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Season 2
(Episode 40).
Final Episode.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara

Another arrow came flying speed towards him. But this time,he caught it with all his strength and his lips curved into an evil smile as his eyes beheld Majid coming with speed with all his soldiers. He quickly bent down and picked up a horn. He blew it with all his might. And with how loud it was,the kingdom probably heard it. He turned to a little comfort throne besides him and took his war armour and wore it. He also held the sword which belonged to the kings during war time. And he starred at the small knife in his hand.

'' I am going to use this same knife,to stab you again! Just like seven years ago. But this time,you are going to die for real brother ''.
(The war soldiers saluted and made their weapons ready. Faruk looked down the balcony and screamed out loud).
'' Attack! But leave my brother,he is mine! ''.
(The soldiers break down the gates of the palace and faced up with Majid and the others. The fight suddenly turned upside down when the Jhansi soldiers started killing Faruk's men. Which made it easier for Majid to enter the palace with his horse).
'' What?! ''. Faruk was shocked when he saw what happened. He turned his back to leave the balcony but panicked when he saw Queen Dorah standing there stiffly like a possessed person. '' 

Mother? Finally you are here...where are those children? They are the only ones I can use to get to Majid's weakness ''.
'' They escaped son ''. She said.
'' We are out of time mother! The soldiers are fighting against each other. They are killing each other! Do any magic...anything! ''.
'' Go...go now Faruk! Victory is yours! I will be performing magic here...and the fight will be in your favour! ''.
'' Yes mother! '' He quickly started walking away but Queen Dorah held his shoulder.
'' Wait! ''. She stretched her hand. '' Give me that little knife so I can chant into it for you to finally kill Majid ''.
(Faruk didn't think twice and handed it over to her and quickly knelt in front of her).
'' Give me your blessings mother ''. He said with his eyes closed.
'' May victory be yours forever and ever my son ''. She said.
(Faruk got on his feet and rushed away from the balcony. As soon as he left,Queen Dorah starred at the knife in her hands and smiled. And suddenly,it actually turned out to be Queen Meerah who was possessing Queen Dorah. Her body turned into Queen Meerah).

(Down the War Grounds).

The fight was intense and the Jhansi soldiers ruthlessly slew every Ujani soldier who was loyal to Faruk. Rishi got down from the stairs and fell down in front of the main palace gate. Her breathing was very uneasy and she felt dizzy. She tried getting to her feet when the fifty guards who were chasing her arrived at her side and grabbed her. 

Majid for there that instance and they rushed to attack him. He dodged their blows and took Rishi by her waist. He fought the guards by his sword fiercely and killed almost twenty of them. Sushim quickly arrived with some soldiers arrived with some soldiers and took over. Majid walked Rishi slowly to a corner and sat her on the floor as she was too tired and looking messy. They starred at each other for a while and embraced tightly.

'' I am here now sweetheart ''.
'' Meerah and Mar...Marish...Majid,they are in danger! ''. She cried.
'' No Rishi. They are safe now. Lakshmi and Raj took them far away into the woods. Everything was prepared carefully for their hiding.
(She was immediately relieved when she heard that. He kissed her and pushed her into the darkness of the corner).

'' Majid...please don't leave me ''.
'' Stay quiet here Rishi. No matter what,do not make a sound ''.
(He didn't give her time to answer and he quickly left her. The fight was becoming more heavier and heavier as hidden guards and soldiers of Faruk kept appearing. Then suddenly the green smoke from the mountains appeared in the sky and started filling the whole palace. The guards and soldiers coughed uncontrollably and begun to collapse one after the other).

People in the kingdom were all rushing to the top of the mountains with the gods of their houses. All praying for Majid's victory. Even some women walked on fire. The mountains were filled with lords,people and priests. Praying and chanting. Fires were lighted from woods and thunder stroke.
A heavy rain begun to poor down as lightening followed.

(In the Palace).

Majid removed another sword from his belt and was about to enter the building but then he bumped into Faruk who pointed his sword at him. Sushim tried to get closer to them but other guards attacked him. The smoke begun getting it way into their lungs.

