The night was rank with the smell of man. The warg stopped beneath a tree and sniffed, his grey-brown fur dappled by shadow. A sigh of piney wind brought the man-scent to him, over fainter smells that spoke of fox and hare, seal and stag, even wolf. Those were man-smells too, the warg knew; the stink of old skins, dead and sour, near drowned beneath the stronger scents of smoke and blood and rot.
Only man stripped the skins from other beasts and wore their hides and hair. Wargs have no fear of man, as wolves do. Hate and hunger coiled in his belly, and he gave a low growl, calling to his one-eyed brother, to his small sly sister. As he raced through the trees, his packmates followed hard on his heels. They had caught the scent as well. As he ran, he saw through their eyes too and glimpsed himself ahead.

Three men make  their way between down the woods, the warg knew what to do and how to hunt them down, before the men could realise what was going on,the warg jumped on them and tore them apart with mouth full of flesh leaving the whole forest filled with men's blood..

(the next morning at the palace of ayetoro)

King adejare stood behind the  window at the edge of his room with his hands on his akimbo, he has a bold looking face, and a die-hard body which all ladies could fall for, he was enjoying the cool and beautiful touch of the air travelling in from the outside part of the palace. the  Beam  of moonlight  poured through the window's tiny, barred door , ricocheting around the room, filling the cold stone chamber with light, supplying the king’s heart with joy and fantasy.

One of the palace guards rushed in
"My lord" he said bowing before him..
"Speak" adejare replied on a cool voice more or less a whisper
"An old farmer came in this morning that he saw bloods on every angle of his farm,and half tored human flesh "
"Was there any news regarding the missing of any farmers? "
"Yes my lord! Three farmers were reported missing " he replied with a high tune..

"Get some men and follow the farmer to his farm, get the necessary information about the missing person and get back to me on it "
"Yes my lord" he replied and  walked out

"Who could this be" he thought within himself, ayetoro is a peaceful village and something of such had never happened before, but adejare knew it's not just a wolf attack, he knew it's much more than that..‎ but the first person he could thought of was zico the head wizard ." Had he sunk so low as to hunger after human meat? " He almost screamed out loud .
‎‎‎Immediately he ordered for the arrest of zico, and they brought him to the palace for questioning.. after they ran few interrogation on him, it was clear that he mastermind the operation . Adejare stood up with anger, his eyes were red like blood

 “Men may eat the flesh of beasts and beasts the flesh of men, but the man who eats the flesh of man is an abomination.” Abomination. That had always been adejare's favorite word. Abomination, abomination, abomination. To eat of human meat was abomination, to mate as wolf with wolf was abomination, and to seize the body of another man was the worst abomination of all.

"From now onward, as the king of this great city, I put it into law and order that no form of witchcraft and wizardry is allowed within and out of this city, if anyone is caught performing this act, he or she will be sentenced to death within 3 days " he paused and move closer to zico.."as for you zico, I banish you from this village, you shall never return to your home and if you dare return, your body will be feed to the lions... now take him away " he ordered!!

Zico was weak, afraid of his own power. He  weeped hard as they took him out of the village and alone he made his way down the forest..


(the betrayal)
The sky was filled with cool night air, sending a mind blowing sound across the top chamber of the palace, tinuade peeped from the inner part of the window , the moon spread his bright light across the whole city revealing to her the whole blocks and building across the street of ayetoro..
Tinuade looked up at the moon as if it was revealing something to her, but she took her eyes away from it as soon as she good satisfied.. 

She closed her window and turned back to her room ,staring at her late mother’s painting on the wall was her favourite habitual every night . 
She thought of the day they brought the news of her mother’s dead, and how she wept her eyes out when she was buried. She pulled the painting close to her heart while hot tears roll down her cold cheek.. 
Few minutes later she dropped the painting and walked down to the king’s room, 
On getting there, the door was left opened.

