Angela Episode 19 & 20

(The Garden of thorns)
writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Chris took Angela out to the park in order to
make her forget what just happen. They sat
close to each very quiet.
”you need to be strong Angela, together with you
we can conquer all. I just hope Christie will
understand and my parent too.,” he said.
”i just hope so, i really don’t know why my
happiness have to be mixed up with so much
sadness like this,”
”my dad was by nature a bully a one who found
pleasure in oppressing the helpless and who love
in the privacy of his own to wreak the ill-temper,
which he was forced to conceal abroad and in
company especially before any of his people.
Nothing bad will happen Angela just promise
never to leave me for any reason,” he said.
”promise Chris, we’ll always be together,” she
hugged him.
*Later in the evening Chris arrived home and was
confronted by his parents.
”it time to stay clear from that girl,” his dad
”no dad i have my own right to choose who i
want to be with. Christie is still my friend but
believe me i so much love Angela,”.
”enough! and don’t stay that to my face. I hereby
end whatever relationship you have with that girl
and that’s final,” his dad shouted.
”that can never happen,” Chris fired.
At that point his dad has lost his temper. He
threatened and denounced his once good son. In
the end of the issue an ultimatum; ”Either you be
with Christie or be disowned by the Peterwerth
family.” with that ultimatum, Chris thin veneer of
patience wore out completely he walked out of
them to his room.
Chris couldn’t believe his dad could go this far
with such decision, it really hurt but he vow
never to leave Angela not for any reason this
time. The door went open and his mom came in.
”Chris, you need to stop this stupid act of yours
and accept Christie as your love back,” his mom
”please mom just let me be if you have nothing
good to say,” he said so angry.
”now i see, you’ve change so much Chris,” his
mom ranted then left.
The next day Christie still came back to Chris in
”Chris i don’t understand you, i thought you love
me,” she asked still in tears.
”i love you Christie but that was then, i realise
that was just a mere puppy love, but with Angela
it call true love,”
Christie was so angry when she heard that as
she landed a heavy slap on his face.
”You can’t leave me because of that girl,” she
”you just have to accept the fact i love Angela
more than you, but we are still friends,” he said
then left.
Chris mother walked in and comforted her.
”Chris will definitely come back to you,” she
assured Christie.
Angela told Elsa all that happen but Elsa still
advice her to hold on to her love if she truly love
him. They were done with their lunch at the
Later after school Angela searched everywhere
for Elsa but couldn’t find her. She went to the
library, labs, but yet Elsa could not be found, she
was felt something was wrong somewhere so
she went to the school garden but she’s still not
their. An idea came to Angela and she went to
check on her at the back yard of the classes and
was shocked by what she saw. Elsa was lying in
a pool of blood with a sharp knife inside her.
Angela quickly ran and removed the knife from
inside her. Elsa was still shaking.
”who did this to you,” Angela asked already in
tears but Elsa couldn’t talk, only tears were
streaming out from her eyes, her breathe was
ceasing slowly…
Angela gave a loud scream. And few students
came in and was shocked to see what happen.
Immediately Elsa was rushed to the hospital by
the school bus but before they arrived she has
already gave up the ghost. Elsa mother was
already their still in tears but was told about the
death of Elsa.
”she just couldn’t make it, she was stab so hard
with the sharp knife and has lost so much
blood,” said the doctor.
Angela couldn’t believe that for the first she felt
her own world crushing down on her.
The school authorities explain to her mother how
they found Angela with her maybe Angela might
know who murdered her best friend. But Angela
knew nothing about that, Fiona came in with a
phone that she video; the time Angela removed
the knife from Elsa’s stomach and that makes it
look like she was the one that stab her to death.
No one bothers to know much. No one cares to
investigate and so Angela was accused for the
death of her friend. The knife was examine and
the finger print was checked it was that of
Elsa’s mother was so much in great pain and
hated Angela, although she finds it so difficult to
believe she was the one that murdered her only
Angela was arrested and the case was sue to
court. The news spread rampart in news and
news papers and many media.
Chris couldn’t believe why such thing have to
happen to Angela, it was hard to believe Elsa
was death he was really hurt by that but was
much worry about Angela who will suffer the
consequence of what she knew nothing about.
Chris has pleaded with his mom since she’s a
lawyer to help out and defend Angela but she
refused. No one want to be of help, Chris knew
something was fishy why would Fiona had the
video of how Angela removed the knife from
Elsa’s stomach. Maybe it a set up,” he was so
much worried and was also 100% sure if his
mom will help out surely they will win the case
and Angela will be realise but she refuse. Chris
has talk to one of his lawyers to help Angela out,
but the evidence about her were too strong for
her to be cleared free.
Angela was still at the custody, she cried out her
eyes and cried more each day, she couldn’t
believe she would actually be accused for the
death of her best friend.
During the final case at the court Angela was
glad to see Chris as she ran to his arms.

