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Married to the Prince Episode 7,8 & 9

episode 7
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

'' Why are you not saying anything?! ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' Servants... Exit now!!! ''. The old Queen ordered.

All the servants left to their various duties.

'' Now tell us grandmother. What is going on? ''.
'' The things is,Queen Dorah is well. I am even surprised about how strong her body is. She successfully gave birth to my great grandson... but we had some complications in her delivery. Reasons being that,she was not yet die to give birth,but the baby came out with force. And a very unfortunate situation occurred ''.
'' What situation, what is all this speaking in riddles grandmother... just tell us and let's look for a solution ''.
'' There is no solution to this. Because when the baby came out,Queen Dorah's womb also followed ''.
'' Aaaaaaaah!!! ''. The Queen mother screamed.
'' Gr... grandmother, are you trying to say that.... ''.
'' This baby boy,Faruk is going to be the only child Dorah would ever have in her life. She won't ever be able to get pregnant ever again ''.
'' Oh god why? Why is this coming after such a great news? Haaa ''. The king lamented and turned his face to the chambers and left.
'' Mother, this is really going to affect Shaker, have you already told Dorah about this? ''.
'' No...she herself saw her womb fall out. And she collapsed. That is why o came with the baby. I should go and check on her now,whether the herbalist has being able to revive her ''.
'' Okay mother, I should be going to prepare the foodstuffs and send the servants off to the kingdom to announce the news of Meerah's pregnancy ''.

They parted ways and the old queen went into the labour house. Queen Dorah was already awake and she was put on another bed to rest. Her eyes kept starring at the roof and they were red. So red one may think she was possessed. The old queen mother put the baby besides her and tried to comfort her.

'' Don't pretend to like me old woman... I know you too well ever since I got into the palace ''.
'' And when you looked around, what do you think you did to make me not like you? ''.
'' I don't care how you feel about me ''.
'' Even in your sorrows, you still show your heartlessness towards everybody ''. She said and stood up. '' What has everyone done to you? ''.
'' Just let me be! ''.
'' I think we should inform your family that you have delivered ''.
'' What?! ''. She exclaimed. '' Family? ''.
'' Oh yes dear. Why, don't you want tour family as well? ''.
'' I..I.... ''.
'' We only met them on the wedding day between you and the king. But they have never come here,and you have never asked ''.
'' Don't worry about anything. I think they will arrive when the time is right ''. She forces herself to sit up. '' Please leave me alone ''.

The old queen left the labour room and everyone else left the room,leaving Queen Dorah alone. Her breath of anger became heavier and heavier and she tried to get on her feet. She held the bedsheets and pulled it from the bed and threw it away then screamed in rage. 
She took the cups of water and threw them away,scattering everything in the labour room until her two most trustworthy maidens in the palace entered the room and saw her bleeding while she pushed some beds down as well. They held her and Avni took a basin of water and they cleaned her up and put her back on her bed. Savitri took a herbal medicine in a pot and handed it to Queen Dorah to seize the bleeding but she hit it sway from her sight.

'' I don't need this useless thing! ''.
'' Your highness... please just calm down, and tell us what really happened ''.
'' Everything is ruined! Queen Meerah has crossed all limits!!! ''. She said while weeping. '' Because of her,I have given birth prematurely, and not only did she make my baby come out unwell, she also made my womb fall out ''.
'' Ey! ''. Savitri squeaked in horror.
'' That is the last straw! And she is the one happy now,not me...I will kill her. If I won't be able to have children again, then she herself, she will never see her baby's face...never! I will make sure she looses that pregnancy, and the king is going to hate her so much ''.
(The baby began to cry loudly and Queen Dorah slowly took him from the bed and put him on her laps).
'' He is so handsome Queen Dorah, we thank the gods for bringing him safely ''.
'' He won't have any siblings. All the fault of Queen Meerah! ''. She said and brought the baby closer to her face. '' But don't worry baby, you are in this world now,and your mummy will take so much care of you,that you will live such a long life,a long life on the throne of Ujani ''.
'' Tour highness... I don't think that would be easy ''. Avni said.
'' What?! How dare you, you ignorant common.... ''.
'' I am sorry my queen. I know I am a common maid,yes. But I am also tour hand maiden I not? ''.
'' Avni.. Shut up! Have you realised that you are talking to the Queen? ''.
'' I am sorry my queen ''. Avni said and bowed down on her knees. '' The situation at hand, is now bigger than your anger ''.
'' What now Avni? ''. Savitri asked.
'' I never knew that...Queen Dorah was involved in black magic ''.
'' What?! ''. Queen Dorah was hit by a time bomb.
'' What?!!! ''. Savitri is also shocked.
'' Yes ''. Avni got to her feet.
'' Queen Dorah you? But how could you.... ''.
'' Hey shut up and keep your voice down ''. She said and quickly,her eyes sparkled with fire and two maids were frightened.
'' But your highness... what is really going on? ''.
'' Now that the truth has being heard by you two...sit down and let me tell you a beautiful horror story then ''.

