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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's 馃槇 Son Volume 1 Chapter 11 || 12... 20 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Volume 1 Chapter 11
I sat on the bed waiting for Lucian to come after eating dinner without him yet another night. There was a lot of things we needed to talk about but I didn't want to fight with him again.

Because that's what you think about me. You think I am a beast who beats and kills people then you would think that I can burn them as well right?

His voice echoed in my head. I never thought of him as a beast I just thought that he was different. He looked hurt before walking out of the dining room as if he didn't want to see me again and I wondered if he really wouldn't come. Would I have to sleep alone again? I didn't even get the chance to thank him for bringing Lydia and Ylva.

I decided not to sleep alone and go look for him. I looked everywhere but couldn't find him. Where could he be?

"Do you know where I can find his highness?" I asked a guard.

"He is in the barn, her highness."

I made my way to the barn where I found Lucian feeding his horse. It was dark inside and the only light came from the full moon. As if sensing my presence he looked around until his eyes landed on me.

"I was looking for you" I said walking closer to him.

"Why?" he asked clapping his horse.

"It's just that we have been fighting a lot lately and we never spend time together...I never see you these days and I just...I just.."

"You just what?" he said taking a step closer.

"I just want to spend time with you"


"What do you mean by why?" I said frustrated at his questions.

Grabbing my arm he pulled me closer. "Why means why? why do you want to spend time with me? do you like me? do you miss me? do you want me? you're not scared anymore? that I might kill you, beat you or burn you?" I could hear the hurt in his voice.

"Yes, you scare me sometimes but you treat me well too." He didn't seem satisfied with my answer but his eyes softened and he let go of my arm " It's late you should go to sleep, I will stay here for a while" he finally said.

"I will stay with you" I insisted. He opened his mouth to protest but said nothing turning his attention to his horse. I sat down on a haystack nearby where I could still see him and talk to him.

"Thank you for bringing my maids" I said but got no response. I tried to come up with something to talk about while my eyes studied him in the darkness. He looked different as if he belonged to the darkness or was part of it.

"Do you want to go for a ride?" he suddenly asked.

"Yes" I said excited but we were wearing our royal clothes. As if reading my thoughts "there is knitwear right there" he said pointing to the corner of the barn. I saw nothing because it was too dark but walking closer I saw them. How could he see them from far away? Or maybe he already knew they were there.

I turned around to ask where I would change but walked almost into his chest.

"You scared me. Don't sneak on people like that"

"I am sorry. I just thought you would need help getting out of your dress" he said.

"You don't expect me to change here?"

"Why not? No one is here and it's dark" he smirked. It was true. I couldn't see him clearly.

"I can manage myself"

"Alright, just call for me if you need help" he said and left. I looked around to see that he wasn't nearby and began to undress, but yes it was really hard to untangle the ropes on the back of my dress and my arms began to hurt.

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Lucian's voice came from behind as he walked closer. "Let me help you" he said and started to untie the back of my dress without waiting for a reply. Now and then his hand would touch my bare skin while untying " I will wait for you outside" he said when he was done.

The clothes were a bit too big for me but it didn't bother me. Lucian was waiting outside with his horse when I came out of the barn.

"Is there any particular place you want to go" he asked.

"Anywhere is fine" I said.

He helped me up on the horse and we rode off in the night. I have never felt so free before. We went to the market and walked among common people and I was so fascinated by the whole thing because I had never been to a market before and never walked among common people. Then we rode into the woods.

"What are we doing here?" I asked.

"I want to show you something" he said and after a while, we came to a place in the woods where many small yellow lights were flying over the whole place.

"What is this?" I asked while Lucian helped me down.

"It's fireflies. Do you know why they glow?"


"It's to attract mates or prey" wow I never knew these things existed.

"They are beautiful" I said.

"Not as much as you are" he said walking right behind me. I stopped and turned around. Our eyes met and like every time I look into his eyes I felt a force pulling me toward him, making me forget everything else. I wondered if he knew what kind of effect his eyes had on me.

"Your eyes are burning" I whispered when I could finally speak. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face close to his. I could feel his warm breath on my face and butterflies in my stomach.

"Not only are my eyes burning, my whole body is burning with need Hazel" he says as his gaze travels down to my lips. I open my mouth to fill my lungs with air and my ears gets flooded by the pounding sound of my heart. He slowly leans in and presses his lips on mine. The touch is soft and gentle but as soon as our lips touch he pushes me away and takes two long steps back.
Volume 1 Chapter 12

What just happened? Only a taste of her lips and he could feel his demon wanting to come out. He only felt like that when he was really angry, then his demon would come out to punish whoever enraged him. As time went he had learned to control his anger and keep the demon in check. It has been a long time since his demon wanted to come out so why now?

Take her! She is yours. She belongs to you. The voice inside his head commanded.

"Is something wrong?" Hazel asked confused as she walked closer to him.

"Don't come close!" he almost yelled wrapping his arms around his body. He could see hurt in her eyes but he didn't want to hurt her like the time he set his brother on fire. Everytime his demon wanted out he did bad things.

Hazel turned around and started to walk away. She was probably angry which he could understand but how could he explain. He couldn't even go after her he needed to calm his demon down first.

Tears filled my eyes as I walked away. It was my first kiss and he was acting as if it was disgusting. If he didn't like it he could at least hide it. He didn't have to be so rude. I didn't know where I was going but I didn't care. As I walked further into the woods it became darker and darker, feeling scared I turned around to walk back but couldn't find the way. God I was lost and it was dark. I yelled Lucians name several times but got no answer.

Always being a sheltered child and never being alone I was petrified and started to panic. Running around in the woods I tried to find my way back without any success. Tired I sat next to a tree. Where is Lucian now when I needed him?

"Hazel!" I turned my head to the side. Lucian was walking toward me "I was looking for you."

"Really? I thought you would be happy if I got lost and you wouldn't have to see me again" I snapped resentful. As if he didn't hear me "let's go home" he said.

Standing up "What if I don't want to?" I know I was being childish but I was angry and just wanted an apology or an explanation. He shot me a hard glare "You better listen to me or you won't like what I will do to you" he said under his breath. He was trembling, was he that angry?

