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Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah.C
“It’s here, it’s here.. Stop me here.” Amanda said to the driver as she saw the house number.
“Ómó! Shey na house be this abi na President Villa?-is this a house or president villa?” The driver asked, amazed at the building before him.
Amanda hissed. “Abeg give me my change abi you no dey tire to talk.. Since way I enter your motor, you never close mouth” she said.
“Take am easy jareh. I no say na maid you dey go be. You no resemble person wey him family fit get this kinda house. Abeg take your change.” he sneered. Amanda got out of the car, snatched her 200 naira change from the man she could have murdered with her eyes if they was something like that.
The driver’s hands went to the driving wheel and Amanda flared up.
“What is wrong with this driver sef. You don forget say my luggage dey for your boot eh?”
He laughed. “I just say make I tease you. If na wife you dey go be, no even dream say you go last one week.”
‘What?’ Amanda breathed angrily but she decided to ignore the man. She wouldn’t want her new boss to catch her exchanging words with a driver and again, she isn’t good at exchanging unnecessary words.
He came out, went over to the car boot, opened it and carried Amanda’s luggage out.
“Na the luggage be this? I think say na something wet person fit look.” he said, laughed and entered his car.
This man was good at getting on people’s nerve.
“Get lost!” Amanda cursed and dragged her luggage towards the house gate. A huge black gate. She knocked on the gate but she had to knock for five minutes before the gate finally opened and a blue and black uniformed man appeared in front with a radio close to his ear.
He looked at her from toe to face, from face to toes and from toes to face again.
Amanda felt irritated by that but she ignored it.
“I dey wait for you to talk who you be- I’m waiting for you to say who you are.” I.K said.
He wondered, ‘If this is the new nanny, then there is trouble. She is very endowed and beautiful.’
Amanda concluded that this gateman is rude. She have to be welcomed first before keeping him in his place.
“I’m Chimamanda, the new nanny to the Okoye’s home.” She said.
“I talk am- I said it.” I.K said.
“Excuse me?” Amanda asked.
“No, nothing. You are welcomed. Come in.” he said. Amanda tried carrying her luggage but he stepped out and collected it from her. “No.. na my duty to carry your luggage.” he grinned.
Amanda shrugged and walked in. She followed behind the gateman then she looked back and saw that the gate wasn’t locked.
“Excuse me, you didn’t lock the gate.” Amanda called out.
“No worry, just dey come.” I.K said, intoxicated by the beauty of the new nanny.
Amanda shrugged but still felt, he should go back and lock the gate.
“They no dey.” he said as he entered the house and Amanda entered.
The interior of the house look more astonishingly beautiful than the outside.
“I no know where your room fit dey but you go stay here and wait for my ova and that his albino daughter.” then he quickly got himself and clutched his hands to his mouth.
“I don forget say CCTV camera full this house. Na so I wan take put myself for wahala wey I no go fit comot from – I have forgotten that there are CCTV cameras around this house. Is this how I could have gotten myself into a problem I won’t be able to get out from.” he muttered.
Amanda raised her brows and looked up, “Really? Where are they?” she asked.
“They hide am well well,” he said then grinned. “Anyways, my name na Ikechuckwu but you can call me, I.K the number 1 specialized gateman in this whole estate. I sabi my work well well and I strong wella ” he raised his arms to display his muscles.
“Okay,” Amanda said, “but I think you go to the gate now, it’s still unlocked.” she added.
He smiled. “Ah, na true. But eh, you dey beautiful oh.” he said.
“Go now before oga comes back and finds his gate open. Do you wish to loose your job?” she said.
“No, I can’t, especially not now when something great don enter” he said and ran off.
Amanda looked around the specious and perfectly furnished sitting room.
“This is amazing. Money is good.” she said. She walked over to the picture frames on the wall and admired the little halfcaste girl on the pictures and the man.
‘He’s handsome’ she thought.
Just then she heard the gate pushed open.
She walked over to the window and drew the curtains open.
A black range rover drove in.
“They are back” she said, closed the curtains and walked to a couch for a sit.
“Dad, didn’t you say two days ago that my new nanny is gonna be here today?” Odeya asked Desmond as he pulled into the garage and turned off the car engine.
“Yes I did. I’m sure she’ll be here before it get dark.” Desmond said. He unfastened her seatbelt. “A minute, I’m coming to get you down.” he added and came down, came over to get Odeya down from the car.
“Oga welcome oh.” I.K hurried over.
“Thank you I.K.” Desmond said and carried Deya down from the car.
“The nanny don come,” I.K said.
“She is here?” Desmond asked.
“Yes oga.”
“Really, how does she look?” Odeya asked.
“Ehn?” I.K said.
“Never mind, I don’t want answers from you anyways, you’ll end up speaking ill english that I can’t grab. I will go check out myself. You should go back to high school and study your English language well.” Deya said and turned to her dad. “Dad let’s go.”
She hung her purse over her shoulder and walked in front. Desmond followed at the back.