The maids with their shaking body slowly sat on the next bed closer to Queen Dorah's bed and she held her baby tightly and faced them calmly.

'' Thirty years ago, the Magad family used to live in Ujani. And everything was peaceful. Actually, the Magad family were foreigners and when they moved here,they stayed with everyone else in peace ad tranquility. The throne of this kingdom used to roam around, and when the gods of Magad chooses a certain family, the eldest of that family, the man is crowned king. And that was what happened, that the kingship reached the Magad family. And it was such a happy moment. And it was such a happy moment. Everyone was shocked that the throne had reached foreigners, and do you know what happened? The eldest of the Magad family had a friend. That friend he made was already in the Ujani kingdom, and he had told him everything. His secrets,his wants and dislikes, he trusted that friend so badly. But one day,the worst happened, when that friend of his betrayed him so painfully. The Magads were always practicing black magic because that was how they were brought up. They needed greener pastures and that was why they left their own home town and come to Ujani. But that friend he met here in Ujani revealed his secret, of practising black magic, and the Magad elder was punished severely and thrown away from the kingdom into the forest to die ''.
'' Oh my goodness! ''.
'' Yes Savitri. And guess who was made king after the Magads were banished? It was that friend that betrayed him. Yes,him. And that man who was made king,that man who betrayed his friend... Was the father of the king! ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' And that man who was banished with his wife, was my father ''. Queen Dorah said and her face was full of veins.
'' Oh my God your highness, so that means...tour father was betrayed by the king's father, and he was banished because of black magic... then it simply means you are here to.... ''.
'' Yes! ''. Queen Dorah roared like a lion. I am here to take revenge and my rightful place! The only person who deserves to be king is my son! If my father couldn't be king... then my son will. And I will make sure,to make tat happened, it is what's fair! ''.
'' Hm,you are absolutely right tour highness, but if your family was banished to the forest, then who were those people that gave your hand in !marriage to the king? ''. Savitri asked.
'' I charmed them. They were only doing what they were controlled to do. Because my mother got pregnant, and gave birth to me in the forest, and she died as soon as she gave birth to me because she was bitten by a snake. And my father brought me up in the forest because he loosed his way back to his kinsmen. And he died when I turned 14. He thought me black magic d all I needed to know,and that was why I charmed one of the wise men of the king and he convinced the ong that he knew me,and I was a good girl, so I charmed two people and they came to the palace to act like my parents... And the king married me ''. She laughed witchy. '' Haaa,that was so fan ''.
'' Y you..your highness, I think it is time that we get all this over with. And make your son the crowned Prince ''.
'' Avni, where did you hear that I practice black magic ''.
'' Sheena and Preeta. Queen Meerah's maids ''.
'' I said it!!! ''. Queen Dorah screamed and moaned pain. '' I knew those dirty girls entered my room ''.
'' What are we going to do now your highness? ''.
'' Meerah is wearing a certain necklace. I don't know where she got it,but whenever she has it on her neck,am not able to look at her...I need to get the necklace off her neck...and kill her ''.
'' And I also need to find a lock for my chamber door,to prevent anyone from entering. Go and take care of that Savitri. In fact, I prefer to go my chamber right now. I don't want o stay here,that way when I get to my chamber, the king can come and spend time with me. Come,help me up and let's go ''.
'' Okay your highness ''.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

'' It is already getting to night time Sheena, everyone is busily attending to the queens. This might be our only chance in exposing Queen Dorah and saving Queen Meerah ''.
'' Go ahead then. I know am the one who revealed this truth,but am already scared ''.
'' And you think am not scared? ''. She tries pushing the heavy golden door open. '' Held me here Preeta, hurry! ''.

