MY 馃懟 GHOST ADMIRER EPISODE 28 || 29 || 30



Episode 28
Stephen’s POV
When I finished receiving the call,
I walked towards my room. I sat
on the sofa looking around. I looked at some
things in my room and
noticed they were not
as I left them. I stood up and
started putting them back in
place. I got to my drawer and
saw it was not locked properly as I left it this
morning. I checked the stuffs I
put there and found
out they’ve been touched by
someone. “Who the hell
tampered with my stuffs?”I asked
in anger. Due to my anger, my body had started
diffusing black flames
and my finger nails had
pointed sharp. I was so angry
that if I should see the person
right now, I would kill him/her
whosoever it might be. I closed the drawer and
went to the door. I sniffed
the handle of the door to
perceive the smell. I noticed the
person just left my room not
long. “That mean he/she is still
inside my building”I thought to myself and opened
the door. :
Debbie’s POV.
When I peeped through the door
and saw he went into his room, I
tiptoed and walked out of the
visitor toilet. When I got to the living room, I heard
his footsteps
and I quickly hid behind the
cotton. He walked around the
living room looking at every
angle. I was so surprised to see
him In that state. He’s of no different from a beast.
His fingers
were pointed and his body were
releasing thick black flames. His
eyeballs were black. He looks just
like a monster. This got me more
scared. “God please save me from Stephen. God
please protect me.
Guide me till I leave his house.
Don’t let me die here by his
hand”I prayed to God silently. He
went back towards his room.
And I found my way out of his house. I went into
my car and
drove out of his compound. Just
like 3minutes drive, I saw John’s
car coming. I called him but he
was not picking up. I blocked
him with my car and he stepped on the break. I
quickly get out of
my car and went to his car. He
also opened the door and came
out looking at me. “What you
sent to me,was that true? Could
that be real?”he asked looking at me.” And if it’s
real, Where are
you going to in this state? I didn’t
send that to you so that you can
fight him. He’s not someone you
can handle. This is not the next
step. Let’s get out of here now. I know by now, he
would be
looking for the person that broke
into his room which was me. Let’s
just go back. We’ll talk better
then”I said looking at him. He hit
the body of his car looking hurt and angry. I went
into my car
and drove off. While he also
turned and followed behind me.
Stephen’s POV
After I searched everywhere and could not find
anyone, I then
started laughing to myself.
“Hahahahahaaa”I laughed for so
long. “Do you think you can get
away from me? I’ll get you
soon”I said and headed to the cctv screen. I
backward it to
when the person first got in. To
my surprise, it was Debbie. I
watched how she got into my
room and how she was checking
all the stuffs one after the other. When she took the
black napkin
and saw who was I the picture, I
stopped watching and headed
out of the room. “How dare you
mess with me?”I said looking
angry. I went to my room and opened my drawer. I
out the dagger smiling to myself.
John’s POV
Debbie told me all what she saw
in his room. I was so angry that I wish I had a gun
and shoot him
dead immediately but Debbie told
me to calm down. Cassandra told
us Stephen just called her and
told her everything on how
someone broke into her room. “I will advise you to
be careful.
You’ll be his next target now
because he knows you were the
one”Sandra said looking at
Debbie. We were all shocked
while Debbie was trembling in fear. “What do we
do? Let’s
report him to the police.”Debbie
said. “You guys cant report
Stephen to the police, it would
just make everything worst for
you guys. Stephen must be killed for his evil deeds
to end. If you
report him, he’ll find his way out
of there because he had so much
connections. You guys can’t
understand what am saying.
Stephen have to die! For him to die, the evil spirit
must be cast
out.”Cassandra said looking at
“What should I do? I can’t go
home right now. My life is at
stake”Debbie said looking scared. “Can you stay
with me at
my place?”Cassandra asked her.
“Yes I think that idea would be
good. You have to stay with her
for the main time.”I said agreeing
to what she said. “On thanks”Debbie replied. “But I
need to get something from my
house first”she said. “What is it?
