Angela Episode 23 & 24

(The Garden of thorns)
writer: *Cristiana Crisella*

Before he could move closer to me, i quickly
stood up from the bed and hugged him so tight.
”Greg am really sorry for everything, i never
knew Chris was a cheat, he left me because of
his childhood friend, who knows if their are even
married. Please Greg
am ready to give you everything but just forgive
me for what i did to you that time,” i cried in his
arms, he was quiet for some time and then
patted my back i peck
him then we fall on the bed.
”believe me am back to you now and i hope
you’ll gonna accept me,” i said with innocent
face and he smile, i was on top of him caressing
his chest and i guess he
was so happy, his eyes was closed and he was
enjoying every bit of my touch, i quickly looked
down the bed and saw a long heels, i wonder
who that heels belong to, i
guess he bring a lot of girls in his room anyhow i
can’t believe what Greg has turn into. I kept
caressing him and at the same looking for a way
to carry that long
sharp heels.
”just a minute,” i whisper to him, i slightly bent
down and carried the heels, thank goodness his
eyes was still close and i kept touching him
softly. I was
still holding the heels, i target his fore head and
hit him so hard with all the strength i’ve got,
gosh! i can’t believe blood was already streaming
down his face, the
edge of the heels was too sharp and i hit him so
hard, i guess he will gonna spend the whole year
with a chronic headache, it a good thing he
fainted i knew he was
badly hurt, it wasn’t that easy though, i quickly
put on my dress and ran out of the house, i ran
back to meet Loveth at home and she ask me
how did it go on.
”i knew that Greg already, he was my school
mate back then. He’s such a freak so i have to
teach him the lesson of his life,” i said breathing
”what mess did you did to him, you know you
can’t just come and mess up with us, Greg is the
only rich costumer we have,” Loveth said and all
the girls gave me a
look which make me scared i know am in great
danger, so i took a step backward, then
backward again, and i ran so fast as i could, i
couldn’t even look at the road
before i realise i was already down and
everywhere was dark, i guess i had an accident.
……………………. .
I slowly open my eyes, feeling so weak and i saw
myself at the hospital, the doctor came in and
examine me then i saw Mr. Matt which i was
very surprise to see him.
I guess he was the one that brought me here.
”Angela,” he called out in a small tone and held
my hand.
”thank you sir,” i managed to say.
After few weeks of much treatment i felt much
better and i was discharged from the hospital.
Mr. Matt has already know of my story he told
me how he did everything to look for me when i
was out from the jail, but glad we meet again, he
took me to his house, it was a very nice flat he
lived their with his son Edward, he’s handsome,
and quite tall, it was a very happy home and they
accepted me as one of them, i was so glad
being their, i got everything i wanted. Edward
took me to shopping several times where i
brought much clothes and shoes for myself. I
had great time with Edward he’s such a good
person and loves seeing me around, we visited
so many places around the area and he also
registered me in a college, i can’t believe am
going back to school again, Edward has always
been their for me, although he
wasn’t that rich but he make sure am
comfortable both at school and at home.
I told him the story of my life and how i knew
his dad right when he was a gardener in our
school, he felt so pity on hearing my story, we
were both seated at the
veranda, gazing at the stars i told him enough
about my life.
”guess it your turn to tell me yours,” i said. While
he glance at me then held my hands.
”i really don’t know how you’ll react to when you
hear my own story,” he said.
”i made a great mistake in getting married to
Anna,” he started.
”what did you mean?” i asked my heart was
beating so fast, so he was even married,” i said
to myself.
”she’s was my wife and we had two kids then,
she was always nagging, want to start up every
fight with me, i realize she wasn’t even the same
Anna i first fall in
love and got married to, i never knew people
could change this much. Anna wasn’t the right
woman for me i can’t believe she has to treat
our own kids so badly and this
make the kids to hate her much,”
”but what the cause of that.. why is she
behaving like that? i quickly asked feeling so bad
about it.
”because i couldn’t provide her and they children
all they need, i guess it all my fault for been so
poor and not been able to give her everything
but i tried so
much maintain the family, i shower everyone
with love but Anna was blind to see all that. All
she needed was money and that’s all she want.
She don’t even care about her own children,”
”so what about the kids are they with their
mom? i asked.
”unfortunately she’s death. Anna died last year in
a ghastly car accident, they kids are with my
sister but am planning to bring them so that
you’ll get to know
them,” he said with a teary eyes. I felt so pity for
him, Edward is such a good person and don’t
deserve such thing, anyway i was glad the kids
will come soon maybe
they will like me.
During holiday Edward brought the kids them to
stay permanently with us. They kids are so cute
and calm, i guess the first child Lynn she’s only
nine years while the
second child Anton is six, they were so lovely to
be with. Mr. Matt was always glad to see me
close to his son Edward and his grandchildren
Anton and Lynn.
Immediately after dinner i went to their room and
meet them playing, of course we played
”time for bed time stories,” i said and they sat
down close to me on the bed. I told them much
fairy tales stories.
”i guess it time to sleep now,” i said after am
done with my stories.
”i wish you’re our new mother,” Anton said
hugging me so tight.
”why did you said that? i asked.
”yes aunt Angela, you’re so kind and i think
you’re the only that make our dad so happy, my
real mom is so wicked, you know by nature dad
was a calm person but mom
always find pleasure in fighting with him,
insulting dad anyhow in front of us, she’s not a
good mother and i hate her so much,” Lynn said.
”don’t say that Lynn, try to understand, just try to
make your dad so happy each day,”
”can you be our new mom? Anton asked looking
at me while i laugh.
”Anton, i guess you guys should sleep we’ll talk
about this tomorrow,” i smiled back at them.
I walked to my room ready to sleep when Mr.
Matt entered he sat at the edge of my bed.
”thank you so much Angela for helping my family
out especially those kids,” he said.
”i have to do this because you’ve always been
my friend since at Royal academy back then,” i
”Edward has go through emotional trauma
because of his wife, he really need someone who
will take care of those kids and not only that
someone who’ll love him
dearly, i can’t believe my Edward has been a sad
person ever since he got married to that Anna, i
guess that woman is more than a devil,”
”Edward is always happy to see his kid in a safe
hands believe me i will always stick to your
family,” i said and he really appreciates me for
It already getting to YEAR. I was doing good
in school and everything is going on so well, I
was also close to those kids and felt much
happy whenever am with them
they also liked me so much and keep asking me
to be their new mother, they sometimes call me
mom and i guess Edward has always wanted
that, he was too protective and
make sure nothing bad happen to me and they
kid. Edward was just one in a million and i have
always want to see him so happy.
It was a very lovely evening and we all had
dinner together, enjoying the cool breeze. I can’t
believe what Edward did, he just propose to me,
to marry him.
”you’re the only one that can make me happy
and can also take good care of my kids. Please
Angela make me feel the happiness i never
experience for the past ten
years of my marriage with Anna. Angela i do love
you so much and promise to make you happy all
through our married life,” he said calmly.
I was short of words as i glance at Mr. Matt, the
expression on his face was of happiness they
kids were also happy i guess and turn to Edward
who was still waiting
for my answer. I moved closer and hugged him
so tight.
”Edward you deserve to be happy and if i will be
the one to give you that happiness so be it, i will
marry you,” i said in a tone, Edward felt so happy
that, he disengaged from the hug and kissed me.
I felt so happy and hugged him back, Mr. Matt
also moved closer to us and wrapped his arms
around us, they kids also
moved closer. I felt i have a family again after
such a very long time, i have a place to call a
home, at least i have people around who love me
dearly. I need to marry
Edward even for the sake of his kids but not only
that but because i didn’t realise i was already in
love with him..