They both pushed the door with their strength and looked around.

'' I don't think it's a good idea that we didn't tell anyone about this ''. Sheena said and they both entered. '' Search over there,I will search here...make it fast '.
'' No! Let us first look under the bed ''. Preeta said and bent to look under the bed and she saw the tray with black powder. '' It is here! ''.
'' What on earth are you two filthy maids doing in my chamber?! ''. Queen Dorah asked as she stood there with Savitri, holding the baby and Avni besides her.

The two maids were sweating so much as they looked behind them with fright and saw Queen Dorah and her maids. The two maids stopped what they were doing and got to the door.

'' Your highness, well we.... ''. Sheena tried to explain and received a dirty slap from Queen Dorah.
'' I said what are you doing in my chamber?! ''.

That about called for the attention of people, including the king and they all assembled there. The maids were questioned and they were speechless.

'' What are you two doing in Queen Dorah's chamber? ''. The king asked in a gloomy state. '' You answer to defend yourselves, or you get a death sentence as the laws of Ujani demands ''.
'' No no please your highness! Please we are innocent, we have not done anything wrong ''. Sheena knelt and begged in tears.
'' No Sheena... we have to tell the truth! ''. Preeta said boldly. '' Tour highness, the reason why we are in Queen Dorah's chamber is that..we came here to search for evidence ''.
'' That Queen Dorah is truly practicing black magic in the palace ''.
'' What?! ''. They all exclaimed in horror......

episode 8
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

'' What did you two just say? ''. The king asked.
'' What nonsense is this? How dare any of you accuse me of such a thing. Are you mad? Me,using black magic? #'. Queen Dorah tries to defend herself.
'' Wait for a moment now...let them speak up and explain themselves ''. The old queen said as she walked in front of the girls.
'' What?! Queen Shubha, you too? How can you defend this girl and not me?! ''.
'' Queen Dorah please calm down ''. The king said. '' Now,you two...are you sure of thus accusations? ''.
'' Oh no,if I there put Sheena in this problem too,she might face some punishment with me,I have to exclude her out of it,so that even if I am not around, she can continue the search of Queen Dorah's real identity ''. Preeta thought.
'' Why are you two quiet?! Did you hear me at all...I said, are you sure of this dangerous accusations? ''.
'' Yes your highness. I am very sure. It is I,who saw a tray with black powder under Queen Dorah's bed right now ''

When she said that,everyone turned to look at Queen Dorah's face. She was still frowning and sweating as she was suffering from abdominal pain. She intentionally acted like she was fainting and the guards held her tight and brought one of the golden chairs in the kingdom for her to sit on. Queen mother and Queen Meerah who had being massaged on the body with tumeric tonic arrived there and they were all astonished at the situation buy had no idea of what to do.

'' So,you saw a black powder isn't it? ''.
'' Yes your highness. It is right under her bed just now ''.
'' Go and bring it here ''.

Preeta entered the chamber and walked straight to Queen Dorah's bed. She bent down and to her amazement, there was nothing there. The black powder on a tray was no where to be seen and she was confused. She thought her eyes were deceiving her and she looked over and over again. She then got ti her feet in sweat and started checking around.

'' Where is it maid?! ''. The king asked in fury.
'' Y- your highness I swear that it was there I swear, now it has just disappeared! ''.
'' Guards!!! '' Queen Dorah screamed and got to her feet. '' Arrest that liar now! ''.
'' No! ''. Queen Meerah shouted and got to the front of both her maids. '' Why should they be arrested, I know Preeta very well...she can never lie ''.
'' Queen Meerah, you? ''. The king was surprised.
'' So you prefer to believe thus common maid instead of your fellow queen? How could you do this Queen Meerah? ''. Queen Dorah said and shared a crocodile tears.
'' I am not saying I don't believe you Queen Dorah. But just like I believe you,even that is the same way I believe Preeta and Sheena. Why would they accuse a whole Queen like you if they know they stand the risk of getting a death sentence? ''.
'' Queen Meerah... get out of the way and leg the guard arrest your maid! She has committed an offence. She has accused Queen Dorah with no evidence... leave the way now! ''. The king said in angry heavy tone.
'' No no your highness. Please don't do this,please! ''. Queen Meerah cried.
'' Obey the king, Meerah ''. Queen mother went to Meerah and took her away from the maids and the guards arrested Preeta. She wept and tried to resist, still shouting the same words that Queen Dorah was involved in black magic.

