✍️✍️✍️✍️ All For Love Episode 41, 42, 43 And 44 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

*👏All For❤ Love 
– Episode 41*

Mr. Titus: em i think thats a perfect idea.

Dandy: yea

Mr.titus: we have to start making some arrangement for it.

Dandy: that’s true.

. .

Then they began to smile at each other.

The fact that Edward is now working in an office doesn’t means that he had neglected singing.

Main while he is now popular over the town for his beautiful interesting songs. People always rush his albums and each time he drops new tracks, they eagerly rush them.

One peculiar thing is that he do no sing alone, he maintained his twin Thomas and together they gain popularity.

They were planning on a new song to sing.

Edward has already composed it and according to them, the song was the best they had ever sang.

After organizing the amazing song with Thomas, they decided to go to the studio the following day so they can add instrument to it.

The following day, Thomas got their first at the exact time they had agreed and then began to wait for Edward who he did had called few minutes ago with the reply. ‘

“i am on my way.”

he waited for several more minutes yet he still had not showed up.

His patient was tensed up then he re-dialed his number again and this time, it was currently switched off.

He tried several times more but could not reach him.

After few more minutes of patiently waiting, he jumped into his car and started heading towards his office.

He was barely half way when he saw his car carelessly park beside the road

. Its door was widely opened.

His heart skipped double beats immediately he saw it.

He parked his car one side of the road and jump down to know exactly what is going on.

He went round the car taking clearer view of the car.

The two front doors was widely and carelessly open, the windscreem was almost broken yet the car key was still at its spot.

He was certainly sure that that was Edwards car and no one else.

Then he began to ponder on what might have happened.

At length, he decided to call sir.johnson and inform him about the incident. They began a conversation immediately he pick up his call. .

Johnson: hello, tom is every thing alright? This one you are calling me today.

Thomas: uncle nothing is alright at all.

Johnson: what? Why! I mean , why did you say so?

Thomas: sir, its about your son.

Johnson:( surprise) my son? YoU mean Edward?

Thomas: who else uncle other than him.

Johnson: what happen to him?

Thomas: i can’t figure it out but certainly sure that some thing is wrong some where

Johnson: stood up from his office chair angrily) what the heck are you talking about? – He shouted on top of his voice.

– Thomas: uncle, i suggest you over here and see for your self.

– He gave him the address before hanging up the call. Within few minutes, he arrived at the spot and packed his car one corner of the road then came down to know exactly what happened.

– Thomas: uncle, i saw the car exactly like this. (He said as soon as he reached the car.)

Johnson: what the heck happened here? Where is my son?

Thomas: sir, i don’t know. That is why i called you.

Johnson: oh my God!

– He exclaimed and then began to dail Edwards number with his phone but it wasn’t reachable.

Then Johnson began to shout on top of his voice causing the attention of passer by.

Soon people gathered at the scene to know what was happening.

You know nah, they will began to talk some thing or the other.

Some suggested he was kidnapped, some said that may be the car spoilt he then went through a taxi, some said he was just trying to scare them some suggested maybe it was an accident and so on.

A man helped to drive the car home after waiting for several minutes for him to return with out progress.
*👏All For Love❤ 
– Episode 42*

toward evening, Johnson was busy with the police investigating on what might had happened when he got a strange call.

The number wasnt registered in his phone so He was very scared to pick the call but the D.p.o encouraged him to do just that.

He then picked the call and waited for the caller to speak first.


an unfriendly voice barked.

– Johnson: hello who are you?

Andy: am i speaking with Mr.johnson?

Johnson: sure e e … Any problem.

Andy: hahahaha!!! Man their is no problem

. But if you fails to co-operate with us, then their is huge problem.

Johnson: what did you mean by that?

Andy: we have your son here with us. If you really love him, you gotta prove it.

Johnson: getting upset) what the hell are you talking about?

Andy: this is no time for getting angry. Just pay the ransom of fifty million and have him back.

Johnson: what?

Andy: sure! And after this week if the money was yet to be brought, i will have him killed. Understand!

Johnson: (trying to beg) sure, but please don’t harm him for me please. I will send the money to you.

Andy: better but if you try to play wise by involving the police, i swear, you gotta regret it because you will loose your son, and your family intirely will be in danger. Trust me.

– Then he cutted the call

. And Mr. Johnson be began to cry.

