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 – Episode 33*

Immediately they entered the sitting room, some one gave him a hug immediately with out him knowing who she was.

Then when they broke the hug, he was very surprise to see it was Sandra and at the other end of the sitting room was Charles who was sitting notable on the sofa and was smiling at them.

_ Edward: how did you manage to get here? Sandra: hitting his head playfully) come on don’t be nasty Charles: standing up) i know you are very surprise.

Edward: sure Sandra: by the way, we pestered on Thomas

Edward: thanks for coming.

Then they entertained their guest with a rich food and all were happy. Around evening period, Johnson arrived to take Edward as they had already planned

. Edward was ready already before his arrival. He hopped into his car and they drove off to a bar. when their orders had been served, they began their discussion.

_ Johnson: you said your mother gave you this diamond you are wearing?

Edward: sure. My late dad gave it to her and she gave it to me.

Johnson: what did you say is your mothers name?

Edward: Helen, but she is now late.

Johnson: what! What!! What!!! Edward: what’s the problem?

Johnson: i know of a friend back then her name is Helen. But first of all how did your mother die?and when did she die?

Edward: it is all a long story, i can’t answer all of them now

. All i need is for you to tell me why you are interested in my late father’s diamond and why you even have one on your neck aswell. Johnson: no i asked you first

Edward: i insist you answer first.

Johnson: took a long breath.) em i don’t think it will be necessary today.

Edward: getting angry) why not? Then what Did you bring me here for?

Johnson: okay boy, don’t be offended, let me manage. (then he cleared his throat) my father made this diamond, the both of them. One for himself and the other for me but not long, he died and i got hold of the two. When i was in high school, i meet a girl by name Helen. I came to love her so much that i gave one of this diamond to her. But then some thing happened. I got her pregnant and foolishly denied it because, i was afraid that my uncle won’t sponsor my education again if he realizes it. Her parents rejected her. she did not know what to do so she ran away with the pregnancy and since then i haven’t seen her again. I searched all round for her after i have gotten a job but their was no trace of her. Believe me, i am still looking for her till date.(he began to sob)

Edward: what!!! What the heck are you talking about, are trying to say that you are my father?

Johnson: yeah, most probably

Edward: its another Helen you fell in love with, not my mother because my mum told me my father is dead.

Johnson: did he mention the name of your father to you?

Edward: no! She don’t like talking much about him., but, she said he is dead. Johnson: when i saw you, i know that there is some thing different about you even before i saw the diamond. YoU might be my son.

Edward:no way! how can i be your son? Even if its true , how am i to accept you when you rejected me at the early stage of my existence.? Johnson:startedsobbing)believeme. I was only afraid i won’t get to finish my education that is why i denied her. I searched for her but couldn’t find her believe me.”

Edward:. Well keep searching for her. You might be Lucky to find her one day..

Mr.Johnson: all evidence points out that you are the fruit of my Love with her. Edward: (was getting angry) its not true! How am i to believe that? Mr.Johnson: the only way to find out the truth is for us to go to the hospital for DNA test. In that case we will know if it is another Helen that i gave the diamond to or your mother. Edward: okay, but i pray its not my Mother. I don’t imagine my self having a mean father. More over, my dad died before my mum gave birth to me. Johnson: okay.

. next week we will visit the Hospital. For now i am going for a business trip from tomorrow. But then tell me how your mother died. – Then Edward wept as he told him every thing.

– Johnson: red with anger and agony) how dare that bastard, he must surely pay, i swear!

_ Soon, Edward went back home but it was late already, every body has gone to bed by the time he came home. He went into his room to see anita sleeping like a log of wood on his bed. He then went to the sitting room where he saw Thomas wide awake busy with his phone. Then he collapse on the sofa.

Thomas: hey man. YoU are back so how did it went?

– But Edward kept silent with a frowned face. How ever, Thomas continued after observing him.:

– Thomas: hey you are always with problem, so what is it this time around?

– Edward managed to say something

_ Edward: is there a possibility that Mr. Johnson could be my father?

Thomas: turned to be very surprised) what! What kind of question is that? I thought you told me that your father is long dead.

Edward: that was what my mum told me.

But Mr.JOHNSON explained to me many thing about this diamond.

Thomas: how?, i don’t understand. Infact, tell me exactly what You guys discussed.

❤All For Love👏 
– Episode 34*

when Edward was through narrating the incidence between Mr.Johnson and him, Thomas said

_ Thomas: their 70% possibility that he could be your father. Don’t you see that all those he said rhymed with what your mum told you?

Edward: no! My mum told me that my father is dead.

