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👏 All For Love ❤️
- Episode 25 

Sandra: i told you that you won't be happy with that
card. . He still looked furious not knowing what to
do. He can't believe his eyes. He can't really
believe and accept it that rose was really getting
married to dandy the following day.

Sandra: i warned you that you won't be happy with
the card. She repeated again . He thought hard on what to do but could not think of any solution he
began to walk round the room with still a very long
angry face. She ran to him and began to calm him
Sandra: i am sorry for bringing this invitation card
right here, please will you forget about it and put
on a happy face.

Being angry might cause you a heart attack. . but
he was inflated already. He took out his phone and
began to dail rose number but rose refused to pick
the call. Despite the numerous number of times he
called but it went down with out any answer. This
made his blood boil more and more with anger and
when he can't take it any more, he tried to bang out
of the house with a mission to rose's house but
Sandra quickly blocked the door preventing him
from moving any further.

Edward: angrily) get off my way!
Sandra: no way!
Edward: don't you hear English, get of my way
before i rest my anger on you!
Sandra: i insist. You might end up getting hurt .

. So please stop all these drama of yours.
Then He tried to push her off the way but she held
him tight pushing him inside. Then they began to
struggle and in no time, she reached his lips with
hers. He stopped the struggle immediately.
Edward: and what is the meaning of that?

Sandra: began to panicky) i...i...i...i she

Edward: keep staring at her) its okay then she ran
to him and huged him again. . just very early in the
morning the following day, rose began to hear
some noise at the gate so she went to her window
to check what was happening. And on opening the
curtain, he saw Edward shouting her name. He was
inside the compound and perhaps had knoked the
gate man down before coming Inside. She wanted
to go down and talk to him but she can't. She just
only stood watching the scene with tears. Sooner,
she saw her dad approaching him and she could
hear them audibly.

Edward: you foolish man, you must pay for the
death of my mother.

Mr. Titus: young man what are you doing here?
Edward: you killed my mother, you must face the

Mr. Titus: hahaha!!! Oh your mother is dead!

Hahaha!!!. Didn't you know that you are the reason
behind her death, with his statement, Edward got
more inflated that he can't control it any more. He
ran up to Mr. Titus and gave him two hot blows
before his boys intervened and stopped him.

Edward: angrily) you must pay you criminal, i will
make sure you rot in jail some day!
Mr. Titus: very angry) take that idiot out of here
and give him a super beating out side so that he
won't bother to near this gate ever again.

Then those boys dragged him out of the
compound. That was all she could see from her
window. She then began to cry bitterly feeling guilty
of every thing that is happening to him. She
regretted ever coming up with suggestion of
running away with him. If only she knew what it
would result to at the latter end.
More so, she is not feeling any better getting
married to someone who she know she don't like.

She thought of what to do to stop the marriage but
no reasonable idea. - Soon, people gathered in the
church from far and near to witness the wedding
ceremony. Every body was present apart from 1
important person who was Rose. 

They waited
patiently for the Driver to arrive with the Bride but it
seems to be taking eternity. Mr. Titus sent some
of his men back to check on them and they did as
commanded. They went back the way home and
returned again with out any trace of her. They
began to dail her number but it was switched off.


*👏All For Love❤
 – Episode 26*

They really thought it was a joke and later realized that it was a reality when they couldn’t find her nor her driver any where.

Every body was so disappointed.

News went round some saying that she was kidnapped, some saying that she ran away, some saying that she was forced to marry who she don’t like and so many other rumors.

Dandy and Mr. Titus were so ashamed of themselves.

This is obviously what is called a public disgrace.

Mr.titus anger was ranged toward His her daughter

. Only heaven knows what he planned doing to her if he venture to get her. . Through out that day, no one saw her and she did not return. Dandy set out and continue telling him that the reason behind her sudden disapperance on her wedding day is Edward.

_ The following day, Edward was in his compound with Charles and Sandra discoursing about the past events when Mr. Titus and 3 police officers drove in. Immediately they came down, he pointed at him saying.

Mr. Titus: here he is. Get him arrested. ‘ Every body was surprise, what has he done to be arrested by the police. That was how the outmostphere seems like.

– Edward: hey what have i done this time around?

– Mr. Titus: you even have the gush to speak

. Officers take him away. Then a police man placed a hand cuff on his hand and takeing him to the police van

Edward: but what did i do?

Police 1: any other statement from you will be used against you in the court of law.

They arrested him and locked him inside the cell while Sandra and Charles kept running helter scarter on the way to release him. It seemed it would be hard to get him off that cell because it was a rich man who ordered his lock up. He was accused of abducting Rose of which he knew nothing of; so he denied the accusation while he was interrogated. They gave him a very hard torture for him to confess where he was hiding her but all to no avail. He knew nothing about the disappearance of rose and perhaps was just knowing of it at the warrant of his arrest. He cried bitterly as he was lashed with a very strong wire that skined his body. He regretted ever knowing Rose, he regretted ever speaking to her. He regretted ever falling in Love with Her and he regretted ever running away with her in the first place. He thought the best solution to end this problem he got himself into because of love is to die like his mother. Till that day end, he was not given any thing to eat. but not until the next day. Thomas visited him. He felt very sorry for him.

. Then the both got to talk together.

Thomas: i heard that your mother is dead. Is that true?

Edward: yes. But how did you know that i am here?

Thomas : i went to your house and find not even a single being then as i tried to leave, i saw that girl, that your neighbour with you in the hospital so she told me every thing that happened. You mean it was Rose’s father who had been attacking you all these while?

