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Desmond didn’t bother about his daughter.
He stayed stocked in his room with Gold as they ate from the Sharwama and food they bought on the way.
Amanda made dinner for the her, Odeya and also I.k.
“Deya, I’ll be back OK. I’m going to give I.k his dinner.” Amanda said to Odeya.
Deya said nothing as she stared at her food without eating anything. Amanda walked to the door but on opening it, I.k was at the door.
“Oh I.k, I was bringing your dinner. Must be why you are here.” she said.
“Ah no no.. I want to see Oga.” I.k said.
Amanda looked at him.. “Why?”
“I wan tell am something. He dey for palour?” I.k asked.
“I don’t know.. It’s none of my business where ever he is. I can only answer anything that has to do with Odeya, apart from that. Don’t ask me anything!” Amanda snapped before realizing it.
When she did, she quickly put the plate of rice on I.k’s hands and cleared her throat.
I.k stared at her with confused eyes.
“Eh… He’s upstairs. He might not answer you. You should tell him whatever you have to tell him tomorrow..” Amanda said.
I.k sighed. “Oh chimm o. Na this night wey I wan see am. My pikin…”
“Your child? What’s wrong?” Amanda asked.
“She dey hospital and I suppose send my wife 15k to treat am. I no get shishi, na why I wan see Oga.” I.k explained.
Amanda felt sorry for him and worried about the child. “Oh.. It’s not possible that you will see him this night but make sure you tell him tomorrow morning.” she said.
I.k sighed..”Eh.. I know… Na that girl. If say she no follow am. I dey sure say he for dey watch Television now and I for see am.. That girl, I no like am at all at all.”
“I’m going in. Goodnight.” Amanda said, went back in and closed the door before he says more.
I.k sighed then turned towards his quarter. “Just like that, Oga don dey bring woman come home. Hmm I no care at all o but why e go be this night when I wan tell am my problem. Mtcheww..” then he remembered something… “…but e be like Say Amanda dey vex. She come talk talk talk for one simple question wey. I ask. Oga dey palour? She just blow like banga. Nawa ooo. Make I eat first. God dey.” he started whistling a song as he entered his quarter.
Amanda saw that Odeya haven’t tasted her meal. She sat beside her. “Deya, you haven’t taken a spoon of your food. Aren’t you hungry?”
“I lost my appetite. Can you make golden morn instead? I hate the smell of the rice.” she said.
“I’d like to take Golden Morn with a lot of milk.” she said.
“You sure you gonna drink it?” Amanda asked.
“Yeah..” Deya said.
“Alright, I’ll be back.” Amanda said and carried the plate of untouched rice to the kitchen.
She poured it back into the pot and dropped the dirty plate in the sink. She took out Golden Morn pack from the fridge, poured it into one of Odeya’s plates, added water and lot of milk, took spoon and carried it back to the dinning table.
“Here it is.” she said as she dropped it in front of Odeya. “Eat up so you can go to bed.”
Odeya picked the spoon, took the first spoon, second, third and dropped the spoon.
“I’m full.” she said.
“Of course you are not. It’s fine. I will feed you.” Amanda said, and took to feed her.
Odeya turned her face away. “I said that I’m filled up”
Amanda sighed and dropped the Golden Morn.
Deya turned to her with tearful eyes.
“I’ll make you my best friend, I will never be sassy to you. I will be the nicest person on earth.. Whatever you want me to do I’m gonna do it.. Just do this for me.” she said.
“Do what for you Deya?” Amanda asked.
Is it about bringing her dad and mom together again?
“Make that lady leave tomorrow and never come here again.” Odeya said.
Amanda sighed. “Deya, you might be only five but you are much smart and should know that there’s no way I can be able to do this. How do you want me to do this, it’s not possible. But I assure you that soon, she’s gonna leave and never come back. This is not her place at all. She doesn’t belong here.”
Odeya shook her head. “If you wanna see me happy.. If you really care about how I feel, then do it.. Make her leave forever.”
Amanda sighed again. “You give me impossible tasks Deya, first was bringing your dad and mom together, now making your dad’s girlfriend to leave. These are impossible missions that I don’t even know how to start.” she said.
“But you gotta do them. You wanted me to be a good girl. You wanted me to stop being sassy and be an extrovert who’s friends with a lot of people. I’m willing to be all that if you do this for me.” Deya said.
Amanda exhaled. “But you are already all that. You’ve stopped being sassy, you are now friends with your classmates and you’ve always being a good girl.” Amanda said.
“I wanna be more than that. I want to be more than good… I want to e friends with others and not just my classmates. I’m willing to become anything you want it you do this for me.” Odeya said.
Amanda took her hands in hers.
“Deya, I don’t want to lie to you. I will keep telling you the truth, I can’t do any of these which you ask of me. I’m sorry. I promise to be here for you, anytime, any day but I’m not some magician or a sorceress to make this work.”
Odeya started crying.
Amanda pulled her chair closer and cuddled her.
“It’s going to be okay, you hear?” Amanda said and began singing Odeya’s favourite poems.
What makes the flowers so pretty….
How does it cheer up your day??
I think the flower is most beautiful..
When it is given away…
I have the colors of yellow and blue,
purple and green, red and white too..
The prettiest flowers that I’ve never seen..
I want to share them with you…
Who sat and watched my infant head
When sleeping on my cradle bed
And tears of sweet affection shed.. My mother
After a while, Amanda realized that Odeya had fallen asleep while being cuddled by her. She smiled and carried her upstairs to her room.. Laid her on the bed and covered her well.
“Good night Deya.” she said, before turning off the lights and walking out and closing the door. The next room was Desmond’s. Amanda halted when she got to the door.