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
We had great time together i guess Mr. Matt was
so much happy and everyone around, they kids in
It was getting dark and i was already in my
room. I have this mixed feelings and also the
thought of Chris came to me. I could see him
whenever i close my eyes, in my dreams also. ”i
miss Chris so much and wish he was here, but it
been five years, no sign of him coming, who
knows if he has even start a new life with
Christie, i guess something might be wrong
somewhere. My Chris can’t just abandon me for
no good reason!
They next morning i was the first person to
wake up, i clean up the house and prepare
breakfast. I make sure i served the breakfast on
the table before i was done with this, Edward
was awake and quickly came to helped me out.
”you shouldn’t bother yourself this early
morning,” he moved closer and hug me from
”of course i need to do this, so what about the
kid are they awake? i asked.
”sure, i guess am the most luckiest person to
have someone like you as a wife, i know we’ll
gonna make a sweet couple, you know am so
lucky also my children will experience a motherly
love even thou is not from their biological mother
am still glad they will feel that love of a mother,”
he said so happy and hugged me.
”thank you,” i smile. ”i will do everything to make
sure i be a good mother to your kid,” i said but
he quickly place a finger on my lips.
”don’t say my kids, it our kids because you’ll
soon be their step-mom,” he said and then kiss
me. Lynn walked in, in her sleeping dressing and
greeted they both of us.
”so where’s your brother? Edward asked.
”he’s in his room, i guess he’s still sleeping,” she
”well dear don’t worry, mommy just prepare
breakfast, so just go brush your teeth and get
ready, i will check on your grandpa and Anton,” i
squat down to catch up with her height then
peck her.
”i love you my girl,” i smiled.
”i love you mom,” she replied.
I left them their still standing with her father.
No one has ever move me as Angela, i love her
so much, so much than my own life, her and my
kids mean a lot to me. I know Angela is the only
woman that will take care of my Anton and Lynn
even when am not alive, i so much trusted her,”
”dad, she more better than our old mom,” i heard
Lynn said.
”sure, and believe me every man would want to
have Angela. She have pass through a lot but
this time i will make her feel like a queen,” i
”dad, i see you so much love her, that means our
family will be complete again. I love her too,
she’s just a perfect mother every child will want
to have as a mother,” Lynn smiled.
”well do as your mother said and meet us at the
dining table,” i said while Lynn went to brush her
Everyone was complete at the dining and we
have our breakfast. After breakfast i quickly
dress Lynn and Anton while Edward took them to
I couldn’t sleep, i roll from one end to the other
on my bed, thinking about my life although am
still happy with the simple life i got, at least am
free from living in a street, free from hunger,
from being a bar dancer. I have a place to call
my own and also a family. I stood up and went
outside, i sat down at the veranda gazing at the
sky. The sweet memories i once had with Chris
flash through my brain, my heart was beating so
fast and i don’t know if i still love him. I think
Chris is a part of me that can never removed. I
love him much more than my life, he was my
first crush, my first love, my everything. His
name always make my lips shiver i keep
wandering why we were never meant to be.
What hurt most is to love someone but only at
the end to find out you were never meant to be.
Chris i wish you happy life where ever you are,” i
was already in tears, i can’t stop thinking of
Chris, i remember the last time i saw him was
five years back when i was taken to jail, the last
time i heard his voice was when he came
struggle with the police to see me in the cell.
Chris has done so much to me, i wept so bitterly
remembering all those tragedy i felt a tapped on
my shoulder and turn it was Lynn who was
seated next to me i held her hand softly and
keep crying.
”mom, are you crying did dad do anything wrong
to you? she asked slowly with her sweet angelic
”not at all your dad is such a sweet person, he
loves me so much and i also love him, Lynn
don’t worry that much about me i’ll be fine,” i
wipe the tears in my eyes and fake a smile. Lynn
hug me so tight, her heart was beating faster, i
know she have lots of questions to ask me.
”please don’t leave my dad. Grandpa told me the
only way you can be our new mother is by
getting married to our dad. Please the moment
you leave our dad is the very moment he will
forever be a sad person his entire life, even i and
Anton will also be sad all the rest of our life,”
she said with a teary eyes. I patted her back and
smile. ”am not gonna leave your dad for
anything, i gat his back, i love him okay and i
won’t leave you and Anton, i will be always right
by your side,” i said still smiling.
”thank you,’ she replied in a low tone.
”you need to sleep on time, remember early to
bed early to rise,” i carried her in my arms cox
she’s not that heavy i walked her to her room,
when Edward saw that he quickly came and
helped me carried her.
”i don’t want you to stress yourself because of
our little angels,” he said with this cute smile on
his face. He took her to her room.
”goodnight Lynn,’ he said.
”goodnight mom and dad,” she replied back then
smile i also smile back at her. Edward held my
hand and we walked out to the sitting room.
”Angela, seems you’ve cried,” he said looking so
”no Edward am doing good, am just happy having
a confidant like you, having such a sweet family.
I can’t believe me everyone love me over here,” i
cried afresh as i hug him.
”Angela, i have always wanted a good life and
better life for the both of us. I guess you should
concentrate on our future,” he said then kissed
him, he carried me in his arms and took me to
my room then kiss me again.
”goodnight my love,” he smile then left.

