✍️✍️✍️✍️ All For Love ❤️ Quarter, Semi And Final Episode ✍️✍️✍️✍️


*❤All For Love👏
– Quarter Final*

Edward found his head swelling up with those words rose has said.

He felt on top of the world .

He hugged her tightly as if his life depend on IT.)

Edward: i love you so much Rose. I don’t think i could survive with out you (they gradually pull off from the hug but their eyes were still glued together.)

Rose: i wanted to forget every thing about you but i couldnt. You are still with my heart since the day i gave it to you

. Loving someone else was something impossible. (he lifted her chin )

Edward: believe me, you’ve always been in my heart. And will always be.

(she pressed her lips to his and they kiss hungrily as if life depends on it. For so long, they had never feel so engrossed like they are at the very moment. Every part of their body yearn for the other. After a while they pulled off from the kiss before it gets to another thing)

Edward: are you busy today?

Rose: not actually. Why do you ask?

Edward: i am thinking of spending the whole day with you.

Rose: that’s perfect! I love too

Edward: (smiling) wow, go get dress

(she took his hand and they both walked back to her flat. When they entered the sitting room, rose took up the flower with happiness)

Rose: Edward, i am sorry i didn’t appreciate this flower earlier.

. I was just over whielmed by my emotions. Actually , its the best i have ever received. Thank you very much.

Edward: (kissing her neck.

. ) you need not to apologise. I understands how you feels. —- soon, Rose was fully dressed. Edward took her to the amusement park and they had a lot of fun. Their phones were switched off so they won’t have any distractions from any third party.

Edward: so what are you going to do about your other boy friend? (edward inquired putting a spoon of ice-cream into her mouth. After the ice-cream has gone down her throat, she replied)

Rose: i will just break up with him (she put a spoon of ice-cream into his mouth too and when he had swallowed it, he said)

Edward: is it going to be that easy?

Rose: since it weren’t hard for you to tell martina that your heart belongs to someone else. It wouldnt be had for me to tell him same.

Edward: i love you so much Rose. God created you specially for me.

Rose: ouch! Open your mouth let me put this ice-cream joor!

Edward: (smiling) what of if i don’t?

Rose: then you won’t believe what i will do.

Edward: what the hell are you going to do?

Rose: watch me ( she smeared the ice-cream all over his mouth and next, shes on her toes.)

Rose: catch me if you can! (she sang and Edward got up immediately and ran after her. For a couple of minutes, the two of them ran around and laughing like kids.


a week passed, every one started giving positive testimony concerning Edward.

He had changed for the Better.

He is no longer the arrogant man that wouldn’t think twice before sacking any one at work.

Well all thanks to Rose who had brought the true him back again.

As Rose has said , she met with Basil and broke up with him amicably.

At first , he tried hard to object but she gave him more than a enough reason to subject and let go.

When she got home that day, her phone rang and it was Norah.

She picked the call happily with out a waste of time.

Rose: hello my bae Norah: dear hope it went well?

Rose: yes dearie

Norah: do you mind a drink with me some where?

Rose: no Norah: alright, I’m on my way to pick you.


Rose: Norah where are we? This room is dark (rose complained as they went through the Dark room)

Norah: don’t worry bae, we are almost there.

(Norah was holding her hand and she was following her. At length they Paused when they heard some one singing with guitar in the dark room.)

Singer: Rose you are the love of my life its better they stab me with knife than to take you out of my life saaaaay yes, will you be my wife? (3X)

Rose: Norah where are we? Who is singing? His voice looks like Edward’s ( all of a sudden, their was light every where in the room and she flinched as she saw the number of people cheering her.

She could see Edward sitting with a guitar.

Thomas, Mr.johnson, Nikkei , betty , Anastasia, Martina and other people she didn’t recognise.

All were smiling and cheering her.

Every where became calm again when Edward stood and walked towards her. He knelt on one knee as he opened a very small red box which contained a diamond ring.

Edward: Rose will you marry me?

– You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me You’re like an angel The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me You’re something special I only hope that I’ll one day deserve what you give me But all I can do is try Every day of my life You leave me breathless You’re everything good in my life You leave me breathless I still can’t believe that you’re mine You just walked out of one of my dreams So beautiful you’re leaving me Breathless...


*👏All For Love ❤
- Semi-Final*

Rose covered her mouth with her palms out of surprise.

She looked around at every body’s face and all were gesturing she should say yes.)

Rose: (smiling broadly) yes , yes i will (Edward smiled as he slipped the ring into her finger. Every one cheered happily as he stood and hugged her)


Mr. Titus was busy cutting weeds when an office walked up to him.)

Officer: Mr

. Titus, you have visitors

Mr.titus : who are they?

Officer: just come and see them. – (Mr.titus followed him to where visitors are received in jail and there he saw Edward and his Daugther waiting patiently for him.)

Mr.titus: I guess i woke up at the right side of the bed today. That is why i am favoured to have you here today (he referred to Edward who smiled at him)

Rose: Dad , how are you doing?

