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Married to the Prince Episode 4,5 and 6

episode 4
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

The snake appeared behind her ad raised it head up. Queen Meerah took a water bottle from a small sack saddled on the donkey and drank from it. She looked at the weather and became frightened of the forest and saw how dark it was becoming. Her fave was still covers except her eyes which was still rolling around the scary trees and birds flying around. And her eye balls were shaking with fear.
The donkey stopped drinking water and Queen Meerah jumped on its back and turned it to leave when they saw the snake. The snake jumped onto them and Queen Meerah turned the rope on the donkey's neck to the right side of the forest and the donkey raced off being chased by the snake. 
But unfortunately, spiritual was faster than physical so much that the snake limped and bit the donkey's butt,making it jump and throwing off Queen Meerah on the ground were she hurt her forehead. The donkey quickly fell down dead. The snake layed on the ground, a little far from Queen Meerah and targeting her. Queen Meerah was shocked and got to her feet.
Back at the palace, Queen mother and the old queen kept praying to lord Krishna, lord Krishna's eyes lighted up blue and thunder stroke,and an enormous wind blew and took off all the lighted from the lantern. But the queens did not stop and still prayed to the statue. The snake crawled faster than normal,getting close to Queen Meerah who had fallen again. And a young quickly got to the forest on time and stood in front of Queen Meerah. The young lady held a big stick in her hand and she wore a necklace which had an elephant's face on it. The snake saw the necklace and the necklace brightened with light and the snake disappeared.
And Queen Meerah started becoming calm. The young lady threw the stick away and turned to the queen.

'' Are you okay? ''.
'' thank you so much. I wonder what had happened ''.
'' It's okay,you're safe now. Problem is,it looks like evil spirits are around you ''. She said and helped the queen up. '' Oh,by the way you are dressed, you must be a palace maid ''.
'' Well...y..yes please. And I need to get to the wishing stream as soon as possible, else I will be severely punished if I get to the palace late '' 
'' But how come you are late? Everyone has left the stream now ''.
'' My donkey was slow...what is your na!e? ''.
'' Bhavna. My name is Bhavna. And yours? ''. Bhavna looked at her from head to toe and saw the queen's anklet on her leg and is shocked.
'' Well my name is...urrrmmmm ''.
'' You forgot your name? Your highness? ''. Bhavna said and bowed down.
'' What?! ''. Queen Meerah is shocked.

Bhavna quickly removed the vale from Queen Meerah's fave and her vermilion was on her forehead.

'' Queen Meerah? But it is forbidden for the queen to go ti the wishing stream,and you? ''.
'' I need your help Bhavna, destiny must have made us meet. You don't know how it feels to be married and not have a child. Even my coin is missing because of that stupid snake. And your necklace just worked wonder's for me...where did you get it? ''.
'' It is an ancient necklace from my mother your highness. It protects anyone who wears it from evil spirits. My father made it for my mother. He WS the former priest of Ujani, until he died and the priesthood shifted from my family. He made it for my mother,and my mum also give it to me before she died. She left it for me ''.
'' It is very beautiful. You are lucky. Do you have any children? ''.
'' No your highness. I am just 20. I would be married next month ''.
'' I wish you well in your marriage Bhavna, and I hope destiny would make me meet you again,you have a be good heart,to pit your life at risk to save me like this ''.
'' You shouldn't have come here your Highness. The forest is full of evil spirits. Please come,o shall take you to the streak ''.
'' Really? ''. Queen Meerah is surprised.
'' Yes of course, we shall ride on my horse ''. She sit and whistled and shouted. '' Lakshmi!!! ''.
'' You are walking with someone else? ''.
'' Don't worry queen. That is the name of my horse ''.

They both laughed. The gorse arrived and the queen covered her face with the vale again and Bhavna helped her sit on it. She jumped in front of her and they rode the horse to the wishing stream. They got down from the horse and Bhavna removed the lat coin she had and gave it to Queen Meerah.