‘Hia! See this small girl oh. Which country oga say he bring am come from sef. Shey na Canada abi where sef. This albino no know wetin be respect. Which one be high school.’
He headed back to his quarter. “This small girl go just dey spoil person mood – This little girl always spoil someone’s mood.”
Then he grinned. “But that Amanda.. She come fine and everything come dey well. I go tell her make she be my girlfriend.” he laughed.
Odeya and her dad walked into the sitting room to meet a brown skinned lady sitting on one of the couch.
Amanda stood up immediately she saw them.
“Welcome sir.” She greeted with a little bending of her right knee.
Desmond felt the beauty of the lady standing in front of him but he has no business with ladies anytime soon.
Women are only pain on the neck and has no real feeling for her man.
A sincere woman is rare to find.
Vanessa was the only lady he gave his wholw heart to but she broke it into tiny pieces.
Their divorce left him shattered for years. Considering how much Females are important and are noted in the united states, he had to sweat, go to so many courts before he was able to get Odeya from her.
“You are-” Desmond was about to welcome her but Odeya interfered.
“You are a little too dark.” she said.
Amanda raised her brows with astonishment.
“And your hair isn’t braided. Don’t make my meals without covering you hair.”
She walked closer to Amanda who stood, amazed at this little halfcaste.
“But you are ain’t old looking like the previous nanny. Tell me how much you know about the duties of a nanny, I wanna know if you could speak English fluently.”
“What?” Amanda was baffled..
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
EPISODE 2 (unedited)
[Bedtime story] Amanda was baffled at the little girl’s speaking manners but she had already been told of her manners so she would have to cope with it.
She needed this job and loosing it isn’t what she would even want to dream of.
She cleared her throat and smiled at the five years old girl standing in front of her.
“I can’t say that I know much but I know that nannies take good care of the kid or kids under their care. A nanny makes sure the kid is healthy, eats at the right time, neat at all time and happy. When it’s night, she makes sure the kid goes to bed and in the morning, she prepares her for school, making sure she feels excited about going to school that day. I promise to try my best as your nanny.” she said.
Daddy and daughter looked at themselves. The both were pleased by Amanda’s explanations but Desmond was more pleased.
“Well your English is much better than the previous nanny. Here, bring my bag upstairs.” Deya said and handed Amanda her bag.
Amanda couldn’t believe this girl’s guts. She should bring her bag upstairs?
“Dad I’m going to my room for awhile, dad please make me noodles” she said and turned to Amanda.” You, come with me. I’ll show you to your room.” she said.
‘Really?’ Amanda wondered.
Deya headed upstairs.
Amanda looked at Desmond and Desmond to her.
“I’m sure my mom told you all you should know, right?” he asked.
“Yes she did sir,” Amanda answered.
“So you shouldn’t be baffled. Go on.” he said and headed to the kitchen.
“I NEED MY PHONEE!” Deya shouted from upstairs. Amanda wondered how a little girl can shout so loud.
Wait, did she just say phone?
That girl has a phone? Tch. This is serious!
She headed upstairs with her luggage and soon caught up of Odeya.
Odeya passed lots of doors then stopped at one.
“That’s your room and opposite, is mine. Don’t forget you have works to do also apart from being my nanny, like keeping this whole house clean. You are living here anyways and your salary is a lot of money ” She said and with that, collected her bag, turned to her room and walked in, closing the door.
Amanda breathed out. “Jesus, seriously? Such guts. Does she have any idea how old I am?”
She walked into her room and smiled at the nicely furnished bedroom.
She has never had an opportunity to sleep in this kind of bedroom and here it was, staring at her.
She dropped her luggage and jumped on the bed.
“Wow, this is nice.”
Amanda checked everything in the room, she found few old things and knew it would belong to the previous nanny. Like toothbrushes, sponge, and some shoes.
She packed them up and headed out to trash them.
She hadn’t gone far when she heard Odeya call her. “Hey, Nanny”
Amanda stopped and turned. “Yes, Odeya?”
Odeya began walking towards. “What’s that you are holding?”
“It’s some little belongings of the previous nanny, I guess. I want to trash them.” Amanda said.
“Let me see,” Deya said.
Amanda opened the bag she had gathered all of them in.
Deya looked in and scoffed. “That ugly looking nanny. She wears disgusting old things. She’s just too old fashioned. I couldn’t breathe well anything she was around me.” Deya said.
“But this shoes aren’t that old fashioned.” Amanda said.
“I said it is. Well, I’m not surprised, you are so fashionless.” Deya said and walked away, leaving Amanda with dropped jaw.
Amanda tightened her fist in boiling anger. She wish she could just padlock this girl’s lips forever!
Odeya got downstairs and met her dinner already served on the dinning. Her dad just brought it out.
“Dad, you must he tired from cooking. Why didn’t you call the nanny to make your dinner?” Deya asked. “She was upstairs doing nothing.”
Desmond smiled. “You asked me to prepare your dinner, so I decided to do both. Besides baby, she just came. Cooking is my hobby, don’t forget.” Desmond said and sat down opposite Deya.
