I Married The Prince Of Darkness
Chapter 2
I awoke to an awful stench that smelled of rotting
decay, like old meat or metallic-like stale blood.
Either way, it was disgusting and made me
nauseous. I had been unconscious, but for how long
I wasn't sure. The last thing I remembered was
being in the bathroom at the club, after that it was
all blank. I was now in this very cold, dark room
and it was extremely damp in here too. My head
was pounding like I'd been hit really hard, yet I had
no recollection of hitting my head at all.
“What a way to end my birthday," I muttered to
'Where am I? Is it still night time, or have I missed
the rest of the night all together?' I wondered.
HELL AM I!?” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I
was hoping that somebody would hear me, but I
was met with silence. 'Am I alone here, or are there
other people being kept here as well?' I thought.
I could hear rustling and scratching noises in the
darkness, but I couldn't see where they were coming
from. This place was starting to scare me.
I sat huddled in a ball, cold and alone in the dark
for what seemed like forever. Finally the silence
was broken by the sound of approaching footsteps.
My heart started racing faster with each approaching
footstep, the beats were so loud that I couldn't hear
myself think.
“Is someone there?” I whispered. Not surprised that
an answer didn't came out of the blackness.
“I need to know why I'm here, why have you locked
me up? For crying out loud it's my birthday and all I
wanted to do was celebrate.” I whispered into the
darkness hoping for an answer.
The sound of the footsteps finally stopped, all I
could hear was a deadly silence and the click of a
light switch. Light suddenly stretched from under
the door, lighting a path to my freedom. My feet
made their way towards the door and before I knew
it I started banging and kicking on the door.
DOING THIS!?” I screamed as huge tears were
streaming down my cheeks.
“Move back and shut the hell up before I make
you!” an angry voice growled through the door.
The lock on the door started to move accompanied
by the sound of keys jingling. I scampered back
into the dark corner of the room to hide, hoping I
would not be noticed. Holding my breath, I huddled
to the ground, frozen in place and waited.
“There's no use in trying to hide," a deep voice
announced as the door opened.
The sudden bright light caused my eyes to water
and I shut them tightly. Forcing them to open, I
struggled to see past the light, to the dark figure
standing in the doorway.

Chapter 3
The figure stalked into the room and calmly said, “I
can hear you, smell you and see exactly where you
Waves of fear and panic rolled over me, as I
pressed myself further into the wall hoping to
disappear. My head snapped up when I suddenly
realized that I had heard that voice before. My mind
raced frantically trying to remember where, as the
figure menacingly made it's way towards me. My
vision began to shimmer and become blurry as my
eyes filled with tears. My heart felt like it was going
to burst out of my chest in fear.
“Stand up! Stop being so pathetic!” the figure
angrily spat at me.
I slowly stood, clutching the wall for support. I was
afraid my shaking legs would give out and send me
crumbling back to the dirty floor. I was absolutely
petrified and all alone.
“Who are you? Why am I here? Please just let me
go home," I pleaded with the stranger in front of
“You're not going anywhere! Don't plead or beg with
me, it's pathetic!” my kidnapper sneered.
As soon as the figure began to walk closer to me
and stopped to stand in front of me, I knew
instantly who was doing this to me. It was the
hottest guy I'd ever seen in my life, the one who I
had danced with at the club.
“Casper!” I whispered in total shock.
“Do not speak my name! You have no right to say
it!" he spat at me as he started to walk in circles.
He seemed to be in deep thought, so I slowly
edged towards the open door. Each time he moved
I instantly froze, hoping he wouldn't realize I was
getting closer to the door. I realized my only
chance at escaping was if I made a break for it.
Gathering up as much confidence as I had left, I
decided it was time to try to escape. While
Casper's back was facing me I raced out of the
door, darting left and running up the stairs before
me. At the top I glanced back breathing a small
sigh of relief. I didn't see him, so I pushed open
the door and raced to the right heading down a
hallway. Finally, I felt like I might be free from this
horrible nightmare, when suddenly I was slammed
into the ground.
“OUCH!” I screamed in pain. I was rolled over
roughly so that I looked right into Casper's glaring
eyes. He pinned me roughly to the ground,
squeezing my arms at my sides. My head started to
spin as I felt a warm trickle down the side of my
face. Casper's eyes darkened, he looked entranced.
I watched his face move towards mine.
I froze in shock, I couldn't believe that he was about
to kiss me. Instead, I felt the worst pain I've ever
felt as Casper bit into my neck.
I wanted to scream and ask why he was biting me.
He continued to suck, and after what seemed like
hours he finally pulled back from my neck. I
glanced up at him, all I saw were two unaturally
sharp teeth breaking through a satisfied smirk. The
teeth were covered in something that began to drip
down onto me. I realized that it was my own blood,
and darkness overcame me.
When I awoke I wasn't back in my dark, damp
prison, much to my surprise. Looking around I saw
that I was in a huge room. The walls were painted
a deep navy blue, with a few paintings decorating
them. I could tell there were two huge picture
windows on the right side of the room, but there
were huge black curtains that went to the floor
covering them. I then realized that I was laying in
the middle of an enormous four poster bed with
light blue satin sheets. On the right hand side of the
bed there was a dark wood stained night stand, and
in the corner of the room to the right of the
windows, sat a desk that matched the night stand.
As I looked directly in front of the bed a large
plasma screen took up the majority of the wall. On
the left side of the room there was a door that I
assumed led to a bathroom and on the right next to
the door was a closet.