"Fine, you better explain to me once we are home."

When we arrived to our chamber "so explain!" I said crossing my arms.

"Explain what?"

"Why you are behaving rudely and threatening me by saying that I won't like what you will do to me. What will you do?" I asked in a challenging tone. Surely he won't beat me, kill me or burn so what will he do? starve me? Lock me in somewhere?

He looked at me and I saw a glint in his eyes. "Maybe you will like what I will do to you" he said crossing the distance between us and backing me against the wall. A devilish smile appeared on his face as he placed his hands above my head on the wall and caged me against it with his much larger body. His spicy scent was like a drug coming off him stronger than before, intoxicating me.

"I want to kiss you, to part your lips with my tongue and slide inside your mouth. I want to pin your n.a.k.e.d body underneath mine and feel you tremble while I do all kind of wicked things a man can possibly do to a woman. I want to hear soft m.o.a.ns of pleasure escape your beautiful lips" he said tracing his thumb over my lips. My breath caught in my throat as he leaned down and brushed his lips against my ear "I want to feel heat radiate from your body."

God I was already aroused by his words and I couldn't breathe. I needed to get away but I felt weak in the knees so I put my hands on his chest to push him away which made him chuckle.

"Why are you doing the opposite of what your body wants?" he asked. I don't know myself I just want to breathe. Maybe I am scared even though I am excited, Maybe I am not ready even though my legs are trembling.

"Fine" he says as he lets me push him away "soon you will let me do all these things to you and more." He was behaving differently. Never has he approached me like this before,so straightforward. He was always slow and careful giving me time to think and breath.

"I'll sleep in my room tonight otherwise I can't promise to behave myself" he says as he walks to his room. "Goodnight wife" and with that, he closes the door leaving me alone.

I lay down on the bed trying to sleep but couldn't. He said he was burning with need so why did he push me away? Then he acted cold, then he told me he wanted to kiss me and do wicked things to me. I was really confused. After a while I fell asleep.

"My lady, my lady wake up" I heard Ylvas voice.

"Let me sleep" I said in a sleepy voice.

"My lady please I need to prepare you and you have slept too long. You are not a child anymore you are a married woman."

"Did she wake up?" what seemed like Lydia's voice asked.

"No. I have been trying to wake her for a while."

I heard the door open and then it got quiet. Finally.

"Leave us. I will wake her up" a deep voice said. After a few seconds a spicy scent invaded my senses and I felt fingers remove the hair from my face placing it behind my ear.


"I want to sleep some more" I cut him off.

"You couldn't sleep last night" he said. How did he know that? "I didn't mean to scare you."

You didn't scare me. You made me want you then you hurt me then you made me angry and then aroused. God! I never felt so many feelings in one night before.

"But I meant everything I said" he continued "I do want you and you will eventually admit you want me too"
Volume 1 Chapter 13

I lay in the bathtub as Lydia washed my hair after Lucian had left to let me sleep some more. I knew she wanted to ask something but didn't know if she should so she was very quiet.

"He kissed me" I said. Her eyes sparkled.

"Really? Finally!" she said "How did it feel?"

"It felt..." I remembered when our lips touched the warmth that spread through my body and when our lips separated the emptiness and coldness that came with it. I wanted more "It felt good" I said.

"But you just kissed nothing more?" she asked.


"Don't worry there will be more" she said.


"Yes my lady"

"How does the first time feel?" I asked. She sensed that I was worried it would hurt and that I wouldn't like it. Just the thought of being n.a.k.e.d in front of a man made my cheeks burn.

"Don't worry. I am sure his highness will be gentle since he seems to care for you" she said reassuring me "trust me no man would have waited so long for the woman to agree. He would have taken you whether you liked it or not. I was actually worried for you my lady but now that I got to see his highness I am sure he is a good man and will take good care of you."

Everything she said was true. He never denied me anything and treated me well. I should be more understanding toward him and try and get close to him but why am I afraid? Am I afraid of him? or afraid of myself around him? It's like I don't have control over my body and mind around him and his gaze and scent make me feel things I have never felt before.

"And you have to admit your husband is one very good looking man. I can see how the maids drool over him" she smiled "he must have a lot of mistresses" she continued but regretted it when she realized what she had said.

"I am sorry" she whispered with sad eyes "I didn't mean to..."

"It's fine "I cut her off "It's not like I don't know". This was just my fate as a woman.

After the bath Ylva came in and helped me dress up. I really missed the way she dressed me and made my hair. She knew my taste and what suited me best so she would always make me look beautiful, but this time she made me look even more beautiful.

"What is the special occasion today?" I asked.

"Nothing my lady. You should always look your best since you have such a good looking husband" she said winking at me.

"Thank you" I said as another maid walked in.

"Her highness? where would you like to eat your breakfast?" she asked.

"In the garden" it was my favorite place. Nodding she walked away. I stood up from my seat too look myself closer in the mirror. I was wearing a wine red dress with long loose sleeves but bare shoulder. It was tight around the waist and up but loose from the waist down. It had beautiful white patterns on the chest and at the end of the sleeves.

My hair was divided into two half. A straight lower half and a curlie upper half held up by silver hairpins.

"Your are amazing Ylva" I said satisfied with how I looked.

"As long as you are happy, my lady" she smiled.

I went to the garden where breakfast had been served.

"Has Luc..I mean his highness had breakfast?" I asked the maid.

"No her highness. His highness went to meet the crown prince, the king is unwell" she said. If the king is unwell I should go too I thought.

I knew that the quarter next to ours was the crown princes quarters so I went over. As I walked in Levi came running to me "My lady" he said with a smile "thank you for the meal last time I never got to thank you." He is such a sweet kid and well behaved. Crouching down to his level "You are welcome. How old are you?"I asked.

"I am ten. My lady?" his expression suddenly changed.


"Please protect uncle Lucian"

"Why?" I asked curiously.

"Because if the king dies my father will kill all my uncles." My heart stopped. I knew that to become a king a prince has to kill all his brother or exile them. Unfortunately most of them or almost all killed their brother to eliminate all kind of threat to the throne. I never liked that idea but I never thought much of it. Now that Lucian was involved I felt scared and worried and absolutely hated the idea. How can brothers kill each other?