“Mom said that to me a couple of times. She said she was in love with your cooking.” Deya said.
Desmond exhaled.
She can’t stop bringing up her mom.
“Deya, do you want me to feed you?” Desmond said, trying to change the topic.
“I’m no more a baby dad,” She said.
Desmond smiled. “Come on, you are five, five years old girls are the most prettiest babies.” Desmond said.
Deya laughed. “Eat dad and don’t talk while eating.”
“Yeah, you are right dear.” Desmond said and picked his fork.
He had prepared noodles and fried egg for Deya then fried egg and toasted bread for himself.
They heard footsteps emerging down the staircase.
It was Amanda with the nylon she held.
She finally got down the staircase, looked over and saw the duo eating at the dinning.
Immediately her stomachs grumbled.
‘I’m quite hungry,’ she said and headed out.
She got outside and wondered where the dustbin would be.
She should have asked Deya at the corridor. She forgot.
She saw the gateman sitting outside his quarter with a radio close to his ear.
She decided to ask him.
She went over and immediately I.K saw her, he stood up from the chair.
“Haa, Beautiful Amanda.. Where you dey go?” he asked.
‘Beautiful Amanda?’ Amanda wondered.
“Where’s the dustbin, I need to throw this thing away.” She said.
“Eh, na there? Follow that way, at the back.” he said.
“Okay, thank you.” Amanda thanked and went behind the quarter.
I.K licked his lips as he stared at Amanda’s behind.
“Chai, this one na kill me make I die.” he said and shook his head with excitement.
He has to ask her for a date before it’s too late.
He knows he’s handsome and can take care of her. Right?
There were two bins. She opened one and dropped the trash inside.
When she walked back, she met I.K dancing to a Lucky dube’s song. ‘Romeo n Juliette’
“I’m going inside, goodnight.” Amanda said.
I.K grinned. “Goodnight dear.”
‘Dear?’ Amanda wondered.
She will hold on till the next day.
She headed back into the house and dad and daughter were still eating.
My stomach cried at the sight of forks going into the mouth.
“I think I’m okay,” Odeya said and drank the rest of her orange juice.
“Amanda,” Desmond called.
“Yes sir,” she answered and walked over.
He looked up at her and Amanda couldn’t help admiring this man.
He’s really handsome and so muscular. Broad shoulders and amazing beards.
‘Ohh, get hold of yourself Chimamanda. You shouldn’t be thinking all this.’ She told herself.
“You can take the dishes to the kitchen. You’ll find your dinner.” he said causing Amanda eyes to pop open wide.
“Sir?” she said, wondering if he made her dinner. How can he, when she should have been the one to do that.
“You are to wake up early enough. Deya leaves to school as early as seven.
You’ll find the kitchen timetable at the wall of the kitchen. Make breakfasts as early as 6:30am. I only take tea in the morning.. You will read all that on the timetable.
“My dad tea must be warm, with a little of chocolate and more of milk. You must add sugar, not even a grain of it.” Odeya said.
Desmond smiled. “You don’t have to tell her that. She would see it all at the time table.”
Amanda exhaled. ‘This isn’t going to be easy.’
“Come on dear, I will take you upstairs.” Desmond said.
“No, she will.” Deya said and looked at Amanda. “Or aren’t you my nanny?”
“Yes I am.” Amanda said.
“Good. Let’s go.” Deya said. She came down, walked over to her dad and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight dad,”
“Goodnight baby, sleep sound.” Desmond said.
“And you too dad,” Deya said and with that, she headed upstairs.
“Sir, I will be back to pack up the plates.” she said and followed behind Odeya.
“Ahh, my leg hurts. Carry me.” Odeya said.
Amanda carried her.
“Your hair doesn’t look nice. Braid it tomorrow.” she said.
“Alright,” I said.
“You have a pretty long hair tho but mine’s longer.” she said.
“I know.” Amanda said.
She opened Deya’s room and dropped her on the bed.
“You should carry me to the bathroom, I’ve not had my night bathe yet.” Odeya said.
“Do I have to carry you?” Amanda asked.
“Unless you wanna be fired, don’t.” She said rudely.
Amanda chuckled. ‘Who’s this girl?’
“Come on, I sleep before 9:30 and this is 8:30 already.” Deya said.
Amanda carried her to the bathroom.
“I’ll have my brush first.” She said.
Amanda took out her brush from the beaker, applied paste on it and handed it to her.
“Should I brush your teeth?” she asked.
“Nope” Deya said and proceeded to brush her teeth.
Amanda bathe Deya, dressed her up for bed and carried her to the bed. She pulled the cover over her body.
“Goodnight, sleep sound.” she said, using Desmond’s words. She stood up and was going to switch off the light when Deya’s voice stopped her.
“Where do you think you are going nanny? What are you supposed to do for me to fall asleep?” Deya asked.
Amanda turned to her. “What do you want, a bedtime story or a lullaby?” she asked.