She felt like breaking in there and kicking the idiot out, including slapping Desmond so hard for ill treating his daughter tonight and ignoring her but there was nothing she could do. She headed back downstairs. Ate, cleaned up the kitchen and there after, turned on the TV to watch movies.
She didn’t want to go upstairs and end up thinking too much.
She got engrossed in the seasonal movie, that it got to past twelve and she was still watching it without even feeling a bit of sleep in her eyes.
“Once it clocks one, I’ll put it off.” she told herself.
Then suddenly, she felt a sound at the staircase. She quickly turned to see and it was the girl.. Did she say her name was Gold or what actually?
Amanda doesn’t even care to know her name.
She wore a transparent white nightie that barely covered her thighs. Her cleavage were too displayed and Amanda could see her boobs and everything there to see from the transparent night gown. Her light skin matched so perfectly to the night gown she wore.
For a moment, Amanda got envious of her light skin. She was pretty sure that she has more curves and boobs than Gold but the light skin and the beautiful face. She knew Gold topped her in that two.
‘Men love fair women. There’s no way I could compare myself to her. She’s elegant and classic. ‘ Amanda thought within as she kept staring at her until she came down the stairs.
‘But… Why do she have to wear something like this? Must she? She look like a total slut in it.’ Amanda hissed.
“What’s with the stare? I might fall with such a stare from you.” Gold asked once she close to where Amanda sat.
She was going to get water. It has been so much fun in the room, alone with Desmond.
Such a sweet catch..
Amanda quickly looked away when Gold said that… ‘Why did I even look?’
Gold chuckled and made some annoying sounds as she headed to the kitchen.
As Amanda picked the remote to back forward the movie, Gold halted and came back.
“Oh I forgot that we have a maid here..” Gold said with a smug smile.
Amanda played the movie and listened.
“..Maid, get me two bottle water and two water glass. Be fast about it.” Gold ordered then sat down on a single seat close to the staircase and crossed her legs.
Amanda scoffed and ignored her, acting like she didn’t hear anything. Gold was behind her so she couldn’t see her either.
“Oh yes, this is where I was.” she said, referring to the movie.
Gold narrowed her eyes at the person she had ordered.
“Hey! Are you deaf!?” She hurled and stood up.
Amanda decided to answer her but without turning. “I’m sorry if you mistook me for the maid you have in your house. In this house, i’m Odeya’s nanny. I only do things that has to do with Odeya. The kitchen is only but a few walk, the fridge isn’t locked either. Serve yourself.”
Gold raised her brows, astonished and enraged.
“What? Did you just open your mouth to say that to me? Do you realize who you are talking to? Are you nuts?” She walked to Amanda, standing in front of her, blocking her from seeing the television.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.. I only told you my work here. Please I’d like you to move a bit away from the television.” Amanda said.
Gold laughed.. “Oh my God.. I can’t believe this dirty thing speaking so mannerless to me.”
Amanda looked at her and their eyes met.. Both eyes were furious.
“You might be Mr Desmond’s girlfriend but please, I repeat again, please, I won’t stand you insult me.” Amanda said.
Gold walked closer. “What will you do, dirty thing? What can you do than do your job and get your salary? Isn’t that what you are here to do?”
Amanda stood up and looked straight into Gold’s eyes. “Yes that is what I am here to do but if you make me go beyond that, you won’t find it funny.”
“And I ask, what can you do?” Gold asked.
“Actions speak better than words.” Amanda said and tried to walk out but Gold grabbed her by the arm and the next thing Amanda felt on her cheek was a hot slap.
Gold smirked at her “I just did that action, now what can you do?”
Amanda placed her palm on her burning cheek and stared monstrously at Gold. Her teeth clenched in flaming anger and all she could think of was giving Gold a double of what she just did…
Gold laughed when Amanda just stood right there like a statue staring at her with her palm on the cheek she just gave a slap.
“You see… There’s nothing you can do. This is a warning nanny or whatever you call yourself. The next time you try this, you won’t only get a hotter slap but an instant quit letter. Fool!” Gold spatted and dashed towards the kitchen.
“Gosh I can’t take this.. I thought I was only going to teach that little thing called Odeya some manners without knowing that there’s another bastard in this house. No wahala. I go tell una say na me get this place now. Bunch of idiots.” Gold ranted.
Amanda was still standing right at the spot she stood, with her palm on her cheek…
‘What happened to me? Why couldn’t I slap her back? Why couldn’t I defend myself? I could have took out one of her teeth but what held me back?’ Amanda wondered.
She removed her palm from her cheek and looked at it. A tear dropped on her palm.
She gasped and touched her eyes. There were wet. Is she crying?
“What’s wrong with my eyes? Why are they wet? I’m I an idiot? Am I five years old to get teary because of this? I can’t believe myself. I can’t really believe myself?”
She quickly wiped the tears when she heard footsteps coming. It was Gold.
She sat back on the couch and Gold passed with a tray of bottle waters and two water glass.
She soon got to the corridor, and entered Desmond’s room.
Desmond was lying on the bed, making use of his tablet.
“What took you quite long baby?” he asked.

“Uhm.. I’m sorry honey, it’s your daughter’s nanny.” Gold said as she placed the tray on a stool and poured the water in the glasses.
“What? What happened?” Desmond asked.
“It’s nothing to worry about..” Gold said and handed him a glass. He took it. “Thanks baby. Are you sure it’s nothing to worry about?”
Gold smiled. “Yeah.. I think she was only worried about Odeya..”
“It’s okay. I will see her in the morning.” Desmond said and drank the water.
