(Season 2).
Episode 16
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
Both she and Kushi held the pot in their arms tightly and wrapped it with a small red transparent cloth.
'' Tomorrow is fasting day Kushi,and people are preparing for it tomorrow ''.
'' So that means,if we take the pot to the priest this evening, no one will notice ''.
'' Exactly. Now,keep this in the wardrobe, as soon is it is 9pm,we shall sneak out of the palace ''.
'' But is that not too late? ''.
'' That is the only time people won't notice that we are not in the palace. We have no choice ''.
(Kushi took the pot and placed it in the wardrobe. Rishi sat in the bee,looking exhausted. Kushi went closer to and sat besides her).
'' Are you okay? ''.
'' I will be ''.
'' Will you fast for Majid tomorrow? ''.
'' Yes...I will only fo it for the sake of his safety. Now that he has brought that witch back ''.
'' Well...that is the only purpose of the fasting. Be strong Rishi. After all,your baby should be your top priority now...not Majid ''.
'' Yes. My baby. Oh goodness Kushi,I haven't expressed it ye...but I am very happy that I am carrying a little human in me. Do you know how it feels now? ''. And I am not going to let Majid's anger drive me to punish this beautiful soul in me. If he doesn't care about our baby..I do. And if he wants nothing to do with the baby,I do. And I will love him or her ''.
'' That is the spirit sister. We won't let anything stand in our way ''.
(The King's chamber).
He sat on his bed,holding a small portrait of Queen Meerah in his hands and the pit which contained her ashes of twenty five years ago. His eyes were wet from tears and he heard his chamber door opened. He quickly wiped his tears away and placed the portrait aside as Queen mother entered and stood a distance from him,starring at him in sadness. She knew exactly what he was doing and she knew her son too well. He hated people to see him weak and vulnerable. He was the almighty King Shakher Samrat of Ujani kingdom and the fearless warrior all the kingdoms feared. She walked closer and sat besides him and he cleared his throat.
'' What is it mother? ''.
'' Don't hide your tears is okay to cry whiles am here. I am your mother after all ''.
'' I have cried enough mother. And Meerah is not coming back so I better accept it already ''.
'' But you can't. After twenty five years. She was the love of your life ''.
'' She still is the love of my life. And I have never looked at any other woman the same way. I have trier all I could to get over her death....but I just can't ''.
'' I know. She was my favourite. Even Sheena has not being able to take her place in our lives. And seeing Majid everyday...makes me thing I am seeing her. I don't think Majid would be this way if she was alive ''.
'' Yes. Meerah might have being a good and quiet woman. But she was a number one disciplinarian. And Majid only looks like her,but he never became like her ''.
'' What would we do with the foreigner? ''.
'' You heard Majid, didn't you? He would go back to London if we kicked the foreigner out. And so we don't have a choice but to keep her ''.
'' I don't like her one bit. And I feel she is going to turn out to be a second Queen Do....
'' Queen what mother? Mother, what is going on? Are you hiding things from me? ''
'' Shakher, you will not understand. But I promise, once we have enough evidence, you will know ''.
'' Evidence of what? Are you talking about Queen Dorah? ''.
(Queen mother faked a laugh and got to her feet).
'' Shakher, now that the Jhansi family are here,when are you planning to question King Siamak about the water poisoning? ''.
'' After the wedding ''.
'' Do you think that is right? I think you should tell him now. Letting Faruk marry his daughter before confronting him will be a disaster. What if he wants to take his daughter back? ''.
'' Well mother,that will be a disgrace to us. And I wouldn't allow that. If Siamak is sensible enough,he would talk to me nicely about the poison when I ask him. Else,then he will be calling for war ''.
'' Oh! Are you ready for a war? You are too old now Shakher. And Faruk, he has o proper training. Not of talk of Majid who knows nothing at all ''.
'' Practice makes man perfect mother. Majid and Faruk will start learning from the royal school of warriors. Especially Majid, who is the future king. He has to learn more because the kings is the one who leads his soldiers to war. And if he doesn't train,how will he save his kingdom in the future ''.
'' I don't want any war. Everyone enjoys peace Shakher. Please talk to Siamak in a sensible way so that you two will solve this in a nice and diplomatic way...okay? ''.
'' I will see to that mother. I will. Because as far as I know,it is the people if Ujani who are suffering from this poison, not the Jhansis. So I will say this nicely for him to check his people and scoop out the culprit ''.
'' Good ''.
(Royal Guest rooms).
In front of the guest room,Queen Salma handed a medium sack of gold coins to one masculine guard. He bowed down and left. Queen Salma retreated back into the room and closer the door. She went closer to her husband who layed on the bed with a book of royalty in his hands. Queen Salma removed her jewelries and placed them in one of the drawers and sat on the ebed as well.
'' Who were you talking to out there? ''.
'' A guard..he was sent by Queen Dorah ''.
'' And what business do you have with her? ''.
'' What business? She is Faruk's mother remember? The boy who will become our daughter's husband in just a week's time? ''.
'' Hmmm...if you say so. Is that all,what did she want? ''.
'' She sent the guard to ask for permission so Ragah could spend some time with Faruk to get to know themselves well ''.
'' Why does she need permission? ''.
'' Well.. Wee...
'' Don't lie to me Salma. What is really going on? ''.
'' Oh Siamak enough! I am not doing anything wrong. Besides, what you should be worried about most if the fact that people are talking here and there. About the poison in Ujani's water bodies ''.
'' How does that concern me? ''.
'' Oh it must. The water which first got infected was the one that separated Ujani from you know what that means? ''.
'' Where are you going with this? ''. He sat up,looking concerned.
'' My you know that it is possible that they suspect us? ''.