Chris felt his shirt front getting soaked and he
knew Angela was crying. He tried to stop his
own tears but they came all the same. He never
thought it could happen to him, it was unheard
of. But tears flowed down his cheeks, trickling on
to Angela’s face. The two lovers’ face became
moist with tears. When Angela realised Chris was
also crying, she looked up at him. she felt her
heart expanding with love as she witnessed her
man’s wounded emotions. she could never have
imagine Chris crying, and the sight of his tears
filled her with great passion.
”you need to be strong i will be hear right by
your side,” he assured her in tears and was so
worried why would it have to be Angela again,
haven’t she suffered a lot in this life, why is life
this wicked to her,” as he thought of this it
makes him cried the more.
After so much fight in the case, fate was not on
side of Angela she was declared forty-five years
When i finally heard my final judgment my head
was already hot, i felt like dying, why would life
have to crown me with so much thorns like this.
It was Rigorous imprisonment, i wasn’t allow to
meet anyone, i was dragged to the cell like an
animal, as i saw Chris he was helpless, i knew
he has tried a lot for me but lots of people are
also against that and that dawn on me my
nightmare eventually came true.
I was locked up in the cell and that was when i
knew my life was totally useless, everyone hate
me! no one love me! even Elsa’s mother believe
that i murdered i her own daughter, oh God what
is life after all. But glad i have only one lover
and that’s Chris only him cared for me. Tears
dropped from her eyes as i look round the
cell. I am actually staying here for forty five
years before then i knew i will be death!
Right at the cell i sat down with a pen and my
jotter as i right the painful story of life. Everyone
has a story to tell, but mine was that of tears,
pains, sorrows. Things have never been easy i
was starve each day. All i ever ask for was just a
simple life but life itself has turn out to
something else. As i write the story of my life in
this paper tears flowed uncontrollable for my
eyes. I later heard this masculine strong voice
shouting outside, i guess it Chris my love, the
only one i had left in the whole world.
”i must see Angela, allow me see her, am gonna
stay with her in their,”i heard him said all that
aloud, his voice tells me he misses me, his voice
tells me he wished he could help, his voice tells
me he still loves me so much, but his voice
sounded frustrated, tears flowed down my cheeks
again as i dropped my jotter and pen and stood
up, i lean at the iron bar of the cell and cried
because i knew for sure Chris will never be allow
to see me, that was the rule it was a rigorous
imprisonment. No one is allow to visit me.
I lamented for such a very long time as i heard
his voice still struggling with the police in order
to see me, i hit my head so hard on the iron bars
and cried out.
Why would i have to suffer for the crime i knew
nothing about. Life is been so unfair…
what right does an orphan like me had?
i cried…


(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Chris sat in his room restless, he cried out his
eyes, after much struggle with the police yet he
wasn’t allow to see Angela, not even to know
how she was doing. The door went opened and
Christie entered, she sat down beside him on the
floor and held his hand.
”Chris how it feels to see the one you love most
in that condition even thou you knew she was
innocent, am really sorry for all that happen. But
just know that i will be right by your side,” she
said in a low tone.
”to hell with you and everyone! just let me be,
allow me think on how to help my Angela,” he
yelled at her, his eyes were red and has swollen
he must have cry for such a long time.
Christie has never seen him so angry that way
she quickly stood up and left to avoid more of
his shouting. Chris got himself drunk each day
and night he felt so stupid for not been able to
do anything to help Angela out of the jail, he
really want to save her but no evidence or any
reasonable prove. It seems everything is just
Angela was still at the cell alone, she gripped the
iron bars of the cell and cried out, her hands
slipped down from the bars and she slide down
to the floor and cried audibly. She was just alone
and wondered if she was actually born to suffer
like this, she remembered about Elsa and that
makes her cry she vow to make the person who
kill Elsa pay for his deed but was worried how
could she even do that while she was locked and
no one to even visit her, she knew all hope is
gone but believe things can change atimes.
Chris was still in his room and hate to see
anyone around him, he’s dad was so much
worried about his behavior and scolded him the
”I’ve told you earlier that girl is good for nothing
Criminal and i would never accept a murderer in
my own house how can she be so heartless to
kill her best friend and you still expect your mom
to defend her in court,” his dad yelled at him.
”dad enough! if you have nothing to say just
forget you ever have a son name Chris,” Chris
yelled, that was the very first time he yelled at
his dad as he quickly picked up his car key and
hurriedly left the house in anger.
His mom was so worried but he assured her
Chris will come back himself and receive some
slaps for walking out of him.
Chris settled at the bar and go himself so drunk,
later on he carried his car key and went back to
his car the zoomed off.
The next day in the morning His parents were so
much worried, because it was almost getting to
ten he haven’t arrive home. Just some few
minutes later they were call to meet him at the
city hospital. Christie was so much worried about
that. They quickly rushed to the hospital and
asked about his condition.
They went to his ward and found him lying down
with a bandage round his head, he was awake
but felt so weak.
”doctor how is he? his dad asked.
”am sorry but he sustains an injury in his brain
due to the sharp hit to the head and this could
shake the brain and lead to Amnesia,” the doctor
explained further.
”i don’t understand doctor you mean Memory
loss? Chris can’t just forget about everything,”
said Christie her eyes clouded up with tears.
”how are you feeling son? His mom held his
hand as she sat down beside him.
‘mom, dad,” he called out in a low tone.
”what! Doctor i guess he knows all of us,” she
said so happy.
”please Chris don’t try to hurt yourself like this,”
Christie held his hand softly.
”Christie..” he called out.
”he need some rest, to reduce much stress,” the
doctor said then left.