'' Here you go...use it to with your highness. You said your coin was missing ''.
'' But how would you also wish Bhavna? ''.
'' Tours is more important queen. This is about the future of Ujani ''.
'' But what were you going to wish for? ''.
'' Well... ''. She said and giggled.
'' Come can tell me. We are friends now Bhavna ''. Queen Meerah said and smiled.
'' I was going to wish that,I get pregnant after marriage and gave birth to a girl. So that I can name her after my late mother ''.
'' That is beautiful, what was your mother's name? ''.
'' Rishi. My mother's name was Rishi ''.
'' That is a beautiful name. I all want a hey strong and handsome boy. And I will name him Majid. Prince Majid ''. She said with a smile.
'' Well, why don't we wish together with one coin? ''.
'' Well,I don't know if that's possible, but we can surely go first ''.
'' Okay....I wish to get married to a man who lives me,and have a baby girl,who shall be named after my late mother... Rishi... so hold my faith and let this come to pass ''. Bhavna said as she and the Queen Meerah held the coin together. '' Your turn now Queen ''.
'' I also wish to get pregnant and also have a baby boy...I want to have a son,who would be handsome and strong with a good heart. I want him to become the crown Prince of Ujani and the future king,and I want the king to love him more than his other sons,and I will name him Majid,after the god of strength and knowledge, so hold my faith and let this come to pass ''.

When she said that,they both let go off the coin and it fell into the stream and there was a quickly bright light in the stream. They looked at each other with a smile and Bhavna looked into her skirt pocket and removed one of her necklace, which belonged to her father and gave it to the queen. It was the same necklace she worked.

'' Take this your highness, this belonged to my father. It will protect you from every evil eye ''.
'' Really? Thank you Bhavna, I hope one day,our friendship would be established on a solid foundation ''.
'' I shall help you to the palace your Highness ''.
'' Thank you ''. She helped Queen Meerah on the horse while she climbed in front of it and rode off.

(In the Palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).

She was busily walking to and fro for good result. The weather was cold and cloudy. It was already evening and the snake appeared in front of her dead. She bowed down,she was the most disappointed lady in the world by that moment. She screamed loudly in anger and she hard knockings on her door. She quickly took a tray of black powder from her bed and sprinkled it on the snake and made it disappear. 
She cleaned her hand and the tears in her eyes and pushed the tray of black powder under her bed. People kept knocking on the door violently, calling her name and asking what as wrong with her. She slowly got to her feet and walked to her door and opened it. The king entered with everyone and he held her waist and slowly took her to her bed. He sat besides her and caressed her hair.

'' What is wrong with you Queen Dorah? We heard you scream...what is going on? ''.
'' I just felt some pains in my abdomen. I am okay now ''.
'' No! We are calling the palace midwife and herbalist to check on you right now ''.
'' No tour highness... I am feeling very sleepy, please let this be. I want to be alone ''.
'' You are expecting my first child, I won't joke with something like this ''.

Since Queen Dorah wanted to get the attention away from herself, she had a great plan to get Queen Meerah in trouble with the king.

'' I can see the royal family is here...except Queen Meerah, does she not care about me? ''.
'' Ooh yes Queen Dorah, you have reminded me that,I have not set my eyes on queen Meerah today..oh,how could I forget? ''.
'' She is meditating my son ''. Queen mother said.
'' But mother, Queen Meerah has being meditating since morning, what kind of meditation is this? ''. Queen Dorah said with an evil smile.
'' Well,the kind of meditation we do when we are not able to have children! ''. Queen mother rudely replied.
'' Mother, what is it?! Why are you talking like that? Queen Dorah is right! What kind of meditation is that? ''. The king angrily said and got to his feet. '' Guards! ''.
(Two guards assembled themselves there).
'' Go to queen Meerah's chamber and let her know I want her here ''.
(Queen Dorah smirked evilly).
'' Don't bother yourselves, I will go and call her myself ''. Queen mother said in fright.

And luckily, the ok Queen entered the cha!Ber with queen who had a plaster on her forehead due to the fall from the donkey,and was wearing a clean pink saree,Queen mother was now calm and she smiled as she received Queen Meerah. Queen Meerah had the necklace Bhavna gave her on her neck and as soon as Queen Dorah saw it,the necklace lighted and shocked her eyes and she screamed.

'' What is it Queen Dorah? Guards, call the midwife and herbalist now!!! ''.
(The guards left).
'' My stomach is hurting ''. She siad and forced to ooenher eyes and looked at Queen Meerah, the necklace shocked her eyes again. '' Please your highness, make them all leave now,I want to be alone here ''.
'' Please mother, you shock excuse us for a bit ''.
'' As you wish son. Get well soon Queen Dorah ''.
(The king looked at Queen Dorah and gave her a loving smile and Queen Dorah screamed the more in anger,Queen Meerah and the Queen Meerah and the queens left the room with the maids and closed the door).
'' Are you okay now? ''.
'' Yes your highness... you didn't have to call the midwife ''.

