix her cornflakes for her in a bowl and give it to her.. I put her favorite channel on and Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn was showing.. She begin to laugh at whatever she was looking at why I was busy looking at krish pictures..
He always been my favorite kpop idol..
Anika POV
I can’t believe I’m carrying Bryan second child.. Gosh I’m so happy now..
And I too have a surprise for him too.. I already set the venue. Okay, now I’m gonna make things right. .
The media was already there.. Everyone was already there.. It only remain Bryan.. How I’m gonna get this man to come down here?
He’s so stubborn now.. I called him.. Bryan please help.. I’m kidnap bb, I said giving him the location..
Anika wait babe, he said.. Okay honey, I said.. I’m coming he said and I hung up..
Gosh that was so… man he’s gonna be angry but that won’t last..
I was already nervous.. I wore a nice dress with slim hand and it had rose design with pink diamonds on it..
Mommy breath, Krishna said.. Yeah sweetie.. Go be with aunt Rosie, I said and she nodded..
Anika are you in here? I heard him saying.. What man come to save his woman and shout? The kidnapper will end up kidnapping you too, I said and the light turn on..
He quickly hug me.. Are you okay? He asked and I nodded.. He redraw from the hug, and look around.. Oh my gosh Anika I’m sorry.. I mean the media and gosh the hug, he said and I smiled..
I hug him this time around.. I kissed him passionately.. He wanted to pull but I held him tight..
I redraw from the kiss and look at him.. I love you so much Bryan, I said and he smile..
I turn and face everyone.. Today I confess to the whole world that Bryan Salvador is the man of my dreams.. I love him.. Yes I love him..
Yes not obsesse with me. In obsessed with him.. I was selfish.. I wanted the fame.. I didn’t wanted to ruin my career..
But no.. That’s not right.. He excepted me when I was poor.. He didn’t judge me or say he’s rich so he can’t identify with me..
Bryan Salvador I love you so much.. Very much.. Words is in adequate to express.. And he didn’t Photoshop my picture..
We are actually staying today.. We also have a kid.. Krishna come here babe, I said and she did.. She’s beautiful and these two is my life..
And I’m proud to say we are expecting another one.. Yes I’m pregnant for Bryan Salvador, I said and he look at me shockly..
Oh mine.. I’m gonna be a father again Anika, and this? He asked smiling.. I just nodded and he pick me me from the floor and begin to spin me around..
I chuckled.. Bryan you’re turning our babe eyes, I said and he chuckled..
I’m sorry he said putting me down.. I’m about to do the unspeakable now..
I went down on my knees . what are you doing? He asked me.. I ignore him..
I took out the box in my hands.. Bryan Salvador.. You have been my number one crush.. I always had a crush on you..
And fate brought us together.. My happiness knew no boundaries.. And then you asked me to be your girlfriend..
Gosh.. I couldn’t asked for more.. We went through our trails time..
Even when we was not together, I send those threatened messages to your girlfriends because I couldn’t stand it.. I couldn’t stand you loving another woman beside me..
I love you till i die.. My love for you is so unspeakable now.. Will you marry me? Please don’t say no, I said and he smile.. Anika get up, he whisper.
No Bryan.. Marry me first, I said.. Yes I will marry you over and over again Anika, he said and I slide the ring on his finger.. He held me up and kiss me passionate..
He went down on his knees too.. He took up a box of pearl ring.. Pearls is so rare where did he get that from?
You know I been carrying this box around and scare to asked the questions..
I love you so much.. You’re my forever.. You’re the love of my life.. My better half.. My cupcake.. My babies mama..
I love you Anika Veneer.. Will you please do me the honour of becoming Mrs Salvador? He asked and I smile tears..
Yes yes, I said happily as he slide the ring on my finger.. I smile as he kiss me again..
Awww, Krishna said and Bryan pick her up.. I love you too babe, he said kissing her cheeks..
We smile and our pictures was taken.. It feels so good to be happy….
Caroline POV
I smile.. And Anika think she gonna be happy why I’m sad? I’m gonna hurt her and that Rosie..
Kristen is mine alone, just you wait there Rosie..
Kristen is mine alone.. Dead or alive he’s mine alone, I said poofing the smoke out of my mouth…
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 27
Anika POV
You’re looking beautiful, Rosie said and I smiled.. wow today happens to be my wedding. I’m so happy
The priest is waiting for you Anika, my mother said and I smiled.. I just remembered that I suppose to be outside..