'' How can they? Shakher knows that,if he is going to he an enemy,it surely won't be the people of Jhansi. And if he suspected, he would have confronted me already. And I would be very disappointed if he did that. All he Kings looks up to him. If he accuses me in any way,do you know the kind of embarrassment I would go through? ''.
'' Well,I hope you keep in mind...that if Shakher should accuse you,all the support you get from the rest of the thirty two kingdom, including Ujani will stop. And our kingdom would suffer. I am your wife and I always give you advice. Give this a thought ''.
'' What do you expect me to do? ''.
'' I am not saying you should call for war. But if you were king of Ujani, you would have being much more respected and taken into account. And you would be the one people would be begging for support ''. She said and got to her feet. '' But no,you always had to be under the shadow of Shakher, and now,they are suspecting you are the wicked monk who poisoned their water ''.
(She said and went straight into the bathroom and Siamak entered into a very deep evil thought).
(In the mountains=Greatest Ujani Shrine).
Bhavna arrived in the temple with thee priests. She had completely changed now. She was in an all white saree and a tight veil was used to cover her baldness as her hair was shaved off. Her eyes were red from tears and she wa led by the priests to be introduced to the great priest. She bowed down and touched his feet with both hands and the priest was greatly impressed. And she was taken to join widows in the mountains.
(In the evening=In the palace=Prince Majid's chamber).
It was a late as it was impossible to hear a single noise in the palace. Majid layed on his bed,far asleep. Darkness emerged in the room and possessed him as fast as possible. His eyes opened and it was black as the evil knight and an eclipse. He sat up straight and he looked evil. He was shirtless and only has pyjamas on. He got to his feet like a robot and the colour of his eyes kept changing. Then it finally turned to normal. He walked out of his chamber in a haste.
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
Both Rishi and Kushi dressed up simply and wore veils on their faces. Kushi opened the wardrobe and took out the pot and wrapped it in her arms.
'' Rishi, are you sure of this? ''.
'' Yes. It is time to get this over with. Now,when we get down from the building,we will pass behind the trees and sneak into the palace fields and leave through the other door ''.
'' What if there are guards? ''.
'' We will just make something up or find a way. But no matter what happens tonight Kushi, we must take this pot to priest Chanakher and solve the mystery ''.
'' Let's hurry...would we go alone? ''.
'' Of course! We can't trust anyone right now Kushi. Until we know why Queen Dorah is interested in this pot and why it shook in your hands ''.
'' Right...everything is ready in the bag. Lantern, water and ten gold coins ''.
'' Let me hold that. You hold the pot ''.
(She took the bag from Kushi and they both walked to the door. Rishi opened and stepped out, followed by Kushi. She slowly closed the door and they both faced each other and nodded. As soon as they stood side by side and turned to leave, there he stood,starring at them with a murderous look. Rishi panicked and the bag in her hand fell. Kushi looked at her in shock and her hands shook so fast as she held the pot tighter than ever. Majid started walking closer and Rishi forced to keep her composure. He reached in front of her and looked down at her in a deep hatred).
'' Majid, what are you doing here? ''. She asked in a shaking voice.
'' What are you still doing in my palace? ''. His voice sounded a lot heavier and louder, then Rishi realised something was wrong.
'' Majid... Are you okay? Do you have a cold? ''. She tried touching his face but he hit her hand away and she groaned in pain.
'' Get out... I don't want to see you! Leave the palace ''.
'' What?! Majid...what are you saying? I am pregnant for goodness sake! ''.
(He grabbed hold of her right hand and started walking her to the chamber).
'' I don't want anything to do with you or that snake in you. Cindy is my wife now,you scheming witch! ''.
'' Majid.. Majid please... Stop... You are hurting me please...
'' Prince Majid please stop. You will hurt the baby ''. Kushi pleaded while she followed them with the pot in her hands.
(They got to the chamber and Majid opened the door. He pushed Rishi into it and she fell hard on the bed and held her stomach in shock. Kushi entered and placed the pot on the drawer and rushed to Rishi's side. Majid opened the wardrobe and threw out the hundreds of sarees and scattered them in the room. Rishi got up in tears and held his shoulders and turned him to her).
'' Don't do this Majid... Please! I am still pregnant with your first child after all... Have mercy ''.
'' I don't love you anymore okay. So I don't need you! ''. He said and pushed her away.
'' Please Prince Majid, she made a mistake and she is sorry...
'' Shut up maid! ''. He continued removing the things.
(Rishi snapped out of it and pushed him away from the wardrobe. She stood in front and refused to let him close).
'' I am not going anywhere! ''.
(Majid turned his head and saw the pot on the drawer. He quickly ignored them and walked to the drawer. He took the pot in his hands and smiled widely. Then he turned to leave but Rishi quickly blocked his way at the door. The many noise woke everyone in the palace up. People started arriving there).
'' No! Give that pot back! ''.
(Majid frowned and raised his hand to slap her and Rishi pulled the pot away. His hand hit her face and as she fell,the pot slipped from her hands and they both hard on the floor. The pot crashed into pieces in front of Rishi's face and she screamed in pain as her stomach hit the door. The weather changed immediately and a black smoke left the pot at once and hit the sealing of the chamber and the glass roof crashed and break down while the smoke left and hit the clouds. A great thunder blasted. The royal family arrived there and when Queen Dorah saw this,she screamed in agony. The weather turned really freezing cold and angry rain started out. Thunder and lightening break through the entire kingdom and Queen Dorah's father quickly escaped from Majid's body,and he fainted. The king ordered and both Majid and Rishi were quickly lifted up by some guards).
'' No...Noooo! This can't be! Noooo! ''. Queen Dorah shook all over her body and everyone turned to her.
'' Queen Dorah...are you okay? ''. The king asked.
'' Mo..mother..mother you...
'' Don't come close to me! No! She can't be... She can't! I am doomed! No! ''. She bit her lips in horror and took to her heels towards her chamber, chased by Faruk and some guards.