– Dpo: hey sir, what happened. Johnson: he was really kidnapped.

Dpo: i told you so.

Johnson: and they are demanding the sum of fifty million

DPO: Fifty million what!!! Don’t worry, i will do every thing to get your son free from them.

Johnson: sir, you need not to bother. They said they will have him killed also with my family if i dear involve the police.

DPO: i said relax, don’t worry, we knows how to deal with that.

Johnson: but i am scared.

Dpo: just trust me. There is nothing to be afraid of. We are going to start our work right away.


soon the news spread wide that Edward was kidnapped.

Every one became very sad most especially every one close to him.

Which includes Thomas and his family, Sandra, anita, Charles and most especially, his father Johnson and his lovely sister nikky.

Since nikky learnt that is brother was abducted, her appatite for eating left her, she can’t even concentrate in her work.

He suggested to her dad to pay off the amount so that his brother would be set free and unharmed.

But Johnson did not want to listen. Since the Dpo had assured him that nothing wronge will happen.

. Not long, he got another call again. It was those kidnappers. This time around, they sounded more deadly than the other time, warning him about the time left. Johnson was terified, he ran to the police station and informed the DPO on what they had said earlier again. The DPO still gave him assurance that nothing will go wronge.

***** EDWARD *****

that faithful day, he was in his car riding to the studio for their music when a car in high speed overtook and crossed him.

Immediately, a gang of boys jumped down from the car each with a gun.

They had mask on their faces and all was in the same attire of black and black. They pointed gun at him immediately.

Edward was so afraid. He just raised his hands in the air.

The kidnappers opened the door of his car and dragged him into their own car but not without tieing his eyes with a piece of black handkerchief.

Then they drove away.

Next they him tied up to a chair at a place he did not know. the men was beside him wa smoking cigarette.

He can’t believe it that really, he is now victim of kidnap.

Some thing which he only hear in story and watch in movies.

That one of the disadvantages of being rich.

He thought within his mind.. He prayed silently in his mind so that some thing bad won’t happen to him.

Soon another man entered.

He acted like the head of them and others respected him.

He walked straight to him and gave him a resounding slap first before speaking to him. .

Andy: did you know who we are?

Edward: no. He said sobbing.

Andy: hey man, your crying can't save you! I need
your father's number.
Edward: i don't have it offhand but it is in my
Search for it there.
Andy: okay. Pray for him to cooperate if not
hahahaha! Then he left the room again and toward
evening time, he re-enterd again with his phone.
Andy: show me his number! He commanded
handing the mobile phone over to him.
There Edward did some little work on the keypad
of the phone then showed him the number.
He smiled as he collected the phone then he
transferred the number to his own phone.
Next then he began to make a call which was
certainly sure that it was mr.johnson he was
****** Nikky ******
Main while, she her self tried to gather up the
money to release her brother but could not raise
the money alone she tried more to convince her
dad to pay off the money to avoid problem but he
paid deaf ears.
Soon it was a day remaining for the week to run
over and yet the police men still could not find any
reasonable information.
Nikky began to cry exessively and uncontrolled.
Mr. Johnson at the point was tired of waiting for
the police men.
He then began to gather up the money and then
dialed the kidnappers line but it was not reachable
through out the day.
Soon it was obviously Saturday being the last day
of the week . He got a strange call from another
strange number.
NOW! the voice shouted then the call went dead.
Johnson tried to call the number again but it was
switched off so he had no other choice than to
hurry up to the venue immediately.
But not with out informing the police about it.
The police themselves also headed to the venue
the same with nikky and anita.
***** EDWARD *****
The day ago being Friday, at night, a new person
was on duty to monitor him.
He walked in then the one monitoring him was
relieved of the duty.
The new one took over the duty.
Read " The Power Of Love " by the same author (
Tony Presh )
. He walked around the room for a while with a
torch on him hand.
Soon he pointed the torch at the victim's face, and
that was the first time he was seeing the victim
His face looked familiar.
He knew him some how and some where and that
what he couldn't remember that particular time.
He kept thinking as his eyes keep staring at him
and suddenly he exclaimed.
EDWARD!!! is this you?
Edward was really surprise.
He kept silent and more over he was so very weak
after going through several torture.
He might not have enough energy to talk.
''hey is it really you edward''
he said again then he turned the flash of the torch
toward his face making him to see his face clearly.
It did not take time before he recognised him back
and exclaimed.
- Edward: MATTHEW! he knew him very well back
in secondary school. He always acting as a
speaker in the school social gathering.
He wondered why some one like him should be
engaged in such a dirty business like that
Matthew: i am really sorry that my boss got you
Edward: what the hell are you doing here.
Matthew: its a long story. I have to get you out of
Edward: why?
Mathew: because you are in a great danger and my
conscience won't be at peace.
Edward: thanks. Are you going to talk to your
Matthew: not at all. He would never agree. He was
hired by some one to do this. I did not really know
that its you they did planned to kidnapped. I would
has warned you earlier.
Edward: who really planed this.
Matthew: he is a certain rich man. Also with a rich
man as well. I think i know him ...
*👏All For Love❤ 
– Episode 44*

