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Married to the Prince All Episodes

episode 1
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

It was in the deepest parts of the mountains that Ujani kingdom was created many years ago and the throne reigned from father to son. In ever family that the throne landed on. Bit king Shaker was viewed to be the first king that ruled for years with his wife,Meerah and does not have a son yet. The chiefs and priests of Ujani came and go and roamed in the palace for many years,looking for a solution to this problem but they came to only one conclusion.
Is for the king to follow the customs and tradition to marry a second wife. It was allowed in their rights and customs to get married as many times as they wanted and of came to pass that the king got married again. To Dorah. And she was welcomed in royalty into the royal palace. From the east to the west and south to north,it was the Ujani kingdom that had the largest gold lands and mineral resorts, making the neighbouring kingdoms wanting to get their own princes and princesses married there.
And the kingdom of Ujani never deported from their customs and tradition in any at. One custom were one must bow and touch the elderly feet when they met them,when a woman's hair was to be shaved whether their husband died and were taken deep into the mountains to serve the priest for the rest if their lives. When a woman got married and enters her In-laws house to be under their control forever. And it went on and forth as the king got married to his second wife,Dorah. ...the beautiful damsel. She was indeed beautiful, but no one's beauty was compared to queen Meerah. She was the morning sun that brightened up the day of Ujani, and the moonlight who showed them the way at night.

(King Shaker's Chamber)

That was the King's room,and that means,the best room of all. The walls were painted in brown and filled with weapons like arrows and bows,tie and stones,swords and other stuff. The biggest curtain covered every window and the largest bed in the entire kingdom, crafted by the hands of his great grandfather. Chandaderah, the greatest warrior Ujani ever had.
He sat in comfort, as he comforted his first wife,and the love of his life.

'' Is it going to be easy your highness? Because Queen Dorah is pregnant now. And people have started scorning me,that means will soon be scorning me as..... ''. Queen Meerah says in anguish.
'' No! Don't say this Queen Meerah. I,king Shakerderah, will never scorn you my queen. It is just a matter of time when you with also become a mother. But you already know that,I had no other choice,than to marry someone else ''.
'' Make one promise to me your highness ''. Queen Meerah asked in anxiety. '' Please, make a promise to me ''.
'' You know I will do anything to make sure you are happy my dear queen ''.
'' No matter what happened, that only if I also become pregnant one day,that you will make my son the crowned Prince, and the successor of Ujani. The only one ''.
'' I... ''

One of the servants arrived quickly and distracted them.
She bows down and puts her hands together as a sign of respect.

'' How dare you?! How dare you not summon your arrival maid?! ''. The king shouted.
'' Pardon me your Majesty. But it is full moon. And it is time for Queen Meerah to perform her purification rituals now ''.
'' Yes your Highness, I am already late. I almost forgot ''. She said and puts her hands together. '' I shall take my leave now tour Majesty ''.
'' Of course Queen Meerah. We shall talk later ''.

Queen Meerah left with Savitri the maid.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

The weather was very cold. Her widows were opened and she was looking outside the palace, and into the sky. She placed her eyes on the clouds and thunder blasted once,twice, and stopped. And it started raining. She didn't like the sound of rain because to her,it only rained when something good was about to happened.
She stood at her window and the entire kingdom was dark,since it was deep in the night. She held her stomach which was now big and shiny. Her bare stomach. She wore a traditional royal cloth on her breast and a long golden skirt...and her stomach was showing beautifully. She had only few months ahead before she gave birth to the heir of Ujani.
At least, that's what she thought. She opened a pot close to her and placed her hand inside, her hand came out and a tiny green cobra had wrapped itself on her hand. She brought the cobra close to her face and looked straight into the cobra's eyes.

'' Come what is my son,only my sin...will become the king of Ujani after his father,and I don't care what I have to do to make that happened! He will become the crowned Prince ''.

A guard entered and bowed with his hands put together.

'' Your highness ''.
'' What is it?! ''.
'' The maid's leader request herself at your presence ''.
'' Let her in ''.

The guard leaves and quickly, Savitri enters the chambers and close the grand door behind her. She gets closer to the queen and bows her head and greets. Queen Dorah puts back the cobra in the pot and closed it.

