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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 21
Anika POV
Today they’re discharging me from the hospital… look at her.. She’s smiling, Kristen said.. He has been doing that for the past one hour plus now…
Krishna is so lively and cute to be around.. I’m so lucky to have her in my life… she’s a angel..
Kristen insist on doing every like changing her clothes including pampers… he’s such a sweet guy.. You know, Krishnan take after Bryan, he suddenly mentioned his name.
I look at him. I’m sorry ma’am, he said. He’s only fun to be with when he’s around me but dam serious when outside there..
You ready? He asked and I nodded.. We walk outside. The bills was already paid by him..
Kristen? I called and he turn.. Yeah? He said and I hug him. Tears drop off my eyes…
I’m so grateful for what you have done… I don’t know what was going to happened if you wasn’t there ..
I was staying on my own.. Who could have taken me to the hospital? And this love? Who could have shown it to Krishna if you wasn’t here…
I’m so grateful for you and thanks so much for being there for me for the past three months..
It was never a mistake knowing you back then.. I so much appreciate you. You’re the bested friend ever, I said and he smiled…
Its nothing Anika… you’re my friend.. I was helpless back in the Philippines but your friendship brought a meaning into my life…
Now this is nothing compared to your friendship, he said and I smiled…
We got in the car and the security drove to my mansion.. The babe room was already decorated by Kristen even though I wanted to do it myself but he’s perfect also…
The things was just two much for a four days old babe.. He lay her in her crib and begin to sing for her…
She’s not even crying Kristen, I said.. That’s because she’s listening to me singing for her, he said.. But she wasn’t even crying, I said… that’s because she knew I was going to sing for her, he answer again..
There you go, I said laying on the bed..
Umm what you wanna eat the maid will bring it, he said.. Speggette and meatballs with milk, I said and he nodded…
He went outside and I brought Krishan from her crib and laid her beside me…
See sweetheart,you’re blessed after all… you have a mommy who love you so much and a uncle who care and love you more…
You don’t need a Salvador in your life… you’re way too beautiful for their liking, I said wrapping my hands in her tiny hands…
Writer POV
The door of the white Benz open and Mr Salvador came out.. he’s more cold then before.. he walked out of the car as he mentain his serious face..
He took his shades off and walk to his office.. he enter and put his laptop on..
He began to do some work on it.. he actually given up on Anika as he turns to play boy. But a very dangerous one too..
People say easy water runs deep.. Bryan became a womanizer without anyone knowing..
He fuck anyone and throw money at them.. he doesn’t believe in love again… what is love if yo can’t forgive your partner? What is love if you don’t fight for the relationship?
I should have given up when I found out about her status but I didn’t,he said..
His secretary enter his office looking at him seductively… she has been his fling for quite a while now.. she had on a short black dress. It show all her cruve and it was very short like a sluty slut
He smirked… he got up from his chair and walk up to her.. he’s a woman whore but doesn’t kiss them.. never.. he pulled her close to him..
Now beg me slut, he said and she smiled.. fuck me boss, she said.. she dare not called him Bryan..
He ripped her dress off and bend her on his table.. he didn’t even carry her in his room. He has a room in his office..
She smiled as she enjoyed the way he was handling her roughly.. He shift her pant on the ground..
Beg me again bitch, he said.. fuck me boss, she said.. he wore his condom and put his rod into her deep p***y ..
He began to ride her roughly… no love… no passion.. just a mere sex.. he cum and push her…
He throw a bundle of cash on her.. hurry up and get out!!!!!! He rise his voice and she flinch…
In that process Rosie enter his office.. what? She said shock of the scene she met infront her..
She can’t believe her brother will fuck his worker.. she never thought that day will come as she saw her brother as a very decent man..
What had gotten into you Bryan? She asked him.. she turned to his secretary.. you’re fired and I don’t want to see you anywhere closer to my brother ever again, she said and the slut begin to cry.
I’m sorry ma’am this is the only area I work to survive, she said begging Rosie..
And you think I care about that huh? Rosie asked her.. please ma’am,she said crying.. Rosie ignored her.
You will paid for this, she said.. get out now before I do something crazy to you!!!!! Desperate whore, she added and the girl run out..
Rosie why are you here? And when you arrive? Bryan asked his sister…
She look at him in disgust . You disgust me Bryan.. what if it was Anika who walked in here now what will her reaction be?
I mean she caught you cheating on her and she barge on you like this huh?
Go Rosie… I will meet you home later, he said… yes I will go home but not your home… and don’t dare come to my house, she said stumping out..