"My lady" a dark manly voice came from behind. Standing up I turned around. A soldier who seemed to be a higher rank according to his clothes, maybe a general stood there.

"How can I help you?" he asked.

"I am looking for the crown prince and his highness Lucian" I said.

"The princes have gone too visit the king and I am sorry but no one else is allowed to visit" he said politely.I had a feeling that I have seen him before.

"Have we met before?" I asked.

"Yes my lady. I am one of his highness Lucians men" he explained "I brought you here on your wedding day." If he was one of Lucian's men and Lucian wasn't here what was he doing here? did he follow me?

"Are you following me?" I asked.

"I apologize but it's my duty to keep you safe" he said with his deep voice. Was the situation that bad?

"I am commander Lincoln, please let me escort you back my lady. It's not safe for you to be here."

Lincoln escorted me back to our quarters where many soldiers were gathered some of them walking back and forth and some speaking in a serious tone. Ok the situations was definitely very bad. "Are you sure his highness is fine?"I asked Lincoln.

"Don't worry my lady,I am sure he is fine" he assured.

"Lincoln!" a man called from behind. Turning around a found a young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes walking toward us. He was wearing a military attire and had a smile on his face. Walking closer he looked even much younger maybe seventeen or eighteen.

"My lady" he said and bowed then he turned to Lincoln and they hugged each other.

"I am glad you are back" Lincoln said.

"Yeah so am I. It's such a pain to be with the other princes, I am happy to be back here and hopefully I will stay here with prince Lucian forever once the king dies" he said simply.

"Be careful" Lincoln warned "he is not dead yet."

"But his condition is very bad. He will either die tomorrow or the day after." I gasped and their gazes turned toward me. Lincoln cleared his throat "This is princess Hazel prince Lucian's wife" he said introducing me.

"I guessed that" the young man said scratching his neck shyly and his eyes still avoiding me "I am Oliver. I apologize for my way of speaking. I can't keep my mouth shut" he admitted.

"What happens if the kings dies?" I asked still worried about that fact

"Nothing much" Oliver said shrugging his shoulders as if it was not much of a problem" we will fight for prince Lucian to take the throne" he smiled.

"It not that easy" Lincoln said while my eyes landed on Lucian walking from far away. He was also wearing a military attire with a sword on his left side. He looked taller, stronger and even more dangerous wearing these clothes. His footsteps made a clicking sound that echoed through the hallway while his hair got blown away by the wind showing an expressionless face.

"Your highness" Oliver smiled as Lucian walked closer and stood infront of us.

"Good you are back alive" Lucian said patting Oliver's shoulder "Lincoln I will talk to you later but now I need to speak with my wife for a moment" he said as he turned his gaze to me. The men left us alone.

Lucians took some steps back as his gaze traveled down by body and up again. He tilted his head a bit as his eyes glittered with amus.e.m.e.nt. "Did you dress up for me wife?"

Oh God. I had forgotten how Ylva made me look. Was it too much? Maybe I overdid it.

Walking closer he grabbed my chin lifting my head slightly he gazed into my eyes "you look so beautiful you make me forget all of my worries"
Volume 1 Chapter 14

Lucian gazed down at Hazel as she blushed and he couldn't help but bring his hand up and caress her pink cheek with his thumb. Heavens knew how much he wanted to lean down and kiss her. She was tempting him with this red dress and her bare neck and shoulders. He had been surprised and relieved that he hadn't forced himself on her last night when his demon was in control.Seems that his demon craves Hazel as much as he does the only difference is that his demon doesn't care about Hazel's feelings while Lucian does.

"Are you alright? I heard that the king is unwell" she asked worried. He had almost forgotten the big problem he had to deal with when he saw her.

"Hazel, I want you to pack some clothes, we will leave the castle". He didn't want for Hazel to stay another minute here. The king could die anytime and he knew that he would be the one to be attacked first, since his brothers hated him. Hazel looked confused at him "I will explain everything on the way" he said "now hurry!".

Once Hazel left Lincoln approached him "Your highness the horses are ready".

"Did oliver get information on what by brothers plan to do?" Lucian asked.

"Yes your highness. The crown prince is planning on attacking you first once the king dies and he has already pinned your brothers against each other, so that they kill each other and his job becomes easier". That sounded just like Pierre. Lucian had already expected that from his brother.

"What did he tell them?"

"That I don't know your highness. But your brothers have already began to travel to gather their allies to help them get the crown. You should do that as well." That would be the difficult part since not many would want to be his allies and help him because of the rumors about him.

As if Lincoln read his thoughts he said "We should start with Maebeth kingdom." His wife's kingdom was a small kingdom that didn't have much power. Even if they agreed to help him it wouldn't be that much of a help.

Lydia packed a few clothes for me while Ylva helped me get dressed into more comfortable clothes. Both were worried when I told them about the situation. Just to calm them down "everything is going to be alright" I said even though I myself wasn't sure about that.

I walked out to the garden where Lucian seemed to be busy speaking to some soldiers. I just stood there staring at him. I have never seen him speak much before, he was a man of few words. Until now we never had a conversation that lasted long and I really wanted our marriage to work.

"My lady" looking to my side I found a smiling Oliver approaching me. Something about him was different. He didn't look like the usually tough and silent soldier, he looked rather innocent and playful even though he was tall and looked strong.

"Do you prefer a white or a black horse?" he asked. Did he expect me to ride myself? I knew that most princesses know how to ride, it was something a royalty should know but my father never even let me out let alone learn something. I was more a prisoner than a princess back home.

"She will ride with me" Lucian said suddenly standing next to me and taking my hand in his. Oliver smiled a smile that reached his eyes. What was he so happy about?

"Fine" he said shrugging his shoulders.

I placed my arms around Lucians waist as we rode off. "Hold on tight we will ride fast" he had told me but I didn't expect it would be this fast. Even though I thought this was too fast many soldiers were riding faster than us slowing down now and then for Lucian to catch up. That's when I realized he was actually riding slow compared to how fast he usually rides.

"You don't have to slow down because of me" I said "I am fine."