Gold did a lopsided smile.
Amanda turned off the television and headed upstairs.. She got to Desmond’s door and touched her cheek.
“I’m going to make you regret this. Whoever you are. You will regret lifting your hand at Chimamanda.” she breathed then passed to Odeya’s room. She opened the door and breathed out when she saw her sleeping peacefully. She closed the door back and entered her own room which is opposite.
As she laid on the bed and tapped on her phone, she saw fifteen missed calls, seven from her mom and eight from Ekene..
“Mama, you called, I hope it’s not to start marriage talks. I will call you tomorrow.” Amanda said before pulling the duvet over her body and closing her eyes to sleep.
That night, Amanda had a strange dream.
She saw Gold holding a remote..
It looked exactly like a TV remote and she was pressing on that remote..
It was like when someone is controlling a television but when Amanda looked to see the TV Gold was controlling, she saw Desmond instead.
Gold was controlling Desmond instead of a TV.
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Amanda woke up from her sleep and all thanks to the dream, she realized it was 6:45am.
She rubbed her eyes, sat up and stretched herself then narrowed her eyes as she thought of the strange dream.
“What was that dream about? Gold was controlling Desmond with a remote instead of a television? What kind of dream was that?”
She stood up and headed to the bathroom to wash her face and brush up.
As she faced the mirror in the bathroom and saw the cheek where she had been slapped last night, she exhaled and splashed water on her face.
“I guess I gave her chance…. If I had slapped her back, I’m sure I would have been fired and Odeya would be all alone.” she said and picked her toothbrush.
As she brushed her teeth, the dream came again.
‘I rarely have dreams and when I do, it’s like a revelation. What could this dream mean? Does it mean Gold is controlling Desmond? How? I certainly know something is fishy about their sudden relationship. Did I say sudden? I’ve only been here for few days. Maybe they had been dating for months without anyone knowing. She must be controlling him in a normal woman power way. I don’t need to think deep about this.’
She finished brushing, wiped her face and walked out, she changed her night wear to a jogger pants and a comfy short sleeve shirt.
She remembered her mom calling last night and picked her phone.
“No, she will still be sleeping now. I will call her in an hour time.” she said and dropped her phone back.
She went out of her room, walked to the opposite room and opened Odeya’s door.
Odeya was still asleep.
She closed back the door and without glancing an eye at Desmond’s door, she headed downstairs to start the morning chores.
She don’t have much to do today, like always. Just the usual cooking, cleaning the sitting room, Odeya’s bedroom and doing some laundry with the washing machine. The exterior/compound of the house is usually taken care of by I.k
Amanda got to the kitchen and proceeded to prepare breakfast of cooked yam and egg sauce.
Desmond isn’t going to work today, does that mean he’s at least going to eat something else more than taking tea?
She hopes so..
‘Ah what I’m I thinking?’ she waved her thoughts off and went on with what she was doing.
“Food stuffs are almost finished. Does this mean that I have to go to the market today?” she asked as she stared at the almost empty cupboard and fridge.
“Yes you have to.” Someone said at the door and Amanda turned. It’s Desmond.
Her eyes first landed on his abs which were displayed in the tight polo. She could see the lines of his six pack.
She quickly looked away.. “Good morning sir.” she greeted and turned back to the cupboard.
‘What’s he doing in the kitchen this early?’ Amanda wondered. ‘He should stay stock in that room with his girlfriend’
Wait, his dressing. It looked like he went for a work out.
“I’ll call peter to drive you to the market in two hours time. My mother is visiting today.. The food should be ready before eleven.” he said.
‘What? Lady Monica is coming?’
“What..what do I cook sir? What does she love to eat?” I asked without turning.
“Fried rice is okay.” he said.
‘Why’s Mrs Monica coming? Is he going to introduce her officially to his girlfriend?’ Amanda wondered.
“Did anything happen between you and my girlfriend last night?” he asked.
‘Did she tell him? If she did then he wouldn’t ask question but take actions. I think she didn’t.’ Amanda said within.
“No. Nothing..” she answered.
“How was Odeya last night?” he asked.
Amanda scoffed..’Tch… So you really want to know.’
“She slept off after eating.. She’s still sleeping.” Amanda answered with a sneer. Next, he walked to the fridge, took a bottle of water and glass. He Poured into the glass and gulped down. Amanda’s eyes went to his neck, to his Adams apple and she inhaled at the way the water went down.. It look even breathtaking.
Then she immediately got to her senses and quickly looked away.
‘What do I start with. Yam, yes yam.’ she went for the yam.
Desmond kept back the bottle and glass and closed the fridge then turned to Amanda who couldn’t look at him but at the yam she held.
“What’s for breakfast?” he asked.
“White yam with egg sauce.” Amanda answered.
He said nothing and walked out.
Amanda turned and exhaled. “I thought he was going to say ‘hurry up, I’m hungry or something like that. Is he going to have tea again on a weekend morning?’
She sighed and turned back to the yam.
“It’s nothing I should worry about.” she concluded and began peeling the yam.
Desmond went upstairs and opened his daughter’s room.. She was still sleeping.
He went in, squatted beside her and touched her hair.
“I’m sorry my baby.. I was a little harsh last night. I hope you forgive me and accept Gold as your new mom because she’s going to become your new mom soon.” he said then stood up and walked out.. He met Gold coming out from his room.
“Hey babe, you are awake.” he said.
“Yeah.. You went for a work out? Why didn’t you wake me up.. I work out too.” she asked.
“I’m sorry.. Didn’t wanna disturb your beauty sleep.” he said and kissed her.
They walked into his room.
“How’s she, I mean your daughter?” Gold asked.