Don’t you dare talk to me like that and walk outta my presence young lady!!!! Bryan shouted over his voice.. so what if Anika met me in thay position?
She left me doesn’t she? I love her so crazily but she left me.. she chooses to go.. she didn’t even here me out. Even if I’m wrong which I know of she should still here me out and give me a second chance..
Instead she left me alone with no good bye… nothing at all.. Damm you Anika.. you’re playing with my freaking brain and making me go nuts…..
You want me to go insane because of you huh? Well you have succeeded in doing just that … he took a bottle of whiskey and begin to drink it..
I’m insane Anika and it’s all your fault… you disappeared in the thin air.. hahaha.. funny with all the money I have I can’t find you..
With the best private investigators,I still can’t find you… Now I have come to a conclusion that you don’t wanna be found and I have also come to a conclusion that you didn’t love me…
O guessed all was fake.. yes you wasn’t after my money like others but your love was a fake.. you didn’t stand for it…
Look at how you left me..A drunker and a man whore… I wasn’t like this.. you was the first girl I made love to and I was the first man you made love to too..
But you decide to leave and my sister finally hate me for good.. gosh my life is such a mess now, he said smashing the bottle on the wall.
Rosie POV
I can’t believe Bryan will be this way after happened between he and Anika.. Now I’m back, I’m gonna faced that Angela of a witch..
Why did she returned when my brother suddenly moved on with his life and gotten over her..
First I need to apologise to Bryan.. he’s my bigger brother and he loves me so much.. I should be the one understanding him but I was angry and you can’t blame me..
I know he’s frustrated about the fact that Anika left without a Trace.. everyone left him alone when he needed us the most… Hayden left.. Ralph left including me because we was angry..
Im gonna meet him later and apologize to him.
I dress up and drove to Bryan house.. I pack my car and got down. I breathe in.. why I’m I nervous to face my own brother?
Maybe because I talked to him bad that’s why.. I walked in and met mom and Angela sitting down..
Hi Mom, I said.. hi babe.. when you arrived? She asked me and I nearly scoffed like she care..
I ignored her. What are you doing here? I asked referring to Angela.. I invited her Rose, my mother said..
And why mommy dear? I asked her. Don’t talk to me with that tongue young lady, she said..
Anyway, Angela is here because I’m getting old and need a grand child… Bryan is also getting old and will need a woman since the trash is finally out of the way, she said..
Mom why are you doing this to Bryan huh? When will you realized that all the suitors you find for him is nothing but a trash and a whore. Oh I forget the gold digger part..
Do you even love us? We grow up on our own… at age 16 I had my own house and move in it but you wasn’t care mother dear.. shut up Rose..
Bryan had spoilt you alot.. he bath you with wealth and his affection.. maybe you doesn’t know it yet that he have to give all that to his woman..
I know that mother , I said cutting her short.. he has but not this one here.. it’s Anika or nobody.. And you, I was planning on seeing you but thanks you show your plastic surgery face up here..
A shameless whore is who you’re, I said and she stands up.. shut up Rose, mother said.. I won’t mother.. you’re the Master planner for all this, I said..
I turned to Angela.. you’re a cheap whore.. I said and she slap me.. she just fall into the trip that o set for her..
I grab her hair and begin to pull her around.. let go of my hair you bitch, she said crying…
Shut up… I said slapping her face hard.. this is what you get when you open your cheap legs to someone husband which happens to be my brother…..
Stop this nonsense now Rose, mother said.. still out of this mother, I said still pulling her hair… what’s going on here? Bryan asked and I let go..
She begin to cry.. what huh? Because I love you so much that’s hy your little brat here wanna kill me? She asked him. Don’t you dare called my sister a little brat before I make you regret it!!!!! He said..
Now I asked what’s going on here? He asked again.. how about you asked our darling mother who brought you a prostitute as a wife, I said.. stomping my feet to the ground…
Bryan dear…. Enough mother!!!! Bryan cut her off with his hands up.. I personally remembered telling you not to come to my house until invited mother.
I will asked you to leave now before the security put you out… one more thing… my life is already ruined so don’t do anything to it again..
You can marry Angela if you want to.. now the both of you out if my house and I don’t want to see you two faces..
It just disgust me the more, he said climbing the stairs to his room.. he’s the only one who love you more and respect you alot among your 4children but you make him to lost that mother..
Leave now you have already cause enough in his life, I said leaving her shock as she and the whore left the house…
I walk to Bryan room and knock the door.. come in, he said and I entered..
I’m sorry, I said and he nodded.. thanks for forgiving me.. I will die if you’re mad with me… I promised to change,he said and I nodded…
Thanks, he said.. no thank you, I said..