'' Oh my goodness. This weather is a bad omen ''. Queen mother said in fear. '' The thunder, lightening and rain together? ''.
'' Let's get out of here...the roof is destroyed and the rain is coming in here ''. Queen Sheena said.
(The guards carried Majid and Rishi in their arms and as they all turned to quickly leave, Queen Meerah's portrait fell from the wall and hit the ground hard and shattered. Everyone was shocked. Thunder blasted and they all screamed, running out of the chamber to Queen mother's chamber).
(Queen mother's chamber).
Both Majid and Rishi was unconscious. And they were both layed next to each other on Queen mother's bed. The royal doctor checked on them and the royal family stood at the door,worried sick.
'' Will they be okay? ''. King Siamak asked.
'' Hopefully ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Please go to bed Siamak. We are very sorry for this unfortunate moment. We shall let you know whatever that happens in the morning ''. The king said.
'' No problem Shakher. Please take care. Let's go Salma ''.
(They both said good night and left).
'' Kushi, what on earth has just happened? ''. Queen mother asked. '' How is this even happening...what is going on? ''.
'' I...I..I don't... I..I don't.. I just..
'' It's okay dear ''. Queen Sheena said dearly and caressed her. '' What happened must have being terrible right? For you to be dumbfounded like this ''.
'' Kushi...what was that on the floor? ''. Queen mother asked curiously.
'' Looked like a broken pot...
(The royal doctor arrived there and bowed down).
'' How are they doing? Please tell me Rishi....
'' The pregnancy could have being in a delicate situation. She needs more rest and care. But Prince Majid is absolutely fine. They both can wake up at any moment your highness ''.
'' Oh thank goodness...
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She had locked herself inside in sweat and they kept banging on her door to open up. She looked exhausted and checked the four four corners of the chamber in fear. Thunder crushed and she held her ears. The rain become heavier and heavier in her ears.
'' You don't scare me Meerah! You will never defeat me! My father will help me! ''. She said in tears.
(Her windows suddenly shut close loudly by themselves and she screamed and turned to them. She scratched her face hard in agony and blood oozed out of the cut scratch made on her face).
'' I killed you twenty five years ago. And I will kill you again! You will spoil my plans no more! ''.
(One of the lights in her room blasted out and she screamed and took a small statue and threw it at where the light was and she screamed in fear and depression. Suddenly, the rest of the lights begun to go off and on in her room and another blasted. One of it fell on her bed and blasted then the bed caught fire immediately. She rushed to her door,shouting. She quickly opened it jumped and out into Faruk's arms and he wrapped his arms around her. This noise also called for attention and the royal family arrived there).
'' Fire! Fire! In my chamber...she caught fire! Fire...there,over there...
(She kept screaming with her face hidden in Faruk's clothes).
'' Mother stop this! There is no fire! Calm down! What is coming over you? ''.
'' No! There is fire! Save me! ''.
'' There is no fire! Look..look...
(She turned her head into her chamber and truly, everything was normal in there. Her window were opened, the lights were normal, and the bed too. Everyone starred at her like crazy. But there was one thing that was not normal, she saw the statue in the hands of someone hanging in the air. A tall woman with blazing eyes
UPDATE 20 July 2019
(Season 2).
Episode 17.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
Most of everyone in the palace had gathered themselves there to check on Queen Dorah. She was on the floor,in Faruk's arms and as she raised her head up,there she hanged in the air. Gravity couldn't break her. She held the statue in her hand strongly. Her eyes blazed like a burning furnace and her hair was the longest of all. It was pure black and messy. She wore a black robe which covered her entire body and feet. Queen Dorah couldn't believe her eyes. Her heart started beating faster than normal and she was frightened. The people traced her eyes to the room but couldn't see what she was looking at. The burning flame from her eyes stopped blazing and her beautiful eyes showed up again after twenty five years. She looked wretched and angry. Her eyes told only one story. Pure revenge.
'' Mother...please tell me what is wrong with you...please ''. Faruk asked in worry.
'' Queen Dorah..we are here now...please calm down and tell us what is going on with you ''.
(She never spoke. It was like her lips were sealed. She just pointed at Queen Meerah who she only could see. Queen Meerah gave a wicked smile at the corner of her lips and flew near Queen Dorah. She screamed in agony. Queen Meerah raised her hand to her and grabbed hold her neck tightly. Queen Dorah started choking and loosing breath).
'' Water! Some body bring water! ''. Faruk shouted and some servants rushed away to get water.
(Queen Meerah faced gee close than body and soul. Her face was pure grey and pale and her eyes were red as blood. Her lips were dried up and cracked and her long hair,as hard as the mountains. And her fibers wrapped themselves under
Queen Dorah's chin).
'' Hey there Dorah,long time no seen ''.
'' Please... Ple...
'' Your time is up now ''. Queen Meerah threatened in a masculine voice.
(Faruk wrapped Hus arms around is mother protectively).
'' Please mother..stop please. Stop acting like a crazy woman....
'' Some body call the palace priests now! ''. The king shouted and Queen Meerah disappeared.
'' She is gone...gone? ''. Queen Dorah thought to herself, looking shocked.
(The servants arrived with a glass of water and a priest. Queen Dorah quickly got Ri her feet and cleaned her gave with the back of her hands).
'' Mother? ''.
'' Queen Dorah, are you okay? Let the priest check on you ''. The king said.
'' no I am okay. Why is everyone gathered here like this? What is going on? ''.
'' What is going on? Don't you know what happened to you at all over here? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' Grandmother please, my mother is looking exhausted already. Please I think she needs rest right now ''. Faruk said.
'' Yes mother. I think we can sought things out by tomorrow. Let us leave is already late ''. The king said.