'' Hello brother! ''. Faruk laughed wickedly. '' You must have being a cat in your last life,because have nine lives. All the nine attempts to kill you in the last nine years failed. Don't worry,all your lives have ended today. Because finally, I can kill you with passion and never have to bother about tomorrow ''.
'' I will not spare you Faruk. I am going to kill you,and I won't have any regrets later on ''.
'' Are you sure about that? Because I am the victory here! I was born first,I was suppose to be the crowned prince. But you hot in the way. My mother and I has always being second hand to our father. I really enjoyed the news of his death. And my happiness finally completed when I thought you had died. But no,you decided to get in the way again! ''.
(He said in anger and raised his sword to attack Majid, but he clashed his sword with Faruk raised his left leg to kick Majid but he hit his leg away and hit him hard on the face with a fisted hand. Faruk fell to the group with blood in his mouth. Majid walked closer to him and was about to grab him bit he raised his leg and hit Majid to the ground too. He quickly got to his feet with his sword. Rishi was watching all this in the dark and her heart was beating fast. She begun to pray silently as she went ahead and watched the battle between Majid and Faruk. Faruk raised up his sword against Majid but he dodged and hit Faruk at his back by his leg but Faruk turned fast and was about to stab Majid when he stopped and froze in mid air. His face looked pale and suddenly lifeless. Thunder stroke and everyone else fighting in the palace and outside stopped. Lightening passed through the sky and the rain became heavier. Blood begin falling out of Faruk's back and falling on the ground. He screamed in pain and slowly,with his body shaking, he turned his back and he was shocked. Everyone else looked behind Faruk and were absolutely shocked. Queen Dorah held the knife in Faruk's stomach. And she starred in his eyes like a possessed woman with so much hatred. Faruk was shocker than anyone).
'' Mo...mother? ''. Faruk coughed out dark blood. He looked down his stomach and was astonished it was the same knife he used to stab Majid. He then remembered Queen Dorah asking him to give it to her to chant on it. '' By..but mother...why? ''.
'' Because I am not your mother! ''.
(Dark was hocked. Everyone else was. Rishi quickly rushed out from her hiding place and got to Majid's side on the ground. She bent down and got hold of him. Caressing his face because he was hurt around his forehead. Queen mother and Queen Sheena quickly arrived there since they were freed by Sushim. The guards of Ujani collapsed on the ground).
'' You...mother...I ''. He started losing his breath as black veins appeared in his face. '' Mo..mother,why I am..your son....
'' Yes,your reign is over Faruk. You are just so blind and powerless. Just like your mother ''. She said and took out the knife from Faruk's stomach and stabbed him deeper again. Faruk gasped for breath as he started becoming lifeless. '' The body belongs to your mother. But the spirit....

(Queen Meerah left Queen Dorah's body and stood aside. Queen Dorah came back to her senses and she realised she was holding the knife which stabbed Faruk in front of her. Her face turned into horror. She saw her son's blood soaked in her hands. Tears blinded her eyes. This was the most terrible view she had ever seem in all her life).
'' No! No Faruk! No no no my son no!!! ''.

(Faruk collapsed and dropped down dead. The rain turned heavier. Majid forced himself up and moved aside with Rishi and the Queens. Their minds were still trying to understand what was going on. Ragah arrived the palace on a horse and a sword. She was too angry. She got down and started walking in. Queen Dorah bent down in tears and anguish,trying to wake Faruk up. She trued getting the knife out of him but it was now study in him for good. She fell over his body and wept bitterly as everyone surrounded her. Only starring. Rishi embraced Majid tightly).
'' No! You can't leave me Faruk. Oh ate the reason why I have being doing what I did all this years my son! ''. She choked on her tears. '' All I wanted was the best for you. Not this,Faruk...wake up my son,please! My only source of joy! ''.
'' It is over Dorah ''. Queen Meerah said and suddenly, she became visible for everyone to see her. And all the people fell on their faces. Majid and Rishi were most shocked.
'' ''. Majid said in a shaking voice as tears fell from his eyes.
(Queen Dorah got to her feet and took Faruk's sword. Ragah arrived behind her. She started running towards Dorah with her sword and a loud angry scream. As she was about to stab her,Queen Dorah raised up the sword and slew Ragah in her throat and she fell to the ground. Her blood,splashing to the ground. Everyone was puzzled. Rishi screamed and rushed to her side).

'' Ragah Ragah..listen, you have to leave for Priyanka... Please! Live for your daughter... someone help us! ''.
'' Rishi. I don't....have much time..left. Take care of my chi... daughter. Promise me ''. Before Rishi could say anything, Ragah died.
(Queen Dorah grabbed hold of Rishi with the sword. The rain became heavier as her eyes turned black. Majid got his sword ready and tried moving forward but Queen Dorah held the sword very tightly in Rishi's throat).
'' I will slit her throat if you dare come any closer to us! ''. She warned Majid. '' I didn't kill my son! I will make sure you pay for this Meerah. Did you think all my powers were gone? I just fooled you like you did with me ''.
(As soon as she said that,she opened her mouth towards Majid and a black flame rushed out toward him. Queen Meerah stood in front of Majid and captured the smoke into her. She blew a gust of strong wind and it blew Queen Dorah away,Rishi was about to fall but Majid caught her. Queen Meerah created a big cave of stone and it hit the ground, making everyone fall. Queen Dorah fell be hard in front of the cave's mouth. The cave opened and a river of fire in it. Queen Dorah felt dizzy and tried getting up but she fell back. Queen Meerah looked back at Majid and the rest of the family. They were all in tears. She appeared closer to Majid and Rishi and embraced them tightly. Same happened with Queen mother and Queen Sheena).