Come here,he said pulling me into a hug..
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 22
2 years plus later
Lele POV
A lady walk out of her car with lots of securities behind her… She smiled.. she’s rich and classic… her dressing sense was so classic and smell with money..
Her shades can buy a entire house.. her purse, her rings,her necklace.. they all worth millions of dollars..
She smiled.. people faint when she smiles.. welcome,she to a guy why hugging him..
Dada…. A little beautiful princess sqeaul behind her.. Aww my babe, the guy said holding her in his hands..
Missed you daddy, the little girl said.. missed you too Krishna and you have grown up in a month time, Kristen said…
That’s because you promised not to come if o don’t be beautiful and big.. she said smiling..
Enough now Krishna sweetheart.. let’s get going, Kylie ( Anika) said and Krishna nodded.. they all enter the car and the driver began to drive…
Tell me… how was your show? Kylie asked.. fine, but fan was yielding to see you more, Kristen said and Anika scoffed..
I know but Krishna wanted a little mother and daughter bonding time and I just couldn’t refuse her..
She’s lonely Krish.. I mean I’m not always there for her.. she’s with you more then me, Kylie said..
I know Kylie.. I’m sorry but we have a show in the Philippines in two days…
I didn’t wanted to tell you but I need you on that stage with me.. we’re team and I need my team mate with me..
Daddy did you just mentioned Philippines? Krishna asked from the front seat.. Yes princess.. lovely right? Kristen asked Krishna..
Yeah.. have heard many beautiful things about the Philippines… oh really? You could tug in with me , Kristen said without realizing what he just said. .
Enough Kristen, Kylie said…
Okay….. Kristen reply…
The driver drove in Kylie mansion and they’ll got down.. Kristen carry Krishna inside.. Kylie walk up to her room..
Tell me all that I missed, Kristen said to Krishna… umm mommy and I travel to Dubai… it was fun but could be more funny when you was going to be there…
We went to different shopping malls and Beaches etcetera etcetera… she chuckling.. Dad did you forgot to get me anything? She asked him..
Of course not…
Your birthday is coming up… for your pre birthday gift I get you another set of diamonds necklace but this is more beautiful because the diamonds are pink..
Your favorite color,he added and she hug him… thanks Dad, I love you,she said smiling and he smiled back at her .
She’s so cute and fun to be with.. he actually missed her while he was away.. he missed reading bed time stories to her… he missed braiding her long hair…
She’s the exact replica of Bryan… she has his eyes his color of hair etc.
So can we do daddy and daughter bonding too? Kristen asked pouting his lips.. I thought you never asked dad.. okay… let’s go now, he said and she nodded..
Kristen and Krishna got up from the sofa and carry her to the car and they drove to Krishna favorite ice cream shop….
Anika POV
Memories of Bryan began to flash in my head like it was yesterday he hurt me.. going back to the Philippines is something I never dreamed of doing…
Kristen is a nice guy and I just can’t say no to him… but carrying Krishna with us is such a bad idea but knowing Kristen,his mind is already based on it..
He didn’t take Krishna with him on his show to America because we had a bonding section…
He’s so used to her and like her to be on stage with him when singing.. even when she was still younger he always take get with him..
He love her more than himself.. I sighed.. I shouted at him and that’s wrong of me.. I got up and walked downstairs.. where’s my babe? I asked one of the maids..
They went out ma’am.. she and sir, she said and I nodded… I went to my personal studio.. I have decided to go with him..
I wanna see my mother… maybe it’s time I go back..
I begin to practice some dance moves….
Your moves are beautiful but practice more on your heart Kylie..
Bryan has ever right to his child, Kristen said coming in.. I sighed.. where’s Krishna? I asked him.
She’s sleeping, he said.. Krishna three years birthday is up and the best gift you can give her is showing her Bryan.. he said.
You’re enough for her Kristen.. look I have everything I needed.. wealth, knowledge, power and happiness… I said..
You’re lying Kylie.. if you had, you wouldn’t be stucking Bryan… downloading all his latest pictures… sending threats to people who he’s dating…
That’s unfair to him and you mainly.. why hurt yourself when you can have him.. stop all this it’s insane, he shouted and tears blink out my eyes..
He doesn’t have any right to be happy..
Okay madam I selfish.. just don’t hurt yourself and Krishna, he said going out..
Really? I’m being selfish now? When he was f**king another woman…. I’m selfish now?
Gosh Kristen so unreasonable…
Why will he even called me madam selfish? Dam you Kristen..
Why do my heart still beat at the mentioned of his name?
