✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistakes Episode 2 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

(a new heart to break💔).
Episode 2🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara

(Park Estate).

I gasped. I didn't mean to but...OH MY FUCKING GOD! Was I joking?
Yes,the boy in pyjamas was handsome, but the one who came out from the car,though it was a little dark from the distance and he had his hair,very wet and covering his face,he is mouth dropping, drop dead gorgeous, handsome,sexy🥰...what other word?
I was lost and my brain stopped functioning at that very moment. I immediately forgot about the loud music and I shamelessly unintentionally started smiling. The servants quickly held him up because he almost fell when he stepped out of the car. They realised he was so drunk and weak. The boy in the pyjamas quickly bowed into the car and turned the loud music off. He pulled his beautiful black hair in frustration and helped the servants take him into the mansion. A tall heavy strange looking man walked to the big compound gate and closed it,he finally pressed something besides the gate handle and turned his face to the mansion while standing still💂.

'' Woah! I wonder why no one came out to say anything about the music. It is that,they don't take of serous anymore? Then why did they give us rules? Is it because we are black or what? ''. I kept wondering to myself and layed down.

(Park Empire🏡).

This was the most beautiful house in the entire estate. And not only that,they were the actual owners of the estate. This estate was built twelve years ago and they only accommodate people of class.
But that was the idea of the woman of the empire. As time went on,the owner decided to accommodate everyone else,only if they had a good paying job to pay their rents and maintenance of the house. The mansion had exactly seven large perfect bedrooms and other five guest bedrooms. The stairs were three in a row and down the hall. Very larger and perfectly maintained. Tidy and well decorated with all expensive stuff. Almost everything was !ade of glass. Including the television📺 on the wall. The kitchen was opposition the hall and it was full of art and all things needed.
The family was made up of the late Mr Park Jinyoung, Mrs Park Roses,Park Sehun and Park Jimin,living in the mansion. The servants entered the hall,followed by Sehun,holding Jimin who was drunk without realising reality. He is the first son of the Park Jimin the second, named after his almighty grandfather Park Jimin the first of the Park dynasty. He inherited the entire fortune with his youngest brother Sehun,but Jimin's share was the largest and greatest. With all his assets and possessions, he refused to join the generational Park family law business and cooperation. Park Group of Companies, but is living the life he fucking wants and no one can say a word,not even the president of Korea. He loves he,himself and him alone. And he has no regard for anyone, especially women. He owns the biggest club in the city and his net worth is 5.5 billion dollars.

(Jimin's Bedroom🛏).

That was the most luxurious bedroom in the house. They entered him there and layed him carefully on the bed. His mother immediately batched into the room with an angry face.

'' you can all go ''. Sehun told the servants and they quickly left.
'' really? Again Jimin? ''. Mrs Park growled in frustration.
'' don't start mum! You can see he's drunk and won't be able to hear anything you say ''.
'' he is twenty three years old! Like,he is supposed to get his life on track right now! ''.

Jimin yawned😴and turned himself on the bed and suddenly fell of the bed,but he didn't wake up and continued sleeping in his drunken🍹 state.

'' Mum,you need to leave. You know how he will act if he realises you are in his room ''.
'' listen Sehun,I know you are the youngest. But please sweetheart... keep your brother under control while am gone ''.
'' While you are gone?! ''. Sehun asked shocked😲.
'' urrrmmm... Oh am so sorry I didn't tell you earlier sweetheart. But I have to look out for our company. You already know how Jimin does not have any regard for it. We have received a business deal in Australia🇦🇺 and I have to leave very early tomorrow. It will take a month before I come back. I have to go sign some papers and attend meetings ''.
'' yeah..yeah I get it mum. Don't explain so much okay? It's not like you have ever made time for your sons anyways ''.
'' Sehun....
'' Look, mum..it's okay. You can leave. Take care of yourself please ''.
'' Of course baby. Come give mummy a kiss ''. She said,tapping on her cheeks.

Sehun groaned in disgust and just blew a kiss to her.

'' That's what you get for not telling us earlier ''. He mocked her.
'' please tell Jimin when he waked up tomorrow. With the way he's drunk,I don't think he will be able to wake up tomorrow ''. She said coldly and stormed out of the room.

Sehun turned to Jimin who was on the cold floor and carried him by the shoulder with all his strength and placed him on his large majestic fluffy white bed.

'' must do all I can so grandfather never finds him this way. Else we'll all be doomed ''.
'' I hate you mummy ''. Jimin said quietly but as loud for Sehun to hear his deep husky voice.
'' What the...
'' I hate you ''. He said again in his sleep and groaned to sleep.
'' this again? ''. Sehun got on his feet. '' what did mum ever do to deserve this hate from you brother? ''.

He wondered so long and left the room.

(Next Day🌞=Pink Apartment🏠=Karina's Bedroom🛏).