'' It is time now my son...the battle has ended ''.
'' Don't leave me mother. Please mother ''.
'' I am always with you. I am no longer a part of the living. So take care of those left now. Finally, my dream for you is a reality. From today onwards, there will no longer be chaos. And you shall all have the peace you deserve ''. She said and turned to her son. '' My baby boy. Your mother will live you till the end of time ''.
(She turned towards the cave and walked closer to Queen Dorah. She grabbed her up and starred into her eyes).
'' This is your end Dorah ''.
'' Meerah please. I promise that I will change. Please no. Don't place me into this torture cave. Please! ''.

'' This cave of your new home until your last breath Dorah. No more air,no more food,no more water...and no more light! Good bye Dorah! ''. Queen Meerah pushed her inside and shut the cave close. '' You will never see or hear from this woman again. I don't know how long she is going to live. But as long as she lives,she will spend it in that cave forever. Killing her will be too easy of a punishment for the years she has tortured the people I love ''.
(Queen Meerah waved her hands goodbye to her family and disappeared with the cave forever. As soon as she disappeared, a fast of wind blew and everything around became normal. Everyone was emotional. The atmosphere was overwhelming.

(9 Months Later).

Everything was new and fresh. Ujani kingdom was renewed in renovations and everything else. The temple was decorated. The families were united. After the fight,Faruk and Ragah were buried together. The temples were renovated. The kingdoms were at peace and tranquility. Majid and Rishi renewed their vows and she WS nine months pregnant. Majid's coronation was done some months ago and he was made king over Jhansi and Ujani. He made order for a long passage way to be made from Ujani to Jhansi and from Jhansi to the Krishi tribe. So the two kingdoms and tribes could market together and pay visits too. All Ujani soldiers who turned against Majid were put to death. The Queens took their rightful positions in the palace. Lakshmi gave birth to a boy,Kushi and Shiv got married and was pregnant. All the servant took their places back in the palace too. Charu and Jimmy moved back into the kingdom for good and lived in the palace. He was no longer Prince, but King. Rishi was no longer princess, but Queen. And they ruled in peace and harmony.

(King Majid's chamber).

He had taken his bath. The royal King's maiden anointed his feet and left. His room was renewed and everything that belonged to Faruk was burnt to ashes. He was looking handsome more than ever. He sat on his bee and raised his legs into the bed. Suddenly, his two musketeers rushed into the chamber in their pyjamas and jumped into his bed. Kissing him all over his face and messing up his hair. As a father, he played along and acted like he had fainted on the bed.

'' Father? ''. Meerah called and starred at Marish in shock.
'' Meer..Meerah, why is father not waking up? ''.
'' Oh no! Father, we were just playing with...
(Majid got up quickly and squeezed them into the mattress in laughter. Ey were both relieved and took his pillows, hitting him with it).
'' Father is tired now girls. Let me sleep please ''.
'' No no...we are not done yet! ''.
Please please. Go and play with your age mates okay? I am so exhausted ''.
'' Our age mates are sleeping father ''. Marish said with a pout.
(Rishi entered the chamber, looking beautiful. Majid forgot the kinds and was lost in Rishi's eyes. The children se this and laughed).
'' Oh okay,we must leave now Meerah. Because father's age mate has arrived ''.
(They all laughed at this and the girls left. Rishi got closer to Majid and sat with him. He started kissing her by she was too shy and started pushing him away. She felt a sting pain in her abdomen).
'' Are you okay babe? ''.
'' Ma..Majid,I ''.
'' What?! By this time? ''.
'' What do you mean by this time?! It can come whenever it wants! Get yourself up and call for help! Now! Aaaaah! ''.
'' Aw shit! ''. He got to his feet and rushed outside, shouting for everyone.

(One Week Later).

All the kingdoms had gathered in Ujani for the naming ceremony and coronation of Majid and Rishi's new born baby boy,Karan. He was so beautiful and he was his father's twin. No one could say otherwise. The people of the kingdom gathered down the palace and all the royal families had come together on top of the balcony. Majid in his royal attire and crown, together Rishi, walked to the mouth of the balcony. Queen mother held her great grandson in her arms in happiness. The children played around with some servants guarding them through out.
Majid slowly took his baby in his arms. He starred at Rishi and kissed her in front of the world and they all chuckled while covering their eyes in laughter. He lifted the baby up in the sky.

'' Meet your crowned Prince and future king of Ujani and Jhansi! Prince Karan Samrat the second! ''.
(Everyone cheered in happiness and joy).
'' From today onwards, may you all live in peace and happiness! Long live Ujani and Jhansi!!! ''. He shouted.
'' Long live! ''. They responded.

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