✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistakes--- By Adelaide Clara Asamoah ✍️✍️✍️✍️

(every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good,just for her🌷).
Episode 1🗽
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

My name is Karina Pierce. I an nineteen years of age and I live with my mum in South Korea,Seoul. It has not being long since we lived there because my mum was a midwife in New York city and she got a transfer note from the hospital that she needed to move to South Korea to continue her course of work because they had new interns and old ones were to move to other countries. That was the one the worse day of my life. I left USA,but I also left my memories there behind. Including my crazy friends, Leah and Monique. I was the only brown skin coloured one among them. Leah was European and Monique was Australian, I was the only black American and we made the perfect trio. We were called the '' three barbaes '' in our school. I said my goodbyes to them and arrived at the airport with my mother.
It's being two days now. And the hospital company of Seoul had already prepared a home for us in a very wonderful and conducive environment. Our house was small,compared to the other houses. Because it was explained to us that,it was an estate and only Rish and famous people lived there. There were rules and regulations there and the papers were given to us on the same day. My mum was given a car and a working phone of the hospital.
We had a lot on our hands and my mum had to leave the house the next day to the hospital to ne ushered in,legally and also given the necessary authorities to be working there. I helped her pack everything I to the bedrooms. I was extremely excited that she and I had separate bedrooms because my mum always talks in her sleep and there was no way I would have loved to share a room with her. I had completely loosed appetite. Some neighbours arrived on our small compound to welcome us but I was not interested to meet anyone. I quickly walked upstairs into my room and locked myself up. I layed on the bed with the paper which contained the rules and regulations of the estate. I took my laptop and switched it on. Then I quickly called my friends and face timed.

💻 damn,girl....look at your room! ''. Leah screamed.
💻well duh....
💻it's amazing Karina! Girl I know you miss us and all but there is nothing we can do anymore. You are already there ''.
💻how is everything there? ''. I asked.
💻've being away for just two days and the neighbourhood is as boring as school prom. How is your new neighbourhood? ''.
💻you can't imagine. This place is as quiet as detention girls! I know it's being just two days....but the only thing I heat in the night are the sounds of birds. Ate you girls together? ''.
💻yeah! Mr Westfield gave us a Math test and we need to solve of before school tomorrow ''.

My stupid emotions started getting all over the place and teats fell out of my eyes💧. I only wished I was there with them so we could solve Math together. I was the Maths shack in school and Leah was the Science shack while Monique took over History.

💻 Heeey...don't even go there girlfriend ''. Monique said. '' Don't worry babe,vacation is just two months ahead and we promise to do anything to come visit! ''.
💻yes girl! ''. Leah screamed, trying to lighten the mood.
💻yeah yeah...okay ''.

Back in New York🗽,Leah and Monique had the right to go out without their parents permission, except me. My mum is one of the most controlling mums in the world. And being a back mum,made it even worse🔥. And her hawk eyes were always on me👀. I never got the chance to learn to ne a proper matured adult.

💻sooo...what are you doing right now? ''.
💻errr...not much..just some neighbours downstairs with my mum. You know,the usual welcoming routine ''.
💻what are you holding? ''. Monique asked.
💻can you girls believe, that this estate has rules and regulations, just because it has rich and famous people living here? ''.
💻woah! Really? So now,you ate living with presidents and ministers?! ''. They both exclaimed in happiness.
💻hey....I didn't say that! Am just speaking in the estate's boss own words. All he said was...there are very popular and rich people living in the estate, so they gave us this paper so that we could be able to blend in as time goes by ''.
💻have you read it? ''.
💻nope! They gave it to us last night ''.
💻well then,read it! Let us also hear about it ''. Leah said.
💻okay ''. I unwrapped the paper and looked into it. '' just three rules? ''.
💻read it out! ''. Monique said impatiently.
💻rule number one...too much noise is prohibited. And will cause the estate manager to kick anyone out. Rule number one is to litter around the estate, else they will be sent to court and be made to pay a fine of ten thousands dollars ''.
💻woooah! ''. The girls exclaimed.
💻yep! And third rule not go closer to the Park Empire unless invited ''.
💻what is the Park Empire? ''
💻i really have no idea at all ''.
💻then,better find out before you fall in trouble! ''. Leah said.
💻awww...but those are good rules though ''. Monique said and started concentrating on her test.
💻don't worry Karina, you will be just fine. I know how you feel,but that is how it is in every new environment. You will start making new friends ''. Leah said.
💻but no one will ever replace you girls ''.