You’re looking beautiful my daughter, she finally said and I smiled..
Thanks Mom, I said and she hug me.. you have made the right decision dear.. she added before releasing me from the hug..
I went outside and she walk me down the isle.. Rosie is my maid of honor.. Krishna is my flower girl while my little brother
Is my ring bearer..
I smiled as Kristen song play in the back. Love Never Gets Old..
He was indeed a great singer and I still missed him.. Bryan wanted us to get marry before I put to bed..
My mom smile at Bryan.. take good care of my daughter, she said to him.. I can assure you that mom, he said and she smiled..
Okay I trust you, she said to Bryan while she kissed my cheeks..
My daughter smiled.. she’s the richest kid ever.. At her little age her wealth is so pronounce.. the priest clear his throat before I came back to reality..
Let us first do a short prayer before we start this ceremony, he said and everyone did a little now.. we pray after he turned to Bryan and myself.. I’m sure getting nervous now.. Hey look at me, he said and I did..
He did a little looped sidded smiled.. I’m here, he whispered and I nodded.. umm we gonna start with the bride, the priest said and I was kinda sweating even when the AC is on..
Do you Anika Veneer take Bryan Salvador to be your lovely wedded husband, in good times and bad time? In sickness and I good health? In wealth and wealth? Bryan specially told the priest to say that because he believes he won’t go into poverty..
Through his mood swings, as long you both live?, Till death do you two apart? The priest asked me.. yes I do, I said and he smiled..
Do you Bryan Salvador take Anika Veneer to be your lovely wedded wife , in good times? In sickness and in good health? In wealth and wealth? Through her mood swings,as long you both live? Till death do you two apart? The priest asked him..
He look in my eyes and smile.. yes I do, he said and everyone clap for us..
I believe you two have your vows written, the priest said and we both smiled..With You, I forget all my problems. With You, Time Stands Still.We come to love by not finding the perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
When I fell for you, I fell Hard If I ever write a story about my life, don’t be surprised if your name appears billion times.I want you to be happy, but I want you to be happy with Me. I love you way to much Bryan…
I said sliding his ring in his finger and he smile..
Loving you felt like leaving my apartment and not being able to remember if I locked the door.Yours is the kind of love, I’ll never wake up from.Like a warrior, my heart was meant to fight battles.Nothing Can replace you!I love you.
That’s all I know.You take me out my comfort zone without making it uncomfortable.I want you today, tomorrow, next week, next year and for the rest of my life. He said sliding the ring on my finger as I smile..
It fitted perfectly.. Everyone begin to clap. Some were even wiping their tears.. I guess it was the vow that had them crying.. I never knew Bryan can be this romantic with words..
With the power invested in me by God, I now pronounce you husband and wife.. You may now..
Bryan and I was already kisding before the priest could end his statement.. He chuckled as we withdraw.. I didn’t ended my words, the priest said..
Sorry father it was all Bryan’s fault, I said .. Its her fault, Bryan retorted and I smile.. Look at us, we are even fighting now..
Bryan lift me up and carry me in a bridal stlye.. The security open the door and he put me in.. You look so beautiful in that dress, he complimented and I smile. You don’t look bad either, I said
The driver drove to Bryan newest mansion.. The one the after party was held in.. Bryan open the door and carry me in.. We both sat on the bridal table as food and drinks was being serve to us..
I got up.. Where are you going? Bryan asked me.. Don’t rush Mr Salvador, I said and he smile.. Okay Mrs Salvador, he said..
I took microphone from the Mc.. Good evening ladies and gentlemen.. I wanna take this time and opportunity to thank you guys for coming to celebrate with us..
As per now, I wanna delicate this song to my husband.. The love of my life, I said and Bryan smile
The song title is LOVE OF MY LIFE
When I first saw you…
I knew you was the one for me..
The night was so cool .. Ah…
But you look in my eyes..
You whisper those words in my ears..
Oh……. Oh …
Though we fight , though we had our test of time…..
Through the rain ,through the sun ……
Oh …..
Looking in your eyes…
Under the moonlight…
Nothing more I can asked for..
You holding me in your arms…
Kissing my lips…
Claps could be heard everywhere..
Bryan smile and went for me on stage…
He kiss me.. Wowwwww…. Awwwww, we could hear voices..