'' I hope there is no problem tonight Savitri ''.
'' No your Highness. I did exactly as you had ordered and spied on the king and Queen Meerah ''
'' And what were they talking about? ''.
'' I stood behind the King's chamber when there was no guard standing there. And I heard queen Meerah, trying to force the King to promise her matter what happened, it is her on that would become the crowned Prince. If only she gives birth ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' And you already know that the King,never goes back on his words when he makes a promise ''.
'' Nooo! ''. She shouted and pushed a couples of jewelry down the floor from a table. '' So,did the king... ''.
'' No my queen. I was lucky enough to interrupt their conversation, before the king make any promise. It was already time for Queen Meerah's purification rituals, so I went to call her ''.
'' Haaa..good ''. Queen Dorah breaths easily. She walks to her large jewelry box and removed some golden coins and throws then at Savitri. '' You have done a great job. Now,I need you to arrange a meeting between me and the palace priest. Because if we make a simple mistake, Queen Meerah may get pregnant then,the King's attention may drift from me,and if that happens... I will loose everything! And won't be able to fulfill my father's dreams! ''.
'' Your father's dreams?! ''. Savitri asked in confusion.
'' Just go and also for now. I will call you here tomorrow to arrange a meeting between the priest and I ''
'' Yes your Highness ''. She said and took the golden coins on the floor and leaves.
'' Queen Meerah is fast enough to do this. But I..have something that will shatter her dreams forever ''.


(Purification room for Queens).

Behind the palace, there was a nice built house which contained different kinds of flowers and a big pool of lime water. Where the queens had to enter to help clean every evil away from the palace. I was three different kinds of pools for all the three queens the king was supposed to marry. One would be his brain,the other his heart,and the other his soul.
Queen Meerah entered her pool and relaxed in it,while her two personal maidens poured bitter milk and bitter leaves on her body,whiles she prayers silently to the Ujani god. King Shaker's mother arrived with a mint oil which was always used to complete the purification rituals by using it to cleanse the Queen's body. The maids kept pouring the bitter milk and bitter leaves water on Queen Meerah's body as she prayed silently.

'' Maids! Exit now! ''. The queen mother order and they bowed down and quickly left as Queen Meerah opened her eyes on shock.
'' But mother! The rituals have no ended. How will my prayers be completed then? ''.
'' has no ended my dear. Meerah, there must be something wrong somewhere. Maybe you haven't noticed yet. But I have. As the second eldest of the palace, I have come to realise that,from the day this rituals was organised by our forefathers, every Queen that bathed in their purification pool,had their prayers answered by the Ujani god. Except for you ''.
'' Mother I.... ''.
'' Don't be scared, it is I,who chose you for my son,the king. I am not blaming you at all. There must be something wrong somewhere. It is either there is an evil spirit behind you,or your purification pool has being mixed with something ''.
'' Mother,but who will want to mix something in y pool and do me harm? What have I done? ''.
'' Tomorrow is the streaming wishing day ''. The queen mother said and went closer to Queen Meerah. '' Meerah my child,I don't want anyone to hear this. Walls gave ears. I want you to go to the stream of wines and wish for the god of Ujani to give you a child. And tour prayers shall be answered ''.
'' But mother! ''. Queen Meerah is astonished. '' Queens are forbidden to go to that stream from ancient days ''.
'' I know. The queen is said to be a goddess, and the light to the kingdom,and the way to the stream is filt and dirt, so we are forbidden. But I promise you that,you will become a mother,after just one visit to the stream. If you don't go there Meerah, Dorah will give birth to a son,and I promise you that she will convince the king to make him the crowned Prince! Is that what you want? ''.
'' No no ''.
'' So then? Will you go or not? ''.
'' How will I go mother,if anyone recognises me,I am doomed ''.
'' Come with me ''.

She gets out of the purification pool and goes with the queen mother.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She sits on her bed and quickly looks under her pillow and removed a little bottle from under the pillow and looks at it and thunder strikes.

'' As long as,I pour this into your purification water as father orders me,your prayers shall never be answered... and you shall never get pregnant. And that will only mean,only I will give an heir to Ujani, to get revenge for what Ujani did to my family! ''. She laughs as more thunder strike....

episode 2
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Next Day=Royal Palace=Queen mother's chambers).