I opened my eyes to the brand new day🌤 and it was so cold as a freezer❄. My swollen eyed from LST night was absolutely gone. I yawned and sat up in my bed. I just realised I slept in my morning cloth from yesterday and I am so annoyed. I looked around and realised my window was still opened. I then remembered what happened last night🌠.

'' oh my God! I must tell this to Leah and Monique, they will be so excited. Oh my gosh,was I dreaming or... ''. I asked and got up to my window. I looked out,straight to that beautiful expensive mansion. '' That house contains some real beautiful creatures ''.

I shamelessly said to myself and suddenly heard something frying from downstairs. I must admit, my mum is the best cook in the world. I could even smell the aroma of the food in my room. But I fought with her yesterday, how will I eat what she cooks today? I will starve to death because of shame.

'' wake up Karina! Food is ready and I have to go ti the hospital now! Come downstairs! ''.

I heard her shout from downstairs. Oh right,she has invited me herself, so I can eat now. But I turned my head back to the mansion and saw a tall beautiful pale skinned woman in a very expensive Gucci dress walk out with two men in suits behind her. One of them opened the door of one sleek black sport car for her and she entered. The other entered the front seat and started driving out of the compound. I quickly ignored and walked into my bathroom to wash my face.


I walked downstairs after brushing my teeth and I walked into our small kitchen which was attached exactly to our hall and sat on the dining chair.

'' good morning ''. My mum said without looking at my face,as she placed a fried egg and toasted bread on a plate and placed it in front of me.
'' good morning ''. I was really feeling guilty about how I spoke to her yesterday. I know she's doing all she can to give me a better life after my father's death. '' I am sorry ''.
'' it's okay ''.
'' No mum. I..I am really sorry. I just...I ''. I break down into tears. '' I really should appreciate and support you but I a! So immature! ''.
'' Karina...you the my only child. I would never be too anger with you. I just wished you understood that,this life is not what I wish for ''.
'' look...I really get it now mum. Look,as hard as it is,I promise you this...I will do all I can to be matured for you and also,I will adjust to this place ''.

She smiled and sits then starts eating.

'' I will take your word for it. They told me to get to the hospital at exactly 9am. It's 8 now. I have to hurry. I must make a good impression on this first day ''.
'' Okay ''.
'' you will be hone alone today. At least until I come home at 10pm. Please don't leave the house Karina, we've being here just three days and we don't know the place so well. Even though it's being endorsed with security and everything, but still,we can't trust anyone yet. And do not open the door for anyone. We have everything you may need here. Just be in your room and study your books. We will be going in search for a school for you tomorrow ''.

My heart💘skipped a beat. I mean,it's not like I hate school but,it's very hard adjusting in a new school. I am not really an extrovert. I just have a blabber mouth. But I guess I have no choice but to continue high school from here.

'' okay ''.
'' okay baby ''. She said and pecked my cheeks as she took her bag and quickly waked to the door. '' lock the door as soon as I leave ''.

She did and left. The whole place was quiet. I finished my meal and washed the plates. I need to quickly face time with my girlfriends and told them about my new discovery.

(Park Empire🏬=Jimin's Bedroom🛏).

The morning sun touched his beautiful soft and spotless face. He opened one eye nd quickly closed it. Hangover quickly took over his body and he groaned from the headache. He slowly sat up on his bed and his vision was blurry. He opened his mouth to yawned but he quickly closed it when someone knocked on the door. But he didn't answer. Sehun entered the room with a smile. He was all dressed up nicely in his school uniform.

'' good morning big bro ''.
'' what do you want? ''.
'' urrrmmm, nothing? Just checking up on you after last night ''.
'' well,am okay,can't you see? ''. He said and touched his head in pain.
'' right. Do you want a head massage or...
'' are you not late for school Sehun? ''.
'' well...okay. Hey,the servants made ramen and scrambled eggs with beef today. But as usual, they can cook what you want,when you want. And,mum left a while ago ''.

Jimin acted like he didn't hear what his brother said. He got to his feet and started heading to his bathroom.

'' she left to Australia ''.

Jimin then froze at his bathroom door.

'' what?! ''.
'' She said she's going to a business meeting. She told me just last night I promise... Okay,see you later bro ''. Sehun said and quickly left the room.

Jimin turned back to his bed and took his phone and quickly switched it on,then dialled a number and placed it on his ear.

📱Seth ''.
📱yes boss ''. A voice came out of the phone.
📱she claims she's going to a business meeting in Australia. She must be at the airport right now. Do all you can,record her movements, take pictures, do anything! Just bring me some more evidence...understood? ''.
📱yes boss. The job is done ''.
📱good ''.

He said and hanged up. He threw his phone back on his bed in anger and walked to his wide range of windows. He rolled the window's glass and starred out the estate. He removed his shirt and threw it behind him.
Then as he turned to look back in the estate, his eyes fell on someone. Someone standing in a window, also starring at him secretly..🌸