Married to the Prince Episode 10,11 & 12

episode 10
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Queen Dorah was so upset and was wondering why Queen Meerah didn't die. Savitri stood at the door and when the priest arrived at the door,she let him in and closed the door.

'' Priest, I hope you are here to tell me something sensible about how to attack Queen Meerah at where she least expects ''.
'' You can't kill her your highness ''. The priest said.
'' What?! How can you say that? When she gibes birth... the king is going to have a difficult time,choosing between her son and Faruk! ''.
'' Just relax for now highness. When Queen Meerah entered the court room...I saw a very strong blue shield surrounded her body...she is getting protection from somewhere ''.
'' I...I know. She went to the wishing river to wish,and when she came back,she was wearing a necklace. And from that day,she had been so confident, and I on the other hand,I am not able to look at her ''.
'' That is it your highness. If you make any attempt on her life now,the necklace will expose you fast! ''.
'' So what do you suggest now? Well,make yourself useful to me priest... that is what I pay your for. What do I do? All the pouring if that black portion in her purification pool didn't do anything useful ''.
'' Well,it was working until she got to the wishing stream tour highness... you can't blame me for that...but I have an idea '' 
'' What is it? ''.
'' My dear queen,you know our deal ''.
'' Look into my wardrobe and remove a small red sack for me Savitri ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. Savitri said and opened the wardrobe. She removed a red sack full of heavy coins and gibes it to Queen Dorah.
'' Now,tell me your idea priest, and if it's get this gold coins ''.
'' When have I ever given you false ideas your highness? ''.
'' Hey,I don't care okay? But I can't take any risks for now. The king trusts you a lot. He even listens to what you say...more than he listens to his own mother. So you better think fast because time is going priest! ''.
'' Okay fine. This is my plan...wait till 7 months of Queen Meerah's pregnancy to end and let her give birth ''.
'' And what happens by then you fool ''.
'' Heeey!!! Queen Dorah, watch how you refer to me from today! ''. He shouts angrily.
'' Okay okay fine! I am just desperate okay?! ''.
'' Because of all the money I have been getting from you,I also want your son to become the king. Now listen to me very carefully... you will have to wait till Queen Meerah gives birth, and that day,we will strike '' 
'' How? I don't get your point well '' 
'' When Queen Meerah's time is due........

(Outside the palace=At the temple on the mountains).

The temple was filled with so many people, almost half of the kingdom, especially women who were giving offerings to lord Hanuman, the Ujani god. Women put flowers on a tray with a little lighted lantern and when they got to the entrance of the temple, they use their hand to hit the bell hanging at the top as a sign of their entry.
And they take a queue to give their offerings to the lord and take sweets from the priest before going back to their works or homes. Bhavna was done cleaning the temple with the help of some friends and after she was done,she gave her offering and went to the priest who sat in the middle of the room with his legs crossed and surrounded with flowers and lighted candles all around him. 
He was the supporting priest after the town's priest himself. This was priest Chanakher. Bhavna bent in front of him and stretched her right hand to the priest to take her sweets.

'' Woman! Oh are favoured ''.
'' Huh? ''. Bhavna couldn't believe the priest was referring to her.
'' Bhavna. You have found favor in the eyes of the lord. And it won't be long...that you are going to become a mother ''.
(Bhavna smiles widely).
'' Show me your right palm Bhavna ''. Priest Chanakher said.
(Bhavna stretches her hand to the priest and opened her palms to him).
'' You have a bright future Bhavna, but I also see death besides the light of your future as well ''.
'' What? Death?! ''. She screamed in horror.
'' Shhhh... Be silent, let me finish...I see you pregnant with a beautiful girl. And she will be the source of your breakthrough from poverty, she is just as daring as you. What?! ''. The priest is suddenly amazed with the new revelation he just saw.
'' What is it priest? Please tell me ''

The women who were still on the queue started complaining on the delay of Bhavna with the priest and their noise was becoming unbearable. The priest gave Bhavna a sweet and asked her to go. But Bhavna was still in suspense. And she was having second thoughts whether she should leave or not.