After their conversation, the queen mother and queen Meerah had the perfect plan just to get queen Meerah to the wishing stream. Queen mother quickly maiden's clothes in queen Meerah. And all the maid servants had a light cloth that was used to cover half of their faces. They could only remove that when they were out of the palace. They all wore red uniforms had a cloth that covered their hair and entire body with uniform.
And the light red cloth which covered half of their faces,from their noses to their mouths. And that was what happened when the queen mother covered queen Meerah and escorted her out of her chambers. It was broad day light and all the servants had quickly gone out on their duties. Queen mother held queen Meerah's hand tightly as they walked down the stairs and stepped into the walkway which leader to the enormous compound of the palace.
And Savitri stood there with all the maids, supervising them as she was their leader. They saw queen mother walking towards them and they all bowed down with their hands put together. Queen mother left Queen Meerah's hand immediately to avoid raising an suspicions.

'' Good morning maids! ''. Queen mother greeted with quite a shaking voice.
'' Good morning queen! ''. They replied.

Savitri saw the girl standing besides the queen mother and her bossy character arises.

'' Hey mad,come over here...where were you when I summoned all the maids huh? ''.
'' She was with me Savitri. Did you not see me walking with her? ''.
'' Sorry queen mother ''. She said and bowed her head. '' It is already bright in the morning and,today is the stream wishing day. And so,the king said I should summon the maids and ask them...if anyone would like to go and wish today ''.
'' Hm! Don't wore. You can GI ahead and do your jib. But this maid is doing something for let her be ''.
'' Sorry Queen ''.
'' Let us go maid ''. Queen mother said and left with queen Meerah.

(The King's chamber).

The Lord of the kingdom was on his feet,and a guard entered with two maids and they all bowed down. The maids held a bowl of water af an oil.

'' I won't wash my feet today. Don't worry. Today is a free day for all of you,I have given you the day to enjoy yourselves since today is a happy day. It's a happy day for everyone because it is a wishing day. Go ahead and lay your wishes to the god of Ujani ''. He said with a smile.
'' Thank you,your Majesty ''. They bowed down and left.

Another guard entered and bowed before the king.

'' Your Majesty.. Queen Dorah request herself in your presence ''.
'' Where is she? ''.
'' She is standing outside your Majesty ''.
'' Tell her to wait for me in the court room...I will be there ''.
'' Yes your Majesty ''. She bowed down and left.

(Outside the king's chamber).

The guard arrived and bowed down.

'' Did he say I should come inside? ''. She said as she tried walking inside but the guard stopped her.
'' No your Highness! The ming wants you to wait for him in the court room ''.
'' What? Why? Queen Meerah I there right? ''. She asked angrily.
'' No your highness. It is only the king in his chamber ''.

Queen Dorah angrily turned away and walked to the front of the court room. She looked down her toe and reached for the tip of her skirt. She unfolded a black stone from her skirt and looked around her. She threw it into her mouth and swallowed of. She ordered the guard to tell some maids to serve her with mango juice and she entered the court room.

(In front of Queen Meerah's cha!Ber).

Her two maidens stood in front of her grand door together like guards and the queen mother came to them and gave them five gold coins each.

'' Has anyone come here to ask of the queen? ''.
'' No queen mother '' Sheena replied.
'' Good,this is a token for your endless loyalty to the kingdom of Ujani and queen Meerah. I will reward you handsomely when she becomes pregnant. You two has sacrificed yourselves very well today, you had the right ti go for wishing today, but you decided to sacrifice that for your queen ''.
'' When the queen becomes pregnant, we'll all be happy queen mother. Please don't worry,we'll stand here until the queen returns ''.
'' Good. I will go and talk to my son now. Distracting him now,will be the best option. So that he doesn't ask for Meerah anytime soon....make sure,you stand here,no one must leave this place,okay? ''.
'' Yes queen ''. Preeta replied.
'' Because if anyone else comes to know that Meerah is not here,then we are all in big trouble. Okay? ''. She said nd left.

(Outside the palace).

