The Bad Ass Girl Episode 8, 9 And 10


2 episodes
🌺Episode eight and nine🌺
i woke up feeling weak ,i would have stayed home if our exams was by the conner ,i wore my slippers and headed to the bathroom,i took a quick shower ,dried my body and applied my body lotion ,,so today i decided to dress differently ,i took a dark green top ,it looks more like a sweater tho, from my closet and pair of blue jean ,i put them on ,packed my hair up and left some out ,,i wore my sneakers and took my backpack,i looked at my self in the mirror ,,gosh i look so girly i think i have to change this outfit but am really late ,i just have to wear it for today ,,i headed downstairs and met dad in the kitchen
Morning oppa i said
How are you honey he asked
Fine dad ,,i answered as i made my way to the kitchen ,,yummy i mutter as i dished out my macaroni and cheese ,i took them to the dining and filled myself before dropping the plates in the sink
Bye dad i yelled
Bye honey,,make sure you come back early i need to tell you something
Okay dad, i replied
I head outside the driver was already waiting for me ,i greeted him and enterend and we hit the road
🏩HIliton high school🏩
I came down from the car and saw seo car also drove in ,he came down, our gaze met and we kept looking at each other
This guy is evil who gave him the same shirt and wearing and why did he have to put on blue jean too i said to myself
I turned and left while he followed behind ,students were already tropping their long necks and watching behind gossiping
They look good together
Are they couples now
Omg ,,,They are even wearing matching outfit
awww,i love them together
I wish am minhu
They kept saying all sought of things till i walked faster leaving seo far behind ,,,,
I went to my locker and started arranging my books
Hi min
Lya baby i said and she giggled
so whats up,,how s the love of your life doing
her eyes almost popped out as i asked her
What do u think i dont know c'mon am not a baby
Alright i like him she replied already turning red but promise me you wont tell anyone
Alright i said in between laughter
Jwe-song ha-ji mahn(please) she said in a baby tone
Neh(yes) i wont
She hugged me and we went to class laughing into silly jokes i was cracking
I was lunch break ,,i didnt see seo in the class through out may be his mad at me ,,but am the one that is suppose to be mad at him right ??he wronged me and couldnt apologise that guy has guts
Min come with me ,i want to show you something important in seo private room lya said
No way am not going to that jerk room i said faking annoyance
Dont worry he isnt there she replied,,,lya kept disturbing me til i finally agreed and followed her ,,we reached the room i twisted the door knob and and entered the room i was shocked to see seo sitting on the couch ,,
"lya you told me ...I turned and heard her slamming the door behind and locked it ,,omg i cant belive they tricked me ,,
Am gonna kill you lya ,open the door ,,,i yelled
She laughed really hard and i knew she wasnt alone ,so she and kyle planned this ,,,i gave up and sat down on the second soft
So you planned this i said to seo who focused on his phone all this while
I didnt ,they set me up also
We kept staring at each other in silence till he finally broke the silence
Am sorry he said
i didnt even say a word before he began narrating everything that happened to me
So have you forgiven me he said
On one condition ,,pull off your shirt
He didnt argue he just pulled off the shirt and handed it over to me
Omg his abs ,,damn broad shoulders,smooth skin ,and 6packs
when your done checking me out you tell me he said
I felt embarassed and threw him his shirt to put back on he chuckled and i hit him on his chest
ouch !! my chest,,my heart,, kept yelling and fall on the floor
Wait is this guy serious right now just a small hit ,,i was really scared ,,i bent down to him and helped him up to the bed ,,he lay down and i covered him with the duvet
