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EPISODE 5 (unedited)

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence but not without the smiled Lady Monica kept giving Amanda.
Soon, everyone was done eating and Amanda began packing the dishes, surprisingly, Gold stood up and joined her.
Amanda have her an eye and Gold returned with a scornful smile.
“Are you sure you want to pack the dishes?” Lady Monica asked Gold.
“Yes of course. I’m a good cook. I love being in the kitchen as well just that I get quite busy with my business.” Gold said.
“Ah really. If you are really busy with your business then why are you here?” she asked.
Gold looked at Desmond.
“Mom. Can you stop this now.” Desmond said.
“It’s okay honey. She’s only asking a question.” Gold said.
“Of course I am.” Lady Monica said.
“I don’t get too busy on Saturdays.” Gold said.
Lady Monica tilted her head “Oh I see.”
Gold smiled then carried the little she had gathered and headed to the kitchen. Amanda followed behind her, carrying more.
Once they were gone, Desmond turned to his mom.
“Mom, you are confusing me. What exactly do you want from me?” Desmond asked. “You told me to get married. That you need more grandchildren. And now I presented Gold to you and what I’m I seeing mom?”
“I’m going upstairs to get something” Odeya said.
“Why? You should stay with me granddaughter.” Lady Monica said.
“I said I wanna get something. I will be back in a jiffy.” Deya said, came down from the chair and headed upstairs.
At the kitchen, Gold and Amanda dropped the dishes on the counter.
Amanda turned to the sink to start washing the dishes.
“Your boss mom seem to like you a lot. I’m I right?” Gold said.
“It can’t be compared to the love she has for you as her son’s girlfriend,” Amanda said.
“Do you think so? I think she loves you more but do I have to worry about an old woman’s love. My fiancé love is enough and covers it all. Don’t you think so?” Gold said.
“I hope so,” Amanda said.
“You hope so? Ha ha. Seems you don’t think so. It’s okay. I understand you so well.” Gold said and walked closer to Amanda. “..Do you have feelings for your boss?” she asked.
Amanda paused the washing to answer Gold. “Are you so curious to know?”
Gold chuckled and said, “I just wanna know some of the girls that have feelings for my fiancé but they weren’t lucky enough to get him.”
Amanda scoffed and continued what she was doing.
“Answer me Miss Nanny.” Gold said.
Amanda stopped the washing again and turned to her. “Well, enjoy it while it lasts but don’t think it’s going to last too long cos I don’t see it lasting for long. You deserve to be pitied. His mom doesn’t like you just at first sight. Do you think you have a chance. Oh you do but that chance would soon expire. For three years, Odeya’s dad gave no attention to any woman and then suddenly he fell in love with you to the point of bringing you to his home. Ha ha, you must be kidding. Who do you think you can deceive here? Your time would soon be up, desperate lady!”
“What? How dare you?” Gold said and raised her hand to slap Amanda but Amanda grabbed the hand and stared right into Gold’s hand.
“I came from a side where Women are very strong and beat hell out of people. You got away with the first one, don’t think you will get away with another one. If you want to dare me, try it.” Amanda said.
Gold got quite scared but she covered it up with a sudden laugh. “Get your filthy hand off mine!” she said and tried forcing her hand off Amanda but Amanda held it strongly.
“Get your hand off mine this minute.” Gold said.
Amanda smiled. “Of course I will but don’t you ever try raising your hand towards me again and leave this kitchen if you have nothing to do here.” she said and released Gold’s hand.
“You won’t get away with this.” Gold said then fell down on the floor and began shouting.
“Ahhhhh…Honey.. Baby.. Somebody come..”
Amanda raised her brows. “What do you think are you doing?”
“Mom.. why are you acting this way towards Gold?” Desmond asked.
“I don’t find her suitable for you. There is someone who deserves you, not her. You can’t continue your relationship with her. I don’t like the scent I perceive about her.” Lady Monica said.
“Scent you perceive about her?”
“Yes. She’s not the right wife for you. There’s someone who deserves to be your wife.”
“Mom you are kidding me. I don’t wanna continue hearing this.”
“You have to cut off everything about you and her. You get that? She’s not a good lady. Her face and her manners reeks.”
“Listen to me son. I am your mother and I won’t lie to you. That lady isn’t the right woman for you. I know you Desmond. When did you start dating her? For three years, you’ve never given your attention to any woman, even those who are much more prettier than her. Why her suddenly?”
“Our relationship began this week. I don’t get why you are being suspicious of Gold, mom but Gold is a very nice girl and I’m in love with her. I don’t Care whatever you say mom. I’m marrying Gold soon. This is what you have ever wanted. You had been pressurizing me for three years.”
“Gini k’ona Akó? – what is he saying? You will have to listen to me as your mother. You will have nothing to do with that girl. You have to marry the girl who deserves you.”
“So who’s the girl that deserves me?” Desmond asked.
Lady Monica was about to answer when a scream suddenly came from the kitchen.
“Ahhhhh…Honey.. Baby.. Somebody come..”
They both stood up and rushed towards the kitchen.
They rushed in and met Gold on the floor, groaning and Amanda stood staring at her.
“What’s the matter. What happened?” Desmond asked as he rushed to her.
“She slapped me, pushed me down and began beating me up.” Gold said.
“What!” Desmond gasped and looked at Amanda who shook her head vigorously.
“No, no I did no such thing. She’s lying.” Amanda said, astonished and shocked.
“I’m saying the truth baby..” Gold said with tears rolling down her eyes.
Amanda looked at Lady Monica who was looking at her too.
“Ma’am I did nothing to her. I swear it.” Amanda said.
“Shut up you liar. You slapped me, pushed me down and began beating me.” Gold said.
“It’s okay baby, get up.” Desmond said and helped Gold to her feet then turned to Amanda with disappointed eyes.
“I don’t care what started this but for doing such thing, I would have no other choice than to fire you.” he said.
“Sir.. you have to listen to me please.. I’m saying the truth, I did no such thing to her.” Amanda said.
Desmond ignored that and walked away with Gold who smiled triumphantly within her.

Amanda turned to Lady Monica.
“Ma, I did no such thing.. How can I try something like that. She’s lying.”
Lady Monica walked over to her. “I know you are saying the truth but you see, my son is too blind to get whatever that is happening. I won’t let him fire you. I know Odeya won’t as well. I will make sure he get back to his senses. Now I blame myself. It was all my fault. If only I wasn’t pressurizing him to get a wife, then he wouldn’t have met the bad woman. I will fix this okay. It’s okay. Don’t worry Amanda. I will take it up from here.” she said and with that, walked out.
She saw Gold and Desmond heading upstairs.
“Desmond. Wait there.” She said and walked to them.
“Mom, what is it?”
“I don’t think your girlfriend is being truthful. Do you think Amanda would do such a thing to her? I don’t believe that.” she said.
Gold scoffed within.
“I don’t care what you believe mom. Gold is my girlfriend. She is the one you have to believe. If you dont want to, then you can start leaving now.” Desmond said.
“What? How dare you Desmond, how dare you tell me to leave your house. Ara on’apugi? – Are you crazy?”
