Angela Episode 21 & 22

(The Garden of thorns)
writer: *Cristiana Crisella*

The next morning they had dinner together,
which was great and everyone continue with
their duties, some stay back at their room, some
went out for work.
”so what’sup Chris,” Christie walked in feeling so
happy with the kids.
”well this Sarah, the one that came in here
yesterday, and this Andy and Cecily,” she
”hello kids,” Chris called out feeling so happy.
”hi uncle Chris, am Andy by name, aunt Christie
told me you love music so much so you’ll gonna
teach me how to play your guitar,” he said.
”me too, so let go for a joy ride,” Cecily
They went out playing which was so fun. Chris
ride them on his bike with Christie while thy kids
were on their bicycle. Thy had good time
Angela felt much lonely. She has mark her days
in prison as the LONELY DAYS. She felt so bad
about everything and felt Chris has left her but
how can she fully know
that while no one is allow to see her.
She checked her calendar and notice it
eventually their graduation day at school and tars
drop from her eyes.
For once she has never knew her and Elsa will
never get the chance to graduate from the
school. Elsa died alone the way and she’s now
paying for it, for what she
knew nothing about. Life has been so unfair to
her. She wished she would b able to graduate
with her mate, but things don’t always go the
way we planned.
…… << # THREE_YEARS_LATER >>…..
Chris and was glad when saw Christie and they
went for a photo shot. He’s now a popular
musician and has so much passion for his music
just as before, he visit his
parents often at canada but more of his stay is
at Switzerland, living a happy life with Christie,
he’s more close to Christie now and shared lots
of sweet memories.
I have lost so much weight i can’t believe am
still in this prison for good three years alone. I
wish i could kill myself. What else did i have left
in this world,
even if am out of this cell how can i cope been
homeless and no one around me, life is too tough
over here. Life has left me with a scars that may
never go it will
take years for me to regain back the cheerful
Angela everyone once know. I sat on the floor in
the cell and cried each day and night, i slept
with an empty stomach
that day, i hit my head several times at the iron
bars of the cell to just kill myself but it didn’t
work. I cursed myself and wept bitterly even thou
am dying , that
as long as MY CHRIS is still alive i will remain
very much part of this world long after i have
gone, i felt my head aching, i was severely
shivering of cold as i lie
on the bare floor and slept. The next morning i
saw the police came to my cell i was surprise,
the door was opened and i was ask to come out,
i was so surprise i
quickly came out of the cell before they could
change their mind about it and they took me out
and gave me a book to write my name and sign.
am i dreaming, i ask
myself almost i tears.
”what going on here, i asked.
”just do as we say the other police commanded,
without wasting of time i wrote my name and
sign some papers. Then a group of policemen
entered with Fiona hand-cuff
and i also saw Mr. Matt behind.
”the truth has been reveal by this man,” one of
the police told me i was shocked to hear that i
can’t believe Fiona was responsible for all that
to Elsa.
”Angela i hope you can forgive me. Everything
happen right when i was their i saw it all with my
eyes how Fiona murdered your best friend i
never knew she could be
so heartless like this, i was so angry with her
and wanted to tell all that happen but Fiona has
decided to help me out, she gave me 20million
which i don’t know where
she got that from and ask me to quit my job as
the gardener and leave the school immediately,
she did that so i won’t tell anyone what i saw. I
accepted the money
because i have the whole family to relie on me i
never knew she would use that to paint you
black or send you to jail for years. I return back
to hometown and live a
luxuries life, spending the money i brought
houses, cars and much clothes for myself and
my family i really enjoyed a lot but felt guilty i
have no other option than
to collect her money because i was so poor at
that time. It was after this three years i return
back here and i was told you’re in the prison for
the death of your
best friend, i felt more guilty and i knew i was
the only one who can help you out by saying the
truth i have to file this case afresh to the court
and that was how
Fiona was caught and will pay for everything, am
so sorry Angela,” he pleaded with a teary eyes.
I breathe out and felt like a burden is lifted from
my shoulder, she felt so free but at the same
time useless, i moved closer to Fiona and
slapped her three times.
