✍️✍️✍️✍️ All For Love ❤️ Episode 45, 46, 47 And 48 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

*👏All For Love ❤
- Episode 45*

* after thinking of what to do for a moment, they went back into the building through the passage.

They ran to the other side of the passage then made use of the exit door leading to the back of the house.

Their only option at the moment was to climb the fence off.

At first Matthew took a clear view around making sure that no onward was watching. But then, he wasn’t quite sure if his work was clean.

By the way their only means of escape was to climb the tall fence.

He helped Edward climbed up the fence but as soon as he got up there, he saw a snake crawling toward him.

(Guys guess what will happen next) , he shouted on top of his voice as soon as he saw it.

His voice attracted the attention of one of the gang who was just resting under a tree almost near to them

. He quickly came out to know what was happening.

Matthew had already taken a hiding cover behind the plantain beside him.

The gang walked slowly and slowly to the direction where he heard the voice and there he saw Edward on top of the fence.

He pointed the torch on his hand clearly at his face and recognised who he was. Edward then began to panic immediately.

Although the snake turned around and ran off but still he was highly terrified especially at this point.

The goon looked so angry furious that he positioned the gun at him directly to his fore-head.

Edward felt his heart sinking into his stomach and goose pimpul took over his whole body.

Fear gripped him as never before and out of that fear, he closed his eyes and then next heard was a gun shot.

* * Edward fell over the fence immediately. Matthew ran out of his hiding and collected the goon’s gun from him.

He knew that he was going to shoot Edward but he will in no way allow that to happen so he got the man shut and then climbed the fence as well then jumped over to meet Edward who was already waiting for him over the fence so they took to their heels immediately not minding the thick bush and the hour of the night.

Main while, the sound of the gun alerted every one that some thing is wrong some where

. So they began to run to the direction properly armed.

They got to see the dead body of one of them lying lifelessly on the floor.

Andy sent some of them to check if Edward was still in captive.

They got to the passage to see another of their member lying unconsciously on the ground.

They wondered what could had possibly happen.

Main while, they completed their mission and went back to inform Andy of what they saw. Andy could not believe his ears.

He ran inside to see for him self and found out that their was not even a single piece of lie in it., he was certain that they climbed over the fence so he ordered every one to climb over the fence and run after them.

His men did as he had commanded and then they began to wander the bush in search of them.


nevertheless, Matthew and Edward ran tirelessly for minutes and as a natural human being, they got very tired and exhausted especially Edward who has not even eaten any thing since that day.

They got to the side of a big tree inside the bush and settle down to have a little rest before continuing their journey.

– Edward: thanks for saving my life. Matthew: its really nothing. I can’t forgive my self if i dare let that happen.

Edward: okay. But where are we heading to.

Matthew: Edy, you have to be strong, we still have miles to go before getting out of this thick wood.

Edward: where did this bush leads to?

Matthew: the path we are taking leads to civil area..
👏 All For Love ❤️
– Episode 46*

Matthew: the path we are taking leads to civil area.

So you can take a transportation as soon as we get out of here.

Edward: but what about you?

Matthew: don’t worry about me.

Edward: and how do i get money for transportation?

Matthew: i don’t really know for now. Lets think of how because i don’t have any cash with me.

– Then they were quiet for a while thinking of the best solution and as a matter of fact, they did not know when they slept off.

Early in the morning, they woke up.

Now Matthew came up with an idea.

– Matthew: look edy, what if we inform your father so they will wait up for us ?

Edward: wow that’s nice.

Then he brought out his phone to call him it was them he saw the 20 missed calls on his phone.

He checked the caller and all was from Andy his boss.

It was then he knew that he him self was really in a deep danger.

By the way, he called Mr

. Johnson and told him the address with out having and conversation with him.

Then he switched off the phone and they began their journey again.

Not long, they heard a voice behind shouting.


They turned back immediately to see Andys men running after them.

Matthew won’t just easily give in to defeat.

So he draged Edward and they began to run faster than they had ever ran.

Andy’S men ran fast also to meet up but Matthew was fast with Edward.

They ran like wind for some time and not long, Matthew dashed his leg on a wood and that sent hiM crashing heavily on the ground.

He stood up immediately and ignored the pain then the next thing they heard was a gun shot.

One of andys men did fired a gun at them but unluckyly for him, he missed his target.

The bullet almost caught Edward but Matthew pushed him aside the bullet passed with out hurting any body.

Then the other of andys men began to shoot their own gun. It was really a deadly war

. Matthew dragged Edward behind a tree, then he brought out his own gun and began to shoot also. Then every one took cover after witnessing the death of one of them.

* Thomas never miss a target.

He shot down one of the goons which made the rest to take cover behind trees.

When he was certain That they all had hid, he draged Edward and they began to run again.

Not upto 20 seconds, they heard another gunshot.

Matthew faced back and began to shoot.

The goons hid themselves again then Matthew and Edward began to run again.

It was even obvious that Edward at the moment began to say his last prayer. He was so very frighten that he began to panic and at a point, he started crying as he was running.

Matthew realised that and never talked to him because that probably is not the right time for consoling any one. He kept on shouting orders on him ” run fast, this way! Move on! Stop!! Hide!! Etc.