Why do I send those girls threatening messages? Why do I download his pictures?
Fast forward
Bryan POV
Please Bryan, Rosie said nagging me.. fine, I said.. let me called Lauren, I said.
Okay even though I don’t like her but called her, she said.. Damnit.. she’s so bent on seeing the double K..
I called Lauren and she said she will be here in a jiffy…
I went in my room to get dress up.. I think I need this time too to clear my head..
Lauren is my friend.. not love one but causal friend… she’s a nice girl.. even though she wanted us to be more then friends but I just can’t do that…
I came down and met Rosie already dress up.. I checked my time.. my phone ring and I picked it up…
I’m here, Lauren said and hang up.. let’s go, I said and she nodded..
We walk out and met Lauren outside… hi Rosie, she said smiling.. hi Miss Lauren, Rosie said rolling her eyes..
Come on stop that, I whispered to her…. What? I didn’t do anything, she whispered back to me..
We got in my car and drove to the venue… the place was too crowded… I mean very crowded… thank goodness Rosie book a vip space for us..
We took our seat… the bright light went off.. blue, pink, and purple Disco light begin to pop on..
The crowd went wild… A Korean dude come stage with a little princess in his hands.. he began to wave as the people scream their lungs out..
Even Rosie was shouting…
Thank you Philippines… I love you guys so much. Thanks for the crazy love , he said smiling…
He sat down and put the little princess on his lap…
He began to play the instruments…
The lady walk out.. she was wearing a nude dress with cutted diamonds dripping on it ..
She pack her hair nicely and neat.
That girl, I said to Rosie.. she looks familiar, Rosie said.. that’s Anika Rosie, I said…
Lele POV
Kylie (Anika sings)
Was it only yesterday when I almost died on sorrow
I thought I’ll never get this rid to face all my tomorrows
Was it only yesterday I was left with the broken soul
The emptiness no one understands the pain no one can console
Then there was you at first you were a stranger
It wasn’t even magic but faith brought us together
But you spoke of love and lost
As if you knew mine
You showed me your own scars
Made me believe that I’ll be fine
I thought life was just another loneliness
Until you offer your own weary hands
With your every move
With your every glance
I can’t help but wonder if all this can be worth a second chance
(Bryan jump on stage and sing with her)
I’ve been through it all the doubts and the fears
I lost my faith in love as I got tired of the tears
But you came and stayed
Held my hand through it all you’ve been let go by others
So we can finally be together
I thought life was just another loneliness
Until you offer your own weary hands
With your every move
With your every glance
I can’t help but wonder if all this is worth a second chance
I thought life was just another loneliness
Until you offer your own weary hands
With your every move (ohh the way you move)
With your every glance (And every glance)
I can’t help but wonder if all this is worth
We can build the dreams again
Just you and me
This could be a second chance
The crowd went wild… Kristen clapped… Anika? Bryan called.. what are you doing here Bryan? She asked him.. that song you sang just now… second chance.. can you please give me a second chance? He asked her..
She look at him and couldn’t answer.. mommy you was great up there and this Mister here, Krishna said and Anika pick her up and she kissed her cheeks..
The crowd went wild again as Kristen smiled to himself.. mommy? Bryan asked with so many thoughts running in his head right now..
Did this child called you mommy? Bryan asked.. yes Bryan, she said.. how? Don’t tell me this… no no… we need a better discussion, he said pulling her off the stage..
You guys have a better honeymoon, Kristen shouted from behind them..
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 23
Anika POV
Let go of me Bryan, I said.. Why should I huh Anika? He asked.. Its Kylie, I said.. Mommy who is this man? Krishna asked me..
I ignored her.. Bryan my babe need rest, I said but he didn’t listen… He put us in the car and drove… gosh he’s so stubborn..
Bryan stop this car now or I’m gonna call the police, I said.. He smirk.. And you think o care huh?
He asked from the front.. I swear I’m gonna call them, I said with much seriousness in my voice this time.. He even drive with so much speed with all that I’m saying..
Krishna begin to chuckled.. What is it honey? I asked her.. Mommy the uncle is so cute, she said and I almost smile..
The car stop and it was his penthouse.. He got down and didn’t say a word.. Come sweetheart, he said and Krishna run in his arms.. Such a child..
Good day ma’am… good day sir, the maids greeted and we ignore them..
I walk behind them dumbfully.. He open the door and I enter while rolling my eyes…
So miss Kylie.. I heard a lady who bears that name always drive my girlfriends away by threatening to kill them..
Isn’t that a coincidence that you also bear that name? He asked me.. I didn’t answer sweetheart how old are you ? He whisper to Krishna but I heard it..