The midwife and the herbalist entered with the guard and they checked on Queen Dorah and declared her fine. The king gave her a kiss on her forehead and left her to rest. When everyone was out of her chamber, she got to her feet and stood tall and looked into the window.

'' She must have made her wish already, and she's happy... but the game is not yet! And that necklace, I wonder were she got it. I can't look at her when it's on her neck,I have to find a way to get it off her neck. You are not going to win over me Queen Meerah, I went for enough to swallow that magic stone so that the king does everything I say,but as soon as you entered, everything got destroyed and the king is interested in you again. I will be one step ahead of you no matter what! You will never become the mother of the crowned prince, by hook or crook,I will get you! ''......

episode 5
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Next Day=Royal Palace=3 months later).

It was broad day light and it was the dewali festival of colours. Many kingdoms had come to join the Ujani kingdom to celebrate and the king met. Queen Dorah and Savitri were discussing to assign a trust worthy maid to be a hand maiden for Queen Dorah so that she could be sending her around. Queen Meerah with her maidens,Sheena and Preeta and the queen mother in the other hand, celebrated dewali in happiness and threw colours all around, as that was what the dewali festival was all about. Colours.
Queen Dorah could not stand Queen Meerah's happiness and she kept starring at her with evil eyes. She angrily stood up and went into the garden with Savitri, she was getting weak because she had just a month to deliver, but her anger was intense.

'' Your highness, relax please... at least for your baby. Queen Meerah is not pregnant yet,it is either she couldn't wish at all or her wish didn't come true ''.
'' Ate you listening to yourself? What ever it is,she is so happy, and I suspect something going on here ''.
'' Let us just exercise patience your highness. We still have a lot of time,because... when you give birth,then finally.... Our dreams would come true and your sim would be announced the crowned prince ''.
'' I don't think it would be that easy. I need you yo get me a maid as soon as possible, who is willing to serve me with loyalty and I am going to reward her everyday ''.
'' I am going to look through the maids your highness ''.
'' I need a maid who is going ti be as loyal as Queen Meerah's that clear? ''. She said and went closer to Queen Meerah's Jasmine flowers,starring at them in rage. '' Those demn maids had the gust to make a fool out of me,I will punish the severely ''.
'' Yes your Highness ''.
'' Go and get me a mango juice,make of fast! ''.
'' Yes your Highness ''.

Savitri walked out of the garden and when she got to the celebration, she realised that the queen mother and Queen Meerah with her maids were not at the celebration. She looked around and wondered where they had gone. She saw one of the maids she was very close to and trusted. She called the maid aside the celebration and took her near the garden.

'' Have you seen Queen Meerah? ''.
'' How come you of all people is asking for Queen Meerah, are you not close to Queen Dorah? ''.
'' Are you going to tell me or not,I am going to give you gold coins ''.
'' Well,I don't know where Queen Meerah is. But when the celebration was going on, she first entered the palace with her maids,then Queen mother later followed ''.
'' Hmmmm,okay good. Hey Avni, how would you like to be Queen Dorah's hand maid and earn lots of gold coins ''.
'' Wow Savitri, are yours serious? ''.
'' Yes of course... you go to the party,when everything is over,I shall call you to meet Queen Dorah ''.
'' And the gold coins you promised? ''.
'' You greedy witch, Hahaha ''. She removed five gold coins from her little sack purse and gave them to her,she smiled and left.

Savitri quickly entered the garden,and with sweat,she rushed to Queen Dorah.

'' You idiot! You stunned me. And didn't even bring the juice ''.
'' Your highness, don't be angry please ''.
'' What is chasing you? ''.
'' Well,I went to the compound and decided to get the juice as you requested, but I didn't see Queen Meerah or the Queen mother there ''.
'' And how does that affect me? ''.
'' Your highness, I just wanted to let you know. Maybe with their absence, you can give !e an order to do something about what is going on ''.
'' No. I have nothing in mind for now. But I am even bored of this celebration as it is. Come on,follow me to my chambers and send !e the juice there ''.

Savitri walked out of the garden with her.

(In the tall building=Queen Dorah's chamber).