As usual,no one believed a common maid and they had large and dark dungeon were they threw all offenders into. In that prison, there were cages in the prison were hungry lions were kept in. About ten to fifteen lions were kept in different cages in the large dungeon. The guards arrived there and unlocked the rusted padlock and they threw Preeta into the dungeon and locked her up.
The lions begun to roar and Preeta wished she had just died. She wish she was never born at that moment, she got to the dungeon's metal bar gate and started calling out that she was innocent and that they should let her out. She then left herself to fall in the ground and wept while she looked into the faces of those hungry lions in their cages also starring back at her.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She sat on her and she held her baby in her arms and was breastfeeding him. She couldn't stop smiling evilly and the maids were surprised about her relaxing mood. They just kept quiet and kept massaging her feet and she ordered them to stop. She put the baby down and walked to her wardrobe and brought out one of her most expensive sarees. She threw it on her bed.

'' Tomorrow will be a good day...someone will die,so I need to look beautiful ''.
'' But tour highness... I have been wanting to ask you that....
'' Yes Savitri, I know what you want to ask. You may look under my bed Savitri ''.
'' Okay ''. She bent down and looked under the bed and she is shocked to find the silver tray with black powder on it. She stretched her hand and brought it out and Avni is also stunned.
'' Bu..bu.. But this is impossible! ''.
'' Nothing is impossible for me. And just like I have deceived everyone else in the palace today, it's the same way I am going to eliminate Queen Meerah, Queen mother... and everyone that stands in the way of my goal ''
'' But your highness, how did this happened, when Preeta searched under your bed,she didn't see it...then I checked and saw it ''.
'' Just keep one thing in your heads you two, that I am not going to stop,until I get what I want,so you are either with me,or you are against me...and anyone against me must die...because I will win...I will be the last woman standing ''.
'' We are with you your highness... Just give the ordered ''. Avni said.
'' Good for you,now the most important is that,Queen Meerah must loose that baby she is expecting ''.
'' How will we do that our highness? ''. Savitri asked....

(Outside the Palace=In the kingdom=Mr Meho's house).

Bhavna stood in front of the house on the small dusty compound and feeding her while horse with plantain peels. And she saw guards in uniforms of the royal palace coming on horses and carrying some other things on a shelve towards her home. She quick panicked nd stopped feeding the horse.

'' Oh my goodness... are they not guards from the palace? But how come they are coming here? But,what are they coming here to....did anyone find out I helped Queen Meerah get to the wishing stream? ''.

The guards arrived in front of her and put their hands together and greeted her. She also pit her hands together and greeted the guards.

'' What may I offer you? ''.
'' Nothing, Lady. We have being sent by the royal family to go to every house to share fruits and foodstuffs to every house in the kingdom, and your house is the last house ''.
'' Wow,really... this is unlike them..any good news? ''.
'' Her highness Queen Meerah is pregnant ''. They said and left many foodstuffs and fruits on the compound and left ''.
'' Oh God,thank you for granting the queen's wishes ''. She said and put her hand on her stomach. '' I will also have a child one day...and fulfill my dreams. If Meho arrives, he will be so happy that we have food now,and he won't go and beg from Mr Raul ''.

She then touches her elephant necklace. She closed her eyes and started praying for Queen Meerah.

(Royal Palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).

She was now clean and fresh. She took a fresh apple from a basket and took it and took a bite. Her two trustworthy maid stood behind her and they couldn't predict what she would say or do.

'' It is dark in the evening now...this is the time I strike ''.
'' We are confused your highness ''.
'' I want,Queen Meerah's pregnancy terminated.... tonight ''.
'' What do we do your Highness? ''.
'' Queen Meerah and the people around her must have already started weeping for the maid,Preeta. And it is Preeta and Sheena who have been cooking all of Queen Meerah's if Preeta has being thrown into the dungeon, then hat simply means that,Sheena wouldn't be able to cook for her queen,and even if she cooks,she will loose concentration all the time ''.
'' So,what do we do your highness? ''.
'' Take this ''. She took a little red bottle from under her pillow and handed it to Avni. '' Go to the kitchen, and if you see Sheena cooking, make sure you do something to get her attention from the food,and pour this tonic into the food. Pour all of it,because if she looses the baby and dies in the process...I will enjoy it a lot ''.