“She’s sleeping. I know I was too harsh on her last night” He said.
Gold rolled her eyes. “There you go again. I see no harshness in what you did last night. She’s only a little girl and don’t give you orders. You are her father and she should do whatever you say.” Gold said.
Desmond smiled and touched her cheek. “God, I didn’t tell you this.”
“My mom is visiting today. Would you mind seeing her?” Desmond said.
Gold wasn’t quite excited about that but she smiled.. “I would love to meet her. She must be very beautiful.” she said.
Desmond chuckled.”She’s a little troublesome.” he said.
Gold laughed. “All mothers are.”
Desmond took her hands in his and they stared into each other’s eyes. “I love you so much Baby.” he said.
“I love you too.” Gold said and they kissed.
“I’ll go wash up.” Desmond said and went to the bathroom.
Gold smiled and looked at her bag. She walked over to it, opened it and smiled at the charm container in a black container with a small red rope tied around it. She took it out, admired it for few seconds before keeping it back carefully in her bag.

@Author RiRi Library

Amanda prepared breakfast and served it on the dinning.
Odeya had woken up about thirty minutes ago and sat quietly at the dinning table.
When she woke up and came out of her room, she met her dad at the corridor.
Desmond rushed to her and squatted in front of her and took her hands.
“Darling, I wanna apologize for last night. I’m really sorry I got too harsh on you.” he said.
“It’s all because of her. I don’t need your apology if she’s still in here.” She said and walked away.
“Deya.. Deya..” he called but she gave him no answer.
Gold came out. “What’s wrong honey?”
Desmond stood up and sighed. “Odeya.. She’s quite annoyed with me. I hope she forgives me soon.” he said.
Gold walked to him and put her arms around him.. “It’s okay. I’m sure she will. She’s only a little girl.”
“Yeah..” he said and peeked her. “You haven’t gone to the bathroom yet?”
“I was about to when I heard your voice.” she said.
“Go on now, breakfast would soon be set.” he said.
She smiled and they walked back in. Gold entered the bathroom and Desmond sat on the edge of the bed and took his phone from the bedside table.. As he was doing so, his eyes landed on Gold’s bag.
He picked the phone, gazed at the bag once more then unzipped it to see all kinds of cosmetics.
“Looking through a lady’s bag. That’s not man like.” he said, smiled and zipped it back.
He needed to make a call to his secretary.
Amanda sat down beside Odeya. “Let’s eat now.” she said.
Odeya picked her spoon.
“You know your grand mom is visiting today?” Amanda asked her.
“Grandma? No I don’t. Why’s she coming today of all days.” Deya said.
“What? Ain’t you happy that she’s visiting?” Amanda asked.
“Not while that lady is still in here. Grandma is going to fall for her. Grandma wants my dad to get married. She’d be happy to see her.” Deya said.
Amanda exhaled. “It’s okay. Eat up and no talking while eating.” she said.
“Nanny, can I ask you something?” Deya said.
“What’s that?”
“Do you still like my daddy?”
Amanda dropped her spoon and began coughing. She grabbed the glass of water and gulped down. She got better after that and dropped back the glass.
“Are you okay?” Deya asked.
Amanda nodded, “yeah. I’m fine.”
“So can you answer my question now and no lies.” Deya said.
Amanda breathed out and picked her spoon back. “I..I don’t.” she said.
“I know you’re gonna lie. I had a dream last night.” Deya said.
“What, dream?” Amanda asked.
“I dreamt about you and dad together. It was beautiful..but it’s something I don’t want happening. I want only dad and mom to be together.” Deya said.
Amanda nodded. “It’s fine. Come on, eat your food. It’s getting cold.” she said.
Just then, Desmond and Gold walked down the staircase and over to the dinning. They sat down and opened their meals.
Amanda and Gold shared a stern look before each one faced her meal.
Gold was the first to take a spoon and smiled at Amanda. “This is delicious but I don’t know if I’m the only one that think there’s a bit excess of salt.” she said.
Amanda scoffed and looked at Desmond. It’s the first time he was going to eat the food she prepared. As she looked at him, he also looked at her and their eyes met. Amanda this time, looked longer including Desmond who was the first to look away back to is meal. Amanda then followed suit.
Gold studied that, including Odeya.
“Oh really..I’m sure Deya would have complained if there is. Let me see.” Desmond said and took a spoon. Amanda looked at him again as he put the spoon in his mouth, chewed and swallowed.
“There is right?” Gold asked with a smirk smile at Amanda.
Desmond chuckled. “No, there isn’t. It’s perfect.”
Now it was Amanda’s turn to smirk smile. Gold’s face changed and Amanda gave her own smirk smile.
“Oh.. then I guess it’s from my mouth. I might fall sick soon. It’s one of the Symptoms that I get when I’m about getting a fever.” she said and smiled at Amanda.
Amanda’s mind raced at the mention of sickness.
‘She might get sick soon? What kind of sickness. It can’t be pregnancy right? No way. It can’t be.’
“Sick? I’ll take you to a hospital today OK.” Desmond said.
“No honey. I’m much fine. I’ll see my doctor when I get back home.” Gold said and picked her spoon again. “Even though it taste salty to me, It’s still delicious and I can’t waste such a delicious food. If mother in law hears that, she’ll definitely shout me to shrink. All mothers hate to see food wasted.” Gold said and took a spoon.
“Mother in law!?” Odeya said. “Who are you talking about?” she asked Gold.
Gold smiled. “Oh sweetie, grandma is visiting today and I’m going to call her mother in law but that won’t be today but I’ll definitely call her that soon. It’s okay, let’s eat. It’s a bad habit to talk while meal is going on. Let’s eat.” she said and smirked at Amanda who was staring at her with rage.