He chuckled "are you sure?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Fine then" he said in a challenging way and suddenly it felt as if I was flying away. The air whipping my face and hair and I got really scared holding onto Lucian even more. My grip was so hard around his waist I wondered if he could breath but he wasn't complaining. Trees, houses, cliffs and lakes were passing by quickly before my eyes and I felt dizzy and sick. I tried to close my eyes and ignore the dizziness and the urge to vomit but I couldn't fight it for long.

"Please stop" I whispered clatching onto Lucian wondering if he even heard what I said.

Abruptly he stopped " are you alright?" he asked. I climbed down from the horse fast without any help and ran to the nearest tree throwing up everything in my stomach. Lucian was already beside me and held my hair away. "Don't.." I began before throwing up again. I didn't want him to see me like this.

"It's alright" he said massaging my back with one hand as he still held my hair with the other. I was so embarrassed when I turned around and found that all the soldiers stood there looking at me.

Lucian gave me a handkerchief as one of the guards handed him a bottle of water which he gave to me as well. "Drink" he said as I wiped my mouth still embarrassed "you should have told me to slow down."

I took sips of the water while Lucian watched me intently as if I would collapse anytime.

"I'm fine, let's continue " I smiled. I didn't want the journey to take longer than usual because of me.
Volume 1 Chapter 15
We sat leaning against a tree after Lucian told his men that we should rest for a while. I knew he was doing it for me.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To Maebeth. To your family." He was going to ask my father to help in this war between brothers. "Will you really kill your brothers?" I asked carefully.

"Yes" he said without hesitation. I shivered at the thought.

"Even your nephews?" he clenched his jaw and closed his eyes then opened them again.

"I won't have to kill them because my brothers will."

Why? They are just kids. Why kill your family for the throne? That's something I could never understand. Standing up "we should continue" he said. We continued our journey and I was thankful that Maebeth wasn't far away from Decresh so we reached there at night, after riding the whole day.

My three brothers were the ones to welcome us. They spoke mostly to Lucian ignoring me totally. I wasn't expecting more, we were never close. Our family always separated men and women. While men were respected, almost worshipped women were mostly a property that belonged to the men or ready to be sold anytime.

"The king is busy right now but will meet you tomorrow morning. You should eat and rest for now" my brother Harris said as he led us to the guest quarters. Looking at him and the rest of my brothers I couldn't help but wonder if they would kill each other when father dies.

"What a rude brother you have.It seems you are not close with your brothers either" he said as we entered the guest room.

"True" I said as my gaze landed on the table next to the bed were several food dishes were served covered with white food cover. I thought I would be hungry but my stomach was still upset from the ride so I didn't feel like eating anything.

"Are you hungry?" I asked my eyes traveling toward Lucian. He had already taken off his military attire and was left wearing a loose shirt that showed of his chest with a pair of pants. It has been three nights since we slept in the same room so I felt nervousness take over my senses as I remembered what he had told me last night. He wanted to do wicked things to me. Wicked? I had asked Ylva what wicked means and she had told me it means devilish, sinful.

"What are you thinking about?" Lucian asked laying on the bed leaning his head on his hand, watching me with those captivating eyes.

"Nothing" I said shaking my head standing stiffly on the same spot.

"Come here" he said patting next to him on the bed. He wants to do sinful things to me. I urged myself to move and took my cloak off walking to the bed. I lay down on my back next to him hesitantly looking up the sealing to avoid his intense gaze. From the corner of my eyes I could still see that he was staring at me in a silence that became unbearable.

"Lucian?" He took a deep breath.

"I never liked my name. My brothers used to tease me with it calling me Lucifer, making my name sound like a curse. Now when you say my name I like it. You make it sound like a beautiful prayer." I turned to look at him. He had a faint smile on his face but there was sadness in his golden eyes.

"Your name is beautiful and it's not a curse. Lucian means 'Man of light'." He looked at me surprised but then his face became serious.

"I am no man of light" he said " there is darkness inside of me."

"Everyone has a bit of darkness inside of them, that's ok because darkness and light can't exist without each other."

"Are you trying to comfort me?" he asked with a smile.

"I am just speaking the truth" I said.

It became silent again even though I had a thousand questions on my mind. Will you really kill your brothers? What about the note written in blood? Do you like me? But the question that came out of my mouth was "Why did you agree on waiting to consume the wedding?"

"You were scared of me and you still are sometimes."

"I don't want to be" I admitted.

"I would never hurt you.. but sometimes...I am not myself."

"What do you mean?"

He lay on his back with a sigh "I am tired, let's sleep. I will tell you some other time" he said. I wanted to know but I was really tired myself as I found it hard to keep my eyes open. Closing my eyes I let the darkness take over.

I woke up in the morning with Lucian next to me. He was still sleeping on his back, but shirtless. The sheets covered his stomach but his strong chest and arms were bare. His raven black hair was spread across the pillow looking soft and shiny like silk. I took some of his hair in my hand and inhaled his spicy scent that did things to my body I couldn't explain.

My eyes traveled to his face, his eyebrows were thick and perfectly shaped and his eyelashes long and shiny. Now with his eyes closed they almost brushed his impressive cheekbones. His nose sharp and hooked cast a shadow on lips that spoke of sensuality. While his hair was dark as the night his skin was pale as the moon, so smooth it made my fingers itch for a touch. I ran my fingers along the edge of his sharp jawline up to the curve of his lips admiring his good looks when his eyes fluttered open and I stared into them unable to remove my gaze. That's when I realized why I had never studied his face before. His eyes were too captivating to make me notice the rest of his face.They held power and passion but they also spoke of secrets and pain.

He smiled with his eyes. I removed my hand and quickly looked away blushing hard. Even though I couldn't see him I could feel his smile widen at my reaction.

"No need to shy away wife I am all yours. You can stare and touch however much you want."

When I didn't say anything because I was so embarrassed he got up from bed and walked toward the table. My eyes landed on his broad muscular drawn-back shoulders as he walked gracefully. He wasn't too muscular but well built and lean. As he walked he ran his hand through his hair and my heart skipped a beat. Something with the way he walked and moved did strange things to my body. No wonder the maids drooled over him. I had seen his bare upper body before but he had been soaked in blood back then. Now...wait! The scars! Even though some of his hair was covering his back but I could still see most of it and there was no scars. It's not possible. His wounds were very deep and I am sure they would leave scars but there was none.