I smile.. Thanks babe.. You’re THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, he said and I smiled..
You’re so naughty, I said as Bryan held me in his hands.. He kiss me lightly.. Oh.. That’s sweet, I said and he smile..
He laid me on the bed and unclad me. I smile and he smile too.
I’m so lucky that I have this man as my own. I’m so lucky I get to called him my man…
The almighty cold Bryan… I was thinking so much and I didn’t know when he thrust in me..
I smile as he begin to ride me.. He’s so good at this. ..
Author POV
Bryan dam you petty ass. Bring your petty ass down here..I’m gonna killlllllllllllllll the hell outta you … she said breathing faster..
I’m sorry honey, he said carry her to the car with the babe bag in his hands.. he has suffer the past months.. Anika mood swings is terrible when pregnant…
The driver begin to drive. My fucking cake, she said. Here ma’am, he said giving it to her. He chuckled softly
What funny huh? I don’t want the cake anymore.. my chocolate, she order and he give it to her.. she take. a bite and look at his face..
Bryan while are you frowing? She asked crying. I’m sorry babe.. I’m smiling now, he said and she nodded.. just give me my ice cream.. I don’t want the chocolate again,she said and he did…
They literally had everything in the car.. during those periods Bryan became a hour boy. She cried of going out and they will have all her craving food in the car so it was not strange now..
The driver pack in the driveway and the nurses brought stretcher for her and put her in it..
One nurze look at her and made it to laugh because she had ice cream all around her lips but Anika give her an evil glare and she position her face…
She turn to face Bryan in a flirting manner.. young lady will you take me on or you want me to disfigured your face? Anika asked her.. Bryan will you come here and hold my hands? She asked and Bryan went closer to her
I’m sorry he said and she was carry inside.. The doctors was already waiting.. the put her on the bed and change her clothes…
Ma’am at the count of three I want you to push, the doctor said and Anika nodded in pains while holding her husband hands..
Okay… one, two, three.. push, the doctor commanded.. Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhj
She cried while pushing..
Just like the first time she had also wounded Bryan just how she did Krish but Bryan own is worst…
She even grab him by his collar… yes ma’am you’re almost there just push harder this time the doctor said..
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she said before stoping…
Okay the babe is almost out.. just a little this time, the doctor said and she push the last time making her to lost consciousness… the little cries fill the place..
It was a cry of a little babe boy. He was 100% his daddy.. Bryan smiled as he held the child in his hands.. he’s so cute, he said.. sir we need to clean him, the nurse said.. oh I’m sorry, Bryan said giving the child to the nurse to clean..
His family was already outside… come on in, he whispered and his mother smiled.. it’s a boy mom. Can you imagine? It’s a boy, he said smiling and she hug him..
How’s Anika? His mother asked.. she passed out but will soon wake up,he told his mother.. they brought the new born baby.. can I hold him? His mother asked and he nodded..
She was so happy holding he grandson in her hands.. he’s a total replicate of you ,she said to Bryan and he chuckled…
Yes mother, he said smiling.. thanks wifey, he said kissing Anika forehead… Rosie and Krishna enter not too long…
Krishna was so excited to see her little brother.. can I hold him grandmom? She asked.. yeah, she said giving Krishna her little brother but she help yo hold him because Krishna was still little to carry a child in her hands…
After few minutes Anika got up… she smiled softly.. you’re awake honey, Bryan said and she nodded… can I hold him? She asked and he nodded..
They give Anika her son to hold… what’s his name? She asked.. Umm Bryan Hayden Ralph Salvador, the two brothers who walk in said at the same time..
That’s many, Anika said smiling… okay Bryan Hayden Ralph Salvador is it, she said looking at how cute her son is and she suddenly feels do blessed..
She has a complete family… what matter is they’ll love each other so much and they are happy to top it up..
Two months later
Aww I don’t wanna missed that celebration, Rosie said.. me too aunt, Krishna said.. today is Anika birthday… Krishna has been staying with her aunt Rosie who has already spoilt her..
They got in the car and Rosie begin to drive… Krishna suddenly begin to cry.. hey honey what is it? Rosie asked her.. I’m missing my daddy already..
He doesn’t stay this long when he travel auntm. Doesn’t daddy love me anymore? She asked crying and Rosie stop the car.. aww don’t cry babe..
Their car was surrender.. Rosie became scared.. she hide little Krishna face in her chest…

The door of their car open..
