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*All👏or Love
 – Episode 29*❤️

He also remembered the death of his mother and the lost of their house.

His anger even grew more than the happiness he had.

He thought for a while , where he must have lost that necklace and then remembered finally That the police men took it away from him before putting him in the cell.

He began to flinch feeling that the world was summersaulting before him.

Yes he lost his mother because of that devil Mr.titus and his Daugther who betrayed him.

Was he willing to loose the necklace as well? Hell no! He have to do any thing for that necklace.

It has remained with him since his infancy.

His mother always tell him that the necklace will always bring him good fortune.

He doubted 50% of her statement and believed the rest 50%.

May be because he believed his mother can never lie to him.

Now , he have to make that necklace his priority since it was his mother’s last wish.

Although, he did never wish or bargain to near that horrible police station again but he have to.

It was his mother’s last word before death Stole her away from him right there on his arm., how ever, he took a shower to freshen up and then dressed up in Thomas cloth.

Not long Thomas returned back to the room to announce to him that dinner is ready. Edward used the opportunity to tell him that with was bothering him.

– Edward: Tom, i need to go back to the police station.

Thomas: for what!

Edward: i lost the most precious treasure from my dad to my mum and from my mum to me

. She warned me to keep it safe before she died.

A police man took it away from me, i need to get it back.

Thomas:okay but not now. Don’t worry, tomorrow is a day, we will go any where you want and most of all shopping just cool down till the following day.

Edward: okay thanks.

Thomas: dinner is ready, every one is waiting for you down stairs.

Edward: okay lets go.


So the both of them went down stairs.

To see Armand, Grace and Anita the only daugther in the family sitting at the dining table. ready to devour the food before them.

Thomas and Edward joined them silently .

– Anita: hei, who is this hansom?< She exclaimed>

Armand: no question till dinner is over. Understand!

Anita: okay dad. Then they all began to eat and after eating, they starts their discussion.

Anita: now, i am free to ask. Who is he?

Thomas: em anita, he is Edward my best friend.

Armand: and he will be living with us from now on.

Anita: wow! Thats wonderful. I am happy to meet you Edward.

Edward: thanks.

Armand: now Edward, you gotta tell us the story of your life.

We are really interested to listen.

Grace: sure.

– Then Edward told them every thing starting from when he met Rose and they became friends till date.

He even sobbed amidst of the story especially when he told them the condition how he lost his mum.

*❤All For Love👏
 – Episode 30*

They felt sorry for him after he had finished.

– Anita: the father of that your girl friend must be a wicked and heartless man.

Armand: you caused your mother’s death. You shouldn’t have ran away with her since you know what her father is made up of.

Grace: to her husband) don’t you know that every one makes mistakes. And perhaps, it was the girl that forced him to come along

. If he had not, it will be like he does not care or Love her that much.

Thomas: mum you understood perfectly. Its like you’v been in this kind of relation before. Grace: yea never mind.

Anita: but mum, i mind. I need another story and its coming from you.

Grace: what! No way i am feeling dizzy already Armand: yes its late time to sleep.

– Then Anita quickly placed her hand on Edwards hand and said.

Anita: you are highly welcomed to our family. Bro Tom tells me much about you

Edward: thanks very much.

– Then they all vacated the dining to their different rooms.

Edward went back to his room and sat on the soft bed he continue imaging how luck brought him there.

By the way he remembered Rose.

He know that she still loves him that was why she ran away at her wedding day.

He decided to call her which he did and upto 19 times no one picked up.

Edward was looseing his patient he began to think that she meant what she said for them to break up.

Main while, he decide to try one more time and this time she picked it.

– Edward: hello, what’s wrong with?

Rose: i should be the one asking you that question!

Edward: what did you mean.

Rose: you should learn to stay away from me okay.

Edward: so you are really serious with your motive?

Rose: i always means what i said. Don’t ever call me again.

– Then the call went dead.

He did not know when he started crying again.

At the end, he was motivated with anger and hatred ranged towards Rose and her father.

The next day as planned, they went back to the police station in search of the diamond necklace.

He saw the officer that collected it from him and he pleaded for him to release it but to no avail but not until he made a comment

”you knows what it takes.”

they then understood what he was talking about so they gave him some cash before he released the necklace for them.

Edward was more than enough happy for every thing, he keep on thanking Thomas who kept on telling him not to mention it.