“A bedtime story,” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled.
Now is the time to do a little revenge.
She switched off the light.
“What do you think you are doing?” Odeya asked.
“I’m coming, I’m going to turn on the bedside lamp.” Amanda said and turned on the bedside lamp.
“Why? Do you have to tell the story with only the. Lamp on?”
“Yes, it’s a wonderful bedtime story.” Amanda smiled and pulled a chair and sat beside Odeya.
“Okay then. Go on.”
Amanda smiled. “Once upon a time, there came a great storm in a famous kingdom. This great storm brought all the mermaids and mermen in the sea.
This mermaids and mermen were very unhappy with this kingdom because they were defiling the sea by dropping so many dirt inside.
They came together and planned to visit each house at night and when they do, they would cut off every of their hands so they would never have the hands to throw dirt inside the sea again.
“What? Mermaids ain’t like that. I read alot of novels about them and they are nice creatures. Don’t tell me the story, it look scary.” Odeya said.
“No it doesn’t at all. Just listen a little bit more.” Amanda said and smiled.
“The first house they came were the five members. The father, the mother, the daughter and the sister and the maid. They seized them and said. ‘Tonight, we are going to cut off your hands and your legs, so you would never go near the sea again. The family begged and begged.. The father offered money, the mother offered their maid, the brother offered his dog and the sister offered her cat but they refused all the offers and first they grabbed the fathers hand like this.” Amanda grabbed Odeya’s hand.
“Get you hand off me. It’s scary!” she said and jumped down from the bed.
“I’m going to tell my dad! You are telling me a scary story! You can’t be my nanny!” Odeya fired.
Amanda rushed over to her. “No, I’m going to sing you a lullaby song.”
“I don’t want.”
“What of the story of Cinderella?”
“I don’t want.”
“What of the wise tortoise stories?”
“Uhmm yes, Rapunzel?”
“Should I dance for you.”
“What do you want, just tell me. You can’t go out deya.’
“Sing me 100 different poems. Don’t sit. Stand while singing it. Until I fall asleep, don’t stop.” she said, walked over to her bed, later down and pulled the duvet over her body.

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Make another cornflakes] Desmond had gone upstairs, had his shower and came downstairs and had been reading for an hour now and yet, the nanny hadn’t come downstairs.
He got worried.
He know his daughter can be dramatic sometimes.
When he went upstairs an hour ago, he overheard the nanny singing poems.
Does it mean she is still singing that till now?
He had to go and check.
He dropped the book titled ‘Managing Your Business’, dropped his glasses, stood up from the chair and headed upstairs.
He got to the room and wasn’t hearing any sound.
He opened the door and Amanda was sitting on the chair with her head on the bed and Odeya’s legs on her head.
He walked in and closed the door.
He walked over and removed Odeya’s legs from Amanda’s head and covered Odeya with the duvet. Then he tapped Amanda on the shoulder. That woke Amanda up and she raised her head immediately and started singing, thinking it was Odeya.
Mary has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…
Mary has a little lamb, it follows her to school…
Mary has…
“You should go to bed.” Desmond said and Amanda blinked her eyes and sighed.
“I’m sorry sir, I thought it was Odeya.” she said.
“What did she tell you to do? Sing her poems till she goes to sleep?” Desmond asked.
“Yes sir but it was really nothing. It was fun doing that.” she said and got up from the chair.
“Okay.” he said, turned and walked out of the room.
Amanda sighed and touched her head which was hitting hard.
She had to sing for hours. This little girl!
Argh, no wonder the four nannies all flew.
“I was trying to do revenge but the revenge was thrown back to me in thousands.” she sighed and walled out, closing the door behind her.
Her stomach grumbled and she rubbed her empty stomach.
“Ah, I’m so hungry.” she mumbled and headed downstairs.
Reaching downstairs, she saw her boss with glasses on, reading a book at the dinning.
It was then she saw that the dinning table had been cleared.
‘Why did he have to…’ she checked the clock and saw it was half past ten.
She walked past and headed to the door she guess would be the kitchen. Getting there, she was amazed by the spacious and well furnished and well equipped kitchen.
She saw covered plates on the breakfast bar and opening them, she realized it’s hers.
“Who’s this man?” she mumbled.
Why did he have to serve her food. She doesn’t feel comfortable by this.
But then she shrugged.
It’s certainly for only today. She picked a fork and settled down on a stool to eat.
(Later that night )
Amanda had taken her shower, changed into her sleeping wears and was about to sleep when her phone rang.
She picked it from the bedside table and sighed when she saw the caller, Ekene.
She dropped the phone and rolled the duvet over her body but then the phone began ringing again. She grabbed it and was about switching it off when she remembered she had set alarm with it.
And she can’t switch it to silence it either.
She knows there won’t be any need blocking the line because he will still call her with another line.
She just have to pick up and make him stop calling her for tonight.
The call stopped but the next second, the phone began ringing again.
She picked the call and placed it on her right ear.
