Chapter 8
Casper stood with his back towards me, looking out
the window. I
started shaking, I was so afraid to move. What did
he want? Was he
going to hit me again, or was he finally going to kill
me? I never
thought it was possible to be this afraid of another
person, however
this is a dangerous monster not a person.
With an evil glint in his eye, Casper walked towards
me. The closer
he came, the more I backed away. When my back
hit the wall, I
realized that I had nowhere else to go.
“Stop moving away from me!" he growled. “You will
clean my office,
tidy my papers and files and then you will prepare
my dinner. Do you
understand?” Casper said while looking down at me.
“Yes," I replied as quickly as possible.
“Yes master," he said with a smirk on his face.
“Yes master, I understand," I quickly replied
watching as he silently
walked out of the room.
As I started organizing his papers and files, I began
to wonder how
he expected me to clean.
I had absolutely no idea where anything
was and he hadn't bothered to tell me either. 'At
least the papers
and files would not be too difficult' I thought.
Unfortunately, I was
wrong. They were in a foreign language I didn't
recognize, the only
English was the date recorded on them
All I could to was arrange them according to dates
in neat piles on
his desk. Next I straightened the chairs and table
and then re-
centered the mat.
'Now all I need is a vacuum,' I muttered to the
empty room.
Deciding I did not want to repeat what happened
when he told me
to clean his room, I left to see if I could find a
supply closet or
someone to tell me where it was. I opted to try my
luck down the
hallway to the left of his office.
All along the hallway there was door
after door. I quietly opened each one, hoping to find
what I was
looking for. The last door on my right led me into a
massive kitchen
where there was a maid sitting at the table. She
wasn't moving, just
sitting there starring down into her hands.
“Excuse me?” I slowly walked towards the table.
“How can I help you miss?” she replied.
“Could you tell me where to get some cleaning
supplies?" I asked.
She stood and started walking out of the room, then
called back over
her shoulder, “Come with me child, I will show
“Thank you," I said as I rushed to keep up with her.
She went right down the hallway, and then turned
left into another
hallway. Finally stopping at the third door on the
right, she opened it
as she walked inside. I must remember how to get
back here I
thought, as I followed her inside. I could see
vacuum's and all kinds
of brooms and cleaning products inside the room.
She gestured
around the room, while telling me that I would find
whatever I
“Thank you for helping me," I said, giving her a
“I'm April," she replied.
“Hi April, I'm Crystal," I replied, as my smile grew.
Chapter 9
Once I'd gathered all I needed, I followed April back
to the kitchen.
“If you need help finding anything else, I will be in
the kitchen," April
offered as she turned to enter the kitchen.
“There is one thing...would you happen to know
what Casper has
for dinner?"
“Master, usually has a rare steak, accompanied with
a glass of blood
laced wine.”
My stomach started to do sommersaults, where am
I going to get
blood? I hope I'm not meant to use mine, that is
definitely not going
to happen.
April must have seen the look of disgust on my
face, as I thought I
had to put my blood in his wine.
“Don't worry there is blood in the kitchen fridge,"
April said
reassuringly, and with those words relief washed
over me. April and I said our goodbyes, and I made
my way back to the office to finish
After quickly finishing the office, I looked it over and
was satisfied
that it was clean enough. Looking at the clock I
noticed it was six
o'clock, and April had told me that Casper likes his
dinner at seven
sharp. I made my way to the kitchen, to find April
was there
“Hello again, Miss Crystal," she smiled in welcome.
“Hello,"I said smiling.
“Would you like me to show you how Master likes
his dinner? He has
the same thing every night," April inquired.
“That would be great, thank you April!" I replied
April got the steak, wine, and blood out of the
“First, you don't need to cook the steak he'll eat it
just like this,"
April advised as she gathered everything. She
placed the raw steak
on the plate and placed it in front of me.
