Chapter 4
“I have to be in Casper's room," I muttered. 'I really
need to stop talking to myself' I thought as I
slipped out of the bed and walked towards the
window. Pushing open the curtains, I looked down.
I realized that it held no escape, but rather a ten
foot drop.
“I'd break my legs, if I didn't kill myself," whispered
in disappointment.
“Yes, you would," A voice answered from behind
I nearly jumped out of my skin with fright. It was
Casper! I could smell him as he walked further into
the room.
That's odd. Why can I smell him?
Suddenly images of what happened flashed through
my head, I reached for my neck feeling for marks.
My neck felt as though nothing had happened.
“What are you looking for?” Casper asked with a
I just stood there, staring at his bright green eyes,
as they glared straight back at me. I felt a sharp
sting across my left cheek. Casper had struck me.
screamed at him.
No sooner had the words left my mouth, Casper
struck me again leaving a sharp burning sensation
across my already tender cheek.
“Don't you dare speak to me like that! When I ask
you a question, you will answer it straight away!” he
spat angrily at me.
“I'm sorry, I won't do it again. Please don't hit me
again," I tried to reply calmly. Instead it came out
as barely a whisper.
“Answer my question, why were you holding your
“Because you bit me," I whispered.
“You're joking right? You seriously think I bit you?”
he asked as he laughed at me.
I didn't hesitate this time, I didn't want to be hit
“Yes, I remember your mouth covered in my blood
and your two sharp teeth. They dripped with my
blood. What are you?!” I nearly shouted at him.
“I'm human, how could you think otherwise?”
“Because you looked so hungry and you bit my
neck!” I shouted
Then it hit me. All those stories I heard growing up
as a child about creatures like this. Casper. He was
one of them. That was impossible, he couldn't be!
There had to be some other explanation. Vampires
don't exist!
“I'd think that too,” he sneered at me.
“I didn't say anything.” I replied.
“No, but you thought it.” he answered.
How the hell did he do that? So many things just
don't add up! Then again, he drinks blood, has
sharp teeth and he said he could smell and hear
me, as well as being able to see me when I was in
that dark room. Now he can hear my thoughts. It all
added up to one thing.
“YOU'RE A VAMPIRE!” I screamed at him.
“Wow! It really takes a genius to work that out," he
“Let me go! Please let me go home. I don't want to
be here!” I yelled as the tears ran down my cheeks.
“What did I say? Do not plead with me!” he growled
at me.
I fell to the ground pulling my knees to my chest,
while I started to sob. I want my parents, my
brother and my friends. How could they let this
happen to me?
“Stand up!” Casper growled at me again.
Slowly I stood, my whole body was trembling. I
can't stay here with a Vampire, and where exactly is
“It's time to have a little fun," Casper said with a
“What do you want me to do?” I asked. I was afraid
to say anything else, in case he tried to hit me or
drink from me. I was sure he could probably kill me
with no effort at all.
“Clean my room, I want it spotless! You have
twenty minutes. Then I'll be back to check," he
ordered. He stalked out of the room, slamming and
then locking the door behind him.
''Great! That's just great!'' I muttered. I started
picking up clothes off the floor and placing them in
a basket I found in the bathroom. I had no vacuum
or cleaning products and time was ticking by
quickly. I only had five minutes left, then he would
be back and I didn't think he was the type to be
Just as I was finishing making the bed, the door
suddenly opened. My heart jumped into my throat.
“Well, well, well. Now this doesn't look spotless to
me. Does it look spotless to you?”
“I'm sorry but I didn't have any cleaning products or
a vacuum. I couldn't do any better."
Suddenly he started walking towards me and I
closed my eyes as tight as I could. It felt like my
ribcage shattered as he slammed his fist into my
right side. I slumped to the ground, crying and
gasping to breathe. I tried to yell at him to stop, but
it seemed to make him angrier. He kept kicking me
and I heard my ribs beginning to snap.
Each time I tried to stand or crawl away, he would
kick me harder. Finally I gave up, I realized this
was how I was going to die. I had lost track of how
many times he had kicked me.
“GET UP NOW!” he screamed.
I tried to stand, but couldn't manage it. My whole
body was throbbing and aching. I wasn't able to
breathe properly through my broken ribs. I managed
to get on all fours and tried to push myself up.
“I SAID GET THE FUCK UP NOW!” He screamed at
me as he stalked towards me again.
Suddenly his foot shot out and struck me in the
face, and I felt my nose crush. I could feel blood
start to run down my face and my eyes glaze over
with tears. I wanted to scream, but I managed to
hold it in. I silently prayed, “Please, just let me die.
I can't take this anymore”...
That's the last thing I remember before my vision
went blurry and everything went black.
Chapter 5
Two days had passed and I awoke to find myself
covered from head to toe with bruises and cuts. I
wasn't sure but my ribs felt broken, it hurt just to
breathe. My nose was a complete mess, it was
twisted, bruised and swollen. I had black bruising
under my eyes and an ugly deep cut going down
my cheek bone to my jaw.
“Please let me go," I whispered.
All I wanted was to go home to my family and
friends, surely they were looking for me. I lay on the
bed afraid to move from the pain and realized I was
stuck in a house alone with a dangerous Vampire.
About thirty minutes later, the door quietly started
to open. I pulled the blanket over my head and
pretended to be asleep.
“Miss, I know you're not asleep," said a girl.
Slowly I lifted the blanket from my head to see a
very beautiful woman. She seemed to be in her
early twenties, with long blonde hair and a slim
build. Her face was a soft oval shape and was free
of any blemishes. She slowly moved towards me
and I noticed that her eyes were as blue as the sky
on a bright sunny day. Never had I seen eyes so
blue. They were beyond beautiful and only added to
her already exquisite beauty.
“I brought you something to eat and drink," she
said. She then placed the tray on the nightstand
beside the bed.
I struggled to sit up, but the pain was too much.
Thankfully, before I laid down again, she gently
helped me into a sitting position.
“Thank you." I smiled.
“You're welcome," she replied
“Who are you?”
“I'm Sapphire, Casper's sister," she replied, with a
'Sister? Oh shit, she's a Vampire as well!' I thought,
trying not to let my fear show.
“Please, don't be afraid of me. I am nothing like my
brother,"' Sapphire tried to reassure me.
“You're a Vampire, you're exactly like him. How can
you not be a monster like him?!” I spat.
She looked at me with a hurt look on her face as
she replied, “I'd never hurt another person.”
“Then please, let me go home," I begged.
“I'm sorry, but I can't disobey my brother or I'll be
staked," she replied sadly.
'How could he threaten his own sister like that?' I
wondered as I picked up the cup of tea from the
bedside table. As I took a sip, I smiled as it was
still nice and hot. It tasted really sweet, I'd never
had tea like this before.
“What kind of tea is this?”
“It's a special kind. For now, eat and rest up while I
go and find some clothes for you." She then closed
the door behind her and was gone .