. they went next to boutique and he selected new set clothes and Thomas paid for all of them.

After which they went home. In his room Thomas sat beside him and they began to discuss.

– Thomas: i am sure all your problem is gradually coming to an end.

Edward: sure. Thanks alot.

Thomas: i told you never to mention it didn’t i?

Edward: okay Thomas: i got a music show next two weeks hope you would like to join me?

Edward: sure any thing to make you happy and its my dream perhaps.

Thomas: okay. Which song are we going to sing?

Edward: what did you intend to sing about?

Thomas: some thing like love.

Edward: you are kidding me right?

Thomas: no way dull brain, infact i am leaving it to your care.

You gotta compose and teach me so i can back you up in the show.

Edward: i thought its your show.

Thomas: not my show its a party so i am hired to sing. I have said mine the rest is yours. Then he left the room.

Edward set out to work immediately.

He spent almost all the afternoon composing a new song.

Soon, he heard a knoke at the door and with out much consideration, he permitted the person.

So Anita walked in.

– Anita: hei edy, what are you doing?

Edward: nothing just singing.

– Then she sat beside him on the bed.

– Anita: singing? I guess you loves singing a lot.

Edward: yea. Its my hobby Anita: my brother is always telling me much about you.

I heard your song

“don’t forget me”

from his phone and it made me believe you have an angelic Voice Edward: (surprised) really.?

Anita: yea. I can even sing it Edward: wow, i am honestly surprise. thanks.

Anita: so where did you went with my brother today?

Edward: shopping.

Anita: you guys should have taken me along other than leaving me bored here.

Edward.: oh dear, sorry about that.

– some how, silent crept in but Anita was fast to kill it.

she reached the necklace hanging on Edward’s neck

– Anita: you bought this today?

Edward:no. It has long been mine, a police man took it away from me before i entered the cell.

We just got it back today.

Anita:( still touching the necklace) wow its beautiful.

Edward: thanks. Its from my dad to my mum and from my mum to me.

Her dieing request was that i should keep it safe.

– Then her hand gradually left the diamond and started glaring at him intently

– Anita: i am bored, can you sing for me?
*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 31*

Edward began to sing as she smiled nod her head.

Its obvious she was enjoying really enjoying the music.

Gradually, she placed her head on his shoulder and after he was done singing, she said

– Anita. : your voice is really some thing to compare with that of an angel

Edward.; thank you.

Anita.: i should be the one thanking you for putting smile on my face. Infact, i am more than happy

Edward: why?

Anita: because some one like you is now living in our house

. At least, i will have to smile each time i hear your voice.

Edward: okay, thanks am very grateful you accepted me. I am also happy, it is really a lot of Fun staying beside you. You are really the one that made me smile (he smiled)

Anita: its nothing.

– She removed her head on his shoulder so as to put full concentration on the content of the book he was holding

– Anita: so what are you writing?

Edward: em a song.

Anita: i bet you can’t take a break from singing.

Edward: its now a part of me. Anita: okay can we go to the garden together?

Edward: sure! Show me around so i can adapt to the change of environment so soon. – the both stood up and went out.


Two weeks time, Edward and Thomas set out for the Show.

Every where was crowded with people.

The weather of that afternoon was so cool as people dance and jubilate.

Their was so many different presentation and most of all was the music.

Edward some how was nervous and tensionized when the Moderator announced the time for THE EXPLOITS.

He had never been engaged in a public show with so much crowd.

Thomas noticed it and encouraged him.

Soon the both were on stage and he sang perfectly according to the beating of the instrument while Thomas backed him up.

body love the music very well that they began to hail him because he really impressed them.

After two days, they went back home to see the whole family happily waiting for them.

– Anita: welcome home(she sang)

Thomas: good day mum good day dad .( He greeted before sitting down.)

Edward: good day all.

. (He sat down aswell.)

Grace & Armand: welcome home.

Anita: (smiling at Edward) i don’t know you can sing like that. You superseded the limit i thought you could reach.

Edward: (surprise) were you there?

Armand: hahaha! You don’t know that we were watching your show on television yesterday.

Grace: yes that’s right.

Edward; wow anita: so you are getting popular isn’t that so?

– Then every body began to laugh.

– Armand: Edward, you gotta prepare to meet my best friend. He will be here during dinner time.

Edward: okay sir.

– *****************

Edward was in his room playing game with his phone when Anita opened the door and walked in.