'' Go in peace Bhavna, and may God let his will be done...but take very good care of the child when she comes ''.
'' Okay priest ''.
(Bhavna left the palace).

(In the royal palace=Queen Meerah's chamber).

She sat on her bed,starring at the necklace and remembered Bhavna. And she smiled, I looked like there was something connecting them. Queen mother knocked at her door and entered with a gloom fave,and she sat besides Bhavna.

'' The executors just returned. With blood on their swords Meerah ''.
'' They killed Preeta ''. Queen Meerah said and sobbed. '' How are we going to stay idle when an innocent soul like Preeta's go in vain like that mother '' 
'' I have being telling you for all the months that passed that,Dorah was using black magic Meerah, bit you would never believe... now see what happened? ''.
'' I can't stop to imagine mother... Hm,poor Sheena, she would be all alone now. What are we going to do to help her mother? ''.
'' I have made a decision Meerah. You remember the king ha one more woman to marry right? ''.
'' Yes....
'' I am going to speak to him tonight. I want him to marry Sheena ''.
'' What?! Mother, Sheena is just an innocent little girl...she want no trouble ''.
'' But who is going to put her in trouble? She is just marrying the king. Or is it you who doesn't want her to marry him? ''.
'' No no mother. It is not that. I know that,the king will marry a third wife ,whether I like it or now. And it's okay mother. I would love Sheena to become my junior rival. She is a good girl ''.
'' That's my girl,that's the spirit Meerah... no wonder it is tour baby that will become the crowned prince. And I will make sure of that ''.
'' It all lands on Sheena now mother. Would she accept? She is so scared of royalty more than ever am sure of it...after what happened to Preeta ''.
'' Don't worry my dear. I will talk to her. But come to think of it,I wonder how that item Preeta se under Queen Dorah's bed disappeared. We are all in very grave danger in this kingdom Meerah, be extra careful around Queen Dorah... is that clear? ''.
'' Yes mother... I will ''.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Queen Dorah had handsome Faruk in her arms and was in a wild state, after the idea she and the priest had,she was having mixed feeling about it. She had called for her mair Savitri to come and see her,and so she heard a knock at the door and she asked the guard standing outside her chamber to let her in. Savitri entered the chamber with Queen Dorah's evening meal and served it on a bed table besides her bed.

'' Your highness, just like you ordered. Your favourite meal,beetroot halwa. And it's very hot as you always prefer ''.
'' I have not called you here to describe the food you idiot! Have you seen Queen Meerah after the execution of her maid? ''.
'' Yes your highness... She has gone to the garden ''.
'' Alone? ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' Is she wearing that necklace? ''.
'' Yes your highness...are you going to do what the priest asked you to do for now? ''.
'' Well I have no other choice, do I? When am done with my meal,I have to go to the garden and act like the angelic rival. That stupid woman! Now I have to act like I like her so she trust me. I can't even stand her shadow ''.
'' It will be much easier to face her when you smear the oil the priest gave you on your face,then that necklace won't shock your eyes anymore ''.
'' Oh no!! Why do I have to go through this now...I thought I'd just kill her easily and end everything, once and for all ''.
'' Patience your highness... Patience. Just wait for 7 months only my queen. 7 months will be the end of all our problems when Queen Meerah falls into labour and that night, her life, would be over ''.

(Outside the Palace=Meho's house).

Bhavna arrived home and tied her horse against an old mango tree on the compound. And she removed the sweet from her small sack and entered the hell. She was surprised to see some more foodstuffs in the hall and was wondering were it came from. And she looked more into it as Meho came out of their small kitchen.

'' Where are this things from Meho? ''.
'' I am going out to the drinking spot, arrange them in the kitchen ''.
'' Drinking spot again? You are not going anywhere Meho... why are you this to me? ''.
'' You married me knowing, I was a drunk. And so,what is your problem ''.
'' I hoped my love and affection could make you change Meho. Anyway, where does this food come from ''.
'' I asked Mr Raul for help and he gave me all these ''.
'' Ah..Mr Raul,again? ''.
'' Don't start again Bhavna, I swear that he hired me to be his farm worker,so don't bother yourself ''.
'' The priest told me something ''.
'' Something about me? ''.
'' He said...I will have a girl child soon ''.
'' A girl? Oh yes!! Now I will have nothing to worry about, everything would be easier than I thought! ''.
'' What would be easy? ''.
'' I am...well..I am just so happy dear Bhavna, we'll become parents of a beautiful girl, just like you. In fact,I am not going to the spot anymore... come,let me pamper you today for this good mews ''.
(They both entered the kitchen in happiness).