Avni took the bottle from her in full boldness and stepped out of the chamber while Savitri and Queen Dorah laughed together.

(Royal Kitchen).

Sheena kept on starring the vegetables on fire. She was cooking some rice and vegetables for Queen Meerah, but her face was so red from tear,she was missing Preeta. Her min was not on the cooking and she was week. Queen mother entered the kitchen, thinking Sheena was done cooking and she was surprised to see her still on the food. She touched her shoulder from behind and she panicked.

'' Your Highness! ''.
'' Sheena... Queen Meerah is hungry! How come you have not finished this easy food she requested? ''.
'' Oh your Highness (sobs) I wonder how Preeta must be doing right now. Is she fine? It is evening now,and you know how the dungeon becomes dark and scary at night...with those hungry angry lions in there ''.
'' My dear...Preeta will be fine. I will talk to the king. Just relax....
'' No your Highness! Preeta has never lied,I have known her my entire life...even though I didn't see that tray with black powder, I believe it was there ''.
'' Me too Sheena. But you two should have inform me before taking that dangerous move! Now see what happened? ''.
'' I am sorry, but....
'' It's okay. Just finish cooking, and come to Meerah's chamber to serve her.... then the three of us can plan something to save Preeta... hurry up! ''.

The queen mother left the kitchen and Sheena continued her cooking in tears and Avni entered the kitchen like a normal person coming to get water. She noticed Shenna's tears and smile evilly then she poured water from a water pot into a clay cup and drank it all. She went closer to Sheena and she intentionally dropped one spices in a bowl on the floor.

'' Are you blind or what? Don't come here and disturb me ''.
'' I'm sorry Sheena... my mind is totally somewhere else. I just can't get over the fact that Preeta was arrested ''.
'' How is that your business? You are not our friend ''.
'' I may not be your friend... but I know how it feels to be accused. It must be very terrible for Preeta right now,because of how she was crying ''.
'' What?! Preeta was crying? On no....she must be lonely right now ''
'' As a good friend, you should have gone to see her by now ''.
'' But am cooking and...
'' Don't bother yourself. I will take care of it ''.
'' But it is not right... I am Queen Meerah's hand maiden,am supposed to....
'' This may be the last time you'll see Preeta, you know that right? After all,you are almost done with the food...I will just wrap it up so that you go and serve Queen Meerah, just !ake your visit to Preeta short ''.
'' Thank you so much Avni. I will be back ''. She said and stepped out of the kitchen.
'' What a fool ''. Avni aid and removed the red bottle containing the poisonous tonic ''. I will get a lot of coins from Queen Dorah afer tonight.... Hahahahaha ''.

She said and poured absolutely everything into the vegetables on fire.....

episode 9
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(In the dungeon).

Sheena arrived in the dungeon and saw two body guards standing in front of the dungeon. The dungeon was quite far from the palace, but it was in the palace. The guards stood there, holding their swords and frowning their faces like someone was owning them. They were breathing heavily, and they had scorpion tattoos on their chests,which proved that they were guards,and they looked scary,which made Sheena think whether she should still go or not. She had her red maiden vale on her face and she got in front of the dungeon.

'' What do you want here maid? ''.
'' How is Preeta? ''. Sheena said.
'' We gave her water some minutes ago and she fell asleep ''. One guard replied.
'' What?! She is sleeping... but then,Avni told me she was crying ''.
'' She only cried when we brought her here. Listen,you have to leave now...because it is late and we can't allow you here ''.
'' Please.... I just want to talk to her for a little while ''.
'' Do you want to join her here or what? Leave now... She has not being granted the permission to receive visitors ''.
'' But is she fine? ''.
'' Yes she is go! ''.

Sheena left the dungeon and walked into the tall building and entered the kitchen. When she arrived, she saw that Avni had set the food on a tray and she carried it and went straight to the chambers.

Queen Meerah's chamber).