Edward: yes

Thomas: i need your own side of the story to see how i could be of help.
Edward: okay (he told him every thing that happened from beginning to the end)

Thomas: driven with anger) that bastard must see. Turns to edward) i will do all i can to get you out of here.

Edward: okay thanks. Then he left. He went home straight and convinced his dad so for them to help release

Edward. He accepted and came down to the police station and paid for his bail out. Edward was very grateful for their kindness. Thomas drove him home and he was so very happy and grateful. But then, on returning home they met some thing terrible which terminated all the happiness in him.


*👏 All For Love ❤️
– Episode 27*

A as soon as they drove in side the compound, they realized that the house has totally burnt down including every damn property in it. Nothing was left in it except ashes charcoal some iron plates, pot , spoons and some other metal which can not be burnt with the block structure of the house. Edward cried bitterly on seeing that. He rolled on the floor grieving over it just then, Charles and Sandra arrived at the compound.

Thomas: did you know who did this

. He asked immediately.

Charles: i did not see their face but it was kind of 2 men. They drove off from this compound some couple of hours ago and next i saw was the house aflamed. I am sorry i couldn’t do any thing to help.

Thomas: its okay i understand. I know its the hand work of Mr. Titus. He shall pay when the time comes.

_ Edward was still on the ground while they discussed. They ran straight to him and began to console him.

Thomas: its okay you can come over to our house.

Sandra: ah ah, that’s very good of you. I think you have done enough already.

. he can probably stay at my own house.( Sandra suggested)

Thomas: i can never do enough for him

. Did you know how many he did for me when we were still in secondary school? .

Sandra: that doesn’t matter.

Thomas: i like your affection but the point here is his safety.

Charles: yes that’s right. Those evil men will always come around for him. So i think since he offered to take him far, its the best option.

Sandra: with a frown) okay then. Then they got him up.

Thomas: Edward you are going with me now

Edward: don’t bother, i can live in there like that.

Thomas: what!!! Are you in sain? , come on lets go. – He reprimanded and then draged him toward the car. But before he could enter the car, Sandra ran to him and gave him a tight hug. The hug later graduated to become a passionate kiss. Charles and Thomas could not Do any thing other than to wink and smile at themselves. Soon they disconnected it and he went into the car. same with Thomas and next, they drove off.
*👏All For Love❤ 
– Episode 28*

Soon they got to a hudge super building, Thomas sounded the horn of the car and immediately a man came out and unlocked the gate the he drove in his car.

Edward could not hide his emotions.

He was obviously surprise Thomas lives in a mansion.

Yes Thomas is his friend, his bestie for that Matter.

But some how strange he haven’t visited him for one day.

Thomas was always the one visiting and him hosting.

This may probably he considered that he was going to feel awkward and shy being in such a mansion or it may be because Thomas schooled far from home. Or that their house was too far from Edy’s and there is often no money for transportation.

Actually, this does not entail he didn’t know any thing about his friend’s family.

He knew all the members of his family through pictures and had also met them during their graduation ceremony

. – Edward: is this your house?

Thomas: sure.

Edward: it is such a big house. A fine one as well.

Thomas: you will be living here for now

Edward; : honestly Tom, i don’t know how to thank you. You are indeed a heaven sent.

Thomas: don’t mention Edy, if i can’t help you then what i we friends for?

– they got out of the car as Edward keep scanning and looking around the compound in amazement as if he had entered into heaven.

Edward: and how sure are you that they will be happy to meet me.

Thomas: 100% come in lets go inside. My sister is crazy about your Voice.

– Edward was feeling nervous and tensed up as they Got to the main entrance

. Thomas noticed it and held his hand.

Some how than eased up load in him giving him a reassured confident.

Armand and his wife grace were in the sitting room discussing about business trip when Thomas and Edward walked in.

They were Thomas’s loving and caring parents.

On seeing them, They jovially stood to welcome his son and the guest with him

– Thomas: good day mum, good day dad.

Armand: welcome son.

Edward: bowing down) good evening sir, good evening ma.

Armand: good day young man; how are you doing

Grace: and who is this gentle man with you?

Thomas: he is my best friend.

. His name is

Edward. The handsome dude i introduced you to during my send-off from secondary school

Armand: and he is the one i paid for his bail out right?

Thomas: sure dad.

Edward: thank you very much sir. I am much very grateful sir.

Armand: you ar welcomed. Have a seat.

Then Edward sat down.

Thomas: dad i would like to ask you a favour.

Armand: any thing for my beloved son.

Thomas: okay dad. Can Edward stay with us? I drove him home today to realize that the person that arrested him sent men and they got his house burnt. Right now, he did not have a place to stay.

Grace: soo sorryooo Armand: we are receiving him with an open arm.

Grace: yea i agree to that. But then there is many things to do….

Armand: (cutting in)yes, he has many things to explain to us about his life. But for now, go and lead him to the guest room. I’m sure he must be tired

Thomas: okay. Thanks dad, thanks mum

Edward: thank you very much sir thank you very much ma.

Armand: don’t worry.

– Thomas got his flat ass up heading toward the stair case as Edward followed behind. he showed him the guest room.

At first, he never believed that he can find him self in that kind of house talk of living in it.

He was extremely happy but not until he remember his necklace.

His mother’s last word was a request.

She requested he keep that necklace well and here it is missing from his neck.

Was he ready to let his mum down like that ? Hell no! He ranted

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