(The palace=In the garden).

Queen Meerah held a water pot,watering her favourite jasmine flowers in all smiles. The garden is the most beautiful in all the palace and the floor was filled with green grass and the whole surrounding were filled with trees and flowers and other flowers in pots. Queen Dorah entered the garden an dtook a deep breath when she saw Queen Meerah. She also cleared her throat and got closer to her.

'' Well,hello, good evening Queen Meerah ''. She said with a fake smile.
'' Good evening Queen Dorah, how are you? ''. She also asked without looking at Queen Dorah's fave and still watering her flowers.
'' Well,as you can see me smiling, of course am fine ''.
'' And Faruk? ''.
'' Faruk is okay too. My handsome Prince, thank goodness he is doing better than ever. Of course he should be okay,since he's the first son of the king and that makes him the future king of Ujani, right? ''.
'' Mmmm...I think that decision is for the king to make right? So it's good he's okay ''.
'' Let's forget about that Queen Meerah. I am here to properly congratulate you on your pregnancy. How are you doing? ''.
'' Wow,that is unlike you Queen Dorah, asking of me? Anyway am okay,thank you ''.
'' Keep on being happy this way Queen Meerah, it is only a matter of time...and that faithful night when you give birth... you and tour baby... shall die together ''. She thought....

(7 Months Later)....

episode 11
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(7 months Later).

Queen Meerah's stomach was bigger than ever. This was her last month and she was very exhausted and always tired. The king increases his pampering on her and was always with her,which of course, took Queen Dorah's soul out of her body at the sigh of them together. But she couldn't afford to loose all this long waiting for Queen Meerah to distract her now that she is so close in getting what she wanted.

(Queen Meerah's chamber).

The Queen mother had spoken to the king seven months ago about the marriage proposal between he and the maid,Sheena. The Queen did everything to convince him and he accepted to marry Sheena. The Queen mother and the king then agreed that,no one was going to hear about this alliance until Sheena also agrees to this marriage proposal.
Queen mother had spoke to Sheena about it seven months ago, Sheena was shocked but didn't say anything for 7 months. The Queen mother and Queen Meerah was restless and called Sheena into the chamber to ask her of her final decision.

'' Yes? So is it a yes or no? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' Is it the Lord on my side? If I accept this proposal, it will be the easiest way to expose Queen Dorah and give justice to Preeta ''. Sheena thought to herself.
'' Say something Sheena! Time is going ''.
'' Urrrrrnnmn, yes your highness. I..I accept the marriage between me and the king ''.
'' Woooow.. oh thank my stare for not letting me down Sheena. You will be a good wife to Shaker ''. Queen mother rejoiced.
'' So,what are we waiting for mother? Let's give the good news to the king ''.
'' No Meerah, not yet. I believe you should give birth first,and everything would be settled. Also,I believe that Queen Dorah might be up to something by all means ''.
'' Oh mother, Queen Dorah will not do anything, she is not as bad as you thought ''
'' Meerah!!! ''.
'' No mother... listen, Queen Dorah, is not that harmful, I have gotten to know her this past few months, and she has never done anything to harm me ''.
'' Meerah listen!!! Be careful, I no longer like how your brain is working anymore. You have seen in the past months on how Preeta loosed her life because of Queen Dorah, now she is acting nicely towards you and you think she's the angel right? ''.
'' It is not that mother. I have not seen any evil on her...but don't worry, I will be careful ''.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Prince Faruk had already started crawling around the large chamber and his mother was busily folding conspiracies. Both she and her maids had prepared a portion together in her chamber. And they got themselves ready and sent a message to the priest through one guard to come to the palace. Times passed ne the weather changed.