“Because you are causing a fuss here. It all started when you came mom!” Desmond half yelled.
“I will slap you if you shout at me again.” Lady Monica said.
“Baby, it’s okay. Let’s go.”Gold said.
“Yeah.” Desmond said and they continued their walk upstairs.
“Desmond stop right there.” Lady Monica said but Desmond ignored that as they soon turned into the bedrooms corridor.

“It’s okay ma, I will leave. I will leave today.” Amanda said as she stood at the dinning.
Lady Monica turned to her. “Don’t say that Amanda. This is your home. You can’t leave.”
“What do you mean by here is my home?” Amanda asked.
Lady Monica walked to her and smiled.
“Do you remember the woman who lost her bag some months ago? You found the bag and returned it to her. Do you remember?” Lady Monica asked.
Amanda stared at her for seconds then asked. “Are are you the woman ma?”
“Yes I am.” Lady Monica answered.
Amanda gasped.
They got to the room and on opening it, there sitting on the bed was Odeya with Gold’s bag in front of her and in her hand was a small black container with tiny red cloth tied around it.
She wasn’t expecting to see them so she got quite scared and immediately dropped the container.
Gold gasped.
“Sorry for looking into your bag. In the morning, I peeped in and saw you looking at that. I thought it’s a lip gloss. I wanted to see it again tho. I couldn’t open it so I don’t know what it’s about.” Deya said.
Gold slumped to the floor and began coughing out blood.
Desmond squatted and grabbed her in his arms “Baby! what’s wrong.. What’s wrong with you?” Then immediately, the charm vanished from his eyes and he was shocked and confused to see Gold Benson in his arms, coughing out blood.
He dropped her off his arms immediately and stood up. “What is she doing here? Why is she here? Gold Bension, what are you doing in my house? How did you get here?”
Odeya blinked twice with dropped jaw. She got down from the bed.
“Dad.. what do you mean by how she got here?”
“Please help me please.” Gold said weakling.
Odeya rushed out to call her grandmother and Amanda.
“Gold.. How the hell did you get here and why are you coughing out blood?”
“Take me to Baba Jeje. Take me there or I’m going to die.”
“What are you doing in my house, coughing out blood.” Desmond asked, totally confused.
“Odeya what is it?” Lady Monica asked Odeya who ran to them.
“It’s the lady. She’s coughing out blood and then Dad is asking how she got here and why she is here. Come on, we have to hurry.” Deya said.
Amanda and Lady Monica looked at themselves then stood up and rushed upstairs.
They barged into the room when Gold was about to confess.
“Chi mo! What is this!” Lady Monica exclaimed.
Amanda scoffed. “She perfectly understood the situation. Her dream was indeed true.”
“Mom.. You are here. I don’t understand what’s going on. Are you the one who brought Gold here?” Desmond asked.
“Hia! Wonders shall never end o!” Lady Monica exclaimed.
Gold held her throat as she kept coughing out blood.
“We should take her to the hospital.” Odeya said.
“I…I wanted you so..much…” Gold began her confession. “ were.. playing hard…to to get..I wanted you.. I wanted.” she coughed and continued. “..I wanted you to…myself Desmond. And when you…refused..I had no other…other choice than to go to Baba Jeje for a love and control charm your heart.”
“Oh my God..” Deya gasped with her hands on her mouth. “So that thing is a charm?”
Lady Monica walked to Gold and gave her a thunderous slap. “How dare you use my son!”
Amanda rushed over and pulled her out. “Please ma, she’s coughing out blood already.”
“No, leave me let me deal with this witch. Anuofia – wild animal.. You are going to die you evil woman.”
At that moment, Desmond began recollecting the memories. How he had eaten Gold’s meal.
He could remember driving to Gold’s house to pick her up.
He could remember having s*x with her that night in her house.
He could remember bring her home to see his daughter and he could remember all that took place.
Then he could remember how he still let her come for a weekend stay ignoring his daughter’s hatred for her.
He remembered defending Gold so much and yelling at his daughter.
He slumped to the floor with his hands on his head and his face on his knees as he remembered every single thing.
“Daddy.” Deya said and rushed over to him. “Daddy are you okay?”
Desmond with tears in his eyes, looked up at his daughter and hugged her.
“I’m so sorry darling.. I’m so sorry.”
“Please help me..” Gold pleaded.
“We have to do something ma.” Amanda said.
“Where is the charm. Where did you keep it?” Lady Monica asked Gold.
Deya still hugging her dad answered that. “The charm is lying on the bed there. I peeped on her this morning holding it. I thought it was a lipgloss. I was curious and wanted to see it again. I had no idea what it was.”
“Please help me. Take me to Baba Jeje.. He’s the only one that can make me live.” Gold said.
“God forbid that I will step my feet in a shrine.” Lady Monica said and walked to the bed. She picked the charm and her bag and dropped it on Gold’s feet.
“Take it and get out of here.” she said.
“I..I need my cellphone.” Gold said. Amanda got it for her and Gold made a call to Chioma.
Chioma picked up on the second ring. “ Desmond’s house. I need take me somewhere.”
“Somewhere and why’s your voice that way?” Chioma asked.
Amanda grabbed the phone and placed it on her ear.
“Come over immediately. Don’t waste time or you might loose your friend. Come quickly.” Amanda said and dropped the call.
Gold suddenly stopped coughing out blood.
They thought all has ended but instead, the worse started, Gold began talking to herself, grinning, scattering her hair and trying to take her clothes off.
Desmond stood up and walked out with Deya.
“Dad where are you going? She’s gone insane.” Deya asked.
“I can’t let you see that much blood and a lady insane.” Desmond said and held Odeya as they walked downstairs. They walked out and entered the car.
“Once you close the gate, go upstairs, you are needed there.” Desmond said to I.K then drove out.
“Wetin dey need me for upstairs?” I.K wondered and headed to the house.
“Dad, where are we going?” Odeya asked.
“I don’t know. I just wanna go somewhere for now.” Desmond said.
“Are we leaving her with my nanny and grandmom?”
“They will do something.” Desmond said and turned to the next road.
I.K reached upstairs and heard noises coming from the master’s bedroom.
“Wetin dey happen inside there?” he wondered and opened the door.
It was Amanda and Lady Monica staring at Gold who’s been tied on her feet and hands, talking and laughing to herself.
I.K jumped back in fright. “Chineke mo. What is this? Na madness be this o!” he exclaimed.

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Chioma arrived about thirty minutes later and was be yo ng shocked to see Gold in such situation.
“I can’t believe you could do this Gold. Now look at what you’ve done to yourself. What do we do now,” Chioma lamented.
“She said she have to be taken to the native doctor. She said he’s Baba Jeje,” Amanda said.
“How are my going find where he is, we should take her to a church,” Chioma said with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t think. We should do what she said,” Amanda said.
“Ah I wonder where my son and my grandmother went to?” Lady Monica said.
“We can’t wait till tomorrow, she might get worse,” Amanda said.
Lady Monica looked at her. “So are you saying you are going with her to the native doctor?”