"Wait!" I said before he could slide into his robe. I got up and walked over to him.

"Wait" I repeated grabbing his arm and making him turn around. I removed the rest of his hair, no scars, not even a tiny one. His skin looked so smooth as if he never got whipped, not even once. It's not possible I thought shaking my head.

"What is it?" he asked confused turning around.
"There scars. No scars on your back" I breathed in shock "How?"

Volume 1 Chapter 16
Ah, the scars? They healed" he said simply pulling the robe over his shoulders.

"That's impossible, They can't heal that fast and even if they did they would leave scars" I said still trying to make sense of everything.

"Well they healed and they didn't leave any scars" was all he said,"now, your father is waiting I need to get going."

I was still confused as he walked to the bathroom. Not possible was all my brain was telling me.

After taking a bath, dressing up and making my hair with the help of some maids I was on my way to the dining room. Lucian had already left to not make my father wait. I opened the door to the dining room and walked inside. Father was sitting on the short side of the table as mother and Lucian were sitting opposite each other on the long side of it. As I walked closer I noticed that no one was eating and the atmosphere was tense. Lucian's hands were clenched under the table and father expression told me he was displeased. They didn't even notice that I had walked into the room.

Mother was the first to notice me, so she stood up from her seat and came over to me.

"Darling I missed you so much" she said hugging me but got cut off by father.

"Teresa! Behave yourself" he said and mother tensed and walked back to her seat. I hated this, they could never act as parents. Father loved to show off his power and mother was too scared of him to do anything she wanted.

"Hazel! The queen and I need to speak with you alone" he said as he and mother stood up from their seats and started walking to the door that led to the next room. I glanced over at Lucian who was still sitting as a statue. He looked up and the expression on his face made my heart clench.

"Hurry!" father said who had already walked into the room. I hurried inside and the door got closed leaving Lucian alone in the dining room. What was happening? What did he do to Lucian?

Father walked to the center of the room and turned around with his arms crossed over his chest. "Your husband is asking for my help" he started with a frown "but I can't invest in a war I am going to lose." I couldn't believe my ears. I knew that the kingdom was always his priority but I thought if his child was in danger he would at least help a little.

"What makes you so sure we are going to lose?" I asked.

"Your husband has no allies because of the rumors about him, thus his brothers are stronger now" he explained.

"So you are not going to help even if it means I can die?" I asked slowly becoming impatient.

"That's why you can stay here with us if you want?" mother said.

"Are you telling me to leave my husband?"

"He can't protect you, you don't need someone who can't protect you" father insisted. I can't believe this! He was the one who made me get married to Lucian even though he knew of his reputation and without considering my feelings just for power, and now he was telling me to come back.

"And you can't throw me away and take me back whenever you want" I spat.

"Hazel!" mother said with a warning.

"Be careful! You cannot speak to your king like that" father yelled.

"You are not my king anymore. Remember you sold me to another kingdom for power" I snapped "I am leaving with my husband now. If I die it's fine I will die with him. I was never treated like a living person here anyways" I said. I never defied my parents. I don't know where I the courage from this time. Turning my back I strode out of the room.

Lucian was nowhere in the dining room. Where did he go?

"Seems your husband thinks it's a good idea to leave you here as well" father voice came from behind. I clenched my fists to control the anger that was building up inside of me. How could Lucian leave me here without asking me if I wanted to stay? Ignoring my father I ran out of the dining room through the halls to the main garden. Everyone was staring at me in shock because it was unladylike to run, but I didn't care. I just hoped that Lucian hadn't left yet and was relieved when I found him outside with his men.

Everyone was gathered with their horses which only meant they were leaving. Lucian was leaving without me. Angry I walked toward him. When he saw me he looked surprised but when he realized I was angry he frowned. I walked closer and slapped him across the face. I heard some gasps coming from the guards and some of them stared in shock. Lucian ran his fingers through his hair as he looked back at me. A smile crept it's way to his face and I was shocked at his reaction. He should be angry for slapping him especially in front of everyone, so why was he smiling?

"What is the reason for slapping me wife?" he asked rubbing his cheek as if it hurt even though I was sure it didn't hurt him, not physically anyway.

"Don't call me wife. If I was your wife you wouldn't have decided to leave me." He looked at me confused.

"I thought you are the one that wanted to stay" he said.

"And what makes you think that way?" I asked. His gaze shifted to something behind me and he clenched his jaw. I looked behind me, father was standing at the entry looking amused. It was father. He told Lucian I wanted to stay.

Volume 1 Chapter 17
We were riding fast through the woods after leaving father disappointed for failing in his mission to make me stay. "Are you sure you want to come with me?" Lucian had asked. "Your life will be in danger." I had decided that I would rather live in danger than live like a dead person, but that wasn't the main reason I didn't want to stay. I didn't want to stay because I wanted to be with Lucian.

"Feeling alright?" Lucian asked after slowing down.

"Yes, I am fine. I think I am getting used to it" I said, slightly exhilarated. "Where are we going?"

"To Gatrish" he replied. Gatrish, a kingdom known for its wars, slavery and prostitution. Their king was a cruel king with a thirst for blood and appetite for women. It is said that he takes a new wife and a new concubine everyday and that liquor, parties and s.e.x are a part of his daily life and everyone else's living in the kingdom.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to go there?" I asked.

"I know their king. He is the only one who might agree to help," he explained. I could still not get over the fact that he would kill his brothers, even though it was a common thing for princes. I know if he doesn't kill them they would probably kill him: I just wished there would be another way to solve this problem.

I imagine that asking the King of Gatrish for help would just make things worse, even though I didn't know him personally.

We rode the whole day, just taking a few breaks to eat and rest, then we continued riding for the rest of the night. I wondered how Lucian could stay awake. I would fall asleep and wake up now and then, holding onto him tight, scared not to fall from the horse because I was too tired to stay awake.