'' It is now time. Savitri, I want you to keep a very close eye on Queen Meerah, she was being having abdominal cramps for the whole day. Most importantly, we have to make a perfect plan to get Queen mother, out of that delivery room ''.
'' Queen mother will never agree your highness... I a! Sure she will stand in the delivery room like a bodyguard to watch Queen Meerah give birth ''.
'' I am giving that job to you Avni. Make sure to do everything to prevent Queen mother from getting to the delivery room ''.
'' But your highness, how do I do that? I mean.....
'' Don't worry ''. Queen Dorah said and looked into her wardrobe and took a small pill from a paper. '' This pill,was made by my late father,the ancient black magician. And it makes people sleep. A lot. And I mean,a lot ''
'' Wow...thank you your highness. Thanks for letting my job become much easier... I will take care of the rest myself ''.
'' I pray to the devil... that everything, absolutely everything goes on well '' she said and thunder clapped violently.

(The king's chamber).

As soon as the thunder clapped, Queen Meerah screamed in pain and held her stomach. She was in the king's chamber to spend some lovely time and she screamed in pain. The king's was restless more than ever and he jumped to his feet.

'' Your..your highness, the baby! Aaaaaaaah... call for help please! ''.
'' Guards! Guards come here! ''. He screamed and the guards entered in few numbers. '' Assemble everybody! Queen Meerah is in labour... hurry up hurry up!!! ''.
(Two guards helped Meerah up and took her away, followed by the king. And when they stepped out,Savitri saw them. It was already dark. And the guards headed Queen Meerah to the labour house).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Avni entered with a smile oh her face and bowed down in front of Queen Dorah.

'' With that smile, I hope it comes with a good news ''.
'' Yes your highness. I sneaked into Queen mother's chamber and put the sleeping pill in her water jar. And I was lucky enough to get out before she entered her chamber ''.
'' I hope she drinks water from the jar. Else, all out plans would be futile ''.
'' Yes tour highness ''.
'' Where's Savitri? We don't have much time ''.
(Savitri knocked on the door and Avni opened and let her in).
'' Your highness... your highness, I rushed to get here...I saw Queen Meerah! She is in labour ''.
'' Really? Savitri, did you do what we planned? ''.
'' Yes your highness! I put some of the pill in almost all of the servants food and they fell asleep... problem is....
'' What problem now?! ''.
'' I didn't see Sheena. Sheena is no where to be found. I think the Queen mother sent her o of the palace before sun down ''.
'' I don't care. Then we must act fa before she or anyone else who's not in e palace arrives... oh no! Where's this useless priest ''.
'' Here I am ''. The priest answered as he appeared behind Queen Dorah and she quickly panicked and turned with her maids ''
'' How come you....
'' I can appear anywhere I want your highness ''. He said as he held a very small red pot with anklet bells tied around it. And he handed it over to Queen Dorah. '' Queen Meerah is in labour now ''.
'' This is the time ''.
(The priest sat on the floor and crossed his legs and started chanting and immediately, it started raining heavily).
'' Let's go ladies ''.

(Labour House).

Queen Meerah was in a lot of pain and was shouting for the Queen mother. The king was driven out of the delivery room and he was restless. The guards put an umbrella on him outside as it was raining hard. The midwife entered the labour room. Queen Dorah and her two maids arrived. Avni had hidden the red pot given by the priest behind her. Suddenly, all the lights in the palace went off.

'' Your highness, go into your chamber please, it is raining ''. Queen Dorah said.
'' I am not leaving this place until everything becomes alright ''.
'' Whether you stand here or not, what the result is supposed to be will be ''
'' Guards!!! Why are the lights off? What is going on....
'' Your highness, there might be a fault ''. One guard replied.
'' Go fix it idiots!!! ''.
'' Your highness, please just go to the chamber, everything would be fine ''. Queen said and went into the labour room with her maids ''.

The midwife and her coworker used clean water to wipe blood off Queen Meerah's tights. Avni cunningly placed the red pot under the bed Queen Meerah layed on. The midwife shouted for Queen Meerah to push. Queen Meerah's neck neck and it shocked her eyes as she had not applied that oil the priest gave her the last months. She moaned in pain and turned her back at her and slowly turned to Savitri and whispered.