“I..I” Amanda was but short by Lady Monica.
“You are going no where.” she said and turned to Chioma, “Biko, take her away from here. I’m sure you will find a way of taking her to wherever she mentioned. Oya bia k’igawa – right, it’s time you start leaving.”
With the help of of Peter and Amanda, Chioma was able to get Gold into her car meanwhile she had made a call to Henry, breaking this news to him.
“You are part of this Henry. Come quickly to her house. You are going with us to the native doctor she mentioned,” she had told him.
“Ma’am… I feel like I should have gone with them,” Amanda said after Chioma drove out.
“No no my daughter. You can’t get involved with such evil. Let them carry it and solve it alone. Come come inside, we need to clean up that room. I’m calling Desmond but he’s not picking up,” Lady Monica said.
“Don’t worry Ma’am, he’s with Odeya, nothing would go wrong,” Amanda said.
“Ohh really, you know what, I believe you Amanda. And please from now onwards, I want to hear you call me mother and not ma’am, OK?” Lady Monica said.
Amanda raised her brow “Ma?”
Lady Monica exhaled. “I’m so happy this didn’t go deep. My poor son, he must be so sad. That little witch. If not for God, I would have cursed her to remain mad, for using my son. My only child.”
Amanda sighed. “It’s okay ma’am.. Sorry mother.”
“Hia, wonders shall never end.. Wetin I.k no go see for this city where he dey. As day break like this, na so so tori wet fit block ears, na wetin pesin dey hear. Tufiakwaa.. I said it.. I said it. That oyibo bleach na witch. Chai..” I.k soliloquize from his quarters.
Two hours later, Chioma and Henry embarked on the journey to Baba Jeje by asking few people his address.
On their way, Henry’s phone rang. It was Desmond, his boss and friend.
Henry was scared.
“Desmond is calling.. I have a bad feeling about this,” he said to Chioma.
Gold was laughing and muttering to herself at the backseat. She was chained on her hands and legs.
“What are you going to do, pick it?” Chioma asked.
“What else.. I have no other choice,” he said and use an earphone since he’s driving.
“H..Hello Director,” he stuttered.
“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have met her.” Desmond said in a very calm tone that made Henry relief a bit.
“I’m very sorry Desmond. I had no idea she was such a person. My sister had no idea too. We are shocked and speechless. We are currently on our way to the place she mentioned us to take her to, before it get worse. Please Desmond, you have to find it a place in your heart to forgive all of us. I thought Gold wa-” he was cut short by Desmond’s bombshell.
“You are fired Henry. You will get your sack letter on Monday,” he said in the same voice.
Henry gasped. “What.. Desmond.”
The call dropped.
“What is that? You look more than shook. What did he tell you?” Chioma asked.
Henry removed the earpiece from his ear. “He fired me,” he said.
“What!” Chioma exclaimed.
Both Dad and Daughter sat at the seashore, staring at the beach water.
The sun was setting and the sight of the water was just too beautiful.
“’s beautiful but more beautiful in the early morning when the sun rises,” Odeya said.
“How do you know that?” Desmond asked as he held his daughters hand.
“I watch that in movies alot. People go to the sea to watch the sun rise,” odeya said.
Desmond smiled. “You know so much Deya.”
“Dad,” Deya called.
“Yes Dear.”
“Did you really have to fire him?” Deya asked.
Desmond sighed. “Yes.” he said then stood up, “Let’s talk a walk again. You want Porks don’t you?” he pulled Odeya up.
“Of course dad, I do.” Deya said with a smile.
“Let’s go then.” Holding her hand, they headed towards the barbeque.
They had no idea a spy had been following them.
“I wish Nanny and mom are here too,” Odeya said.
Desmond sighed.
“You are not leaving today right ma’am?” Amanda asked.
They were done with cleaning the house and now, sat in the sitting room.
“Of course, I’m not. I will leave tomorrow morning. I think now is the time for you to do your job,” Lady Monica said.
“My job, I don’t get ma’am?” Amanda said.
“You this girl! I thought I told you to call me mother now,” Lady Monica said.
“I’m sorry ma..I mean mother.” Amanda said.
“Ah I understand. Having two mother can be confusing right. That reminds me, have you spoken with your mother today or yesterday?” Lady M asked.
“Oh she called me yesterday night but I just forget to call her back,” Amanda said. Truthfully she forgot.
“I’m sure she was trying to tell you about my visit,” Lady M said.
“You communicate with my mother?” Amanda asked, curious.
Lady M smiled. “Yes we do. All the time.”
Amanda was surprised? Why does she talk with her mother? What do they talk about? Did she know her mother?
“You see Amanda, there’s something I want to let you know. I don’t know how you are going to feel but I just have to tell you.” Lady M said and took Amanda hands.
“What’s that?” Amanda asked.
“I and your mother planned this. When I met your mother few weeks ago, I told her that I want you and my son to be together but my son is the hard type. His heart got broken by the woman he gave his all to. I was scared because he told me he’s never going to get married again. Because I wanted him to get married to you, I told your mother about the nanny work. I hoped that you’d come in here and in someway get my son’s heart. I never thought of revealing the truth to you but I think I have to now.”
Amanda was shocked. She couldn’t believe it.
“Ma’am how could you think of such a thing? No wonder my mother was always talking about being at my best behavior and the rest. I know my mother want me to get married but I was surprised at her strange behavior recently. I’m astonished and can’t believe this.”
“I know you will be angered by this please you can’t go away now. This is the time my son would need someone beside him. That girl wanted to mess him up.”
“And you think I will be the one to help him get himself? Ma’am, to him, I’m just a nanny here to take care of his daughter. He doesn’t even look at me nor notice my presence. He doesn’t let me take care of any of his thing like cleaning his room, making meals for him and washing his clothes. He just want me focusing only on Odeya.
How do you think I’m going to get close to such person? You shouldn’t have even thought of such idea. A rich boss and a poor nanny can’t get any close and fall in love. Those things only happen in movies.” Amanda said, totally angered.
“I’m sorry dear. Maybe I should have thought of a better idea. I thought this was going to work since it happens a lot in the movies.” Lady M siged then looked at her closely. “..but Odeya is fond of you now.. That is a step. With Odeya by your side, he will notice you and you won’t believe how hard he will fall for you.”
“Don’t say that ma. You should ask me if I even want him to.” Amanda said.
“Of course you do.” Lady M said with a smile.
“What?” Amanda raised her brows at her.
“You like him, don’t you? I saw it in your eyes while we were eating at the dinning. You kept looking at him and at the kitchen when that witch accused you and he said those words to you, I saw how bad you felt that he didn’t believe you. You like him, right?”
Amanda faced down with embarrassment. She wondered how the old woman got to know about it. Does it mean Odeya’s sensitivity and smartness is genetic?
Lady M smiled as she noticed how uneasy she became.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to admit it to me but please if you like him, don’t let him go. I’m his mother and I want you both together. I will be the happiest mother in law on earth if that happens.”