I’m turning two in five days time, she said.. Oh really? He asked and she nodded..
You know, you’re so smart just like me, he told her.. Honey go play over there, I told Krishna who just nodded..
Now Anika why run away with my daughter? He asked almost angry… what? How did he know?
Which daughter? I asked him.. Now stop playing dumb with me.. That beautiful babe is mine.. She has my hair and eyes.. She’s the total version of me…
What!!! How dare you called my daughter your child huh? She has a father.. Kristen is her father and she’s a happy kid too, I said..
Okay fine.. I’m calling the doctor now for a DNA test, he said.. Don’t you dare try it or I’m gonna sue you for that.. My daughter has a father and his name is Kristen, I said..
He look at his phone and smile.. Oh really? I think Kristen has already settled this dispute, he said showing me his phone..
Dam you krish.. How dare you tells this idiot about my daughter..
I don’t care Bryan.. She’s my child.. I raise her well. You wasn’t there for her… you didn’t need her.. When here good news was supposed to be shared, you was busy having a hot sex with a prostitute!!!!!!! I shouted before I notice I called their sex hot..
Shhh, he said kissing me.. Let go of me man whore, I said slapping his chest slowly…
Gosh I missed his kiss.. I wanted him to stop but gosh… my body betray me as I responded to his kiss..
Okay fine, are will stop, he said.. What!!! I shouted before holding my mouth..
He chuckled… oh my goodness.. When I was getting into the kiss he just have to ruin it…
You know you can let your proud down and asked me to kiss you, he said walking over for a bottle of wine. No way I’m gonna do that…
I mean why will I do that? He cheated on me in the past and we are not even together then I’m gonna asked him to kiss me? Hell no that’s not going to happen…
He came back with two glasses in his hands. He open the wine…
He pull me some and fall on the couch.. You know you nearly killed me and turn me into some thing that I never which to be, he said and I ignored him..
Right now I need to shower.. And Krishna needs her food… Krishna need to eat her food, I managed to say… she came running to me..
Mommy I want cereal, she said.. Go asked your father, I said turning my back to him..
My father? She asked me.. Yes honey I’m sorry for not telling you… he’s your biological daddy, I said and heive a relieved..
Really? She asked smiling.. I watch as she jump on Bryan… mommy I have two daddies, she said and I smiled..
Yeah but I’m the real one honey.. I’m gonna make up for all the time, Bryan said…
He called one of the maids to fix cereal for Krishna.. Umm she love it with enough milk, I said and he smile again..
Can you stop smiling? I asked him.. Can you stop making me to smile? He asked..
Dam you, I said slowly.. Hear that, he said.. I wanna shower, I managed to say and he smile again…
He stood up.. What are you doing? I asked him.. He ignore me.. Before I knew it I was in his arms.. Put me down you pervert, I said and he smile..
He carry me to his room and open the door to his shower.. He put me down and fill the Jacuzzi.. He put me inside..
Gosh the water is so cold… he rub soap on the sponge.. Anika lift your head up, he said and I obey him like a little girl being control by her mother..
He rub the sponge from my neck and begin to rub it all over my body.. He got through and put clean water on me..
Stand… he commanded and I did.. He took a clean towel and wipe me with it.. Dam I’m so cold…
He carry me on the bed.. He find an over size T shirt.. Your things will soon arrive so wear that in the main time, he said and I nodded…
He went back outside…
I’m soo cold now… I wore the shirt and wrap myself in the duvet.. I know he’s with Krishna so I didn’t bother…
I texted krish.. I’m gonna deal with him when I sees him.. The door open revealing Bryan… he came in with a shopping bag..
You can change into some better… Krishna wanna swim so I think it will be better if we both join her, he said..
What? I’m so cold now, I said to myself.. Okay I will be down with you too, I said.. She’s so full of headaches..
Bryan POV
She came down but not wearing a swimming suit but still sexy.. Anika has change so much.. Rosie is so dying to come but I have to spend more time with them alone before she shows up..
Umm I won’t swim.. You can swim with her but I will watch you guys swim, she said and I nodded.. She carry Krishna in her hands as we walk to the pool..
Daddy I love your house, Krishna said.. This is just my penthouse.. Daddy gonna get you one tomorrow okay… I said and she chuckled..
Umm then I will have three houses already, she said smiling.. She’s so super cute.. I’m gonna love her so much and gosh.. I don’t even know how I’m gonna spoil her with money.
I got to the pool and Anika give her to me.. I enter the pool with her and we both begin to swim.. I had her in my arms as I was swimming alone with her..