They both smiled at me and resumed to their test. Then I realised that I was being a bother to them.

💻okay guys. I will go make something to eat. Chat you girls later? ''.
💻sure ''.

I hanged up and sat on my bed. I looked around the bedroom and signed. It was indeed beautiful. Much more than my old bedroom. My mum and I worked together to arrange clothes, books,makeups in each of our rooms. There was a very big glass window opposite my bed's head. I stood up and rolled the curtains up to look out. My room was on second floor of the building, so I had a very good view of the big and beautiful estate. The houses were big and colourful. Some were made out of glass,and others in red wood and bricks,but the trees and flowers were much more. And there and then,my eyes landed on the most beautiful house in the entire estate. It was more than a mansion. It's undescribable. It's tall and made of glasses from top to down. Some of the glasses were transparent while others weren't. It was like,just two metres away from our house but from where I stood in my bedroom, I could see the entire compound and half of the bedrooms up the mansion. Though things weren't that clear, I believed the house must belong to one very rich person. First, I have to start learning Korean before I can start communicating with people. My mum understood a little, but I knew nothing. The house had a bright green grass compound with flowers everywhere. I only spotted three exclusive cars on the compound, but I believed there were more in their garage and the backyard too. A young lady of my age got out of the house into the compound and started watering the flowers. She was beautiful in her maiden uniform and she had long dark hair and a pale skin.

'' I wish someone watered our flowers! I guess I have to do it myself ''. I mumbled to myself. Then suddenly, a loud knock hit my door. I quickly got to the door and unlocked it,and of course, my iron mother entered with a frown.
'' what the hell is wrong with you Karina?! How could you be so disrespectful?! ''.
'' What....
'' 🤬you knew neighbours were coming to welcome us! And you decided to come here,to do God knows what! I had to give an excuse that you were sick! ''.
''😡well yes am sick! ''. I screamed back at her. '' I am sick and tired of us not living in one place! I want to go back to New York🗽mum! I don't like this place, why couldn't you just find another job so we could stay there?! I now have to learn their language, and how will I cope in Asia?! ''.

I break down into tears💧. Not being able to control myself while my mother stood there,with a shocked fave. She calmed down and took a deep breath. I sat back on my bed,still crying.

'' well I am sorry Blair Karina Kristina Pierce! But this is what we've got now! So you better get used to it okay?! You and I have no body! We only have each other. So come back to your senses because we will be staying here for a very long time. At least, until my term here ends,and I don't know when! I can't do anything about it! ''.
'' but....
'' prepare yourself. I will be starting work tomorrow. But I will take you in search of a school here in the city,so get ready! And start using your internet wisely by using it to learn the Korean language! Because this is our new home. Food is ready. Come downstairs when you are ready to eat! ''. She said angrily and walked out of my room by slamming the door harshly closed.

🔥😡i don't know how I felt at that moment. Anger and sadness mixed together. I just tacked myself into the bed and covered my entire body with the heavy blanket and I don't know how I drifted to sleep.

(10 PM).

🛌i was asleep, and suddenly, I heard the loudest music I have ever heard in my life. I quickly panicked out of my dream world. My eyes were swollen from the crying. I sat on my bed in anger,because the music was so loud that I guessed everyone had woken up.

'' what the hell happened to rule number one? ''. I asked myself quietly and yawned. '' what's going on at this time? ''.

I checked my ⏰clock and got to my feet and walked straight to my window and looked through the glass. And there it was. A car had arrived into that most beautiful house's compound and the car was brand new. I guess the car had not come out into the world yet. But rich people can do and get whatever they want so... And the music was coming out of the car. I was shocked because it looked like the person was still in the car and no one from the estate had come out from their houses to say anything. The front door to the car opened up and some servants came out from the mansion, followed by an eye catching handsome guy as well.
He looked like my age and gosh...I don't think I have ever seen anyone handsome like him. He was tall with black hair and his hot pyjamas. I hit my head in laughter for thinking dirty.
And as I was lost in that guy's handsome features, I was shocked at the one who just stepped out of the car😱🚘