– Anita: dinner is ready(she said in sing-song)

Edward: okay, i will be there in just a minute.

Anita: you are going down with me right now!

Edward:( jokely) yes ma!

– Then he stood up and she held his hand and they walked down to the dining where they met Mr. Johnson.

– Edward: good evening sir . (He greeted as he sat down)

Johnson: evening. He replied.

– As they were eating, Mr. Johnson kept staring at the diamond necklace hanging on Edwards neck.

Edward noticed it and did not know why he kept on staring at it.

After the meal, Armand began his introduction.

_ Armand: Edward you are now a new member of our family so i will like you to meet those who are also important to our family.

Here is (pointing at Mr. Johnson) Mr. Johnson my long time best friend back in college.

He is like a member of this family also.

Edward: nice to meet you sir Johnson.

Johnson: nice to meet you aswell. I will like to ask you a question. 

Edward: what question?

Johnson: pertaining to what you are wearing on your neck.

Edward: go on. Johnson: how did you get that necklace?

Edward: oh, my mum told me that it was from my father to her and from her now to me.

Johnson: (getting interested) who is your mother?
*❤All For 👏Love 
– Episode 32*

Edward: her name is Helen. She is late now.

. (He said in a slumber voice.)

– Armand noticed it and knew it won’t be a nice idea for him to talk about his mother at that very moment so he quickly cut off the discussion by changing the topic.

– Armand: when did you say is your daughters birth day? (He directed to Johnson)

Johnson: next month.

Grace: she is gradually becoming a big girl. Why didn’t you bring her along?

Johnson: she went to pay a visit to one of her friends.

Armand: i hope we are invited to her birth day party?

Johnson: why not? Anita: em uncle, edy is really good in singing he might as well sing on her birth day.

Johnson: looking at Edward) wow you can really sing?

Edward: yes sir

. Johnson: we need to talk about this thing you are wearing maybe tomorrow evening. I have one exactly like it. It is very precious.

Edward: what are you talking about? My mother told me that my dad had one ex……

Johnson: cutting in) i will pick you up and we gotta talk about it tomorrow so be ready.

Edward: okay sir. Anita: why all these rubbish discussion about a necklace- –

Johnson: you would not understand

. Lets just leave it tomorrow.

– Soon he went back home and other members of the family retired to their different rooms.

Edward just layed on the bed thinking and pondering over what

Mr. Johnson said beat by beat.

Why is this man interested in my late fathers diamond, how come he have one?

Did he know him?

All these questions ran down his mind with out an answer.

Soon he fell asleep not knowing when and how and waked up in the morning to see Anita sleeping beside him on his bed.

He was obviously surprise to see her there.

‘Is there evil spirit in her own room?’

He asked him self in his mind.

Then he quick got off the bed heading toward the door when her voice stopped him.

_ Anita: good morning edy(she sang) edward’s: good morning you are already awake.

_ Edward kept staring at her for a moment.

He was pondering why she would sneak into his bed to sleep. If any member of her family comes in and saw them sleeping together on the say bed, they would incontestably think other wise.

– Anita; i know you are definitely wondering what i am doing here (she stated as if she had read her mind)

Edward: absolutely

– he replied and she stood and walked toward him.

– Anita: i was so bored in there and i couldn’t catch some sleep that’s why i came into your room.

Fortunately , you were sound sound asleep so i slept beside you.

– for a moment, he meditated on what she said as he glared into her eyes.

He actually saw the truth in her eyes. Or let me say something that that could be classified more than attraction.

There is a chemical reaction in his body and could not understand what that meant.

Could it be he is falling for her?

– Anita: you are not talking : are you angry at me?

Edward: no i am not, its just that some one might have the wrong interpretation seeing us on the same bed

Anita: did we do any thing wrong?

Edward.: No. I guess you slept well

– he said as he reached her cheek with his hand and started caressing it.

– Anita: yea, i definitely slept off the moment i placed my head on the bed

– she replied before hugging him


In the afternoon, Thomas came into his room and they began to talk.

Thomas: hey man what’s up

Edward: just nothing.

Thomas: best i have a surprise for you

Edward: what is it?

Thomas: it is a secret till you get to the sitting room.

Edward: what secret is it?

Thomas: oh come on, lets go

– then they stood and walked together to the sitting room to meet a surprise as Thomas has explained it..
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