🌺 Episode 11🌺

kun pov🌙
"were are my maids i yelled on the top of my voice and all the maid rans to the large sitting room in a straight line with fear in their eyes "yea i love it when they fear me"
"listen and listen very carefully and going to seoul today ,i want this house to be as spotless as it use to be ,make sure everywhere is always neat,no one is allowed to enter this house ,i mean no one ,do i make my self clear
"yes sir they all chroused "
I need my food ready in five minutes i said and left them
I know you might be thinking who is this rude guy ,well my name is kun woo but just call me kun am a korean musician and a model ,i travel arround the world for concert and right now am preparing to go back to my main origin (seoul)
My parent died in an accident while we were all coming back from a family vacation in the US me and my little sister were taken to the police station ,we were announced on tv and radio station but still none of our relatives came for us because they were all after my parent money and they are happy we are out of their way,later the cops took my junior sister and i to the opharnage and that was how we got separated ,i was adopted by a rich business man in seoul ,when he found out i had talent of singing he enroled me in a music industry were i was trained and also did modelling too right now am one of the best,i miss my sister so much ,i went back to the opharnage a long time ago to see if i can get any clue on how to find my sister but the opharnage home wasnt there anymore ,so my going back to seoul is to find my sister first then collect my father property back , i hate everybody because they left i and my sister to die ,no one cared for us ,who knows if my sister is still alive ,is she living fine ,now that i have all the money of a life time i want to find take care of her
Min hu pov
i felt some one tapped me gently ,i opened my eyes and it was the nurse
"miss i some people are looking for you should i direct them in "she said politely
"yes thank you "
The door opened and it was kyle and seo
What are you doing here i said foming anger in my voice even tho i really miss them
"we are really sorry seo said
"we will do anything just for you to forgive us kyle said
"are you sure you will do anything ,i said with an evil grin
"yes anything they replied together
"okay follow me
They followed me to the compound of the hospital
"you see this place am standing to that edge i said pointing at the hospial fence both of you will do the frog jump ten times before i forgive you
"ah please its too far seo pouted out like a baby
"are you guys doing it or not i yelled still forming anger "
We went quietly and began the frog jump(what dont say am wicked you guys know they both deserve it)
After thirty minutes the two were done they looked so tired i must confess this guys and sumb they are so lazy what if i have told them to do fifty they might be admitted in this hospital too
They came to make and hugged me ,"i miss you min seo said me too kyle replied
"alright enough we will have to go and meet lya i said and we all headed back to lya ward ,kyle was they first to hold her hand and kiss her forehead am sure he miss her so much and he kept saying alot of things as if she could hear him
Seo came close to me and kept looking at me (okay this is awkward i wonder what he is thinking and looking at me like that )before i could say anything he cupped my face in his hands and kissed he ,i was suprised at first but later returned the kiss ,rapping my hands arround his neck
" arrrm guys am here kyle said ,we chuckled and stopped kissing ,seo held my hand tightly and kept sqeezing it,it feels so great,i love him 😍
Okay guys am going back home now i need to get some things i said
"should i come with you seo said
"no i will be right back and he nodded
i kissed seo on his lips and waved them before heading out of the ward ,i went outside but i did not see any cab ,since my house is far but not that much from the hospital i decided to jog and take some short cuts so i can be fast ,i was jogging when i saw cars coming to my direction and another car blocked it at the front and brought out guns i think they are trying to kill the celebrity or kidnapp him /her they other car men came out too and they began shooting ,,since it was dark i cut some leaves from the bushes and began crawlling to the car side ,while in camp they told us the celebrity or president always stay in the middle cars ,so i crawlled to the car at the middle i knocked the door and a gun was pointed at my fore head omg what have i put my self into ,i was only trying to help ,the person he pointed me gun brought his head out and i was supride it was superstar kun looking as handsome as ever ,i singalled him to keep quiet and follow me ,,thank God he didnt argue he knelt down and crawlled like i was doing and we crawlled into the woods before we stood up and started running
"wait he said
"what happened i replied
""why should i even trust you,who knows is you are going to give me in "
As he was talking i heard the bushes making noise ,i think they are following us
"shut up and lets go i said to him but the guy kept talking and talking
I walked to him and give him a hot slap ,i think he slap shut him up,i held his hand and began running and i could here it the people after him were also running behind us ,
Suddenly he fell down ,i rushed to him and saw he twisted his ankle ,i used my handkie and tired his leg help him hop on my back,this guy seniors me yet i carried him ,he doesnt have weight,he kept looking at me in disbelife
I carried him and hid behind a big tree used my pen knife to cut big leaves and used it to cover us since we are in the woods no one will know we are there.