(Everyone departed from there,leaving Faruk and Queen Dorah at the door. Faruk kissed her forehead and turned to leave but she held him back).
'' No! Don't go...I can't... U can't sleep there Aline Faruk please! ''.
'' Mother...what just happened? What is wrong with you now? ''.
'' She us here..she She is back. She is free ''.
'' Who? ''.
'' Queen Meerah you fool! The pot is broken ''.
'' What? But how? I thought you said it was under control and...
'' I don't know how it happened. But look at me now! I am miserable! ''. She pointed at the scratch on her face.
'' And you want me to spend the night with you? If the almighty you could do nothing to her...what will I do mother? ''.
'' So you want me to be in there? All alone? ''.
'' Well...then let's go ti my chamber instead mother. I am not sleeping in your chamber until this situation is solve ''.
'' Believe me,it will be solved. I can't live my life like this. Just when I am just close to my victory, that was when the pot decided to break. But Queen Meerah is mistaking if she thinks...
(The thunder stroke heavily and they both took to their heels towards Faruk's chamber).
(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
Mr Blake arrived in the middle of the night when it was raining fiercely and everyone was asleep in the kingdom. He arrived in a small car,followed by a big truck. Mac quietly opened the mansion's door and stepped out with an umbrella and met his father on the compound. And in the big track,contained heavy weight and masculine men if twenty five. They looked scary and unwelcoming. They all walked into the mansion secretly and closed the door. He looked around the dark room as electricity was out due to the heavy rain.
'' Look at that...all thus,just look at this luxury he created with part of my money ''.
'' Keep your voice down dad. Who are all this men with you? ''.
'' They are my boys. And my guards. And they work for me. Don't ask too many questions... Just tell me where that cockroach is ''.
'' He is not here now dad. But his son is. I'd only you are planning to attack tonight ''.
'' Tonight is too obvious. And we don't know yet if everyone who works for him is here. Morning will be perfect. I have a palm. But before that,give me a place to sleep. I mean...give me and my men a place to sleep. A place where no one will know a stranger is here in the morning until we strike okay? Mr Raul, he will not know the thunder that will hit him ''. He said and a heavy thunder stroke,followed by lightening.
(Next Day=In the palace).
The weather was warm and the floors were dry. Servants had woken up,and went to their daily duties. And it was the day of the fasting so the entire kingdom was busy,especially the women. As the servants were in a hurry to cook the end of the fasting meals,just in front of the kitchen, layed two bodies of maids of the palace. Mist of the kitchen maids stumbled upon each other as they all jumped out of the way in shock. The sights if the bodies were disgusting and looked like they were mercilessly murdered. Their necks were cut open and dry blood painted the floor, were the layed. The maids murmured to themselves and this called for the attention of some royal families.
'' We came to meet this here tour highness ''. Priya explained.
'' Oh my goodness...gracious! ''. Queen mother exclaimed, taking her eyes off the horrible scene. '' Your highness...this is too much. Who would do this heartless thing? This has never happened! ''.
'' Guards! What exactly happened last night? ''. The king asked in an angry tone.
'' Your majesty...please last night, everyone was indoors due to the heavy rain. We don't know how this happened ''. One guard replied.
'' How can you be indoors, when you are supposed to be protecting us! How useless can you all be? You have taken an oath in the mountains to put the lives of the royal family first before your own lives,now have you realised tour incompetence?! ''. Princess Lakshmi shouted in fury.
'' We..we are sorry...
'' Take the bodies away to their families and give them a consolation price. And call the priests and elders together in the court house. We are going to conduct investigations on the bodies and other things to find the culprit...go! ''. The king ordered the guards and entered the building.
(They bowed down and carried the bodies away).
'' Today is fasting day and it must turn out to be a blessing to every married couple. This is not going to atop any of the blessings the celebration will bring. Now maids...hurry up and go start the preservation meals. And make sure it is tasty,you know we have guests ''. Queen mother ordered.
(Queen mother and Lakshmi turned and went back into the building).
(Queen mother's chamber).
The sun was shinning through the window as it was opened widely to let fresh air into the chamber. The room was surrounded with royal doctors and some maids since Majid and Rishi had not opened their eyes since the last night chaos. One of the doctor's assistants squeezed lemon juice into a clean napkin and placed it under their nose while Queen Sheena and Kushi stood and watched.
'' You said last night that they would open their eyes...but nothing has happened ''.
'' Yes your highness, don't worry. This happens often when there is a shock. As long as their both breathing, that is the most important thing, it is just one thing that is..really not right here ''.
'' What is it Saroj...don't dare try to hide anything from us now. No more secrets in this palace. What is going on? ''.
'' Your highness...the pregnancy is in a very delicate situation now ''.
(Kushi and Queen Sheena starred at each other in distress).
'' Is that why she has not opened her eyes yet? ''. Kushi asked in tears.
'' Probably. In this cases,early pregnancies are to be taken care of very well. She is just two weeks pregnant....and I don't know how she fell down but...
'' She fell hard on her stomach ''. Kushi cried. '' Because Prince Majid slapped her ''.
'' Oh god! ''. Queen Sheena was stunned.
'' He asked her to leave the palace. He wanted to throw her out...and it caused confusion. It was terrible ''.
'' I am sorry your highness.. If Princess Rishi wakes up and feels enormous pain,we will have no choice but to terminate the pregnancy by force means ''.
'' No no... Oh Lord... Why is all this happening now? ''.
(Majid gave a loud cough in his sleep and gently opened his yes. The sun rays burned his eyes and he covered his face with his hand. He slowly sat up and all the doctors and maids departed from him. He finally removed his hands from his face and realised all the people standing there. He was still shirtless and in his pyjamas. He was totally confused and all he could remember was when he went to bed in his chamber last night. He got to his feet and stretched himself, starring at them all. The maids gathered themselves and quickly walked out).