Chris was fully awake and knows everyone
around him but they notice something he didn’t
ask about Angela and that might be the person
he won’t able to remembered.
Chris mom went to the doctor office to hear
much from him.
”doctor, i guess he couldn’t remembered one
person,” said his mom.
”and who is that? the doctor asked.
”it Angela his girlfriend whom he love so much i
guess he had this accident with her thought in
his mind,” she said.
”that explains everything and it will be so
difficult for him to remember her ever again, it
will gonna take much time but their’s a way we
can help…
”no doctor i pray he’ll never remember her again,
i will handle that myself,” she said.
Chris was discharged home and he could still
remembered his room, he remembered
everything but unfortunately he don’t even
remember Angela again.
His mom has packed all of Angela’s photos in
his room and get them burn, she make sure she
delete each and every photo of Angela in his
phone and also laptop so that he’ll never get to
see things about her that will mistakenly make
him remember..
Chris was done having dinner with his family, he
walked out and sat on the swing bed by the pool
alone Christie also went to him to make him get
used to her since he
could no longer remember Angela.
”Chris,” she sat close to him.
”everything is perfect now, am actually back for
you, i thought you’ve forgotten all the sweet
memoeries we shared,” she smiled.
”how can i ever forget that Christie,” he said
holding her hands.
”i love you so much Chris,” she hugged him so
Fiona stood admiring herself in the mirror and
”everything is over now, if i can’t have Chris,
Angela has no right to have him too, good i’ve
sent her to jail for such a very long time,” she
smile to herself.
Mr and Mrs Peterwerth came up with an idea for
Chris and Christie to leave right away, to start a
new life at Switzerland so that nothing of any
kind will ever make him remember
Angela. That was a right decision, they thought
and they all agreed to it.
. Immediately Mr. Peterwerth arrange for their
leaving and the following week They decided to
leave right away. Chris was glad about that and
he was planning to get
himself in a music school and continue with his
music while Christie was also happy because she
knew Chris will all be hers.
They arrived at the airport and Chris wave bye to
his parents, they went in and took their seat and
the plane waste no time in gravitating skyward.
Chris look at his
parent who stood at the patio, waving
benevolently. He did likewise in response.
Angela heart was more than shattered she felt
something was wrong somewhere and couldn’t
place it but hope everything will be well with her
Chris. Her heart was more
than shattered, it is destroy. She tried so hard to
be strong but yet she have no one to be their for
her, no one to advise her, no one to tell her you
can still make
it, no one to say their’s still hope for you, she felt
so rejected and felt all hope is GONE!!!.
Chris and Christie arrived, it was a very cold
country with snow falling they already put on
their heavy long jacket.
Christie showed him her home and invite him to
come over to visit her family. They warmly
welcome him and had dinner together. It was a
very large family with her cousins, grandparents,
aunties and uncles and some of the little kids
They were all funny and Chris really enjoyed
jisting with them. It was such a huge family
Christie took him to his room.
”you can sleep here tonight,” she smiled.
”thank you Christie, is so much fun to be with
you here and also your family, what a very full
family, so funny you know,” he smiled removing
his jacket then sat on the large bed
Christie sat down near him on the bed and
showed him their childhood photos. It was their
album she kept for such a very long time.
”wow!”, he smiled. ”you still have this,” he
”i so much value the memory we had together,
Chris don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our promise
to each other,” she asked looking closely at him.
”of course not, i remember everything, your fear
of spiders, those days we go to hills together,
play at the garden, walked to school together
and the kiss, it was so childish but yet so sweet
and amazing,” he said smiling.
”of course you did remembered everything and
am so glad about that, i love you Chris,” she
smiled staring closer at him.
Chris held her closely and kissed her deeply on
the bed until they heard a knock at the door and
Christie quickly went to check on the person, it
was Sarah a little
girl of ten years, she’s the daughter of Christie’s
”aunt Christie you’re needed at the balcony,” she
said and wonder what she was doing with Chris
alone in the room.
”Sarah, we have a new visitor here, he’s Chris,”
Christie introduce.
really! good day sir,” she greeted.
”hi pretty, am Chris you can call me that,” he
”and am Sarah,” she replied back smiling.
”Chris we gat lots of children in this house,
tomorrow am gonna introduce you to them,
believe me you’ll gonna like it,” said Christie.
”well goodnight, i need to go,” Christie smile at
him and he smile back at her. Christie held
Sarah’s hand and left still smiling…

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