Get whatever you want to get
before it’s late”Sandra said
looking at her. I looked at Stella and nodded my
Cassandra’s POV
Just to keep her safe, I followed
her to her house to get whatever
she wants to get before leaving for my place. When
we got to her
building, she unlocked her door
and went in while I followed
behind her.
Debbie’s POV Now, I know the reason the old
woman gave me the black
I got into my building and went
towards my room. While Sandra
waited in the living room watching the entrance and
compound. When I got to my
door, I opened it and went in. I
found out someone had gotten
into my room because my stuffs
were thrown to the floor and everywhere looked
messed up.
“What happened here?”I asked
looking around. I think Stephen
just left my house when he
couldn’t find me. I quickly took
my box and pack few clothes then take the black
sachet I got
from the old woman. I met her by
the road side begging for food. I
gave her money and some snack
I bought from a store. She
thanked me and when I was about driving on, she
me by hitting my car. She gave
me a sachet. I asked what it was
for and she smiled telling me I
would need it later. She said it’s
for destroying evil spirits and ghosts no matter how
they are. Then, I wondered what
I will have to do with evil spirit or
ghost. I received it and dropped
it in my bag thanking her.
Now I know what she meant be that. I took the
powder and
dropped it in my box with the
hope of giving it to john when
we get back together. I closed
my box and was dragging it
along with me. When I got to the door and was
about opening it, I
heard some footsteps behind me.
I stopped and swallowed hard
shaking in fear. I turned back
slowly to see if someone was
behind me. When I looked behind me, I could not
anyone. I faced front slowly and
to my greatest shock, I saw
Stephen standing before me. The
shock almost made me faint at
the sight of him. He smiled looking at me. “Go
away from me
now!”I yelled at him. I took the
black sachet from my box. My
body was trembling seriously
and the sachet fell down from
me. He smiled looking at me. I tried to scream but
he grabbed
my neck and squeezed it.
Sandra’s POV
I waited for long but could not
see Debbie. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from
where she said
to be her room. I quickly rushed
towards there but was not able
to find her room on time. Finally I
opened a door and what I saw
shocked me. I found Debbie in her own pool of
blood. Her face
was destroyed with sharp finger
marks. Her body was badly
injured with sharp paw marks.
Her blood streamed down like
water. When I saw this, I couldn’t hold in the fear
any longer so I
fainted out of shock.

Episode 29
John’s POV
When Stella and I waited for
Debbie and Sandra for so long, I
took my phone and dialed Debbie’s number but she 
was not picking
up. It rang for so long
but no one pick it. “What’s
happening? Why Is she not
picking up?”Stella asked looking
at me. “I don’t know. Let me get there now”I
replied and took my car key
from the couch heading
out. She followed me and we
both went to Debbie’s apartment.
When I got there, I saw the door
opened. I got to the living room and found Sandra’s
phone on the center
table. The house was so
quiet that I wondered what really
happened. I walked slowly
towards her room. When I got
there, I was so shocked by what I saw. When Stella
also got there and
looked inside, she opened
her mouth in shock. “Debbie!
Sandra! What really happened
here?”she asked crying. She
rushed to both of them calling there names. I was
just staring at them. I
don’t know what next to
do. It felt like a bad dream to me.
Stella was weeping while calling
there names.
“Stephen did it again?”I said in a low tone looking
at both of them. Few
minutes later, the ambulance
came to take them after I
reported the incident. Debbie was
badly injured with her body full
of blood. “Had I know, I won’t let her come for
what she wants to take. I
wonder what made her
risked her life for it like this”I
thought to myself regretting. As
they took them into the
ambulance, Stella was still crying. I followed them
to the hospital in the
ambulance. Just as they were
giving them first aids, Cassandra
opened her eyes and stood up.
“Debbie! Where’s Debbie”that
was her first statement. “Calm down. She’s in a
critical state right now.”
One of the nurse said
holding her.
When we got there, Debbie was
taken into the operation room.