'' What is going? Where am I? ''.
'' Oh stop! Where am I? ''.
'' Oh stop! Stop acting may leave now Majid. But I hope you are happy for whatever you did last night ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' What,what?! Why are you surprised? ''.
'' Why am I even not in my chamber? I don't... I am confused. What the hell is going on?! ''.
(The rest were all confused as he acted completely unaware of what was going on).
'' I am sick of your acting already! Now get out! No one,absolutely no one will beg you to forgive us anymore. Keep your hatred in you,as long as you want,when sense finally enters your head in the near future, I hope it wouldn't be too late for you Majid. It will even be too late, because I don't think I,nor your grandmother or father will forgive you after what you did last night. You will be responsible for the death of your unborn child! ''. Queen Sheena cried out.
'' Huh? What...what did.. What have I...what nonsense! I was asleep in my room last night and I woke up here today,then you are telling me this? Is that your new way of trying to convince me to forgive you? ''.
'' I don't care about your forgiveness anymore after the heartless way you treated your poor wife. Look what you have done to her! ''. Queen Sheena said,pointing at the bed.
(Majid turned his back and faced the bed. And that was when he realised Rishi was in a state of unconsciousness. Her face was pale and red from stress and her lower lips was cut from the slap and fall. Majid's world came crushing down on him, the way he got to her was in a flash. He waa in total confusion and held her in his arms in tea. He was shocked and didn't know what was going on).
'' Rishi..what happened to you? What happened to her? Wake up please baby... I am here now. I swear that I forgive you. Please Rishi, open your eyes ''.
'' She can't here you because she has not woke up since last night when you hit her! ''. Queen Sheena snapped angrily.
'' Me? What?! I would never hurt Rishi that way! I would never hit her. Never lay a hand on her. How can you...
'' Are you saying you can't remember what happened last night Majid? ''.
'' What happened? What happened was that I went to bed! That was all ''.
(Queen mother and Princess Lakshmi entered in a rush. The sight of Majid, holding Rishi in his arms made Queen mother the happiest woman on earth).
'' What is going on? ''. She asked.
'' Wake your beautiful eyes Rishi please ''. He wept. '' I will never hurt you again. Never ever Rishi. I swear please....
'' Majid cannot remember him slapping Rishi mother. Kushi said he slapped her last night. Now he is acting all innocent ''.
'' Demn it! I am not acting. I don't remember anything. Why are you saying I hit her? I would never do that,not even in my dreams. I know I tried to hit her the other day,but I didn't because I knew it might hurt the baby and I love her! I can't hit her when I love her. What are you all even saying? ''
'' Majid... You mean, okay. Where were you last night? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' I slept in my chamber and the last person I layed eyes on was Cindy! I slept. Nothing more ''. He said while he placed Rishi's head on his laps and his lips touched her forehead and his tears fell on her lips.
(Queen mother was convinced something was wrong and took Queen Sheena out with her).
'' Kushi ''.
'' My Prince? ''.
'' Did I really hit her? Was I the one? Did I hit my wife? ''. He asked while he kept his composure on Rishi and not looking at Kushi. '' Answer me ''.
'' Yes. That is what happened last night. You tried to throw her out of the chamber and when she refused, you hit her ''.
'' Are you okay brother? ''. Lakshmi asked.
(But the entire room was silence and Majid's heart was very heavy with pain. He rolled his hand down Rishi's stomach and touched her. He wept some more because he couldn't remember hitting her at all,but kept it in his mind that he was responsible for what was going on).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
After spending the night with Faruk in his chamber, it was morning and she finally decided to he back to her chamber. She was the only Queen who had not gotten ready for the fasting ceremony and she was suddenly starving to death. This had never happened to her on fasting day and she didn't understand. She was also frightened to enter her chamber on her own so went with Avni. They entered and she sat on her bed. She took a small mirror from her drawer and checked her face. The scar from her own fingers scratch was lightly on her face and she winced at the pain.
'' Should I call the royal doctor your highness? ''.
'' Don't you dare leave me here alone for anything in the world ''.
'' Yes your Highness ''.
'' I have to go and take my bath now. We all need protection now more than ever ''. She said and opened her drawer, removing a black thread from it. She handed it over to Avni. '' Tie it to your hand now ''.
(Avni took it and quickly tied it to her hand).
'' What is next your highness? ''.
'' I will take my bath now. This will protect you from any harm for now. Then after the celebration,we shall know our next move. But stand right here till I finish taking my bath ''.
'' Okay ''.
(Queen Dorah then got to her feet and entered her bathroom. She yawned and started removing her saree. She went closer to the sink mirror and took her tooth brush. As soon as she raised her head to face the mirror, there was a big writing on the mirror in blood which reads ' I AM BACK TO TAKE YOU WITH ME,BUT FARUK IS FIRST '. Her toothbrush slipped to the floor and her breathing became uneasy. Suddenly, her shower turned on by itself and she nearly slipped to the floor and screamed out loud).
'' will not touch my son. This is between you and I ''.
(As she starred at the mirror, the writings on it disappeared and another appeared which reads ' YOUR ENTIRE BLOODLINE WOULD BE WIPED OUT! YOU TOOK MY LIFE WITH FORCE AND I WILL SHOW YOU NO MERCY,NO MERCY, NO MERCY '....It kept writing and Queen Dorah grabbed a soap box and threw it at the mirror, crushing it into lots of pieces and Avni quickly got to the door).
'' Your highness...
'' I am okay. Just shut up and stand at the door. I will be out soon ''.
'' Okay....
(Queen mother's chamber).