Queen Meerah had finished taking her bath and just like Sheena and the queen mother, she was also very worried about the judgement the king and his wise men were going to make the next day. She layed on her bed and took the elephant necklace given to her by Bhavna and she put it on her neck. Queen mother sat besides her and took a tumeric tonic in a bowl from a table close by and started massaging Queen Meerah's feet with it.
And she starred at the necklace on her neck and smiled.
'' Ever since you arrived from the wishing stream, you've been wearing this necklace... did you buy it at a cheap price? ''.
'' No. This necklace is much more expensive than the food we eat,the money we spend, the clothes we wear mother. This necklace has the power to protect anyone from an evil spirit ''.
'' Oh is that so? And where did you get it? ''.
'' A young lady. As I wa going to the stream, the donkey became thirsty, and I gave of water near the forest ...then a snake came to us and tried to attack me and all of a sudden, a girl arrived in the forest... she was also on her way to the stream to wish and she saved me from the snake, she was wearing one of this necklace and I saw the necklace light up when it faced the snake, it disappeared ''.
'' Hmmm,a snake? You don't say ''. Queen mother said suspiciously.
'' Yes mother. Even my golden coin got missing and so she and I both wished on her coin. And when we were done,she gave me one of her necklace. She told me her father made it for her mother, she also said her father was the former priest ''.
'' Oh I see. Well,I knew the former priest, but I never knew his family. But he was very powerful. If it were to be him that as our priest today,am sure he would have exposed Dorah to everyone... I wonder why this priest of ours is always running away from the truth ''.

Outside the chamber, they heard a knock and the Queen mother stood up to open the door.

'' Queen Meerah's maid is here with her food your highness ''. A guard said.
'' Okay,let her in ''. She said and entered back into the chamber.
(Sheena entered the chamber with the food and closed the door behind her,she served everything in front of queen Meerah's bed).
'' Mmmm... smells delicious ''. Queen Meerah said and washed her hands in a small pot.

'' Sit down Sheena ''. Queen mother said.
'' I know how you must be feeling now my dear... but we don't have anything to do for now. The king will call the wise men and the priest tomorrow..and see what punishment they will give Preeta ''.
'' They will kill her your highness! Speaking against a queen equals a death sentence! How will I wat h this happened, Preeta is innocent ''.
'' Sheena, did you really also see the black powder under Queen Dorah's bed? ''. Queen Meerah asked.
'' No your highness... but I know that Preeta saw it and....

As soon as Queen Meerah put her hand in the food,the necklace burnt her chest and she screamed in pain and her leg hit the table, making the food fall from the table.

'' Are you okay? ''. Queen mother asker as she checked on her.
'' The necklace, it urn my chest...but why? It has never done this to me ''.
'' I have to clean up the food from the floor your highness... please I will be back with soap and water ''. Sheena said and left.
'' You haven't even tasted anything since this afternoon ''.
'' Forget it mother. I loosed my appetite...I will eat something tomorrow ''.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She couldn't stop laughing with both her maids. They laughed their head off as she thought that finally, something had happened to Queen Meerah and that Faruk was going to be the one and only heir of Ujani.

(Next Day=In the kingdom=Meho's house).

Bhavna woke up early in the morning to get ready and go to the temple. She wore her saree and put a Vail on her hair as a married woman and she put her vermilion her forehead. She stepped outside and started saddling her horse to ride it to the temple. And she suddenly saw three men coming towards the house.
She tried making them out but she had no idea who they were because they looked like foreigners and they were also in suit and tie which were foreign clothes. They arrived at the compound and one of them stretched their hand to greet her but she had no idea how it was done,because in their custom, they bend down to greet their elders or put their hands together to greet their colleague, so that's what she did. She put her hands together and looked down.

'' Please, how may I help you? ''.
'' We are looking for Mr Meho ''.
'' Yes,that is my husband... please is there a problem? ''.
'' We were sent here by Mr Raul ''.
'' What?! ''.

Mr Meho quickly stepped out of the house and joined them on the compound. He was a little uncomfortable as Bhavna was also standing. He then took the men aside while Bhavna went to saddle her horse, but she kept on starring at them suspiciously.

'' What is it boys? ''.
'' Mr Raul has asked us to bring you is gold coins ''. One of them said and handed a small red sack, full of coins to Meho. '' He said that,you should remember the agreement you two made yesterday...and come to his mansion to inform him as soon as your wife becomes pregnant ''.
'' Okay can go now ''.