Odeya dropped her spoon. “Well I think I lost my appetite. I’ll be in my room nanny. See me when you are done.” she said, and stood up.
“Baby, what’s wrong. Come on, sit down and eat OK.” Desmond said.
Odeya grabbed her glass of juice, gulped it all, dropped back the empty glass, then walked away.
Gold laughed within.
Desmond turned to Amanda. “She haven’t eaten anything yet. Take the food and make her eat it all.” he said to her.
Amanda stood up and without saying anything, she placed Odeya’s meal and hers on a tray, and before walking away, her eyes and Gold’s met and Gold smirked while she had nothing to do but walk away.
‘No matter what you think you are Gold, I believe with my life that you don’t belong here. It’s a matter of time, and you are gone away from Desmond and her daughter.’
“Are you sure you don’t wanna go to the hospital?” Desmond asked Gold after Amanda had gone upstairs.
Gold smiled. “No I’m fine. I said I’ll see my doctor when I go back.”
“Won’t that be on Monday? That’s kinda far.” Desmond said.
“Not really. Don’t worry about that honey, eat up.” Gold said.
“I got to worry about you baby. It’s okay..” Desmond said. Gold smiled.
‘I hope to get pregnant with your child soon. So even if the charm goes away, you will have no other choice.’ Gold said within.
Amanda entered Odeya’s room with the tray of food. Odeya lay on her bed going through a comic book.
“Deya, get up so you can finish your food.” Amanda said as she sat down beside Odeya and placed the tray on her laps.
“I lost my appetite, so how do you expect me to eat?” Odeya said.
“I know you are hungry Deya.. Leave them aside for now and fill your stomach. Do you want to go to the market with me?” Amanda said.
“I’ve never gone to the market.” she said.
“Would you like to go today?” Amanda asked.
“Maybe, then I wanna go see Jeremy today too.” Deya said.
“No, I don’t think we can see Jeremy today because grandma is visiting. We will see him tomorrow. So get up and eat so you can be able to see him tomorrow.” Amanda said.
“What do you mean?” Deya asked.
“If you don’t eat, you will fall very sick and won’t have the strength to go see him. Do you want that?” Amanda said.
“No, I don’t but really, I don’t want to eat. The meal is already cold.” Deya said.
“It isn’t. Sit up, sit up.” Amanda said and pulled her up.
“Argh, leave me alone.” Deya said.
Amanda smiled as she took a spoon. “Open your mouth now, ahh.”
“I don’t want to.” Deya said.
“Then you won’t be able to see Jeremy tomorrow if you don’t. If you want to see him, then eat your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner today. If you miss one, no seeing of Jeremy tomorrow.” Amanda said.
“Really? Fine I will eat.” Deya said and opened her mouth. Amanda fed her.
“You want me to feed you?” Amanda asked.
Yes.” Deya said.
Amanda smiled. “No problem.”
“I just remembered. I have to collect two thousand naira from dad and give it back to peter. I don’t wanna talk to dad. Can you tell him for me?” Odeya asked.
Amanda exhaled. “He’s your dad Deya. You should tell him anything.”
“I don’t wanna talk to him. Do it for me.” She said.
“It’s okay. I will, probably when he’s giving me money for the market.” Amanda said.
An hour later, after Desmond and Gold were through with their breakfast and sat at the sitting room. They both were watching music videos when Gold stood up.
“You wanna see me dance?” she asked.
Desmond laughed. “Let’s see then.”
As Gold was about to start a dance, a knock cane at the door, then the door opened and I.K walked in.
“Oga good morning. Madam good morning.” he greeted them.
Gold was pleased with the madam title.
“Thank you I.k.. What brings you this morning?” Desmond asked.
I.k walked closer to him and made a pitiful face. “Oga abeg pity me. My daughter wey dey village don dey sick for days now. My wife don call call but I no get any money. Na why I come make I beg you to give me fifteen thousand from my salary. Abeg oga.”
Gold sat back beside Desmond and placed her legs on him.
‘Oh chim o!’ I.k exclaimed within.
” Is it only fifteen thousand that’s her hospital bill?” Desmond asked.
“Ehn, na how much my wife tell me but oga, if you still wan add small, I go thank you well well but that one make e no be from my salary.” I.k said with a grin.
Desmond chuckled and took his phone. “I will transfer the money to you now so you can send to your wife. Make sure you send all the money 0to her.” he said.
I.k smiled. “I go do am sir.”
“Honey, you are sending him the money already without trying to know if he’s saying the truth or just trying to get his salary before the due time?” Gold said to Desmond.

I.k couldn’t believe what he just heard. ‘Who be this woman? Where she come from? Oga no listen to am o.’
Desmond smiled. “It’s okay baby, I.k had worked for me for three years so I know him very well. I’m sure he’s saying the truth.”
I.k nodded with a relieved smile. “Thank you Oga.” he said.
Gold gave I.k stern glance then shrugged and smiled at Desmond, ” that’s okay honey. Just want you to be careful before spending your money on some people.” she said.
Desmond transfered twenty thousand to I.k’s bank account. I.k got the alert instantly and took out his phone from his pocket, he opened the message and gasped. “Oga, thank you.. Thank you very much.”
“You can go now.” Desmond said.
“Yes sir.. Thank you. God bless you.” I.k said and left.
Gold scoffed. “Honey, how much is his salary and why did you make such a man who can’t speak good English your gateman?” she asked.
“He’s a good man baby. To me, It doesn’t matter if you are educated or not, if you can do your job well.” Desmond said.