“There’s no possibility for that ma. Odeya talk about her mother all the time. She even asked me to help her bring back her dad and mom together again. She likes me, yes but told me that she can’t have another mother. That was what she told me. She found out that I like her dad and she told me to quit because she won’t have another mother. She was so angered when Gold came in..” Amanda said.
Lady Monica exhaled. “That little girl. Now I’m thinking she should go back to that mother of hers. After her father tried so hard and wasted so much money to claim her and bring her to Nigeria just to distance her from that stupid mother of hers, she still talk about her ehn. Children of nowadays.”
“Ma don’t say that. She’s just a little girl and have no idea. She just want to be like every other kids who’s parents are together. So she don’t Care if whatever her mother is,” Amanda said.
“So are you going to do as she said? Help her bring her dad and mom together? Do you and if you want to, how? It’d be better than taking her back to her mother than Desmond getting back with that Vanessa. I can’t let that happen,” Lady Monica said.
“I didn’t give her a hope of that. I tried explaining to her that her dad only want the best for her but she think he did the worse thing to her by separating her and her mother,” Amanda said.
“Then she’ll have to go back to her mother or stay back and don’t tell my son what to do,” Lady Monica said.
“She’s just a kid ma, don’t get hard on her,” Amanda said.
“A five years old kid won’t talk that way. She’s not a kid,” Lady M said. Amanda sighed.
Silence followed as Amanda’s thought went back to what Lady M told her.
Her coming her was a plan between Lady Monica and her mother to get Desmond and her together.
What did they thought would happen between them and make them fall in love someway. How could her mother even agree to such and hid it from her?
Of course, she have to talk with her mother but that would be later.
This is too funny to even think of.
What is she going to do about this? It seems Lady Monica really want this..
She’s about to go crazy thinking about it.
No wonder Lady Monica who wanted her son to marry so badly met Gold and got irritated.
Does this means Desmond and her is meant to be?
Amanda stood “Excuse me ma,” She said and hurried upstairs.
‘No,’ she shook her head. His mother isn’t God or Fate. Only God and Fate knows who and who are meant to be together. His mother might want them becoming lovers but what if it isn’t their fate to be together or is it?
What if it is?
She collapsed on her bed immediately she entered her room.
“Ah I’m going crazy thinking about this thing. What do I do? I’m tearing up.. This is too saddening and exciting at the same time,” she said.
She was happy that Gold’s page is closed now even though it had to close with such tragedy.
Now Odeya would be happy and she herself won’t have to worry about some lady with Desmond.
She got really jealous this few days.
Amanda smiled.
“Thinking about it now, I just want to love him more since his mother really want that but Odeya is my only problem. She don’t want another lady being with her daddy. Ahh what should I do.. I almost stopped liking him but now.. I’m even wanting to like him more.”
She kicked her legs on the bed in frustration.
“I need a drink.” she breathed out.
It was time to go back home. Desmond helped his daughter into the car.
“I wonder if grandmother left since you refused picking her calls.” Odeya said.
Desmond started the car and drove out of the beach.
“She can’t leave. I have two people to apologize to at home. Her and your nanny.” Desmond said.
Odeya nodded. “Yes that’s right especially my nanny.”
“Hello, I’ve emailed all that I got today. Check them,” Rock said to the receiver.
“I’m going through them right now. You say the lady in the car was the Gold Benson and she was insane?” Vanessa asked.
“Yes. I got talking with the gateman for few minutes and he seem like a loud mouth and told me she charmed your ex husband but got discovered today and went insane. That’s all he told me. I think your ex husband was damn sad and took your daughter to the beach to think. But I’m curious, do you want him back?” Rock asked.
“I only want my daughter. I have nothing to do with him,” Vanessa said.
“There’s something else I found. I think your daughter is really fond of her nanny. They went to the supermarket together in the morning.” Rock said.
“That’s surprising tho. My daughter hates going to the supermarket. My daughter can never get fond of a nanny. I think they are subjecting her to do so. I have to come and get my daughter as fast as possible,” Vanessa said.
“Alright. That’s all for today.” Rock said.
“Your balance will be ready tomorrow morning. You can stop spying from tomorrow. I’ve gotten the information that I need. My daughter still want me and I’m coming to get her,” Vanessa said.
“Bye,” Rock said and ended the call.
“Job done.” he said and sped off.
[Canada , at Vanessa’s residence] ••^
Vanessa took a sip of the wine and smiled.
“Why would I want him back? My Odeya is all that I want. He thought he took her away from me?” she scoffed. “..I will let him know that Odeya would choose me a hundred times. I am her mother and my daughter can never be taken away from me.”
The door opened and a black man in his late thirties walked in dressed in suit and held a briefcase.
“Baby,” he called and went to give her a kiss but she pushed him away.
“Get away from me, where are you coming from Steve?” she questioned.
Steve headed to the wardrobe, “You should know that. Work of course.”
Vanessa chuckled. “Of course, you work at a restaurant now right, and your work is to sit down and talk with a lady, drink with her and of course cheat around with her.”
Steve turned to her and laughed. “Wait, did you hire someone to spy on me baby? Not to worry OK, she’s just a client.”
“You cheat and liar! Shut the fuck up!” Vanessa yelled and threw the wine glass on him.
“Oh my God.. baby, this is one of my three favorite suits. You should control your anger sometimes. I’m getting sick and tired of that. Why getting worked up like I’m the only one cheating here. Oh this reeks.” Steve said and walked out.
Vanessa dialed on the landline and made a call to the maids.
“One of you should get yourself here and clean up this mess,” she said and dropped back the telecom.
[Back to Nigeria , at Desmond’s Residence] ••^
“Oh you are back, welcome. I kept calling but you didn’t pick up your calls. I made dinner, come over to the dinning,” Lady Monica said as Desmond and Odeya entered the house.
“Grandmother, what did you cook and what of my nanny?” Odeya asked.
“I made tea and toasted bread, and about your nanny. She’s been sleeping and I decided not to wake her up. She must be very tired,” Lady M said.
“Oh okay.. Dad has something to tell you,” Odeya said and ran to the dinning.
Lady M smiled at her son. “What’s that son? If it’s about what happened today, you should try and get over it okay. You should also forgive Gold.” she said to him.
“Mom, I want to apologize to you. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I’m sorry mom,” Desmond said.
Lady Monica hugged him. “It’s okay son. I’m happy it wasn’t too late. You don’t need to apologize to me. I should be the one to apologize for getting you into this, I’m sorry son. Forgive your mother.”
“It’s okay mom, I forgive you just like you forgive me.” Desmond said.
They withdrew and Lady Monica smiled. “You should come and have your dinner.”
“What about Gold?” he asked.
“Her friend took her away. If there’s a way we can help her, we will. She must have learnt her lesson,” Lady Monica said.
Desmond breathed out and glanced upstairs.
He has to apologize to Amanda too.
After the meal, Lady Monica took care of Odeya to bed.
“Grandmother you have to tell me a folktale. My nanny does that every night,” Odeya said.
“Really? She must have told you all the folktales then,” lady Monica said.
“No! she said there are hundreds of African folktales.” Odeya said.
“Uhm then have she told you about Tortoise and the palm tree?” Lady Monica asked.