Mr.titus: i am now fine seeing you, (soon their was an awkward silent between them and Edward broke the silent)

Edward: i am sorry things turned out this way

Mr. Titus: you don’t need to apologise. I deserve more. I guess you two are back together?

Edward: yes sir. Actually i am here with her to seek her hand in marriage

Mr.titus: wooooow! That’s great . That’s what i have been hoping to hear

. You have all my approval and permission. Rose you will take him to the village so he will perform the necessary rites.

Rose: okay dad, thanks.

Mr.titus: sad i won’t be able to walk you down the tile.

Edward: don’t worry sir. I will see what i can do about that.


Now , Edward and Rose has the go ahead order so they started planning on the wedding ceremony which will be coming up soon.

The both was in Edward’s apartment one particular evening when they heard a knoke at the door. )

Rose: sweet heart are you expecting some one?

Edward: no Rose: ok, let me check who is knocking then. (she went to door and opened it to see Anita standing in front of the door)

Anita: what are you doing here? You are from a bad family , you shouldn’t be found any where around here?

(she barked as she sauntered the room.

. Rose was just Starring at her like she had found a Ghost. Edward lifted his eyes from his i pad to meet the gigantic surprise. He quickly Got up from the couch so that he will locate his voice easily.)

Edward: Anita? I thought you should be in dubai?

Anita: i just found out i made a big mistake for leaving you.

Edward: i don’t get you Anita

Anita: i am back to be with you. I just realised i loved you more.

(she came close and held his hand looking into his eyes)

Edward: what happened? Why are you back so soon? What about Godson?

Anita: that one? He doesn’t deserve my heart. . I suspects he used charms on me. You are the one i love with all my heart. Believe me i wasn’t in my right mind when i left you.

Edward: are you sure?

Anita: of course baby i am sure. I have missed you soo much. We can continue from where we stopped baby. I love you so much.

(she pressed her lips into his immediately after her statement)

— – ulalaa! What’s even happening here? Am i dreaming? Someone should wake me up please!
*👏All For Love❤ *


– – Rose watched In anger and anxiety as Edward pull out from the kiss almost immediately.

Her heart was pounding so hard as if it is going to break her chest open.

That’s one of the scene she abhorred so much in her life.

The feeling of Jealousy freaks her out.

Thank God her heart cooled up the moment he withdrew from that bewitching kiss.

She then paid maximum attention to know what He has to say.)

– Edward: to Anita) what’s wrong with you? What exactly did you come to do here?

Anita: going close to him) how many times did i have to tell you i am back to be with you.

Edward: me??? that’s impossible. (he went and stood beside Rose and gave her a kiss on her cheek)

Anita: why can’t it be possible?

Edward: because its too late now

. Its over between us.

Anita : please don’t do this to me now. I accept the fact i made a terrible mistake of going with him. He is into bad dealings and illegal transportation of drugs and arm weapons. I am not safe with him. I was arrested and he denied me. Glory be to God i escaped. Coming back here, every one hates me. If you leave me, i will have no one to run to. My world will fall apart

. Please . I promise to love you better. I will never leave you again.

Edward: chai, that’s a pity. Sorry for your misfortune. But its already over between us.

Anita: (tears dropped from her eyes) i am begging you Edward.

Edward: have you forgotten that i begged you too? When you said its over between us. I pleaded with tears too? (he held rose tightly to himself and kissed her forehead. He continued afterwards) as you can see , she going to be my wife in few days time. So i am using this opportunity to invite you. Its not too late now. We can give you the material so you can sew and join our ashebi group.

(with that rose busted into laughter. Soon Edward caught her lips with his.

. The kiss was passionate and the heat was too much. He slide his tongue into her mouth and she the same. Anita stumped out of the house when she couldn’t bear the scene any more.

****** AT THE WEDDING *****

Rose was surprise to see her father in front of the church the moment she came down from the car with her beautiful white wedding gown.

Edward had did it Again.

He placed Mr.Titus name in the list of those to be granted presidential pardon by the new president.

As God may have it, he was release before the wedding ceremony.

And it was a secret which yielded a gigantic surprise to Rose on her Wedding day.)

– Mr.titus: no question for now daugther

(mr. Titus said as he saw the questioning look in her eyes. He walked her down the alter where Edward and Thomas his body body was standing in the same cute style of suit looking super handsome.)

Priest: Mr. Edward Johnson, did you accept the young lady beside you as your lawfully wedded wife , in sickness and in pain, for better for worst till death do you part?

Edward: yes i do

Priest: to Rose who is already allsmiles) Mis Rose Titus, did you accept the gentle man beside you as your lawfully wedded Husband, in wealth and in health. For better for worst till death do you part?

Rose: yes i do Priest: to Edward) you can now kiss your bride (edward moved closer to Rose who was glaring at him passionately.)

Edward: today is the most special day of my life because it remains the day i became complete. I love you so much Rose. And i will love you forever (he removed the vale covering her face)

Rose: i Love you too My Edward. (with that, their lips found their way together as the congregation cheered and clapped for them

– – ~~~~~~ *THE* *END* ~