“How much is his salary?” she asked again.
“Forty thousand.” he said.
“What! Forty thousand naira and he’s telling you that he has no money to send to his wife?”
“Baby, what do you mean? I’m even planning on adding twenty thousand to his salary from next month. He has children in the village that he pays school fees and sends money for food to. He’s a family man.” Desmond said.
Gold rolled her eyes. “Whatever. You can’t pay a gate man sixty thousand naira. They are others who collect just twenty to twenty five thousand. Those who can even speak good English.”
Desmond chuckled. “Don’t bother about these things baby.”
“Then how much is that girl’s salary. I mean Odeya’s nanny?” Gold asked.
Desmond smiled at her, wondering why she just want to know his house workers salary.
Nevertheless, he was about to answer when they heard noise at the staircase. Amanda and Odeya were heading down, dressed up and ready to go to the market.
Gold positioned her legs well on Desmond’s thighs then touched his hair with a smile, with the motive of getting both Odeya and Amanda angered.
Amanda saw that and scoffed. She walked to them, standing in front of them.
She and Gold exchanged glaring looks before she turned to Desmond.
“Sir, I will be taking Odeya to the market. She wants to go with me. Can I?”
Desmond looked at Odeya who was behind them. “Deya, you wanna go to the market with your nanny? You never liked that. Why do you wanna go to the market now?” he asked.
Odeya gave him no answer.
Meanwhile as he was looking at Odeya, Amanda glanced at Gold’s legs on Desmond thighs and Gold on noticing that, adjusted her legs more and Amanda looked at her with glaring eyes. Gold smirked at her. Both began sharing glaring eyes.
“Deya, ain’t you going to answer me?” Desmond asked.
“I want to because I feel comfortable with her. More comfortable than even with you.” Deya said.
Desmond felt a little stitch of ache in his heart at what his daughter just told him but he can’t show it. He smiled. “It’s fine. You can go with her.” he said and turned back to Amanda. Instantly stopped their glaring and threatening looks at each other. Amanda turned back to Desmond.
“Sir, can I get the money? I’ve listed all that is needed in the kitchen and the total is thirty seven thousand naira.” Amanda said.
Gold scoffed. ‘It’s obvious she wanna steal. I’m certain the items won’t reach up to twenty five thousand.’
Desmond turned to Gold. “I will go upstairs to get the money. I’ll be right back.”
Gold smiled. “Alright honey.” she said and brought down her legs from his thighs. Desmond stood up and hurried upstairs.
Gold crossed her legs and smiled at Amanda. “Is this the way you steal from this house? By adding more money?” she said in a low voice but audible enough for Amanda to hear.
Amanda ignored her and moved a bit away. Gold laughed and picked Desmond’s phone which was on the table.
“My fiancé is such a generous boss. He just transfered money to his gateman and now he believes thirty seven thousand are all going into kitchen items. Isn’t he a very good man whom every lady would crawl to get?”
Amanda inhaled and tried hard to control herself from exploding and saying things.
“You are no difference from those ladies.” that was Odeya suing behind Gold.
Gold turned and Odeya “what do you mean?”
Amanda wanted to answer that but saw Desmond and swallowed back.
“Peter would take you to the supermarket. There’s an extra in case of necessity.” Desmond said as he handed Amanda the money.
“Then we will be going now sir.” Amanda said.
“Take care of Odeya and return quick enough.” Desmond said.
“Okay sir.” Amanda said and walked out with Odeya. Immediately, Gold turned to Desmond. “Honey, you shouldn’t have given her extra. I’m sure those the items in the kitchen isn’t up to thirty five thousand naira.”
“I’m even surprised it’s that less. Other nannies and house help who left listed more than forty five thousand naira.” Desmond said.
Gold rolled her eyes.
Once inside the car, Amanda handed peter his two thousand naira.
“Oh thank you.” he said.
Amanda looked at odeya and smiled.

@Author RiRi Library

The grocery shopping was fun for both Amanda and Odeya.
At least they forgot about the monkey in the house for an hour as they went round the shopping mall, picking all the foodstuffs listed on the paper.
Finally, they were through and paid at the counter. They got loaded in the car boot.
Both held a small plate of Vanilla milk and chocolate ice cream as they entered the car.
“I would always come here with you anytime you wanna buy foodstuffs. I never thought shopping foodstuffs could be fun as well.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled. “Things get fun when you make them fun. We made it fun and it was fun for us.”
“Yeah that’s right.” Deya nodded.
Soon, they were driving back home.
“I wish we could stay off home for more hours. I hate to see that woman’s face.” Odeya said.
“Come on Odeya, don’t say that. She is the one to leave the home and not you. She has no place in that house.” Amanda said.
Odeya exhaled. “I know.”
Peter turned on the radio and a news began.
The news reporter was reporting about a woman who had been using controlling charm on her husband for ten years but got exposed yesterday by their eight years old children as the boy found the charm where his mother had hid it and scattered it.
The consequences was that the charm must not be broken or seen by her husband, if such happens, the consequences is madness.
If her son haven’t broken it, nothing would have happened since it wasn’t her husband who saw it but the charm got broken as the boy dropped it on the floor and right from her work place, she ran mad and began confessing.
The maid in the house said that, her madam warned her severally not to let her three kids into the matrimonial bedroom but she, the maid was too busy that she didn’t see when the boy entered the room. The next thing she heard was a loud shattering sound.
The husband on getting himself could hardly talk or move. He was be too shocked but hours later, he was able to talk.. He said he had hated Alice and never would have thought of making her his wife but until now, he has no idea what happened to him. He’s married to her with three kids.