In front of the chamber, Queen mother and Queen Sheena pondered upon what happened and came to the conclusion that Majid was actually not acting on his own free will but he was possessed. They heard a loud scream from the chamber and quickly entered. The horror was real. Rishi's eyes were opened and she opened them with a painful scream. She had no idea where she was and both her hands were holding hr stomach hard. The royal doctor shook her head in unhappiness as Rishi started bleeding profusely. Majid couldn't think straight and kept starring at the people around them.

'' Oh my God,please Saroj, do not tell me this is what I am thinking it is ''.
'' I am sorry your highness...
'' No! Save my baby now! Come it! Save my wife and baby now! ''. Majid got up in anger.
'' My Prince....
'' No...I cannot be the killer of my own child no. No! ''. He break down in uncontrollable tears.
(The wind blew hard from outside to the chamber. Only Majid's tears could be heard. Rishi couldn't scream,her voice was ceased. Tears run down her cheeks and she was shivering in pain. The chamber door suddenly opened by itself and everyone turned to the door. A beautiful soul entered at once and took away the pain in a second, this was unknown to everyone. And they were all shocked to see the blood from Rishi stopped. And she started breathing normal. She layed her head back into the bed and quickly slept off. Everyone was immediately at ease and the royal doctor, with trembling hands,bent down and checked on Rishi with her assistants. She raised her head and smiled. They all smiled. Majid went into the bed and wrapped his hands around her)....

UPDATE 21 JULY 2019.

(Season 2).
Episode 18.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Queen Mother's chamber).
'' Saroj,you are smiling. Please give us a good news ''.
'' Yes your highness. I am even amazed. This is surely a miracle. I have to tell you that,I thought the pregnancy was finally gone and done for,but after checking on her again,I can confidently tell you that your grandchild is absolutely okay. Oh...or should I say,your grandchildren ''.
(They all had their mouths opened in amazement).
'' Grand...children? ''.
'' The princess is carrying twins. Yes they are two ''.
'' Oh hail the Lord. Oh Saroj, thank you so much! Come,I will shower you with gifts today ''. Queen mother rejoiced.
'' We have to clean her up first your highness ''.
(They called two maids into the chamber).
'' Go to the kitchen. Gather some clean towels from the store room and add a pan of warm water with it and mint leafs and perfume ''. The queen mother said and they quickly left.
'' I shall go and give this good news to the king now ''. Queen Sheena said happily.
'' No wait. He is busy now. He is having a meeting with elders ''.
'' You should go and take your bath Majid. Rishi is fine now ''.
'' I am not leaving. Just leave me alone ''. He said while holding Rishi's hand on the bed.
'' Well...okay. Sorry ''.
(The maids arrived with the asked items and the doctors carefully changed Rishi's clothes and cleaned her up nicely. And after they were done,they put on her new light and straight dress and covered her with bedsheets).
'' What do we do now Saroj? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' She needs to eat something your highness. After everything that has happened, she must eat to contain her strength. The babies only becomes healthy when the mother is healthy ''.
'' Yes yes...of course..okay,so let us all leave and the maids will bring food later. The celebrations will start in just a moment and we all have to arrive in the temple ''.
'' Yes mother ''.
(They all exited the chamber, leaving Rishi and Majid in the chamber. In just a little moment, Rishi opened her eyes. Her vision was so blurry she had no idea where she was. Majid felt ashamed to look at her face and he pulled his face aside,not looking at her face. She rolled her eyes around the room and when she for her clear vision back,she looked to her right and realised Majid was sitting there with his face somewhere else. She was quite surprised and thought it was her imagination and ignored it until her hand fell on his on the bed. Then she realised this was real and that Majid was really there with her).
'' Majid ''. She said in a low tone and he turned to face her. '' You are here? But where am I? ''.
'' Queen mother... I mean,grandmother's chamber ''.
'' How did I get here? were,I mean..last night you...
'' I don't know what I did Rish. I don't know,I am so confused right now. They said I hit you and I don't know how that happened I swear Rishi,please...
'' You tried to throw me out of the palace, and then...oh my goodness, the pot..the pot...
(She quickly remembered everything that happened and realiser the pit crushed into pieces).
'' I would never hurt you Rishi, believe me I swear...all I can remember was that I slept in my chamber last night. I don't remember waking up and coming to tour chamber and I am lost...
'' Majid you? You are not angry with me anymore? ''. She asker as tars fell out her eyes.
(He quickly shook his head in tears and smiles).
'' No. I..I am sorry Rishi. I am so so sorry,I promise I will never be that stupid again. Believe me,I will never leave you or reject you ever. Never ''.
'' Is this a dream? ''.
(He lowered himself down and embraced her while she hugged him back tightly as they both wept on each other).
'' I love you sweetheart. I live you so so much and the thought of loosing you is the worse Rishi. You are my life,my world and I can't stand being angry anymore ''.
'' I am sorry for everything. I was lost without you Majid... I was list and I don't want that to happened again ''.
'' It won't and I promise. From this day forward, you and I and our babies will be the only things that matters ''.
'' Our babies? You mean,babies? ''. She asked in surprise.
(He stopped hugging her and sat up in the bee and laughter. He helped her sit up and faced each other).
'' Yes. You are going to bring two souls to the world Rishi ''.
(She covered her mouth with her hands and happiness took over her body).
'' Oh my goodness. I will be a mother of two children? Well I hope they don't turn out as stubborn as you ''.
'' And I hope they don't turn out to be cry babies like you ''.
(They both laughed in happiness and three maids entered with a grand breakfast. They served them on a golden tray,bowed down and left. Majid washed his hands and took a piece of vegetable and held it at Rishi's mouth).
'' No Majid... I am fasting today ''.
'' No you are not. So open that mouth of yours. Now Rishi ''.
'' Majid don't force me. You won't stop me from fasting. No one will ''.
'' you want our babies to come out weak and malnourished? I am not allowing that ''.