“No, she haven’t,” Odeya said, excited.
Lady Monica smiled.
It was past eleven when Amanda woke up from her deep sleep due to the alcohol she took.
She struggled her body out of the bed and went into the bathroom to ease herself and wash her face.
“Gosh.. I drank so much. Finally, I had a reason to take those beers that had been in my bag for days.” she said as she washed her face.
After that she walked out and felt heavily hungry. She checked the time and gasped when she saw it was “11:50pm”
“Everyone must have gone to bed” She said and walked out. She walked to Odeya’s room door, opened it and saw her sleeping with Lady Monica sleeping beside her.
“Lady Monica did my work. How do I explain to her that I got drunk..” she sighed, closed the door and when she got to Desmond’s, she felt like opening it to see if he’s in.
“I can’t do that.” she said and walked away.
Getting downstairs, the sitting room was only a bit bright due to the one blue bulb that was on.
Amanda with thoughts that no one was there, headed to the switch to switch on the other lights.
“Don’t switch them on,” A voice that sounded like Desmond’s own said causing Amanda to flinch with fear.
“Sir..are you the one?” she asked and turned to the direction the voice same from. She saw him.
He sat on the floor with his back resting on the couch. In front of him were cans of alcohol.
Amanda inhaled.
“Where are you going to?” he asked in a drunken voice.
“I..I’m going to the kitchen,” Amanda answered.
She had never seen him drunk.
He must have been thinking about Gold and the mess she caused.
“Don’t go anywhere. Come here and have a drink.” he said.
Amanda raised her brow.
Have a drink? She drank four bottles hours ago and just woke up from it’s effect. How can he tell her to have a drink. He is really drunk.
He looked at her and she looked down. “I..don’t think I want to drink sir. I’d rather eat,” Amanda said.
He smiled and dropped the empty can he held, taking another can.
“Are you refusing to drink with me huh? I’m I really such a mess that you can’t even take my offer? Have you packed up to leave?” he asked.
Amanda shook her head, “no sir” and before she knew it, she was standing before him.
Desmond hit beside him. “Sit here. I have something to tell you,” he said.
Amanda looked at the floor. How can she sit that close to him?
Her heart began beating.
“Aren’t you going to sit?” he asked.
She immediately sat down but a little bit away.
Desmond stretched the drink to her. She collected it. He took another, opened it and gulped.
Amanda held hers with her two hands and didn’t know what to do.
Sitting beside him is causing her heart to beat so loud that she can even hear it.
“Aren’t you going to drink?” he asked.
He reeked of alcohol and had gotten so drunk. She knew he wouldn’t tell her to sit here if he wasn’t.
Amanda immediately took a sip.
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“I apologise about today,” he said.
“Sir?” Amanda said, pretending to be confused.
Desmond gulped down the remaining beer. He tried picking another one but found out there isn’t any more. He sighed rested his head on the couch.
“Get me more beer,” he said.
“Sir I think there’s none left,” Amanda said.
“Yes sir,” Amanda said.
“But I need more alcohol.” Desmond said.
Amanda stretched hers to him. “Then have this one left, I only drank a little from it,” she said.
Desmond collected it and gulped.
Amanda sighed.
“I apologize for today Amanda,” he repeated.
“Why why are you apologizing sir?” she asked.
He looked at her and Amanda’s hear raised when he placed his left hand on her shoulder.
‘Calm down Amanda, calm down… he’s just drunk.’ she tried calming herself.
“For not believing you. You are not leaving right?” he asked.
Amanda inhaled. “No, I’m not. I have to stay to take care of Odeya.” she said.
He smiled in the drunken way, “yea yeah that’s thoughtful of you. You have to stay to take care of Odeya. If you want, I will increase your salary.” he said.
Amanda exhaled.
He removed his hand from her shoulder and finished the remaining beer.
“Ah I will be going upstairs now.. I’m so sleepy.” he said and tried to get up but fell back.
“Sir, are you okay?” Amanda asked as she stood up.
“I don’t think I am.. Can you help me up?” he asked and stretched out his hand to her.
Amanda grabbed it and tried pulling him up but she couldn’t.
“Sir, I think you should give me your left hand too,” She said.
Desmond stretched his right hand to her and Amanda grabbed both hands and tried again, she succeeded in pulling him to his feet but being so drunk, he dropped himself on her and both of them landed on the floor.
“Ahh, that hurt,” Amanda said as she felt the pain on her head. She had hit her head on the tiled floor but fortunately, it wasn’t hard but there was something much worse than that; Desmond was on top her with his head resting on her chest.
Amanda gasped and her heart beat raised.
Many dirty thoughts ran through her mind but she immediately slapped them off.
“Sir,” she called, hitting him. “Sir, you are lying on my body.” but she got no answer. Desmond was fast asleep.
Amanda sighed. “What do I do now.”
After staring at the situation for awhile, she gathered her strength and pushed him out of her body. She got up and exhaled.
“He can’t sleep on the floor…what do I do.” she sighed and looked around.
At the center of the sitting room where the table stood is a large-circle brown and white Rug. Amanda had no other choice, she walked to the table, pushed it off from the rug. She walked back to Desmond and dragged him to the rug which luckily contained him.
She rushed upstairs to his room, took a pillow and the bed duvet and walked back to the sitting room.
She knelt down, raised his head up and placed it on the pillow. Then covered him up with the duvet.
“I can’t believe I did this.. How’s he going to feel when he wakes up? Whatever, my heart is beating so fast. I need water,” she said and ran towards the kitchen.
Lady Monica smiled from where she hid. She had woken up minutes ago and when she had noises, she opened her door to see Amanda come out from her son’s room with a pillow and duvet.
“This is how it all start, just like in the movie..” she said with a smile and placing her hands on her chest, she giggled and tiptoed away, back into Odeya’s room.
Amanda drank a good quantity of water and dropped back the cup.
“What do I do now?” she asked herself. Oh, she have to take away those beer cans and then go to bed.
She took a trash nylon and walked out of the kitchen back to the sitting room.
She stared at Desmond for awhile then picked the cans into the nylon. She dropped them in the kitchen bin and when she came back, Desmond had kicked the duvet off his body.
“What? is he such a bad sleeper or is it cos he’s drunk? Tch..” She said, picked the duvet and covered it back on him.
“You better don’t kick it off again,” she said and walked away but not without looking back few times.
Immediately she entered her room, she fell on her bed and smiled but the smile vanished and she hit her cheek.
“What’s wrong with me? Why I’m I smiling? What’s there to smile about?” she asked herself then covered herself with the duvet.
“I can’t believe today, let’s see how tomorrow will be,” she breathed out and closed her eyes for sleep but that didn’t come quickly.
She was filled with thoughts. Thoughts about Desmond, Gold, Lady Monica’s plan and Odeya..
She fell asleep two hours later.
(Next Day)
Amanda woke up early even though she slept late. The time was 6:20am.
As she brushed her teeth, everything that happened yesterday ran through her mind.
She sighed.
She needed to call Chioma and ask about Gold and how it went.
She wondered how she’s going to face Desmond after what happened last night.