We are greatly preparing for my wedding with
Edward. The wedding is just in two weeks times
and i felt happy about that. I and Edward has
went shopping for some other things, we
sometimes go alone with the kids. We go to
outing together like park, beach to have much
Edward was a good planner and wanted our
wedding to be a perfect one although it gonna be
a small one but believe me it will be the best day
of my life. I have to accept whatever life offer to
me for now afterall life is not always a bed of
Chris was just coming from the office feeling
so great, his music industry has been going on
great. He stopped to check on Christie at her
apartment although he was so angry with her but
he just wanted to see her because he was
planning to travel out to see his parents during
the weekend. He found Christie already dressed
up to leave as she sat in her car.
”Christie, i thought we gonna settle this, i should
be the one to get mad at you not you getting
mad at me,” he yelled at her.
”just leave Chris, just let me be,” she yelled back
at him and started the engine. Chris quickly
entered the car and sat down next to her putting
on his seatbelt. While Christie quickly drive
”slow down the car Christie, you have no gut to
get angry at me, i should be the one to be so
angry, let just settle this you know because you
first caused everything” he yelled.
”just get out Chris,” she yelled at him.
”watch out Christie,” he shouted but before he
realise they had a very ghastly accident. During
this accident Chris vividly remembered what
exactly happen to him
five years ago, when he heard an accident, some
memories flash into his brain and he fainted.
The security men came over and quickly rushed
Christie and Chris to the hospital. Christie was
badly injured but Chris was already conscious
and could remembered all that happen the first
person he asked for was ANGELA!!!

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