The kingdom was very busy as people were running with one gold coin to the wishing stream. Some others were busily going to their farms. Queen Meerah sat on a donkey which rode her among the people as half of her face was covered. Some of the palace maidens quickly bypassed her and she started becoming anxious.
And her legs,she forgot to remove the queen's anklet. All the queens had silver anklet on their legs which signify her ownership to the king and her mind wasn't on it at all. She held her coin tightly in her hand a her head was facing the floor. Others who sat on their own donkeys bypassed her.

(In the palace=Courtroom).

Savitri the leader of the maidens bowed down and served Queen Dorah with the mango juice she requested and they looked around the room to ensure there was no one watching them.

'' I really appreciate your endless loyalty to me Savitri. I give you my undying promise, that am going to reward you handsomely ''. Queen Dorah said as she sipped the mango juice. '' Have you seen Queen Meerah today? ''.
'' It is strange to me also your highness. It is getting to the afternoon now. And I haven't laid my eyes on queen Meerah since morning ''.
'' What? That is strange... she always woke up before everyone and go to the garden to water her jasmine flowers... where can she be? ''.
'' I don't know your highness... I have being around the palace all day. I have being everywhere today,in the laundry house, the garden, the kitchen... everywhere... but have not yet layed my eyes on her ''.
'' I smell a rat ''. Queen Dorah said and got up with the mango juice. '' And Queen mother? ''.
'' She is walking around the palace. I saw her standing at the entrance of the palace, and talking to a guard. That the last time I saw her before going to get breakfast ready ''.

The king entered the courtroom with four guards behind him and he smiled when he saw Queen Dorah. Savitri bowed down and she quickly left with the four guards. The king went closer to queen Dorah when she also smiled lightly, he touched her stomach and he smile became wider.


'' My entire world. I am soon going to become a father too ''. He said.
'' Yes your highness. And our son...will become the pride of the entire kingdom... ''. She said that and used her hand to caressed the king's face,suddenly, and suddenly, an invisible smoke came out of her mouth and consumed the king's face. '' And out sob,is going to be the heir and Ujani's successor... right? ''.
'' Well exactly Queen Dorah... he is my first son after all... ''

The queen mother in a glorious white gown enters the court room immediately and the king separated from Queen Dorah. He shakes his head as he felt a little dizzy.

'' My son,are you okay? ''. She asked and walked closer to him and looked at Queen Dorah suspiciously.
'' Ye mother... I just felt dizzy ''.
'' I shall take my leave your majesty ''. Queen Dorah said and left.
'' What has happened to you my son? Your face looks very red...wait a moment ''. She went out and came back with fresh dried pepper on a tray. She took it and shoved it around the king's head ''.
'' It is okay mother...I am fine now. Please, do sit down... ''. He said and sat down.
'' My and I must have a very important conversation about the future of Ujani ''. She said and sat down.
'' What do you want to talk about? ''

Queen Dorah was walking around the walkway to all the chambers as she was feeling helpless. And she met Savitri on the way,they both walked quickly to Queen Meerah's chamber. It was only one of the maids left. She saw Queen Dorah and bowed down.

'' Let queen Meerah be aware that I want to see her ''. Queen Dorah said with a frown.
'' Did you not hear what the queen said? Hurry,go and call Queen Meerah, ad besides... why are you standing here like a guard? Are you not supposed to tend to your queen? ''.
'' Yes,but she asked me to stand here,she's having a silent meditation like she always does ''. Sheena said in fear.
'' And where's Preeta your colleague? ''. Savitri asked in suspicion.
'' She..she..well...she went along with the other maids to the wishing stream ''.
'' Really? Because I didn't see her ''.
'' Look Savitri, please just leave, please Queen Dorah ''.
'' You either let me in the chamber or,am going to report you to the king. And you already know the severe punishment a servant gets when they disobey a queen ''.
'' Oh queen Dorah... I swear that....

She tried bringing an Ife up but Queen Dorah pushed her aside and opened Queen Meerah's door and entered with Savitri.....

episode 3
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Queen Dorah and Savitri entered Queen Meerah's chamber and saw her sitting there with her red Saree and a Vail on her face. Sitting quietly with her back facing them. Sheena quickly entered in sweat and still in shock.