The Queen mother, Queen Meerah and her two maids arrived in front of Queen Dorah's chamber.

'' Mother, I am really worried about this plan of yours,even with our own positions as queens,we don't have the right to batch into the other queen's chamber like that without their permission ''.
'' Meerah... stop being naive and be a strong as her...I just want ti confirm if truly, Queen Dorah is a Magad and practice black magic, that will be our only key to getting rid of her ''.
'' Mother, please understand.... ''.
'' Meerah...understand me too. Both you and Shaker were so close and in love until Dorah showed up ''.
'' Due to the Ujani custom, the king is to marry three times to ensure the stability of the throne. So even if Queen Dorah away,the king will marry again ''.
'' Yes let him marry again,I will make sure by then that,the queen he marries is not a second Dorah ''. She said and went closer to the door and opened it ''. Girls,be fast! No one must catch us,search everywhere... hurry! ''.

Preeta and Sheena quickly entered the very large decorated room and started searching everywhere. They looked into the drawers and other places too. They kept on searching besides the curtain which had a door behind it but they had no idea there was a secret door behind the curtain. Queen Meerah and the Queen mother stood out watching if someone was coming.
Suddenly, Queen Meerah felt dizzy and moaned silently.

'' Meerah, what is it? Are you okay? ''.
'' No no mother ''. She said and gave a loud cough and vomited some milky substances on the floor and the queen mother looked for behind Queen Meerah and saw Savitri and Queen Dorah walking on the walkway and coming from a far distance.

'' Girls, girls! Stop she's coming! ''.
(Then Queen Meerah fainted all of a sudden).
'' Girls, hurry up! ''. She quickly bent down in anguish. '' Meerah, please open your eyes! Else our plans will all be destroyed. Meerah!!! ''.

She's stopped searching and quickly started walking out but Preeta bent down and looked under Queen Dorah's very large bed. And to her shock, she saw a tray containing black powder under the bed. She tried reaching out for it.

'' Preeta! Queen Dorah is coming, let's go,Queen Meerah has fainted! ''.
(She quickly run out of the room and they both closed the heavy door together and,they couldn't get to carry Queen Meerah alone. So they shouted in agony and alerted many people in the palace including the king and his elders with the other kings. They all gathered and Queen Dorah was shocked to see them in front of her chamber.
The guards carried queen Meerah into her chamber followed by everyone and they called the herbalist. The herbalist asked them all to stay out until she was done checking on Queen Meerah, but the queen mother insisted that she will stand in the chamber, so only she was allowed in).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She stood in her chamber in anguish and doubt. She looked around her room and saw that everything was normal. Savitri then knocked and entered with Avni, she closed the door behind her. Avni looked prepared since she had got every information from Savitri.

'' Your highness ''. She said and bowed. '' I got what you asked for. This is Avni, a trust worthy maid,who can serve and keep you updated at all times ''.
'' Why did Queen Meerah faint in front of my chamber. I am beginning to suspect everyone in the palace ''.
'' Oh my Queen... Please subtract Avni and I from it because, we are only loyal to you ''.
'' Avni, are you willing to give your life for my orders and wishes ''.
'' Yes your highness. I also support that you are the one going to give birth to Ujani's first prince,so it is only right that,he becomes the crowned prince ''.
'' Good,good Avni, I love the way your brain is working now...but I believe Queen Meerah and the Queen mother entered my chamber. I must find out that I can also fight back whenever they strike ''.
(They all suddenly heard shouting and laughter outside).
'' What is going on? ''.
'' We don't know your highnesses... I think we should go and check ''.

Queen Dorah and the maids got out of her chamber and walked up the hallway to Queen Meerah's chamber. Were everyone was having smiles on their faces. The midwife and herbalist were standing in front of the king and he threw thousands and thousands of gold coins on them both in happiness.
Then Queen Dorah and the maids quickly walked closer to the unknown celebration and when the ong saw her,he threw some of the coins on them and she gave a fake smile.

'' But what is going on here tour highness? Why the sudden happiness? ''.
'' Yes of course Queen Dorah! Happiness has filled all our hearts. And the entire kingdom would be in celebration as well when I myself will spread this news. I am not even going to allow the announcer do the announcement ''.
'' What announcement your highness? ''.
'' Oh Dorah you weren't even standing here? And I remember some months ago,you were about to accuse Meerah of not caring about you because she wasn't in your chamber when you were in pain ''.
'' Oh come on mother, this is not the time to dwell on the past. Queen Meerah is pregnant!!! ''. The king shouted in excitement.
'' What?! ''. Queen Dorah shouted in shock and felt a sharp pain in your abdomen. Thick water fell pur from her skirt out of her private part and she squeaked in pain. '' My baby kicked! Help.. Aaah! ''.

