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Episode 25
“What do you mean by that?”he
asked looking at me. “I mean,
you don’t care to know the
reason behind you mum’s death.
Do you think it’s natural. If you want want to know
from me then
listen and if you choose not to,
then go your way. Am only doing
this because of my sister. I want
to pay back for what I had done
to her. If you chose not to believe me you can do it
your own way”i
said looking at him. I turned to
leave but he stopped me. “Give
me a good reason for me to
believe you’re not deceiving
us”he said. “Because am Michael Cassandra. You’re
not the only
one he hurt, am also a victim”I
said looking at him.
Stella’s POV
When she said she’s micheal Cassandra, I was so
surprised. I
had been wondering where I
know the face because when I
first set my eyes on her, I had this
strange feeling.
I remembered when we were still together. How we
played, laugh
and go to school together.
Then I remembered the day we
were looking for her at a park we
went. We were shouting her
name especially me. I had started crying while
mum held my hand
and we continue looking for her.
“Cassandra!”the name came out
of my mouth while john looked
back at me with an unknown
expression. He was not able to ask me
anything because he thought he
would look crazy to Cassandra
who will think he’s talking to
: Two days later……
Jenny had recovered but the
wound was not fully healed yet.
She was discharged from the
hospital and was taken home by
her mother. John and I also went home after
Jenny’s mum thanked
him so much for his support.
We left the hospital and went
Cassandra had promised to work
with us just to bring Stephen down. I told john
about my
memory and the fact that
Cassandra is my sister. She
knows about me but was not
able to see me.
“Now we know that you mean no harm, we can trust
you and
depend on one another”john
said looking at her. “Yes”she
replied. “So you mean you know
who was behind my mum’s
death? Can you tell me. now, I can believe
everything you
say”john said.
She was silent for a while staring
at john. “Who’s it? Let me know
now”he said looking impatient.
Just as Cassandra was about to talk, her phone
rang and she
took it. “Hello?”
“Alright”that was all her respond
to the caller. She took her bag
and stood up. “Sorry that would
be another day. Because it’s a long story. Stephen
just called for
me. I need to go now”she said
looking at john.
Stephen’s POV
When Cassandra got to me, she was not looking
that good. I
suspect something is wrong.
“Why is your mood like this?”I
asked her. “It’s nothing. I just feel
a bit sick”she replied. “Will you
go to the hospital? Is it much?”I asked. “Why did
you call me
here?”she asked looking at me.
I noticed she had been acting
strange and quiet these days. I
wondered why she’s like that.
“Yes I called for you. Sorry to tell you this, I had
searched for your
family which you asked me to do
for you. But it’s so sad and
heartbroken I found out they
had all died in a motor accident.
Only you survived the accident. So sorry to break
down the sad
news to you”I said looking at
her. I brought out some pictures
and documents I asked Mathew
to get and showed it to her. It
was another family picture who all died three years
ago In a
serious motor accident. When I
gave it to her, she nodded her
head positively without saying a
word or two. She gave them back
to me staring at me strangely. “That’s so bad”she
said looking
at me.
“Is that all you could say?”I
asked her. She didn’t react to it or
start crying or do as if it hurts her.
“That’s so painful but what can I do? They’re gone.
So sad”she
said covering her face with both
I took a deep breath and my
body was relieved.
: Cassandra’s POV
I covered my face because I can’t
stand to see the sight of that
beast Stephen anymore. I cried a
little at least for the family that lost
their lives. And for him not to suspect me.
I left his place and was heading
back. I thought of going to Stella
at my Foster family’s place. Just to
check on her health. And to visit
them because it had been long. I got into my car
and headed
Stephen’s POV
After she left, I thought of what
she had been up to these days because she was
acting strange.
“Is she keeping anything from
me?”I asked myself. I took my
car key and also headed out to
find out about what she’s up to. I
saw her car as she zoomed out of the compound. I
also got into my
car and followed her but let the
distance between us be a little far
so that she won’t notice am
following her. She turned to the
left at a junction. “Where on earth is this girl going
to?”I asked
myself and also turned left.



Episode 26
Cassandra’s POV
As I was driving down towards
the place, my phone rang and I
took it. “Hello Sandra”john said on phone. “Hello.