She begin to giggle at the touch of water.. Anika sit on the bench with the towel on her lap…
She was drinking mango juice… the way she sip from the glass is so rich.. She has finally make it in life and on her own..
I thought I could help with her success but no.. I’m so proud of her right now but I just don’t like the fact that She’s a celebrity…
Babe is okay for today before you catch cold, I told Krishna who just smile.. Okay dad, she said and I brought her out of the water..
Anika held her and wipe her skin with the towel and we went inside.. I volunteer to bath her and put her to sleep.. I download some kid bed time stories.
I read her few and she went to bed immediately… me and Anika haven’t had a proper conversation yet…
I went in our room and met her wrap up in a duvet.. Guess she’s cold.
I got on the bed and held her close to me.. I kiss her earlobe.. I felt the sensation runs down her body.. I’m gonna make love to her that she won’t even dream of running away again..
Gosh I missed her so badly.. She turn and face me.. I guess she want me kiss her lips but don’t want to say it.
I smile and kiss her lips.. She reciprocate immediately.. She begin to moan as the kiss turn hot..
I trace her collarbone and kiss it so softly.. I went back to her neck as she moan.. I planted a hickey there…
She begin to moan softly.. I’m so sorry for what happened in the past, I said in between our kiss…
I unbutton my shirt cause she has already change into one.. I slide it off and begin to kiss her b**bs passionately as she just moan.
I trace my hand down her V area and rub my hands around it.. Her mouth went to my tips as I groan a little.
She pinch it sending shivers into my body.. I deepened one finger inside her and begin to finger f**k her.. She begin to moan..
She was already wet… she has release her first orgasm… I put her feet around my neck and burial my head inside her as she begin to scream her lungs out..
Thank God the room is sound proof or she might wake our daughter up..
I begin to lick her juice.. She grab the bed sheet and hold tight unto it.. I removed my head and slide my D**k inside her.. I begin to ride her as she made all those sexy sound..
We both cum the same time… she was breathing restlessly.. Gosh, she said and look at me… I’m sorry, I said and she smile…
I’m sorry too for leaving, she said and smile.. I kiss her.. Shower, we need to shower but not cold water, she said and I nodded. .

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANIKA… I said and she just smile..
I love you too, she said standing up.. I carry her in the shower and turn on the hot water.. We both bath and came out..
I have already change the bed sheet..
We drop on the bed and slept off..
Next morning..
Oh my gosh.. I’m so late, she said.. Late for what? I asked her.. I mean I’m so up late.. Krishna can have her breakfast as early as 7am, she said..
Have already fed her with her breakfast.. Now come her let me get you clean so you can eat…
My daughter birthday is in four days time. Rosie and I Wil be doing the planning…
She’s coming over so we can discuss the details, I said.. She’s just a kid and doesn’t need a big celebration, Anika said…
Yes she’s a kid but also a Salvador.. She’s my first seed Anika, I said.. Your mom just call..
Seems she doesn’t know you have returned.. I didn’t tell her though.. I want you to be the one telling her that, I said kissing her..
Now let get you clean, I said carrying her in the shower.. I bath her well and she came out..
I fed her breakfast in bed with candal lit… its was so romentic as she never stop stealing glances from me…
Kristen pov
I sit down drinking coffee when my phone begin to ring.. Sir we lost all evidence against your uncle… The investigator said.. How? How did you guys manage huh? I shouted with so much pains in my voice..
He’s very smart and he knew people was on him.. He cover all his track now it seems he knows you’re alive and looking for you now.
Sir becareful because he’s on you and miss Kylie…. He said and a what escape my mouth..
I hang up.. I don’t know why I’m still scare of him..
Let him leave Anika alone and fight me instead.
I dail her number and she pick up.. Location? I asked her
.. She directed me Bryan penthouse..
I drove to the place.. I got down and enter.. I look at them.. Seems they have settle their dispute.. I’m happy for them..
I need to talk to you, I told Bryan.. Okay, lets go in my study, he said and I follow him.. Seems like I have created enemy for your woman.. I’m sorry I didn’t expect it to reach this far…..
I explained everything to him.. I care for Anika so I don’t want her getting hurt…. Please note time of securities if possible… And my darling Krishna shouldn’t go to anybody..
Her party she should be look at carefully.. My uncle is dangerous… He killed my father and mother.. He attempted killing me but he didn’t succeeded.. Please I beg you, I said looking at him..
Bryan are you even listening to me? I asked him.. Yeah I’m on it.. Just the thought of someone touching my family got me so mad… I’m on it and will help with the investigation, he said and I nodded…
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 24
Author POV
What happening here? Anika asked… umm nothing.. just doing some man to man bonding, Bryan said..