'' Hey,I am going to distract the midwife now,you go close to Queen Meerah and get that stupid necklace off her neck ''
'' Yes tour highness ''. She whispered back.
'' How is she doing midwife? ''. Queen Dorah asked the midwife who was extra concentrated on her work.
'' The baby's head is coming out your highness...Queen Meerah push,your baby is coming ''.
(The midwife's coworker kept on cleaning Queen Meerah's tights. Savitri went upward the bed,close to Queen Meerah's head and caught hold of the necklace on her neck and forcefully got it off Queen Meerah's neck, Queen Meerah realised this even in her discomfort and shouted. The midwife thought it was because of the pain. The room was quite dark,even though the midwife forcefully tried her bed to help Queen Meerah deliver safely. The necklace got hot and burnt Savitri's palm,and she threw it on the floor with a painful groan. She looked into her hands and saw the burnt symbol of an elephant head in her palm).
'' Push Queen Meerah, push!!! ''.

And fortunately, the loud cry of a baby was heard around the whole palace. Queen Meerah was loosing her breath and was sweating immensely. The midwife took the baby in her arms and Queen Meerah smiled lightly.

'' It's a handsome baby boy your highness ''.
'' GI..give me (coughs)give me..give me my baby ''. Queen Meerah said,struggling to breath.
(As the midwife took the baby closer to Queen Meerah, they all took their attention to her. Queen Dorah took the red pot from under the bed and took off the red band from the mouth and pointed it at Queen Meerah's direction. As soon as Queen Meerah took her baby into her arms, she began to shake and coughed out blood. She gasped for breath as if her soul was struggling out of her body).
'' Your highness.. Oh no!!! ''. The midwife exclaimed and gave the baby to her coworker.

Queen Meerah opened her mouth widely to gasp for breath, her soul turned into white smoke and rushed out of her body and entered the pot Queen Dorah held. As soon as the pot felt heavy, Queen Dorah quickly closed the pot with the red band and handed it over to Avni. Sheena quickly entered the labour room with water in a basin and saw the midwife and the rest weeping bitterly.

'' What is it?! Queen Meerah? ''.
'' She is dead...oooh my God ''.

Avni quickly run out of the labour room with the pot in hr hand. She reached the king's side and realised Queen mother was running towards them from afar and his the pot behind her and wept.

'' Where's the baby? ''. The king asker.
'' He was a boy your highness ''.
'' Oooh! My goodness! Happiness, everybody, rejoice! ''.
'' But the Queen is dead your highness ''.
'' Noooo!!! ''. Queen mother screamed in horror and tel on the floor beside the king who was stunned and stood there like a statue.
'' What did you say? ''.
'' She was having a little difficulty giving birth and....
'' Noooo!!! Queen Meerah! ''.

The entire royal family entered the labour room and Avni took to her heels to the chambers.
They got to the labour room and the king set his eyes on Queen Meerah's lifeless body. Queen mother's heart was broken and Sheena was carrying the baby while sitting on the floor and weeping. The king held Queen Meerah's hand tightly and screamed out loud and thunder clapped heavily and the rain worsened. The light came back on. Queen Dorah wiped her crocodile tears and left the room with Savitri.