'' Oh please, just one day won't hurt them. Besides, I ate last night. I have decided to fast for you because we are married now and it is my duty to do so ''.
'' The doctor said you eat this ''.
'' No ''.
'' Hmmm..okay. So that means,if you are fasting, then I can't kiss you either isn't it? ''.
'' for that one,you can do it. It is out of the question ''.
(He chuckled and pulled himself closer to her. She closed her eyes as their lips touched and Majid intentionally pushed the food into her mouth as they kissed. She quickly opened her eyes with a frown).
'' Majid! That is cheating! ''.
'' Now I have break your fast Rishi. Eat that thing is your mouth. You can fast for me next year and I promise I will of stop you by them ''.
(She smiled while chewing the food in full and she fed him too and they conversed with each other like the world didn't exist).
(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
Max ad his father prepared themselves and everything was ready to be taken into action. They attacked when Mr Raul's guards least expected and put his son down. They tied up the guards who guided the entire mansion and together with Mr Raul's son,Rishab. And Mr Blake handed him the phone.
'' Who are you people? And you !ax,after my father welcomed you in our house like a family member, this is how you repay us? ''. Rishab asked pensively.
'' Shut up young man,call your father now. And tell him exactly what I have ordered you to. If you dare play ruff with me then,I will gladly blow your brains out ''. Mr Blake threatened as he pointed a gun on Rishab's head.
'' Okay okay,calm don't have to fight okay? I will do as you have said ''.
(He slowly dialled Mr Raul's number and placed it on his ears. He placed it on loud speaker so they could all hear).
'' Hello? ''.
'' Rishab, you finally called. I have being waiting to hear from you but the network was very bad. Is there any new information in the kingdom? Tell me because I can't wait to get back home and take what is mine ''.
'' Well,I don't have any information from the palace if that is what you want to hear. The thing is,there has being a great theft in the mansion and one of your small markets father. We are loosing money and I am finding it hard to take care of things ''.
'' Oh Rishab, what would I do with you? After all I have thought you about business, you cannot solve this little problem. I am telling you, if you don't step tour game up,you will end up poor when am no longer here. Because all the businesses belongs to you now. Man up and stop calling daddy for every little problem ''.
'' I know father. But I need your help now. And besides, n you believe Prince Majid and Cindy are back together? ''.
'' What did you say? ''.
'' What you just heard father. They are back together and Prince Majid is so angry with Rishi because she knew the truth about his real mother and kept her mouth shut. He wants nothing to do with her anymore. So guess what? You have Rishi all to yourself now ''.
'' Wow son! Thank you for this wonderful news. I can sleep well at night today. If this is so,I am gathering some men here. I am going to arrive in Ujani at exactly 8 in the morning. To take what is mine ad no one is stopping me ''.
'' Exactly ''.
'' Prepare for my arrival. I won't take long at all. And this time,we will all be going back to London ''.
'' Okay father. I will be looking forward to this...
'' Bye ''.
(Rishab hanged up the phone and Mr Blake snatched the phone away from him and smiled evilly).
'' Why are you people doing all this? What has my father done to you? ''.
'' Shut up boy! Your father is evil. And it is just karma punishing him now ''. Max said and both he and his father laughed out.
'' You will become fatherless tomorrow boy. I am killing your ugly father and I will take everything he stole from me. And then my revenge will be complete. When I take everything, I wouldn't care anymore whether Cindy marries that Prince or not. She will go back to London with us whether she likes it or not ''.
'' Yes father...
(In the kingdom=The temple).
All the people of the kingdom had arrived in the temple. Especially the married couples. The ladies made themselves up beautifully and it was getting to sun down,near the time their husbands would break their fast. They separated themselves from the royal family. The King sat in a grand royal chair,Queen Dorah sat on his right hand side while Queen Sheena sat on his left. The priests gave thanks to lord Hanuman and after that,the lighted a big wood of fire where all the women will walk around it for thirty times. The kingdom's priest kept starring at Queen Dorah in fright and she also starred back at him while walking around the fire. She quickly moved her attention from him in order not ti raise any suspicions. After going around the fire,all the women went one after the other into the sacred lord Hanuman's room to take a cup of water and net bowl. All the rituals were ready and when night fell,the women surrounded themselves around the temple together with their husbands and they finally break their fast. The time came for them to walk around the fire for another thirty times. The king and Queen mother stepped out to wait for Queen Sheena and Queen Dorah. As they walked around the fire,Queen Meerah appeared besides lord Hanuman statue. The wind blew all over the temple at once. It was a violent wind which scared everyone. The women launched their walk faster than normal. Queen Meerah raised up her hands up in the air and the wind raised up the fire and caught up with Queen Dorah's beautiful saree. She screamed in horror. Guards from around the corner started running towards her but the wind blew them all away,including the other women and priests. Queen Dorah got burnt on her legs and as the fire was coming up hr upper body,she rushed outside with all eyes on her,screaming and shouting for help. People around finally threw water on her from all angles and she collapsed. The king in dispair commanded and she was carried into a palanquin towards the palace. The royal family left as fast possible. Bak in the temple, the servants at the temple, the servants at the temple commenced the cleaning of the temple as it was all chaos and almost everything was destroyed.
'' This is a bad omen priest Shaurya. Is there anything bad Ujani has done to lord Hanuman? ''. Priest Chanakher asked.
'' Oh,why are you asking me? ''.
'' are the head priest aren't you? ''.
'' So does that mean I should know everything? What happened is strange. A strange wind,suddenly the sacred fire increased itself and burned Queen Dorah.... I am just confused. Any way,it is night time and I have to go home now ''.
'' We the priests must have a meeting tomorrow if you don't mind ''.
'' Yes we will. Good night ''. He said and let.