'' I am sorry my queen. I tried telling them that you were mediating bit they forced themselves in entering ''. Sheena said.
(With her back facing them,she raised her hand up,signifying that it was okay).
Quickly and luckily, Queen mother arrived there and entered the room and stood in front of Queen Dorah and Savitri.

'' What do you want? ''.
'' Well !mother I.... ''. Queen Dorah tried to explain.
'' I told her Queen Meerah was having a quiet time queen mother, but they wouldn't understand ''
'' You may take your leave now Dorah, as you can see....Meerah can not Kk to you right now. So keep whatever you wanted to say her for later ''. Queen mother said.
'' Okay mother. I am sorry...follow me Savitri ''. Queen Dorah said and looked over the queen mother's shoulder, wondering why queen Meerah didn't even turn to look at them,and she left Savitri.
'' Oh my goodness... this was so close ''. Sheena went to the door and shut it closed.

The queen mother turned ti the bed and was surprised at how queen Meerah arrived there so early. The girl sitting on the bed turned and removed the vale from her head and face and surprisingly, it was Preeta, one of Queen Meerah's !aid in queen Meerah's clothes, acting like she was queen Meerah.

'' What?! Preeta, you? How is this possible? ''.
'' It was a plan we both made my queen. I had a feeling that someone would come here to see the queen. So Preeta and I decided that, Preeta will wear one of queen Meerah's sarees and act like the queen to raise no suspicions ''. Sheena said.
'' Hahaha... good girls. Now I can feel the god of Ujani is truly behind us and supporting us. I shall make a promise to you today, that when queen Meerah becomes a mother, and I pray it's a baby boy,I shall fight for him to become the crowned prince of Ujani, and none of your sacrifices shall become a waste ''
'' But queen mother, please... may we know why it sees like you are protecting queen Meerah from queen Dorah? ''.
'' You wouldn't understand. But I will make sure to explain everything to you both when the time is right ''. She said and walked to the door. '' Keep up the good work girls,when Meerah returns, then you can go and rest ''.

They both bowed down and the Queen mother left. She walked down the walkway and went into the palace temple. She went closer to the goddess (lord Krishna's statue) were they had put thousands of flowers and lit white candles and lamps around it. And there was a red,yellow and brown powder on a tray under the statue. She went closer and covered her hair with part of her saree and took one lantern and lit fire on it and stretched it to the statue.

'' Oh Lord,please let the mission of Meerah be accomplished. Oh lord,let the mission of Meerah be accomplished. Oh lord,let the mission of Meerah be accomplished......

(Queen Dorah's cha!Ber).

She entered with Savitri and she went to sit on her bed in anguish and helplessness.

'' Relax your highness. We both saw queen Meerah sitting on her bed in her chamber. So there's nothing to worry about ''.
'' You are not smart enough Savitri. There is something wrong somewhere. Why didn't queen Meerah turn her face to look at u? Is that not suspicious? ''.
'' Well,I think it was because of her meditation that's why your Highness. I think Sheena made us aware that queen Meerah wanted to have some quiet time ''.
'' You can leave now...I want to be alone ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. She bowed down and left.
'' This can't be possible... queen Meerah can't be !meditating for the whole day,no! And Savitri said she saw queen mother at the entrance speaking to a guard? ''.

She was trying to get herself to understand and know what was going on. She quickly looked around the palace and entered a secret door way behind a big curtain in her room an she opened the door and entered the dark room and shut the door close.
And it was shocking to see red banners all around the room. And cobwebs with big spiders and creepy animal. There were black pots all around and black candles lights in them. She faced a very dark corner and knelt down. She took one pot of candle light and showed it at the corner and there standing was a small statue of an old man. There was a real life snake on the neck of the statue and queen Dorah slowly knelt in front of the statue and took a black powder besides the statue and smear it on her forehead, closed her eyes and started chanting quietly.
Suddenly, a tall old man in a black robe appeared.