She quickly tiptoed down to where adejare was and she covered his face with her two palm leaving the king in total confusion of thought..
Adejare : my lovely queen! I know it’s you..( he said with a full confidence )
Tinuade : hmmm! My king is full of wisdom, with wisdom shall you live till you chew colanut with milk teeth (she threw a faint smile and removed her hands from his face..)
Adejare : where have you been? Your maid told me you left without telling her where you are heading to..
Tinuade : yes! I just want to have some privacy.. 

Adejare : that’s okay, but you need to be concious of your movements, you know you are a queen.. and you are also pregnant . (he smirked) 
Tinuade : ok my lord! I promised not to do so anymore.. (she apologize) 
Adejare : come my wife, I have something to show you.. (he stretch forth his palm in request for tinuade’s approval..)

Tinuade quickly followed him as he walked down to the top part of the palace building.. he stopped walking and he pulled Tinuade closer to himself, the whole drama seems unknown to Tinuade, until he brake the silence ..

“Listen can u hear it?” said adejare
“Whats that! ” she replied with a confused look
“the message ,‎I can hear it everywhere
In the wind, in the air, in the light, It was believed that the dead ones communicate to us,
all you have to do is open yourself up, and listen ‎.. follow me my queen”. He said again as he returned to his room..

Tinuade quickly joined him as he lead the way into his room, he walked for few more metres and he kneel before a huge stony egg, he took it and he stretch it to the queen. “feel it”. He said while tinuade gladly receive it from him..
Tinuade : this is beautiful..(she exclaimed) 
But what is this? 
Adejare : it’s the dragon egg, it was passed to me by my grandfather .. and according to the prophecy, one day a prince shall rise the dragon and he shall save the world from the hands of evil ones.. please my queen, if anything happens to me please get the dragon and keep it for my baby.

Tinuade : oh! That reminds me, have you consult the mouthpiece of the gods about what the old woman told me?
Adejare : no! Cus it’s nothing to be worried about, the village soldiers are well organised and my brother who is the head of the soldiers is always active and good to go ( he bragged ) 

Tinuade : I know, but that is not enough, you don’t need to trust people too much..
Adejare ; Common it’s been almost 9 month now and nothing of Such has happened, you don’t need to believe those beggars who seek for avenue to earn from the royal family.
Tinuade : my king am sure she was saying the truth, and with the way I saw her she doesn’t look like one of us .

Adejare : ok don’t worry my queen, I have already sent him a message about it ,very soon he will reply me(he lie)
Few minutes later they both slept off..

(ogidan at the main entrance of the ayetoro with his soldiers awaiting signal from the spy they sent to observe the village)

Man : my lord! The village is clear, we can attract now.. (he said dropping from his horse)
Ogidan turned and face his soldiers..
“Great warriors of our time, the time we have long been waiting for is here.. tonight, we attach this village, we kill their men, we rape their woman’s and abduct their we take what belongs to us!!” chhhaaaarrrrrgeee!!!!” ogidan screamed and leads the battle
“Yeeeeeh!! ” the whole soldiers followed him as they start the battle..
Lightning split the  sky, etching the black tower of the Night Lamp against the blue-white sky. Six heartbeats later came the thunder, like a distant drum. Ogidan's men marched  across the  bridge made of wood and  iron portcullis showing signs of rust. Beyond lay a deep salt moat and a drawbridge supported by a pair of massive chains. Green waters surged below, sending up plumes of spray to smash against the foundations of the castle. Then came a second gatehouse, larger than the first, its stones bearded with green algae.

 Ogidan stumbled across a muddy yard with his hands bound at the wrists. A cold rain stung his eyes. His men's prodded him up the steps, into Breakwater’s cavernous stone keep. While they attack the giant gate, after few minutes the gate was wide opened and ogidan's men rushed in with fire and arrow..

The noise coming from the outward region of the palace quickly summoned adejare and his queen back to life,
"what's going on " she asked ,
 "don't worry you will be fine " he knew something bad is coming but he never expected it, at first he thought of hiding himself with his magical power, but he knew ogidan so well and what he is capable of doing, with full force he  stood up and  put on his battle clothes and  get set for the battle! tinuade sat and watched the whole scene as the king moves in defiant gesture of what she cannot explain.

 he quickly summoned his most trusted savant called adigun, " if I did not return within 30 minutes take my wife and leave the village, head straight to the village of light, when you get  there  look for alaran the demon hunter and gave him this " he said stretching a sealed paper to him ..
 "but what about you my king " Tinuade asked.
"Don't worry about me, I will be fine" he said and rushed out of the room..