A hefty guys order them to come down which Rosie abid by.. aunt what’s going on? Krishna asked.. umm nothing serious honey… don’t worry I’m here okay, Rosie said assuring the little girl..
She didn’t wanted her to be scare too.. get it, the guys order and they did..
The car drove to a warehouse and they came down.. Caroline smiled as she saw Rosie and Krishna… you little brat my husband is dead because of you, she said pushing Krishna Head..
Aunty Rose I don’t like this aunty already, Krishna said crying.. I’m sorry honey.. what do you want from us? Rosie asked?. You think Kristen can love you secretly and I let you go free?
I’m a genius right? You guys didn’t expect this I bet.. I wanna hurt you and Anika because I hate you both.
Kristen love Anika in the past that’s make me hate her and he loves you in the present that also makes me hate you too. He died for this brat who ends up being Anika daughter that’s why make me hate this brat also..
Come to think of it.. I killed this brat and Anika suffer from child lost.. isn’t that smart of me? Caroline asked laughing harder..
Look leave this child outta this okay, Rosie said.. shut up, Caroline said slapping her making blood to come from in Rose mouth..
I’m gonna make this super quick for you two.. I promise you won’t feels any pains, she said.. guys take them and make it quick..
Give them a very quick death.. give the little girl one bullet and the big one two, she said and the guy nodded.. just when they was carrying Rosie and Krishna they heard a voice..
Stop there you bastard, Krish said.. And I started to see his spirit also.. I so much love this guy, Caroline said… let go of them,she said and the guys nodded…
Daddy you’re back, Krishna said running to Krish who just picked her up. . Yes babe, I’m sorry for staying long, he said kissing her cheek…
Caroline what’s wrong with you? He asked her… oh I love you so much, she said smiling… I can see that. And what you think you was about to do to my daughter? He asked her again…
Killed her ofcourse… she’s the reason you’re dead, she said mm I’m alive and talking to you in the flesh, he said and Rosie smiled..
She couldn’t help the tears that blink down her eyes.. he look at the officers he brought with him… arrest, he said and her men wanted to run away but was caught..
Bitch, the other one said shooting her and she die on the spot… Kristen look at Rosie.. he put Krishna down and went to Rosie…
Rosie just kiss him and he reciprocate the kiss and Krishna close her little eyes with her palms..
They withdraw… I love you, he said and she smiled.. I love you too Kristen,she said and he smiled…
Let’s go or we might missed Anika birthday.. he said and Rosie smiled.. yes let’s go, she said and Kristen lead them to the car.. he drove to Bryan and Anika mansion..
Happy birthday Mrs Salvador, Kristen said and Anika was shock.. she took her time to turn around… she wipe her eyes good to make sure…
Krish? Is that you? She asked… yeah Anika, he said and she hug him tighty.. how dare you disappeared huh? She asked him..
I didn’t disappeared Anika.. I been with you guys but Damm you didn’t see me.. I was Bryan best man on your wedding… why you think I didn’t remove my mask huh? He ask..
What? How come I didn’t Know? I was the doctor also.. the one who attend to you when you was giving birth.. I was always watching you guys, he said and she smiled..
But why you didn’t come? Your uncle is dead, she said.. yeah but he had his loyal men outside and I didn’t wanted to risknit he said but I couldn’t help when Caroline was going to killed two important people from me, he said referring to Krishna and Rosie.
Huh? Anika said.. yeah but she dead now.. we can live a peaceful and happy life… happy birthday onece more, he said
. This is the best birthday ever, she said smiling and turn to Bryan…
So you knew all this while? She asked and he struggled.. he made me promise not to tell, Bryan said and Anika smiled..
Thy did a group hug..
Their lives was complete and happy ..

Sorry,I cut this part of the story
Kristen POV
After Bryan rush me to the hospital I was quickly transfer to the States . I asked Bryan to fake my death.. I was just so lucky to life..
My operation was successful thanks to God for that..
I was so lucky a doctor came with cure for the poison.. I couldn’t be more happy then that..
I came back to the Philippines… I was in touch with Bryan but didn’t wanted Anika to find out..
I watched over Krishna and Rosie since she was staying with Rosie.. I attended his wedding by wearing a mask which was so weird…
I so much wanted to be with them but it was because if my uncle tugs..
Bryan happened to gathered evidence of them which the police ended up arresting them making me a free man again…