“My love.. Why are you ignoring my calls, why not listen to me kwanu.”
“Ekene, what did I do to you. leave me alone. I have told you it’s over between us. You have all the freedom now to chase all the girls in this city. I can’t date you anymore. You hurt me too much Ekene. Just leave me alone!”
“I can’t leave you Amanda. I’m very sorry about that day. She seduced me. You won’t understand how big her boobs and ass were, but note, they weren’t better than yours. Yours is the best.”
Amanda sighed. “Ekene please don’t call me again. I need to sleep. Stop troubling my life. Just go on with your life and let me be for Christ Sake.” She said.
“I swear Amanda, I can’t leave you. You are my body and my soul. You are the best girlfriend that I’ve heard. I don’t want to loose you. Please come back to me. I will make it up to you. I know you can’t leave me, you don’t have that heart. I know you can’t do without me Amanda. By the way, I came to your house this evening but mama said you are not at home. Where are you, are you back? I will come in the morning to see you. I will take you out. Do you want to go to shoprite?”
She scoffed. “Ekene what do you take me for huh? Did u say i can’t do without you? Seriously, what do you think you are. You must be sick to think that. I’m perfectly fine without you, get that. And don’t bother looking for me, you won’t ever see me again.” She said.
“Wait, what do you mean by I won’t ever see you again? Where did you go, outside country?”
Amanda remembered what she would have done and she sighed.
“You know what, I made a mistake by picking up this call this night. I know what to do.” she said and dropped the call.
She immediately switched the phone to airplane mode.
“He won’t just leave me alone. It’s over between us. Why can’t he just get lost.” She sighed and dropped the phone back.
She pulled the duvet over herself and tried her best not to think about that day.
If she do, she’ll end up soaking the pillow.
She would just close her eyes and sleep but the thought was coming so she grabbed her earphone and phone, connected the earphone to her phone, deep the earphone in her ears and turned on songs.
Songs that won’t make her think about that day.
Desmond lay down to sleep when his phone rang, he picked it from the bedside table and saw it was his mom calling.
“By this time? What’s mom still doing awake?” he asked and picked it up.
“Hello mom.” he said.
” Hello son, how are you doing?”
“I’m fine mom. What are you still doing awake?” he asked.
“oh, I’m watching my favourite TV show. It’s going to be over soon tho, then I will go to bed.” she said.
He smiled. “Okay mom, but you are getting old mom.. You should be going to bed early.”
“Shh mechie onu gi – shut up your mouth. Who told you I’m getting old. I’m still very young.” she said.
He chuckled. “Mom, you will never accept old age.”
“Eh.. I have to be young to be able to carry my grandchildren for hours without getting tired. Remember I said ‘Grandchildren! I’m not talking about my granddaughter alone.” She said.
Now Desmond had understood why she was calling.
“Mom.. It’s late. I have to leave early to the office in the morning. Goodnight mom,” He said and didn’t wait for her to say anything before cutting the call.
He kept back the phone, pulled the duvet over his body and closed his eyes for sleep.
(Next Day )
Amanda woke up by 5:30am by the help of the alarm. She turned it off and after washing her face and brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she headed to the kitchen, but first, she stopped by at Odeya’s door and opened it.
She was sleeping, with the duvet covered well on her body.
Amanda closed the door and headed down the staircase.
She turned on the lights and headed to the kitchen.
She got to the kitchen and turned on the kitchen lights and read the kitchen timetable.
She read it last night. She can still remember what she is supposed to make this morning but she just have to read it again to be sure.
Cornflakes for Odeya.
Only tea for her dad.
Fried eggs and fried plantains for Odeya’s lunch at school.
Lunch, Soup.
Pancake for Odeya when she returns from school.
“Pancakes? How is that prepared? Oh I said I was going to search about that.” Amanda said.
Dinner. Tea and bread.
And she has to give that gateman foods too.
She left the timetable and walked over to the dinning to start preparing.
“There isn’t much to prepare in the morning. They eat only light foods.” She said and left the kitchen back to upstairs. She walked into Odeya’s room and opened her wardrobe to check if her school uniform is ironed. She found it ironed.
Odeya was still sleeping.
Amanda dropped back the uniform and walked downstairs. She decided to clean up and wait for 6 O’clock to wake Odeya up.
When it clocked six, she went upstairs to call Odeya up.
“Wake up Odeya. You have to go to school.” she said.
“I know, you don’t have to remind me. Just go.” Odeya mumbled, wishing she will just go. She still want to sleep for hours.
“So wake up then and get up. You have to prepare for school.” Amanda said.
Odeya sighed and pulled the duvet to her head.
“Tch.” Amanda sneered and dragged the duvet off her head.
“Wake up Deya or you will be late for school.” she said into Deya ears.
Odeya opened her eyes and looked at Amanda.
“Did you sing up to 100 poems last night, don’t even think of lying to me.” she said.
Amanda wasn’t expecting that question. She had no idea what to say. She knows she can’t lie to the sassy girl.