Were does it hurt i asked but he kept mute without uttering a word his face looked pale ,,my God what have i done ,,i feel really sad
Seo pov
Yeah dont worry am fine ,minhu thinks shes smart ,thats just my own way of getting back at her for hitting me damn her hand is like a steel ,,and shes very caring she kept asking me if am okay ,i decided to keep mute or else i will burst into laughter any minute from now ,,am inlove with this girl 😍
Minhu pov
kyle and lya later opened the door when the school was over they helped me took seo in his car and his driver drove off ,lya and kyle drove together while i entered mine and went home ,,i still fell horrible for what happened
I entered the house dad was home ,i greeted him refreshed and come back ,dad you said you will tell me something
Yes min
I have to leave to america tomorrow
Am i coming with you i asked
No you will stay here ,,am not going to lie to you but a lot of bad people are looking for me ,,i have a drive that contains a lot of things and if it gets to the wrong hand its going to cause a lot of damage so the unit i worked for gave it to me to keep it safe and now the bad people knows am with it so they are coming for me ,i will be leaving early tomorrow morning ,dont worry there is a lot of money in your account now that can last a generation ,,you just have to stay safe and keep out of trouble we will be talking on phone always okay honey he said
I tried to hold my tears back but it was too much so i let it all out as dad patted my back gently and i slept in his arms
I woked up in the morning with slight headache ,,i didnt prepare for school i went to check on dad immediately ,,i knocked on his room door gently
Come in honey he said
I entered and he was already done packing i helped him downstairs with his luggage we said our goodbyes and he left
At school
I went inside the school and noticed i was late everyone was already in class and seo looked okay now ,well am glad i said down and looked at lya she gaved me the what happened look
The class was over and i went out to ease myself in the bathroom i heard the lunch bell ,,i came out and headed to the cafetaria but she wasnt there but i met seo and kyle talking
Were is lya i asked
She went to look for you they answered in union
I turned back and left
Jiwoo pov
I sneaked into the school so that no one could see me ,i went to minhu desk and drop a note saying she should meet me at the restricted area ,,the restried area was a storey building in the school and was not yet completed so it was restricted because the second floor was un protected that means someone could easily fall and die
I know you might be thinking what my plan is well my plan is to get rid of minhu ones and for all ,,i went to the stupid quee halfina but she couldnt do anything instead she said that i shouldnt go close to minhu so i decided to carryout my mission myself ,,i heard footsteps climbing the stairs and i was glad she came to me but to suprise it was lya ,,
So its you she said
You still have the guts to show up in this school right
Shut that trash you call mouth i said and she gave me a deadly glare
I know you love my kyle but guess what his mine so back off she said
That word triggered me that i pushed her and she fell off the building ,,,my intention wasnt to push her that much
Omg i just killed lya
I ran as fast as my leg could carry to my house packed my laugage wrote a note down for my parent and headed to the airport straight to india
Lya pov
I went to the bathroom to look for min but she isnt there so i went back to the class ,i saw a note on her desk to meet her at the second floor of the restricted area ,i rushed there thinking she was in danger ,i got there only to find out that it was jiwoo she was angry because i wasnt the one she was expecting we exchange words and before i could blink she pushed me down ,,i felt my head on the floor with blood gushing out ,i couldnt feel my body again,i love you kyle ,i love you min,i love you seo and blacked out.