This time when I woke up, it was morning. The sun shone brightly, the breeze warmer than last night blew Lucians soft hair into my face. I pulled my hand away from Lucian's waist and to remove his hair from my face, but had the sudden impulse to smell it. I grabbed it and inhaled. How could he always smell so good?

"Good morning wife" he greeted and I quickly dropped his hair embarrassed.

"Good morning," I whispered back. Looking at my surroundings I noticed that everyone rode slowly. The soldiers chatted and laughed as they rode, not a hint of tiredness showing on their faces, even though they didn't sleep the whole night.

"We have arrived. You will be able to rest soon," he said while we rode over a bridge that led to a big metal gate with a guard on each side. Lincoln jumped down from his horse and went up to one of the guards. They spoke a few words and then the two guards opened the gate for us to enter. As we entered, I swallowed the lump in my throat. I was not looking forward to meeting this king, and I became even more worried when Lucian and his men were told to leave their weapons in a storeroom before entering the castle.
Lucian did so without hesitation, and his men followed. I just stared at them, wide-eyed. Were they on a death mission? I put my hand on Lucian's arm before entering, giving him a worried and questioning look. He returned with a reassuring smile before following the guard that would show us the way to the bloodthirsty king.

"Prince Lucian has arrived, Your Majesty," the guard informed before opening the door to a room that seemed to be a room for meetings.

"Draco!" my eyes darted to where the sound came from. A tall man dressed casually stood in the middle of the room, a smile plastered on his face as he walked closer to us.

"Your Majesty," Lucian replied, bowing. Wait? Majesty? I had imagined the king to be a short, ugly bald man over his thirties with dirty teeth. Why? I don't know. Maybe because of his reputation, but this man was tall and seemed to be in his mid-twenties. His dirty blonde shoulder-length hair perfectly matched his sun-kissed skin. If it wasn't for the scar on his face that stretched from his left eyebrow to his right eye, people would drown in his ocean blue eyes. He was good looking.

"Oh, please," the King said, waving with his hand. "I thought we had dropped the formalities." He tipped his head to one side as he noticed me standing next to Lucian and studied me with his piercing blue eyes.

"This is my wife, Hazel" Lucian introduced. I tried to smile as he walked closer. He took my hand in his and placed a soft kiss on my knuckles.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess," he said, then turned his gaze to Lucian. "I never thought our Draco would marry anytime soon." This was the second time he had called Lucian 'Draco'. I was confused. "But of course, with your looks anything is possible, isn't that right, Princess Hazel?" he asked, looking my way. I froze up, unable to reply. When I didn't respond, he laughed. He made me nervous in a bad way.

"You guys must be hungry and tired; lets eat!"

We were served fried potatoes, eggs, toast, croissants and ham. A basket filled with an assortment of fruit stood in the middle of the table and servants came in with different kinds of drinks. A servant whispered something into the king's ear and he smiled at us.

"My sisters Astrid and Klara will join us for breakfast. Klara has been dying to meet you since you saved her life." The King said looking at Lucian. Lucian saved the King's sister? Is that why he thought that the king would help us?

"Oh, here they are," he said as two beautiful ladies entered the dining room. They looked just like the king with their long blonde hair and blue eyes and seemed to be around my age. "This is my sister Astrid," the King said, gesturing to the one with short blonde hair wearing a yellow dress that matched her blonde locks. "and this is Klara." He finished, pointing to the one with longer hair that almost reached to her waist. She was wearing a blue dress that made her blue eyes stand out even more. So she was the one Lucian saved? She was stunningly beautiful. I couldn't help but wonder if that was the reason Lucian saved her.

"You know Lucian, and this is his wife Hazel" he said, introducing us in return. Klara's eyes widened as she stared at us, confused, but quickly got over her puzzlement and smiled.

"Welcome. We are happy to have you here" Astrid smiled.

Volume 1 Chapter 18

Klara kept glancing Lucian's way as we ate our breakfast, while the King and Lucian spoke informally with each other, which surprised me. The King was willing to help Lucian as they were already speaking of how to win this war. I only feared he would ask for something in exchange. Something bad.

"You should stay here until the King dies, then we will take action," the King said. as if waiting for someone's death was a daily occurrence.

"Rasmus? can you stop acting like a King at least until we eat our breakfast?" Klara asked.

Rasmus, Klara, Astrid: their names sounded Scandinavian.

"Of course" Rasmus smiled at his sister.

"We have a party tonight. I hope you can attend after you have rested" he then said to me and Lucian.

"Of course" Lucian replied.

"Astrid, why don't you take them to a nice room. I am sure they would like to rest."

I was so tired, but as I laid on the bed next to Lucian all I could do was ask questions.

"You seem to know Rasmus pretty well," I began.

"Yes," was all he said before closing his eyes. He lay on his back while I lay on my side, facing him.

"Why does he call you Draco?"

"It's just a nickname" he said shortly. This wasn't working. I couldn't reach through to him. Maybe he was too tired.

"His sisters are beautiful."

He shot his eyes open and looked my way. He looked at me calculatingly for a while before he replied, "Yes they are."

"How did you save his sister" I asked curiously. I think I saw a little smile on his face before it disappeared quickly.

"I didn't. I just spared her life. Our kingdoms were at war with each other few years ago and we won by killing most of their men."

"Are you saying she went to fight in a war?" I asked, surprised. She was a woman, not only that, but a princess, and she went to fight a war?

"Yes, she and her sister. They are warriors and know very well how to fight. After all, their ancestors were Vikings; they have it in their blood." I just listened, fascinated by how these beautiful women could be warriors. I wondered if he was fascinated by them as well. Maybe that's why he spared her life. Maybe he thought she was beautiful. She was at least more beautiful than I was; much more beautiful.

Letting out a sigh, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but then I heard Lucian say, "Thank you for coming with me" in a sleepy voice. Opening my eyes I looked at him. He was asleep.

I shifted in bed for a while, but I couldn't fall asleep. Sitting up, I swung my legs down off the bed and stood up on the neat sapphire blue carpet that covered the ground.

The whole room was decorated in white and different shades of blue. The walls were a light blue while the doors and the window frames were white. The curtains were a beautiful turquoise adorned with blue crystals at the tips and framed the big glass windows that showed a clear blue summer sky.