The sight of raw meat made me gag, it was
revolting. I watched
April as she got a glass pitcher and filled it half
way with wine, after
that she brought the pitcher back to the table. She
then added in the
blood, which was kept in a silver canister looking
“He likes his blood wine, made with half wine and
half blood, served
in a wine glass. Prepare it as I just did and then
place it on the table
by his seat," April advised.
“I will, thank you April," I replied. Picking up
Casper's plate, the jug,
and the wine glass, I walked into the dinning room.
Realizing that he
wasn't there yet, I sighed thankful for mercy. As I
put everything
where it was supposed to go, I couldn't help
wondering what made
him so angry and sad. Suddenly Casper walked into
the room and
sat down, effectively breaking my train of thought.
“As requested, your dinner master," I said as he
took his seat.
“Thank you. Now sit," Casper ordered in his usual
pissed off tone.
I sat down as he told me to and wondered what I
had done wrong. I
had cleaned his office, tidied up his papers and
files and with the
help of April, prepared his dinner..
“Would you like something to eat?” he asked me
interrupting my
“No thank you master," I replied quickly.
“What about a drink?"
“No thank you master," I replied again.
There was no way, that I was going to eat any of
his raw steak, or
drink his blood wine. I would rather starve, or
maybe eat later if he'd
let me. While I sat and waited for him to finish, my
stomach churned
with every disgusting bite he took.
“You did a good job with the office, but not so
good with the papers
and files,"Casper suddenly stated.
“I'm sorry master, all I could read were the dates,
so I arranged them
in order according to date.”
Looking straight into my eyes, he paused and then
asked, “You
don't want to be here do you?”
“No, I want to be with my family," I replied quietly
while looking
down at the table.
Suddenly he stood, whilst pushing his chair away.
happened so quickly, one blink and you could have
missed it. I was
pinned against the wall behind where I had been
“I've warned you already, I'm not going to say it
again! You will call
me master when you speak!” he spat in my face,
anger flashing in
his eyes.
Tears ran down my face and I tried to push him
away, but I was too
weak compared to him
“Grow up! Stop being such a child!" Casper
Between my sobs I managed to choke out, “I'm
sorry master. I just
want to go home. Please let me go master, I
promise I won't tell
anyone! I won't say a single word about you, or
anything else!” I
begged him.
After he released my neck, he backhanded me. “I'VE
then let me fall to
the floor, as my sobs started coming more
“Why is this happening to me? Why did you bring
me here?!” I cried.
“Because it was you that I was attracted to, not
those other little
whore's at the club," he replied as he grabbed me
by my hair,
dragging me back to the dark, dungeon like room I
had first found
myself in. I noticed that the smell wasn't as bad as
it was the first
time I was there.
“LET ME GO YOU FREAK!” I screamed kicking and
punching. None
of it made any difference though, as he was way
too strong.
Throwing me into the room, he stood there looking
at me like I was
some sort of animal.
“Let me go home now! My friends and family won't
give up on me!
They will make you pay for this!” I yelled in anger at
Without another word, he picked me up by my hair.
“Don't you dare disrespect me, or talk to me like
that ever again! I
will be your worse nightmare come true if you do!”
he spat.
I felt like I was being scalped, but the pain that
came next was
unbearable. As hit bit down into my neck, it felt as
if my skin was
being ripped open. “No, please it hurts!” I cried out
through the pain.
“I'm not going to tell you again," he growled, with
my skin between
his teeth. The pain was too much, and I just
wanted to die. I felt his
teeth sink through my skin as he began sucking and
gulping my
“Mmm," he moaned.
'Just let me die, I can't take this anymore' I thought
to myself. I had
trouble keeping my eyes open and I felt weak.
Then he slowly lifted
his head and all I could see was his face covered in
my blood.
“You taste amazing," he breathed.
“Please let me go home master," I whimpered.
“ You are one stupid woman," he laughed.
His laughter at my pain was sickening, he laughed
harder because I
wanted to be with my family.
“What's so funny master?" I mumbled before the
blackness took me.
I was robbed of his answer. Why did he have to
keep hurting me, I'd
done nothing wrong...why didn't he just kill me