”you’ve make me spent three years in jail just
because of you but this time you’ll forever suffer
what i pass through for lifetime,” i said in a low
tone because i
don’t have the strength to shout, i lose so much
weight to the extent air can fling me away if am
not much careful, i thought i will be compensate
with some money for
all that happen to me, nothing like that happen i
was only realise and i left.
Now another life begins which i don’t know how
it will unfold i was still happy because am gonna
see my Chris, i quickly went to Chris house and
was shocked by what
his mom told me. His parents still remain the
same about me, they don’t like me, they told me
Chris have left to Switzerland for the past three
years with Christie and
that break my heart and make me shattered.
”how am i going to survive in the street? i
questioned myself, i really need some treatment
to get a good diet to eat and good place to sleep
but how will all this
happen when i have no one, i really don’t know
where to sleep tonight. I have to go back to old
ways then, i have to be a bar dancer again! but
how will i even dance
with an empty stomach, i look so dirty and poor,
how would i even dance with my tiny body and
my poor appearance i was confused, now that
am out of jail i thought of
committing suicide that will be the best but i still
have to wait for Chris i wonder why he have to
leave me, i remember those times he used to be
their for me
we share our dreams together of a better future
shared our different view about life
we were rubbing off on each other. Always
wanting to be distinct
these features we share made me so used to
it so unfortunate he’s not here with me this
painful days of my life
i thought i will still have him by side and go
through this life together
what an illusion i had as a dream
you’re a missing treasure in my life Chris.
Now am still at the street like a mad woman not
knowing how to cope with life

(The Garden of thorns)
writer: *Cristiana Crisella*

It already getting late and i have no place in
specific to sleep my heart began to tremble, life
in street is not that easy, what if am rape? or
something bad
happens? i asked myself i was so scared but
was determined to do something.
I was so hungry for the past three years i
haven’t eat anything reasonable, but all that
matters now is that am out of jail for good, at
least am free, seeing
people around seems like new thing to me
especially when i heard a music been played loud
at the bar. How am i going to survive, i cried. I
kept walking to nowhere
until i reached to a nearby shop i pleaded for a
simple food to eat but i was chase out like a
thief, that same night i still went to restaurant
still nothing good
happen. I began to wonder if am really cursed
why did everyone hate me, some even thought
am a mad person because of my dirty dress and
i also look so unhealthy, my
once beautiful long dark hair is now so rough
and dirty, everything about me is dirty. I just have
to sleep on an empty stomach again, i looked for
a safe place to lay
my head on, i slept at the store of an unknown
person but thank goodness it a save place where
no one can see me.
IT BEEN FOUR DAYS, am still homeless, so weak
and sick i hardly eat, i was gradually losing more
weight. I checked on Elsa’s mother to see if she
will be of help to me
but i was told she has travel out of the state for
a very long time now, i know the death of her
only daughter really hurt her but it also hurt me
too, i really felt
bad not seeing Elsa again, remembering all the
good moment we had with her made me cry
afresh i felt so cheated in this life. Later in the
evening i settled down in a
nearby shop that was already close to rest, the
sky was already filled with clouds and in no time
it began to rain so heavily, everywhere became
so cold, i felt like
giving up i felt like dying but their’s still much to
achieve in life i thought. Angela Scott can never
be a loser, i can never die this way, i said boldly
to myself,
that was how the heavy rain poured on me, on
my dirty dress, my body began to itch me and i
scratch them so badly i just needed a good
shelter and good food that what
i never had for the past three years. Immediately
after the rain everywhere was very quiet and i
was shivering in cool. God where are you? i
questioned feeling so
angry with everything. I still thought about Chris
each day which make tears flow from my eyes.
I heard a footstep behind me and quickly turned i
saw two huge men standing right in front of me i
quickly take a step back, i was so weak and was
shivering but
these men quickly came quickly dragged him and
pushed me to the floor. Now i know for sure i
will be raped because i have no strength to
struggle with them , i cried
out my eyes as they undress and moved closer
to me, suddenly a car stopped by and a man
quickly came out with a gun and scare them
which they quickly ran away, i felt
so glad and also grateful for that person. The
person helped me stood up, the man was cute
but not as cute as my Chris.
”thank you so much,” i said in tears, they man
moved closer to hug me but i quickly take a step
‘look at my dress is already dirty and drenched,”
i said, he held my hands and lead me to his car,
i just hope he’s a good person and will be of help
to me.