'' Oh my God Meerah.. why?! Forgive me for not ever being here to protect you..oh no! ''.
(The king pushed the beds around away in anger and the guards tried to calm him down).
'' Shaker stop! This is not going to bring Meerah back to us okay? Guards, take him to his chamber ''.
(The guards took the king away,he left without touching his son,and the Queen mother took the baby from Sheena with shaking hands. Sheena saw the elephant necklace on the floor and took it).
'' Your highness look! Queen Meerah's necklace, how did it end up on the floor? ''.
'' Someone did this! Midwife, who took the necklace off her neck? ''.
'' It wasn't me your highness. It was dark over here,and I was only concentrating on the delivery.. it was only I and my helper, with Queen Dorah and her maids ''.
'' You two can leave. And call the burial team to come and prepare the body ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. The midwife left with her helper.
'' I can't believe this day has come your highness.. Oh Queen Meerah, I should have never left the palace ''.
'' This is all my fault Sheena, don't blame yourself. I was the one who sent you to your parent's house to tell them to prepare themselves for the marriage between you and the king ''.
'' But where were you,your highness? ''. Sheena asked and used a white bedsheet to cover Queen Meerah's face.
'' I don't know how it happened Sheena. But I just fell dizzy, and slept. But it all doesn't matter now. Meerah is gone (weeps). And you are the baby's mother now ''.
'' Me? ''.
'' After your marriage to the king, you shall take over Meerah's place ''. She put the baby on a bed and wiped his whole body with clean water and towel,she covered him with bedsheets and put the elephant necklace on his neck and took him back into her arms.
'' What is his name? ''.
'' Majid. His name is Majid Samrat... and for what I couldn't do for your mother baby, I will fulfill her dreams of making sure, you are made the crowned prince,no matter what. Even if it's the last thing I ever do.....

episode 12
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She was walking majestically in her chamber with her baby in her arms in happiness. She took 500 gold coins each in a small sack and handed it over to Avni, Savitri and the priest. The priest red when he saw the gold coins and he was super happy. He thanked Queen Dorah and tied the sack in his shorts. Queen Dorah then took the little red pot from Avni and looked at it with an evil smile. And she stretched it to the priest.

'' Here you are priest ''.
'' Well your highness, what should I do with this? ''.
'' What do you mean,what should you do with it? Take has Queen Meerah's soul in it and already and now,I need you to discard this pot ''.
'' Oh,well your highness... this pot can not be discarded, because it had Queen Meerah's soul in it ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' claim you know a lot about black magic... but you are not really matured in spiritual aspects ''.
'' Where are you driving at? ''.
'' This pot has Queen Meerah's soul in it and it will be in it for eternity, unless the red band that had being used to cover the mouth of the pot is removed ''.
'' What?! What would happened if the red band is removed? ''.
'' Then that day,your life would be over. Became Queen Meerah's soul will come out and haunt you,and get revenge on us all ''.
'' This is impossible! Oh no,why did you not tell me this before?! ''.
'' Your highness,... when a person dies on their own time,their souls rest in peace. But when they are murdered or their lives are forcefully taken away from them,then their souls never rest in peace until they take their killers along with them to the ghost world ''.
'' So,what do I do with this pot? ''.
'' Hide it somewhere safe. Hide it very well... and make sure no one ever sees or touch it. The temple is a public place and I won't be able to hide it there because some of the women walk around the whole place on the day of fasting ''.
'' Urrrggghh! So,even when Queen Meerah is dead now,I still don't have peace? ''.
'' You will only get peace if you hide this pot very well ''.
'' I will. And her soul will never one out! ''.
'' Okay... I have to go now...the entire kingdom will gather in the palace tomorrow and I must go and prepare for Queen Meerah's funeral rites ''. He said and disappeared.
'' Maids...exit now!!! ''.
(Her maids left the chamber and he was all alone with Pince Faruk who as in his cot. Then she raised the pot to her face and looked at it closely).
'' Well Meerah, stay in your pit of hell for eternity... because where am going to keep you,no one even knows that it exists in the palace ''. She said and entered the secret room behind the curtain and saw her father's statue standing there,with all the snakes and cobwebs around. It was too scary to watch,but she herself had gotten used to it. And she placed the pot besides the statue and started chanting. The rain had subsided and she knelt in front of the statue and started speaking misunderstanding languages with her eyes closed and chanted deeper. A tall man in a black robe appeared out of the statue, and this time,he was smiling.

'' Father... we are so close to making our dreams come true. Finally, we got the obstacle out of our way now. And we are so close in making our dreams come true...bless me father. And let the rest of our plans be successful ''.
'' Good m daughter, good. My grandson must be the king of Ujani no matter what. And you must act fast because, remember... the king's mother does not like you,so you must reach the king to make his decision. Make him think that,it was that baby's fault that caused Queen Meerah's death ''.
'' How do I convince him to hate that baby father? ''.
'' It won't take physical means. It will only take deception. Because, with Queen Meerah's death,the king might want to be over protective on her son. So take this..... ''. He said and raised his left hand straight, where a small brown sack appeared and he handed it over to Queen Dorah.
'' What is this? ''.
'' Powder. When you get to the king's chamber, blow it into the air. And whatever you am of him,he will do ''.
'' Wow father,you are so powerful... thank you father. I will do exactly what you have asked ''.
(The old man disappeared back into the statue).