Thomas: that’s just what she said

Edward: and probably, i don’t imagine my self having a mean father like that. how could he just abandon a pregnant and helpless lady just like that? , that even her own relative chased her away

. No wonder i know no other relative apart from my mum. And some how a wicked uncle who is always bent in making our life miserable.

Thomas: you see? Just believe he is your father.

Edward: i don’t want to believe that.

Thomas: but that’s the fact.

Edward: lie!

Thomas: alright lets wait for next week to arrive.

_ Then Thomas stood and stretched him self then stared at Edward for a moment and ask:

Thomas: have you eaten yet?

Edward: i ate at the restaurant with him

Thomas: okay. Aren’t you going to bed yet?

Edward: i have a complicated case here,

Thomas: what did you mean?

Edward: its about your sister. She’s all over me

. I think she’s crushing over me. and Sandra. I don’t understand her. Although i we have grown up together but i don’t feel any thing for her apart from friends and neighbour relation.

Thomas: i told you. Even before my sister met you. She had been crushing on your voice. But then, how is that a problem?

Edward: i can’t cope with them. Your sister is even sleeping in my room. (Then Thomas began to laugh loud.) whats funny there?

Thomas: resettled on the sofa) cope with her naaaa. She Loves you. Are you not going to reciprocate?

Edward: my feeling is betraying me

Thomas: look Edward, i advise you to go for my sister. I trust her, she won’t do any thing that will hurt you.

Edward: mmmh, i will give her a try when i recover fully from Rose heart break Thomas: you still haven’t gone over rose

Edward. : its difficult Thomas: okay.

Thomas adjusted from his seat as if thing was biting him. He really want to say an important thing of whichever don’t know how to say it.

. How ever he managed

– Thomas: best, i need your help

Edward: i am always available. What is it?”

Thomas;: honestly, i am crushing over that girl at your neighbour hood. Edward: you mean Sandra?

Thomas : yea

Edward: (with a funny face) so you can really fall in love?

Thomas: oh man, i don’t know but i just started having feelings for her. She charmed me with her beauty the last time i went there. Gee, you should have seen how she looks at me. He have captured my heart dear.

Edward: all you have to do is to take her out and tell her your feeling. His brother Charles will even process every thing if you take him along.

Thomas: thank you

Edward: okay, let me wait for rose for some time to see if she could change her mind

Thomas: angrily) WHAT!!!? are you out of your senses? What the heck do that suppose to mean?

Edward: i am sorry.

Thomas: look edy, you better forget about her, is she the only beautiful girl in the world? After all my sister is much more beautiful than she is. Am i not wright?

Edward: sure you are,

Thomas: my sister loves you, try to reciprocate the love to her. Please don’t hurt her

Edward: okay , i won’t

_ Just then anita who has been listening to there conversation unknown to them interrupted them.

Anita: and how did you know big brother.

Her voice really made a heavy strong blow on their mind. They were surprise that she had been eavesdropping their conversation.

Edward: i thought you were asleep?

Anita: yes i was but not any more.

(Then she went and draged him up) come on, lets go to bed. So they all stood and left the sitting room to his room.
*👏All For Love ❤
- Episode 35*

Edward paid heed to Thomas sugestion.

He went along with Anita and gradually, he found out he was really falling for her.

They did things together and is always found together.

Infact, the both of them fell in love with each other.

On the other hand Sandra tried to get jealous but not until thomas confessed his feelings for her.


. She jumped into Love for him so much so that she can’t spend a day with out hearing his voice. Every one lived happily.

Soon, Edward and Mr. Johnson went for the test and they came back waiting for the result the following day.

Main while, Edward and Thomas were organising a music show themselves, they were to launch their album with lot of stage presentation.

A date had already been fixed for travelling and it is the following day to come so he won’t be around to see the result.

They began to make arrengements an packing some certain things they would need when they travel.

Fortunately, Anita caugth Edward packing his clothes inside his traveling bag, she rushed over to him; and sat on the bed beside the bag expecting him to pay him some attention. He then sat beside her and rubbing her shoulder he asked

– Edward: sweet heart, you are not looking happy, what’s the problem? You are not taking care of my body by being sad.

Anita: why are you packing your stuffs? Edward: love , are you not aware that we have a music trip?

Anita: i am aware but i don’t know you will be travelling for it

. I thought it is around this our area

Edward: i wanted it to be around here but your brother declined it. He said that people around here will not take him serious because they know who he is. And perhaps, the upcoming music will have respect and value.

Anita: when are you guys coming back?

Edward: Maybe a week time.

Anita: WHAT!!!? I am going to die before that time ooo

Edward: Anita, you are very funny.

Anita: no i am not, i am going with you.

Edward: tell me you did not mean it. You know its not possible

Anita: it is very possible. I said i am going with you.you cant stop me.