I looked back at Lucian, who was sleeping peacefully on the royal blue satin sheets. He looked more beautiful than ever while asleep. I slid into a simple dress, fixed my hair and put my shoes on before exiting the room.

I walked through the halls, not knowing exactly where I was when I heard female voices I recognized coming from a room. I stopped to listen.

"Klara, there are a thousand men out there who desire you. Just forget about him"

"I know but no one is like him. I want him, sister."

"He is married now. Why do you want to be a second wife when you can get any man you want?" Astrid asked, frustration clear in her tone.

"I would rather be with someone I want and become a second wife than be with someone I don't want," Klara said stubbornly.

"He is a man with no position right now. There is no guarantee that he will become the next king of Decresh." A tiny gasp escaped past my lips, yet it was loud enough for Astrid to hear in the echoing room. They were talking about Lucian.

"Who is there?" Astrid asked as I heard her footsteps coming closer. I quickly hid behind one of the limestone columns in the hall.

"What is it?" Klara asked.

"Nothing. I just thought I heard someone" Astrid said and then I heard the door close. I peeked from behind the column to make sure they were gone and then quickly got away from there.

I quickly walked through the halls trying to find my way back to the room. My life had become a mess in only a week. First I got married against my will, then before I got to know my mysterious husband a war knocked on the door, then I fought with my parents and now I was in a kingdom ruled by a bloodthirsty king and his sister who wanted my husband.

While looking for a room I found an exit to a garden. I walked out and found some of Lucian's men chatting there. Some were sitting under the roof, away from the sun resting while some were talking about someone. Me.

"Did you see how she slapped him" a guard with brown hair asked imitating me slapping Lucian. He lift his hand and drew it back before landing a fake slap on another guards cheek.

"Behave yourself Ky," Lincoln said, sitting with his eyes closed, leaning his back on the wall.

"No seriously. She is brave. I like her." he continued, ignoring Lincoln.

"She shouldn't have slapped him in front of everyone. It was disrespectful toward his highness," another one retorted. Oliver laughed, turning around. He saw me standing there and I thought he would say something to make the men know I was there listening to everything, but he kept quiet and let the men continue talking about me.

"She is a good person," someone defended me. It was brother of Lisa, the maid who stole my golden hairpin. "She genuinely cares for His Highness," he continued.

"That's true," another one said. Oliver smiled a mischievous smile before saying "My Lady," finally making my presence known and surprising the guards.

Everyone stood up quickly "My lady," they said, bowing deeply and then looking at me with fear.

"I apologize for their behavior," Lincoln said, bowing deeply. "Apologize to Her Highness!" he reprimanded, sending the guards a hard glare.

"It's alright." I smiled. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion." They all stared at me in surprise, except Lincoln. His face showed no expression.
Volume 1 Chapter 19
I laid in the bathtub filled with hot water thinking about what the guards had said about me. I shouldn't have slapped Lucian in front of his men. It was disrespectful and still he hadn't got angry on me. He was asleep when I came back to the room so I asked a maid to prepare a hot bath for me. The hot water was soothing, relaxing my tense muscles it felt like a massage and in a moment it made fall into a deep sleep.

I woke up shifting in the bed. The soft satin sheets rubbed against my skin and I realized I was not wearing much. I quickly sat up on the bed and lifted the sheet up. I was only wearing a towel, my shoulders legs and thighs were bare. It took me a moment to remember that I was taking a bath earlier and fell asleep and now I was here. How?

A sound made me look to my left. Lucian was sitting in a chair, a glass of wine in his hands as he studied me with those extraordinary eyes. He was the only one who could have brought me here, which meant that he had seen me n.a.k.e.d. Heat crept it's way up to my cheeks and I grabbed the sheets around me closer as if they would protect me from his gaze or change the fact that he had seen me n.a.k.e.d.

"Did..did you bring me here?" I stammered. He put his glass down, standing up he walked toward me.

"Would you prefer someone else did?" he asked standing at the end of the bed towering over me. I felt uncomfortable so I climbed down from the bed still holding the sheets tightly around my body and tried to get away from him, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a hug. I gasped and dropped the sheets standing there in only a towel while he holds me so tight I can't even breath.

"Why?" he breathed into my neck as his arms trembled slightly.

"Why?" I repeated confused at his question. He pulled away and stared at me "You should dress. The party starts soon" he said and left quickly.

Two maids walked in just after Lucian had left. "My lady, we shall help you prepare for the party."

They showed me several beautiful dresses to choose from. Most of them showed a lot of cleavage which I didn't like but it seemed to be the kind of dresses they wore in this kingdom. I chose the least revealing one, a black off the shoulder dress with a v neckline that showed a bit of cleavage.

When I was done dressing it was time for hair. The maids styled my hair up beautifully only letting a few strands of hair fall at the sides of my face. I put some jewelry on, beautiful diamond earrings with a matching bracelet and a ring. I looked myself in the mirror one last time before the maids led me to where the party would take place.

My eyes scanned the extravagant hall as I walked in. People in fancy clothes, eating, dancing, chatting and drinking filled the hall, their voices and laughter mixed with the music. A perfectly polished floor, scarlet rugs with matching curtains, dining tables and chairs. Two long tables stood at the back of the room where many different grand dishes and drinks were served.

I felt a hand around my waist, turning my head I found Lucian next to me. His eyes were dark and he seemed to be in a bad mood. He didn't even look my way as he led me inside.

"How do I look?" I asked gathering some courage. He paused and looked at me. His gaze softened as his eyes traveled the length of my body lingering a little longer on my b.r.e.a.s.ts before traveling back up to my face.

"Do you want me to answer politely or honestly?" he asked in a serious tone.

"Honestly" I whispered.

He leans down to say something but just then someone spoke from behind him.

"I see you have come" The King walked toward us not dressed as fancy as royalties like to dress, but he still looked good.

"You look very elegant in black, Princess Hazel" he said as he took my hand and kissed it.

"Thank you, your majesty" I responded.