(Next Day).

The whole kingdom were thrown into mourning. And everyone was covered in white. All the priests had surrounded the place and Queen Meerah's body was layed on a traditional wooden mat which WS used for burial. She was also covered in white from head to toe and her lifeless body layed in the middle of the large compound. Some neighbouring kingdoms together with Ujani, both royal and ordinary had gathered to pay their last respect.
Bhavna arrived in the palace with Meho and she couldn't hold her tears. She wished she could go closer to that body, but guards has surrounded it and the royal family sat ahead. Queen mother held Prince Majid who was fast asleep in her arms and sat besides the king on a wide royal throne with Queen Dorah who also held Prince Faruk.
The king never smiled, and not a single tear fell from his eyes. He had changed. The love of his life layed in front of him,and she would never show that beautiful smile to him again. It pieced his soul like an arrows. Like he was exploded with a bomb.
If he only could wish for death,then he would be with her in the other would by that exact moment. But he had to stat alive for his sons and subjects. The kingdom priest arrived with his flower and they all held flowers. They lighted fire from a wood and he did all the necessary rites to make Queen Meerah's soul rest in peace. After these rites, everyone with a flower had to make a long queue to put their flowers on Queen Meerah's body one after the other. Queen Meerah's body had turned whiter than ever. And her beauty was pure even though that was her carcass. Her crown was in her head and she was simply beautiful to look at. Most of the subjects had filled the large compound, of contained more than 500 people. They made a long queue and started throwing their flowers on her. Most of them who had seen her before couldn't believe their kind hearted and beautiful queen was no more.
Bhavna was also in the queue, and when it got to her turn,she break down into uncontrollable tears. She bent down and wept her heart out and placed her flower on Queen Meerah's chest. And as soon as she got to her feet, Queen mother saw the elephant necklace on her neck. She looked back at Prince Majid and saw Queen Meerah's elephant necklace too and remembered Queen Meerah told her,someone gave it to her. She was surprised and smiled. It got to the royal family, and after the final rites,four guards were supposed to carry the wooden mat Queen Meerah layed on. But the king decided to be the fourth person. The king and three other guards carried the wooden mat on their shoulders and everyone gave them way...they slowly walked out of the palace, taking Queen Meerah to the far royal burial land to burn the body. When they stepped outside, Queen mother gave Prince Majid to Sheena nd got to Bhavna.

'' Hello ''.
'' Your highness ''. She said and bent down, then touched the Queen mother's feet.
'' Bless you my child. May we alone consoled by the gods ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' Where are you from? ''.
'' Bhavna Khurana your highness. And I live in the kingdom. With my husband ''.
'' Okay...I can imagine it hurt you more than some of us,about Queen Meerah's death ''.
'' She has such a kind heart...Queen Meerah, she....
'' You gave her the elephant necklace ''. Queen mother said and took Prince Majid from Sheena and showed him to Bhavna. '' This is Prince Majid, Queen Meerah's son. And the necklace ''.
'' Yes your highness. I gave her the necklace. He is such a beautiful baby... that is all she ever wanted. A son ''.
'' Yes you are right my dear,but....
(Prince Majid opened his eyes and gave a wide smile. His hand slipped from the cloth he was covered in and dropped on Bhavna's stomach and the three women were shocked).
'' Wow...he is such a strong boy already... may God protect you from every evil eye my Prince. Your highness, please... never remove that necklace from his neck,and he will never be in danger ''. Bhavna said and rushed into the people with speed.
'' Wait!!! ''. Queen mother looked into the numerous people but never saw Bhavna again. '' But,why did she run away? ''.
'' I don't know your highness, but I think that woman seems to have connected Prince Majid to something ''.
'' I hope... I will meet her again one day ''.

