✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 39 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Season 2
(Episode 39).
Semi Finals.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(King Faruk's Chamber).

He got weak in his knees and screamed in agony. He fell to the ground with his eyes,still starring at the knife which was dripping with blood. He held his chest tightly and screamed for people outside. Queen Dorah,the guards and the rest of the royal family entered immediately. As soon as Queen Dorah layed her eyes on the knife,she slipped to the ground and held her head. Faruk quickly got to his feet and turned to the guards who were available at the moment.
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'' Assemble all the guards in Ujani! Including the war soldiers! And blow the trumpets Jhansi now! Announce...and call. Tell them the King says...there is about to be war. I need them all here in Ujani now! Go! ''. He ordered fast,they bowed their heads and quickly rushed out.
'' What is going on Faruk? ''. Rishi asked looking concerned.
'' You... ''. He looked like a possessed person as he walked closer to Rishi and grabbed her arms. '' Where is Majid? ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' What are you talking about Faruk? Majid has being dead for almost eight years now! ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' Liars! You can't fool me anymore. Then what is this?! ''. He pointed at the knife on his bed which was dripping with blood.
(Rishi and the others turned their faces to the bed in astonishment).
'' That is the knife I used to stab Majid! And I pushed him into the waterfalls with the knife still in his chest! How come it is here?! ''. He screamed in Rishi's fave and she flinched.
(Queen Dorah quickly walked to the bed and picked up the knife,pointing it at Queen Dorah and Queen Sheena).
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'' Tell me where your grandson is....else I will kill Rishi!!! ''. She said and grabbed Rishi by the neck. Pointing the knife towards her eyes.
'' No! Leave me alone,I don't know what you ate talking about I swear! ''.
'' Dorah,are you out of your senses?! Stop this nonsense. You are making a mistake. Meerah and Marish will be helpless! You two killed their father,now you want to kill their mother too?! ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' Faruk...please believe me! ''. Rishi cried and Faruk turned to look at her. Trying hard to fight his feelings. '' Leave her alone mother! ''.
'' Are you out of your mind? She's trying to fool you son! ''.
'' No she won't ''. Faruk took Rishi away from his mother and grabbed her with force and anger. He forcefully walked her out,followed by the rest. '' Guards! ''.
(He called the few guards near by and commanded them to arrest Queen mother and Queen Sheena).
'' Faruk! You can't do this to us again you fool! Let us go! We have no idea of what are you talking about! ''.
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'' You both are going to stay in the dungeon until Majid decides to come for you. I know he can't live without you. Take them away! ''. He snapped at them. ''And make sure there are more than ten guards guarding the dungeon before you leave the place. Prepare yourselves for war! ''.
'' Yes your Highness! ''. They responded and left with the Queens.
'' Faruk...what about the children. We must grab them too,especially those nasty twins! ''. Queen Dorah hissed.
'' No! Don't dare touch my children! They have nothing to do with this! Please please... I am begging you! Please! ''. Rishi cried while trying to free herself from Faruk's arms,but he was too strong. '' Believe me...if Majid was alive,u would be the first person to know! ''.
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'' And you would never tell us about it......will you Rishi? ''. Faruk ashed her with an evil smile. '' No. I don't think so. Mother,go and bring those twins to the royal balcony. Rishi and I will be waiting for you ''.
'' Okay...take this knife,in case she tried anything stupid ''. She handed the knife to Faruk and left.
'' I know that you know Majid is alive Rishi ''. He said and placed the knife over her throat. '' I don't care how much I love you anymore... you will loose your children,if Majid does not turn up to the next 24 hours. Let's go! ''.
(He pushed her forward while still holding her).
Prince Faruk...

(Marish and Meerah's Chamber).

Lakshmi had packed all their things and they were set to leave the palace secretly with the help of Raj. He held some weapons in his hands as he opened the chamber's door slightly and peeked his eyes out to see if there were people outside. They suddenly heard of noise and runnings around. Lakshmi quickly rushed to the window and looked outside the palace. She gasped and quickly closer the window.
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'' Oh no Raj....what is going on now? ''.
'' I think Faruk already saw the knife on his bed ''. He said and saw Queen Dorah and two guards behind her,walking towards the chamber from across the hallway. He quickly locked the door. '' Queen Dorah is coming here! Hurry...hurry with the kids. Pass through the new passage way ''.
'' But what about you...
'' Just go! Hurry! ''.
(Lakshmi took two small bags and rushed to the back gates of the chamber. She held her stomach so she didn't hurt her unborn baby. Raj held his sword up high and there was a very big bang on the chamber gates).
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'' Whoever in there should open the door,else it will be broken and the person will be killed! ''. Queen Dorah shouted from outside.
(Raj used all his strength to push the bed against the door and rushed out of the passage way).

(On the Mountains).