🌺Episode 12🌺
Kun pov
I cant believe a lady could be this strong,talented and beautiful,,she even has the guts to slap me ,well i cant complain because she saved my life,i cant contact anybody because my phones are in the car ,we already left the woods ,we are on our way to her house i guess
There was an awkward silence between us since we left the woods ,i kept stealing glances at her ,shes really beautiful but acts like a tom boy,,,soon we arrived at a big house,we entered and everywhere was silent "i guess she stays alone"
"so u stay alone i asked
"no i stay with my dad but his out of town
"okay" i replied
"You are going to stay here for the night and as early as possible you move out she said in more like a command tone ,,(shes strict)
She took me to a room upstairs ,i must say the family are living okay ,she dosent even show it,well that the kind of girl i like not proud or rude just simple
,,wait what am i even saying
I entered the bathroom took a shower and came out with a towel tied arround my waist ,i dont even have anything to wear ,my clothes are reall yesterday dirty and i cant wear them ,how do i even tell that miss strict i need clothes
Min hu pov
I think i was really rude to superstar kun and i really need to appologise to him,i have a lot of things going on in my mind like who sent that later to lya ,who pushed her ,maybe i will go to the school and find some answers ,but who will want to hurt lya is what i dont understand shes friendly and dont have beef with anyone ,,well i will find out soon
i just finished taking my bath and i put on my nightwears,,wait what i kun going to wear because our clothes were mess when we arrived
I checked my closet and pick a white top and short which i know it will enter him because i dont really wear tight clothes ,,
Knock knock
I stood at the door till i heard come in
I twisted the door knob and entered the room ,he sat on the bed with a towel tied arround his waist(his body is damn hot,i)i removed my eyes immediately so he wont think am drolling over him
"here i taught u might need this i said and handed him the cloth
"thanks he replied with a broad smile on his face"
"and sorry i slapped you earlier,it was the only way to shut you up "
"Dont worry am cool he said
"are you hungry i asked"
"noPe he replied stressing the P
"alright good night i said and left he room before he could reply
i went to my room and texted seo that i was not coming to the hospital that night again,and they promised to stay with lya since it weekend the following day
I tried dad number countless times but its still switched off am begining to get worried
I muttered small prayer and slept off
Unknown pov
How could you let him excape you bunch of toddlers ,simple task i gave you guys i you couldnt do it
"i picked my gun and shot one of my men and he died on the spot
"now this is what will happen to all of you if you dont find that boy and kill him i yelled in anger
"okay sir they said and left"
"i cant believe that boy is here in seoul ,i know he will come after me and collect his inheritance i cant let that happen i need him dead in the next 24hours i yelled kicking and throwing stuffs arround the room.
🌺Episode 13🌺
Min hu pov
I woke up very early because i was going to the hospital to see my friends (how i wish lya could wake up anytime soon and tell me who did it to her),i went into the bathroom ,did my stuffs and came out ,i wore a simple outfit and brushed my hair down,i feel so hungry because i didnt it last night ,i went to the kitchen and start perparing sphagetti and meat balls it been long ot tasted it or even cooked anything ,i miss my dad i just hope he is okay
"so you know how to cook "
i heard a voice behind me I turned and it was kun ,he looked refreshed am sure he just finished taking his bath
"yea my dad taught me i replied
he came a leaned on the kitchen wall and i felt his gaze on me
"You can take a picture it will last longer instead of staring like that
"he chuckled and continue staring ,thank God i was done cooking , i served his and mine and we eat in silence
"when are you leaving i said breaking the silence
"soon,just borrow me your phone he said"
i handed him my phone he did some things and gave me the phone back ,we were done eating i packed the dished to the kitchen and washed them,,,,,i dont just understand what i feel arround this guy ,it was the same way i felt with seo , how can i love two people at the same time this is not possible ,God help me i muttered and i left the kitchen to tidy up the house ,he sat on the sofa watching the news about how he was attacked last night,that God nobody saw me
The knock on the door jolted me from my taught ,i opened the door and saw two armed me
"miss we are here for mr kun one of them said
i turned and saw kun standing at my back
"i will be going ,and thanks for saving my life he said and hugged me tightly
"i cant breath i managed to say and he released me
I waved him as he exit ,,,i picked up things i will be needing and headed to the school ,nobody will be there so i can do what i want ,i fold the note and put it in my pocket
When i arrived at the school the gate was locked ,i want to the side fence ,throw my backpack in and climbed the fence ,i jumped down and headed to the principal office ,,i went there first because when you want to entre the school there will be a form that will be filled by all the student so i can match the handwriting ,,,,i reached the principal office it was locked ,i brought out a pin from my backpack and used it to unlock the door ,i entered and began searching finally i saw that of our class ,i began checking kyle own was the first i saw and i checked it (i cant trust anyone 😔)
I checked till i got to jiwoo own ,the handwriting match,how,when ,were,why ,,,were the questions popping through my head ,so that evil witch wanted to kill lya ,omg that girl must pay,,i copied her house address and that of lya,arranged everything and left
At the hospital
I entered lya ward and met seo and kyle sleeping ,these two are just lazy ,i woke them up and brought out the food i prepared for them (sphagetti and meat balls)
"hey babe seo said and pecked me on my cheeks
Yummy!! they both muttered as they consumed the food ,soon they were done eating and left to go freshen up
"lya i called holding her hands am sorry i allowed jiwoo did such a thing to you,am sorry i wasnt there to protect you like you proctected me ,am sorry lya and i promise to fight for you,,i must revenge what ji woo did to you, she must pay thank God i now know she i behind it and i will pay her a visit tomorrow
Kun pov
I kept thinking about min ,her pretty face and everything about her is just perfect,i promise i will be visiting her always ,i wish i can find my sister ,it will just make everything easier ,,right now am on my way to the my house with three cr excort behind me
"stop the car i yelled,,Immediately they stopped i came down ,went to the other of my car behind me ,orded them to all come down they did obediently i collected the car key from the driver and tell them to go without me ,one of them watented to complain but i shut him a deadly glare he kept mute and they left
I was alone with one of the cars (i know you might be wondering why i did that,,,i cant trust anyone right now ,i didnt tell anyone i was coming to seoul but i was attacked and am sure the person wont give up like that) i took another root and went home,,i was suprised to see none of them has arrived yet ,i put a call across them and found out they were attacked,i chuckled am very smart thank God i thought of the idea fast and didnt follow them..