🌺Episode ten😔🌺
Min hu pov
I was searching for lya when i saw alot of student running out to the restricted area ,,what is happening i asked but no one answered they were all running there ,,seo and kyle passed me running with full speed the didnt even see me ,,i ran also and followed them behind ,,when i got to the restricted area a lot of student were gathered there is like someone was on the floor ,and i didnt seo or kyle or lya,,i noticed the look on some student face "they were crying some started looking at me awkwardly and making way for me
I went to the front and saw my only best friend in the pool of her own blood with seo and kyle beside her ,,i ran to her and raised her head and place it on my laps
lya please wake up ,,
who did this to you
Why is no one helping her ,,were is the ambulance i yelled but no one still answered me
I quickly pulled my shirt remaining the bra i was wearing and tied lya head ,i carried her in a bridal style
The student tried stopping me but i pushed them away
"leave me alone
"you all are just weak and wicked i yelled in tears
"she dying and no one could help her instead you are here sharing stupid tears
*she dead kyle said in tears
No she is Not dead i yelled back
I raised lya in a bridal style and began running out of the school ,,thank God for the training and strenght he gave me and all the things i learnt while in militray camp with my dad i was able to carry her well and run ,,,student were running behind me some were crying and shouting asking me to stop but i didnt listen ,,i went outside and saw a cab ,i quickly hailed it ,put lya inside and we went to the nearby hospital
on reaching the hospital ,i carried lya again and entered ,,nurses came to me and collected her from my hand ,put her on a streacher and ran into the emergency ward ,i wanted to entre but the didnt allow me ,the ward was transparent and i was seeing lya life less body while the were attending to her the nurses kept running helter shelter ,both the doctors ,,and doctor also rushed in with different nurses all i could do was cry
""lya please dont leave me i kept praying
soon seo and kyle came to the hospital with their eyes swollen
Get out of here i yelled in tears
Min please calm down seo said
i said get out before i loose it i yelled again drawing attention but i dont care ,,a nurse came to them and asked them to leave
"how could they ,lya wad dying and all they could do is cry like bunch of fools ,,if lya dies am going to hold the responsible ,i dont know how but i know lya cant die just like that ,,,never ,,i stoop outside the ward wearing only bra with blood all over me but that is the least of my worries right now
Three hours later
The doctors came out
"lets talk in my office miss,i hurriedly followed the doctor to his office
"doctor please tell me is she alive i said "you have to calm down miss
" please doctor answer me "with the look on the doctor face am not sure its good
"miss who are you to the lady you brought in the doctor said
"am here bestfriend doctor please talk to me i said
"well she dosent have a family am the only family she has
I remembered when lya told me she dosent have a family ,she was adopted by a Woman who is a billonarie from the opharnage the woman willed all her property to lya before she died three years ago,now lya is the only one in her world
"well miss i must say your friend is indeed lucky ,it was a miracle ,when you brought her she was already half dead but i had a strong feeling about her and lucky for her she made it,the place she feel from was really high but the problem now is that shes in coma we just have to pray and hope she wakes up soon
,thank you doctor can i see her now
Yes ,,am please make sure you go and freshes up and put on some clothes
I went to the ward and met my lya ,with bandage on her head and a lot of stuff fixed to her body ""lya please wake up soon okay ,you are a fighter "i kissed her forehead and went home ,i went home took a shower ,picked my phone out to call dad but the number wasnt reachable ,i just hope his okay ,,i picked few things i will be needing and went back ,,wait a minute the doctor said lya fell from a high place,,and were lya body was found was in the restricted area which has high building which was unfinished so how did she get up there and what took her there ,,i will find answers tomorrow
Kyle pov
I went back home in tears , i really messed up ,how could i be so foolish am the worst boyfriend ever ,,all min hu did was to never give up but i did ,i gave up ,i taught she Gone ,i couldnt do anything ,i stood there like a fool while minhu save her bestfriend ,,is lya dead,is she okay i kept asking no one in particular ,,i cried like a baby throwing stuff away and scattering my room and now min hu hates me she dosent even want me close to her talk more of lya ,,i hate my self right now
Minhu pov
I slept close to lya in her ward ,i kept waking up every minute to check on her ,it was morning already i washed my face in the wards bathroom brushed my teeth ,,i looked at the mirror i was a mess,i looked so horrible but i dont care ,i kissed lya on her forehead and left the hospital,i hailed a cab and went to school,a lot of student ran to me some brought flowers and chocolate and kept asking me if lya is okay,i told them shes okay they just need to pray for her ,,i entered the class with student all following me behind with bunch of flowers and cards for lya,,i saw kyle and seo they even looked more horrible than me ,,i picked my backpack that i left yesterday and went to the principals office ,,after all said and done she gave me a break so i could watch over lya and some money in an envelope i took my back pack and that of lya and dropped them in my locker ,,and went straight to the restricted area ,,the place was more restricted now with a lot of signboard and warnings ,,i climbed the stairs and went to the second floor ,,i stood there for some minutes and tears dropped freely from my eyes ,i was about leaving when i saw a note
Omg who sent this and whos handwriting is this ,,i knew it someone was behind all this ,lya couldnt just come here and push herself down ,i have find my first clue ,,but whoever did this am going to kill you myself..