While, Cassandra, Stella and I waited behind. I was
so sad and was
moving about looking
Stella’s POV
It was bad and heartbroken to see Debbie in that
state. I knew Stephen
was the one behind it.
When the operation took so long,
I got tired of waiting and headed
there. “I have to see her now. I
want to know what’s really happening”I said looking
at john. “But
you can’t. It would
make you cry more”he said
looking at me. Sandra was
staring at his mouth while
looking by each side looking for me. “I won’t. My
mind is not at peace. Let
me just go”I said and
disappeared. When I got to the
operation room, I saw as the
doctors were trying their best on
her. I moved closer and looked at her face
weeping. I bit my finger shaking
my head at her sight.
The doctors were trying their
best to save her life but it was all
When the machine drops to 00,they all gave up. I
started crying more.
“What happened to
her? Is she dead? Why are you
guys not doing anything?”I
asked them even though they
can’t hear my voice. I stood beside her crying
seriously. “Debbie you
can’t die also. Please
wake up. Am sorry for
everything. You’re like this
because of me. Please wake up
Debbie!”I screamed her name. I felt a light tap
behind me and I looked
back. To my surprise I
saw Debbie. “It’s not your fault.
It’s my fate to die today. I don’t
regret anything because I know
everything would be over soon. Stop weeping.”she
said looking at me.
“No! You can’t see me
because you’re not dead yet. You
have to stay alive to see Stephen
doom. Don’t die now. Please do
that for me as your best friend. Go back to life
you’re not suppose to be
here with me
please!!!”I said crying. She
nodded her head and walked
towards the bed her soul was
lying. She slept on it and her spirit disappeared.
“Her heart Is beating
again”a doctor said and
they all continue the operation. I
took a deep breath nodding my
head positively. “Yes. That’s how
it should be. You have to go back”I said looking at
her. :
John’s POV
We waited almost 2hours and the
operation was still going on. I
wonder what’s really happening.
After some minutes, the operation was over and the
doctor came out. I quickly rushed
to him “how was it? What will
happen to her?”I asked him. “Her
condition is very critical. She’s
between life and death. we tried our best but no
other option than
to fly her out of this country for
better treatment. Her rate of
survival is so thin. We have to do
that quickly or we’ll lose her.”the
doctor said looking at me. “OK. That would be
done soon. But
please she must not die”I said
looking at him.
Cassandra’s POV
My phone rang and I picked it. I saw Stephen’s
number and I
quickly picked it. “Hello”I said.
“Meet me at my place right
now!”he said in a loud voice. He
hung up the phone after her said
that. “I will be back. Stephen just called”I said
looking at john. He
nodded his head in response and
I left the hospital. When I got to
his house, he opened the door
and I walked in. “Why did you….”I’ve not
finish the statement before he landed a
thunderous slap on my face.
“Why are with Debbie today? I
wanted to kill you back there but
I thought of one thing. You’re an orphan!
With that, I hesitated”he said looking at me. I went
on my
kneels and started apologizing.
“Am so sorry. Debbie and I went
to her house because I want to
get something from her. Please believe
me. I’ll never do anything that’ll hurt you”I said with
face down. He moved closer to
me while I already closed my
eyes for him to do the worst. He
patted my head gently”I know you can’t
do anything to Hurt me. I trust you ok. Please let
my trust
in you be there”he said looking
at me. I took a breath of relieve
when I heard that.
: John’s POV
Stella came out and was standing beside me.
“Debbie is going to be
OK right?”she asked. “Yes. She’ll
definitely be alright”i replied
looking at her. “Why does Stephen keep
hurting people
around me. This is too much for me to bare. What
should we
do?”she asked looking at me.
“That guy is so evil. I regretted
ever being his blood. I can’t take this pain
any longer”I said
looking at Stella. I left her side and went out of the
hospital. She
followed me behind wondering
what am up to. Because I left my
car at Debbie’s house, I took a taxi and
headed to Stephen’s
place. When I got there, I paid the taxi
man and headed towards his
I pressed on the bell and the door was
opened by Stephen.