‘He might not even remember anything because he was drunk. Do I have to be the one to think a bout it. What’s there to think about anyways, it’s not like there was anything serious that happened.’
Amanda washed her mouth and her face.
When she walked out to the corridor, she checked Odeya’s room and saw that Odeya and Lady Monica are still asleep.
She closed back the door and got to Desmond’s room.
‘Should I check if he’s in?’ she thought. Before she could resist, her hand had grabbed the doorknob and the door had opened a little, she peeped in but there was no Desmond in the room.
“Does it mean he’s still asleep in the sitting room?” she wondered closing the door back and hurried downstairs.
Getting downstairs, there on the rug was Desmond with the duvet almost off his body.
Amanda breathed out.
What will she do now? Wake him up or leave him? What if Odeya and Lady Monica see him here, it won’t look good at all.
“I have to wake him up,” she said and walked to him and squatting down, she stared at him for a moment, admiring his handsomeness and the way he slept. She was about to call him when he turned and his leg hit her on the head and rested on her shoulder.
“Ahh!” she groaned and removed his leg from her shoulder.
“What’s wrong with him?” she sighed and rubbed her head.
He raised his leg again but Amanda was quick to grab it and she half yelled. “Sir!”
She held the leg. “Wake up sir, it’s morning.”
His mouth moved then his eyes slowly opened and landed on Amanda’s own then slowly went to his leg and Amanda’s grip on it.
Amanda quickly dropped it and stood up.
“Good morning sir. I think you should go upstairs and continue.” Amanda said and turned to leave.
“What were you doing with my leg?” he asked, halting her.
Amanda sighed.
“You hit me with it and was about hitting me again so I had no other choice than hold it, i’m sorry for that,” She said.
Desmond sat up. “I’m sorry I did but why i’m I here?” he asked, confused.
‘I said it that he won’t remember anything.’
“Sir, you drank a lot last night and couldn’t go upstairs.” Amanda answered and tried taking another step but he asked, “What about my pillow and duvet. How did he get here, you brought it?”
Amanda breathed out. “Yes sir.”
“How did you know I got drunk?” he asked.
‘He don’t remember a thing.’ she sighed.
“I was going to the kitchen and you called me to have a drink too.” Amanda answered.
“Excuse me sir,” Amanda said and hurried away to the kitchen. She was very hungry.
“How did that happen?” Desmond wondered.
He got up and picked the pillow and the duvet. He saw the table and slapped his forehead.
“Gosh this is crazy..” he said and hurried upstairs. Getting to the corridor, he saw his mom.
He jumped back with fright. She caught him.
“Son, how was your night?” she asked, filled with smiles.
“I don’t know, I guess yours was fine,” Desmond said and walked pass.
“You should be thankful to Amanda. You could have slept on the cold floor if she wasn’t there, I’m happy you are fine.” she said.
Desmond had no idea what to say.
“How’s Odeya?” he asked.
“She’s still asleep,” She said.
He opened his door, walked in and closed it back.
Lady Monica smiled and headed downstairs.
Desmond dropped the pillow and duvet. sitting down at the edge of the bed, he sighed.
“What if I said some things I shouldn’t last night and she heard them all? I feel like I said some things I shouldn’t. Gosh what do I do… I’m so messed up… I was so down. I feel disappointed with myself.”
“Hello this is Amanda,” Amanda said into the phone.
“Amanda, Odeya’s nanny?” Chioma asked.
“Yes. How did it go yesterday?” Amanda asked.
“We found the native doctor. He said we have to bring 2million naira for him to appeal to his god to give him solution. He said if the money isn’t brought by tomorrow, we will loose her,” Chioma said.
“Yes. He said his god give different solutions according to the person’s heart but for the solution to work, she will have to get Desmond’s sincere forgiveness.” Chioma said.
“That means there’s only today to get the money,” Amanda said.
“The money isn’t the problem. It’s Desmond. He might never forgive her. He sacked my brother, his secretary who connected him to Gold. He’s really hurt and might not have the heart to forgive my brother talk more of Gold. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to loose my friend. I’m sad for my brother too, I never knew that Gold could do such a thing,” Chioma said.
Amanda was speechless. She had no idea what to say. It was saddening.
She felt sad and worried for Gold and Chioma’s brother.
“Are you there?” Chioma asked.
Amanda exhaled. “Yes I am. It’s okay. We will talk to him. I believe he will change his mind. We have to save Gold and get your brother back to his position. I will try my best.” she said, not trusting her words.
“Really, thank you so much Amanda. I’m sure Gold will regret everything she did. Please help me, I don’t want to loose my friend.” Chioma begged.
“I will do my best. You won’t loose her. But where is she now?” Amanda said.
“She’s in my house. He told us to take her back and bring her tomorrow with the money.” Chioma said.
“It’s okay. I will call you back later okay,” Amanda said.

“Okay. Thank you Amanda,”
The call ended and Amanda sighed.
“I don’t even trust my words. How I’m I going to convince him to forgive Gold. He’s my boss. How I’m I going to do that?” she asked herself.
“You can do that by trying,” someone said at the door and Amanda quickly turned to see it’s Lady Monica.
“Ma’am.. Good morning.. You you scared me.” Amanda said.
Lady Monica walked in. “I’m sorry. You sound like a brave woman but you seem to doubt your braveness. You want to help Gold but why?”
“She killed no one, so she don’t deserve death. She deserve to live and regret what she did and turn a new leaf.” Amanda said.
Lady Monica smiled. “You are right Amanda. I would help you talk to Desmond. There’s no time left.”
“Thank you ma. He sacked his secretary too.”
“He sacked and unfriended his secretary and best friend. This sound like too much. We should do something right?” Lady Monica asked.
“Yes ma.”
“I told you to call me mom,” she said.
“I’m sorry. I just forgets all the time.” Amanda said.
“It’s okay. Have you called your mother?”
“No, I will call her today. I don’t think she needs to know about yesterday,” Amanda said.
“Well she knows already, I told her everything last night.” Lady M said.
Desmond laid on the bed, in thoughts when the door opened and Odeya walked in.
“Dad, are you okay?” She asked.
Deya, come.. I’m fine. How are you too?” Desmond said and sat up.
Deya got to the bed and Desmond cuddled her.
“I’m fine dad. I had a dream,” She said.
“What dream?” Desmond asked.
“I saw mom. She came and took me,” Deya said.
“I miss mom,” Deya said.
Desmond sighed.
“It’s okay. I’m here for you baby,” he said and stroked her hair.
Breakfast was eaten in silence. Each person with his and her thoughts.
Amanda was in thoughts on how to talk to Desmond about Gold.
Lady Monica was in thoughts on how to help too and also her plan to take an offering to church and pray harder for her son and Amanda to fall in love and get married.
Desmond was in thoughts on how to get over the mess that happened to him and how to make Odeya stop talking about his mom.
Odeya had nothing much to think.
She was happy Gold is gone though she felt worried she was in a bad condition. She hopes she gets well.
Again, she felt her mom is going to come for her.
Well she didn’t want to leave without her dad. She want her dad to leave with them too. Let them be a happy nuclear family like they once were. She would take her nanny along too.