Majid sat on the peak. With his legs folded together and his hands lifted up together and with his eyes closed. All the priests of the kingdom both dead and alive surrounded him. Physically and spiritually. The only ones visible were the priests of the kingdom, Bhavna and Chanakher. They held little pits,containing herbs and oil. They chanted on Majid while he took a deep breath. The ritual was almost over. The sky started turning black and white. Thunder stroke loudly and they all poured their pits of oil into Majid's hair,and it dripped down his face.
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'' The ritual is over. Hail Lord Hanuman! ''. Bhavna shouted in might.
'' Hail! ''. The others responded.
'' Hail Lord Hanuman! ''.
'' Hail! ',.
(Lightening stroke and Majid opened his eyes. Immediately, Sushim rushed up to the mountain, panting hard and breathing heavily. Everyone turned to him. And he had arrived with most of the war soldiers).
'' Sushim? ''.
'' You...your Majesty! Faruk already saw the knife you asked !e to place in his bed. He has arrested Queen mother and Queen Sheena! And he has grabbed hold of Queen Rishi! ''.
(Majid quickly got to his feet in anxiety and turned to Bhavna).
'' Don't worry Majid. Lord Hanuman will not forsake us. Today is your day. Victory is yours. And the ritual will work by the ticking of ten! ''.
'' Should I go now? ''.
'' No,not now! Wait till there is full moon! ''. Priest Chanakher said.
'' But what if he hurt my wife and children?! ''.
'' He won't, Majid ''. Bhavna said.
'' How do you know that?! ''.
'' Because you are the one he wants now. Calm down ''.
'' Yes your highness. Faruk just gave a trumpet announcement that...if you don't show up,in the next 24 hours,the little princesses will be killed. But what he doesn't know is,Raj and Princess Lakshmi has taken them out of the palace by now ''.
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'' Are they safe? ''.
'' Yes your Highness. They are being protected by Shiva and other trusted guards ''.
'' So now,it's left with Rishi and my Queens. Faruk will regret this...

(In the Palace=Marish and Meerah's Chamber).

Queen Dorah and the guards break down the door nd entered and found an empty room. She roared in anger

'' They escaped! Do not let them! Search for them everywhere! And kill those twins and anyone with them when you find them! ''.
'' Yes your Highness ''.
(As soon as they turned to leave,Queen Meerah appeared in front of them all in her fierce anger. Obviously, only Queen Dorah saw her. She wiper the two guards from the face of the chamber and blood splashed into Queen Dorah's face. They died instantly. Queen Dorah took their swords and pointed it at her).
'' Really Dorah? Swords at me? ''. She laughed.
'' Oh no Meerah...not against you dear ''. She also laughed and cut into her palms,her blood dropped to the floor and she threw it at Queen Meerah who quickly disappeared. '' Yes! I have found a new way to finally get rid of Meerah, my son will be king forever! ''.
(Queen Meerah quickly reappeared and grabbed hold of Queen Dorah's throat).
'' This is the end of your reign Dorah,and no one can stop me from making Majid the king ''.
'' So it's true...he is alive ''.
'' Yes! He is,and there is nothing you can do about it! ''. Queen Meerah said and her fury was kindled. Her eyes turned fury red and Queen Dorah's eyes turned black. Loosing her breath,Queen Meerah entered into Queen Dorah's body immediately.

The soldiers of Jhansi had gathered themselves with their soldiers of Ujani. In and outside the palace. They were more than a thousand. Little did they know,all the Jhansi soldiers were now against Faruk. While half of the Ujani soldiers were against him as well. They all lifted their eyes to the tallest balcony were Faruk held Rishi captive with almost fifty guards behind them.
The sky was turning dimmer and dimmer as it was getting to evening time. Full moon finally appeared.
Majid and hundred soldiers,including Sushim. They starred at the full moon. And them starred at the priests. Bhavna nodded her head. A green smoke rushed out from the mountain stones and quickly spread the kingdom.

'' Go! Go now. It's time for victory! ''.
(Majid majestically got his horse ready and kicked it. The horse sped up it's run,followed by the other soldiers into the kingdom).

(In the kingdom).

As Lakshmi took Marish, Meerah and Ragah's daughter through the kingdom on horses and palanquins, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. Priya helped her sir properly in her palanquin and shouted for Raj and Shiv who helped other guards carry the palanquin.

'' Is the baby coming now princess? ''. Kushi asked.
'' I think...I don't ''. She screamed.
'' Raj! ''. Priya shouted.
(The men got to the women in his palanquin).
'' We cannot go to the mountains right now. We have immediately get to the cave Majid asked the other servants of the palace to hide. I think....the...our baby is coming now! ''.
'' Okay...we will be safe over there s well! ''. Raj said and quickly carried the palanquin.
'' Where is our mother and father aunt ''. Meerah asked.
'' We...
'' Relax girls. Your parents are okay...they asked us to take you with us okay? They will arrive soon ''. Kushi assured them while she herself cried.
(But Lakshmi couldn't hold on. She started pushing, while Priya and Kushi helped her with the little water they had).

(In the Palace=On the royal balcony).

Faruk held Rishi by her hair and pulled her towards the balcony. Her eyes were in shock as he tried pushing her over. She quickly remembered when Cindy fell off that same balcony. She screamed and tear rushed down her face. Faruk turned to his guards and one of them raised his hand. Faruk turned back to the soldiers.

'' Fifteen Hours More! If Majid does not show up in the next fifteen hours,then...his baby girl here will be pushed down this balcony. In other words,she will be dead...and...
(Suddenly, a speed arrow flew from nowhere and pierced Faruk's right soldiers, he screamed loudly out of pain and agony. He almost fell to the ground but held himself up. All the soldiers rushed to him. His hands left Rishi and she took to her heels, climbing down thousands of stairs away from them).
'' Get her now! Get her! ''. He commanded and all the soldiers rushed after her. Faruk adjusted himself. With all his strength, he took out the arrow,and his blood stained his whole hands. He turned his face into the soldiers far down the balcony and outside the palace. And from far away the palace, he saw thousands of soldiers on horses, racing to the palace with swords and arrows. And he recognised the one leading them. He held another arrow and bow,he twitched his eyes well and the shock on his face was priceless. He saw his long lost brother Majid. Finally....