Everyone rushed to her and held her. The midwife touched her stomach and opened her eyes widely.

'' Oh no! ''.
'' What is the matter midwife? ''. The king asked in fright.
'' The queen is in labour your highness.... let us rush her to the labour house,hurry! Or else she might loose her life and the baby as well,her time is not due! ''......

episode 6
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Queen Dorah was quickly carried by two palace guards and taken to the labour house were everyone was completely worried and they all filled the front door of the labour house.

'' Shaker, you and this kings guests should go to the court room and continue your conversation, we shall let you know whatever happens ''. The old queen said.
'' No no grandmother. I must stand here,that is my first son please ''.
'' Yes yes...bit the kings are not allowed in the labour house. It is custom ''. The old queen insisted.
'' Please grandmother. Won't let anything happened to my son and Queen Dorah ''.
'' Just go! ''

The king left the labour house with the other kings and he went straight to Queen Meerah's chamber. Where her maids and the queen mother attended to her and served her with healthy fruits. The king went beside her and sat down. All the other kings with smiling faces went closer to her and removed their jewelries and showered her with it in happiness.

'' Congratulations Queen Meerah... you have made us proud. Finally you are also going to become a mother ''. King Gangah said.
'' Thank you your majesty ''. Queen Meerah could not control her smile.
'' Well,king Shaker, we shall take our leave to our various kingdoms..we are going to announce this good news to everyone ''. King Siamak said.
'' Oh okay. Thank you for coming to celebrate the dewali festival with us. I hope you come here and celebrate the Pujah festival as well ''.
'' Of course. That is ten months ahead of us. But that time,the queen would have given birth already,and celebrations will be much happier ''. King Gangah said.
'' Safe journey back to your kingdoms my friends ''.
The kings left,accompanied by their guards. They sat in their palanquins and left the Ujani kingdom.

'' Do you need anything Queen Meerah? ''. The king asked.
'' No your highness. Please don't worry about me,I am absolutely fine ''.
'' You have made me proud my love. I am finally going to get a son from my first queen ''.
'' I have to go and prepare the announcer Shaker, you won't do any announcement to the kingdom, you have to stay here with Meerah. And I shall also prepare the tumeric tonic for pregnant women to massage Meerah's body as custom demands ''.
'' Yes mother, please... make it fast. And let the guards prepare fruits,thousands of some other foodstuffs to share to every house in the kingdom. Today is a happy day, tell them Queen Meerah is pregnant and give them the foodstuff ''.
'' Okay,I shall take my leave ''.

The Queen mother left Queen Meerah's chamber leaving her with the king. The king's fave changed to a frown suddenly with the thought of Queen Dorah's condition.

'' What is it tour highness? ''.
'' It Queen Dorah. She is in labour ''.
'' Oh no. But it's not yet her time,come on..let's go to the labour house ''. She tried getting us. '' Why didn't queen mother tell me all this? ''.
'' You are not going anywhere ''. The king said and made her lie down again. '' If there is any news, they will let us know ''.
'' But your highness please... ''.
'' My dear,no. Stay here. You are already pregnant and I don't want any complications and troubles... Please, just understand and lie down ''.
He made her fall asleep and then he left the chamber.

(In the palace kitchen).

This was the golden heart of the palace and it suited the riches of the kingdom. Preeta and Sheena were busily lighting fire on a three meeting hard clay with firewood in them to prepare the tumeric tonic for Queen Meerah. And Preeta couldn't keep this discovery she made to herself. She thought maybe,she and Sheena could work together to know what was really going on. She was chopping some fresh carrots into a grinder.

'' you know what I saw under Queen Dorah's bed? ''.
'' Oh my God,you saw something? ''.
'' Yes,a silver tray with black powder on it ''.
'' Black?! On no,then that means... ''.
'' That means Queen Dorah is truly practicing black magic in the palace ''.

Avni show as sent by the midwife in the labour house to bring more water for Queen Dorah's labour got to the kitchen door and stood there to listen when she heard Queen Dorah's name in the conversation. She stood behind the door as she opened her eats to listen.