“Nawao.. Some women ehn. Things are happening in this country o.” Peter exclaimed with a shook of his head.
Amanda had no idea why this news made her recall her dream last night.
But as she thought more of it, she began to question herself.
‘Could it be that my dream was trying to tell me that Gold is using charms on Desmond?’
She shook her head. ‘I don’t want to believe this but it’s all making sense. It seems like sixty percent sure that she might.’
“Amanda, you are not saying anything about this thing?” Peter asked Amanda shooting her out of her thoughts.
“What’s that?” Amanda asked.
“The mews.” Peter said.
Amanda inhaled. “I don’t know what to say. It’s unbelievable that a woman has been using charms on a man for ten years.”
“Some women are too greedy” peter said.
Soon, they drove into the compound and alighted. Immediately they did, Odeya turned to Amanda.
“Is there any possibility that my dad is being charmed by that woman?” she asked.
Amanda looked at Peter and I.k who were bringing out the foodstuffs from the boot, hoping they didn’t hear her. She turned back to Deya.
“Deya, Even if she is, we have no idea how we can expose her because we are not sure yet. So let’s not make mistakes that would worsen everything. We will figure out how to find out if she is then fish her out, OK?”
Deya nodded.
With the help of Peter and I.k, the foodstuffs were taken inside to the kitchen.
Amanda and Odeya walked in to see Gold and Desmond watching TV.
Instead of the stern and glaring look Amanda gives to Gold, it was replaced by a suspicious look and Gold didn’t see it. She smirked at Amabda.
“We are back, sir.” Amanda said to Desmond then headed towards the kitchen.
“Deya, welcome. Hope you had fun? Are you alright?” Desmond asked Deya who’s eyes gazed at Gold with suspicion.
“Deya?” Desmond called.
“I had more fun than when I’m stuck in here.. I wanted to stay longer but I realled that grandma is coming.” Deya said without taking her eyes off Gold
Desmond smiled. “I’m glad you had fun.”
Gold smiled at Odeya. “Our little Odeya didn’t buy anything for us and I was expecting that. I’m really disappointed.” she said.
Odeya scoffed. “Your little what? You must be out of your mind.”
Gold raised her brows. “What? Out of my mind?”
Odeya walked away towards the kitchen.
Gold turned to Desmond. “Didn’t you hear her say that to me?”
“I’m sorry baby. Odeya is generally that way. I promise to make her stop being rude to you.” Desmond said.
“You better do! I won’t take it lightly.” Gold said and turned back to the TV.
Desmond put his arm around her and pulled her closer. “I’m sorry baby. Come on, put a smile on your face OK. Remember my mom is coming soon. You got to be keep a smiling face..” he said and kissed her cheek.
“Of course I am. Odeya can’t be a reason for my unhappiness. She’s only a little girl.” Gold lied to Desmond and to herself even though she knew her heart was burning with rage.
That little runt has guts!
At the kitchen, Odeya walked in and met Amanda arranging the foodstuffs and storing them at their right places.
Amanda had no idea she was there because she was facing the counter until Odeya spoke.
“I love the way you arrange them.”
Amanda turned and saw Odeya close to the breakfast bar.
“Odeya, why are you in the kitchen. You should be upstairs, in your room.” Amanda said.
“I’d want to watch TV but it’s not possible right now, it’ll be better I stay here and help you out.” Deya said.
“Help me out? Come on, I can do all that myself. I’m done with keeping the items. So I’m going into cooking now. You just sit and watch me. Oh the chair is high, I will help you sit.” Amanda said and walked to her.
“Uhm, I’d like to sit on the counter so I can see everything you do and how you do them.” Deya said.
Amanda laughed. “So you wanna learn cooking?”
“Kind of but my mom doesn’t even near the kitchen. She had bunch of maids who do stuffs. I wonder if it’s necessary for me to.” Deya said.
“Yeah it is necessary. Then, should our tutor begin today?” Amanda asked.
“Okay then.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled.
(Minutes later)
“…Knife is a very sharp object that everyone is careful about… When cutting the carrots and the spring onions, first you have to be very careful. After rinsing the spring onions, with the knife, cut through the middle, cross cut through, then lay them on the chopping board or tray and carefully chop them into small pieces..” Amanda tutored little Odeya as she lay the spring onions on the chopping board and began chopping them.
“..wow you are pretty fast.” Deya said.
“I’m only fast because I’m not new to it. Even though I am fast, I’m very careful of the sharp knife to avoid it getting to my fingers, so why you are chopping whatever you have on the chopping board, make sure you move your fingers at each chop, like this, get it?”
“Yes I do.”
“This is the same way, the carrot is chopped too but the green pea don’t need to be cut through, just chop it and it’s done.” Amanda said.
“Wow, cooking must be fun tho. My mom said it wasn’t for her but I think it’d be for me.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled. “That’s nice. I’m glad to hear that and I promise to teach you everything you need to know about cooking.”
“Do you know how to cook every meal?” Deya asked.
“Of course not. I can only prepare Nigerian meals.” Amanda said.
“But you made the pancake and it was really nice.” Deya said.
“Pancakes is like a general meal and very easy to make.” Amanda said.
“I wanna tell you something Nanny,” Odeya said.
“What’s that?” Amanda asked.
“I..like you Nanny.. You are the first nanny I’ve ever said that too but here and in Canada.” Deya said.
Amanda felt her heart flatter by Daya’s confession.
“I never thought I would ever hear that from you, I’m honored. I like you too Odeya.” she said.
They both smiled at each other.
(Two hours later )
A car pulled into the compound and stopped. The door opened and a beautiful woman in her early sixties stepped out.