Adejare quickly summoned all his soldiers including his brother loki and they all get set for the battle, they attacked ogidan and his men, the battle turn out to be a great war between the two counterparts .
After few hours of battling, the Adejare side was actually taking the upper hand, but when it got to a point he noticed his brother loki was no where to be found, before he could realize what was going on, some mysterious creatures rushed out of the forest and started devouring his men. He tried to run but he was surrounded by both his enemies and his brother loki..

(flashback to what really happened)

*[thunder and lightning keep rumbling as Loki made his way down to the evil forest, on getting there he saw two old women sitting besides zico  around a fire amidst the forest..
Loki : great witches and wizard , adejare the king of ayetoro has decided to put a law which will see to the end of witchcraft in this city (three of them quickly stood up panicaly) and that is why I am here to make a covenant wirh you.. if you can support me in this great upcoming battle and I defeat him, the witchcraft will be allowed to walk as they like within and outside  city...

Zico : welcome to the coven , don't worry we are right behind you in this battle, you shall win..
Witch 1: but you must  be initiated to the cult.. (three of them laughed out loud)
Witch 2 : and you must not forget our agreement...

(back to the scene)

adejare stood there in awe and full of betrayal, he never believed his brother  will equally stand against him in the battle field  …

Loki  steps forward , he pulled his sword and walked around adejare as if he wants to make a circular line around him..
Loki : dear brother! If you Kneel and beg for your life, I shall have mercy upon you and send you out of this city.‎(he said mockingly)
But adejare knew for sure  how his brother operate and he knew how he kill people even when they tend to apologize and beg for their life.. he took a few step closer to loki and he raised his hand..
loki who was confused move closer to him trying to figure out what he was trying to display , then adejare stretched forth his middle finger and buried it in loki's left eyes. He screamed out loud while holding his left eye out of pain, he fell and roll blindly on the ground..

Adejare seized the opportunity to ran out of their midst  with full force ,while he was chased by ogidan and his men down to the palace..  he ran to a point were he was tired and exhausted , so he stop running and tried to attack them, they quickly ambushed him .. after he had received some numbers of hit and cut, he was tied  to the tree..
When tinuade noticed what was happening  she quickly entered the king's private room , she picked the stony egg and she summoned   adigun,  they find their way out of the palace, and ran as fast as they could till they were far away.. when loki arrived he had already tied a black cloth to his left eyes. But the sign of blood was still visible on his face..

Loki : lovely brother! You see what you have done to yourself ? I warned you but you won't listen, I told you that you are not worthy of ruling this village but you refused.. If i may ask, where is the dragon egg and the queen?
Adejare : *spits on his face and he didn't say a word *
(three soldiers entered the scene and quickly bow)
‎Soldier 1 :  we have searched the whole palace and she is no where to be found, it seems she left with the egg..
Loki : what? Search for her and make sure you get her.. *he ordered *
"Yes my lord" the soldiers replied and they exit the scene..

Loki : and as for you  brother, you loose! I will kill every of your friend and rape your queen right in front of you.. and when I finally get the egg, I will surely bring it back to life and use it for myself..dear brother, you loose!! (he laughed mockingly)

" I have  always been thinking of giving you a second chance but you always failed me, and this time you took one of my eyes. You won't get away with this" (he inserted one of his finger into Adejare's injured spot willing to make him feel the pain)

Adejare grunted and cried in pain..
Ogidan : I don't think he is feeling enough pain as he should have ?  (he said out loud.).
Loki : so what do you suggest? (he said in a confused manner)
Ogidan : let him suffer the kind of pain he caused you my lord!..( he  bowed)
Loki stepped backward and he ordered one of his soldiers to cut out adejare's  tongue.. "but handle him with care cus I need him alive " he said and walked away.


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