“Fine, I didn’t but I tried, I got to 37.” I said.
“And you call that tried? Do you really want to be fired?” she said.
‘What? What do this little girl think she is?’ Amanda thought.
“Of course not.” She said.
“So what should we do about it?” Odeya asked.
“Uh.. Good question Odeya. What if we do it this way. I’ll continue tonight intil I get to 100.” Amanda said.
“Well, nice idea.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled. “Let’s go prepare for school then.” Amanda said.
Odeya sat up and got out of her bed.
Amanda prepared Odeya for school and carried her downstairs by Odeya’s order.
She sat her on the seat and walked to the kitchen to make her cornflakes.
She used the water she had boiled to make Odeya cornflakes. She put another water for her boss tea.
She came back, presenting the already made cornflakes to Odeya.
“Here’s your breakfast.” Amanda said.
Odeya picked the spoon and took a spoon and twisted her face.
“Why’s it too watery and there’s no enough milk. Are you being economic or something. This is trash. Make another cornflakes!” She said.
“What? I added enough milk and the water is only a little.” Amanda said, not getting how rude this girl is.
“Just make another one. You are fired if you make me go late to school.” Odeya said.
Amanda sighed and collected the cornflakes. “Should I really make another cornflakes?” Amanda asked, wishing she will just take it.
“No way!” Odeya said.
“It’s fine. I will.” Amanda said and stood up to walk back to the kitchen but Desmond’s voice stopped her.
“What’s wrong?” he asked emerging down the stairs.
“Dad,” Odeya called.
“How are you princess?”
“I’m fine dad.”
Amanda turned and greeted. “Good morning sir.”
“Yes, what’s wrong?” Desmond asked.
“Odeya sa-” Amanda was about answering but Deya cut her short.
“I told her to make another cornflakes. She didn’t make it right.”
“Really? Let me have a look.” Desmond said.
Amanda was about taking a step when she saw the murder eyes Deya gave her.
She halted. “Sir, I will just go and make another one.” she said.
“Wait,” Desmond said and walked over.
Deya gritted her teeth.
Desmond got to where Amanda stood with the plate of cornflakes in her hand.
As he collected it the plate, his hand brushed on Amanda’s and Amanda felt some stupid feeling run through her.
She exhaled.
Desmond checked the cornflakes and turned to his daughter.
“It’s just the way you always like it Deya.” He said.
“I suddenly don’t want it this way this morning. I want something different.” Deya said.
Desmond exhaled and dropped the plate in front of Deya. “Come on, just eat it. It’s perfect.” he said.
Deya shook her head.
“But I want you to eat it.” Desmond said, knowing that she is only trying to suffer her nanny.
“Fine Dad, if you really want me to eat this. Just listen to what I’m about to tell you.” Deya said and gave Amanda a smirk glance. “Dad, last night, my nanny to-”
Amanda interrupted by rushing over and grabbing the plate. “It’s okay sir. I’m not worried at all. I would make another cornflakes. It would be the way she want it this time.” She turned to Deya, “Deya.. Don’t worry about this one, I’m going to make it to your taste this time. I’ll be back.” she said and hurried away.
Deya smiled triumphantly.
“Deya, you are being too mean to your nanny.” Desmond said.
“Dad, keep calm.. You don’t understand. It’s part of my revenge.” Deya said.
“Your revenge? What are you revenging on?” Desmond asked.
“Don’t worry dad. It’s between the both of us.’ Deya said with a smile.
Amanda got to the kitchen and dropped the plate angrily on the counter that some of the cornflakes splashed.
She clenched her fist. “That little sassy girl! I feel like beating her so much!”
“Do you really want to do that?” Desmond’s voice made her flinch.
She turned and saw him standing by the door.
“Sir..” she mumbled.
‘Did he hear what I said?’ She asked herself.
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Getting married] “No, no sir, I’m sorry, I was a bit upset. I don’t mean what I said.” Amanda apologized.
Desmond left the door and walked over to fridge.
“Go on with what you were doing.” he said as he opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of chilled water.
Amanda turned and kept the cornflakes away.. And went on to make another one.
“Now you understand what my mom told you. She’s a sassy little girl. Please tolerate her.” he said and with that, he walked out.
Amanda scoffed. ‘Did he say tolerate her? That little spoilt brat!’
“One more thing..” His voice startled her.
He came back to the door. Amanda was glad enough that she didn’t say that out.
“Stay longer, I’m tired of changing nannies every week.” he said and finally walked out.
Amanda breathed out. “It’s not going to be easy.”
She made another cornflakes and also Desmond tea, placed them on a tray and walked out with them.
Getting to the dinning, she dropped Deya’s cornflakes and Desmond’s tea.
Odeya tried twisting her face but Desmond cut in. “Don’t try twisting your face Deya. Eat up and go to school.”
Deya rolled her eyes, “This looks better tho.” she said and began eating.
“I will go fix your lunch box,” Amanda said and headed back to the kitchen.