Althrough Edward’s life, he never got to experience this kind of incident.

This was probably the first witness.

He only had the idea through some movie he usually watch.

By the way, lets go back to the point. Matthew was shooting as they run and at a time, his bullet finished.

They began to run faster and faster to get away but not until they heard a terrible gun shot.

The bullet which was released by one of those goons and it found its way like lighting into the right leg of Matthew who groan in agony as he fell to the Ground.

Edward stopped now he was heavily weeping and was panicing as he tried to help him up. Matthew refused his offer saying.

– Matthew: Edward, you got to be strong, you can do this.

Don’t just bother about me because, i will be fine.

Run fast to escape.

Edward was still in tears, he gave him a friendly hug then he began to run forward. Andys men was already close to him but he manage to run fast despite the numerous gun shot they had been firing toward him.

At length, his legs became weak that it can not carry his body any longer.

His head began to ache him badly and his tummy was really dried up.

But despite the pains, he still managed to run.

But another terrible gun shot was heard again and this time, it caught him badly.
*👏All For Love 
– Episode 47*

Johnson and the police men got to the venue and waited for several minutes, but they saw nothing.

At length they began to search the bush.

Not long, they heard a gun shot that alerted them that their had been a danger.

The police men made haste toward the direction they heard the gunshot.

Mr.johnson insisted on following them as well as those girls.

Not long they saw a huge flame in the bush and amidst of the fire, it was obviously and clearly seen that some one was in the fire burning to death.

They noticed also that the kidnappers was heartlessly there watching as the man was burning to death.

Johnson almost fell unconscious when he saw it.

He was grieved.

He sadly began to ask within himself.

Could it be Edward? He couldn’t help as tears started rolling down from his eyes to his cheeks.

By the way, the police men ran after the kidnappers who did recognised their present and started running away for escape.

They gave them a very hard chase but they were too faster than the police men.

Just then an idea stucked on one of them he brought out he gun and aimed it at the leg of one of the goons who was far from him and then he shot him down so that he won’t be able to run further.

Others escaped but apart from the one that was shot at the leg.

They are going to use him to get his co members.

Main while, while the police men ran after the kidnappers, Johnson and the two girls tried to guench the high flamed fire.

Before they could get it down, it was already too late.

The man had already burn to ash.

Nikky cried bitterly as she fell on the ground and began to roll around.

No one was to console her because others was also heart broken.

The police men came back with the kidnapper and saw them like that.

One of them began to walk around sadly.

Not long, he saw a diamond which he did had came across before. He picked it up and showed it to Johnson.

– Johnson: you really mean that it is my son that was burnt?

– He exclaimed on seeing the diamond necklaces
. Then he unconsciously collapse on the ground..

*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 48*

Before they could get it down, it was already too late.

The man had already burn to ash.

Nikky cried bitterly as she fell on the ground and began to roll around.

No one was to console her because others was also heart broken.

The police men came back with the kidnapper and saw them like that.

One of them began to walk around sadly.

Not long, he saw a diamond which he did had came across before.

He picked it up and showed it to Johnson.

– Johnson: you really mean that it is my son that was burnt?

– He exclaimed on seeing the diamond necklace.

Then he unconsciously collapse on the ground.

* *

Mr.JOHNSON was rushed to the hospital immediately as the police men went back to the station with the kidnapper.

Soon Mr. Johnson got better he was discharged from the hospital then he came back and began to to plan about his sons funeral.

It was really a painful thing for them especially for Johnson who did not know who his son was and when he got to know him, it didn’t take long before he died.

He was really determined to do all it takes for those criminals to pay and more so he swear that he will never have a peace of mind till those worthless kidnappers settle in their grave.

Soon Edward was buried six feat in his fathers compound.

Then every body channeled their interest toward the way of finding the kidnappers and making them pay for the evil they did.

Main while dandy got the information of how their plans went.

He was really happy he went to Mr

. Titus and announce it to him because he thought it to be a good idea

. Mr. Titus was having a coffee when he entered.

He took a seat and greeted.

– Dandy: good day sir.


. Titus: oh dandy, you are here.

So how is every thing?

Dandy: every thing is cool.

And more so, our plan worked out. Mr. Titus; you mean that they had paid the ransom?

Dandy: no not at all. But Edward is dead.

– The news hit him like a strange blow on his heart as he exclaimed angrily.

– Mr. Titus: WHAT!!! why did you have to to take his life away?

Dandy: because he and his family are stupid!.

They was warned not to involve the police but they went ahead to.

Mr. Titus: just that? I shouldn’t have agreed with you i the first place. Who told you that i want to kill him? If i wanted to, i would have killed him long when he was fooling around with my daughter.

Dandy: sir don’t be mad here! Infact it is for your own good. You can now go for the money you wish and more over, he won’t have to come into your life again.

Mr. Titus: may be, you have a point theirooo. He might remember me for the death of his mother, . Just then, dandy’s phone distracted them with its ringing.

He checked the caller and it was Andy then he picked it.

Dandy: hello, i thought you have gotten your payment?

Andy: yes sir! But their is a problem here.