She wore an ankara gown which swept the ground as she walked. Her hair braided in short dreads.
I.k rushed to her and prostrated. “Lady Monica, Lolo eje’eme onu. Mama eji eje mba. Nwayi Mara nma.”
She cut him short. “Ozugo -it’s enough. Hope everyone is inside?” she asked.
“Yes yes.. They are all in.” he said.
She nodded and headed to the building.
“How she take know say Oga don get woman? Shey na why she come come? Wetin go happen sef. I no say she don dey tell oga make him marry so she go happy say him don finally see woman. Na wahala pesin dey for this house if Oga marry that one o.” I.k said with his hands on his head.
He looked up and made a weeping face. “Papa God, but e go better if Oga marry Amanda.” he said then slapped himself as he realized what he just said. “Wetin I just talk?”
Lady Monica opened the door and walked in to see four people in the house instead of three.
Of course her sweetheart Amanda was at the dinning, taking out dishes. Her dearest granddaughter was running towards her from the dinning. Her handsome but stubborn son stood by someone she has no idea of.
“Grandmotherrrrrr.” Deya shouted as she ran and hugged Lady Monica.
Lady Monica carried her and kissed her cheek. “Dearest Deya. How are you doing? You are becoming so so beautiful. All thanks to your new nanny, she’s wonderful right?” Lady Monica said.
“Yes she is Grandmother. I like her a lot.” Deya said.
Lady Monica couldn’t believe her ears. It was the first time Deya had said that she like her nanny.
“I’m so glad to hear that. Amanda is truely wonderful. She is really really wonderful and beautiful.” Lady Monica said surprising everyone.
Even Amanda wondered why Lady Monica was praising her that way. They had never met apart from when she came for the job and she gave it to her.
“Grandmother, you talk as if you’ve known her for ages.” Deya said.
Lady Monica smiled. “Of course I don’t but if she made you like her then she is wonderful and would really make a good mother and wife” Lady Monica said.
The spoon Amanda held, dropped from her hand and landed inside an empty glass cup.
Desmond cleared his throat. “Mom, welcome. Ain’t you even going notice me but only your granddaughter?”
Lady Monica smiled at him. “Of course I’m doing that now. How are you doing son and who is the young lady beside you?”
Gold gave a smile.
“I’m doing fine mom and this is, Gold Benson…my soon to be fiancé.” Desmond said with a smile, with all hope that his mom will burst into excitement.
Lady Monica dropped Odeya and took two step closer.”Isi gini – what did you say?” she asked.
‘Mom, you are surprised. Im doing what you have wanted for three years.’ Desmond said within.
“She’s my girlfriend.” he said.
Gold smile widened. “Hello ma, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” she said.
Lady Monica looked at her from head to toe, then smiled. Gold saw that and thought she’s been welcomed.
“It should be a pleasure because this would be the first and last time I should ever see you here.” she said.
Everyone was shocked, Gold, Desmond, Amanda, Odeya.
“What..what do you mean Mom.?” Desmond asked.
“We need to talk son.” Lady Monica said to Desmond, then took Odeya’s hand and headed to the dinning.
“Oh my dear Amanda, I can perceive the aroma of the meal already and look at the house, it’s looking as sparkling as ever. It has never been this neat. My granddaughter is looking even happier than ever. You deserve an add in your salary but that won’t do either. There is something more that you deserve.” Lady Monica said to Amanda with smiles as she settled on one of the chairs. “Sit here Deya.” she told Odeya then turned to Desmond and Gold. “You two should come over too. The rice look extremely delicious. Amanda is a very good cook.”
“But grandma you haven’t eaten the food yet to know.” Odeya said.
Lady Monica turned to Odeya with a smile. “I already know with the aroma that souroounds this dinning.”
Odeya smiled and gave Amanda a secret thumb up.
Gold couldn’t move. Her rage was about to explode but she was trying so hard to maintain.
Desmond was confused as ever.
His mom who had been pressurizing him to marry, had just rejected the woman he showed her?
“Let’s go..” Gold said.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
She smiled. “I’m fine.. Let’s go.”
They walked over and settled on a seat.
Lady Monica couldn’t stop talking about Amanda’s cooking.
“Oh..this is too great. I’m sure you will capture any man’s heart with your cooking Amanda.”
“Ma, you are flattering me.” Amanda said.
“I’m not dear.. Desmond, ain’t you going to eat? A cook like Amanda is rare to find.” Lady Monica said.
Amanda faced down.
‘Why’s Lady Monica saying all this about me? I’m so confused and excited at the same time. Please stop talking ma.’
Desmond took a spoon and ate.
“Am I not right?” Lady Monica asked.
“You are right about the good taste of the food.” Desmond said but he had no idea why he looked at Amanda as he said that. Amanda also looked at him at that moment and of course their eyes met but each looked away immediately.
Gold was shrinking with anger.
She took a spoon, ate and pretended she was choked. She coughed it out and continued coughing. Desmond handed her a glass of water.
“Here, sorry baby.” he said.
Gold took it and drank. “Thank you. The oil in the rice seem to be much, that’s why. I don’t like much oil in my fried rice so I’m very careful while preparing it.” she said.
Lady Monica looked at her suspiciously then said, “I wonder if I’m the only one who is sure that this rice has no much oil. It is just too perfect.”
“I agree with you grandmother.” Odeya said.
“What about you Desmond?” Lady Monica asked him.
“Please stop this mom.” Desmond said and looked at Gold. “Are you okay?”
“Yes I’m fine.. I will eat it. The good is delicious tho.” she said.
Lady Monica smiled. “Of course it is.”