She insisted and then began to pack her clothes in the same bag .

Thomas later learn that Anita is coming along with them so he did not want to stay alone and that made him invite Sandra to come along with them.

Soon, they set to travel not knowing who they are going to meet at their destination.

*** ROSE ***

she managed to bribe her driver that wedding day and he agreed and ran away together since he don’t have any family to care for.

Rose gave him huge amount of money that helped him start life afresh that side.

Main while, she did not want to put Edward into more problem that was why she broke up with him thinking that it was the best option to keep him safe.

Despite the numerous calls from him, she did not even change her mind.

Her happiness was only that she escaped her fathers captivity to become a free person. Late evening one night she came home.

Her driver was watching television which made a huge noise that she even heard the television from her room.

She was not interested in watching along with him but not until she heard some thing about THE EXPLOITS.

She knew who that name refers to so she quickly rushed into the sitting room to know what was going on.

She sat on a sofa opposite to the television and began to stare at it.

She was obviously surprise with what she saw in the television.

Edward had really changed to be appearing very rich and wealthy.

His voice added more tune that made it sweet and the music he song was very wonderful.

She began to doubt her self if that guy singing in the television was really Edward who she fell in love with or not.

The surprise did not allow her to be her self especially when she found out that they are going to host a show in the particular city she was so desperate that she decided not to miss the concert so as to confirm if really it was Edward or some other guy that looks like him.

She had a whole night with out sleep .

The memory of Edward and his strange sudden change filled her mind.

According to what she saw in the television, it was on the occasion of their Governor’s daugther’s birthday where he was given the opportunity to sing with his friend thomas which the normal guy he knew cannot smell the gate of that environment let to talk of occupying a seat adding more to come up one stage to sing and dance; shaa to her, he really look handsome than she had ever seen him, and nevertheless, she harbored some doubt within her if it was really her Edward or another.

* The particular waited day soon arrived.

She was at the venue which was crowded with people.

It looks obviously that poor Edward she know has turned into a celebrity.

She has already taken a seat when their car arrived then every body began to hail them.

She really want to stand close at the door of the car so he would notice her as soon as he comes down from the car.

So she stood and began to take steps toward their car...
*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 36*

step by step, she began to advance toward the car and when she was already half way, she remembered that she did broke up with him.

And mandated he should call her never again in his life.

She stood confusely and thought for a moment before jumping into conclussion.

She decided that the very time to meet him was definitely not at that particular time.

It will result to embarrassment to the both of them if they meet each other in the crowd.

With that, she made a U turn and went back to her seat where she could be able to take a clearer view as he(Edward) and his friend (thomas) came down from the jeep.

The crowd was still hailing them and toward them could be found so many flashes of camera.

The both walked to the staged backed up with two girls.

But before they climbed up to the stage, one of the girls huged and kissed Edward then wisper some thing into his ears with smile.

She felt a sharp pain in her heart as if some one have stabbed her.

Obviously, there was an extreme jealousy written all over her.

If her Dad hadn’t fucked things up, she would have been the one in the position to kiss him in the crowd. she recognised the other lady who kiss Thomas.

She is Sandra, Edward’s neighbour

. Little did she know that Thomas was Dating her. Edward and Thomas left their Lovers as they walked up the stage with boldness and alacrity.

The jealousy was still burning right inside of Rose.

She did not know if to walk toward that girl and warn her to stay off.

By the way, the show continued.

The both walked up the stage with Edward leading still many flashes of camera followed them. Then after all said and done, Edward addressed the crowd AS follows introducing themselves as they always do. .

EDWARD:hullup to all friends, Fans and Wel wishers, as you all know, its your favourite boys Da Exploits on the stage and the gentle guy speaking to you is Edward . The crowed hailed at the mention of his name, more over he continued.

.- EDWARD: and my coligue .

– He said pointing at Thomas

– THOMAS: your boy Master Tom, heart you all .

– There was a loud cheer from the crowd again, nevertheless, Edward continued

– EDWARD: we are present only for your entertainment adding spices to your merriment to make your enjoyment permanent. .

There was another round of cheer from the audience. After that, They sang a little song before Edward went straight to his main message.

He told every body the story of him and love.

How he did loved and how he loosed the most important person in his life.

Rose at her own couldn’t help but to start crying as he addressed the crowd.

At that moment she felt like she was the worst person ever on earth. 

She felt like her dad was the worst dad on earth and more so felt like the worst lover ever.

She sat tight on her chair without moving any where even till the party that night was over.

She saw Edward and others that had came with him gathered round and was discoursing and laughing together. in her mind that is the very moment she concluded to show her self to him, all she want is for him to forgive her and so she stood and headed straight to them...
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