Oh I get it.. you mean man to man chat right? She asked smiling and he nodded..
Krishna wanna see you, she said to Kristen.. okay will be just there, he said and Anika left their presence..
Kristen actually brought toys for her.. he went to his car and brought the toys out and went back into the house..
Daddy… Krishna said running to Kristen… oh my darling princess, Missed you so badly, Kristen said playing with her hair..
Guess what? He said and she pouted.. okay fine… I brought your favorite boll, he said bringing out Barbe doll…
Wow .. princess Barbe is so beautiful and big too Dad, she said and Kristen smiled.. you like it? He asked and she nodded.. daddy, I have another another daddy…
He’s also sweet like you, she said and Kristen smiled again.. just remembered that I will always love you and be there for you,okay… he said and she nodded.
Perfect… umm daddy gonna leave you now but promise to visit you the soonest, okay…
Love you, he said kissing her forehead.. bye now princess, he said going out.
He really gonna missed this beautiful princess.. Kristen has put all he own in the little girl named..
Houses,real estate, companies,schools, hospitals, bars, restaurant, hotels, money all in Krishna name…
He drove to his hotel..
Few minutes later Rosie enter with the whole Salvador squad behind her..
Oh mine.. sister in-law has changed so abruptly, Hayden said and she smiled..
You’re not that bad either.. still dashing,she said and he chuckled.. aww,so sweet, Ralph said..
Is that a hickey on your neck? Ralph asked and she shyly cover it..
Guess our brother doesn’t waste any time, Hayden said and they went for a group hug on Anika ..
We missed you so much.. don’t ever leave us again, they said and she smiled.. sure ,she replied them.. where is Bryan? Rosie asked looking around..
Oh he’s playing with our babe, she said.. babe? They asked together.. yeah, was actually pregnant when I left,she said but couldn’t see them.
Crazy siblings,she said following behind them.. is this for real? Like gosh I’m an uncle, Hayden said..
Aww babe doll, you’re do cute. We’re going to spoil you with our wealth, Ralph said and Krishna chuckled.
You’re so cute.. why are you so cute? Rosie asked Krishna and Anika just chuckled at the question…
Pist…. She said to Bryan and he look at me.. I wink at him.. Anika are you flirting with me? He asked.. of course not..
Umm I’m gonna go for an interview now, she said.. but Anika we need to have a get together.. I mean your mother will be coming over for dinner later, he said and she sighed..
I’m sorry now Bryan but I’m busy.. you see my schedule is so tight, I don’t have time now,she said going into the room and he she follow her..
She changed into a beautiful red dress that had a deep cut on the side with a nude beautiful heels..
She pack her short hair nicely.. Anika where are you going dress up like that? Bryan asked her standing by the door way…
I said I’m going for an interview Bryan,she said..
Seriously? I mean just look at how you dress.. Anika we have a kid .. why will your dress have that deep cut?,
I mean look at that… it’s so exposing… those guys who will be watching you… gosh with those lustful gaze.. I forbid you from leaving the house like this, he said..
Bryan what wrong with you? The last time I checked I’m an idol.. a musician and a model..
Oh just because I have a kid I should now dress like a nun? She asked him and he just look at her confusingly.. like this isn’t the Anika I knew back then …
Anika I’m not repeating myself again.. if you really wanna attend your interview you will have to change that dress and wear something decent or I’m afraid you’re going no where ,he said…
This is my profession Bryan.. you can’t just come from no where and tell me what not to do or do.. you should accept it the sooner the better..
Okay…. I will pretend not to hear all you just said.. my words are final, he said going to her wardrobe and pick a black nice blouse and black trauser and a matching pair of black heels with a brown like coat jacket..
Now you look sexy and presentable for an interview, he said giving it to her…
You don’t expect me to wear that right? She asked him.. of course I expect you to wear that, he said.. now hurry and get dress up I will drop you, he said smiling..
I’m sorry you can’t drop me. I don’t want people seeing us in a gathering or together.. you know my job.. paparazzi and all those stuff.. I’m just not ready for that yet,she said….
What? Are you hiding me? Oh I get it.. you’re so famous now and I’m too low to being seen with..
You know what? I get it Anika.. firstly I’m a nobody to tell you what to do and now this? I think I have enough of you , he said going out..
Babe wait, she said calling him but he didn’t answer.. gosh why cNt he understands huh? It’s no biggie anyway..
She look at the things he throw at her and she wore it and went down but didn’t see anybody.. she got in her car and her driver drove her to where she was going ..