(The head priest left the temple with a small sack bag of water and held his lantern in his hand,walking home in the dark ad bush area near the forest. He kept thinking deep as Queen Dorah had earlier sent him a message about the broken pot and so even as he walked, he feared for his life. He perfectly knew that the fire incident was not an accident. As he walked, he heard footstep behind him and he quickly turned, but there was no one there. A little fright passed through his body and he adjusted his composure well. He turned on his lantern and then looked behind him with the lantern. The little light showed no sign of anything or anyone behind him. Then he saw a dog run pass him and away. He took a deep breath and smiled).
'' It was just the stupid dog. Why would anyone let their animals out by this time of the night. I shall complain about that tomorrow. People of Ujani are becoming lazy now ''.
(He turned to walk forward with the lantern and as he he raised it to view his path,only to find the scariest view of his life in front of him. He wqas not expecting this grand appearance of the woman he helped kill twenty five years ago. Queen Meerah had a sharp two cutting edges of swords in her hands they were blazing with fire. The angry expression on her face too only one story. And that was revenge. The priest gasped and his heart skipped a beat. The lantern his in hand slipped and fell hard on the floor, crushing down. Darkness surrounded them and the sky became darker and cloudy. She smiled at the corner of her lips,looking evil. The town's priest break down in pitiful tears with his forehead touching the ground).
'' Your highness please! Please spare my life! I was only following orders from Queen Dorah. I am blameless ''. He pleaded.
'' I wish I could spare your life Shaurya, but that is the Meerah that died. The Meerah you killed in cold blood and had no mercy on her son! Where is my son Shaurya? ''. She asked as her voice turned into that of a man.
'' We didn't kill him! Never Queen Meerah! He is the crowned Prince of Ujani now! The future king. Prince Majid. He is married now and his wife is even pregnant ''.
'' Oh I know that you fool! Just like you remember my son is the crowned Prince, I also remember the people I loved and still love. And you took me away from them. I am guessing, you thought I would forget my love and kill around. Well you are right, I will kill around like mad. But I am starting with you. I am going to take your life and you will get a shameful and painful death from me. She raised up the cutting swords and frowned.
'' Please! In the name of our lord your highness please! I have a wife and seven children. She will be a widow please ''.
'' Yes. Even my husband became a widower of his first wife. My son became motherless of a mother and my kingdom lost their soul and mourned the death of their first Queen. Before Queen Dorah can arrive to your side and make a plan against me, you will be long gone and I will deal with the rest. Good bye...and rest in pieces! ''.
(After the deep voice and angry tone,she threw the blazing swords towards the priest and one of it pierced through his head. As pain drew his face,he fell on his back and gasped for breath. Tears fell out his eyes. Queen Meerah controlled his balance by raising him up to a tree. Life kept disappearing from his body and he was shivering all over. She went towards him and with a sword in her hand,she pierced it through his heart against the tree. And blood drained down his body to the ground. She lighted fire with her fingers in the wind,and with a deadly smile, she burnt him alive. Leaving his face untouched for people to recognise him in the morning. He screamed to death. But no one heard his cry. Queen Meerah disappeared).
(In the palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).
After the ordeal she passed through at the temple, she was layed down. She was tend to by the royal doctors and medicines were applied on her burnt legs. She couldn't sleep as every time she close closed her eyes, images of the kept appearing in her mind. Faruk sat besides her with her hands in his. They were left alone and one guard entered and bowed .
'' Your highness. The foreigner wants to you ''.
'' Don't you understand the meaning of privacy? How dare you even enter here when my mother is in this condition? Go and tell that foreigner to come back in her stupid dreams and....
'' Faruk.. Faruk, enough. It's okay. Let her in Karan ''.
(The guard bowed down and left the chamber).
'' After helping her get back together with Majid, what more does she want? ''.
'' To thank me I guess. And maybe tell me that she is leaving with him tomorrow ''. She said with a painful smile. '' Help me sit up ''.
(He held her hand and barely helped her up and she rested her back on the head of the bed. Cindy entered the chamber and closed the door behind her. She walked closer to the bed and Faruk starred at her from toe to head. He narrowed his eyes like a camera and captured her curvy body and got his eyes away. She smiled at Queen Dorah even though she couldn't wait to get her frustrations out).
'' I heard about your accident. Everyone's talking about it in the palace and I want to know how you are doing ''.
'' Nothing can permanently put me down Cindy. I can still still talk and make plans and that is all that matters to me ''.
'' Well,that is great because we have a big problem ''.
'' What? Things are going on great. All you need is to lure Majid back to London with you ''.
'' Don't you get it? I can no longer convince Majid! ''.
'' And why is that? ''.
'' He is back together with that village girl okay?! ''.
'' Am I going deaf? Or are you crazy? This is impossible. He should hate her right now! No! Faruk, how on earth is this possible! Are you not supposed to keep an eye on them? ''.
'' Why are you blaming me? Princess Ragah said she wanted to know more about me so I had to spend the whole day with her! How then could I keep an eye on them? ''.
'' Oh no! So that means everything is back to square one? Oh misfortune is at hand! But no,I won't allow this to bring me down ''.
'' I am so frustrated right now. He spent the entire day with her and that idiotic guard of his refused for me to see him. And he has completely forgotten that I exist. The two of them has not being away from each other today. First in Queen mother's chamber, and then now in his chamber. I am so enraged ''.
'' Haa....and I guess he is now happy with the pregnancy news then ''.
'' What?! ''. Cindy was hit by a heart attack. '' The girl is pregnant? ''.
'' Yes. Didn't he tell you? ''.
'' Oh gosh...oh God! ''. She weakly fell into the couch near by in tears and anguish.
'' Calm down. I have a plan for you. Look,the only way to get Majid's attention back to yourself and finally go away with him is one thing. Get pregnant for him too ''.
'' Or kill that bitch and the bastard she is carrying ''....
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