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EPISODE 8 (unedited)

(About two hours later, in Desmond’s room)
“I can never do that mom, never!” Desmond said with his back at his mom.
“Look at me son.. Please. You can do it. Don’t say you can’t. You can do it. You can forgive her and let her have another chance to live and make up for the wrongs that she did,” Lady Monica said.
“Why mom? Why are you saying these? You hated her immediately you set your eyes on her. You wanted her out immediately. You should be happy that she’s getting her punishment for being evil.” Desmond said.
“Desmond I am a mother, I can’t sit back and watch a young and beautiful lady like that die because of her desperation. I heard from her friend that she is the only daughter of her parents. No parents would wish to loose their child. Yes she did very wrong but thank God it wasn’t too late. Please forgive her biko,” Lady Monica said.
“Mom, you can leave now.. If you are too tired to drive, I would call Peter to drive you home. Thanks for your help yesterday,” Desmond said, stood up and headed to the door.
“Desmond you can’t do this.. This isn’t you my son.. You have to forgive no matter what. You can’t let her die, her life depends on your forgiveness,” Lady Monica said.
“I am not God. If she wants another chance, let her ask it from God. I can’t forgive her so soon.” Desmond said and opened the door. Standing by the door was Amanda.
He walked out and turned to walk away but in front of him was Odeya.
“Dad,” Odeya called. Desmond walked to her squatted in front of her.
“Yes dear. You know we always go out on Sundays. Where do you wanna go today?” he asked.
“I have a place to go but dad can you listen to grandma and my nanny?” Odeya said.
Desmond sighed, stood up and walked back to Amanda.
Amanda could see how angered his face was. He got to her.
“Deya is still a little girl. Don’t let her talk about things like this. You are her nanny,” he said to her.
Amanda inhaled.
Desmond turned and walked back to Odeya. “Your nanny would get you ready. Where should we go today?” he asked.
“NewLife Hospital” Odeya said.
Desmond raised his brows, with thoughts that Gold is in the hospital.
“What are we going to a hospital to do?” he asked her.
“To Visit the sick.” Odeya said.
“And who is that?” Desmond said.
“My classmate,” Odeya said.
“He or She?” Desmond asked.
“He” Odeya said.
Desmond breathed out.
“Is that where you and your nanny had been going?” he asked.
“Yes. Go with us today dad,” Deya said.
“You and who?” he asked.
“My nanny,” Odeya said.
“I have to go now Amanda, please take care of him and Odeya. Help me talk to him about Gold. I’m sure he would change his mind,” Lady M said to Amanda.
“Ma, but he’s your son. He would listen to you and not me. I can’t even talk to him, I’m just a nanny,” Amanda said.
“Shh you aren’t. I’m leaving you with him Amanda. Please take care of him for me, I’m sure you can make him change his mind and forgive Gold but not to go back to her.” She said.
“He can’t go back to her,” Amanda snapped.
Lady Monica smiled.
They looked at Desmond and Odeya talking.
“I will try my best,” Amanda said.
“Thank you,” Lady Monica said and walked to Desmond and Odeya.
“I’ll be leaving now..” Lady Monica said to Desmond.
“Deya, take good care of yourself OK. I’m going to visit soon. Your dad and your nanny is here for you okay?” she said to Deya who nodded.
“Alright grandma. Bye..” Deya said and hugged her.
The three family went downstairs and outside to Lady Monica’s car.
“Desmond..” she called turning to Desmond. “..please don’t forget make a change of mind and forgive her, I beg of you son.”
Desmond said nothing..
“Deya, I will visit again soon OK?” she said to Deya who smiled.
“Okay Grandma, you’ve said that already.” Deya said.
Lady Monica smiled and entered her car.
The gate was opened by I.K and lady Monica drove out.
I.K closed the gate and waved at Desmond.
“Oga, good morning o..”
“Good morning I.K,” Desmond responded and headed inside with Deya.
“Chaii… Person suppose go church go give thanksgiving today, I swear… I talk am say that girl na witch.. Make she mad enter market.. Haha” I.k laughed and entered his quarter.
“Dad aren’t you going to forgive her?” Odeya asked her dad as they headed upstairs.
“Come on, let’s not talk about her. Go get ready to go see your classmate. He must be expecting you,” Desmond said.
“Okay dad,” Odeya said.
(Fast forward: Two hours Later )
They pulled into the premises of NewLife Hospital. Desmond stopped the car at the parking lot.
Amanda and Odeya who were at the backseat came down then Desmond did.
They walked into the hospital and headed to the room Jeremy is.
Getting there, Jeremy was sitting on the bed, eating with the help of his mom.
Odeya was happy to see him again likewise Jeremy.
“Hello Jeremy.. How are you doing?” Odeya said.
“I’m fine Odeya. Thanks for coming,” Jeremy said.
Odeya turned to his mom. “Hello ma.”
Jeremy’s mom smiled. “Welcome Odeya.”
“That’s my dad,” Odeya introduced.
Desmond did a little bow at Jeremy’s mom. “Hello ma.” he said.
“Oh my.. Your dad is really handsome.” J’s mom told Odeya and smiled at Desmond. “Thanks for coming sir. It’s a pleasure meeting you.”
“Thanks, And you too,” Desmond said.
“Hello ma’am,” Amanda said.
J’s mom smiled. “Amanda, how are you?”
“I’m fine ma’, and you?” Amanda said.
“I’m fine. Jimi would have loved to see you but he’s out right now. I hope he comes before you leave.” she said.
Desmond glanced at Amanda, wondering who Jimi is to her.
Wait, why was he wondering?
“How’s your wife doing? You both had a wonderful kid here,” J’s mom said to Desmond.
How’s his wife?
What’s he to answer. Of course as always, what he respond to others.
“We ain’t together,” he said.
J’s mom looked disappointed. “Ohh.. I’m sorry. I had no idea,” she said.
“It’s okay..” he said and turned to Odeya. “I will be at the hospital lounge waiting, Deya we won’t be able to stay long. We got somewhere else to go OK?” he said.
“Okay dad,” Deya said.
Desmond glanced at Amanda before walking out?
‘Who’s Jimi?’ he wondered. ‘What’s their relationship?’
Then he stopped for a moment.
‘Why I’m I wondering? It’s not like she’s not an adult. That’s none of my business’ he concluded and settled on a chaise.
Minutes later, A young guy of not up to twenty years old, who Desmond thought has the face of Jeremy’s mom walked in and headed towards the wards.
‘Could that be the Jimi?’ he asked himself and felt like going there.
He was about standing up when he got back to himself and said within, ‘Few minutes ago, I said it’s none of my business.’
He crossed his leg and sank more on the chaise.
As he did so, his thoughts went to Gold and how he has disappointed himself.
His phone began ringing. He took it out and it’s his mom. He breathed out and picked it up.
“Hello mom,” he spoke first.
“Yes son, how are you doing?”
“I’m fine.”
“Where are you? That place seem a little bit noisy,”
“I’m at a hospital. Deya said she want to see her sick classmate. We would soon be leaving tho.”