Is anything the
problem?”I asked. “Please come
back to my place. I just have one
thing to ask you. I can’t say it on
phone. I need to ask from you
right now. Please we need to see”he said sounding
desperate. “I’ll
come back to you later when
am back. I need to get to
somewhere right now. I can’t see
you until am back. I’ll be back by
5:pm, you just have to wait till then”I said. “I can’t
just keep this in mind
till then. We need to see
face to face on this issue. Can’t
you even do that for me?”he
asked. “Am so sorry. The place
am heading to is so important. Please pardon me”I
replied and hung up.
I have not let them know about
Stella. I still kept that a secret
because of her safety. I continue
driving but thought of what he
want to ask me, to make him this serious about it. I
thought for a
while wondering whats going on
with him. “Oh God! I already told
them am on my way. Should I go
back again?”I said feeling bad. I
got to a junction and made a Uturn back heading to
his place.
Stephen’s POV
When she got to a junction and
made a Uturn heading back
home, I thought of what she was doing. “Why is
this girl driving
like this? Is she just driving and
turning for fun? Was it because of
the news I broke to her?”I
thought to myself. My phone
rang and I took it. They called because of an urgent
meeting. I
told them am on my way and
quickly turned the opposite way
she took and headed to the
meeting I was called for.
: John’s POV I and Stella were in the living
room. When Sandra told me she’s
not coming, I kept pondering
over the matter. Few minutes
later, she had arrived. She walked
towards us and I quickly met at before she could
get to us.
“What’s so serious you want to
ask that makes you call me back
here?”she asked looking at me.
“Please you need to tell me the truth. We
can’t keep things for each other anymore right?” I
asked looking at her. “Yes. I
know that”she replied looking at
me. “Was Stephen the one behind
my mum’s death?”I asked her straight.
She was silent for a while and that got me feeling
impatient. “Answer me!”I
shouted holding her shoulders.
“Stephen was not the one that
really killed your mum”she replied looking
at me. “Then who? Who did it?”I asked waiting
for her to talk.
Debbie’s POV
Today is my friend memorial day. I
dressed in black outfit and was holding some
flowers in my
hand. I looked at her grave and
saw many kind of flowers. Seems
like her family just left. I dropped
mine on her grave also and did the
normal ritual while kneeling on the ground. I stood
up still
looking down at her grave. “We
promised to fight for each other.
We promised to to die for each
other right?. And now I promise to punish
all who are behind your death and bring them all to
shame”I said looking at the
After I left her graveyard, I
headed to Stephen’s house because he
told me he’s home a while ago. And I also have a
to ask him. And the reason why
he didn’t attend Stella’s memorial
when I got to his place, I packed
my car at the garage and walked towards
his building. I got to the door and unlocked it
because I
know his password. When I got
in, I didn’t meet anyone inside. So
I guess he would be inside his
room. I tried opening his door but it was
locked with password. I guess he’s not home. I
to myself and was about leaving.
When i got to the living room, I
stopped and wondered why he
even locked his room with password.
Definitely there’s something suspicious in his
room. I went to the window to
check the environment. When I
saw no one was there, I went
back to his door. I tried the pin he used
for his main door but it was not working. So I tried
another one still the same. I
thought of what he would have
used. Then I used Stella’s birth
date. It unlocked and I was surprised he
used her birthday for his password. I opened the
door slowly and walked in. I
looked around his room in
amazement. This would be my
first time of entering his room. His room
looks strange. I saw some pictures on the wall.
Some were
cross in a red ink. I moved closer
to it. And saw Stella’s picture. “My
love Stella. Died on
18-5-2015.”this was written in red ink at
the bottom of the picture. I ignored that and started
checking everywhere maybe I
would find any other suspicious
stuff. I opened his drawer and
checked but can’t find anything. I opened
the second one and found something mysterious.
Something wrapped in a black
napkin. I loosed the napkin and
brought out what was inside.
“What in the world is this?”I said
trembling in fear. It was a sharp pointed dagger and
the picture
of Stella destroyed with a shark
object. I saw a small book under
where I took the napkin and
brought it out. I opened it and started
reading. It looks Like a diary.
“I killed Elizabeth because she
knows my true identity. I don’t
mean to but she vowed to reveal
it to the world.”the first page was written
like that with the picture of a pretty girl. “Stephen
someone?”I said covering my
mouth in shock. I opened the
second page then the third page.