'' Dorah! ''.
'' Father...father I need you ''.
'' You idiot! I give you one simple instruction and you spoil everything. I have told you to assign a maid you may that she can spy on that Meerah! But you have spoil everything! ''.
'' But father,everything is in place I swear! ''.
'' Shut up! ''. He screamed in rage. '' I am no longer a living being okay? I am dead,and no longer alive,to hold your hand around to show you what and what not to do...only thanks to the black magic I have thought you when I was alive, thanks to that black magic,that's the only reason why you can still see me! But I have given you the power to destroy the kingdom of Ujani and everyone in it...that is why I have sent you here...but you are still making things difficult ''.
'' But what have I dome father? ''.
'' Do you have any idea of where Meerah is? ''.
'' In her chamber? ''.
'' She is on her way to the ancient wishing stream. To wish for a son! ''.
'' Noooo!! ''. Queen Dorah was shocked to her feet and she started shaking like a sick bird. '' This can't be father! What do I do,what should I do? ''.
Her father Binduzah gave her a snake from his hand and asked her to charm the snake to go and finish queen Meerah for good,so that she posts her way and gets bitten by it and makes her die. She took it and he disappeared into the statue. Queen Dorah's eyes had become red with rage now and she stood up on her feet with her big tummy, even though she was in pain,her wickedness had blinded her. She took a little lantern from a table near her and held the snake tightly by the neck.

'' I am not going to miss my target ''. She said and the snake's eyes turned red light. '' Devour her,there is no way she should reach the stream on time to make her wish. Just kill her...go! ''.

She said and the snake disappeared from her hand.

(Palace Temple).

The queen mother kept on praying very had in front of lord Krishna, she kept wining and wining the lantern of fire in front of the statue when the eldest of the palace, her late husband, the late king's mother arrived there. She was the eldest of the palace. She was the mother of the late king,the present king's father.
She had lived a long life,but she wanted to live a little longer to see happiness in her descendants life before joining her son,the late king and the other ghosts. She arrived with her walking ancient crafted stick of gold and her vision was a little blur bit she could walk on her own. She entered the temple and alerted her daughter in law,the queen mother.

'' What is it Gayatri? What has happened to Meerah that you are praying for her this afternoon? ''.
'' Mother... oh mother, I wish I could hide this from oh,but I can't. Things are about to happened, Meerah must be the one to give birth to the heir of this kingdom, and not Dorah ''.
'' I totally agree with you Gayatri. But it is Dorah that has become pregnant after all. And Shaker will not be able to cheat her so heartlessly like that ''.
'' Well mother... that is why I have sent Meerah to the stream to wish for a son ''. She whispered whole looking around.
'' What?! Oh lord,but that is forbidden Gayatri... it is an abomination ''.
'' Yes I know...but it is worth the risk. Because I will not allow a Magad descendant to claim the throne! ''.
'' Magad? Who is a Magad here Gayatri? They were banished from the kingdom many years ago ''.
'' I saw a Magad symbol of a snake at the back of queen Dorah some weeks ago mother! ''. She said in anger.
'' Then why? Why have you not told everyone? ''.
'' Those people used to do black magic mother. I don't know why,but o feel like Dorah is here for a particular reason. They used to do black magic and you know the Ujani gods does not match with black magic, it only brings tragedy to the kingdom, and that is why they were banished for good....what if I reveal Dorah's secret to everyone, she can trick everyone with black magic. I need Meerah to get pregnant first so that I can have the perfect plan. Because Dorah is also pregnant, and whether we like it or not,that child is also an Ujani ''.
'' I will join you to pray dear. I know a lot about spiritual things. Always consult me first when you want to take any further step ''.
'' Yes mother ''.

She also lit a lantern for the old woman and they both started praying for Meerah in front of lord Krishna.

(Outside the Palace).

Back in town itself, of was getting late and queen Meerah's donkey was already thirsty and stopped on halfway to the stream. She tired hitting the back of the donkey but the donkey began to shake itself to get her off its back but she held on tightly. She looked around as people were going to their various home after wishing on the stream.
She slowly got off the donkey and held the donkey's neck rope and started walking with it. She needed to get a river near by to make the donkey drink water so she left the road and passed left into the forest. She took the donkey deeper and deeper until she saw a river lying close to a tall old tree. She went closer and made the donkey drink water,and the snake sent by queen Dorah appeared behind her.....

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