“Oh alright. How’s Amanda doing?”
“Why are you asking me about her when you just left my house few hours ago.”
“I see.. You can just say she’s fine rather than that. Anyways, I’ll speak with you later. Niko, don’t forget to have a rethink about that girl, Gold. My mind is not at rest because of that. I forgot to collect her friend’s phone number. Tell Amanda to send it to me via text message OK?”
Desmond inhaled. “Mom.”
“Okay son, bye for now. Take care of yourself and the ladies,” Lady Monica said and dropped the call.
‘Take care of the ladies?’ Desmond chuckled.
“…I’m filled up.” Jeremy said.
“Have a mother spoon, will you?” his mom said to him.
“No, I’m okay.” he said.
Odeya collected the plate of noodles.
“Noodles and pancake are my favorite. I’ll finish the remain,” she said and stretched out her hand to J’s mom for the spoon.
J’s mom smiled and handed it to her. “You are such a sweet girl Odeya. Now I wish to have a daughter soon, so I can name her Odeya..” J’s mom said to Odeya who smiled widely.
“Then I’m gonna be her godmother. Would you let me?” she asked.
J’s mom laughed while Amanda was in smiles. “Of course I will let you be her godmother,” J’s mom said.
Both laughed out.
J’s mom looked at her son and Odeya and letting out a dreamy smile, she said. “I’m picturing how beautiful my grandchildren would be.”
Amanda raised her brows. ‘What?’
“Are you expecting grandchildren soon ma?” Odeya asked.
J’s mom smiled. “Not yet my dear but soon. The years comes so fast.” she said.
Amanda could see that Odeya was quite confused.
After all, she’s still a child.
Odeya just shrugged and started eating the noodles.
The door opened and Jimi walked in.
He felt happy seeing Amanda and Odeya.
“Hello aunty Amanda and beautiful Deya. I’m so happy to see you. I waited a lot yesterday,” he said and hugged Odeya from behind then walked to Amanda. He was just smiling as he stood in front of her.
‘He’s such a cute guy.. I’m sure a lot of girls would be dying to be his girlfriend.’ Amanda said within.
“My bad! I should have bought something’s on the way.” he said.
“It’s okay. Odeya is having noodles. Besides this is hospital and not an eatery or party. We are here to see Jeremy and not you, right Deya?” Amanda asked.
“Yes nanny,” Odeya answered with mouth full of noodles.
“Oh that’s unfair. Anyways Aunty Amanda, can I take a selfie with you?” Jimi asked.
“Jimi!” his mom called.
“Please?” he pleaded, joining his hands together in plea and ignoring his mom.
Amanda chuckled. “It’s Okay.”
“Thank youuu.” Jimi said and took out his iPhone from his trouser pocket. Putting the camera, he came closer to Amanda.
Amanda put on a bright smile and he took twice shots.
“Wow.. I love this pictures. It’s so beautiful”
“Take a picture of I, Jeremy and your mom too, will you?” Odeya said.
Jimi smiled. “Of course.” he said and walked over to them.. He positioned his phone to take the picture but another phone was presented to him by Odeya.
“Use this one..” she said.
“Is it yours?” he asked.
“Yes, it’s mine.” Odeya said.
“Wow, I love the fancy pack, it’s so pretty.” he said.
“Thanks” odeya said.
Jimi took the pictures with Odeya’s phone. Odeya and Jeremy were taking alone when the door opened and Desmond walked in.
“Hey dad, come take a picture,” odeya shouted.
“Huh?” Desmond said.
He had come to confirm if he is really the Jimi. Well he is. There’s no way a relationship can be between him and Amanda. He’s a teen.
He wondered why he felt bit relieved by that.
“Come on dad. Let’s all take pictures together. Five of us.” Odeya said.
“Hello sir. You are Odeya’s dad?” Jimi asked.
“Yes I am.” Desmond said.
Jimi bowed his head. “Thanks for coming with Odeya and aunty Amanda.” he said.
‘Oh he even calls her aunty. Of course he should.’ Desmond said within.
“It’s okay. Let’s take one shot then.” he said and walked over but he was standing right beside Amanda. Their hands brushed each other and both glanced at themselves then tried adjusting but there was no space for that.
Amanda why standing close to him make her heart beat faster. People stand close to people all the time.. why’s hers different?
There was no need of her questioning herself when she knows the answer but she is scared that he won’t ever be able to feel sake way for her.
What’s the point of being in love with him?
Even if his mom made plan for them to be together at the end, Amanda do not believe such end.
“Okay, the capture is on 10 seconds delay.. Let’s go now.” Jimi said, dropped the phone on a good capturing side of the bed and rushed to the crew but the only space was beside Desmond so in his rush, he collided with Desmond and Desmond who didn’t see that coming, lost his stand and was pushed thereby pushing him to Amanda. Amanda lost her stand too and was going to collide with the drip stand but was caught by Desmond’s left arm around her. The phone captured just then and both looked at each other.
Amanda heart beat raised that she could even hear her heart beating.
Desmond being that close to her noticed the tiny scar on the left side of her forehead for the first time but that wasn’t the only thing he noticed, he noticed how beautiful her eyes are and her big her hips are.
He immediately removed his hand.
“Let’s take one more..” Jimi said and re put the camera.
He rushed back again but this time, there was no colliding.
Amanda swallowed and faced the phone.
Desmond silently cleared his throat and faced the phone.
The phone captured and that was the end.
“Wow, the pictures are so cute.. but on the first picture, aunty Amanda you look like someone in shock. Like someone who got a surprise gift. Your facial expression on the picture. You look so beautiful.” Jimi said.
Amanda inhaled.. ” R Really?”
“Yes..well, Odeya can I share the photos into my phone?” Jimi asked.
“You can.” Odeya said.
Jimi smiled and went to an empty seat to do just that.
“We should leave when he is done sharing the pictures into his phone. I have somewhere to take you Daya,” Desmond said.
“Of course not only me but my nanny too,” Deya said. Desmond and Amanda’s eyes met and they looked away instantly.
“Yes yes with her,” Desmond said.
“Jeremy, get up quickly and come to school okay?” Deya said to Jeremy as they were ready to leave.
Jeremy nodded. “I will.”
“I will be waiting for you in school Jeremy, make sure you come tomorrow or next. You heard me?” Deya said
“I will Deya,” Jeremy said.
“I will be going now. Take care of yourself.” she said.
“I will. Thank you for coming. Today was fun.” Jeremy said.
“Thanks for making today fun for our Jeremy. We appreciate your visit. Thank you.” J’s mom said.
“Thank you for visiting today Aunty Amanda. It’s no nice to meet someone like you and Deya. Thank you.” Jimi said.
Jimi walked them to the car and they got in.
“Bye byee” he said, waving.
Amanda and Odeya waved back and soon, they were on the main road.
“Where are we going dad?” Odeya asked.
“Let’s go shopping.” Desmond said.
“Really? That sound great,” Deya said…
As Desmond drove, he could see Amanda’s face on the rear view mirror.
He couldn’t stop glancing at those eyes.