I then thought If what am guessing about
him killing Stella was right, I would see her here
also. I started opening the cover
from page to page until I got to
Stella’s part. My heart was beating
very fast as if it would jump out of my
chest. I can’t believe he really killed his ex-grlfriend
When I read the whole content of
it, tears were streaming down my
cheek while my body was
trembling in fear. I brought out my phone
and snapped it all. Then forward them to john. I
packed everything and put them
back in his drawer. Just as I
stood up still shaking in fear, I
heard the sound of the buttons as if
someone is unlocking the door. My eyes were
opened as I heard the voice if
Stephen. I stood still trembling in

Episode 27
I quickly took my hand bag and
walked to the door. When I got
to the door, I opened it gently
but couldn’t find anyone at the door. I heard him
talking to someone on
phone in the living
room. I tiptoed and got out of his
room closing the door gently. I
walked towards the visitor toilet
to hide there till he’ll be out again or go to his
room. I don’t want him to
know I came to his house.
That might put me in trouble also.
I stood in the visitor toilet
trembling and weeping. I
thought of what I read In the book and that bring
more tears to my
face. “Stephen why? Why
did you guys do that?”I asked
crying while covering my mouth
with both hand to stop me from
crying out. : John’s POV
When I asked Cassandra who
killed my mum, she was staring at
me not replying. “Your silence is
killing me. Please just tell me
already”I said looking at her. “Your mum was
by….”she stopped and a message
notification came into my phone.
I saw Debbie’s number and
quickly unlocked my phone. I
saw the pictures she sent and started reading the
content out.
“April 18 2015, I killed Stella
because she saw what she was
not suppose to see. I didn’t kill
jane(John’s mother) but her
death was a mistake from my mother. My mum
called Jane for a
visit at her place just because she
told her she have something to
say to her. But that’s not the truth
she called her for a reason. She
threatened her to reject father’s offer of wanting him
to live with
her. John’s mum was favored a
lot by father and this got my mum
jealous. Because of that, my
mum’s hatred for her grew
stronger. When she told her to reject the offer, Jane
refused to
hear her. Arguments arises
between both of them. My mum
slapped her and hit her multiple
times. She defended herself also
by retaliating the slap back to my mum. In anger,
my mum hit and
pushed her. This made her hit her
head at the pillar behind her and
passed away immediately. My
mum started trembling in fear
and called me when she saw blood. She told me
that happened between them
and I told her not to worry about
it. When I got there, I calmed her
down. When I checked and
found out Jane had stopped breathing, I took her to
my car
and told my mum not to mention
this to anyone. When I drove her
to a bridge, I asked my mum to
bring her car just to make the
accident real. When she brought it, she took a taxi
and went back
home. I placed her body on the
driver seat. Just as I was about to
start the engine, she opened her
eyes looking at me. If I had taken
her to the hospital, she would have survived but will
everything to the police and
would put my mum and I in big
trouble. “You guys can’t do this
to me”she said in a weak voice. I
ignored her and started the engine then removed the
stone I
placed on the break pedal. The
car moved by itself and hit the
bridge then down into the river. I
closed my eyes as this happened.
I paced at the spot the car hit for a while then I
looked behind me
and noticed someone was hiding
behind my car. I opened the door
quietly and brought out a sharp
dagger with the aim of killing
whosoever saw me. When I got there, I saw it was
Stella. I was so
surprised she was the one who
saw all what I just did. It was so
painful it was her and not
another person. I never mean to
hurt the girl I love but I can’t let her go. Because of
my future and
for my mum’s safety. Stella tried
to run away from me but I caught
her. She pleaded me to spare her
but it was too late. I stabbed her
with the dagger and threw her into the river also…..
That was how Stella and Jane
died the same day.
John’s POV
When I finished reading this, my phone dropped
from me in
shock. I bent down on my kneel
covering my face while tears
dropped from my eyes. “How
could you guys do this to my
poor mother? Why? How could you?”I said crying.
and Stella came beside me and
were comforting me. “Take heart
dear. It’s so painful but you have
to take heart”Sandra said patting
my back. I stood up on my feet and faced
Cassandra. “I can’t take this
anymore. That beast don’t worth
living on earth and breathing the
same air with we humans. I will
destroy him myself today”I said and
headed out. Stella and Cassandra kept calling my
but the anger and revenge in me
does not make me answer or go
back to them.
. .
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