He drove in silence without saying anything and
finally the stopped in a front of hotel, i wonder
what we’ll be doing in a hotel.
He quickly came down first from the car and
opened the door for me, i was surprise by his
kind gesture i guess the man is in his late
thirties ot early forties i
thought. We went in and he took me to a room.
”am sorry for that happen to you, well you need
to take your bath and eat, from the look of your
face you seems to have gone through a lot,” he
”thank you sir,” i said.
”am Toby you can call me that,” he said with a
smile. But i quickly picked up a towel and rushed
to the bathroom, i took some time to make sure i
freshen up, i washed my hair so well after like
some minutes i was done i came out with a
towel on my body i meet the man still sitting on
the bed busy with his phone.
”well, here are your clothes and your food is also
ready,” he smiled.
thanks a lot,” i faint a smile while the man stood
up and left i guess he left so that i can dress, i
quickly apply some cream to my skin and wear
the blue jeans
trouser and pink top, it fitted me so well and i
look so good in it. I opened the food brought to
me and quickly ate it hungrily. I drank the whole
juice brought for
me. After three years am eating such a delicious
and expensive food like this, it such a great
opportunity. After eating everything on the plate i
drank a little water
and i think i needed some rest, to have a good
sleep, i lie down on the huge soft bed and smile
to myself After three years of sleeping on a bare
floor, i said to
myself. I slowly close my eyes thinking of Chris
then i felt someone holding my waist i quickly
sat up and saw the man. what did he want
again? i was so worried.
”i actually save you from that men just to have
you for myself, i did that to have you,” he said,
but i pushed him aside and he quickly grabbed
me tight kissing
me and trying to unzip my trouser, i hit him again
and again but he was too strong. I kicked him so
hard in between his legs and he loose his
balance on me, he was too
heavy on me and i pushed him down, he still
stood up and was moving closer, what else
would i do, i quickly carried his gun on the table
beside and shot him with it.
What! did i just did i was so scared i can’t afford
to go back to jail again, i quickly carried some
huge money in his trouser pocket and ran out of
the hotel room
without talking to anyone even the receptionist
try to stop me but i push her aside and ran as
far as my legs could carry me. I know they must
have heard of the gun
shot and if am caught i might go to jail again, i
ran so fast and look for a better place to sleep.
The next day i quickly left the state because i
was scared i don’t know if the man was death or
not but i guess he’s alive because it was his leg
i shot. I went to
Montreal to start a new life their. But life in
Montreal is not as easy as i thought, i was so
difficult, all thank to that man money i rented a
small place alone the
street and wanted to start up a small business.
Few weeks later, a tragedy arose, the small
house am living in, actually has leaking roof, and
their came a heavy rain that evening and blew it
down. I have to be
homeless again, but thanks to my good neighbor
who allow me to sleep on her corridor.
I sometimes go the bar and dance been back to
old life i actually became a bar dancer again in
Montreal, life has been so tough, i lost everything
and a friend of
mine whom i meet at the bar and decided to
help me, i followed her home and she showed
me her friends, they decided to introduce me to
one of their richest costumer i
guess they’re all prostitute, i was so badly
indeed of money at that time, i need a shelter, a
place to call my home so i have agreed with all
the said. One evening
Loveth their leader took me to one of their rich
customer house, it was very large and beautiful,
we walked in and she took me to his room.
”now freshen up and wait for him, he’ll be right
here, believe me he only gives you what you ask
for, he will give you an empty cheque and you’ll
write the amount
you want,” she explained then left me their.
I have my shower and packed my hair, i sat on
the bed still with my towel waiting for the man to
come, i felt so bad doing this, but i think if i
should tell the man
how much i want i will be rich all my life. Once i
get the money i need then that’s all, i won’t
continue with it again.
Suddenly the door was opened and someone
entered which i was surprise to see the person.
gosh i just fuck up! i hate this person all i my
life. Guess who the person
is, it Greg, he was also surprise to see me.
”Angela, i can’t believe you can do this, what a
coincidence we meet again i my own room. Well
the long awaited time has come,” he smile
devilishly and moved closer to me..
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