* Matthew: i knew the guy very well because we schooled together.

Edward: did you know his name?

Matthew: come on Edward, this is no time for question!

Edward: i am sorry. (He apologised. Thomas looked more serious at the particular moment. He bent toward him and said).

Matthew: but you have one thing to promise me before i get you released.

Edward: what is that? Is it money? Just let me get out of here, you will receive a cool cash that will help you start life afresh.

Matthew: the money isn’t my problem.

Edward: then what!

Matthew: will you take it easy, you are shouting.

Edward: i am sorry. So what really is your problem? Matthew tried answering the question but was cut sort by the appearance of one of the kidnappers.

Eduado: hey, man you are haveing a conversation with him?

Matthew: just trying to ask him about their wealthyness whether to increase our ransom, or leave it at the spot.

Eduado: my man

. See your life, you love money well , well.

Matthew: you know, the ransom we even ask is even too small from the reply he gave me.

He lied and trikishly winked at Edward who understood what he meant.

Eduado: okay. I am off to a party take care.

Matthew: okay bye

. Just arrange a sharp babe for me o.

Eduado: naughty boy. (Then he went off. Matthew followed to make sure he was off. Then returned after some minutes and continued his discussion with Edward.)

Matthew: look Edward, i want you to promise me that after you get outta here, you will never bother my gangs.

Edward: okay, deal. But they will be comeing after me.

Matthew: don’t worry. I will always give you alert.

Edward: thanks.

. So how much are you expecting.

Matthew: i just requested my safety nothing more.

Edward: may be, you will have to quite this work and i offer you decent one.

Matthew: that’s good of you. But its not gona be easy. Just think on a way of getting outta here. One more thing, no more questions, just follow my commands.

– Edward: okay.

– Then Matthew went out to verify if some one was around, he saw none so he went toward to untie him.

he got hold of the rope and was about to untie him when he heard a voice.

– Eduado: hey did i left my phone here?

– Matthew panicked on hearing his voice. His heart skipped a beat immediately. But out of all, he manage to cover up.

– matthew: i Did not remember seeing you with phone in here.

Eduado: okay, i gotta search in the other room. May be i left it there.

Matthew: okay, i am still waiting for my babe oo. Just tell the prettiest of them all to meet me at my apartment tomorrow morning.

Eduado: see monkey wants to piii human with black pump.

Matthew: don’t you know i am your senior.

Eduado: senior monkey. Look if i were you, i will just guard this man here very well. He is now the Boss.

Matthew: hmm, go and look for your phone jaareh.

Eduado: hahaha!

– Then he left. After some time, Matthew checked around and no body was near.

He quickly untied him then the both off them sneaked out of the room together with Matthew leading.

When they were half way at the passage, they began to here foot step approaching them.

And beside them was an old cabinet.

They quickly hid behind it as they watch closely at the owner of the foot steps.

The kidnapper walked and passed them heading to the room where they had kept Edward.

Matthew knew that if per-adventure he gets there, both him and Edward will be in a very big trouble because he will sound an alarm..
So to prevent that from happening, he ran up to him and gave him a hard hit at the skull which made him collapse on the unconscious with out seeing the actual person who did that to him.

He returned to Edward and they continued sneaking out.

When they were out of the building, he scanned every cover to know where security is tight and where not.

At the gate, two goons were busy chatting together with gun hunged at their back.

At the other side was also one who stood like a complete solder.

He looked at his left and was three who was playing games.

With all he saw, he knew that security is tight and there will be no way for them to escape through there.