'' So what are we going to do now Preeta... I think we should tell queen mother ''.
'' No,not yet Sheena... we just heard a good news of Queen Meerah's pregnancy ''.
'' And that is the more reason why we should tell Queen mother ''.
'' No you don't understand. Remember that Queen Dorah entered her chamber when we left there. What if she took the black powder away? Then we will have no evidence against her. And when we have no evidence against her,we shall be punished mercilessly for accusing the Queen wrongly ''.
'' You are right. So how are we going to prove this? I can't believe Queen Dorah is bold enough to be practicing this...I heard the Magad family were banished from the kingdom because of black magic. That was all queen mother told me ''.
'' So what if they were banished? Now we know that Queen Dorah practice black magic, and we must work together to expose her...we shall start tonight ''.
'' Okay.... I have a plan ''.

Avni wa so shocked. She couldn't believe there was black magic in the palace and she was now scared that she was going to be Queen Dorah's hand maiden. She later entered the kitchen and took away the water she was sent for.

(Outside the palace=Kingdom town=Mr Raul's mansion).

Mr Raul was a 60 years old man who was very modern in the kingdom. The only man who had ever left the kingdom to learn more about life from outside. The only rich man apart from the royal family. He was the only man who had gone so far in learning other languages and was filthy rich. The only man who had television in his mansion and the entire kingdom, he had modern stuffs like telephone, chandelier, foreign wine,air condition, television, modern kitchen and accessories and other needful things.
And his heart was black but he only did business which benefited him alone. He used what he had to get what he and that was how people saw him to be,the wicked monster in town. He had his own large farm besides his mansion were every kind of foodstuff was planted there. And most of the time,he had poor people coming to beg for food.
The poor people, especially Mr Meho. The drunkard. The addict to alcohol. And he had no problem leaving his newly wedded wife at home to drink and spend more days at home. He fell at the feet of Mr Raul in his drunkenness.

'' You come here everyday to beg for food...remember that if you do not start working with your are going to stay this way ''. He said and threw his cigar in his mouth. '' What do I get in return from helping you this much? You are just a drunkard! ''
'' I will do anything you want sir. Please, just give me a little money to buy a drink please. Just two gold coins ''.
'' I wonder why Bhavna married you instead of me. I have been pursuing her for life but she rejected me...and chose you,you are the drunkard of the town ''.
'' I will do whatever you want sir. Look,I know my wife and I just got married. But I believe we will have so many children in future. I promise that..if you look after me forever, I promise to give my daughter to you as a wife,if that's what you want. And if he is a boy,he will become a labourer to you,and work in tour farm for the rest of his life ''.
'' Huh?! ''. Mr Raul was astonished. And he looked back at his favourite bodyguard who smiled and nodded his head. '' Meho, are you sure of what you are saying? ''.
'' Yes yes...what use will I have for children to look after me,when you are the one doing the needful? ''.
'' Since Bhavna rejected me because of my age,this will be the perfect payback to laugh at her face ''. Mr Raul thought.
'' I will do anything... I just need a drink and a life insurance ''

Mr Raul gave a devilish smile and gave Meho 50 gold coins and asked him to leave and come back later so they could finalize their agreement on paper.

(Royal Palace).

Everyone had gathered on the palace golden compound and were all feeling restless due to the many hours spent in the labour house. Suddenly, they heard the cru of a baby. The old queen and midwife came out of the labour house with a baby in sack cloth. The old queen arrived in front of the king with a smile.

'' It was a baby boy ''.

Everyone cheered in excitement and the king took the ababy in his arms and smiled. He raised the baby into the sky.

'' God bless this child! ''.
'' Be careful Shaker, he's still prematured ''. The old Queen said.
'' Don't worry grandmother. He is strong. He is a warrior, and his na!e will be,Faruk! My first son,the first Prince of Ujani. Prince Faruk Samrat! ''.
'' Glory to Prince Faruk!!! ''. The guards shouted together in a heavy tone.
'' Glory to him! ''. The maidens responded together.
'' Glory to Prince Faruk!!! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''.

The old Queen mother took the baby back.

'' I should be taking him to his mother now son ''.
'' How is Queen Dorah, grandmother? ''.
'' W..well... ''.
'' Well? ''.
'' She's fine but.... ''.
'' But what?! ''....


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