She wore her shades as her security follow her.. oh mine, she’s really here, the interviewer said when she saw Anika..
Welcome Kylie, she said and Anika greeted her back.. Now let get this done with, Anika said..
Okay… we will get the place ready in a sec.. you can have a glass of wine while waiting, she said and Anika nodded..
She give a glass of wine to Anika while they was setting the place..
After a few minutes they was done and Anika was already seated infront of the camera..
Uh we heard that you’re a philippino? The interviewer asked..
Yes I’m, Anika said..
But why do you choose to be a star in Korea instead of here? I mean what make you start your career from there? She asked Anika…
Uh, it’s a tale for another day.. but I will say it was there I realized my dreams, Anika answer her..
Okay what will you say about your partner Krish? The interviewer asked her again..
Well, I will say Krish is a very nice person.. he’s the one who brought my talents to light and a very good friend, Anika answer..
Okay fans are thinking if there’s any lucky guy? The interviewer asked again..
For now I wanna focus more on my career and I don’t think there will be time for that, Anika said..
Okay what words will you like to leave out there to people who you inspired.. people who think of you as a mentor? What do you have to say to those people? The interviewer asked..
I will just say a few words.. Never lost hope of yourself.. Always believe that you can do it no matter the situation or condition you will and can archive that goal and you will be proud of yourself…
Everyone has his own weaknesses but it depends how one used it to make his or herself.. I Love you all ,bye, Anika said wiping her tears..
Wow, you speak so emotional… it’s no wonder you’re everyone role models,she said and Anika smiled..
Thanks ma’am.. it was nice having you on our show today the interviewer said to Anika and she smiled again..
Bryan POV
I turned on the television to watch Anika interview.. I can’t believe she didn’t acknowledge me as her boyfriend or husband or even her babe daddy ..
I mean I can’t do that to her.. I will gladly called her name or carry her with me and show her that’s because I love the hell outta her..
I checked the time and it was passed 8pm.. Anika not home yet..
I went to my daughter room.. she was sleeping… I look at the dinner I made and went back to my room..
I went in the shower and took bath.. I wore my sleeping clothes and went to bed..
I felt someone hugging me to themself.. I slowly open my eyes.. I checked the time and it was passed 10pm..
When you enter? I asked her.. ummm just now, she said and I nodded..
How your interview went? I asked her. Well,she replied.. okay, I said going back to sleep..
She kiss me.. she began to run her hands in my hair.. she suck my nipples.. make love to me, she whispered and I smiled..
I can’t just get angry with her..
We made love that night.. I took pictures of the two of us.. she’s so pretty..
I look at her and she was already sleeping.. I kiss her forehead and decided to post the picture of us..
Caption: my life time partner.. hashtag, my children mother..
In less than a minute, over 500 comments..
I went back to bed..
Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so furious now… how dare you huh? Why did you have to post that picture?
Dam you Bryan… she said cursing and I just got mad.. what’d your problem?
I mean we’re loving and so to marry so what the big deal?, I asked her..
My big deal is my career… do you wanna ruin me? She asked me..
Ruin you,you say? Are you ashamed of us? Of me of Krishna? But she’s always on stage, I said.. yeah on stage with Krish not me…
I have a career to protect here.. my dream and what huh? Kylie why all this noise is about? Kristen asked her walking in..
You asked her because I don’t get her anymore… I feel like I don’t know her anymore…
Bryan wanna ruin me by posting this, she said showing her phone to Kristen…. Umm this is the same reason I’m here..
I watched your interview.. And you not acknowledging your family.. I was sad Kylie and hurt at the same time..
You have a boyfriend who loves you and a beautiful daughter too.. Bryan is well known and influencer..
Girls will kill to be with him and they won’t wait a second to announce it to the world..
I think it’s about time now you do what’s right.. I spoilt you too much.. but I won’t always be around to talk to you, Kristen said..
I’m sorry but this is my dream Kristen.. yes I know Kylie.. dream that I made you realized.. now I’m telling you to realize reality… until then bye, he said going out..
Man you can’t just leave her here with me alone , I shouted behind him..
I went to my room and got dress.. I dress Krishna up too.. where are you going? She asked me…
Somewhere where they will acknowledge our presence, I said.. Bryan she’s a kid and doesn’t need to hear all that, she said.. yeah I know, I answer her and we got in my car…
Daddy are you two fighting? Krishna asked me.. no honey, I love your mommy way to much to fight with her, I said and she smiled..
Where are we going? She asked me.. to see your grand parents, I said and she smiled …
Yeyyyy.. she said happily..