The look on his face was like, why-are-you-her
e? “Hy Bro. Why are you here? I
was so surprise to see you here
for the first time”he said looking at me.
“Why did you do that to
her?”I asked, looking at me. “What are you talking
asked acting innocent. “Stop
putting on a show. Why did you
do that to the innocent Debbie?”I
repeated looking at her. “Why
did you think it’s me? Do you have any evidence for
asked smiling.
The smile makes me more
irritated and angry. I could Not hold in my
anger any longer that
I punched his face and that left a cut at the corner
of his lips.

Episode 30
He looked at me and wiped the
blood off from the corner of his
lips with his finger. “You’re sure a
funny type. How can you come to my house and
pick up a fight with me for
no reason?”he asked
looking at me. “You’re a beast!
You don’t worth living on earth.
All your evil deeds will be
revealed soon. I’ll make sure of that.”I said looking
at him. “Really? Wow,
you’re so
amusing.”he said looking at me.
He moved closer to my ear
smiling. “Go ahead and do that.
Let’s see what you’ve got. When you have the
evidence, come back to
me”he said. I tighten my
fist getting more angry. He
looked at me smiling. “You this
monster! I’ll make sure I be the
one to rip out your black evil heart. I’ll get revenge
for what you and
your witch mother did to
my mum.”I said looking at him.
I got out of his house and
headed home still angry.
: Debbie’s parent were informed about
their daughter’s condition.
After they took Debbie out of the
country, the police began
investigation on the incident.
Evidence was not found because am sure Stephen
would have took care of
it. They continue the
investigation on the case but the
culprit was not found.
Sandra’s POV I was sitting opposite to stephen in
office. He brought out a
black sachet from his drawer and
showed it to me. “This dropped
from Debbie. She tried to use this
on me when I was with her. This is for destroying
evil spirits and ghosts. I
wonder where she got
it from.”he said looking at it.
“Really? You mean this can
destroy evil spirits?”I asked in
surprise. I now know why Debbie was so desperate
to get this from
her house. She planned
to use it on Stephen?”I thought
to myself staring at it. “But so bad
this can’t work on me like that.
Am so powerful than this. It can work only if one
thing is added to it”he
said looking at me. “I
wonder what that could be but I
don’t want to ask him too much
of questions not to looks
suspicious. “That only one thing that could be
added to this to make it
work one me is….. I can’t
tell you about that. It’s a secret
within me.”he said looking at me.
He never tell me about it and I
didn’t ask him. : John’s POV
After I closed from work, I went
home. When I got home and
entered my room, I saw Stella
moving about. I was so scared
when I first saw her. I thought it was an evil
ghost.”What are you
doing here?”I asked her. “I just
got In. I feel like seeing your
room when you were absent. I
didn’t know you’ll come back
early”she replied looking at me. I moved to the
shelf where she
was standing and quickly picked
the wrist chain up. I forgot to put
it back into the drawer this
morning. She looked at me
smiling. “Don’t worry I saw it already.”she said
“Really?”i asked and then closed
the box and dropped it in my
drawer closing it back.
She turned to me making a
serious face. “But.. That looks familiar.”she said.
“Have we met
before?”she asked staring at me.
I was so confused of answer I
suppose to say to the question.
“Do you remember anything?”I
asked her. “I have a feeling like we’ve met
before”she said
looking confused.
“I don’t think so”I said and took
off my suit. I heard out while she
followed me. When I got to the
living room, I heard someone pressing on the bell
and I went to
check who’s at the door.
Cassandra’s POV
After we closed from work, I
visited john and Stella. I think it’s time to let them
know Stella is not
dead yet but in coma.
When I got to John’s house, I
explained all what Stephen told
me. “So you mean only one thing
could be added to the black powder to make it
work? But
what is it?”he asked looking at
me. “Yes. But I have no idea what
it could be”I said. “We’ll find that
out. We must find it out”he said
looking at me. “And I have something to tell you
guys.”I said
looking at john and looking
beside him not knowing where
Stella could be. “What’s that?”he
asked looking at me..
. .
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