The men left and Meho tied the sack on his shorts. He turned and tried entering the house without saying anything.

'' What business do you have with Mr Raul? Don't act like nothing happened here ''.
'' Well,Mr Raul hired me among his worker Bhavna, isn't that a great news? ''.
'' Oh really? I don't believe you ''.
'' Don't you think you are already getting late for the temple? You've been cleaning there right? ''.

Then they heard the very loud ringing bell from the temple which rings every single morning for the kingdom to go and offer their offerings to the god Ujani. Bhavna quickly jumped on her horse and pulled it to the out direction.

'' We are not done talking Meho, you are going to explain why Mr Raul has sent his boys to give you money ''.
'' How do you even know it is money? ''
(Bhavna rides the horse away).

(In the royal palace=Court room).

The king, his wise men and ministers, some maidens were all present in the court room except Queen Meerah. And that made Queen Dorah smile widely. Maybe something had happened to Queen Meerah. But then she also thought, if something had happened, then Queen mother wouldn't be in the court room. All the wise men and ministers were served with traditional wine in a golden cup while they waited for the king to speak.
Queen Meerah, in her beautiful glory, stepped into the court room and everyone got to their feet and hailed her. Queen Dorah was absolutely shocked. But Queen Meerah was not wearing the necklace this time and that made her smile very evilly. She then had a great idea. By all means, Queen Meerah had left the necklace in her chamber. Queen Meerah sat on her queenly seat besides Queen mother. The arrangement was,the king's throne was high above everyone else in the court room, one had to climb ten stairs before reaching him. But the queens seat were beneath. They sat on their seats down the stairs with all the wise men and priests. Even though theirs were separated from the wise men and elders and their chairs were also made of gold. And the servants stood at the gate. The court room was the largest room apart from the chamber in the palace.

'' Now! It is time to finally start the court. Wise men and ministers, has anyone got anything to say before we start this? ''.
(One wise man stood up and faced the king, and the priest of the kingdom also got to his feet).
'' Your Highness, I don't think we should make this meeting any long...proclaim judgement, because with what he heard yesterday, the maid had no evidence to show ''.
'' Your Majesty, I agree with Meer... It will the best option. Do this to show the servants, that they should know their limit. If you are a servant,you don't have any rights at compare themselves to royalty.
'' Guards...bring the offender ''.
(Two guards walked out and later came back with Preeta who was chained on her hands).
'' Maid!!! Do you have anything more,to say to defend yourself? ''.
'' I still stand on my grounds your Highness. I know what I saw. And am not lying I swear ''.
'' By the laws of Ujani... which has thought us what's right from the days of our forefathers... anyone who accuses someone without evidence, and disgraces their integrity... shall be hanged on a rope in the forest. And if it is a member of the royal family, that person who accused shall beheaded. By the power invested in me,the maid in question shall pass through the same faith. Executors, take her way and do your job! ''.

Queen Meerah couldn't control her tears. Queen mother comforted her and looked at Queen Dorah on her seat with resentment. Sheena wouldn't let them take her away...she tried her beat to get to her friend when the executors got her to the entrance of the palace.

'' Preeta! This is not fair,let's go back to the court room and plead you innocent Preeta please! ''.
'' Sheena ''. Preeta whispered. '' Sheena listen,I a! Not sad for saying the truth. I am sad everyone else is blind. Make me a promise Sheena ''.
'' No no no..this is not happening, I hope am dreaming ''.
'' Promise me Sheena, that you won't rest until you expose Queen Dorah to everyone... promise me. Don't let !y death be in vain please! ''.
'' Yes...oh God save us ''.
'' Promise Sheena, promise!!! ''.
'' Yes I promise ''.
'' Enough talk ''. One of the executor said and pushed Preeta out of the palace and took her away.

Most wise men and ministers were leaving the palace to their various homes and Sheena couldn't step out because a servant can't leave the palace unless they are given permission. She knelt at the entrance and cried her heart out. Queen Meerah and the queen mother quickly got to her and got her up. She didn't want tone stopped from crying. But they took her to the garden.
Queen Dorah walked out of the court room with her maids in all smiles and she saw the kingdom's priest down on the compound, while she was on the balcony. The priest looked up and Queen Dorah gave him a sign....


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