Desmond had no idea why he glanced at her as she headed to the kitchen.
“Dad why are you staring at her ass?” Odeya asked.
Desmond looked at his daughter and was speechless on what to say.
Wait, did he really look at her ass. Of course not. Why should he?
He didn’t look at her ass.
“Come on, dad.. I saw your eyes.” Odeya said.
“I didn’t, come on, eat up or you’ll be late for school.”
“You should drink up too or you will be late for work.” Deya said.
They both chuckled.
Desmond wouldn’t blame his daughter. She is just like her mother.
Vanessa was this sassy, carefree lady. She was short tempered and had no reason to apologize no matter what she did.
He loved her still. He loved her because she was beautiful and hardworking.
He fell deeply for her despite her bad characters.
He thought she will never cheat on him.. It wasn’t just a cheat, she asked for a divorce and got married to someone else.
For three years, he fought hard to get Odeya from her.
Vanessa won him many times because her parents are lawyers but he didn’t give up. He kept fighting until he finally got Odeya from her after three years.
She got all this sassy character from Vanessa, her mother.
Desmond exhaled and drank up his tea.
Deya gasped at the way her dad drank up all the tea in the cup. “Woah dad, wasn’t that hot?”
Desmond smiled at her. “No, not at all.”
Just then, Amanda came out with Deya’s lunch box.
Desmond stood up. “I’m heading upstairs. I think her driver is here. See you at night Deya.” He said and kissed her cheek.
“See you dad.” Deya said. Desmond headed upstairs.
Odeya turned to Amanda. “Clean this things off and take me to school.” she said.
Amanda breathed out. “Can you be a little nice to me huh. I’m far older than you with nineteen years difference.” she said.
“So? Your age can’t stop me from saying whatever I wanna say to you.. I’m even being a little nice to you because I kinda like you.”
“What? you like me?” Amanda asked, surprised.
Odeya rolled her eyes. “Don’t think otherwise, I mean you are manageable. Hurry up. I don’t wanna be late for school. I have Math as first class, I don’t wanna miss it.” she said.
Amanda exhaled. ‘Me, manageable. Wonders shall never end.’
She packed up the dishes and walked back to the kitchen, quickly washed them and came back to meet a man in green shirt and khaki shorts.
“Such dressing. I feel like throwing up.” Deya said to Amanda’s hearing.
“Good morning,” Amanda greeted him.
Peter smiled. “Thank you my sister. Are you the new nanny?” he asked.
“Yes I am.” Amanda answered.
“Chai.. Welcome.” Peter said, feeling pity for her.
“Thank you.” Amanda thanked. “Let’s go Odeya.” She said to deya, who got down from the chair.
Amanda picked her bag and they headed out.
“I’m the driver.” he said.
They got to the car and entered. Peter Drove to the gate.
I.K stop up from where he sat and walked to the gate. He opened the gate and waved.
“Stop that your wave before e give person bad luck this morning.” Peter fired at him.
“Thunder wey don dey charge since one week scatter that your mouth wey u use talk that nonsense.” I.K caused at Peter.
“My friend get away from the gate before I use this car end your already dead life.” Peter said.
I.k moved away from the gate.
“Na your life you go end.. Abeg comot from here.” I.k said.
Peter drove out and entered the road.
“Do you always argue every day?” Odeya asked.
“You see that idiot eh. Oga suppose sack am. .” Peter said.
“Speak good English.” Odeya said.
“I say Oga should fire him.” He said.
“It would be better if he fire the both of you. I will interview the new driver and gate man. It would be better if both of you go back to school.” Odeya said causing a crack out of Amanda’s lips.
She wasn’t expecting that. She was sure the driver wasn’t either cos his face from the rear view mirror looked like feces.
“You this small pikin. Wetin dey worry you self?”
“Stop talking and drive. Take your job seriously.” Odeya said and took out her headset from her bag, she set it on her head and played music.
“She goes to school with headset?” Amanda said, totally amazed.
“You never see anything. This girl go draw all your blood and suck it fiiifiii-” Peter said to Amanda.
Odeya understood so she pulled off the headset and shouted “IM NOT A VAMPIRE!!”
At St.Valentina school, Peter pulled into the standard nursery and primary school.
Odeya took off her headset and dropped inside her bag.
Amanda went down, came over, opened the door and carried Amanda down.
“Your school is really beautiful.” she told Odeya.
“The kids and teachers ain’t a bit pretty.” she said.
“I will take her to her class. I will be back.” Amanda told Peter.
They headed to Odeya’s class with Odeya leading. Immediately they got there and walked in, her classmates shouted.
Miss Sassy is here!
Amanda gasped. ‘Does it mean even in school, Odeya is being sassy.’ Amanda wondered.
She turned to me. “Get going now. You have things to do at home.”
‘Is she her boss or what?’ Amanda gritted her teeth. She hoped the pupil didn’t hear Odeya talk like that to her.
“Bye then,” Amanda said and handed her lunch box to her.
Odeya walked to her seat and her seat mate shifted far away.