Evening came and the burial was over. The entire kingdom was silence and the royal family had arrived in the palace. Everyone was exhausted. The king wanted to rest because there was going to be a meeting between he and the kingdom the whole day. He entered his chamber and looked around and remembered the time he set Queen Meerah's body on fire. He was holding the pot which contained her ashes. It was a colourful pot. He layed it on the majestic pillow on his bed.
Tears run down his cheeks and he started removing his golden chains and stuff when a guard entered and bowed.

'' I told you,I wanted to be left alone!!! ''.
'' I am sorry your highness.....
'' What do you want?! ''. He asked in rage.
'' Queen Dorah requests herself at your present your highness ''.
'' Hm.....let her in ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. He bowed down and left.
(Queen Dorah entered the chamber some minutes later with Prince Faruk in her arms and bows a little).
'' Your highness ''.
'' What do you want? ''.
(She walked closer to the bed and put Faruk on the king's bed).
'' Your highness... how are you feeling now? ''.
'' What do you think? ''.
'' Please, don't exhaust yourself like that. It's not fair to you. Anyway, it's not like I wanted to rush things but as you can see...we should move on with our lives ''.
'' Just say what you want and leave... I prefer loneliness now ''.
'' Okay. Errrmmmm... so,now that, urrrmmm, well...when are you going to announce Faruk as the crowned Prince? ''.
'' Huh? Did you hear yourself? Queen Meerah's burial has not even reached a day yet...and you are here,fighting for royalty?!.
(She intentionally coughs unbearably).
'' Please, can I get a cup of water? ''.
(The king turned away from her an goes closer to his cooler and takes a cup to fetch water for her. She quickly looked into the cloth she used to cover Prince Faruk and removed the sack powder her father gave her and she opened the sack to do as she was told. Queen mother entered with Prince Majid in her arms and Queen Dorah quickly his the powder sack in her skirt and took Faruk into her arms and stood up. The king turned with the water).
'' Mother, you are here? ''.
'' Yes,we need to talk ''.
'' Take the water Queen Dorah ''.
'' No no your highness. I'm okay now. I shall take my leave now ''.
'' But ....well,okay ''.
(Queen Dorah left immediately with her son).
'' What did she want? ''.
'' Royal duties. She wants me to announce Faruk as the crowned Prince immediately ''.
'' But you are not going to do that,will you? ''.
'' Well,I don't know mother. He is my first son after all ''.
'' And Meerah was your first wife Shaker! ''. Queen mother got extremely upset and placed Prince Majid on the bed. '' The unfair thing will be that,you betrayal Meerah's soul. All she ever wanted was to have your son and watch him be the crowned Prince. Majid, is the rightful heir to heir to the throne, not Faruk! ''.
'' Mother, don't you think that would be unfair to Queen Dorah? ''.
'' No Shaker, what is going to be unfair, will be when you betray Meerah like that. Meerah loved you with all her heart, she obeyed all your commands! You made a promise to her,to make her name be mentioned by everyone's mouth in good faith,from generation to generation (weeps). You have never even held your son from the day he was born (points at Majid) look at him,he looks just like his mother, how is he to be blamed for his mother's death?! I swear on the hair on my head Shaker, I will never forgive you if you make Faruk the crowned Prince! ''.
'' But mother.....
'' Poor Meerah, she must be very sad wherever she is right now. She must be weeping ''.
'' No!! (He acts like someone possessed). I don't want Meerah to cry mother. I love her...Meerah!!! (Wails his heart out). Oh mother, why did she have to go mother? ''.
'' I don't have an answer to that question my son. But it is now up to you to honour her soul,just like she honoured you with this handsome boy ''.
(The king slowly carried his son in his arms and kissed his forehead).
'' You are right mother. I made a promise to Queen Meerah.. I loved her more than anything mother. My son,I won't let you,nor your mother down. (Sobs). You shall be the heir to the throne of Ujani ''.
(Queen mother smiled).
'' Tomorrow at the meeting, I will finally announce it mother ''.....
'' Now,Queen Dorah, I just can't wait to see your face tomorrow when this bomb blast in your ugly face ''. Queen mother thought......


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