"May I have a dance?" he asked stretching his hand toward me. I glanced at Lucian and he gave me a reassuring smile. I took the king's hand and he led me to the dance floor. He danced so elegantly making us spin and glide over the dance floor with ease.

"I never thought fragile women were Draco's type" he smiled.

I never got described as fragile but a man with sisters who are warriors would probably think of me as fragile.

"Why do you call him Draco?" I asked ignoring his remark.

"Do you know what Draco means?" he asked.


"It means devil. Haven't you heard the legend of Dracula?"

"No" I reply once again.

"The legend speaks of a king who wanted to save his country from intruders but never had enough power, so he made a deal with the Devil. The Devil gave him the strength of a thousand men and an eternal life in exchange for his soul. Therefore they named him Dracula after the Devil."

I was confused. Why was he telling me this? Noticing my confusion he continued.

"Your king sent Lucian to war with only 500 men against an army with 2000 men. It's said that Lucian killed hundreds of men on his own and came back home with victory. He was only seventeen at that time. After that, he won every war. People said that the battlefield was his playground and began to believe the rumors about him being son of the Devil. I, on the other hand, believe he is The Devil."

Volume 1 Chapter 20
"I don't believe these things." I said as I noticed Lucian dancing with Klara, and I completely forgot what the king just told me. She blushed as she said something to him, and blinked with her long lashes seductively.

The King chuckled, "you're pretty possessive about your husband."

I wasn't listening to him anymore because Klara was leading Lucian somewhere secluded outside of the hall.

"I need to speak with my husband. Will you excuse me Your Majesty?" I said.

He gave me a knowing smile and dropped my hand. I quickly walked through the dancing crowd and proceeded out of the hall. Where did she take him? Looking through the halls, I couldn't find him and even if I did what would I do? Men had the privilege of taking other women if they desired to. I hated this unfairness.

"My lady, are you lost?" said a maid who noticed that I was walking through the halls looking for something.

Yes, I was lost; I didn't know where to go or what to do.

"I can show you the way…" she offered, and then gestured with her hand, "the party is that way."

"Show me to my room instead." I demanded.

I paced back and forth in my room restlessly as I waited for Lucian. Where was he? What was he doing? Images of Klara and him n.a.k.e.d under the sheets appeared in my head, and I quickly struggled to push these thoughts away. As I imagined all of the dirty deeds they could potentially do with one another, my train of thoughts came to a halt as the door to the room opened and Lucian strutted in.

"Where were you?" I blurted unable to stop myself. He lifted an eyebrow questioningly.

"Why?" he asked walking seductively in my direction.

"I saw you leave the party with Klara." I said with all confidence I could muster. I tried not to be intimidated by his closeness or by his burning gaze.

"So?" he asked walking even closer until I could smell his spicy scent. Suddenly the air became hot and heavy, and my mind became like a fog. I took a few steps back to get away from his intoxicating presence. I needed to regain my ability to think straight.

"Don't you think it's a little unfair wife? You don't like me being with someone else, yet you don't want to be with me..." He said.

Well, yes, I know I'm being unfair. I should just give him what he wants and needs.

"That's not true." I attempted to deny.

"Then kiss me."

Lucian studied Hazel's features as they morphed into surprise, but then determination appeared in her chocolate brown eyes. To his disbelief, she crossed the distance between them, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down crushing his lips on her own. Her plump lips were soft and sweet as they moved against his,, but with hesitance he noted. He could tell by her restrained movement that she was inexperienced.

He raised his arm and grabbed a handful of her hair and tilted her head back slightly then he took charge. He kissed her slowly, teasingly trying to teach her lips how to move. Her lips quivered slightly but then she slowly adapted to his movement until their lips moved in sync.

He ran his fingers down her spine, pulling her so close until no space were left between them and he could feel her heart hammering against his chest. Then his fingers traveled back up her spine and entangled themselves in her hair. This time he pulled her closer adding more pressure to their lips. She m.o.a.ned in response and his control snapped.

He grabbed the arm of her dress ready to tear it apart, he wanted her n.a.k.e.d, her bare skin against his, her legs wrapped around his waist as he lose himself inside of her. She was tormenting him with her lips and his hands began to shake in self restraint. He didn't want to scare her by tearing her dress like a beast, now that she kissed him purely out of her own will. L.u.s.t made his vision black as his inner demon urged to take control over his body.

Hazel pulled away from the kiss, but he grabbed her harshly wanting more. She whimpered under his grasp.

"Lucian, you're hurting me." She complained.

He must've scared her again. He cursed under his breath as he tried to loosen his grip. Slowly, he looked up to meet her gaze, expecting to see fear, but all he saw was concern. What was she so concerned about?

"You're trembling. Are you alright?" He noticed that he was shaking uncontrollably as she asked.

"I… I'm just cold." He lied, but even his voice was shaky.

"Are you sick?" she asked as she walked closer then placed her palm on his forehead.

"You're burning. You have a fever!" She gasped, but wasted no time in grasping his hand and leading him to the bed.

"Lay down." She commanded.

When he complied "I'll be back." she said and left. He let out a sigh of relief.

He didn't protest about her departure, because he wanted to be alone. He cursed inwardly and wondered what he had done to make the gods give him such a fate. Truly, he was cursed.

Hazel came back with a bowl of water and a cloth. She sat on the carpet next to the bed and patted the cloths that she dripped in the water on his forehead.

"I'm fine Hazel. I don't need this." He protested.

"You are not fine. You're burning like fire." If she only knew that he wasn't burning because he was sick, but rather because he wanted her. He wanted her so badly it hurt.

She repeated the same movement for a while, and he could feel her getting tired. "I am fine now, come and sleep."

"I'll sleep after you fall asleep." She said.

He knew she was stubborn and wouldn't listen so he didn't argue with her. Instead, he pretended to fall asleep in hopes that she would sleep as well.

After a while he could hear her breathing became steady so he opened his eyes and found her in deep slumber. Her head rested on the bed while she still sat on the floor. He climbed down and gathered her in his arms before he carefully placed her on the bed, then he watched her while she slept peacefully. Never in his life had he thought that he would be able to fall in love, but now he was slowly falling for this woman; his stubborn and easily jealous wife.