Amanda chuckled and walked away. “Her seatmate is even scared of her.”
At the office, Desmond walked in to his office with Henry, his secretary.
“What do you think about what I told you sir?” he asked.
“That’s a nice idea.” Desmond said and sat down on one of the couch in the office suite.
Henry sat opposite him.
“Friends mode.” Desmond said and Henry smiled.
“So can I ask something?” Henry asked.
“What’s that?” Desmond said.
“Uhmmm.. About your relationship status. Don’t you think you need a lady.. It’s been three years now.” Henry said.
“I don’t need a lady in my life, not right now Henry. Can you stop bothering me with that? You are acting like my mother.” Desmond said.
Henry got out his tablet and scrolled through it then stretched it to me. “Check that.” he said.
“What?” Desmond asked and collected it. It’s a picture of a fair skinned lady. She’s quite beautiful and sexily dressed.
“Why are you showing me this?” Desmond asked.
“Her name is Gold. She’s my sister’s best friend. She’s beautiful, hot, sexy and got all the nice characters that you need. Come on just try her and see.” Henry said.
Desmond handed him back his iPad. “Thank you. But I’m not some man looking for a wife.”
Henry sighed. “You are complicated friend. You should forget about the past and get married. I’m sure your second marriage won’t end like your first. You cant stay single. Try dating friend.” Henry adviced.
Desmond exhaled. “Work mode.”
“No, wait.. I have one more thing to say, please” Henry pleaded.
“Don’t bother.”
“No, it’s important.”
“What? What?”
He got out a card and stretched it to Desmond. “Here’s her numbers. Give her a call if you change your mind. I told her a little about you. She was excited. She will make a good girlfriend.” Henry said.
Desmond hesitated before taking the card. He glanced at it then dropped it on the table.
“Please think deep about it but don’t think too long. She’s a really good girl.” Henry said.
“It’s okay. Work mode.” Desmond said.
Henry sprang up from the couch.
“I will leave to my office now sir, I will bring you some files to sign in three hours.” Henry said and with that, he walked out of the Director’s office.
Desmond exhaled.
He picked the card and looked at it again.
Amanda finished cleaning the house around twelve pm.
She was so exhausted and felt like fainting.
She managed to take her bathe, changed into a free house dress and fell on her bed.
She wanted to sleep but remembered that she haven’t talked with her mom.
She grabbed her phone and made a call to her. Her mother picked up at the third ring.
“Hello mama.” Amanda spoke first.
“How are you my daughter? I have been expecting your call.” Mama said.
“I’m fine mom. I’m fine. Here’s really nice. My boss is nice too but the problem is his daughter. She’s a thorn on the neck. She’s really sassy and rude but im going to be fine tolerating her. I can’t blame her. She’s oyibo.” Amanda said.
“Really.. Children of nowadays are all sassy and arrogant. Are you sure you are fine there?” Mama asked.
“Yes mama. I’m fine. Right now, I’m the only one in the house, my boss and his daughter are out. I feel quite lonely but it’s great. I’m going to catch some sleep, then wake up soon to make lunch.” Amanda said.
“ehn, can I know a little about your boss?” Mama asked.
“Mamaa, what do you want to know?” Amanda laughed.
“Well he’s handsome and very rich. I think he had a problem with his wife cos I don’t want to believe he had his daughter out of wedlock. Though there are no pictures of any lady in the house. He’s nice. That’s all I can tell.”
“Ehn, so he live with no lady. So you are the only matured lady in the house?”
“Yes mama,, any problem?”
“There is.. Be have to be veery careful. You must be a very good employee. You must make him see how good you are at cleaning, cooking and taking care of his daughter. He have to see you as a wife material.”
“Hia.. Mama what are you talking about?” Amanda asked, not getting where her mother was heading to.
“Don’t you want to get married ehn? Is it when you get to forty? See your mates are all married. It’s good that the stupid Ekene is a thing of the past now. Get married and give me grandchildren or do you want me to die without carrying my grandchildren like your father?”
“Mama stop this.. You are spoiling my mood. See I want to sleep. Take your drugs as prescribed. I will send you some money soon. Bye.” I said.
“If you dare cut this call ehn, I will show you that I’m the one that gave birth to you.” Mama threatened.
Amanda sighed. “Mamaaa, I’ve been cleaning the house, I’m so tired, I want to sleeeep.” I said almost in tears.
“Oya sleep. I hope you cleaned the house very well? This is the time for you to show off all that I thought you from childhood. Don’t put me to shame Chimamanda.”
“Mama, why are you talking like this… You are talking like I’m some newly married wife. I’m just a nanny here.” Amanda said.
“Eh.. You know how much I want you to get married.. Not just to any stupid boys but someone who would be able to take care of you.”
“Mama, I will get married. Don’t worry OK. I will call you later. Bye.” Amanda said.
“Bye my daughter.”
Amanda ended the call and exhaled.
“Mama and marriage.”
She sighed and closed her eyes for some sleep.